‘Boys will be girls and girls will be boys, it’s mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola’. Might not have that exactly right, I have the song on a cassette tape that wasn’t invented when I was born but which has now passed into the mists of time along with VHS, Betamax, CDs (which were featured on a TV show called ‘Tomorrow’s World’ when I was merely a minor anomaly in the world) and laser discs, 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy discs, and more.

But first things first. The deadline for Underdog Anthology 18 is extended to 4th October because this year is an expensive mess and lots of things are in the way. Future son in law’s stag weekend, CStM’s father’s birthday (end of September), daughter and his wedding (end of October, since he survived the stag weekend) and many things wrong with the car and it looks like it’s beans on toast for Christmas dinner.

Also, I am currently undergoing blood tests galore, I can only assume they are drinking the stuff the amount they’ve taken so far. Can’t blame them, it’s probably at least 40% whisky anyway.

Well I should have known. I was nagged into getting tested for IBS or wheat allergy, mostly by daughter, so I went to the doctor. They haven’t seen me for so long they tested everything, in the hope of finding something wrong with me. All they found was that I seem to have too much iron in me.

Okay, so I have to avoid magnets. Ah no, it’s not so simple. That finding leads to more tests which, if positive, lead to more tests, and if those are positive I’m Dracula’s snack bar for the years to come. There’s no other way to get the excess iron out and if I don’t, I risk all kinds of horrible effects. Well, it just means those mediaeval doctors were right about leeches, I suppose. At least it doesn’t involve any pills.

I could have pet leeches. I could name them after politicians. I’d need quite a large collection.

Anyway, I digress. As usual.

There is a current fad to turn boys into girls and girls into boys. Whether they like it or not. Why? Well, money of course, and lots of it. None of the ‘doctors’ involved give a shit about the future suffering of those kids wrongly transitioned, and neither do the vocal and somewhat ridiculous caricatures calling themselves ‘activists’. They are not activists pursuing a noble cause. They are idiots, useful to those who profit from this debacle.They will never accept nor understand this because they are idiots. That’s why they are used.

It does, of course, massively assist the current depopulation agenda (you can scoff and claim ‘tinfoil’ if you like, but don’t come crying to me when they cut your grandchildren’s bits off) because every transitioned child is rendered eternally sterile. If you want to be a grandparent and you go along with this, you won’t be. Your bloodline has ended. Your family has died and it’s entirely your fault.

Right. Real biology.

I know there are those who state ‘it’s all genetics’ and it mostly is, but not entirely. If you are XY you are male, XX you are female, but biology is not an exact science. Rarely, but once in a while, it throws up XXY, or XYY, or other combinations where you end up being mostly one thing but not entirely. There are really hermaphrodite people and there are really people who grow up in one sex but really, genuinely, feel they are the opposite sex. They are real people. They are rare.

In between, there exists every level of variation between the two ends of that spectrum. There are women who don’t like to wear skirts and are happier wearing trousers, but they still consider themselves women. There are men who feel more comfortable in a dress than a suit but they still consider themselves men. Heck, I’m fully hetero male and I live in Scotland so I own a kilt and woe betide any who poke fun of that. My sgian dubh is not a plastic dummy.

All of these are variations on humanity. We’re all different. If you’re a woman in a suit and bow tie or a man in a dress, there’s really no issue. Unless you use that as an excuse to demand entry to the opposite sex’s spaces, or you do as a woodwork teacher in America has done and wear a pair of prosthetic tits the size of a mastodon’s saddlebags complete with plastic nipples that could take a student’s eye out… come on. There is a clear line between harmless cross dressing and becoming an absolute caricature that even Eurotrash would raise their eyebrows at.

Clothing is irrelevant, really. Every Roman wore a toga, every Roman soldier had an armoured skirt. Were they girlie men? Well they managed to take over much of the known world at the time. So you think guys in skirts are weak? Come invade my daughter’s wedding, where we will mostly be in kilts, and see if you get out alive.

My future son in law had to undergo ritual humiliation on his stag do. Here he is, in front of an inflatable velcro dartboard…

Yes, we made him wear a dress. It’s all over farcebok anyway so no need to cut out faces. He shrugged it off, he’s north Scottish so it’d be like a kilt but far lighter.

At no time did he attempt to get into women’s bathrooms or changing rooms. No matter how he was dressed – and it did get worse than this – he remained, inside, hetero male. That’s who he is. He’s crap at woodwork though. We’ll have to teach him.

Okay. I know there are those whose gender is indeterminate and I know there are a a few-very few-who genuinely believe they should be the opposite sex. There are many who like ‘cross dressing’ and let’s be fair, trousers are a relatively recent invention. We were all in robes or loincloths before. It’s really no big deal.

But now it is being forced on children. Small children. For money.

Children who cannot possibly comprehend how it will utterly destroy their lives and on parents who will never be grandparents because they have agreed to the mutilation of their children. A mutilation that can never be reversed.

I admit, part of me thinks ‘Well, that’s Darwinism’ but it’s not really. It’s not about adapting to changes in envronment. It’s about making money for modern day Dr. Moreaus. They don’t give a shit about the consequences, they’ll just bank the cash and vanish. Leaving behind the crippled drones. Are we not Men?

The same ‘medical services’ who profited from killing people they pretended had covid are now going to profit even harder from telling you your son is a daughter, and scheduling surgery to prove it.

Object, and you will be declared insane and your children will be taken away and surgically destroyed by the… sane.

It is fast reaching the time when we won’t want to be among the ‘sane’.

20 thoughts on “Transformers

  1. The best comment I’ve read about the transgender issue goes something like:
    If a man thinks he’s Napoleon we humour him and call him Your Excellency. We don’t put him in charge of the French army and invite him to invade Russia.

    As for “doctors” transitioning kids: we should bring back hanging, drawing and quartering. Or is that too good for them?

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    • I think the worst part is that they are doing it for money. Not for some ideology they beleive in, just for the cash. They have absolutely no interest in their patients other than how much they can make from them.

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  2. “All they found was that I seem to have too much iron in me. Okay, so I have to avoid magnets.”

    Alternatively, magnetise yourself, and there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll avoid you.

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  3. Children are impressionable, suggest to little Johnny that he’s special because he’s really a girl and he will gladly comply. Don’t forget that your child’s teachers, if I can call them that, spend more time with them than you do.

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  4. One other thing that is going on is that a small proportion of the population have acquired one of the many combinations of genes that slightly alters brain development. It seems that brain development is a fragile thing; play about with a few genes and the obsessive sociability that characterises most humans is lost to a greater or lesser extent, and the person then develops in a much more ape-like manner. Think, if you will, of any modern soap opera; these fascinate the neurologically normal because they present what looks like a functional social structure that then proceeds to get noisily and irrationally altered repeatedly all the damn time.

    Neurologically normal humans are hard-wired to take notice of changes in social status in any group they are observing or think that they are a part of. Hard-wired in that they simply cannot help thinking that quite meaningless bollocks is important. Take football, for instance; some football teams are better than others, and this ranking varies over time. Football fans overlay this slow change in football team rankings with the obsessive social observation thing, and get very obsessive about what to the neurologically diverse is nothing whatsoever.

    About one in fifty humans isn’t wired up in the normal manner. They develop a lot more like apes do, and to a greater or lesser degree lack the hardwired social instincts; one misconception of psychologists was that autism is an excessively male brain. It isn’t, it is simply that females are more obsessive about observing social ranking changes than are males.

    So, from the outsider female child’s perspective, boys seem to have an easier life than girls do, since there seems to be a lot less of this frankly incomprehensible social ranking obsession. Give an autistic female the choice, and many will quite readily agree that being a boy would be better, and moronic medics then go on to completely misunderstand this response.

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    • Hm. I always thought that ignoring football and caring not a jot what others think of me was the normal state, and all this cheering on kickball millionaires was the actions of lunatics.

      Unfortunately for the girls in the last paragraph, changing their bodies isn’t likely to change how their minds work.

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