Poxy Monkey

Apparently there have been seven cases of monkey pox in the UK. Terrifying – that’s about one in ten million infected! It’s the end of civilisation and we’re all going to die! There are so very many who will believe that.

In the Express, the WHO warn of the deadly new monkeypox disease that is going to kill us all. Dire warning! It can make you itch!

The NHS website has not, at the moment, been faked-up to play this game. Monkeypox is unpleasant. You are going to spend anything up to two months looking like the Pus Monster from Septic Street, you’ll be contagious once the blisters appear and you will feel like you’ve been dipped in itching powder while being roasted over a fire of dried cow dung.

Let’s not pretend this is a walk in the park. I still remember being painted pink with calamine lotion when I had chicken pox, well over half a century ago and I will never forget the smell of that stuff. It cured nothing – its purpose was to alleviate the itching so you don’t scratch hard enough to skin yourself alive.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the one in ten million who catches this, you are not going to enjoy it. Not one bit.

But it really is not likely to kill you. It is not deadly and you do not need a vaccine. You’ll be pushed into getting some experimental witchcraft junk anyway.

Don’t do it.

21 thoughts on “Poxy Monkey

      • Because monkeypox virus is closely related to the virus that causes smallpox, the smallpox vaccine can protect people from getting monkeypox

        I googled. Nuff said. If monkeypox does rage through the population I’ll be ok. ( Bill Gates said there would be a smallpox outbreak but was he referring to monkeypox instead ? )

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        • It depends how long the smallpox vaccine effects last. I had the vaccine nearly 60 years ago, no idea if it still works and I’m not keen to put it to the test 😉
          I thought it was odd that Moobman chose smallpox as an example. The only disease that’s been eradicated? Why would he choose that one? Unless he expects a mysteriously mutated monkeypox variant…

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  1. Wikipedia (stop laughing) has fatality rate of up to 10%.
    I’m not worried at all, but expect the government to make a big song and dance if it does start to spread.
    Nice long incubation period as well, that will allow the government to isolate you for a good few weeks… *Sigh*

    Or is the high fatality rate a result of it being most often found in poorer African countries, with less healthcare?

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    • Measles can be deadly, but it depends to a large enxtent on where you are. If you’re living in a small village far from any kind of medical help, and this thing is contagious, the only sensible course of action is to isolate the infected person(s) and hope they recover. If you live where you have ready access to treatments, food, vitamins etc, your survival chances are much, much higher.

      Wikipedia is famous for being edited to suit the narrative of the day, too 😉

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  2. It’s interesting that diseases that weren’t seen before like MonkeyPox and also the cases of juvenile Hepatitis have just suddenly sprung up without a clear indication of the reason why.

    It’s almost like there’s something freaky going on with auto-immune responses. Whether that’s due to lack of community contact or something else needs to be looked at and understood.

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  3. Mark the s-s gets it (the problem, not the pox!). The jabbed are now vulnerable to many opportunistic infections, as their immune responses have been damaged by mRNA poisons. The great depopulation plan continues!

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