Honky Dory

Hey everyone, CstM here. I hope you’re all doing amazing. I’m just back in for a quick update on Honky. He’s still sticking around, and from one of the comments in the last post it turns out he may be a fantail pigeon. They originate from India, so I have no idea how he ended up in nowhere Scotland. I tried Googling it but I couldn’t find a lot about him. (Yes, I’ve assumed his gender.)

He has however figured out that sunflower seed hearts are way tastier than the regular seed mix. So now that’s all he’s eating. I’m sure Gloom Dog told him about how to hold out for the good stuff. Even Leggy talked about maybe building him a little house and a table for his seeds, so he’s not eating on the ground.

I’ve started cross stitching on some Christmas gifts for the family. We’ll be going back to the motherland in October, for a big family birthday party. I figured since we’ll be travelling anyways, I could bring over some Christmas gifts. After Brexit it’s become a bit of a pain to send things over by post.

Workouts have been going well. I’m starting to see a big improvement in my ability to pick up the steps and getting the arms to work along with the feet. Although there are still some I haven’t wrapped my brain around yet. I guess there’s always room for improvement. My biggest success was doing 1000 steps in 7 minutes. Sweet baby Jesus, that was brutal. I thought I was running a bit behind on my daily steps, so I figured 1000 steps in 7 minutes, how hard can it be? I quickly regretted my life decisions and had sore calfs for days after. I might, maybe come back to it in a months time, to see of there’s any improvement. If I’m dumb enough to think “this’ll be great!” Twice.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. Side note, am I the only one who thinks moorhens look creepy as hell? Especially the red eyes.

Edit to add Gloom Dog

22 thoughts on “Honky Dory

    • I’ve edited the post to add some pictures of Gloom Dog. Hope you like them. We did a photo shoot in the garden, since most pictures I have of her, is of her sleeping.

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  1. “I had sore calfs for days after.”
    That’s a good sign. If it doesn’t hurt afterwards, you haven’t achieved anything.

    The trouble is: – the fitter you get, the more work you have to do to get to the point where it hurts.

    Beware – don’t get hooked on the pain endorphins! Exercise junkies are a sad sight.


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    • I’ve seen tiktoks of people who will achieve some exercise just to make it harder. I’m still at the point of wondering, why?
      I’m still very much a newbie.

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    • I think you’re right – he’s an ex pet. I wonder what the common-or-garden pigeons make of him. I once saw a white rabbit in a field, with a dirty pink ribbon tied round his neck, and seriously feared for his street cred among the natives.

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  2. Please quietly make sure that Leggy knows that the last email of book is indeed the “final”! He might not believe me. Also, that I’m sending him a couple of files about “copyrights” of images.

    He’s probably still a bit pre-occupied as wil be understandable.

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  3. I have a wife who comes from Croydon (via Buenos Aires, until she was 2 anyway). No idea how she ended up here either 🙂

    But I have got to salute the effort you’re putting into Honky’s diet. I doubt the thick-sliced loaves of Hovis do my local birds (or squirrels… as of recently) much good. I keep the rye bread just for me.

    Amazing pics. I think gloom dog may feel threatened 😉

    How do you feel about 10k steps in 80 minutes? You’re most of the way there!

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