Three wheels on my wagon…

Remember that song? I doubt many do.

Anyway. I have sent the PDF of the whole interior of UA17 to the authors, with instructions to check their parts very carefully indeed. The real world distractions here have come thick and fast and none of them good. If any UA17 author reading this hasn’t seen it, check your spam folder and if it’s not there, let me know.

The cover image is set. I purchased the rights to an image from a very nice Australian cobber and will suitably distort it to make the cover. The book, being so late, will be called ‘The Wrong Kind of Leaves’ which fits that cover in so many ways…

I am again behind, but trying to get this wagon rolling again even if it’s down to one wheel. It won’t be easy but then I’ve come back from worse.

The world truly has gone to Hell in a handcart, although it’s a handcart attached to a Jensen Interceptor with a brick on the accelerator. I once saw the remains of an Interceptor in a scrapyard. The engine was indeed a sight to behold. Unfortunately I was a student at the time, only there for a window winder for an Austin Princess, so could do no more than ogle that engine… but I digress.

The WHO, faced with what they pretend is a pandemic of monkeypox (there are countries whose annual tally of infections is four times the current global scare story and they just let it ride because it’s really not a big deal) have a priority.

Cure it? Find a cure? Isolate the infected?


Their priority is to rename it because it’s ‘racist’.

Monkeys are not a different race. They are a different species. This is exactly the same as calling chickenpox ‘racist’, Exactly the same. But nobody gives a shit about how poultry feel, it seems. And how about smallpox? I think the short people might have something to say here. Then we have Yellow Fever. The Chinese and Japanese *ahem* in the corner. And of course German Measles…

Oh come on, we all know why they want to change the name. It’s not scary enough. It has to be called Deathpox or RipYourFaceOffPox or FloppyWillyPox or YourPhoneBatteryDiesPox. Something to make the sheep shit pile higher. Something to scare people, since that’s the name of the game and always has been. Always will be.

The scare game has been silly for a long time but it has plumbed depths of silliness where the silly is under such pressure as to become almost a singularity of silly. A silly black hole from which no sense could ever escape.

Look at this. Just look.

I remember, a little under sixty years ago, we’d use a blade of grass to push aside the froth to reveal the insect beneath. This is nothing new.

The story is pure scare. So this froth-producing insect ‘could’ damage olive groves – how many olive groves are you personally cultivating? It ‘might’ damage your plants even though it never has before. It’s never been more than a curiosity and now it’s the greatest threat ever?

Report it, and your vegetable garden will be flame-sterilised ‘for everyone’s safety’.

China has been eradicating home vegetable gardens for ‘covid’. Australia has made it illegal to grow your own food. See it yet? You will have nothing but what those ‘in charge’ allow you to have. They have been making this very clear for years now.

I would say ‘get ready’ but I said it years ago and everyone laughed. It’s too late now.

But hey, keep laughing. I’m sure you’re going to love the punchline.

28 thoughts on “Three wheels on my wagon…

    • Yes, cuckoo spit is what I’ve always known it as. (Well, for as long as I can remember knowing it at all.)

      There’s some in my garden. I suppose I’d better evacuate before the RAF nukes it.

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  1. Utter nonsense from pox-headed cretins!
    The semi-educated and generally ignorant who ‘work’ for newspapers these days are easily fooled into generating new scare stories. Those over 40 or so will have had the benefit of better schooling and will see through their nonsense, but those younger may fall for it.
    Once, bright pupils were encouraged and even separated from the stupid, to allow them to advance at their own pace. Now, the dumbest (who must have ‘rights’ which exceed those of their peers), drag the bright ones down to their level. Humanity will fizzle out under this attitude. E.g., an electromagnetic pulse weapon could destroy all electronic devices and records, leaving yer modern yoof completely unable to rebuild a technological society.

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      • This has always been the plan. I was writing about it for the Libertarian Alliance in the late-70s and early 80s. The strategic problem that Mankind had about this was – and is – that only “libertarians” and “Austrian-School Economists” (should there be any left alive today…peole like Hayek, von Mises etc) were listening. I think we early Anglosphere llibertarians actually invented the concept of the “Echo-Chamber”, without realising what that was.

        We were just talking to each other, and we thought that was progress…

        In Oxford from 1969-73 I did meet a number of people – not many teachers but many many dozens at least of students, specially post-grads – that openly and frankly stated that “We’ve got to return the planet back to nature – Man is a destructive influence and just ruins everything and now there’s too many people!” (The human population was then I remember a little over two billion.)

        My biochemistry tutor, Dr Charles Pasternak (yes he’s a nephew of the eponymous Boris the writer) was also warning anyone he could about this matter, although quietly. A few people at a time, rather like Gandalf. He wrote the first real textbook about cell differentiation. These days, he’s more interested in, and is still writing about, the philosophy of Science, and specially of scientific education. We four Worcester biochemists got really drunk with him and his wife in their garden the day after our finals, and I think she had to help him up to bed.

        I turn now back to the many, many (sadly) people I ran into that wanted to undo all Man’s achievements since the British Industrial Revolution. Most were very young, under 25. A few had heard of people like Rousseau, Marcuse, Gramsci and the others of the Frankfurt School. Rather more were more into Marx and Lenin, and wore “Che” hats, and T-shirts saying “smash the system”. The famous shop, “Usborne” in Little Clarendon Street, was bursting at the seams with all their houshold items and posters and other weaponry of the sort you can all imagine.

        Many of these people intended to do – or were doing – teaching qualifications in lieu of a Masters, or were intending to enter the British Civil Service or the BBC. Almost ZERO percent of them were, or were going to be, Hard-Science graduates.

        We are now seeing the results of their Long Campaign. I think others have called it “The Long March Through The Institutions”.

        The war is lost. The rot is setting in, but it may still take some time. Let us enjoy what is left while it’s there, and stockpile tinned foodstuffs and vegetable seeds in cold, dry conditions. Also fuels and matches.

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  2. Long time lurker, since finding this blog on Twitter re: covid stuff.

    I feel it’s the Great Reset in action. I do not know how much influence the WEF really have, but for now it seems like the bad news – all in favour of unprecedented central control in the hands of the few – keeps on coming, I don’t know how involved Putin is re the war, but if he is, he’s being a good boy and playing right into their hands with this proxy battle. Perhaps he took his bollockings seriously.

    So what are we to think? People online all quote from Schwab et al that the books and essays are simply predictions of how the economy is going to – rentals, cars being useless if they sit in your driveway for 80% of the time, etc. But we all know what ownership means – it means calling the shots. Rentals make one servile to terms and conditions… whatever they might be.

    So I expect the fear to keep on coming. Viruses, wars, nuke threats, food shortages (not that these really exist – they are overtly manufactured), climate predictions of sunburn at Christmas, farmers continuing to be poorly bribed into “early retirement” and whatever else they can come up with to emotionally, morally and spiritually wear out the public.

    Lets hope my expectations are miles off the mark. I doubt it, but let’s hope.

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    • Welcome, and I apologise that your first comment ended up in spam!

      Your expectations are correct, but the WEF will fail. Their methods are based on a belief that they are superior creatures and we are all simply cattle. They are really no different to us at all, they’re just a bit madder.

      Where it could go… I have a story about that which I’ll post here as soon as the book it’s in is published. It might or might not get that far but it will definitely fail in the end.

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      • I hope you’re right, old fella. I hope there’s enough normal-people left who can make the vital difference.

        And critically, who still have the brass neck and the immortal crust and hate-baked rind to be able to stand up to terror and the bael-fires of the enemy. Like Sequoya bark, indeed. (Did I spell it right?)

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      • I’m really sorry for the delayed response, likewise. Work + the missus got in the way, not that I am complaining about the former. I mean, I am a relative youngster at 32 – the missus will be an issue at some point lol. She just loves penalty shootouts on Fifa.

        I’m feeling somewhat reassured by a more experienced individual telling me the WEF will fail. I look at Schwab – and his bragging about their organisation pocketing numerous governments (including that puppet in Canada, others in South America, where the wife comes from etc) and I wonder “where next?”. Conscription? He says we’re to look forward to a more angry world, but we were somewhat angry in the middle 2000s. He was probably there or thereabouts. But how in charge are this mob? I do wonder.

        My personal view at this point is that WW3 is a psy-op for something else slightly lass ghastly, but that the public would not otherwise accept without a monstrous threat.

        I’m looking forward to the story/book 🙂


    • I had that with a gooseberry, some years ago. Little buggers ate all the leaves but didn’t touch the fruit. I was told the same – clear away all debris from around the base and burn it.

      More recently it happened to a blackcurrant bush. Same thing – all the leaves gone, the fruit not touched. Only that time it was an escaped sheep.

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    • Could be the Goosberry Sawfly. They come and go, erratically over the years, with us.

      By the time I sopt the damage, it’s usually too late to save the bush for the year. But I find that normal flyspray ( = nerve gas!) works inside a few minutes if you can catch the laying females with their pants down.

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      • Funnily enough this Moth has also attacked my neighbour’s Quince Tree, also for the first time in many a long year.

        It must be the year of The Quince Moth. And everything has a right to live, even if only briefly.

        My very little tree is now growing new leaves. which are fine. So probably a Winter or Spring problem.

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        • There can be no use for predators of any sort that attack The Crops of Mankind. A classic example is pigeons.
          As to undesirable insects, fly-spray, or pesticides, all purchasable legally even now, do the job fairly quickly and effectively.

          Quince moths stop you having quinces.

          An insect has no conception of being “alive” in the sense that we understand that state. It is a small self-generating robot, running a programme called “insect.exe”. You could probably write it and run it in about 8Kb of ROM.

          You probably will receive my comment very badly. But that’s the way it is.

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  3. When the EUSSR introduced their ban on seed sharing I realised that was the first step towards weaponising food. That was years ago, since then I have obtained some real heritage vegetable seeds and have researched foraging. That alone won’t get me far, a pet chicken or two might help, until avian pox flu sudden death syndrome comes along. Guinea pigs, lovely meat, breed like Guinea pigs. Where can we hide our vegetable patches, and our chickens and furry pets? The grub police will be onto us like ferrets up a drainpipe. Now there’s an idea, how many ferrets can you cram into a drainpipe? At least the grub police will happily exchange your wholesome veg and meat for… grubs.

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