Some people object to the very idea of a monarchy, and that’s okay. I object to the idea of boy/girl/thing bands where there’s music in the background but none of them play so much as a kazoo. The actual musicians are never seen. We used to have barber shop quartets but they didn’t have backing tracks. Peter Gabriel did a modern (to me at least) version of that, at the start of this song.

Okay, I digress, but it’s a good song, and I still have that album on vinyl.

The point, I suppose, is that not everyone is happy with everything. Many people like those boy/girl/thing bands with nary a banjo, tea chest bass nor a washboard to be seen, as evidenced by how well they sell. Some people absolutely love the monarchy, others, like me, see it as just something that’s there, and still others want it gone completely.

My feeling is that if it’s gone, what replaces it? A president? Presidents have power. The UK monarchy doesn’t. King Charles III cannot make laws or raise taxes or dictate anything at all. He has no power to make executive orders. He’s a harmless head of state. Oh I have no doubt he’ll try to influence Government but they don’t have to pay attention to him. If they do, it’s their fault, not his.

And no, the monarchy doesn’t cost us. The Crown estates make more money than they retain, a lot of it goes into the general tax pot the Government love to waste. You want to know where your taxes are being pissed up the wall? Don’t look at the Royals, look at the government. Get rid of the monarchy and your taxes won’t go down a single penny. They might even go up.

The Monarch, to me, is just an interesting someone-who’s-there. A tourist attraction. Something to stamp on the money. They have no control over government, just a bunch of faux-superiors who ponce about looking grand. They really have no power over any of us at all.

I did like Mrs. Queen. I reserve judgement on King Jug-ears for now. If he turns out like his father he’ll be entertaining, but if he keeps up his mad Green crap he’ll be another George III. Could even end up as another Charles I. Let’s see how he pans out.

There have been interesting things on the travels of the Corpse Queen. I’m sure she would have disapproved of all the nonsense. ‘I’m dead, just bury me FFS’.

There were snipers on rooftops in Edinburgh in case anyone tried an assassination. Um… bit late guys. Or maybe they worried she would rise as Queen of the Zombies.

The really stupid stuff though came through the police. As usual.

They arrested a man with eggs in a bag in Aberdeen because he was close to the Corpse Queen’s box. He hadn’t thrown any. He didn’t have one in his hand ready to throw. He had eggs in a bag. Was he going to egg the Final Royal Box or was he just on the way home from his Local Shop with an omelette in mind? We don’t know but he now has ‘Breach of the Peace’ on his police record without actually doing anything.

In Edinburgh, a man was arrested after shouting out something like ‘Andy is a nonce’ which to be fair, is not technically inaccurate. Andy was filmed at his mother’s death, comforting his own daughter by fondling her buttock.

Now, I would say that ‘time and place’ applies but clearly Andy the Hand didn’t think so. He wasn’t arrested for his daughter-fondling but the man who called him out was. Again, ‘breach of the peace’. Which covers just about anything.

There were more anti-monarchy protestors arrested. None were violent or dangerous.

Let’s put it in perspective. This was the funeral procession of a 96 year old woman who had been working for 70 years, in the public eye the entire time, followed by her sons and daughter. Is this really the time to attack that family? Okay, at least one son deserved it but did it have to be today? Can’t you take a day off?

I did find the anti-monarchy demonstrations distasteful on this occasion, but the police respionse was certainly disproportionate. Arresting people for holding up a sign, shouting a few words or carrying a bag of eggs is not ‘breach of the peace’. It is dangerously close to totalitarianism. Sure, I feel that those shouting abuse at any funeral are disgusting but I do not want them arrested. Moved on, maybe, but giving people criminal records for their opinions, no matter how awful you or I might think they are, is never going to end well for anyone.

The Thought Police are not far away now.-

34 thoughts on “Overkill

  1. “what replaces it?”

    Why does anything need to replace it? The monarchy currently does nothing, so the Government does everything. Surely the Government can keep doing everything, just as it does now, without a monarchy.

    Now the Government. What can we replace that with? A tin of herring?

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    • It seems that every country needs a head of state. Somebody to be the figurehead. If we didn’t have the monarchy we would definitely need to replace it with something.

      If we replaced it with an elected president we’d end up with a politician as our head of state: President Blair, Cameron, May or Johnson. Or maybe we’d follow America’s lead and have President Alan Sugar. Or we could have a lottery: repurpose Ernie to pick a random National Insurance number and that person becomes king or queen. But how id that different from the current “accident of birth” method of choosing a monarch?

      In this case, I think the current system works well enough and better than most alternatives. Leave well alone and be careful what you wish for.

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    • In regard to shouting at Andy.. at first I thought: “What a ghastly rude fellow – I hope someone takes him down and decks him in front of everybody! And at someone’s funeral too…”

      Then I thought: “Why’s he been arrested and what for?”

      I expect it’s a “Police Scotland” thing really. And coming near us all soon.

      Next, I have a long wait. This is for the publication of the names of all Epstein’s other “guests” who availed themselves of that trashy _woman of 17_ , who I call “The Non-Minor”. The one which looked orgasmically pleased in “that photo”. I say to you all that she was already counting the money she’d demand in 20 years’ time.

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      • To be honest, if she didn’t try to extort the extortioners, we’d probably be none the wiser.

        I don’t know, maybe the ‘little black book’ will drop. A great deal of effort is being expended to make the general populace believe we’re in the time of ‘Revelation’. Well, revelation just means to reveal; people should be careful what they wish for.


  2. To be honest working until you’re just a few days off dying is worthy of grudging respect. Working for longer than quite a lot of peoples’ actual lifespans; again, worthy of respect. I doubt that I will live much beyond 80; I certainly won’t work until near to my death on purpose (although that might well happen accidentally).

    As far as any protesting goes, save that for when the person you’re protesting against can actually argue with you. Protesting at a funeral is pointless and in extremely poor taste and the one thing to remember about any protest is this: the whole idea is to influence other people, which you will not do by acting like a complete plonker.

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  3. “He’s a harmless head of state. Oh I have no doubt he’ll try to influence Government but they don’t have to pay attention to him.”

    Err… no. He’s a Schwabbie like Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak (so much for choice given to the selectorate), Tiny Blur, Bordon Grown, etc. If he parrots WEF talking points like the government (Build Back Bitter), it will appear as if they’re listening to him.

    A thought: if someone’s provable malfeasance subtracts a significant portion of your life expectancy, should the equivalent time be subtracted from theirs? If the subtraction (particularly if there are multiple victims) makes the result a negative number, should the deficit be borrowed from verified offspring? It’s one way of reducing the overall population – particularly of the correct people. The idea came to me 15 years ago stuck in a traffic jam created when a local council fiddled with traffic lights to make the case for funding a bypass (which didn’t happen as intended).

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  4. “Andy was filmed at his mother’s death, comforting his own daughter by fondling her buttock” – this is rubbish! Fondling? Watch the video for goodness sakes. I agree about the Monarch being our best protection against a President. We need to avoid that at all costs. About the ‘thought police,’ it won’t last, it’s not coming. The opposite are those who introduce false ideas that Andy ‘fondled’ his daughter. Or that there are womxn. Or that men can have uteruses. But the pendulum will swing. Already ‘hate crimes’ have been dropped from policing. And the last point, at least “a breach of the peace” is clearly true, and no one was executed for it! Manners maketh a man!

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  5. I understand that Liverpool supporters shouted out anti-monarchy and “Good riddance Liz” type insults recently. I wonder how the citizens of the City of Perpetual Victimhood would respond to “Hillsbrough was a Darwin Award event” or something similar, at their next match?
    If you can’t take it, you twats, don’t even begin to shout it out.

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    • When Scouse rabid angry frustrated folks shout “Hillsborough!” or “Burn All Copies of The Sun!”… I rely “Heysel”.
      They’s conveniently forgotten that incident, haven’t they. Most of them just look blank… confused.

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  6. “Presidents have power. The UK monarchy doesn’t. King Charles III cannot make laws or raise taxes or dictate anything at all.”

    Partly true. The monarch does have political power, in the sense that he/she signs bills into law. The monarch can refuse in which case the government can’t bring their new law into force. So its not so much about the monarch having influence on the government (although he/she does indirectly – you thought the royals aren’t corrupt and MPs don’t get bungs?) but the other way around. Don’t forget that Liz signed the UK up to several EU treaties. Another point in favour of having a president is that if he’s useless he can be got rid of at the next election. We have Charlie and his green lunacy until he curls his toes up.

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      • I really can’t understand why Charles can’t see his own hypocrisy (eg watched a documentary recently about royal chefs in which it was divulged that Charles has his own fruit and veggies flown to him from his gardens to wherever he is). I can only think that he doesn’t join the dots or that he sits in a huge room with only the desk lamp on and he thinks he’s doing his bit and offsetting. I suppose you can’t expect too much from a man who expects perfectly boiled eggs awaiting him on return from a shoot such that dozens of eggs end up getting thrown away.
        How different he is from his mother with her reputation for frugality and lack of fussiness.

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