The Green King

My account of the merriment in Newcastle will have to wait, in view of today’s news that Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth I in Scotland, and possibly northern Ireland too) has passed away.

She was Queen before I was born and it seemed she was going to be there forever. I wouldn’t call myself a fervent Royalist but I did like and respect our Queen. She stayed politically neutral apart from an occasional gaffe – but come on, if you do a job for 70 years, an occasional gaffe is bound to happen.

The most recent was when she pushed the experimental jabs, calling those of us who refused them ‘selfish’. That took a lot of points off my respect level, for sure. Still, she can’t know everything, she isn’t likely to be familiar with the problems inherent in the (frankly fraudulent) PCR testing that was used, nor in the finer points of microbiology relating to disease transmission. That’s my job.

There have been many smug cretins out today, rejoicing in the death of a 96 year old woman who has done the same job for 70 years and who has done none of them any harm. There have been those claiming she was responsible for things her government did – but she had no power or authority to stop them. The UK monarchy have little to no influence over governmental affairs. She might well have been disapproving, or even outraged, by some of the things the UK government have done over her time on the throne but there was nothing she could have done to stop it.

This is not like the smug cretins rejoicing when Margaret Thatcher died. Thatcher was, indeed, responsible for what her government did but she was replaced by Monochrome Man who was much worse, and by the time she died she had been out of office for decades. There are smug cretins blaming her for things even now, who weren’t even born when she left office.

There was an American smug cretin delighting in the demise of our Queen, claiming she was the head of an empire – but the British Empire was gone long before she became Queen. History is no longer a subject that is taught, it seems.

If it were, those now delighting in the death of Queen Elizabeth the Second might well find themselves wishing she were still around in a year or so. We are entering the time of the Green King, Charles III, and I stand by my prediction that he will have the same effect on the country as Charles I. He is definitely not going to be politically neutral. He is, as Spike Milligan correctly discerned, a grovelling little bastard, in thrall to Darth Schwab and the evil empire he represents.

He won’t beat his mother’s 70 years as Regent, unless he lives to 144, which would just be gross. Still, his father lived to 99, his mother to 96, so he might well have 30 years to push his idiotic Green agenda and ‘great reset’ nonsense and he will. This King is not going to stick to the politically-neutral Royal stance with an occaisional gaffe. It’s going to be a reign of one long gaffe.

If he’s lucky, he won’t end like his predecessor.

22 thoughts on “The Green King

  1. Give the man a chance. I think you will find that the “Establishment” will have ways of ignoring/diverting/burying any really stupid ideas he may have if they do not like them.Never forget, he may now be Head of State but he has no more power than a Parish Councillor as far as governing the country is concerned.

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    • The trouble is, the ‘Establishment’ is currently full of idiots with much the same ideas. He won’t really have to push them at all. But if it goes tits up (inevitably) he’ll be a handy one to blame it on.

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  2. Ironic for someone so green to have such a ruddy complexion. It does not look good for longevity.
    It is probably just as well his little chats with our new PM are private.
    Maybe he can explain to Truss what United Kingdom means.
    As well as that “devastated” is the emotion you feel when Waitrose runs out of kumquats or organic avocados. Loss of a much loved head of state requires a less Karenish expression.

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  3. I agree with everything you have written here. My dad always told me that one of his teachers once said that Charles the first and second were unlucky and King Charles III will be as well.

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  4. The Empire was in steep decline when she became queen, but she oversaw the transitions to the Commonwealth with grace and majesty, which is why so many countries still have such respect and love for her.

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  5. I dunno, reality will kick in. What he could get away with as Prince of Wales won’t be the same as king. If he tries getting political, he will trigger a constitutional crisis. The PM of the day will be pretty swift in putting him back in his box if he does try it on. Someone even wrote a play about it. Maybe they were being prescient?

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  6. I rather think that the establishment and couriers will constrain him into political neutrality and will essentially force him to toe the line. Certainly the National Institute for Clinical Excellence will need much, much more than just the uninformed say-so of an ever-so-slightly-dotty pensioner to reverse their position on homeopathy being a useless placebo at best.

    A useful contribution he could make is to strongly promote the building of new houses that are actually nice places to see and to live in, besides being eco-friendly and well insulated.

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    • I hope they can keep him in check. He used to be kniown for his dislike of modern crappy architecture, so that’s one area he could really do some good.

      But he’ll have to shed his WEF buddies or he’s going to face a new Cromwell.

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      • He didn’t put Poundbury anywhere near Wigan or Bradford or Blackburn or Huyton or Brum, did he.

        I don’t mind the “Poundbury Concept” as the architecture almost nearly resembles the sorts of things you might call “houses” that normal-people might want to live in for more than just a couple of days when “in extremis”…

        I’m guessing that because Dorset is “so nice” (we even looked for a house there in 2000 when fleeing from the coming hellhole of London, and thought it was nice and pretty and with a good climate but overpriced for what you could get) he thought he’d sell the properties faster for better money. Fair play to him.

        But he didn’t put it up here, did he.

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  7. I was quite surprised when he took the regnal name of Charles as some years ago he remarked that he’d probably use another name rather than tempt fate, as it were…
    I think that someone’s had a word in his ear as he seems to be taking pains to emphasise that he’ll follow in the style of his mother’s footsteps. Problem is that even if he doesn’t pontificate publicly about climate change, everyone knows his views and won’t want to “upset the Palace” by reining in the race towards net zero.

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