Hi everyone, CstM here for a quickie. I hope you’re all doing great.

We had the big storm roll over Friday. It cost us several trees, one of them my favourite holly tree and our power. Now had the trees just had the decency to fall alone, that would have been great, but sadly one of them took our phone line with it. So we have a snapped phone line and no internet.
We were without power, and water, from Friday afternoon until Monday. We’re still waiting on the people to come replace the phone line.
At least I got lucky and my mobile signal came back, so we have a small window to the outside world.
Most of all we were lucky, in that the house came out unscathed and we’re both fine.

All this to say that if Leggy hasn’t replied to an email, he hasn’t ignored you guys, he’s just not receiving anything at the moment.
Hopefully everything will be back to normal in a day or two.

15 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Glad you’re both OK. I had no fears for your house, for in its time I guess it’s seen worse storms.

    Shame about the trees. Yesterday, driving back from Liverpool, I got diverted off the A565 owing to a clearing-party removing a fallen tree, and almost ran into another one, still unreported by google maps… Managed to steer round it.

    I don’t watch the wireless tele-visionator any more, but I expect the “news” channels were going on about “climate change”….”Shock report….could humans be ruining the weather? we gooutside now to Pessimista Dread-Jones who’s at Grimley today, to find out…”

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  2. If you’ve a sufficient length of 2 core flex (any size will do) to bridge the gap between the broken ends of the phone line, just join them up with some connectors, and try and protect the joints from getting wet. If you have a 4 core phone line, the first “pair” is normally the orange & white, the second green & black. Try each pair in turn and see if you get your dialling tone back. You’re better off enclosing the joints in a jam jar or similar, placed open end down, rather than taping them up (which usually ends up trapping moisture). These lines only work on 50 volts DC (or 75 volts AC if someone is ringing it), so you aren’t going to get a lethal shock. Broadband probably won’t work very well over this arrangement, but it might be better than waiting days or weeks for an engineer to visit.

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    • Thank you for the really nice instructions. Even my dumb arse would have been able to do it. And trust me I’ve been tempted.
      But I’m not sure if it would work on the outside phone line. We’re out in the middle of nowhere, so we’re still running on copper wire, hanging overground by telephone post. I’m not sure why they don’t give us in the ground broadband. This is the second time something has happened to our line. Last time someone in a truck did a hit and run on our telephone pole by the road.


      • “But I’m not sure if it would work on the outside phone line”

        It will most definitely work on the outside line – so long as the connections are sound, and insulated from the ground, you’ll get your phone line back. Even just twisting the wires together will do, but you’re more at risk of getting a “tingle” while doing so, rather than using some “Chocolate Block” strip connectors. How well (if at all) broadband will work is something I can’t guarantee! If you can find the respective cable the ends in that mess of fallen trees there’s nothing to loose by giving it a go. It is possible that the stress needed to snap the line may have damaged it further along, but without suitable test gear to check for voltage and resistance the only way is to join the ends, and try it.

        “I’m not sure why they don’t give us in the ground broadband”

        Because it costs 5-10 times more to dig a trench and bury armoured cable or ducting, that’s why!

        You should have my email from the WP dashboard – give me a shout, I’ll happily give you more help if you want.


  3. Dear Miss St Mary

    Please draw the following to Mr Legiron; I suspect it is the sort of thing he might like, specifically the advertisement at 6:10.

    The rest of it might be of interest.


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