The Eve of the War

If, like me, you are a committed jabby dodger and are triple-unvaccinated (soon to be quadruple-unvaccinated), then watch out. Uncle Fester has declared war on us.

This new wave of covid is a mild version. South Africa has had it for weeks and have seen no surge in hospitalisations. An effect mirrored in the UK in Brackley, Northamptonshire. That town has the highest rate of omicron infections in the UK, 926 per 100,000 people, and yet the hospitals there are not seeing any surge in admissions.

It’s mutated into a cold. They all do eventually. Catch this and you’re also immune to Delta and the other variants. Unlike the vaccinated, you will also have antibiodies to its core proteins, the nucleocapsid, not just the spike protein on its surface. Variants don’t change the core proteins anywhere near as much as the outer proteins, because the core proteins are what keeps the RNA intact. Mess about too much with those proteins and it’s no longer a viable virus.

I’ll try an analogy. Take a car. The RNA is the engine, the core proteins are the chassis and the outer coat is the body shell. You keep this car in a garage it fits into perfectly.

You can change the paint colour, makes no difference at all. But you want to change the body shell. So your car becomes a van, or a flatbed truck, or a recovery vehicle with a crane on the back – and now it doesn’t fit in your garage. So you put it in a different garage.

Change the outer coat of a virus and the immune system thinks it’s new. Maybe it can’t stick to receptors it used to stick to when infecting, but maybe it can now stick to different receptors. Big changes in the outer coat will, most times, render the virus a dud. Sometimes those changes give it an edge over the immune system. But, like that car you turned into a tow truck, you can make big changes to the outside and the system still works.

Mess with the chassis (core protein) too much and the engine (RNA) falls out. You are limited in the changes you can make there.

So, antibodies against the core proteins are important, and the vaccines don’t give you those.

Now, Uncle Fester (and others) are declaring that the failure of the vaccines is because of those that didn’t take it. No, it’s because the vaccines are basically crap. They make your own cells produce the spike protein so your immune system can make antibodies to it but the spike proteins on variants of the virus can change. The boosters aren’t accounting for that change, they are the same as the first two shots. The only accounting going on here is in vaccine manufacturers’ bank accounts. The spike proteins are also the most dangerous part of the virus, over a year ago they were shown to be pathoenic on their own.

If you have antibodies to the core proteins then it doesn’t matter if the spike protein changes, even if it does change enough to dodge antibodies. Big changes to the core proteins means a dud virus – it won’t be able to stabilise its RNA so it won’t work. So they don’t change much in any viable variant. Antibodies against those proteins will give you a wider range of immunity to variants than antibodies to the spike.

There’s also the small matter that when the immune system finds a cell producing spike protein, it considers that cell infected and kills it. If that happens in your arm, no biggie. You’ll get a sore arm and the killed cells will be replaced.

If it happens in your heart muscle, you’re in trouble. That muscle does not regenerate. You’re left with permanent scarring and a damaged heart for the rest of your life. If it happens in your brain, well, you won’t remember reading this so there’s no point going into detail.

These mRNA shots should not be getting into the bloodstream, but they are. There is an army of quickly-trained jabbers, many of whom don’t know how to test if the needle is in a blood vessel or in muscle. Or simply don’t understand why it’s important. If it gets into the bloodstream it’s everywhere in your body within minutes. Your immune system is killing off cells it thinks are infected all over the place. That’s when you get the really seriously bad reactions.

So this ‘war on the unvaccinated’ is shifting blame. The government know these jabs aren’t working as any kind of defence against covid. They know the omicron variant is basically a cold. They know about the rapidly increasing list of adverse reactions to the vaccine. They know omicron is not going to overwhelm the NHS. They are using the term ‘with’ not ‘of’ to describe people in hospital ‘with’ omicron because they know perfectly well it wasn’t omicron that put them there. They went in for some other reason and tested positive after admission. Many will have caught this cold after admission, as in Denmark.

So why are they pushing the scare dial to 11?

Well. They have become used to having these energency powers that let them bypass Parliament and they don’t want to relinquish them.

If omicron turns out to be a better vaccine than the vaccine (it is) then the gravy train hits the buffers and government powers are gone.

They’ve already bought enough of this stuff to give us all at least ten shots each. It’ll all have to be binned and the cost accounted for if we just get immunity from a cold.

Their dream of a Chinese style social credit score through vaccine passes will evaporate. It should never have been considered in the first place but they’ve committed so hard into it now, they can’t just drop it.

Many other reasons, not least of which is that, as the truth filters out, quite a few people who think they are important are going to be looking at serious jail time. They know it. Some are doubling down, like Uncle Fester. Some, like the SAGE modeller the Spectator talked to, have admitted that the ‘models’ are driven by policy, not the other way around. There is a lot of arse covering going on.

There are multiple things happening under the cover of covid, none of them for our benefit. One blog post can’t cover them all.

The one to watch at the moment, especially if you’re a jabby dodger, is the frantic attempt by those who caused this mess to shift the blame to you. Tough times are coming.

Be ready.

14 thoughts on “The Eve of the War

  1. There seems to be a huge push at the moment to shift the blame for this disease onto the unvaccinated. Is this propaganda effort trying to make us forget where the virus came from and who funded it? I.e. the Chinese and the Americans.

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    • I’m just interested in how the USA comes into this one. Were not the CCP funding gain-of-function experiments on RNA viruses from bats (a grand and paleobiological reservoir of such virions) – you know…the unstable ones…in Wuhan, which I think is in China? But I do pause for a reply, like Brutus did.


      • There is some convincing evidence that American agencies outsourced and shared their gain of function research to China after such research was banned in USA. Robert F Kennedy has written and spoken of it, there are investigations taking place. It is not unreasonable to mention both nations in relation to gain of function research. Indeed I do wonder if the Common Cold Research Centre, aka Porton Down, is not entirely uninvolved. The whole shebang is so murky and shrouded in secrecy and rumour that divining the truth is going to be nigh on impossible. Anyway, the virus whether released, engineered or naturally occurring is apparently of less concern than the measures to counter it.


  2. You watch the rhetoric change once they realise this game is up, not just those currently prefects but enough in the media and the general public alike have shown their true colours, in a previous time they would have been in their element herding the demonised of the time onto cattle cars, i won’t forget who they are and nor should you.

    I ran into an old work colleague, now well into his 70’s just after the first rollout of the experimental jabs, couldn’t wait to tell me he’d had his ages ago cos volunteered (mug, always was a shilling short of a pound when i worked with him), when i told him never as long as my arse surrounded a a certain orifice would i be taking part he might as well have donned the jackboots and luger, hostile wouldn’t half cover it, told me i should be forced to take it.

    They are out there and they must be remembered because sure as hell those at the back of this will find some other way to do what they want.

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  3. One of the symptoms of covid is mental confusion and deterioration.

    So many now seem to believe any old crap sicked up by government mouthpieces and, presumably to make themselves ‘feel safe’, want everyone to copy their cognitive dissonance.

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  4. Dear Mr Legiron

    This may be of relevance:

    ‘The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses’

    And this article may explain the whole reason for the panicdemic – gain of function for government:

    Latest ONS graphs for England & Wales in the link in DP above.

    Only 3 Christmases to flatten the curve…



  5. To be honest, I think you’re attributing too much intelligence to the various authorities. There’s is no grand conspiracy, because these authorities simply lack the brains to put it together.

    The virus was created from gain of function testing, but everything else is accidental and/or the natural authoritarian tendency of minor government.

    Variant Omicron is fairly harmless, but only because vaccines have favoured variants with mutated spike protein. These do better in vaccinated individuals than do the older variants, and since the spike protein is so very matched to ace-2 receptors, any mutation will push it onto another receptor.

    Eventually vaccination against the nastier COVID variants will be routine, just to keep the genie in the bottle and the mild variants prevalent instead of the nasty forms.


    • Oh, governments are hives of idiocy and incompetence the world over. Which is why I don’t believe they are capable of plotting a graph, never mind something this big. They are, however, working in tandem – or rather in parallel since they aren’t working together but they are all doing the same things.
      Which suggests to me that the ‘plan’ comes from above them. They are, after all, filled with the corrupt and the easily bought or blackmailed. And some people have a hell of a lot of spare cash. Some own most of the central banks on the planet, and they are the same as the ones who have been spouting ‘new world order’, ‘one world government’, ‘population reduction’ for many years.
      Where covid came from, I don’t know. Maybe it was a lab escape, maybe it was deliberate (although it’s a pretty shit bioweapon) or maybe it’s just a SARS variant. It doesn’t matter. What it did was provide an opportunity for some very old and very rich maniacs to put a plan into action. A plan they’ve salivated over for decades.
      I don’t think vaccination for this one will become routine for a lot of reasons. I’ll go into them later. It’s Christmas and I have been at the whisky 😉 so I’m in no state nor mood to get into logic-based arguments at the moment.

      Merry Boxing Day, and let’s hope the New Year proves you right and me wrong.


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