The decline and fall of the Covid empire

First of all, the Christmas anthology is now finished. It’s on Amazon in print and Kindle and on Smashwords in a variety of eBook formats. I have also (at last) managed to update Mark Ellott’s ‘Sinistre’, a book of Western short stories, with a new cover designed by his neice and an extra story included. I managed to get Justin Sanebridge’s Christmas story book done before the storm took everything out and I should have Marsha Webb’s book of Christmas tales done in a few days.

I still have quite a backlog but it is gradually getting shorter. Not bad going considering I still have no landline internet and am doing it all over a mobile-phone hotspot. I did fork out for a lot more data, but it’s worth it. It does look like the landline is down over quite some distance so it could be a while.

So. About this virus. I’ll try not to get too technical, I know that several decades in a line of work leaves you thinking that the jargon you use is understood by all, so I’ll be checking myself a lot for this one. I will probably get distracted and sidelined anyway.

Okay. There are several hundred types of virus that cause the common cold. Yes, some of them are coronaviruses. Some are rhinoviruses, some are adenoviruses, there is a whole raft of different genera that give you the sniffles. This is why there is no cure and no vaccine for the common cold – there are so many different viruses that cause the same symptoms, no single cure or vaccine can possibly get them all.

Another reason why there’s no cure or vaccine is that the common cold doesn’t matter. Typically you feel like crap for a few days, your nose turns from Niagra Falls into the crustier parts of the surface of Mercury and then it goes away. You’re left with a sore nose and a tired feeling. There’s no point getting all ’emergency room’ about it. Just stay home, get some whisky down you and wait it out.

The thing is, many of those cold viruses didn’t start out as cold viruses. Many of them started out as very nasty and very dangerous respiratory viruses. Over time they became milder, until they developed into something that’s just an inconvenience.

Did they do this on purpose? No. As with the current idiotic government line that ‘omicron will seek out the unvaccinated’ (incidentally, ‘omicron’ is an anagram of ‘moronic’, which seems apt), nothing a virus does is premedidated. Nothing a virus does is even a thing the virus realises it’s doing because the virus has no brain. No nervous system. No metabolism. It’s not even a whole cell.

Take one cell from your body and put it to one side. What will it do? In your body it had a role but outside it will just die. Take one of your cells apart and take out a mitochondrion. It will die too. Take out the nucleus, packed with DNA. Nope. It will die. Although now, we are at the philosophical stage of ‘what is alive?’

A single human cell can be said to be alive. It consumes energy, it can reproduce, it produces waste as it consumes energy. Some of them, like immune system cells, can move.

But the nucleus is a bag of DNA. It doesn’t do anything. Take it out of the cell and it can’t really be classed as alive. Mitochondria are a little different, they are what gives you enough energy to not be a land jellyfish. They have their own DNA and they reproduce when the cell reproduces but they do it independently of the cell’s reproductive process. They are about the size of bacteria but they can’t live for long outside their host cell.

All the parts of a single human cell are far more complex and much bigger than a virus. A virus, when it’s a virus, is not alive. It’s a bit of DNA or RNA in a coating of either protein or fat-membrane with proteins floating around in it. It has no awareness of its environment. It has no means to determine that the environment even exists. It is a bag of chemical reactions waiting to happen. That’s all. It is even less aware of the world around it than a politician.

A virus is a bit of DNA or RNA encased in protein or fat with protein. With coronaviruses, the hand washing thing was good advice and still is. Those viruses have a fatty membrane coating with proteins sticking out of it and soap will make the outer coating fall apart. With the outer coating gone, the attachment proteins are lost too and the RNA inside can’t do a damn thing on its own.

There is one more group of viruses, the retroviruses. These contain RNA and an enzyme called ‘reverse transcriptase’ that converts their RNA into DNA when they get into a host cell. Then they pack up new viruses with RNA and the enzyme. Why don’t they just load up the new ones with DNA? They can’t. They have no consciousness, they are a bundle of chemical reactions and nothing more. They do not think in any form at all.

When a virus gets into a cell it could be considered alive. Just. But inside the cell it’s not an intact virus. It’s a bit of DNA or RNA that’s copying itself and making new virus coats. It still has no metabolism of its own and the new viruses it creates are inert chemical lumps that will only get into a new cell by pure chance. They will not ‘seek out’ anyone.

The difference between DNA and RNA is that DNA is more stable, and cells have ways to fix it if it breaks. So in a ‘proper’ cell, the DNA can be considered the main blueprint. It’s the master instruction sheet for the cell. Eukaryotes (cells with nuclei like human ones and most ‘higher’ cells) keep all this in a membrane-enclosed nucleus, grouped into chromosomes. Prokaryotes (mainly bacteria) have it in a single circular strand. Both have the means to fix breaks.

RNA can be considered as photocopies of the main instructions. They will be produced by ‘photocopying’ the DNA and they’ll go off to the cell’s 3D printers (ribosomes) to be made into proteins. The thing is, the RNA gets worn out in the process which is a good thing – it means the cell doesn’t keep making the same protein any longer than it’s needed. If it needs more it sends out more RNA from the DNA, but the DNA remains untouched.

A virus, whether DNA or RNA based, has no means to repair damage. It will mutate, it will throw up errors in replication all the time. RNA ones, like Coronaviruses, will throw out far more errors than DNA viruses but both will produce variants.

So, why do they turn into common colds? is it some magical cosmic viral consciosness?

Nope. It’s much simpler.

The variants range from those that can kill to those that just make you mildly ill. The vicious ones confine people to bed and have everyone around them taking serious precautions. The mild ones, nobody cares.

So the mild version spreads. There is also an element of the first round taking out those most vulnerable, which means the nasty one has really nowhere left to go, but then the mild one confers immunity to the nasty one too.

Soon, only the mild version is left. Another one on the common cold list. You get that, you won’t get the nasty one.

Covid has reached this point with the moronic – sorry, omicron variant. It has joined the common cold ranks. As it was always destined to do.

It’s time to give it up, Boris. You’ve lost.

You’ve lost so very, very much.

22 thoughts on “The decline and fall of the Covid empire

  1. Have you changed your mind about the longer term risk of the mRNA ‘vaccines’ ? After reading your blog I refused Pfizer but eventually they wore me down and I took the AZ. I have refused the booster as I didn’t fancy mixing the two. By age and a lung problem I would be vulnerable but I have had enough of it all, can’t wear a mask but had not had any problems with that. I would appreciate any advice.

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    • The danger of the mRNA vaccines hasn’t changed. Even the inventor of them has been saying they pose a risk and should not be given to anyone who doesn’t need them – and especialy not children. The cells producing spike protein are identified as ‘infected’ by the immune system and killed. I said at the beginning, this is an autoimmune disease in a syringe and my mind hasn’t changed at all.
      I remain triple unjabbed, and won’t be touching any of them. I’m not at risk.
      My mother is 80, so at risk, she’s had all three and seems okay so far (fingers crossed!).

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    • I know something about biochemistry, as Legiron knows. My univerisity tutors and teachers included Prof Rodney Porter (who knew something about antibodies and their genetics and their operation), Charles Pasternak, Dr Elizabeth Press (who supervised me), George Radda, Raymond Dwek and others.

      Legiron knows rather more, specially in the practical sense. But we both know that if you “introduce” [via a “viral vector”) a _/foreign/_ species of _/messenger-RNA/_ (this is what we are talking about with certainly Pfizer) indiscriminately into an organism that may contain almost 300 kinds of different cells, including key ones like brain/spinal cord/nerves/epithelial), then a few of _all_ those types of cells will un-knowingly “express” that protein, whatever it is.

      If it is a trans-membrane protein like the “SPIKE PROTEIN” (I’ve invented a pop band with this man as its lead singer!), a protein which has passed into vernacular language by now, then those “vaccinated cells” which express it on their surfaces will be….SPEAKING THE WRONG PASSWORD….

      If they are your brain cells, then you’d better make your will in time before you pass into dementia.

      If they are your heart-muscle cells, then you’d better have an ambulance standing by 24/7, and have a compatible organ-donor pre-lined-up for a transplant before he/she knows a trip up the M1 involves anihilation in the slow lane of a “smart motorway”.

      A few blood-clots from the AZ vaccine are the least of your worries.

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      • Just heard today that my daughter in laws niece was rushed to hospital two days after her booster with blood clots. She Is 25 perfectly healthy, a primary teacher. Original shots AZ booster Pfizer. Makes you wonder.

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    • I feel a bit like that too! and I think giving it to kids is child abuse, so far my grandkids haven’t had it and just hope they don’t get bullied into it. I feel so sorry for kids these days, they have lost two years of their normal life.

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    • I know quite a few friends and family had what they considered ‘a really vicious flu’ in late 2019, so it’s certainly possible. I suspect China ramped up the appearance of its response to make use of this unpleasant but not very deadly disease to scare the crap out of the West. It worked.

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      • I and at least one of my students at the back-end of 2019 all got a rather debilitating flu, or that was what we thought, all at the same time. I’d also just had my “compulsory old-white-male’s flu vaccination, at the practice-nurse’s command, a few days earlier….

        We all got better in about a week.

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        • My brother and his wife had a really bad flu in December 2019. I’ve heard of several more describing the same. We might have reached herd immunity (it would probably raise fewer hackles if we called it population immunity) before covid even had a name!

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      • I had a bad flu in November 2019, a cought and very runny nose ’til I felt I was about to drown. Thought nothing of it at the time, but now I wonder, especially as I had been in N. Italy the previous month


  2. What is your view on this bit of BBC handwaving:

    The PTB have obviously realised that telling the masses that the first 2 jabs don’t work against The Moron™ so you must get a third jab which is exactly the same as the first 2 might conceivably have caused a few people to wonder exactly how that makes any sense, so have wheeled out the BBC to ‘explain’ it to them.

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    • There has never been an effective vaccine against a coronavirus. There still isn’t.
      If you need a top-up every few months and you can still catch and spread the disease, there is only one conclusion any scientist can reach.
      It doesn’t work.

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  3. I was saying pretty much the same thing in the summer. It will end up as just another cold virus that we have to learn to live with. Boris, Sage and his ministers are suffering the same hysteria and panic as they did two years ago and we had no pretend vaccines then either. I expect they will order a lockdown to try to protect the NHS. I expect they will be told to shove their lockdown. And quite rightly. Most people will have a bad cold and get better. I’ve been saying effectively it is just a Corona virus. Look it up in a text book. It causes mild respiratory symptoms in normal (?) people but any one seriously ill with something else who is old with a not ship shape immune system could die. Oh look. Influenza does that too. We never locked down when Hong Kong ‘flu was raging back in 1968. We should not have locked down for this SARS-Covid-2 either.

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    • I just started reading Alex Berenson’s new book ‘Pandemia’ – brilliant, I highly recommend it. One of the first theories he presents is that we locked down and overreacted about this because we could – because we have the technology to work from home and “teach” (ha) kids from home. That, combined of course with our fear of mortality and safety-at-any-cost culture.

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  4. Rock on. Go for The vaccine or don’t. I’m not telling anyone to do anything.
    I once had a fairly nasty dose of Flu fifty years ago. Never anything since and never had a vaccine either. Perhaps I am lucky. Some of us are. I do have Rhesus Negative Blood, although possibly not that important. I don’t actually know. You take your chances in so far as I can see. So please yourselves and hope for the best.

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