Back to work

Finally, that landline is fixed. It should be okay for some time, there aren’t many trees left to bring it down again. On the plus side, the wood supply is now inexhaustible.

It was quite a comedy sketch. Monday, the engineer phoned, he couldn’t get a lifting platform to get the cable fixed to the pole. He’d come the next day. Next day, no engineer. I called back – he managed to get a lifting platform but one of the lines he had to fix was attached to a pole in the middle of a field. The platform got stuck in the soft mud and he had to wait for a tractor to come and pull it out.

Wednesday it finally happened. Just in time, we’re forecast for snow for the weekend and that can make it difficult to get up the drive.

Anyway, I’m back. Reliable power supply (as reliable as it gets) and an internet connection that doesn’t require me to make frequent checks as to how many gigabytes I have left. It’s taking a bit of getting used to – I still wonder if I turned off the mobile hotspot, even though the phone is back in the kitchen, its normal resting place.

It’s been a remarkably unproductive couple of months and we’re now into the Spring anthology – it’s open for submissions with a closing date of the end of May, but I’m going to be pretty flexible on that deadline. I have to catch up with the novels. Still, I don’t have to keep candles burniong and don’t have to make sure the fire stays lit – although I still light it most nights, it’s not a disaster if it goes out. It’s in the room with the biggest central heating radiator I have ever seen in my life, so anything that reduces usage of that radiator is going to save money on heating oil! Which, I note, has dramatically increased in price lately.

I did get a few small models finished while on limited internet/intermittent electricity. I’ll post about those later.

UPDATE I see I put end of May, not March, as a closing date. I thought about changing it but this one doesn’t get locked to any particular event and it’ll give me more time to catch up on the backlog. So I’m going to leave it for the end of May. This year, the Spring anthology will be at the end of Spring 🙂

20 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. I’ve got the bones of another short story for you, which I’m putting together using some of the characters from the novel. I’ll offer it to you end-March. When you get the “author final” of the novel, you’ll recognise the cast!

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  2. The Bretons know how to manage Wood. They have been doing it for Centuries. And we still have so many trees to boggle the mind.
    I have only been watching them for thirty years so I still only have a rough idea. Just don’t burn wood when it is wet. This takes about five years.

    But my best fun is cooking on top of the Wood Burner. I do this because I want to. And I save acres of Bottled Gas.

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    • I’m using fallen-tree wood that’s been stacked in the barn for 4 years, plus chunks of old rafters from the refurbished cottage that have been lying around for at least a century. The new fallen trees just go to the end of the stack 😀

      I haven’t yet tried cooking on the wood burner but the recent acquisition of a metal whistling kettle means it’s game on for tea at least. The wood burner has two cooking spots on top.

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  3. What an exciting life you lead up there. I can think of a good story plot about a Vikingette landing and claiming your land for Danelaw but a Welshman claims it for Wales and there’s a whole lot of drinking out of skulls and helmets and it becomes the ultimate tourist attraction and makes masses of moolah and no one has to wait for engineers ever again.

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  4. “He couldn’t get a lifting platform to get the cable fixed to the pole”

    What the f… happened to ladders and pole belts??? Is everything completely taken over by “Elf n Safety” now? I can still recall trudging through a muddy paddock with a heavy ladder over one shoulder and carrying a drop-wire dispenser in the other…

    Monty Python’s “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch was rather prescient…

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