From Farm to… Pharm

Over in China, the madness just ramped up a notch. They have declared vegetable gardens a source of Covid and are currently destroying any vegetable garden they find. It’s utter nonsense of course. A virus moving from animals to plants is way, way bigger than a species jump. The basic cell structure is so different between plants and animals that a simple coronavirus has absolutely no hope of ever getting past a plant cell wall.

So why are they doing it?

Why are Billy Gates Gruff, other rich idiots and indeed the Chinese buying up farmland all over the place?

Why has the British government come up with this –

While we are being told of imminent food shortages ‘because Putin’, why shut down farms? Why destroy people’s own vegetable gardens? Why is there such an intense effort to buy up farmland? It makes no sense.

It makes perfect sense if you can accept that it’s evil.

Remember when butter was demonised? At about the same time the margarine and fake-butter spreads came out. So many examples, too many to list here.

Well, now we have insect protein, insect-based milk, plant based ‘meat’, meat grown in labs or just 3D printed, and we also now have this.

Yep. Factory grown vegetables, with artificial nutrients and artificial lighting. No need for traditional farming that uses far less energy because it largely lets the crops grow themselves, using rain and sunshine. As for fertiliser, you’ve never needed it. Slurry spreading and crop rotation have worked for millenia. Low nitrogen soil? Grow beans and peas this year and next year it’ll grow anything.

The new fake food is all terrible and nobody really wants it, but as with heat pumps and electric cars (which are also terrible and nobody wants them) the same business model is being applied.

If you can’t compete on either price or desirability, demonise and ban the opposition. It’s why so many still use the plasticine spreads instead of real butter and fry in corn oil instead of lard. You can’t make any kind of decent fried bread in plant oils, which is why nobody under 40 has heard of it.

The stuff we’ve used for centuries will suddenly “kill us all”. Because its replacement is shit so they can only sell it by demonising and banning the good stuff.

It’s all money again. You grow your own carrots, let a few go to seed, keep the seeds for next year… nobody makes money from you. Even if you buy seeds, those are cheap. Well they used to be before they were all GM and patented. You weren’t dependent on the state or corporations. Not too long ago it was common to have a few chickens and even a pig in your backyard, which dealt with all those scraps you now send to be made into compost, and which you’d eventually eat. Everything but the squeal. My grandparents did this – one of my father’s favourite stories was about the number of times my grandfather tried to kill their cockerel, and lost every time. That bird hated him and it was one mean bugger.

When I was a kid in the sixties, almost every house had a long narrow back garden. The newer posh houses didn’t, but all the council houses did. They weren’t designed for cricket (although we did use them for that), they were designed to grow vegetables. Keep a few chickens. Maybe even a pig. Some of the old council houses still have those long gardens.

Now, in China, vegetable gardens are being destroyed in the name of Covid. It’ll come here. As the ‘bird flu’ already destroys small and sometimes large chicken and duck rearers. You can’t catch bird flu from a butcher’s shop. You’d have to be in long contact with live poultry to be at any risk at all. Like everything else recently, it’s nowhere near as big a deal as it’s made out to be.

In order to come to terms with what’s really going on, you have to accept a certain level of darkness into your soul. Nobody wants to believe that their governments, medical and food systems are utterly evil. Nobody wants to believe they are seen as nothing more than cattle to be profited from, and that any harms and deaths they suffer are just chalked up as a minus sign on a profit sheet and then forgotten.

Consider. ‘Red meat is bad for you’. Oh but we have an alternative that’s much better for you. Lab grown or 3D printed red meat. This is good for you. The natural stuff is bad.

‘Chickens are full of disease’. We know. That’s why we cook them until the skin shatters when you poke it. They’ve always been full of nasty bacteria so we cook them until we’re sure those bacteria are all dead. Which will, incidentally, also kill any virus they may have. If you have a meat thermometer, you need the centre of roast or boiled meat to be above 80C. Then there’s nothing left to harm you. They used to tell you that in the old days, about a decade ago.

Nobody in any position of any power at all gives a shit about you. You really have to accept that. You are profitable to them, nothing more, and they don’t need all of you so they are culling you right now. They genuinely believe they are superior beings and we are just cattle to be milked. I am not kidding and not exaggerating here. This is what they truly believe. You and I are nothing to them. Nothing.

The world is being run by utterly evil people who genuinely believe they are the superior race and we are all a different, inferior species. Think Morlocks and Eloi, because that is how they think. The Eloi barely thought at all and simply accepted the way things were. Are you one?

You absolutely must accept and recognise that nobody, absolutely nobody in any position of power and influence gives a flying fuck about you or your family. Surely the last two years have made that clear? How many were denied access to a family funeral because there was a limit on numbers? I am one. How many let their relatives die alone in hospitals and nursing homes because they were not allowed to visit? How many were denied urgent treatment because it wasn’t Covid?






And yet so many of you still support them and help to enforce their maniacal pronouncements. It won’t help. They will happily kill you too. You might just survive a little longer but once you’ve helped get rid of the problematic ones, they won’t need you any more.

Their war against animal and now crop farming has nothing at all to do with climate change and absolutely nothing to do with health. They care nothing for either of those things. They care nothing for you. Accept it.

They care only about money and control. They want all the money, they want to own everything and they want total control over the rest of us. Get that into your head. It’s what they want. It’s not tinfoil-hattery, they have been very clear and open about it. It’s a horrible thing to think about, it’s a darkness most will try to avoid peering into but if you refuse to see it then you will be engulfed by it.

One of Tyrion Lannister’s famous quotes is ‘I drink and I know things’. It might have been better rendered as ‘I drink because I know things’.

When will you see it? When they take your children? When they come for your pets? When they destroy your little kitchen garden? When they erase your houseplants?

Will you see it before they erase you?

Many won’t see it until the shower heads hiss…

53 thoughts on “From Farm to… Pharm

  1. I used to believe that our politicians in the UK were benign. They would try to do their best for the country and, if they, coincidentally, enriched themselves by virtue of being an MP, so be it. Now I believe that there is nothing they won’t do in their quest for power and we are just collateral damage. The most recent example of this is Sunak’s behaviour. He has had to deny that he put tax up in the Autumn budget so that he could lower it again ahead of the next GE in order to win more votes. It it’s true (and I could well believe it) then he has cynically added to the misery and worry of many people. Just wicked.

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  2. Sadly this is the case.

    Went out for a coffee and cake yesterday with a friend. I had ice-cream,(gluten free) and he had the Bakewell tart and and Anericano coffee with me having a hot chocolate ( all from a machine) cost ? £17 almost 18 quid. (The Hutt Mansfield road) near Newstead Abbey of lord Byron fame ) The place was full. A main cost around 12 -15 as I noted from the menu. We’re never going back because it just rips you in the pocket. The signs were up about supply chains etc but as I noted to my friend, three days if the grid goes down we’re all fucked. We’re not far off and everyone is rearranging deckchairs

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  3. Who are these group of evil people? I enjoyed your post. I just posted about veganism today. There must be something in the air! But always I ask who is the GROUP? ; the planet synchronised GROUP of millions of evil people rubbing their hands in evil glee as to how they are going to control us? Who are these terrifying ‘they’? I don’t see them as individuals. I see them as huge faceless Corporations intent on profit. They don’t care. But I think politicians care, even if it is making sure they are re-elected. I think ordinary commercial business cares because the people are their customers. So, genuinely, I’d like to know who ‘they’ are. ‘They’ is not good enough, unless ‘they’ are Corporations. Corporations within corporations, within Corporations all lobbying to their own end into whose clutches of rhetoric and dogma Governments and groups of people fall. A new religion of greed and avarice in the the guise of good.

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    • We live in a global world in which governing bodies can speak to each other at the click of a mouse and countries can no longer operate in a vacuum: “they” are the supranational governing bodies such as the UN, WHO and WEF who make global policy which filters down to national and local governments which are tasked with implementing it. “They” don’t see the people of the world as individuals but as populations to be managed. Individual national politicians may care about being re-elected but I’m not sure that parties care about being in power, except insofar as it personally benefits those politicians who get into the cabinet, after all if national government is just implementing global policy then its power is curtailed. Might as well just be a good constituency MP to get re-elected and secure some lucrative sinecures. Leggy talked about Gates and he along with the likes of Soros have the wealth to buy influence with “them” and I for one don’t buy their protestations of philanthropy.

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      • Yes, I get that. Thanks. The philanthropy is to display ‘good intentions’. Soros and Gates are only two. There are many who have no names, but lobby for their corporation.

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    • Look no further than The W.E.F. Klaus Schwab has Co-written books about the New Normal, The Great Reset, A Common Pass, Klaus Swchab has stood on the world stage and told us what is happening, yet people still don’t believe him, and think it’s still a conspiracy theory.

      “ it’s not a conspiracy theory when they tell you exactly what they’re doing.”

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      • I understand why this planet has gone global. Technology has made it very small. I’m old but I see in my children and grandchildren that they just accept the way things are because, now, it’s the way things are! Is it just people whose memories come from way back that see how absolutely peculiar it all is? I shall check out the Great Reset, A Common Pass, and Klaus Schwab, but perhaps he is simply stating the way things are…..under our technology…it is what it is, and we all comply!

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  4. As most of the (rural) Chinese use ‘night soil’ to fertilise their gardens, it’s perhaps the source of the bugs on the vegetables.
    Some American cities are monitoring sewage to correlate bugs with infections above ground.

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    • In the current climate of insane fertilizer prices, farmers are switching to biosolids.
      Yep. Commercial crops are being fertilised with poo.
      All it takes then is a ‘positive test’ and the crop is declared unsafe. Sure, commercial biosolids are heat treated but getting a positive isn’t at all difficult…

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      • I used to accelerate my compost heap with urine, and sugar. I had tiger worms at the end. The raspberries next door to the compost heap loved it.

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        • The banded worms are Eisenia foetida, mostly found in compost heaps. I did my Honours degree project on those, comparing their intestinal microflora to that of the food that continually passes through 🙂

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          • Brandling worms are available on the internet. They are perfect for natural composting. Also they will attract hedgehogs looking for a treat, the hedgehogs will also chow down on slugs. When push comes to shove hedgehogs are pretty tasty.

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            • Yes I looked into getting a wormery and decided it was too much trouble and then I saw that I had the tiger worms and therefore heaved a sigh of relief and kept on feeding my compost heap.

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    • Red currant jelly! Mum made a stack of that, used in place of marmalade. Our garden produced a heap of fruit: plums, apples – eaters and cookers, gooseberries, black currants, rhubarb, pears, and my favourite raspberries. The woods opposite provided blackberries. Veg came from the allotment, some of the stuff dad grew seems to have disappeared,things such as purple sprouting and curly kale. Maybe they are still there but rebranded with a foreign sounding name to make them fashionable. Oh, and dad kept a few beehives.

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    • Indeed. I grubbed up my gravel back garden and planted raspberries in 2005 by 2007-2012 I would get 250 g a day. I had an allotment but I fell ill. The first year I grew so many courgettes that I’ve never grown them again. Just three plants. I managed broccoli but the pigeons were relentless as were the slugs. Eventually it got too much. I had an applesauce apple tree on there that provided at least 6 full ten p shopping bags worth of apples every year. I made pies etc. A lot went and rotted on the ground. But when you’re unwell and it’s too much it just becomes difficult. I had 5 poles mostly in shade. It was not easy.

      Still I at least did it. I cleared that plot of head height brambles. It hadn’t been used in ten years. I’m still not well but I’ve saved tomato seeds as there are none in the supermarket.

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  5. The farm is the last bastion of freedom. You have the ability to grow your own food and fuck everyone else including the government. The politicisation or corporatisation of the farm ensure that no-one is able to be free to ignore the diktats of the political elites. The corporations will control the food supply, the very essence of life.
    i.e. no-one will be free, Unless you set yourself on a course on a boat and steer clear of land for ever. I hope eating fish all the time doesn’t get boring…

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  6. We have a patch of raspberries which propagate themselves, five blueberry bushes, a redcurrant, a giant 140-y-o pear tree, three “Aronia” bushes from Poland, and apple and a plum, and two fig trees and two olive bushes.

    I can’t be everywhere at once, and to therefore the effing bloody herbivorous birds ) nobody grows anything within 1,200 yards of our house – this is a town) eat about 100% of the following, to a first approximation:-

    All the pears
    All the blueberries
    All the redcurrants
    All the Aronia berries (as soon at they even go red – let alone black)
    All the figs (as soon as one gets ripe, it’s toast inside an hour)
    60% of the apples (while still on the tree)
    All the plums
    Any olive that starts to fatten

    I’d “take care of all the birds” if it was either legal to “use chemicals” or to walk about with ” a device” or indeed poke such a ” device” out of an upstairs window. I did indeed try the former method, but the birds just shunned it.

    A plastic owl worked for three days. Then I caught a pigeon alighting on top of it.

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    • We have several plantaions of raspberries that I don’t keep the birds away from. It wouldn’t be fair – I didn’t plant them, they did.

      I have a feeling the pine marten gets most of the cherries though.

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  7. I enjoy your writing but can’t in the end agree that our governments are universally malevolent. I see nothing in recent events that cannot be attributed to the usual toxic combination of human failings, that is to say, hubris, self delusion and stupidity. It is moot, I suggest, whether your vision of what is wrong with the human condition or mine is the more depressing.

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    • I can agree that most goverments are filled with idiots. They probably don’t consider themselves evil, but as the old saying goes “the love of money is the root of all evil” and they are most definitely very, very corrupt.

      Still, they seem not to have noticed that having all that money is pointless when it’s been inflated into valueless paper.

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      • But if you have hoarded almost all the valueless paper, it probably still amounts to a few million pounds. And if you’ve ensured that all the serfs are peniless and starving, than you’re still top dog.

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  8. …why shut down farms? Why destroy people’s own vegetable gardens? Why is there such an intense effort to buy up farmland?
    Agenda 21. This has been the agenda of the last thirty years, Mega cities surrounded by corporate owned farmland, surrounded by re-wilded countryside occupied by our betters only.
    You won’t need personal transport, because you won’t be allowed outside the cities. Corporate owned and run public transport, housing and services will provide for your every need.
    Universal Basic Income for all will be enough for subsistence living, your job will pay just enough to cover the rent on your corporate owned apartment.
    You’ll own nothing, but you WILL be happy. Post conquest Norman Feudalism, coming to a farm near you.

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  9. Rhode Island: Mandatory Vax or Pay Double Your Income Tax

    A bill introduced in the Rhode Island legislature would require every eligible person who resides, works, or pays taxes in the state to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Anyone who refuses will be fined $50 per month, AND “shall owe twice the amount of personal income taxes as would otherwise be assessed.”

    The state will DOUBLE your taxes if you don’t comply.

    This also applies to parents who refuse to inject their kids.

    Any medical exemption requires the signature of three different doctors, with each document notarized.

    But even medical exemptions can be thrown out if a government bureaucrat decides those doctors are wrong

    Click to access S2552.pdf

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