Digression first. My car battery has died completely. Not surprising really, it had six weeks last April of being totally immobilised because of a broken gearchange cable. Naturally all dealerships were closed for Covid and it’s a dealer-only part. I eventually got one from the United Arab Emirates, for about half the cost (including import duty) of getting one from the local dealer. So that was fixed. Still the car hardly went anywhere.

More recently, the front brake caliper broke so that was another short period of car paralysis while waiting for parts. Fortunately these are fairly generic so no need to harass the dealers.

Normally, this car would have had a run to Wales and back at least once a year (over a thousand miles round trip), and would have had regular runs to Aldi/Tesco which is at least a forty mile round trip whichever one we go to. We have not set foot in Tesco since last March. We get online orders delivered. So, the car really only gets to run two miles to Local Shop once in a while. Over winter, that short trip also involves using lights and heater and well, batteries just don’t like the cold anyway. No wonder the battery is buggered.

So, I looked up battery replacements. I have a little booster, about the size of a mobile phone, which is amazing. Clamp it onto the battery and the car starts. You then have about thirty seconds to get it off the battery before the back-voltage makes it explode but hey, what’s life without a little risk?

I found that the AA have a mobile battery replacement service. As a member I just pay for the battery (they ain’t cheap) but even if you’re a non-member it’s worth keeping in mind. Non-members get charged £35 (plus the battery you’d have to buy anyway) for the job, and they will come to you no matter where you are stuck. They will, of course, try to sell you membership but they’ll fix your battery anyway.

I booked a slot online at 1 am (March 2nd) thinking it might be a few days before they arrived but then I wasn’t really planning to go anywhere. I was astonished to find I could book a time for March 2nd! Yes really, later the same day! So I booked it for the afternoon because mornings are the invention of Satan and I will have no truck with them. Besides, why rush? It’s not like anything is open out there. I admit to being impressed by this.

Anyway, the car has had more things go wrong with it this year than ever before and it’s mostly because it’s been sitting idle, sometimes for weeks at a time. The exhaust heat shield rattles too but I don’t think I need to worry about that. I think of it as background music (early Kraftwerk was very similar).

Anyway, enough digression.

Mad Hancock has taken control of the government’s ‘optional’ vaccine program. Things are about to get much more draconian. Merkel has declared that anyone in Germany not taking the vaccine will be ostracised from normal life. Australia is doing much the same as are many other countries in Europe. Some parts of Spain intend to fine people who don’t want the vaccine and Germany has new concentration camps for lockdown refuseniks. You’d think Germany would know better, but then Israel are refusing entry to the unvaccinated in many places and they really should know better.

The reality of vaccine programs, none of which have ever required this level of enforcement and propaganda even for much more dangerous diseases like polio or tuberculosis, is that you need roughly 80% uptake to keep the disease in check. This assumes the vaccine works. You do not need to vaccinate every last individual. If two in ten people are unvaccinated, and one of the two has the disease, they can only pass it to one other person. The other eight are safe and the disease can’t spread far. It dies out.

This is what happened with tuberculosis in the UK until Tiny Blur decided to let the rest of the planet move here. I’m vaccinated, and it was double-checked when I started in microbiology. I’m vaccinated against many things now. I’m not taking part in an mRNA experiment though.

Well, there are at least five vaccines out there. Pfizer and Moderna use the mRNA experiment. Oxford/AZ use DNA in a viral vector to do much the same. I don’t really believe any of these will change your DNA unless there are extra bits in there I’m not aware of. I have other reasons to be concerned.

The Novavax uses virus spike proteins in a tiny fat micelle. It looks like a virus but has no DNA or RNA in it. It’s basically like a viral infection that’s firing blanks. I don’t hear much about that one. Still, so far, none of these four contain any intact coronavirus. They should not be able to cause an infection.

The Johnson and Johnson one uses killed or attenuated coronavirus. Again, it should not cause an infection.

So, does it matter which one you get? Not at all. None of them work as vaccines. None of them stop you getting the virus and none of them stop you spreading it. The best they offer is a lessening of severity of disease and really, that only matters for the elderly or the infirm. I don’t know when we suddenly became so terrified of a virus that knocks you sideways for a couple of weeks, we’ve had flu since the beginning of humanity. It’s horrible but you survive it and then you’re immune.

Oh and ‘long covid’ is not new. It’s post viral syndrome. Many viruses can leave you in such a mess it can take months for it all to grow back. It’s not a new thing.

So now we have, suddenly, to vaccinate every single person on the planet with a vaccine that does not stop spread but the vaccinated will have a little badge to say they are safe to be around. No they aren’t. They have a vaccine that means they might not even get noticeable symptoms but they are still spreading it. They are very dangerous to be around. Not to themselves but to everyone else.

See, if you let a virus spread unhindered when you have blocked its vicious symptoms, you have created the ideal conditions for it to mutate into something utterly diabolical. It can’t do that if it makes people sick. Sick people stay home and well people know to be vigilant around the sick. The natural development of any virus is to become less dangerous and so become more easily spread. Nobody cares about the common cold. It’ll make your nose go crusty for a few days and then it’s gone. The less harm the virus does, the less care anyone takes about avoiding it. So simple Darwinism says that the less vicious variants will survive, the deadly ones won’t.

These vaccines allow the virus to continue spreading. It’s an artificial Darwinism: it’s not becoming less dangerous in reality, we’re making ourselves artificially resistant to this variant.

Since it’s an RNA virus it will be throwing up mutants all the time. By refusing to let it naturally decline into just a cold, we are allowing it to spread unhindered and there will be a much more dangerous variant at some point. One which will laugh at the vaccines.

This is Bill Gates’ prophecy of ‘the next pandemic will make people pay attention’. It’s being set up now.

And you know, none of this is happening to protect you or to boost your health. It’s all happening for the same two reasons it always happens. The same reasons behind everything that happens. Money and control.

The reason everyone has to be vaccinated this time is the Tiny Blur’s failed ID card scheme. This is the same thing again. Get the Covid card or never enter a business premises again. Never travel, never get credit, you are a nonperson. Why? Vaccination requires around 80% uptake to be effective against much more dangerous diseases. This time it has to be 100%.

Then there’s the money. People still think vaccines are for their benefit. They were at first but now it’s a business, not a medical intervention. Pharmers are not about cures any more. They are purely businesses and only interested in the bottom line. So you will have to get the vaccine every year at least and you can’t enter a supermarket unless you do. Dollar signs are lighting up the eyes of big business Pharmers the world over.

You think it’s free? Nope. Your taxes pay for it. You are paying.

The Covid passports are not about tracking you. That’s already easy. They are a first principle. Get one medication effectively compulsory and the sky’s the limit. You will need to prove vaccination against a whole raft of things just to buy a newspaper in your local shop if you let this go. It is not like the vaccinations you need to have to get into certain countries. This will be a range of vaccinations you need to have to visit your local coffee shop.

It is not about health. It’s been made very clear that the covid vaccines don’t do that.They do not stop spread so a vaccine passport does not make anyone safe to be around.

It is about money and control.

The Beer Licence

So, we can expect to have to show our vaccination papers to get into pubs and restaurants and theatres and shops. The government have denied this so many times that it’s inevitable.

Well I won’t have any. So I won’t be going to places that demand it. I rarely went to those places before so it’s not going to be a big loss for me, but it will be a powerful incentive for many others.

The doublethink in this case is off the scale. The vaccines have been clearly stated to not be ‘real’ vaccines. They don’t stop you catching it and they don’t stop you spreading it. All they claim to do is reduce the symptoms. Well, that’s not a bad thing in itself. The rabies vaccine I had years ago claimed much the same – it won’t stop you getting rabies but it will give you time to get to a hospital for treatment. Without it – and especially as my visit to China involved visiting remote farms – I’d have died if there were any rabid animals left that the Chinese hadn’t eaten.

In the end I didn’t get rabies. I only saw two dogs in my time there and both of them were roasted.

So, the vaccine will not stop you spreading it, therefore the vaccinated pose just as much risk of spread as the unvaccinated. The difference is that the vaccinated might be spreading the virus without getting sick themselves. And yet we are to believe that the unvaccinated pose a risk to the vaccinated. This is the polar opposite to any form of biology, immunology, logic or reason – and people believe it.

Somehow, even though the vaccinated can still spread the virus, giving them a ‘vaccine passport’ makes them magically safe to be around. Twitter is full of propaganda on this.

‘Well you have to have a yellow fever vaccine to visit certain countries’. Yes you do. I had a slew of vaccines to get into China, but once in, I never had to show my vaccination card at any restaurant or public building. I have not had yellow fever vaccine because I haven’t been to any country that needs it but if I wanted to go to one of those countries, I’d take the vaccine. I have the choice. Take the vaccine or don’t visit that country.

‘Wouldn’t you feel safer if the person next to you in the theatre / your Uber driver was vaccinated?’ Well, do I have to ask them if they’ve had vaccinations against polio or tuberculosis or tetanus or measles or mumps or a host of other diseases that are far worse than Covid? No? So why this one? Also, if they’re vaccinated, they might have mild or no symptoms, suppressed by their vaccine, but still be exhaling live virus. So no, I’d feel safer if they didn’t have this dodgy vaccine, thanks.

‘Oh, it’s just proof of vaccination. You have a driver’s licence, it’s no different’. I’ve never had to show my driver’s licence to get into a pub. In fact I haven’t been asked to prove my age in a pub since I was 15. The only time you have to show your licence is when you are stopped by the police while driving. And if you don’t have it on you, you can show it at a police station a few days later. I’ve actually never experienced that either. Do you think that if you forget your Covid pertmission slip, the pub will let you in as long as you turn up with it next week?

Can you imagine the absurdity of having to show proof that you can drive in order to board public transport? In the New Normal, would anyone be at all surprised? A driving licence is in no way comparable to a vaccination certificate. You have to pass a test to get a licence. You have to work for it. You have to prove you are competent to be in charge of a vehicle. A vaccination is a medical record. All you have to do is roll up your sleeve.

A region of Spain has just defied the European court’s ‘no mandate for vaccines’ order and imposed fines on anyone who refuses. This will spread. Some Scandinavian countries are issuing vaccination passports – but they are not passports. You do not need them to leave the country. You need them to go to the shops.

If some countries demand proof of vaccination from anyone visiting, fine. Greece currently wants either a proof of vaccination or a recent negative test if you want to visit. That’s okay. It’s like the yellow fever vaccine, you have a choice. Comply with that country’s requirements or don’t go there.

This is not what is being proposed. You will need a permission slip (to give it its true name) to go to the shops, to restaurants, to pubs, anywhere. You will need to renew it every year to deal with ‘new variants’ and anything else that comes up. And if you think it is going to stop with Covid, I have several bridges in stock that you might be interested in.

Once it’s in place, flu vaccine will be added. Then another vaccine, then another, and it will never end. You will have to prove it’s up to date to the security guard at Tesco’s door before going in for a pint of milk. One missing vaccination and you’re going nowhere.

Take it from the smokers. You give them a foot in the door with this ‘Covid passport’ and it’ll be a rerun of ‘We only want a nonsmoking area in restaurants’ all over again.

Okay, I understand that those who are vaccinated might think it’s no big deal. It only applies to ‘the others’. But it is not stopping with Covid. You will have to show your entire medical record to get on a bus if you let this go. Overweight? Walk to the next stop and try again. It’s not like the smoking ban, which had no real effect on nonsmokers. Apart from closing some of their favourite pubs. This Covid passport affects everyone and it’s going to get bigger.

It seems some pubs are all in favour of the Covid passport. Did they learn nothing from the smoking ban? This is not going to revive your business, it’s going to finish it – and you will need to employ an extra member of staff to stand at the door checking customers and doing nothing else. Pubs will, once again, demand a level playing field so none of them will be open to those of us who don’t want the vaccine. *Shrug*. They effectively threw me out in 2006 anyway. In the north of Scotland, an unheated outdoor smoking area holds no appeal.

One more thing. This Covid passport is not for tracking your movements. That’s a strawman. Your car is tracked by ANPR and GPS and those ‘average speed’ cameras wherever you go. Some modern cars have the tracking built in, as an incentive to pay lower insurance premiums if you don’t drive far. You can be personally tracked via your phone. Many people have installed Alexa listening devices and Ring-type cameras in their homes voluntarily. Your movements and conversations are already available to any government that wants to track you.

This daily-life passport is the ultimate control. Do as you are told, take whatever medications are mandated whether you need them or not, or you can’t buy food. Once currency is digital your entire life can be switched off for one word out of place. In this modern world that really could happen to absolutely anyone at any time.

Is this really the world you want your children to grow up in?

New kids in the needle

Last Friday was my father’s birthday. He would have been 83. It’s the first one he wasn’t there for and I suppose that’s the hardest one to get through so it’s been rather a gloomy weekend. I’m sure many of you have experienced the gloom this brings and if you haven’t yet… well it’s not going to be fun. He died on Valentine’s Day last year and I don’t think it’ll ever mean the same to me as it does to everyone else, ever again. But then my uncle, his brother, died on Christmas Eve so that’s screwed too. I wait with trepidation for Easter…

Anyway. These vaccines.

Decades of research have not come up with a single effective coronoavirus vaccine. Every one that has tried has hit ADE. Antibody dependent enhancement. It makes subsequent infection far worse. You can try searching for it but it’s been well buried now.

Within a year, we suddenly have a mass of profitable vaccines. And a game of supply that is designed to make you think there’s a shortage so you will demand one. The toilet paper thing was an effective proof of concept. If you think it’s going to run out you want it more. Even if you’d never even thought about it before. This is why SAGE is full of behavioural psychologists.

Another thing. I come up against people on Twitter convinced that all the vaccines are DNA-changers and all contain aborted foetus cells. I no longer engage. They will believe what they want to believe and I’m not wasting time arguing with them. They clearly are better versed in microbiology than a lifelong microbiologist so hey, I’m not getting involved.

None of the vaccines are DNA changers. That would require insertion of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which is only found in retroviruses. Coronavirus is not one. So far I have not found any vaccine that uses attentuated coronaviruses, so nobody is getting injected with Covid as far as I can see. It’s either mRNA to make your cells produce spike protein, or another virus adapted to produce the spike protein, or just the spike protein in a fat ball. Not one of them injects Covid virus in any intact form.

As for the ‘aborted foetus cells’, well there might be some fragments in there. The only way to grow a virus for a vaccine is to grow it on human cells in cell culture. It will not – cannot – reproduce by itself. There are several ‘immortal’ human cell lines, mostly derived from cancers, that are used for this. It’s not Frankenstein science, it’s really the only way to grow a virus.

So. What do we have out there? The ones I really don’t like are the mRNA vaccines. This is entirely new and experimental technology and given that no successful coronavirus vaccine has ever happened, this is very dangerous meddling in my view. The only ones using this are the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I don’t like either but I think I’d trust Pfizer over Moderna. Only because the latter is in the hands of the Billy Gates Gruff and I don’t trust that smug bastard any further than I could comfortably spit a rat.

AstraZeneca/Oxford. Yes, people have told me it’s a DNA changer but that’s bollocks. I no longer bother to correct them. This one uses an adenovirus (common cold) adapted to express the Covid spike protein. It does not make your body cells produce the protein, it already carries it. Your immune system will act on it directly. It cannot change your DNA. Really. It can’t.

The same is true of the new Novavax vaccine. They have used the unfortunate term ‘nanotechnology’ in their releases. They think it makes them sound very clever and don’t realise that everyone outside science thinks that ‘nanotechnology’ means tiny robots. They’ve had a diet of Star Trek Borg and/or Red Dwarf. They don’t realise it just means technology that’s working with sub-microscopic things.

The nanotechnology in the Novavax vaccine involves making really, really tiny fat globules with the Covid spike protein around them. So it looks just like the virus but there’s nothing inside. It isn’t going to infect anything. Is it safe? No idea. Time will tell and well, I won’t be indulging just yet. Still, it will not change your DNA and it will not take over your brain with little robots. Really. We do not yet have the technology to make the little robots. We really don’t. When we do, then things will get really scary. The way things are progressing, most people will demand to be assimilated first anyway.

Another one is made by Valneva and one more from Johnson and Johnson. My father once worked for the latter, making J-cloths. He borrowed my rubber joke hand and sent it through the rollers. It resulted in one of his co-workers having to go for a little lie down.He wasn’t fired for it, we had jokes in the old days. But I digress. As usual.

I have not yet found anything on the Valneva or Johnson vaccines. I don’t know how they are intended to work. Without that knowledge I won’t touch them. I suspect they are not mRNA vaccines but don’t know for sure yet.

Merck, one of the biggest players in the vaccination game, has given up on this one. They had two candidate vaccines but weren’t happy with the results. They’ve actually said the best protection is to suffer the virus and develop your own antibodies. That’s what used to happen with things like measles, mumps and chicken pox when I was a kid. Catch it, go through a few unpleasant weeks and then you have immunity. It was risky, measles especially can kill, but most of us got through it okay.

This won’t work for everyone. It really only works when you’re young and healthy and have no other conditions. For the elderly, or those with other illnesses already, it’s a very big risk indeed. However, if enough people develop immunity, the virus can’t spread any more so the vulnerable are protected. This is what’s called ‘herd immunity’ and no, it does not require a vaccine. If you have an effective vaccine you can get there faster but if you don’t then you need to keep away from the vulnerable ones until there’s enough immunity in the population to stop the spread.

It is now coming to light that hydroxychloroquine/zinc and ivermectin are indeed effective treatments for those who are in the early stages of infection, and are good as prophylactics too. Most of us knew this from the outset and have been daily dosing with vit C and D, zinc and quercetin (easier to get than hydroxychloroquine, not quite as good but it works) since the whole shitshow hit the road. Some are saying these treatments were quashed because Trump mentioned them (I don’t recall him mentioning ivermectin) but I think it was because of the vaccines. If you have a cheap and effective treatment for a disease then you don’t need a vaccine. And there is an awful lot of money involved here.

When you get this level of lunacy it’s either about money or ideology. This time it’s more lunatic than usual because it’s both. And more.

The vaccine makers make money. Can’t be surprised at that, the Pharmers are businesses. It’s their primary objective. Then we have the ideologies – more than one at work here. The Klaus Schwab great reset to take total control of everyone, the Church of Climatology who want us all in mud huts burning cow shit for heat and eating turnips, The Tiny Blur project for world domination, the One World Government… heck, add your own. So many of them are delighting in the sheeple’s easy subjugation. None of these are conspiracy theories any more. They are all quite open about it.

And then… the experiments. The mRNA vaccines are an experiment. Any Coronavirus vaccine is an experiment. They have never worked before. More than that, the behavioural experiment. How far are you willing to be controlled? Will you accept the lunacy of wearing two masks? If you do, it’ll soon be three. Are you willing to have a Q-tip shoved up your arse to see if your lungs are infected? Get an anatomy book and see how long that Q-tip is going to have to be. How far can the insanity go before you say ‘Hey – hang on a minute’?

Quite a lot further, I suspect. I mean, I speak as the guy who convinced an antismoker that all grey dust was cigarette ash. We’ve had smoking in the UK for 400 years and ASH has said that the residue never degrades so… that was easy.

It *is* easy. Very easy to scare people. Idiots in government and ‘public health’ make it easier still. I do it for fun but so many do it for pure profit. The mask industry has boomed, it’ll boom even more if you wear two at a time. Especially if they are single use. Believe me, the mask makers are having a great time now. They don’t want this to end.

So now you cannot leave the country without a valid reason. ‘Just because I want to’ only works if you’re rich. You are a prisoner of the nation state. The solution you will be offered is the abolition of the nation state. No more borders. Enough of these restrictions and you’ll vote for it.

No borders mean no need for passports. So… how will they keep track of where you’re going? Well, you know the ‘conspiracy theory’ Covid passports that are now in production? That’s just the beginning. Once mandated medication is accepted for one thing it won’t stop there, or ever. You will need to prove vaccination when you travel.

If you are not up to date with the mandated medications, you’re going nowhere.

The Rise of the Mutants

Well, I have finally finished my tax return. It wasn’t hard, I use a simple cash-in minus cash-out approach and my pension is already preloaded. It didn’t take this long because it was hard, it took this long because I really didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to send a penny to Wastemonster – they haven’t sent a penny to me during lockdown.

In the end I didn’t owe them anything. Unfortunately I didn’t get far enough down to get a rebate but at least I don’t have to add anything to the money they are wasting.

The latest on Covid is that the new strain ‘appears to be’ more deadly than the old one. They are talking in terms of 30% more deadly. Well the old one had a kill rate of 0.3% of those infected. Increase that by adding another 30% and the kill rate soars to… 0.4%. That doesn’t sound quite as scary as ‘30% more deadly’, does it?

I put ‘appears to be’ in quotes there because they are guessing. It transpires that only 8% of cases have had the actual strain determined. 92% are just generic Covid and a lot of those aren’t Covid at all. Could be any one of the 4000+ strains so far identified. Most of which do the same as the original, or are less harmful.

These days it’s possible to detect a change in one nucleotide on a strand of RNA. That change might stop the new virus or it might make it more or less virulent or it might have no detectable effect at all. It still counts as a new strain. We can find minute changes at the molecular level with modern techniques and equipment, so we can define a new strain even if its real world effect is no different at all from the original.

Why? I’m a microbiologist. Every one of us would love to be the one to name a new strain of something. It used to take some actual biochemical real world differences, now all it takes is a molecule. Don’t be alarmed at the mutant strains, it’s what viruses do, and RNA viruses are so inherently unstable they can throw out a new mutation every week.

It’s not really accurate to describe a virus as ‘alive’. It’s not even a whole cell, it’s a bit of RNA or DNA wrapped in fat and/or protein. If it happens to stick to an appropriate cell, it is drawn inside and replicates – but this is no more than a complex series of chemical reactions. There is no ‘intent’ on the part of the virus. It spreads by pure chance. It’s neither good nor evil. It’s a bundle of chemicals in a bag.

It mutates because the complex series of reactions is prone to error. With some, like HIV, even a small error can produce a nonviable virus so there aren’t many strains. With coronaviruses, well a few small errors won’t stop it. It’ll hit a critical error often and produce duds that can’t infect but an infected person produces so many millions of copies that even if only 10% are viable, it’s enough to keep the virus going. In that 10% there’ll always be a few that are a litle bit different, but they still work.

As a general rule, if a variant spreads more easily, it’s because it’s less dangerous. A less dangerous virus won’t leave you whacked out in bed for a few weeks. You’ll still be able to function so you’ll pass the virus on. Now, I don’t expect politicians to know this. They haven’t studied the subject. They have to rely on advisors who do know.

SAGE, unfortunately, is stacked with behavioural psychologists and epidemiologists, not virologists or even microbiologists. Some of them have clear conflicts of interests with their stakes in vaccine companies. They are not advising on the basis of science, but of their own personal interests. This is becoming increasingly clear. Apparently not to the government, though.

Mad Hancock has laid out his provisions for ending lockdown, one of which is ‘no new variant’ and since this kind of virus mutates faster than anything science fiction has ever dreamed of, lockdown can never end. He has also stated that the South African variant is more dangerous and might bypass the vaccine. Well, he probably doesn’t realise it, but he just destroyed the case for the vaccine.

You have a vaccine that works against a disease with a 99.7% recovery rate, but it doesn’t work against a much more dangerous variant. So the vaccine is now pointless. It achieves nothing. I suspect the SAGE members with shares in vaccine companies won’t be too happy when (if) they realise this.

Meanwhile Rishi Sunak is considering raising taxes in the next budget to pay for this debacle. That’s right, you don’t just suffer it, you get to pay for it too. I wonder where he thinks he’ll get those taxes, now that most of the private sector is bust. Taxing the public sector, which is paid via taxation, is an exercise in circular futility. I expect he’ll do it anyway. There’s not much else left to tax.

Better stock up on booze and baccy before the next budget. They’ll be hit very hard indeed.

Time to resurrect all that dusty fermentation equipment…

Lies, damned lies and governments

Today I managed to get to the post office. It’s actually a corner of the counter in Local Shop but it works. Once again I had to use the battery booster to start the car (that was a damn good buy) because we’ve been iced in for almost a week. I mean properly iced in, you couldn’t stand out there, never mind drive down a steep driveway.

I still have that court case to deal with. Third summons, the first two were adjourned, and I had to send back an acceptance form within seven days again. They don’t seem to realise that outside Glasgow, roads can be impassable for days at a time. This time the case is in May. Really puts me off offering any information in the future, the crash I witnessed was a year last August and this is still going on. The poor bugger probably wishes he hadn’t survived it now. My only testimony is dashcam video which I’ve given them, I really can’t see what they expect me to add to that.

I am getting a lot of strange tales from America, some stuff about it being a corporation that can only be dissolved if there is no president and a hell of a lot of very big money links. Something else about starting a war with China but provoking China into throwing the first punch. It fits together, it’s logical, there is a coherent story, would make a pretty decent novel, yet I would have scoffed it away as pure tinhat foilery in any other year. This year, if aliens landed on my lawn expecting screams of terror, all they’d get is ‘Oh hi, would you like a cup of tea?’ So I’ll wait and see what happens. Currently, if Biden tore off his mask to reveal he was Jimmy Savile and Harris unmasked herself as Elvis, I’d barely raise an eyebrow. Well, just over a week to go to find out what’s happening over there, if anything.

The UK government is, as usual, lying through its teeth. Well, is there a government in the world that isn’t? They all talk utter bollocks, they seem to think that’s their job and if you think they give the slightest shit about you, just count how many they send into wars they start but never fight. You are an entry on a spreadsheet, nothing more. Easily deleted, easily replaced.

Mad Hancock told Parliament that vitamin D had no effect on Covid back in October. He told them he had commissioned a study that had shown this. Now it appears no such study ever existed. Hancock lied. He wasn’t mistaken. He wasn’t misled. He lied.

We are under increasing levels of lockdown. If we ever get out of it we will be whiter than Nosferatu. There won’t be any racism left because every molecule of melanin will have been drained out of absolutely everyone until we are all the Glass People, skins transparent so you can see the guts inside. Think how much the NHS will save on X-rays, they’ll just get you to stand in front of a window.

This lack of sunlight means you are going to be seriously short of vitamin D. Never mind Covid, vit D does a lot more than that. It’s involved in the immune response to all kinds of diseases, it’s involved in calcium transport (vit D deficiency causes rickets) and it has many more jobs to do.

It’s very cheap. A year’s supply costs less than a tenner even at 4000 IU. It takes a lot to overdose on it. You’d really have to try very, very hard. In combination with zinc and vitamin C and either quercetin, quinine or hydroxychloroquine, it can render you very resistant to any kind of virus and a lot of other infections too.

Here in the north of Scotland we don’t see much sun over winter, and going outside often risks more – broken bones from falling on black ice, for example. So I take vitamin D washed down with orange juice. I take zinc, carefully, it can interfere with iron absorption to the point of anaemia if you overdo it. And I have quercetin and also quinine in tonic. I’d like to get ivermectin just in case but I have heard about it for so long as an agricultural veterinary drug for parasites. I’m still coming to terms with the idea that it can be used in humans. I’ve only just heard about that. We use it on sheep here. That’s an additional squint-eye from me.

So, the vaccine is rolling out. The vaccine that does not prevent you catching or spreading Covid and therefore will make no difference to lockdowns or masks or any of the rest of it. It will make one difference. It will make those involved in the vaccine a lot richer. That’s it. That’s all it does. Because that is its purpose.

And so. we will have to show papers to prove we have been vaccinated against something that is less deadly than measles. Conspiracy theory, right? Haven’t our own goverments said this will never be implemented? You trust them, surely?

Well of course. Government is there to look after you.


The One World Religion

It’s a little-talked-about aspect of the New World Order, Great Reset and all those other ‘conspiracy theories’ the WHO, UN, WEF, Boris and even the next King Charles have been telling us all about. Today, Boris has told ‘Covid conspiracy theorists’ to ‘grow up’. That’s right – those who have been saying the virus is being used for political ends, that the first lockdown was just a taster, are still being called ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Boris on the other hand, is simply doing what he assured us he would not do, and what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ predicted would happen. At this point, those ‘conspiracy theorists’ are a far more reliable source of what’s coming than the government.

What’s coming isn’t very nice. The NHS doesn’t like heretics who question their Holy Pronouncements. Mad Hancock and others have suggested that ‘Covid deniers’ and ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ should be prosecuted. There’s that heresy again.

An increasing number of health professionals are declining the new mRNA vaccines. These are now ‘anti-vaxxers’. Really? I rather suspect that those workiing in the medical field, like those of us in microbiology, get a lot of vaccinations. It’s a hell of a risk working in an infectious environment without them. A doctor won’t know who might one day walk into his surgery with something nasty, just as I never knew what was in the contaminated samples I tested until I had the results. Results could take days.

These medics are not ‘anti-vaxxers’ and neither am I. We are merely anti-experimental-procedure-without-sufficient-safety-data-using-a-technique-devised-in-the-mind-of-a-lunatic.

Tried and tested vaccines, fine. Something banged tgether in Bill Gates’s shed in a matter of months, using an entirely new procedure never before tried in humans, not so fine. The Oxford vaccine at least uses standard vaccine technology, but they’ve inserted Covid spike protein into an adenovirus. From there it’s business as usual. (Adenovirus is one of the viruses that cause the common cold so this won’t give you Covid but it might give you a cold).

But I have banged on about the mRNA nonsense enough. This is about the One World Religion. It’s all part of it. It looked like they weren’t ready to start on that yet. I had assumed it would be the Church of Climatology and the Green God vs. Satanic Carbon. It might yet morph into that.

It was when they announced the return of Thursday night clapping that something clicked. This came about just as anyone who questioned the official narrative was labelled heretic. Last time it was ‘clap for the NHS’. This time it’s ‘clap for heroes’. I have never done either, it would be an entirely futile gesture out here unless I clapped into a massive amplifier. Also, I never saw the point.

Vaccine rollout has begun. Anyone refusing the vaccine is an ‘anti-vaxxer’ even if, like me, they’ve been vaxxed up to the eyeballs with pretty much anything else. Anyone questioning the official narrative is a ‘Covid denier’ even those of us who are quite aware that this is a real and nasty virus. Question the masks (which don’t work) or the lockdowns (ditto) and you are denying the very existence of viruses entirely.

Sound familiar? It’s just like ‘Climate denier’ shouted at the climate heretics. I suspect it’s the same people doing this.

One of many things Communism always gets wrong is the eradication of religion. I’ve never felt the need for one but many, many people do. People find comfort in the certain knowledge that they are right about their beliefs. They find comfort in believing there is a higher power looking after them, whether it’s God or Allah or Shiva or Odin or whichever. Even the atheists have meetings, which I’ve always found odd. Why meet to deny the existence of something nobody can prove exists? It’s the grouping of likeminded people – they’ll hate me for calling it a ‘religion’ but come on guys, you have meetings and all agree on something ethereal and shout down heretics. It’s the same.

It’s that grouping that matters. Like-minded people who believe the same thing coming together and feeling stronger in the group. It’s something totalitarian regimes of the past understood very well. Give them hope, let them believe in a deity who will someday come to save them and they’ll put up with anything.

Now I’m not saying religion is a bad thing. I’m an apathist, I don’t care about any gods. I do, however, understand that the belief gives a lot of people comfort and I would never try to take that from them. Besides, there’s only one way to find out which religion, if any, is right and I’m in no hurry.

Religion, however, has been used as a tool of control since the dawn of mankind. All you need do is call yourself the messenger of a particular god, be sufficiently convincing and you have control. I covered this kind of thing a long time ago in ‘Fear the Witch, for it is you‘.

Communism takes away that comforting religion. You have to treat the State as a god and it clearly isn’t. It’s full of people and not very nice people, usually. Anyone with any religion would look at that and think ‘That’s not God. That’s Satan.’

Someone in this New World Order game has realised this and decided to institute a One World Religion. You can call it tinhat foilery if you like. That’s actually a badge of honour these days, the tinfoil brigade have been rather good at predictions in recent times. Someone, somewhere, realised that most people, most by far, need some kind of hope, some comfort, something to let them believe their miserable, oppressed lives have purpose and that there will be a reward at the end of it.

However, none of the current religions will do. Muslims are not going to convert to Shintoism. Christians are not going to convert to Judaism. Buddhists will never consent to being Pagan. Any attempt to force one of the current religions into dominance is going to lead to a very messy and violent war. It has to be something new. Something proven. Something that offers what no religion offers. The true face of a god.

Now here’s the thing. It can’t be human. If Jesus reappeared, that only affects Christians. If the Mahdi appears, that only affects Muslims. Likewise for the messiah of any religion. This has to be something entirely new and unconnected to any existing religion.

Hence Thursday. Friday belongs to Islam, Saturday to Judaism, Sunday to Christianity. The holy day has to be separate from all of them. Clap for hte NHS. Clap for the heroes. Clap for the vaccinators. Clap for the Saviour…

Who is it?

Well, it was entirely coincidental, of course, that the Pentagon started releasing blurry images of alleged UFOs just as this started. Just as War and Pestilence stalked the land. Just as the Mark of the Beast is being issued to those who want to live and work in the New Normal. You don’t have the vaccine, you don’t get to live. Famine is coming, and Death is all saddled up.

No. I do not believe in the End Times but there are those who do and they are in positions where they can make it happen, or at least appear to be happening.

Are aliens coming? We are in the age of CGI where the screen can make you believe that blue alien giants live on a world where land floats in the air. We are at the point where you can make a video that looks exactly like someone giving a speech even though that person isn’t there. You can ‘re-face’ videos with other people’s faces just for fun and it’s very realistic.

They don’t need Ra to be real. They don’t need Odin or Christ or Hu Gadarn to be real. The technology exists to make you believe they are. Or any new alien ‘god’ that has come to save you.

We’ve long been conditioned to wait for a saviour so we don’t have to bother saving ourselves. Jesus was replaced by Spiderman, Batman, Superman, a host of others. You don’t need to do anything, just wait for the hero. The bad news is, there really isn’t one. You want to be saved, save yourselves. Stop clapping. You are the hero, if you can face it.

Okay, full Alcan headgear time. I am going to predict that there will be an ‘alien invasion’ by those who identify as all the gods of all religions, and that it will happen at 8 pm on a Thursday. They will unite believers into a One World Religion and heretics will be dealt with. Then they will go home, leaving selected New Popes in charge.

With current technology, considering the sophistication of what is available to the public and extrapolating to the technology that isn’t… this would be a breeze.

Show the Mark

There has been much brushing off of Covid ‘passports’ as merely more tinhat foilery. Yet, in Australia, Quantas have already declared you are not getting on their planes without proof of vaccination. To their rare credit, Ryanair will impose no such restriction. So far.

In America, Dr. Faust has insisted that mandatory vaccination for travel is not off the table. The UK government has said it has no plans for a Covid passport but has commissioned two pilot schemes to see how it could work. Quite a few companies, worldwide, are going to demand proof of vaccination as a condition of employment. Others are not making it compulsory but offering bonuses to those who accept it.

There is a really hard push to implement this. Why? Money, mostly.

This is the equivalent of ‘we just want a nonsmoking area in restaurants’. It’s the foot in the door. You know, surely, that mandatory medication will not be just this one vaccine, right?

It isn’t going to stop there. The first thing you will notice about your shiny new Covid passport is that it has multiple blank pages where the next vaccine, the next medication, the next drug you need to be ‘safe to travel’ can be stamped in. Oh, it’s ‘for the safety of other people’ now. This is no different to the old ‘for the cheeldren’ mantra. It’s bollocks. If the vaccine works you can’t catch the disease even if nobody else is vaccinated. Any other response means you know the vaccine doesn’t work – so why did you get it?

This virus is less deadly than flu and far, far less deadly than measles and many other diseases. So why compulsory vaccination just for this one? It’s that foot in the door. You accept compulsory vaccination for this one, and next thing you hear is ‘Oh but this and this and this are even more dangerous, you have to be compulsory vaccinated against them too. And you need blood pressure control and sugar level control and cholesterol control and…” The list will never end.

New Scientist spotted this several decades ago. There is no money in curing disease. There is endless money in treating disease. Type 2 diabetes? Lose weight, change your diet, it’ll go away as long as you haven’t completely wrecked your pancreas. Type 1 doesn’t, I’m afraid. You’re born with that one. Ah but it’s so much better to live on your preferred pizza and chocolate diet and also take these pills. High blood pressure? Stop watching the news for a start. That’ll help. Ah, but you can flob out in front of the TV with a beer and some pills. Keep watching TV. Keep taking the pills. Watch the profits roll in. Watch the greenbacks tumble.

People imagine that pharmaceutical companies are there to help them. No. They are not. They are there to make money. That is their only goal. You are the ones they make money from, but if they cure you, the money stops flowing.

It is the dream of every pharmer that you will be forced to take their product forever. Sounds bad?

Well, what if McDonald’s or Coca-Cola could persuade government that you had to have at least one Crappy Meal or glass of chemical fizz every day or you won’t be allowed to get on a train? Do you think they’d turn that opportunity down? Of course it won’t happen, they can’t claim any medicinal benefit but if they could…

…then they’d be Pharmers. Feeling ill? We have a treatment for that. You’ll have to take it forever but it will improve your life (note that in some cases of chronic illness this is true). Nowadays it’s ‘Not feeling ill? We have a test to see if you are,’ and so many dopey fuckers have fallen for it. Pharmer boardroom cleaners must be sick of cleaning laughter piss off chairs. How the hell did non-sick people get convinced they have to be tested for something when they’re not sick at all?

It was the ‘asymptomatic spread’ which has now been repeatedly shown to be not a thing at all. The ‘masks protect others from you’ when they actually achieve nothing and even if they did, if you don’t feel ill you aren’t spreading anything. If you are ill with a virus the mask won’t stop it anyway.

People are now demanding a vaccine that the makers say won’t stop them getting the disease, won’t stop them spreading it, but might make their experience a little less uncomfortable.

I have been vaccinated against tetanus, polio, so many other things. They all promise a good chance of me not getting the disease at all and if I do, it’ll be trivial. They promise I won’t be spreading it. The only exception was rabies vaccine which only promised it would give me enough time to get to a hospital. Since rabies makes Covid look like a bit of a sniffle, I took those odds.

Now, Pharmers are immune to prosecution in a way you could only hope to be from any disease. They don’t care if it’s safe. They don’t care if it kills more of you than the disease it’s supposed to prevent. Neither do their shareholders. It’s not going to cost them anything if the vaccine for a 99% survivable virus has a 99% kill rate. Not. One. Penny.

Do not imagine that the business of pharmacology cares about your health. They care about money. Nothing else. You are going to need the Mark of the Beast to do anything soon, the proof that you have taken the Pharmer dose of this week’s drug.

You are of course free to scoff and ignore me, and I genuinely hope you are right to do so.

But you aren’t.


I haven’t run a competition for ages. There is a line in an old song in there. Band and song name, year for a bonus mystery gift. If you find it I’ll send you three books of your choice from Leg Iron Books.

The Tiers of a Clown

There are four tiers of lockdown in England. Clearly designed by an evil clown who would make Pennywise gasp in awe. I think it’s much the same all over the UK. Note that there is no ‘tier zero’, no ‘zero risk’ or ‘mild risk’ tiers either.

Also note the numbering. Normally, the highest risk would be labelled ‘1’ and it would count down from there. That would have enabled a gradual easing of restrictions by adding more tiers at the bottom. Instead, they are numbered from the bottom up. That does not allow easing of restrictions at all, but it does allow increasing restrictions by adding more tiers at the top.

Nobody can convince me that this is accidental. I expect to see Tier 5 in January. I also expect to see at least one ‘new strain’ with added superpowers soon after the New Year. There are new strains all the time with any coronavirus, indeed any RNA virus will throw up a few viable new mutations every month. It’s very rare for any virus to produce a more vicious strain, they always tend to produce milder and milder strains. This is as much in the interests of the virus as the host.

Ebola doesn’t get far. It kills its hosts very rapidly and in very horrible ways. It has not mutated into a milder strain, maybe it can’t. Because of its effect, people isolate those infected very strictly, which limits its spread.

A virus such as a coronavirus can produce far less nasty forms. Eventually it will add to the huge list of respiratory viruses that cause colds. There’ll never be a vaccine against the common cold because so many different types of viruses cause it – and because a cold isn’t really a big deal for almost everyone.

In that state, two things happen. The weak variant spreads like crazy because it’s not really doing any harm to its host. It’s just a nuisance. The other thing is – getting the weak variant is very likely to give you immunity to the nasty variants. This means the nasty variants gradually disappear, but the virus continues to survive as the weak variant.

Sooner or later, another virus that causes a weak response in bats or birds or pigs or whatever produces a mutation that can jump to another species, such as humans. The new host hasn’t seen this one before so the infection makes a hell of a mess. The seriously ill hosts are isolated by the rest of the potential hosts which, for a non-mutating or slow-mutating virus, means that bout of infection dies away until the next host-jump.

However, a fast-mutating virus can produce weaker forms of itself that don’t cause enough harm to get the host isolated, and if the virus gets it absolutely right, the host won’t even realise it’s there. Those ‘perfect parasites’ already exist. They reproduce so slowly and do so little damage that the host doesn’t even notice them. Retroviruses can insert themselves into the host genome and stay dormant in there for years, reproducing along with host DNA whenever the host cell replicates. Some, like HIV, will reactivate years later and cause AIDS. Some don’t. If they get into the reproductive organs they might never need to come back out of that DNA ever again, they will be in every cell of the host’s offspring and part of the host DNA forever. It’s the ultimate free ride.

But I digress. I’ll try to stay out of lecturer mode.

There will always be new strains of any coronavirus. Always. The ‘tier’ system is set up to escalate, never to de-escalate. This game is far from over. In fact, it is set up in such a way that it will never end. It cannot end. There is no end point. The game board is a circle.

And yet this virus is not even in the running for an Armageddon Virus. Well over 99% of those who get it survive. By far, most of those who get it are getting anything from a bad flu to a mild cold. Sure, it’s not nice, but unless you are very old or have a serious illness already, it’s really not likely to kill you. If you already have a heart condition, diabetes or respiratory problems, keep away from it – but then, if you are in any of the risk groups, you should already be keeping away from seasonal flu. It kills a hell of a lot of people too.

Strangely, not this year. Flu has almost disappeared.

Another thing struck me as odd. Every winter the news is full of images of hospitals overrun with patients. Waiting in corridors, on beds in corridors,and the famously faked ‘child on the floor’ photo. This year… dance videos. Yes, they’ve started up again. Not just the UK, they are coming from all over the place.

Well, brace yourselves. This is not going to go away ever. Not even after you have that vaccine that has already been stated won’t stop you catching it or spreading it. So it’s really not a vaccine, now is it?

There’s also a small matter – every coronavirus vaccine that has been tried, has failed. Every one of them simply primed the vaccinated for an extremely, and often fatal, reaction to the virus.

A proper vaccine, the real deal, will give you a better than 50% chance of not getting sick at all and if you do, it’ll reduce the severity because your immune system is ready for it. Some, like measles, you only need one shot. Others, like tetanus, you need a ‘booster’ every few years to remind your immune system about it. These work. Smallpox vaccines worked extremely well. Hepatitis vaccines work. Tuberculosis, polio, these and many others work.

Coronavirus vaccines have not only never worked, they have always made subsequent infection far, far worse. And yet this is the one, totally experimental using a technique never before approved for use in humans, that they want to make compulsory? Well I’m not taking it.

No travel on public transport without a vaccine? Out here there isn’t any so… *shrug*. No entry to pubs or restaurants without a vaccine? They’re shutting those down very efficiently anyway.

Compulsory medication, any smoker will tell you, is that ‘It’s just a nonsmoking area in restaurants, that’s all’. “It’ll just be this one” is the foot in the door. There is no limit once the principle is established. As with the ever-expanding smoking bans, it’s for your own good. It’s for your safety. It’s for your health and those around you. How can you possibly object? Think of the cheeeldren.

I am thinking of the children. Specifically mine. I do not want them to have to live in Panoptica, but that is where this is heading. No family. No friends. Go to work. After work go back to your storage box you call home. No socialising. Eat as directed. Take this medication as directed. A hundred grams overweight, you can’t get the bus. Walk to the next stop and try again. No private transport. No privacy at all. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Because you’ll be drugged into oblivion with compulsory medication.

Oh I am indeed thinking of the children. The world we are creating for them now is a horror Clive Barker wouldn’t have come up with, and he came up with some truly terrifying visions.

You may now start calling me ‘tinfoil-hatter’. I don’t care any more. I tried to tell people about the reality of climate change and so many other things. It’s now too late to get ready for it, if you haven’t already. You can call me ‘anti-vaxxer’ even though I’ve had vaccinations against things you don’t know exist as part of my job. This year I had a letter telling me to go for my flu jab. I’ve had so many vaccinations my arm looks like the edge of a stamp but I’m not getting that one.

I’m not getting the covid one either. If that means I’m no longer part of society well, I’m a smoker. Society threw me out over a decade ago. No big deal.

I take vit D, 4000 IU, zinc, quercetin, quinine in tonic water and peppermint oil daily (that last one is for unstable guts and it seems to be working). I do not get flu, I rarely get colds.

Make of that what you will.

It’s very simple

So there is much hoo-hah about how shop workers have kept going through this alleged pandemic while public sector workers are happy with lockdown and want more of it.

The public sector is terrified of Covid. Aldi, Tesco and all the rest aren’t bothered. Why is that?

It’s very simple. The public sector is at home on full pay. That will change soon. Why? Because the private sector is dying. The small businesses that pay all that tax to keep the public sector going is dying. There will be no money for the next budget. It’s all going to collapse. It’s inevitable. Nobody in government is even trying to stop it.

The private sector is at home on 80% pay, coming from the taxes the private sector pay, plus massive government borrowing. This is total economic collapse in the making. You might be happy now, you might be home on full pay, but when the shit hits the fan (and it will) what will you do then? Do you have a generator, a private water supply, the means to catch and grow food? I do, I saw this coming but nobody wanted to hear it. And I didn’t even go all Icke on you. No lizard people, just evil humans. Well it’s too late now.

Why are shop workers apparently immune? Ah, they aren’t. Some have come down with the covid virus, been sick for a while and gone back to work. They are not in the same boat as those on an annual salary.

Shop workers are paid an hourly rate. Not an annual salary, where the money coming in every month is the same whether you turn up or not. On the hourly rate, if you aren’t at work you don’t get paid. If you want sick leave you need a doctor’s note, not just a ‘positive test’ and absolutely not an ‘I am scared’.

The unions could call strikes over ‘safe working conditions’ if they really believed it was unsafe. The haven’t and won’t because then they”d have to pay the strikers. So much more profitable to rake in those subs and let the taxpayer take the hit.

Unfortunately the taxpayers are being eradicated fast. Most of them are the small businesses the lockdowners are determined to destroy. We’ll be left with the big corporations who pay no tax. What then?

Well, you know, it’s pretty much done. It’s far too late to worry about it now, far too late to bother with telling anyone what ‘climate change’ and ‘the pandemic’ really mean. They love it, they love to be eternally terrified and in America, they will perpetuate it because Trump. No logic or reason is required.

Let it go. Let them have their new Wiemar republic. Let them experience it for themselves and let the survivors work out a new way. If they have any sense left it’ll be pretty much like the old way, the way that worked for millienia before the meddlers started.

There will, however, probably be some nasty stuff in between. There usually is.

More vaccine stuff

The Christmas book is complete, authors who opted to be paid in books should receive them soon. I am getting notifications of despatch from Amazon and you will probably find your books arriving in more than one box. It’s happened before, I once ordered 36 copies of an anthology for distribution (before I found out Amazon will send them direct) and that order arrived on one van in 36 boxes. The poor bloody driver had to scan every one.

Currently I am engaged in avoiding filling in my tax return. I really couldn’t stomach giving those wasters anything at all this year. So, unlike previous years, I am ignoring not one penny of allowable expenditure. Everything I can legitimately claim for is going in there. Down to the last postage stamp. If I’m lucky I might even get a rebate on the tax on my pension.

The spectacle of Mad Hancock pretending to cry on television when he was in fact clearly trying not to laugh, his appearances in Parliament where he is openly lying and again, clearly trying not to laugh, are frankly disgusting. You might find it all very amusing, mate, but we don’t. Tar and feathers is the gentlest of the fates I have thought of for you. If you’ve ever read Michael Moorcock’s books you might recall Dr. Jest. That’s what I have in mind.

Twenty years of research has not produced a vaccine against any coronavirus. Every one that looked promising ended up causing far more damage to the vaccinated than the virus could ever do to the unvaccinated. Autoimmune disease. Pathogenic priming, in which the vaccinated immune system subsequently goes into overdrive when faced with the wild virus and inflames the entire body. Every damn time.

This time they have ‘solved’ that problem by skipping most of the tests. If you take the vaccine, you are the test. You are the experimental animal. And it’s for money, and you won’t be getting any. Mad Hancock and his sidekicks Shitty and the Valeyard stand to profit massively from this. You are going to suffer but it doesn’t matter as long as they profit.

Would your government really do this to you? How many died as a result of the war in Iraq based on ‘we know he has chemical weapons, we have the receipts’? The so-called justification for that war was bollocks. How many terrorist attacks have they glossed over as ‘oh, he was a bit nuts’? How many young girls were serially raped while they arrested the fathers for trying to stop it? You really think the government gives a shit about you? If so, you are deluded. You are cattle to them. You are a source of profit, nothing more.

Face it. Your government does not care about you. They care about getting rich and if that means some of you have to die, well that’s just collateral damage. It does not matter which party you support, it does not matter which one is currently in charge. In this respect they are identical. They do not care about you.

The mRNA vaccine model is beyond useless. It is actually dangerous. Did you notice that even after vaccination you’ll still need masks and social distancing and lockdowns, and that the vaccine does not make you immune to catching and spreading the virus? Did you notice the sudden appearance of ‘mutant covid’ as the vaccines appeared? If (ha!) the vaccine doesn’t work, if you get horrible side effects, well then you have ‘mutant covid’ and it’s not the fault of the vaccine. Here, have a new vaccine against our new virus. You’ll still need the masks and everything else because this doesn’t work either. Ker-ching!

On the other side we have the anti-vaxxers. I’ve been called one because I don’t want to take an experimental and probably very dangerous injection, but I’ve had so many needles in my arm it would probably rip off like a stamp. All the vaccines I’ve taken were based on proven science, all were thoroughly tested before release, and all were created before the Pharmers were given immunity from prosecution. I’m fine with all of them.

Oh but the anti-vaxxers are claiming that the vaccines contain aborted foetus cells. They might. The only way to grow a virus is in living cells, and if it’s a human virus then you need to grow it in human cells. Short of strapping someone down and infecting them, the best way is cell culture and the longest running human cell cultures either come from cancers or from aborted foetuses. The cancer lines are not normal cells so of course they go for the foetal cell lines.

It’s unlikely there are any entire cells in the final preparation but there might be bits. So, the anti-vax argument goes that injecting an extra X chromosome is the reason that so many boys want to be girls now.

Yeah, I had to do a double take too.

Even if a thousand intact X chromosomes made it into the vaccine, their presence in an entire body is so infinitesimal as to be irrelevant. They will have no effect. They will not be incorporated into cells. It does not matter at all.

The reason so many boys want to be girls now, and vice versa, is pressure groups forcing this nonsense on them. Sure, there are real transgender people but not very many. There are real hermaphrodite humans too, but not very many. And sure, they should be respected for who they are but pushing it on others is trans-evangelism. You are you. We don’t all want to be you.

This rubbish distracts from the real problems with this new and entirely experimental vaccine. Which are firstly that it clearly will not work and is not intended to. Its only purpose is to make money. Secondly that it is just the beginning of a roll out of more and more vaccines that will not work.

Thirdly, that it is very dangerous indeed. It is almost a guaranteed autoimmune disease and past research on coronavirus vaccines are clear that vaccination makes the subsequent infection far, far worse. All those vaccines have ever done is make money for those producing them. Now that the Pharmers are immune from prosecution, ask yourself whether safety or profit is their main motivation. They have nothing to fear if their vaccine kills millions.

I will not be taking the vaccine. Call me all the names you want and take the vaccine if you want.

I’ve stopped arguing with the Church of Climatology. It’s time to stop arguing with the Church of Covid.

Enjoy your End of Days.