Which goes first, the chicken or the egg?

Lab grown chicken meat is now reality. Of course, hardly anyone wants it so in order to sell it they first need to… get rid of the real chickens. The same thing is happening with cows and sheep on the ridiculous premise that they cause ‘climate change’. Really it’s to sell the pretend meats hat nobody would otherwise be interested in.

The argument goes that if we get rid of cattle and sheep, we can use that land to grow crops. This ignores an important detail – much of the land used for grazing is incapable of growing much more than grass. Some because it’s just a thin layer of soil on bedrock, some because it’s regularly flooded and some, like one of the fields here, because it’s far too steep to plough.

There are sheep down beside the river here in summer, over winter they are moved to other pastures until the river’s finished making use of its flood plains. Then they’re back again. Put any kind of crops in there and you’ll just get a wet mess when you harvest it.

Get rid of the sheep and cattle and you just end up with unusable fields of long grass. You can’t digest that, its best use is to be converted into meat by animals that can digest it.

But back to the chickens. Lately we are being regaled with tales of bird flu once again, that wonderful excuse for wiping out entire flocks of birds. It only takes one bird testing positive and it’s a death sentence for all of them. But it doesn’t end there – there are claims that bird flu has jumped to mink, so now it’s moved from bird to mammal and it’s one step closer to humans.

Is it deadly? It’s flu. Flu has always killed a lot of people every year except when it took a year off during Covid. For most of us it’s unpleasant but survivable. It’s really not the doomsday plague it’s being hyped up to be.

It’s not the only approach being taken either. I’m hearing more and more reports of hens stopping laying – and it’s now being linked to the feeds sold to the farmers. Switch from the commercial feed to something else (one farmer used goat feed instead) and the hens start laying again.

You’ll never guess who has investments in both the lab grown meats and plant-based artificial egg. Yes, him again.

So eggs are back on the demon list. This time they are claimed to cause blood clots. That’s right, something humans have eaten since the dawn of humanity suddenly causes blood clots.

‘Choline can cause blood clots when consumed in high concentrations’. No doubt it can, but note there is no mention of the concentrations required.

You need choline. It’s important for a lot of things. Choline deficiency has many nasty effects on your body. How much do you need? Roughly the amount you’d get if you ate four chicken eggs. Daily. Fortunately it’s also in other foods so you don’t need to stuff down eggs – although they are also a good source of protein and vitamin D.

Each egg contains roughly 113 mg, giving you 452 mg of choline. Every day, remember, your body can’t make enough of this stuff on its own. So what constitutes an overdose?

The highest level that is unlikely to cause harm is 3,500 mg per day. You’d have to get over that – every day – to get toxic effects. That’s a lot of eggs. In fact it’s nearly impossible to get to that level with food, you’d need to also be overdoing it with supplements.

So the scary article isn’t actually lying. Choline is found in eggs. Eat far too much of it and you might have some health issues. What they don’t mention is that you’d have to hoover out a commercial henhouse every morning for breakfast in order to have those problems.

Eat far too little and you will definitely have serious health issues. Very serious issues.

Rubbish science reporting like this is going to make people terrified of choline. They’ll be trying desperately to exclude it from their diets. And then they’ll get very sick indeed – and then the Pharmers will sell them an expensive treatment. Not a cure, a treatment. Because if you have taken all the choline out of your diet you will need to be on those pills for the rest of your days. You’ll probably never find out that they are choline supplements.

All this is done for money. Forget any notion that any ‘health organisation’ gives the tiniest shit about your health. They just want your money.

Same goes for the fake food producers. Their products have absolutely nothing to do with health. They just want the money too.

Stick to real foods. They’ve kept humanity alive and healthy for millenia. The new crap won’t do that.

25 thoughts on “Which goes first, the chicken or the egg?

  1. I am having two burgers for lunch, then a brisk walk and for supper I asked my butcher to cut a 2 inch thick sirloin steak. I’ll have it with chips. During a week I eat sardines from a tin, tuna salads and fried, scrambled or boiled eggs, 2-3 per day. Love them to bits. I also eat a lot of chicken breasts during the weekends, my favourite is chicken in creamy tarragon mushroom sauce with rice. Love it!

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  2. There is one other point to consider with all of this absurd re-wilding foolery: what happens when you leave land to go fallow for a long time?

    Answer: it follows the known pathway back to whatever the climax vegetation is for that area and climate at the time. For most of Britain, that is oak wildwood although Leggy is more likely to see a mixed woodland with a lot of Caledonian Pine in it.

    What it will not do is remain as nice, neat, short grassland.

    What you’ll actually see is grass growing to huge stands then turning into shrubby brushland, and then over decades trees will grow up and slowly, slowly a proper forest will become established. In the mean time mini-grazers like rodents will take over from the sheep and likely cycle carbon just as fast as they did – and that’s the key thing to remember here: carbon goes in a cycle.

    All we have to do to reverse the increase in carbon in the natural cycle is to stop chucking more fossil carbon into the carbon cycle and let it simply settle down again. Give it a couple of decades and the cycle will store away the excess and we’re back to wherever we ought to be.

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    • It seems the carbon, nitrogen and water cycles are no longer taught. There are many who believe that once CO2 enters the atmosphere, it’s there forever. It’s only there until it hits a blade of grass.

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    • I know a couple of places in the UK that have gone ‘back to nature’ from farmland and they all seem to end up as dense thorn scrub and brambles. Similarly over here in the wilder west of Ireland. Land left fallow tends to revert to bog spotted with black and whitethorn.

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  3. “Stick to real foods. They’ve kept humanity alive and healthy for millenia. The new crap won’t do that.”
    There you go again, revealing parts of the Great Plan to those scruff who are required to sleep on and acquiesce . . .

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    • What an outrageous slur! I warned many people, mainly family and friends, none of whom wanted to hear it, as they had already swallowed the official nonsense. The usual responses were, “I don’t want to hear it, trust the experts, you’re always making trouble, etc., etc.”
      I have no sympathy for them now, whining about their damaged immune systems and ‘catching covid’ again and again. Despite all the evidence I showed her, my daughter (thrice jabbed) was going to have the Grandsons poisoned – it took a lot of effort to convince her otherwise, but thankfully they’ll survive even if she doesn’t.

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  4. I’m nearly seventy years old, somehow or other I will survive on my wits. Sourcing fresh real food might be a problem but not an impossibility. It’s the youngsters who I weep for, too easy to say it’s their own fault as this has been drummed I to their little heads over decades.

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