Behold, I see my father and mother

Hi everyone, CstM here. I hope you’re all doing amazing and living your best lives.

Sadly I’m here with bad news. Cade Fon Apollyon has passed away. Cade was an author in the anthologies, blog writer often seen on Lol, commenter here and cofounder of the Gloom Dog Book Club. He was also a dear friend and an amazing, funny and understanding man.

He passed away in his sleep, of a suspected heart attack, in the early hours after the 4th of July.

I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that he’s gone. I just chatted with him not that long ago.

Cade had a great ability of seeing people and situations from different perspectives. You’d quite often leave a conversation with him with new wisdom or perspective on life/people. He had a patience and understanding, most of us go all life trying to reach.

Cade was the type of friend you could talk about everything with. I don’t know how many nights we spent chatting away about cooking. He even showed videos of him making his famous tomato soup. Several beers died on the sidelines, during the creation of the soup. But it was fun and the soup looked so delicious.

But mostly we just talked about all kinds of random shit. You know that one friend you can just randomly text “Is Mexican cheese made in Mexico? And are all other cheeses just sparkling cheese?” And it turns into a whole conversation about all the weird shit you’ve wanted to talk about, but you didn’t, because you didn’t want to get judged for being weird. Cade was that friend. Nothing was ever too strange and he’d never judge you. He’d find it hilarious, and then give you a serious answer.

This is a picture I’d saved to send to him, knowing he’d find it hilarious and interesting. Plus I’m positive he’d crack some joke about that being the way he attracts the ladies.

Cross stitch was also a big topic. He was the friend I’d go to for input on colour choices. He would always take his time to give you a well thought out opinion. He was always interested and happy to help. And he never got tired of me chatting on about cross stitch, which is a rare gift. He really should have received a medal or something for that. But not only would he listen, he’d actively engage in the topic and compliment my pieces. He was like this with everyone. He was so proud of his children’s creativity and accomplishments.

Cade will be missed tremendously by so many people.

My thoughts go out to his family. I can’t even imagine the pain they must be going through.

Farewell my friend, may we meet once again in Valhalla.

5 thoughts on “Behold, I see my father and mother

  1. In a world of many dreary people, ‘beige’ people as Billy Connelly would say, he seems to have been an interesting,colourful person. The world needs more, not fewer.

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  2. Condolences. Death is always unexpected. But unfortunately in some cases un postpone able. He’ll live on in his stories.

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