Storm part 2

Hi everyone, CstM here back for a quick update. I hope you’re all doing well and keeping warm.
This is just not our week. Although that can probably be said by a bit chunk of the area. Leggy still hasn’t had his phone signal return. The website is promising it’ll be fixing in the next 16 hours. But then it was 16 hours away from being fixed 24 hours ago. So that’s great.

Tuesday night we had a leak in the entrance hall way. The storm had completely filled the gutters with pine needles. We got a small hill of gunk out of the thing. At least the floor is concrete out there so there wasn’t that much damage.

Last night we decided to have a relaxing night. Watch the film we didn’t watch on birthday night. Well we were almost at the end of the film, when the power went off, again! So we’ve spent another night sleeping in the living room. Luckily it was only gone overnight.

We’re still waiting on the engineers to come and fix the telephone line. I’m not sure if it’s the snow and hails that keeps them away or all the fallen trees.

The phone line is somewhere in there

7 thoughts on “Storm part 2

  1. That is the downside to living outside civilisation. You have many advantages but at the extremes you have problems that are difficult to solve on your own.

    Good luck.

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  2. O/T but just heard on the radio that Javid intended to ban smoking outside pubs until Boris intervened because members of the cabinet were outraged. And there you have it – had all the cabinet been anti-smokers it would have been banned in a heartbeat. B******s , the lot of them.

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