Quick update

I spent the last weekend (Thursday to Monday) at my future son-in-law’s stag do. It was in Newcastle, and I have many photos and videos on my phone. Some of those should really never see the light of day (certainly not the ones with me in them, I seem to have put on rather more weight than I thought during lockdown).

I’ll sort through the photos and write an account of the escapade. There was much weirdness. I don’t think I can add video here, but I can link to some on Twitter. Here’s a sample.

I have also invested in a proper Scottish kilt outfit. It’s not the absolute real deal, that would bankrupt me, but it’s pretty damn expensive. But it’s my only daughter’s wedding so it’s worth the outlay. Also, hired gear comes with a fake plastic sgian dubh and I’m not having that. I am assured that a real one is legal as long as you’re in the traditional dress. It certainly wouldn’t be otherwise. There will be photos later, of course.

For my son’s wedding we all had to be in the same tartan, so we rented the gear to be sure it would match. This time, the groom’s family and friends mostly already have kilts so there is no restriction. Well… I’m not allowed the camouflage one, it has to be a proper tartan so I went with the ‘Pride of Scotland’ that doesn’t seem to be associated with a clan.

So I am now sobered up, as far as possible, and back to work. The anthology beckons and I have several books in the queue still. There are also a few models I made during lockdown that I have yet to post. It’s been a while since I did a model post…

Sleep? Bah. Who needs it?

9 thoughts on “Quick update

    • With the hired ones, you have to. They don’t want it back with someone’s arseprint inside.
      This time it’s mine, and machine washable, so it’ll depend on what the weather is like at the end of October 😉

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