Bluff or not?

So Nancy Pelosi is now visiting Taiwan. There are many cynical (and possibly true) tales about why she’s visiting, but those are not my concern.

As soon as she announced her intention to visit, the Chinese government puffed up its feathers and told her there’d be repercussions if she did. Then they ramped up their military on the coast facing Taiwan and threatened military action if Pelosi landed in Taiwan. Specifically, they said that if her plane had a fighter escort, they’d shoot it down.

Some have said she should have cancelled the trip. If she had, the American government would have been seen to be caving in to the demands of the Chinese government. If China can control which American politician is allowed to go where, then the last tenuous shreds of credibility will be torn away from Congress and America will be seen as cowardly.

So, as soon as China issued those threats, the visit had to go ahead. The American government was left with no option. Go ahead, or be seen as cowards in the face of China. There was no way out.

On the other hand, China now faces being seen as a paper tiger if they don’t respond to this visit as they threatened to. China, also, does not want to lose face and does not want to be seen to be backing down to America. Yet if they do retaliate, they risk world war three. Heck, they guarantee it. America does not have the ground forces to attack China so any war is defintely going to get very close indeed to nuclear.

All it will take then is one rogue state (Iran? North Korea?) firing off one small nuke and we won’t have to worry about global warming, caramel lattes or pronouns any more. We’ll all be hunting for the last shreds of food and water that doesn’t glow in the dark. If it reaches the point where either side is considering the Big Red Button, any nuke going off anywhere is going to trigger an automatic response. Neither side will have time to say ‘Hey wait, maybe it wasn’t them’ because once one nuke goes off, they have to assume that more are arriving within minutes.

Basically, China’s threats gave the US government no option but to go ahead with Pelosi’s visit, since otherwise they’d be seen as China’s pets. Now China has to decide whether it’s going to go through with those threats or be seen as simply sabre-rattling.

It’s a very dangerous situation, and all over an old woman visiting an island. China could have shrugged and dismissed it as American showing-off. Instead they’re gearing up for a massive war.

So, we have Europe threatening Russia, resulting in Russia turning off Europe’s gas supply and selling it to China instead. China has a reliable power supply and an enormous military, and now they feel provoked (although really the situation is mostly their own fault).

Interesting times ahead. I just hope the UK government recognises that we are far too small a country to get involved in something this big, although common sense is not a feature of most of our politicians at the moment.

If I lived in a major city, I’d be making plans to get out. Quick.

25 thoughts on “Bluff or not?

  1. Oh God, I thought we’d done that with Russia so I put it all to bed in my head. Do I have to get geared up again?

    I even got a teensy bit excited about it at the time when I realised that the middle of Rural Brittany was one of the safest places to be and that I could almost certainly cope, what with my ever present Nuclear Store Cupboard and all of these Millions of Trees. I did buy a few more candles and a very big bag of salt, along with a stash of batteries, which are now all getting in the way.

    As for Nancy Pelosi. Coupled with Biden, what could possibly go wrong?

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    • Rural Brittany, although Rural Scotland might be easier. Somewhere near a forest would be good. And a river would help. Suspect water is better than no water at all.
      My neighbour has several sealed rainwater tanks.

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    • I’d rather stay in the target zone and be vaporised instantly – trying to survive after a nuclear exchange could lead to a long slow painful death from radiation sickness.
      But I’d like to know beforehand that our evil and corrupt politicians were going to perish too.

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  2. The Americans did have a viable response though. They could have siad that if China are going to be dicks about it and risk all out war, we’ll not visit Taiwan yet, until the Chinese have grown up and are mature enough to deal with other grown ups on the international stage
    All this not wanting to be seen to be weak, is so much schoolyard stuff. Politicians don’t seem to realise that the high ground is actually an option. Most of them seem to be hell-bent on inviting this nuclear war rather than taking a more sensible appraoch

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  3. Americans either don’t realise or are not concerned at what an insult to China this was. In that sense the Americans provoked this situation. One thought – the Chinese did NOT threaten retaliation straight away, and the impliance of it being military is down more or less to the media doing their usual word twisting. I feel that there will be retaliation though not necessarily in military form. One option for the Chinese may be to send their envoys into South America – Venezuela or Mexico (Venezuela, among other SA countries wants to join BRICS). That would have the effect of sending the USA into fits of apoplexy.

    Russia took the same ‘do the same to you’ approach in the 60’s with the Cuban missile crisis. That being in reply to the USA putting nukes in Turkey. The Americans went ape shit. Their attitude has always been ‘its okay when we do it’. Taiwan is Ukraine 2.0 except that now, Putin has a bigger gun.

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    • The US just voted to support Finland joining NATO. So if China then supports SA countries joining BRICS, the US doesn’t have a leg to stand on. As you say, they’ll make a lot of noise anyway.

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  4. The other day I was out at lunch kicking a ball around with a couple of colleagues, and I found myself immensely immersed in the simplicity of it all. I saw exactly why ignorance is bliss, for the first time in my life. Ignorance is beautiful. I’d like some more of it.

    China don’t fight much beyond the perimeters of their own territory, but there’s no doubt they’re being wound up. Pity for those who’d like that, as the Chinese have their fingers in so many pies these days that arguing with them should have been done 30 years ago. And even then, they’d have probably found a way to stave off defeat. I can think of many idiots, and Chinese intellectuals are not amongst them. Plenty of Western talking heads are though.

    The warmongers, versus those who made an art out of warfare tactics… Only gonna be one loser – us – the folks who prop up the false economy. The question is, do they have the balls? I watched “Threads” the other week. Some say it’s a nuclear disarmament piece. I’d like to ask them exactly why they think their 1940s nuclear survival books are relevant today. A few kilos of fission in Japan in 1945 versus many megatons of it in 2023.

    Still, a nuclear winter – assuming they exist and are not a scientific fallacy – will cool us down and hopefully calm down the tabloids re hosepipe bans like it’s 1996 again.

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    • “I saw exactly why ignorance is bliss, for the first time in my life. Ignorance is beautiful. I’d like some more of it.”

      Unfortunately, “ignorance is NOT bliss” (or only rarely, or temporary hollow “bliss” at best) because ignorance of reality (truth) is intrinsically non-adaptive in an environment of ruling psychopathic predators (i.e., the controlling powers-that-should-not-be). It lowers a person’s chances of survival. Ignorance is disempowerment. Truth is empowerment….. check out “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” …

      “If ‘ignorance is bliss’ –there should be more happy people.” — Unknown

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  5. It’s all Theatre. The Democrats will always favour the Chinese because they are bought and paid for by the CCP. They may all pose and posture. But the Bidens are a Chinese asset IMHO.


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  6. Don’t be too worried about China, it’s all distraction to divert attention from their massive internal banking and debt crisis several times bigger than 2008 and a social / demographic catastrophe of four decades making. It’s the supply chain disruptions that should be keeping you up nights.


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