The ‘Devoid of Choice’ Generation.

It still makes me laugh to see companies with signs saying ‘This company operates a no smoking policy’. No, you don’t. No company operates such a policy because no company has any choice in the matter. Every company, every operator of every workplace and every place open to the public is obliged to prevent smoking on the premises. If they fail to comply they will be fined.

There is no choice. No amount of smug signs saying ‘we are making this rule’ changes that fact. You might as well put up signs saying ‘we obey’ because that is what you are really doing.

Hiding from that fact only emboldens the Health Nazis. They see such compliance as weakness and they know they have not reached any boundary yet. In fact there’s no sign of any such boundary. I suppose, denied the old fashioned persecution of anyone non-white, gay or otherwise different, the bigots out there have to have someone to hate and the Health Nazis have a target for them. Smokers.

They have more targets too. The overweight. Anyone putting salt on their food or swigging a can of chemical fizz. All lined up for when the last smoker has been dealt with.

Still, the war on smokers continues to its final solution

“We want to address this. Our vision is nothing less than to create a smoke-free generation.”

That’s a quote from Steve Brine, whose surname is going to get him into trouble with the Salties in the future. They want a salt-free world, Steve. No more brine.

But look closely at those words –

“…Our vision is nothing less than to create a smoke-free generation.”

Ah, the new Aryan race. Moulded along lines directed by those who consider themselves lords over all. And to think, they object to being called Nazis.

This ‘smoke-free’ generation are not going to be asked if they want to play along and be part of Briny Steve’s ashtray-free Utopia. Oh no. That generation will be created by the Salty Fuhrer and his coven of We Know Best.

You won’t have the choice, kids, and you’ll be so proud that you have no choice that you will crow about your non-smoking even though you will never get to try it. You will not be allowed to try it and you will obey.

Oh I know there are antismokers out there thinking ‘Excellent. No more smokers’. They don’t see it, do they? Once you are obedient there is no end to it. No salt. Obey. No meat. Obey. No milk. Obey. No booze. Obey. No socialising without State supervision. Obey.

Oh I know, you’re thinking ‘Well I don’t smoke but they won’t make me give up meat’. They won’t make me give up smoking either. It’s not for us. It’s for their Aryan generation of your kids and grandkids and then on forever. The obedient drones they want to create. You want that as your family legacy? We’ll all be reviled as the filthy ancestors who ate burgers, swilled beer and drooled over meat pies with salty chips. Our headstones will be smashed to rubble to pave the pure streets of Obedience Utopia.

Sure, we’ll be dead, why should we care? Why should we care that our descendants will be drones for the elite (who, incidentally, won’t be giving up anything)? Why should we care if the Earth turns into a planet of slaves to be worked and culled and occasionally harvested for the entertainment of a few utter arseholes? Why should we care that Mount Olympus will be staffed by human gods in the future? Why should we care that our children’s children will live their lives in terror of saying a word out of place and ending up ‘on the farm’?

As fertiliser, not driving a tractor.

Why should we care that our great-grandchildren will watch each other constantly, hoping for that buzz of reward when they hand in a wrongthink criminal and get a pat on the head for it?

Ah, maybe I’m exaggerating – but look around. How much of it is in place already? We have ‘bacon crime’ as a real imprisonable offence. Really, we don’t have far to go.

Smoker persecution was just the start. It soon moved on to other things. Smoker eradication is, likewise, just the start. This smoke free generation will be an obedient, choice free generation. They will not smoke. Not because they don’t want to, because they have been told not to and they will obey. Just like those businesses who pretend that being smoke free is their choice, that generation will pretend it’s their choice too. It won’t be. They will not smoke, or drink, or ever taste bacon or beef or chicken, because it will not be allowed. They will be conditioned to believe it was their choice. Just like those businesses with their no smoking policies.

It’s better to believe you chose that path than to accept you were forced onto it, for many people. Not for me. I will not accept force but then school wasn’t a conditioning factory when I was there. They taught us how to think, not what to think. We are no use to the Briny Steves of the world, they are waiting for us to die and, in the meantime, silencing us with political correctness and poofterphobia and dynamitewaistcoatophobia and racism and all the other bollocks. None of it is real for pretty much all of us but their upcoming proto-Aryans believe every word. Especially the made up words. Oh and the suckers who currently enjoy ‘protected status’? Oh you are going to have a really shitty time, very soon.

In the future your grandkids will not smoke and they will convince themselves it’s because they don’t want to. I am not promoting smoking here, I am promoting choice. The choice to not smoke is as valid as the choice to smoke. When you don’t have the choice then you are nothing more than an obedient drone.

Is that what you see for your family’s future?

The vapers will soon point out that the UK Health Nazis have now decided to allow vaping to help with cutting down on smokers. Yeah, don’t get too cheery about it guys. You have not had a reprieve, you have had a stay of execution.

When they finish us off, do you really think they’ll leave you alone?

If you do, you’re going to be very, very disappointed.



Cower, children, and let the Authorities protect you

In Cologne, police rounded up pretty much anyone who looked like they might be from North Africa and questioned them. It’s not surprising after last year’s debacle – 600 sexual assaults and 400 robberies (numbers might not be accurate, I don’t have access to official figures here) in one night of New Year celebrations.

It was much calmer this year because the police were everywhere. If they had been out in force last year, there might not have been such a festival of crime but then there would have been no headlines for either year.

So last year was the fault of mass uncontrolled immigration and… so was this year. Huge authority supervision of the New Year party. It’s what the people wanted.

There was a vicious attack on unarmed civilians in Istanbul, Turkey. Santa with a Kalashnikov killed and injured a lot of unarmed civilians, because that’s how Islam operates. Kill those who have no involvement in any kind of anti-Islam activity because they are the ones who are not expecting it. No point going after the politicians who give the orders. They have security and they are watching out for trouble. No, far easier to kill the innocent. Our side would never do that…

…apart from the attack on an Istanbul mosque hours later. Same principle really, the harm was less deadly but severe nonetheless, and only unarmed civilians were attacked.

We are to believe all Muslims are the enemy though, so the retaliation attack is treated as if it’s just to be expected. Even though attacking civilians really makes our side the same as theirs.

Meanwhile we are now to cower in terror in case Islam unleashes mustard gas on us. Really, a first world war weapon anyone can make in their kitchen although unless you know how to contain it, that’s a really bad idea.

And yet… and yet… is there absolute proof ISIS are doing this? The retaliatory attack on a mosque was very fast. Like they were all ready to respond. Just an observation.

The nightclub gunman’s shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ only appeared in the third or fourth report. The rape fest in Cologne last year might or might not have been Muslim perpetrated, the implication is that it was.

And now we have to watch all local Muslims carefully in case they start wearing first world war German helmets with spikes on top and digging trench systems in their back gardens.

Neighbour is to watch and report on neighbour. Trust nobody. Anyone around you could be a thought criminal. All the multiculturalism is approaching the end point of its real intention now. All those who supported it, and who still support it, as a good thing, are the useful idiots of our time. Their usefulness will soon expire and to be honest, I’m happy to let them find out for themselves what that really means.

No need to worry. Authority will protect you. Wear your onesie baby romper suit, sip from your child safety cup, drink water from your nipple-equipped ‘sport’ baby bottle, watch meaningless sanitised childish crap on your TV and stay in the confines of your play pen. You’ll be fine. Nanny will make the bogeyman go away.

No she won’t. The bogeyman is what keeps you in line. Tales of the bogeyman are going to keep on coming. Nothing will change until you finally realise one thing.

The bogeyman is Nanny’s invention. Oh it’s real, but only because Nanny made it real.

Even the bogeymen don’t realise that Nanny controls them too. They can only hurt the ones Nanny lets them hurt.

Don’t be disobedient, children. Nanny will tell the bogeymen where you live…


Breaking the family

Many have been vociferous about the Communist ideal of destroying the family unit. Stewart in particular has often pointed this out as an openly stated aim of that group.

We have had children as thought police for some years now, reporting on their parents to their teachers. Little squealers telling teacher that their parents smoke, drink, argue sometimes, feed them on Pop Tarts and fizzy drinks, let them stay up late playing games they are too young to play…

At the same time, parents are encouraged to give in to the child’s every whim, not realising they are being set up to take the blame for doing what they were told to do. Disciplining children is seen as evil now. The result is a large number of feral, greasy little urchins destined to a life of belligerence, unpleasantness and adult acne.

Not all kids are like that. Some are still growing up into decent human beings but the proportion of spoiled and uncontrolled brats is still increasing.

In the old days, parents were the ones you looked up to and respected. Well, you were cautious of all adults because any one of them could give you a telling off if you were a brat. Parents though, were sacrosanct. The idea of squealing to teacher because Dad smoked while watching TV and drinking a beer… no, we didn’t even think twice about those things. As for Dad’s political views, nobody ever asked and we didn’t care.

But then we weren’t indoctrinated with antismoking, antidrinking and antiresting propaganda. We didn’t have Green nonsense pushed at us, we had gym class but we were not expected to follow a rigorous exercise regime, and what we ate was between us and our parents. That’s all changed now.

When I was small, any adult would come to a child’s aid if they fell or hurt themselves. Now? Adults are wary, especially men. So much as smile at a child and the parent is thinking ‘Paedo!’ Fortunately I am not the type to smile at children. Never have been. Growl, maybe, but never smile. Nasty, unhygienic messy little noise makers. You don’t have to worry about me molesting your child, but you might find it duct taped to a wall.

Back to the point. If I fell over when I was maybe three or four, an adult I didn’t know would pick me up, dust me off and send me on my way. If a child that age falls now, most adults walk by. It’s not just the parent/child link that is being broken. It’s the entire adult/child relationship. Children are being isolated from the adult world and taught, in that isolation, what their world will be. It’s for the children, you see?

All this in the name of a ‘collective’ society. Children are not the property of the parents, they are the property of everyone. That’s the public image of communism. The real intent is that children – and ultimately, in a generation or two, everyone – is the property of the State. Slavery is freedom. Orwell knew what he was talking about. He was deep into this stuff.

It hasn’t taken long. Now we have most students insisting the UK cannot survive outside the EU and going all out to make sure we stay in. They believe their future depends on it. They live on a little island that once controlled half the globe and they believe we can’t manage on our own? Oh I know we’re supposed to be ashamed of our past empire but that’s just silly. A tiny island that ran most of the planet with just a few administrators? A people so feared, so self-confident, that an old admin officer with a cane could chase away armed bandits? We should be ashamed of that? Really?

I’m not saying we should take over the world again. I doubt we could anyway. The rebel colonists in America still celebrate their independence from us (yeah, just rub it in, why don’t you?) and the criminals in Australia seem intent on turning their country back into the joyless prison it was when their ancestors first arrived. We don’t want that back, thanks.

Anyway, the children of today have been taught that taking over the world is something to be ashamed of. They will welcome the New World Order which will put an end to anyone taking over the world by… taking over the world. Don’t bother trying to explain this to them, they are doublethink experts.

How far has the family-breaking ideal progressed? It’s made a lot of progress even in the last ten or twenty years. Parents don’t trust any other adults and children are being taught to fear them. Adults are afraid to go anywhere near a child they don’t know because that will label them ‘paedo’.

Children are abducted, seemingly at random, in the name of ‘child protection’. Genuinely abused children are often left with their abusers while others are taken into care for being a bit on the fat side. Could be a bit of eugenics involved, a bit of ‘no, we don’t want that one’, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

A couple of generations and you’ll see children separated from their parents at birth and brought up in places where they are routinely abused and their spirits broken to the point where they will accept the State as their God. Humiliation at that level leaves a person open to any kind of comfort, no matter how pitiful. The State will save them, take them under its wing, enslave them and they will be grateful.

And they will gladly give their children to the State that looks after them so well.


Another attack of the Vapers

I was going to write some starting rules on the story collection idea tonight but Dick Puddlecote seems to have started a minor flame war. Just a little one. I’ll set up some loose and flexible story rules later. It’s not going to be suitable for children, because I’ll have a story in it.

In my self appointed role as internet Liverpudlian (calm down, calm down, dey do dough don’t dey dough) I thought I’d sidle up to the little fire and see if I can turn it into a conflagration.


It all started when DP posted a rant by Clive Bates demanding that vapers be left alone now they’ve given up the real thing and taken up some synthetic steam based nicotine gadgetry instead.

Simon Clark took considerable exception to the post, and Grandad wasn’t happy either. Frank Davis took a rather less excitable view, as a good smoker should.

Like Frank, I own several Electrofags and even tried the cigar version (didn’t like that one, it was so big it gave the impression of sucking a dildo and I am not risking photos of that!). I never intended stopping smoking and still don’t, but the range of flavours available means I keep them and still get them out once in a while. I like the idea of ‘smoking’ absinthe or brandy or apple pie. I heard about one new Electrofag that holds three different flavours of ejuice at once and you can switch between them. Link is coming as soon as I get it.

I don’t think it’s possible to get tobacco flavour right. There are so many different tobaccos and blends. A smoker who prefers Marlboro will notice that Embassy don’t taste the same. It’s simply not possible to produce a generic ‘tobacco flavour’ that will make all smokers instantly think ‘Oh brilliant, my dreams are answered’. Can’t be done.

And then there’s the whole lighter thing and the real smoke and well, all of it. I like smoking and I am never going to be ashamed or embarrassed to admit it.

It does amuse me when one of the girls at work comes outside with us smokers then pulls out an Electrofag and tells us how much better it is. Uh… you’re out here in the cold and the drizzle too, or hadn’t you noticed? Out here in the delivery bay next to a main road watching the trucks drive in and out, shivering and getting damp and breathing traffic fumes. Really, the difference between my baccy smoke and your steam is insignificant in this situation.

Okay, it’s a food shop. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone smoking in a food shop in the last 56 years (to the day ;)). So I would not ever expect to be allowed to smoke in a food shop and would probably be mildly shocked if someone did puff smoke at the Parma ham. Yet vaping is not smoking so the vaper girl, as far as I can see, causes no issues if she vapes inside. Okay, maybe not in the shop, but in the staffroom I see no problem.

The Dreadful Arnott and the rest of the vehement anti-people brigade see a problem. It looks like smoking! Horror! If they saw that electronic cigar they’d faint. It looks like smoking and like low grade kinky porn at the same time. All I’d have to do would be to fill it with brandy and dip it in salt and the Righteous would spontaneously combust.

I know A Certain Someone is going to suggest filling it with cream. No. Just… no, okay?

It’s still NO.

I don’t call Clive Bates a Righteous. Why not? Because he stopped, and the Righteous never stop. He drew a line in the sand and said ‘No more’. Okay, it rings hollow as Simon Clark says because of the past but as Doolittle said to Bomb 20, the concept is valid no matter where it originates.



Clive drew his line in the wrong place and much too far along the beach, as Grandad said, but he did draw that line. For the true Righteous, like the Dreadful Arnott, there is no line. Ever. It never stops for them. One day they will arrest children for chewing on a pencil because it looks like smoking and they will still not be satisfied.

Clive Bates would be happy to stop with smokers becoming vapers. In my case at least he can take that idea, write it down, roll it up tight in glasspaper, tie it with barbed wire and ram it up his arse but even so, he does have a place where he would be happy to stop. That’s enough to rescind his Righteous badge.

I know Clive was once head of ASH. I know he was in there with the daft ‘passive smoking’ nonsense. He resigned because the madness crossed his line in the sand. He had a place he wanted to get to and then stop and it became clear ASH wasn’t ever going to stop. I think he actually resigned before the invention of Electrofag.

I really think Clive Bates does believe it is about health. It isn’t, it never was, but I think he believed it. Maybe now he’s starting to see the light.

Maybe he can now see the monster he helped create.

The Panoptica Generation

I have made some progress on Panoptica. Still slow but I hope to change working hours soon to give me more writing time and less time washing uniforms and being knackered. The New Me (I didn’t give him a name, he has the same name as me and that’s plenty confusing enough) wants more hours, I want a few less. I can let him gradually take over so I can then move on and not leave Boss in a hole.

It’s important now to push forward with this story. It has been coming true as I write it – which might make some think I should maybe stop writing it – and now the Panoptica Generation is very close. If I don’t get a move on, the book will be banned before it’s published!

The Mail thinks it’s hilarious that two ten year old girls gave Andrew Neil a sharp put down but when I read the article, I found it chilling.

One of them brings up the compulsory seat belt law and crows how many lives it pretends to have saved. Basically, if you drive wearing a seat belt and you don’t die on the way, the seat belt saved your life. She, like all well indoctrinated drones, ignores the deaths caused by seat belts when someone is trapped in wreckage and can’t release the belt. Only the lives saved count, not the lives lost.

Naturally, no drone will even consider the deletion of personal responsibility that goes with every new dictated lifestyle change. It’s not your job to look after yourself. The Government will tell you how to live.

The veteran TV presenter, who usually interviews leading public figures, then speaks to his other guest, Henrietta, from Worcester, and asks her what she thinks of it all.

She replies: ‘If it’s saving lives and it’s helping the NHS, I think we should be told what to do.’

No, Henrietta, we should not be told what to do. We have one life. Do you really need someone to live yours for you? As for the NHS, it’s supposed to be there to help us, not the other way around! The NHS is not meant to be there to tell us what to do. I don’t think it’s Andrew Neil’s education that is faulty here.

I have never been much good at being told what to do. Good thing I probably won’t be around when Panoptica becomes full reality because they’d ship me off to the farm pretty quick. As fertiliser.

Those girls, and millions like them, will give birth to the Panoptica generation. Totally obedient drones. No family unit, numbers instead of names, allocated careers at birth, microchipped and watching each other all the time. One more generation is all it will take.

These kids are happy to do as they are told and they always will be. When they are told that the State can raise their children better than they could, they will hand over their babies without a second thought. And then forget they ever had babies.

It’s a cold, dark future for humanity. It’s been a long time in the making and it’s nearly here. I doubt anyone can stop it happening. I certainly can’t.

We can only try to warn them, and remind those who will listen just how much they have lost.

Where’s the problem?

The news world is abuzz with a new Human Rights Court ruling that employers can legitimately check what you do at work while using the equipment they pay for.

Oh, this is a new and terrible intrusion on privacy. This is Big Brother watching your every move. This is Orwellian evil at its worst.

No it isn’t.

Your boss has no right or ability to check what you do on your personal 3G/4G phone or home internet. Only the right to check what you are doing with the equipment they provide for you to do your job. You know, the job they are paying you to do.

They are not paying you to moan about work on Farcebok or Twatter. Do that in your own time. They are not paying you to babble inconsequential crap online. Do that in your own time.

I have no access to internet at work… officially. I have no password or user account on any work computer. But they have an open WiFi so I make use of it when I’m not doing actual work.

I’m not a typical case. I don’t really work for Local Shop. I work for the subcontractor, the Secret Ninja Cleaners, so I am not a shop employee. Boss likes to check up on her employees on social media but in three years has not found either of my Farcebok accounts, none of the three Twatter accounts and none of the blogs. As far as I know anyway. Certainly she has never complained.

So I don’t use my employer’s internet, and they have provided me with no computer equipment. No matter, I have plenty of my own. I’m not as skilled as my brother who once sent me email from an employer’s admin account, but that was in the past. He derided their internet security and I told him I knew about that. I’d been eBaying and submitting stories to online magazines at work and nobody had noticed.

Further back, there was a ‘rebel network’ at one place of work that operated on the same lines, but under the radar, of the official work network. The IT department didn’t know it was there. Site blocked by the official network? Simply log on to the rebel network and you’re in.

Times have changed. It’s now much easier for an employer to check what you’re up to with the equipment they provide. It’s actually not that difficult to evade such scrutiny but those who didn’t grow up through CP/M and MS/DOS and C and assembly code and all the rest can’t imagine how it could be. It wasn’t always point and click, you know. There is a lot to play with behind that screen interface.

The bakery has 24 silicon baking mats, 12 red and 12 black. I have sent them back in Fibonacci sequence in the past and have always threatened that one day the sequence will spell ‘bum’ in 8 bit binary. One of the bakers has some understanding of what I mean. Almost all of the staff get blanked by mentioning Fibonacci.

I have a Lumia phone and I admit sometimes I still get confused by it. It’s a phone. It’s not supposed to do internet and email and screenshots and all this stuff. I’m slowly getting the hang of it but it took me a week to work out how to make a phone call.

When I was an undergraduate the university had a computer that filled a room and used punched cards to run programs. When I was a postgraduate I had a ZX-81 with a massive 16 kilobytes of memory.

I recall comments from scientists on the new 2 Mb hard drives to the tune of ‘Who needs that much storage?’ and now we are in terabytes.

It’s a safe bet your boss isn’t putting tracking programs into your work equipment or internet connections. He or she won’t know how. It’s the geek in IT who does that. Make friends with the geeks and they’ll show you how to get around the controls they put in place.

Your boss knows how to use Farcebok and Twatter and all the rest. That’s where they find you insulting them, bragging about skiving and generally being an unemployable twat, if you left your account open and used your own name and identified your workplace.

But in the end, the boss is right to sack you for doing these things. Especially if you use the stuff they’ve paid for to do it. Would you be happy if you provided someone with a computer that they then used to tell the world you’re a dick? Would you be happy to have your business described as the worst business on the planet, to the whole planet?

I poke fun at Local Shop here sometimes but I don’t tell anyone where or what it is. I don’t use any work equipment to access the internet because they don’t give me any. Most important, I don’t use my real name when doing it.

It isn’t hard to find me. I have given so many blatant clues. But I have never given an employer any real reason to find me or even look for me.

The court ruling simply means that your boss can track what you do when you’re supposed to be working. Not what you do on your own equipment in your own time.

That’s no different to having a supervisor watching you work. If you are being paid to do a job, do the damn job. If you are caught skiving you are going to get sacked. If you stand in the middle of town shouting that your boss is an arse, you are going to get sacked. If you use company tools to do home DIY, you are going to get sacked.

Doing those things on the internet is really not different at all.

Fat is terrorism now

The UK’s first woman Chief Medical Officer, Damn Sally Saveus, has just proved that when it comes to dickheadedness, women are at least the equal of men.

She claims that being a fat woman is as much of a threat to the country as being a terrorist. I’ve known some fat women and I don’t regard them as any threat at all. They don’t tend to move fast and I’ve never seen one explode.

Okay, I’ve seen a few who have taken ‘curves’ to the extreme where they just have the one curve all the way around, and whose skin is almost singing with the tension of holding it all in, but still they don’t terrify me anywhere near as much as a bearded madman with a Semtex waistcoat shouting ‘Ollyolly at the bar’ or whatever it is they scream before becoming mince.

They think they get 72 virgins but they don’t read the small print. Firstly, there is no guarantee that the virgins are female or even human and what you’re supposed to do with them anyway when you arrive as a shrink wrapped Tesco meat counter display is strangely never mentioned.

I think suicide bombers really do get 72 virgins in Heaven. They get 72 shopping gamer boys who live in their mums’ basements and who are looking for something to make lasagne.

Fat people are not suicide bombers. They are carbon sinks who should be rewarded by the Green God’s acolytes for locking up lots of carbon in a form ready to be buried one day.

They are in no way a ‘threat’ to anyone other than an already overworked baker. They are no danger to anyone unless you happen to be in a seat they intend to sit on without first checking it’s clear of thinnies. Even then, most thinnies would suffer no more then the indignity of being peeled out of a large butt crack. It’s not a pleasant image but at least you’d still have all your arms and legs.

Note that Damn Sally is only interested in fat women. Fat blokes can stay fat and die of fatness or of pie deprivation or of whatever counts as a fat-related death these days. Only fat women have to slim down, give up everything they consider fun in life and have healthy babies whether they want them or not. Got to keep the drone supply going.

This is the wench who is in charge of UK medicine. Does anyone still wonder why I avoid the entire medical service as far as possible? It’s a fucking farce. Being overweight should be classed as terrorism now. And there will be medics who will push this line.

We were better off when they had wood masks and rattled gourds at us to drive out evil spirits. It didn’t work but it cost a damn sight less.

And they didn’t tell us to live lives of tedium and misery back then either.