Here it goes again

Still up to the eyes in book stuff here. The Christmas anthology looks like being a big one, some long stories in so far. I still have to get back to some authors though. Almost two years of on/off lockdown has set me into a ‘well, I can do it tomorrow, it’s not like I’m going anywhere’ state of mind. It is increasingly difficult to shake that off. Every day is the same now, it’s difficult to even work out what day it is. Also we are getting power outages weekly now. This does not help.

It’s also hard to write Panoptica now that the brain chip and recently, the medichip have crossed into reality. It’s going to be a history at this rate. But then history does repeat so maybe it’ll still work. If there is anyone left to read it.

We now have ‘the unjabbed’ as the subhuman creatures we are exhorted to ostracise. They are the enemy. The Evil Ones. The spreaders of disease and the termination of human life.


I’m one of them.

Well, frankly, I’m probably the worst person you can make ‘one of them’ because the termination of all human life doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to me. After one of my dinner table rants, many years ago, my son said ‘If everyone died tomorrow you’d complain they died in the way’. He was right. They bloody would. There’d be stinking corpses all over the place buggering up your suspension with no garages open to get it fixed.

But then, that was before I became a grandfather. I no longer yearn for the termination of all human life. Just… most of it.

The more observant reader will have realised by now that I’m not really a ‘people person’. My granddaughter isn’t a ‘people person’ either. Try to grab a hug and she’ll bite you. I am so proud of her 🙂 and look forward to when she’s old enough to pull a 50 lb bow or swing a log splitting axe.

So you might be thinking that I’m on board with the whole ‘population reduction’ crap. It does sound like it, I suppose. Well you’d be wrong.

I am not bothered about a billion people who live a hundred or more miles away. I am only bothered about those who live close enough to be in the way and in my current situation that would add up to about five at most. And I rarely see any of them. So, global population reduction is not a matter I’m at all interested in.

Now, if I was a billionaire (I’m not and never will be) I’d buy an island, fit it up with all I need and then wave a middle finger at the rest of the world and disappear. I would not try to force the world to live the way I dictate. You guys can do whatever you want, I’m over here on my island and not playing.

This is not what billionaires do. They try to force their beliefs on those they consider inferior. That’s us. They have money and they believe that makes them superior beings.

Modern money is just numbers on a screen. It’s not real. A solar flare can wipe the lot. They don’t get it, their superiority is as tenuous as the scales on a moth’s wing. If it gets wiped, what will they offer any group who takes them in? Can they cook, harvest, plant? Can they even dress themselves? These ‘superior beings’ are, let’s face it, utterly useless in a future real life. They’re pretty damn useless in this one.

They always do the same thing. Pick a group, demonise them, tell the idiot drones to hate them and then isolate and exterminate them. It’s not new. It’s not even Nazism. It’s been going on all through history. And it is happenning again.

So, one day soon, they will come for me. As in Austria and Germany where history is clearly no longer taught, and in Mussolini’s Italy, where their leaders have forgottten how that turned out for him.

I am your demon. Your plague rat. Your disease carrier. Let’s just forget that I haven’t even had a cold in the last decade, and I could tell you why but you’ll burn me as a witch if I did. But I have declined the mRNA experimental shot therefore I must be infected with a terrible disease that is less deadly than flu.

And you have wondered, haven’t you, why I am not a ‘people person’?

33 thoughts on “Here it goes again

  1. Ah yes, it is us unvaccinated that are causing the problems. Just look at the return of lockdown and cancellation of Christmas is Gibraltar where, erm, everyone is vaccinated…

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  2. I am another heretic and even worse…I’m a nurse. Shock, horror! People tell me I should know better and I reply ‘I do, that’s why I have refused it’.
    From April I will have time to tend my garden, build models and shake off the cumulated stress of thirty seven years of nursing. I shall probably be confined to my garden anyway as the draconian lock down of us refuseniks refuse the fauxine. As my wife is refusing the booster as are other family members I will have company.

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    • Thank you for being brave. Bring a refusenik is easier for me: I’m retired and so don’t have the sword of Damocles swung over my head. Being as sociable as Leggy helps . . .

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  3. One of the reasons for billionaires being such uniformly unlovable people is down to how most acquired their money. Recent calculations (the reference to which annoyingly I cannot find) say that random chance is the best explanation for the distribution of money we see in the world; that and being a big enough bastard to exploit these opportunities.

    This is why the “How I got stinking rich” books are so similar at a high level, and so dissimilar at a detail level: none of the billionaires actually got rich via a planned intellectual process, and none of them actually know why their particular mode of operation succeeded whereas someone else’s didn’t. Warren Buffet for instance spent his life trying to get rich via the stock market, and has only achieved billionaire status in what most of us would consider extreme old age.

    Buffet seems to have been driven to try to become rich for no other reason than wanting to be rich, much as Tony Blair seemed to want to be prime minister just because of the social status. Speaking as someone with a mind dissimilar to most due to mild autism, I look upon the bulk of humanity and see a collection of monkeys endlessly chasing social status without the wit to understand what they do nor why they can never actually stop doing this.

    Boca’s Area in human brains is big enough that we can know about 150 other humans passably well; every other human on the planet outside of this group should be considered scenery, but modern humans do not seem to do this. They have a social group, and then they also socially compare themselves to an ever-changing outer circle of other people whom they have never met, only seen on TV and so on. Most people cannot cease doing this because they are hard-wired to do so.

    There’s another reason to dislike humanity: insufficient self awareness. I’d better stop ranting now.

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  4. As time goes by and the lunacy gets worse, the good lady and i find ourselves becoming increasingly reclusive, seems we’re far from alone after all..
    For a long time now i’ve preferred our dogs to other people, and that doesn’t look likely to change in a hurry, one of the few silver linings on the approaching clouds is that when they come for us, and they will, when we arrive at the eventual destination in whatever passes for cattle truck transport, the other inmates should prove decent company.

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    • He will. You just watch. And the (“OUR”) NHS is “preparing to _have to_administer yearly jabs or more frequently_ to the whole population…

      I wonder if they will ever have time for normal medical care ever again? Or maybe getting rid of all that tiresome “Modern Western Medicine” was always the plan.

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    • Yes, sorry.
      There was an event in summer htat brought life to a total halt for a while. I’m still catching up. I did write to all authors to explain what had happened but didn’t want to make it public because it was a family thing.
      I’m currently working full time on this backlog. I’ll get there, but I’d completely understand if you wanted to take it to a different publisher because of the delay.

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  5. “My granddaughter isn’t a ‘people person’ either. Try to grab a hug and she’ll bite you. I am so proud of her 🙂 and look forward to when she’s old enough to pull a 50 lb bow or swing a log splitting axe.”


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  6. I want to say something about modern Australia here, since there are a couple of things up there above this one.

    About 10 t0 12 years ago, I tried to sell “Organicically Grown Woad Seeds” on ebay. They were in fact “organically grown” as I’d never managed the Woad Plants in any way, just left them to their business, they grew, and I’d harvested their seeds.

    I sold a packet of these, about 100 seeds, to an Aussie fella, who paid for them. And sent me an Aussie plastic $10 dollar note in the post, even.

    Next thing, I got a letter from some Queensland BureauNazi fellow, saying that they’d X-rayed my packet, found “certain seeds of species of plants prohibited for importation into Australia, and which were not indigenous species” and I, me, in the UK, would likely face a fine of Austr $15,000 for “criminally attemtping importation of” the said Woad seeds.

    I never in fact got fined, for I went silent instantly. I was also told the seeds would be incinerated and my ebay buyer would be “investigated”.

    Happily, that seemed to be the end of the matter. But I think Australia was beginning to go wokemad about 15 or 20 years ago.

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      • Possibly quite a bit.

        You see, Aussies have had quite a few inadvertent imports over the years. Dingoes five thousand years ago replaced the native predators of kangaroos. More recently some pillock introduced Eurasian foxes and domestic cats, both of which found the place quite lovely and spread like wildfire knackering huge swaths of native wildlife.

        A different pillock introduced Cane Toads as a very ill-advised form of bio-control in sugar cane fields; that didn’t work and when they got out, they too invaded and clobbered the native wildlife which wasn’t used to poisonous toads. Poisonous and venomous everything else yes, toads no.

        So the Aussie immigration people are just a wee bit touchy about anything biological being imported into Australia, just in case it buggers their environment in weird and unforeseen ways.

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