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The landline should be back on Monday, weather permitting. There is a post on Leg Iron Books with a bit more detail and some potentially excellent news for authors. I have a backlog of emails to answer and edits to send out once I have a reliable and non-rationed internet access again.

This week we have all been bombarded with calls to get tested for HIV. Well, I am at zero risk of that one, it’s probably the easiest virus to avoid of all of them. So I won’t be getting tested. HIV testing week is apparently not a new thing, but the push to get everyone, including those at no risk at all, tested… that’s very new. I’d never heard of it before.

There is a reason for this, of course. A new mRNA-based HIV ‘vaccine’ is just starting trials. This means it’s not something that’s just been invented. It’s been right through the development stage and it’s at the human trial stage so it was invented years ago.

All this development is expensive. Getting the money back requires a lot of uptake. How do you get that uptake? By scaring as many people as possible into taking it. Even those that don’t need it.

It’s actually a pretty useless idea, if you look at it logically. What you really need is an effective treatment for HIV. A vaccine is only going to be applicable to a small proportion of the population who are at risk and since that proportion includes needle-sharing druggies who clearly don’t care about risk, you aren’t going to sell many doses.

Let’s look at how a real vaccine works. We’ll take tetanus as an example. The disease is also known as lockjaw and it’s a nasty one. It’s caused by a common soil bacterium of the genus Clostridium, the same genus that includes botulism and gangrene. In soil, they are just getting along with life but they are dreadful as parasites. They do far too much damage far too quickly and they are not communicable. You can’t catch them from someone who has them unless you try really hard. In this way they are somewhat similar to HIV. You don’t catch any of these things by someone breathing on you or brushing past you on the bus.

Normally you’d get tetanus from an infection resulting from soil into a wound. As a microbiologist, reasonably keen gardener and living on a farm I’d say I am at high risk of this so the vaccine is a good deal for me. What the vaccine does is ‘prime’ my immune system to recognise the bacterium and kill it quickly before it can establish.

If I had already presented with symptoms of tetanus, there would be no point giving me the vaccine. My immune system has already seen the bacterium and is fighting it. Giving it more is not helping at this point. It’s too late for vaccination if you are already infected. Adding more antigens is at best going to do nothing, and at worst it will distract your immune system from dealing with the active infection.

This is the issue I have with the line ‘If you had Covid you should still get the vaccine’. It’s nonsense. Your immune system has seen the virus. A vaccination at that point is like forcing someone to read a synopsis of a book they’ve just read the full version of. It’s pointless.

Another silly line is ‘Get the vaccine to protect others’. No. My tetanus vaccine does absolutely nothing to protect you from getting tetanus. Not a thing. My immunity to measles, developed the hard way, does not stop you getting measles. My immune system is not going to fax yours the blueprints of diseases it’s seen or been vaccinated against. In the domain of the disease we are all on our own. No vaccine or any treatment you take will affect my immunity to anything.

Lately the Ginger Kinglet, the Harry formerly known as Prince, has been declaring that we should take a HIV test ‘to protect others’. Well. Unless you plan to explode into a bloody pulp on the bus or to shag everyone in the queue at Tesco, your HIV status is of absolutely no relevance to anyone else. It is not, never, not even once, transmitted via any other means than bodily fluids. You cannot get it just by standing next to someone. It is not a respiratory disease.

Also, a test protects nobody at all. It’s not designed to do that. It just tells you whether you are infected or not and it’s not always reliable at doing that. Especially if they use a research tool never designed nor intended to be a diagnostic method, like PCR.

I have wondered, as have many others, whether those celebs who return a positive HIV test will be as keen to share it on social media as they were with their positive covid tests. I expect a few idiots will.

A positive HIV test is a bad thing to have. Even if it’s a false positive. Good luck getting life insurance or a mortgage or long term loan…

And if you are positive, there is no point in taking a vaccine. With HIV/AIDS there’s a double no-pointer, since AIDS destroys your immune system so there is nothing for a vaccine to boost, and if you already have the dsease, a vaccine can’t fix it.

I don’t yet know the details of how this HIV ‘vaccine’ works but as it’s mRNA, it’s most likely producing antigens on the surface of cells – which will get those cells killed. If it targets white blood cells, it will set off a civil war within your immune system and then you are not just fucked, you are royally fucked with a full Horseguard parade and 21-gun salute.

I won’t be taking this one either.

Incidentally, I chose tetanus as an example deliberately. There have been several covidian ‘doctors’ claiming that booster shots for the covid jabs are normal because we do it for other vaccines. Tetanus is one of those that needs to be boosted, but like many of the others, you need a booster every ten years or so.

Not every three months.

8 thoughts on “The current situation

    • In yet another potential indication of rats&ships or grifters looking for a safe haven, like Valance & Van Tam retiring, by sheer coinkydink:
      The CEO of Moderna has deleted his twitter account & is dumping his stock.
      “Interesting that the news breaks that this Moderna guy is dumping his stock and closing his social media accounts the day after the vaccine makers suddenly withdrew their request to the FDA for approval to vaccinate children under 5 years of age.”

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  1. So, it’s conspiracy time !!
    Very interesting points made about HIV which jogged the memory.
    Back in early Jan 2020 an Indian research centre published a pre-print paper saying that they had found HIV-like protein inserts in the Sars-CoV-2 spike that they said could not be naturally occurring. The paper was shot down by “fact” checkers.
    In April 2020, Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winning French virologist confirmed the study conducted by Indian scientists
    In Dec 2020, Queensland University’s CoV-vaxx programme was shut down after the vaxx cohort was testing +ve for HIV.
    A “new” HIV variation has just been revealed in Holland and Belgium.
    A Canadian site (a bit conspiranoid in presentation) has published a piece saying that Omicron infected are showing HIV seroconversion and that the jabbed, as massive producers of spike, (and the infected/recovered) are spreading protein which will cause an AIDS-like result.
    Spread of spike protein by touch and breath was referred to in Pfizer’s trial protocol paper.
    Can there be a completely airborne HIV-like disease??
    The degradation of the immune system (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is being observed in the jabbed. The so called waning of jab effectiveness is not the jab not doing what it says on the box (and certainly not on the package inserts), but the failure of immune systems after being bombarded with multiple spike-creating RNA/DNA jabs.
    And now HIV testing is being pushed. To create a “case” load of HIV-+ve requiring a new RNA jabb-fest ??

    Apologies for the long post. References to most of the above are somewhere in my bookmarks. If anyone is interested I can post some links.

    Like Mr Leggy I was once a microbiologist (long retired) and I must confess I have been totally wrapped up in this Covid shitshow and the mishandling of just about everything.
    If I’d spent as much time researching and studying (instead of beer, rugby, darts and worldly pursuits) when I was at Uni as I have over the last 2 years, I would have obtained much better degrees
    Cheers, RMJ.

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