There never seems to be enough of it. A lot of this month was spent on my tax return. Not that it was especially complex, but I really didn’t want to do it and it’s composed of a lot of tiny bits. It’s important to make sure you find all the tiny bits because TaxMan has no tolerance for failure.

Anyway it’s done at last and in hte process I have managed to accumulate a lot of next year’s return too. The last bit of council tax is also cleared and yet… the council have more silliness for me.

I closed down and cleared out my lab at the end of December 2019. The council were informed so they’d stop sending me letters about business rates, which they did, and they know where I live now because they sent those business rates letters here. Also I have to pay council tax (I have no idea why, there are no pavements out here, the road is full of holes,there are two buses a day at 7 am and 6 pm and the nearest street light is two miles away). But I pay it anyway, they’ll put me in jail if I don’t. At least I get the bins emptied.

Anyway. The council sent a letter to the place I lived two addresses back, telling me I had to fill in a form on a rent review on the lab I no longer occupy or they’ll fine me for not doing it. The best part? When I left the lab I was the last occupant of that building. A ‘temporary’ building set up in the 1960s. The college I rented it from have now demolished it. The lab I left two years ago and which I’ll be fined for not responding to a rent review… no longer exists.

I have a feeling this is going to take some sorting out. Still, it’s the last obstacle to getting back to proper work. I don’t have anything else in the ‘in the way’ pile at the moment.

Well I do have to get the phone engineers out to reconnect the landline properly. It’s still trailing across the garden but most of the fallen trees are now cleared and the walls are in the process of repair. Still, that’s not really anything I can do much about apart from a phone call so it’s not really in the way. I admit I’m tempted to just bury the line across the garden and call it fixed.

Well anyway, I’m back at work. I have some books to finish editing and the spring anthology will open mid February so it’s all systems go.

Next year’s tax won’t be left to the last minute. I still won’t want to do it but I’ll start not wanting to do it earlier.

21 thoughts on “Time…

  1. I don’ have to pay too many Taxes anymore. Too old and too broke. But I do have to do a Tax Return to prove I am too old and too broke.
    I don’t have to do it until May so I am thinking about it at the moment.
    The Food Bank is easy. I just need a copy of my Basic British State Pension.

    En Y Var for another year.

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  2. “Next year’s tax won’t be left to the last minute.”

    I used to say that, I still always left it to the last minute. Should we remind you of this particular resolution when you complain about your tax return this time next year? 😉

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  3. “I admit I’m tempted to just bury the line across the garden and call it fixed”

    Just burying the normal overhead cable isn’t a good idea – it won’t last long if any critters find it. Proper underground cable has steel wire armouring as well as a second plastic sheath. If you can enclose it in some heavy plastic pipe it would be much better. To actually do so will mean 1) splitting said pipe lengthways, so you can clip it over the cable, or 2) disconnecting one end, threading it through, and re-connecting it afterwards. Not knowing what sort of connectors BT use these days makes 2) a bit problematic…

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  4. I got late with mine this year. I usually get it done before Christmas. This time it was the first week of January. Cut it a bit fine but got the refund before I had to pay them on account again. With enough interest to buy me a decent hot chocolate. I think I will work on this year’s over the next few weeks. That way once April comes I’ll be almost ready
    The joy of spreadsheets awaits … Bleurgh.

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    • Mine isn’t complex but it is composed of a lot of small amounts. I have printed out a template for this year and left it by the computer. Hopefully this will remind me to fill it in as I go along! If I reduce it to quarterly totals it’ll be a lot easier.

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