The Devil’s Enzyme

I’ve been reading a lot of bollocks about Luciferase. That it’s a marker that glows under UV light and that it’s linked to Satan, all that stuff.

When I was working on my Honours project for my first degree (1980/81), I had the stinky project. I was working on the gut microflora of Eiseinia foetida, a type of earthworm that lives in compost heaps. Well, the career got gradually stinkier and much nastier after that but that’s not the point.

A friend of mine was working with a marine bacterium called Vibrio fischeri. He grew it in flasks on a flask shaker in an incubator room. When he turned the light off, there were all these rotating flasks giving off a green glow. V. fischeri produces bioluminescence in response to oxygen. How brightly it glows depends on how much oxygen there is, and that glow can be used to detect oxygen down to nanomolar concentrations. Of course, at that oxygen level you can’t see the glow, you need a photomultiplier and associated circuitry, but it really does work. I actually made use of that technique during my PhD, but it was a fellow student who developed it into a useful method.

This bacterium, and many other bioluminescent organisms, produce light using a compound called luciferin. It’s activated by an enzyme called luciferase. The enzyme itself does nothing without luciferin present, and luciferin is not activated without luciferase. UV light is irrelevant here. The mechanism produces visible light, it’s not activated by outside light. It is entirely dependent on oxygen concentration.

If you’ve ever been somewhere warm, even UK-summer warm, beside the sea, on a nicely dark night, you might have noticed a glow flickering through the water as it rolls against the shore. It’s usually called ‘phosphorescence’, and it’s the light produced by marine microbes when the water gets a blast of oxygen as it hits the shore. This is the luciferin/luciferase reaction. It’s perfectly natural and probably millions of years old.

Some say Monsanto or Pfizer or some other demonic company have patented luciferase. That’s not possible. It’s a natural material and can’t be patented. However, they might have patented a technique that makes use of it. I’ll come back to that.

Incidentally, I am also seeing claims of ‘luciferase’ on the swabs used for the ramrod-up-the-nose nonsensical tests. ‘Proof’ consists of running UV light over the swab and observing that the stick doesn’t glow but the cotton pad does. Cotton pads fluoresce under UV light. Try it with any cotton buds. It’s the cotton that lights up.

Now I’m not saying those cotton ramrods aren’t contaminated, there have been quite a few examples of what could be shoddy production techniques or could be deliberate, I don’t have enough reliable info to speculate on that. However, when you light them up with UV they will glow even if they are perfectly clean and sterile. Luciferase isn’t there, and if it was, it would be a waste of extracted enzyme because it won’t do anything – and won’t even last long – up your nose.

The ‘Lucifer’ link merely refers to the light produced in the reaction. It’s really not sinister at all. It’s been named that for a very long time and it was just some scientist thinking it was funny to name it that. Most of scientific research is unbelievably tedious so we do grab any chance to spice it up a bit. It really isn’t controlled by, nor in any way linked to, any demonic entity.

So, luciferase is nothing to be scared of. It’s an enzyme that catalyses a reaction with a compound called luciferin in the presence of oxygen and produces a rather pleasant glow. So, what nefarious purposes could it be put to?

Not many, really. Enzymes, especially when injected into a living organism, don’t tend to last very long. They are proteins and proteins entering your body are either regarded as food and dismantled, or regarded as invaders and smacked down by your immune system. Injecting yourself with luciferase is never going to get you that lovely Chernobyl glow. Even if it is active, it won’t be active for very long and with no luciferin to act on, it has nothing to do.

I really can’t see how Billy Gates Gruff’s ‘quantum tattoo’ can make use of it. If you want something invisible until illuminated with UV, this won’t work but there are many stable compounds that would. Still, it has become abundantly clear that Billy Gates Gruff is an idiot and there are many researchers out there who are more than willing to take full advantage of an idiot with a lot of money to spare.

The only possible way I can see it working in a quantum tattoo setting is if the tattoo contains a stable form of luciferin (not easy to do) and then you dab a swab of luciferase on it. Then it would glow on its own, no need for UV, in fact it would work best if your hand was in a dark box. It seems an unnecessarily complex way to go about things anyway. Surely it would be much easier to just use a traditional tattoo technique, or if you want to get all fancy, a stable fluorescent compound that will show up under UV.

I guess they are trying for something that can’t be easily faked by a backstreet tattoo artist but getting hold of V. fischeri is really not that hard (for someone like me anyway, I just need a jar of seawater). Isolation on agar is possibly one of the easiest isolations you can do – just look for colonies that glow in the dark. Extracting luciferin/luciferase would take time but I have the equipment here. Then I just need someone with tattoo skills and the pattern it needs to take. So it can still be faked and some of us would make an absolute fortune out of it 😉

I am getting to the opinion that the whole luciferase thing is a red herring, designed to get the tinfoil hats spinning. Sure, it might be possible to produce such a glowing mark, but really it’s far too much bother and far too unreliable to be much use at all. Luciferin is a protein too, that tattoo won’t last long. Then again, repeat application of medication does seem to be the modern profit model…

Really, I don’t think this whole luciferase thing is going anywhere. It feels like a handy distraction, the name alone gets people all worked up and the glow can be used to boost the creepiness factor. It’s never going to produce a reliably useful branding mark and there’s no need anyway. The chips are already ready to go, and have been in use for quite some time now. People don’t need to be coerced into it, they fight to be first in line.

As for curmudgeons like me, it might eventually be the case that if you don’t have a chip in your hand, you can’t get into shops, or onto public transport, or even start your car. That would be far, far easier to accomplish than some fancy biochemistry embedded in your skin.

They say the Devil’s greatest trick was convincing people he doesn’t exist. This time, I suspect the trick is convincing people that something imaginary exists, to distract them and keep them panicked over fantasy demons.

Meanwhile, the real demons continue unopposed…

22 thoughts on “The Devil’s Enzyme

  1. You really are so very good at this Blogging Lark. Bearing in mind that I first became riveted when I thought that you were just a cleaner for some ghastly company who didn’t know what they were doing without the likes of the hoi poloi like you who actually did the cleaning.

    It has all become so much more interesting since then although I don’t always understand. Lack of basic education on my part I expect. But it is never boring.

    I sometimes chuck in a ridiculous comment so as not to miss what comes from everyone else. You will have to forgive me for those.

    Love to Gloom Dog, although there is nothing gloomy about O’Connor.

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    • I don’t think basic education covers luciferase, that’s a bit of a specialisation and I do try to get the stuff out there without too much jargon.

      Yep, I did indeed spend a few years as a cleaner and learned a hell of a lot about why food poisoning/food borne disease/food spoilage happens. It was low pay but time well spent. One day I might tell what I learned…

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      • Perhaps you weren’t aware of how we perceived you to be, or how we saw you become so much more happy. Anyone like me who was round in those days will know what I mean. Or did you not know that it came shining through?
        A lack of education is never good, but only my personal problem. A lack of words is always dreadful, but I don’t necessarily fail to understand one word in particuliar. I in general do understand what you are talking about even if I can’t understand pi r squared. But then who needs to? What you have to say isn’t actually rocket science.

        I do as I please with consideration, I most sincerely hope.

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  2. I remember having a conversation with a tattoo artist a few years back.
    Apparently there are inks, widely available to use, that you can’t see but do glow under a UV light.
    No need for ‘devil enzymes ‘ to be snuck into the body. I assume they’re stable because other tattoo inks are stable and hang around forever. (Shouldn’t the body reject them as well? Being foreign to the body and all…)
    Interestingly, or not depending on opinion, he mentioned to me that there was a way of tattooing tattoos off. Uses an ink that binds to already present ink, but this new ink is rejected by the body and you effectively bleed the tattoo out over the next few days through the skin. Great for when you’ve met the love of your life and romantically had “Tiffany + Wayne 4eva” in a heart tattooed on your arm to show her how much you care and that you should be together. Only for her to run off with that git Tyrone from the next street over the following week because he’s a YouTube rapper with almost 200 subscribers… Or so I’m told…

    I think the COVID nonsense has shown how easily people will fall in line and how easily they can be manipulated. The government will just come up with some scare story and everyone will just queue up to be tagged. A lot of people aren’t even capable of critical thinking any more. I remember having several conversations along the lines of:

    Me: I’m reluctant to take the “vaccine” because there hasn’t been any long term testing.
    Them: But it has been tested, thoroughly
    Me: not for long term effects over several years
    Them: but this one had many times the funding for testing thrown at it, so they tested it more thoroughly over a few weeks.
    Me: huh?

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  3. Well, I see people yelling about being tracked by little things introduced in the vaccination, but that seems ridiculous to me when everyone, except those living in the stone age, is already tracked.
    Don’t worry about not being able to shop etc. It’s never going to happen in the West. You warned about vaccination certificates shackling everyone, but it did not happen. Covid is over, done and dusted, except for those who were injured by it.

    In the late sixties and onwards, people offered the idea of 666 stamped on our foreheads or wrists. And TB vaccinations (on baby’s feet) giving children ‘the mark’. It was junk.

    We are already tracked in all sorts of ways, legitimately, why bother with expensive impractical things?

    Where is the tracking headquarters?

    Who pays the extra cost for extra tracking?

    With whom is the data shared?

    What ‘facts’ are being tracked?

    Currently, if you don’t have the credit, you can’t buy anything anyway. My husband can do magical things on his phone, from paying to the goods he put through his own phone ’till’, to transferring funds to other people.

    I found your post very interesting. Thank you.

    But all the ideas of tracking coming, are a load of bolony! It’s not coming. It’s been here for years already!

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    • Yes, we all carry a tracking device everywhere and we even pay to keep it working! Years ago, people worried about listening devices in their homes and now they buy them and install them themselves. I’m sure they’ll line up for the implanted chips even after panicking that the jabs are giving them implanted chips (they aren’t, that’s not yet possible and pointless anyway – people will pay to have them implanted).

      China are already using ‘social credit scores’ which is not the same as our purely financial credit ratings. If you do something the government doesn’t like, it doesn’t matter how prompt you are at paying bills or how much money you have – you get cut off from it all. That’s what the WEF is aiming for.

      Looking at the recent elections in Sweden and now Italy, it doesn’t look like they’re going to get it.

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      • What has recently alarmed me is Paypal canceling accounts whose stance they don’t approve of. At one time, you couldn’t buy Nicotine/CBD products via PayPal.That is not governmental, but Corporate “morality”. They deserve to lose customers by the millions!
        Citizen “morality”!

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  4. To be honest, the “Life’s bloody boring, let’s have a laugh” thing applies with computing as well. This is why a lot of the virtual machine servers where I work are named after Goetic Daemons; the guy who started this was a little far-out in his beliefs (handy hint: never use astrology as an explanation for your colleagues) and reckoned that these entities were helping him work. Me, I like a laugh as much as the next person, and feel that the distinctive nonsense-names of the Goetia are as good as anything. Besides, naming a DNS server after a masterful liar is funny, yes?

    You have to take your amusement where you can in this job. Fortunately we have no radical Xtians here. Not yet, anyway. It’s going to be most amusing when one is hired.

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