A quick one

Well, the engineer called off today. Hopefully it’ll be tomorrow that we get our phone line back.

Meanwhile, Trudy has decided to invoke full martial law in Canada, and Italy has increased the level of boostiness required to go to work. Macaroon has filled the streets of Paris with tanks because he needs to block all the streets so the truckers don’t block all the streets…

…and we’re hearing about a coming war with Russia over Ukraine. Well I don’t see what any Western government plans to do about it, they are currently all at war with their own people and if they shut down all the truckers, who do they imagine is going to be transporting the stuff they need for a war?

If nobody in Italy can work unless they take the poison, then who is going to be making all those bullets? If Russia invades, expecting a war, they are going to be disappointed. Any Western military that hasn’t been reduced to woke girlie men by booting out any actual masculinity/tough wenches, is so full of the junk jabs they’ll likely keel over before getting shot.

I don’t think Russia wants Ukraine. They might want Crimea back, but the rest of Ukraine? What for? It’d be just another source of theatre bombers. Far more trouble than it’s worth.

I can’t think of a single Western country where the people would actually back a war set up by the idiots in charge. Any war. Anywhere. Many are now at the stage where they’d actually welcome an invasion, even if it was slimy reptile monsters from Betelgeuse. It’s really reaching the point where no alternative could possibly be worse.

It still makes me shake my head to watch all those Presidents and Prime Monsters decrying the spread of Russian communism while they attempt to implement Chinese communism in their own countries. There is really only one reason why the WEF-controlled West would ever go to war with Russia.

Because they don’t think Russia is Communist enough.

9 thoughts on “A quick one

  1. Russia isn’t communist. It hasn’t been communist since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, over thirty years ago. At the time of writing I believe they’re more capitalist and democratic than we are.

    Personally I think Putin is playing mind games with the West just for the shits and giggles while the Russian Army, still a shadow of it’s Soviet era self, gets to go out and get some healthy exercise while the price of gas, elevated by the war panic, fills Russian coffers. They don’t need Ukraine.

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  2. The communists embedded and bred in the west have never forgiven Russia for abandoning the communist experiment. Collectivist nickers have been thoroughly wetted and twisted, brains have melted. Meanwhile huge opportunities have been wasted in ostracizing Russia until we want their gas.

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