Old Holborn

I have heard on Twitter that Old Holborn has passed away. I have no details, only that he died peacefully last Sunday morning.

Just the other day, I wondered why he had gone so quiet – especially now that there is so much going on in the world that I would have expected him to rail at in his inimitable, if sweary, style.

So I don’t know if his death was unexpected and sudden or whether he had been ill for a long time. I’ll update this if I hear more.

We won’t be entertained by his rants again. He will be missed.

8 thoughts on “Old Holborn

  1. Thats some sad news, OH was the first blogger i found, before i found you fine bloggers i’d sort of come to the conclusion it must be me orf me head seemingly the only one in my circle who realised the world had gone stark raving bloody mad, a few weeks of blogs soon sorted me bonce out, found mesen in good company too.

    He joins a long list of folk we miss, Capn Ranty and Call me Ishmael to name but a couple.

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  2. I too remember OH from those colourful old days of UK Libertarianism… we drank together at several London meetups.

    Say what you like about him (and sadly, he did seem to go a bit mad during covid) but he stuck to his principles and he had more backbone that the entire Houses of Parliament put together.

    He was great guy. RIP.

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