Calling in souls

There was an enjoyable film called ‘Wishmaster’ some years ago. There was also a sequel. Maybe more.

In this film, a Djinn was released into the world by an unsuspecting person and it was to grant them three wishes. On the granting of the third wish, the rest of the Djinn would be free to take this world. That’s the basic plot.

Of course, Djinn aren’t in any way friendly so if you wish for a million dollars, you’ll get it when a relative dies after naming you as beneficiary on their insurance. There’s always a catch.

The Djinn can also grant wishes to others, just one wish, and it seems to be free. It’s not.

When you accept the proceeds of the wish, you grant the Djinn your soul. The Djinn will call that in later.

That’s the film, it’s fiction, it’s fun and it’s not real. It’s a Hollywood take on an ancient legend. It doesn’t happen in real life.

Does it?

Suppose you believe yourself at either extreme of a scale. Righteously privileged, allowing you to call others privileged and lay your guilt on them. Or feeling oppressed and playing victim.

Suppose you get all the support you need from a benefactor who asks nothing in return, only that you believe in what they want you to believe.

Free wishes, and they come true. Who could say no? Hardly anyone did.

The souls are being called in. Hollywood is first. I didn’t expect that. I thought Islam would be first. It makes sense though. Keeping the Hollywood wishes going is expensive and they really aren’t useful any more. Nobody is listening now. Islam costs very little really, they do it anyway, you just have to let them. You can’t not listen. They keeel you! Except… Islam has accepted the wish of the Djinn. They don’t know it yet.

Even there, Islam is not getting such an easy ride any more. Ire is rising and the protection is pulling back. Those souls are not yet ripe for collection. They get a bit more time.

The LGBTXYZ(runes)(numbers) movement is done. It’s fragmenting under pressure to accept insanities like 57 varieties of gender and paedonormalisation. Real gay people are abandoning it in droves while police and fire services embrace the rainbow. Which, like the word ‘gay’, meant something different and innocuous in my lifetime.

We can now be arrested for saying all of that if anyone, anywhere, defines it as hate speech. What will that do? It’ll drive us to TOR and underground and eventually spark another civil war. Is that what you want?

Trump seems to be a spanner in the works. As does the Austrian election result. They are not. They are all part of the plan. Hilarious Clinton was never going to win, I mean, come on, even Democrat voters know she’s a shrieking psycho harpy. The Democrats never intended to win or they would have put up a potential president, not a lunatic.

Likewise in the UK, if Labour really wanted to win, who is the worst possible leader they could have chosen? Jerry Cordite, the IRA’s cheerleader dancing with short skirt and pom-poms.

I know, it’s a horrible image to put in your head. But it’s nearly Halloween and you might be looking for dress-up ideas.

Our alternative was Tessie Maybe, the authoritarian ex-Home Secretary who emasculated the police, who wanted a DNA database of everyone and who wanted total control of the internet. She still wants those things.

Same thing in the US. You want straw haired fat boy or the banshee from hell? That’s your choice. Vote. Not the best of choices, was it?

Ah, poor Hilary. Sounding more and more like a whining loser every day. They say the Clintons’ enemies are suddenly found as suicides. So are those your bosses no longer need, Hilary. Did you think you were in the top rank? Really? Bohemian Grove is no place for a woman. Just saying…

Inconvenient people often commit suicide, don’t they? It happens all over the place.

They say the ones at the top, the mysterious ‘them’, are all Satanists. I don’t think Satan exists, at least not in the Biblical sense. But they do believe and they base their actions on that belief.

It’s not Satan, real or imaginary, that is dangerous. It’s the people who believe he is.

Halloween is coming. Samheim. An important date for these people. And the soul collecting is accelerating. LGBT(whatever) is fragmenting and is supportive of, while being diametrically opposite to, Islam (apart from the baby-fucking part which even the BBC thinks is justifiable). Right wing governments are taking control all over the place. Islam is not so well defended by the idiot progressives. The protected gays are fragmenting. Feminism is being broken by radical transgerderism. The darker skinned people are determined to bring hate upon themselves. Chaos is coming.

It’s all been set up. All of it. All part of the plan. Nobody panics when it’s all part of the plan.

But now, if you were part of the plan, it’s payback time. They’re calling you in.

Harvey? He was just the beginning.

Does that sound like someone hinted at this before?



The Spanish Acquisition

So the Catalan people remain Spanish, whether they like it or not. We’ll never know how much they don’t like it because the Spanish Robocop brigade have been stealing the ballot boxes. Spain has just invaded its own country and taken control of its own territory, using violence. That’s a tough one to get your head around.

Sure, I have heard that this referendum was not legally approved but really, all that means is that the Spanish government could ignore the result. There was no justification for sending in Stormtroopers to beat up people trying to vote. No distinction either – if someone planned to vote ‘no’ to independence they were beaten up anyway. I bet that changed their minds. If that vote ever takes place there won’t be any doubt about the result. Not now that the Spanish police have shown they are no better than a legal version of Antifa.

There are no videos showing riots by the people. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any, of course, but I haven’t seen any. All the violence came from the riot police. You aren’t supposed to start riots, guys. Read the manual again.

They beat up people standing with their hands up, they beat up old women and they even beat up fire brigade personnel who were trying to protect people from the police. No doubt the police all went home well satisfied with their actions and looking forward to the next time they are called upon to don full armour and beat the shit out of unarmed civilians.

I have heard the counter arguments, mostly involving Mrs. Thatcher ‘using the police against miners etc’ but that’s hardly the same thing as using the police to attack a queue of voters. The Catalans weren’t blockading anything, they didn’t threaten anyone’s fuel supplies, they didn’t threaten anyone at all. They were just in line to vote.

This is the Spanish government using Spanish thugs dressed in armour to attack people voting on something the Spanish government could have just ignored. Declare the ballot illegal and the result is not binding on the government.

Of course, the likelihood is that the vote would have come out in favour of independence and that would have been almost as embarrassing for the government as being seen to be no more than a mob with hired thugs. Still, there was always the possibility of a ‘no’ vote. It could have gone that way.

It won’t now.

Pass the ashtray.

In conversation with @RooBeeDoo1 on Twitter, she made an interesting point. With the threat of imminent nuclear war, why does anyone give a shit about smoking/drinking/salt/fat/sugar or anything else?

Nuclear war is the ultimate equality machine. It doesn’t matter what colour or creed you are when we can each fit into an ashtray as identical piles of glowing grey dust.

Currently, Donnie Trumpton and Kim Wrong-Un are indulging in a session of nuclear powered willie-waving that is escalating rapidly. Kim Wrong-Un is likely to fire the first shot. It’ll probably be over some hairstyle insult or something equally trivial. I don’t think Trump is nuts enough to fire first (Wrong-Un definitely is) but I’m sure that first shot will be followed by a hell of a lot of return shots.

It’ll be the first time in many years that North Korea will be lit up at night.

What then? Well, China and Russia won’t like having a luminous neighbour on their border. And then there’s fallout from any nuclear explosion, which can travel quite some distance on the wind.

If Kim Wrong-Un lands a nuclear bomb halfway up the west coast of America, the fallout will spread over America and probably mostly out into the Pacific. It’s unlikely to involve Canada or Mexico at all.

If Trump lands a nuclear bomb on Pyongyang – there really isn’t much else worth aiming at – the fallout is going to piss off a lot of other countries.They might not become direct allies of the Land of Kimfusion but they aren’t going to be that friendly to America either.

And picking a fight with China and/or Russia has never been a good idea. Pakistan and India aren’t far away and they have nuclear weapons too.

The big concern, as I see it, is not that Kim Wrong-un will start a war – he probably will, he’s nuts enough to think there’ll be a bit of his country left afterwards. No, the big concern is how Donnie Trumpton reacts. If his country is hit with one nuclear bomb, will he respond with ‘Call that a bomb? THIS is a bomb. So is this and this and this’.

He doesn’t need to use nuclear. Most of the people of that country would love to be taken over by capitalists. Or communists. Or even Islam. Any of those would be a vast improvement over what they have now.

I think a lot of the military would be happy to be captured. They can’t just down weapons and not fight because the bowl-haircut in charge will have their families killed. Heck, he does that to people who merely look at his style of government and say ‘Hang on a minute…’

Basically, the only real enemy in that country is Kim Wrong-Un himself. Everyone else, including most of his government, would love to see him erased. He thinks he has support and I’m sure he has a few but really he’s in charge because of layers of terror laid down by his grandfather, then by his father.

Kim Wrong-Un, in reality, nobody likes you at all. They’re all just scared and it only works because you have petty people who love to report other people and nobody can be sure who they are. They worship you because you’ll have them and their families killed if they don’t. No other reason. It’s not loyalty.

Nobody in North Korea knows who they can trust. It’s Orwell’s 1984 in action. Your brother might turn you in to save himself. So everyone has to be very, very careful. The slightest doubt in the regime can get you imprisoned or killed. People have been publicly executed for making international phone calls or watching a Hollywood movie.

Nuke them, and they might rally behind their flag. Invade and they might welcome you.

At the moment, the North Korean soldier fights because his family are at risk from his own leader if he doesn’t. The American soldier fights for flag and country. Not for the President, so don’t think they are bowing to Trump or to Obama or any other president. There is a big difference in motivation there.

Of course it’s not that simple. If America invades, China and Russia will not want an American base on their doorstep. They might resist, not to save Wrong-un but to defend their borders. Wrong-un will see it as support for his regime but they don’t care about him. They just don’t want Patriot missiles that close.

So a ground invasion might not be such a good idea either.

Trump is in a very difficult place. Nukes will piss off every country around North Korea, a ground invasion will worry Russia and China. There are only two real options.

A targeted strike to take out Kim Wrong-Un and his inner cabal, or…

Get China to deal with it. Russia won’t touch it and the North Koreans are more likely to welcome a Chinese takeover than anyone else.

So far, China doesn’t seem interested.

Which is unfortunate. With a few tanks and well-aimed missiles, they could stop World War Three before it starts.

Even so, with all this going on, why are Western governments obsessed with smoking, vaping etc?

Smoke ’em if you got ’em. You might not have to worry about any long term effects.



Daily Mail demands a police state

The video of my chat with Frank Davis is online but I’ll wait until he posts the link before posting it here. It was his idea and his hard work that went into it and I’m not going to steal the glory. I do need to get a proper webcam though, doing that with a handheld tablet was no fun.

[Update: Frank has now posted Part One]

The anthology progresses. I have five stories so far, one of them from a new author you haven’t read before and who has also sent in an impressively big novel. There’s a steady stream coming in now, it looks so far as if this publishing idea is taking off.

Enough digression. Time to get to the horror of Parsons Green. A Lidl bag! In Parsons Green? How can this be? Yeah okay, time to get serious.

It appears that an 18 year old arse planted the bomb, at least that’s who has been arrested for it. He is apparently a real twat of a teenager, his foster parents have given up on him and yes, he is an immigrant. Is he Muslim? The Mail didn’t say and at this stage I don’t know.

ISIS have claimed the attack as one of theirs but those camel fuckers claim responsibility if you cut yourself shaving. An ISIS claim means nothing any more. So, Muslim extremist or just a nasty little bastard, the coin is still in the air on that one.

The police arrested this teen plonker two weeks earlier but then released him. The Mail is incensed! Why did they not lock him up there and then?

Well, because he hadn’t blown anything up then. Whatever he was arrested for, he was either not guilty or the police didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute. They certainly had no evidence he was planning to bomb a train or they would definitely have held on to him – and searched the house, found the bomb and stopped the attack before it happened.

The police have now raided the house he lived in. Why didn’t they raid it before? Well because they had no evidence on which to base a raid before. That’s how it works here. This is not Nazi Germany.

Do you really want the police to be able to raid homes without having to get a warrant, which requires at least some evidence? Seriously, do you really want a police force with that kind of power? That is going down a very, very dark road.

The Scottish Daily Mail, which doesn’t seem to be online, has a front page headline ‘Internet giants with blood on their hands’ and claims Tessie May will order (yes, order) websites like Google to clamp down on extremists. That is, they must not let anyone find instructions on how to make one of these bombs or any other form of weaponry online.

Leaving aside the small matter that most of the big Internet search engines are American and not under Tessie’s jurisdiction, ignoring the undernet that the Chinese use to get past their country’s strict controls, pretending that proxy servers don’t exist…

This is the authoritarian Internet censorship that Tessie Maybe has striven for for many years. She loves having a reason to take control of the Internet. Porn and paedos didn’t get her there so it’s no surprise she’s trying again using terrorism.

And once she has the tip of that wedge in, it’s sledgehammer time.

All these new security powers, all these controls, say that terrorism is winning. Terrorism works. We are caving in and giving up all our freedoms to a dictatorship and that is what terrorists want.

It’s also what the control freaks in government – of all rosettes – want and the terrorists are handing it to them.

They are not scaring the government. They know that as long as they don’t blow up anyone rich or important, the response of the authorities will be minimal. So they can go out and be murderous bastards and the government love them for it.

Terrorism gives government the excuse they crave for deeper and harder control over all of us. Police who can kick in your door at dawn with no evidence. An internet so muted that it becomes as much a propaganda machine as the BBC.

And the Daily Mail demands that this all happens.

They are either in on the game or they are unbelievably stupid.





Going to take a while to get to the point. Same as always…

Busy here at the moment. Today was the nicest day since about June and I’m hoping the ground will dry out enough to finish the grass and re-do the weeding. I have a similar problem to the farmer who owns this farm – it gets almost dry, and then it rains again. On the farm, harvesting has been frantic and often continuing into darkness when weather allows. The same goes for baling the straw. Today though, it looked like this –

I didn’t even have to photoshop the blue sky in, like you usually have to with Scottish photos. I did crop out the thunderclouds…

The farm here has no livestock, it’s all wheat and barley. Barley – all grain –  prices are likely to be high this year because a wet harvest means paying more to get the grain dried, but as most of the barley goes to whisky distilleries, they can afford it. The rest gets made into beer.

The wheat is made into flour to make bread, butteries and batter for deep frying. Yeah. Scotland takes your green vegetarian crops and says ‘fuck you pal, we’ll use it to make booze, flat rolls made of fat and deep fried lard’.

I expect to soon be in possession of a grass blade for my scythe. I bought the ditch blade first because I mostly use it in the woods but the mowers can’t cope with long wet grass. The scythe doesn’t care how wet the grass is, it reaps it anyway, But the ditch blade is not designed for lawns so I ordered a grass blade. Basically it’s a 75 cm long razor that I attach to the end of a stick and swing around in the garden. Best keep the dog indoors, she already has short enough legs. I also expect a monsoon as soon as it arrives but I’ll be out there with it, swingin’ in the rain. Like a herbicidal maniac.

It’s time for the quarterly author payments. A little more complex this time because there are more books than last time, but it’ll just take a day or so to sort it out. Better get used to that, there’ll be more books every time. Technically I shouldn’t count the ones I buy to send to authors as part of their contract, nor should I count the ones I buy to give away as advertising, but I’m not going to make it difficult for myself. Those count too.

Okay, finally, to the point.

I have watched with interest the sudden acceleration of the genderless agenda. It’s been ticking along for years now, with ‘I am gay, I am a rug muncher, I shag anyone, I am a woman who is really a dickless man’ and so on. It was harmless, it seemed, and sure, some people genuinely feel they should be the opposite gender to the one they were born with, Nothing wrong with that, it’s how they feel, no problem.

LGBT seemed like a harmless group to those of us (straight white males) who are excluded from every group anyway and who have to cringe while white girlie-men insist we deserve eradication while not taking the initiative themselves…

What happened to ‘the courage of your convictions’, eh? Cowardly bastards.

Now, the LGBT movement has developed its own alphabet and is LGBTZJYMTOLflippityfloppitythingywhatnot with more Q’s than have appeared in all the Bond films so far.

It includes ‘pansexual’ (as in ‘I fuck frogs and badgers’) and there is pressure to include paedos in that group because shagging infants is okay as long as you have a letter and a rainbow flag.

I should maybe mention that this is likely to offend. If it does, get over it or watch me not care. Seriously, it’s grow up time. You can throw all the abuse and death threats at me you want. I have spent time surviving homelessness, you want a fight? I remember how. You wasters have grown up in bubble wrap. The people I grew up around will kick your arse into hamburger.

Real LGBT people are getting the hell out of this crap now. Gay is not the same as paedo and not the same as pansexual. A man who likes men is not the same as a man who likes dogs or weasels or any kind of children.

I wonder if they include duck egg fuckers now? That would be P-squared, paedo pansexual…

Tickling trout, when I was younger, had a different meaning. You weren’t trying to give them an orgasm.

Lately it has become more sinister. Now we have ‘experts’ (the new word for ‘money driven idiot’) declaring that children have to be reassigned gender (expensive surgery and to hell with the consequences) just because they indulge in a bit of dress up.

I have worn a kilt. It’s a pretty decent skirt and doesn’t easily blow up to expose your bits. I found it quite a comfortable thing to wear. I hear John Lewis stores are no longer labelling clothes ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. Well, okay. I buy what I like to wear anyway and labels are for pigeons. I don’t want to be pigeonholed but I will be. I’ll be in the ‘scruffy bastard charity shop’ box.

I’m okay with that. You can pigeonhole me if you want. You can pretend I’m racist and misogynist and an actual demon just because I’m white and straight and non-religious and I’ll let you know if I ever start to care.

Okay, you’re a guy who prefers to go for the tradesmen’s entrance or a girl who prefers tribbing or a guy/girl who goes both ways or a man/woman who feels they should have been a woman/man… This is all fine with me. I don’t care. Go your own way. Live your life the way you want to. You only have one go at it. All you can do is try to get it right and that will never mean, to me, ‘do as you are told’. You are not free when someone else tells you how to live.

That attitude is going to get me banned from Twitter, Farcebok etc one day because the real ‘tolerance’ is not tolerated there.

We now have ‘experts’ talking about transgender children. They talk about an eight year old who was ‘assigned’ female at birth like someone ticked a form. We have more varieties of gender than Heinz had of beans.

There are two genders. Two. Male and female. Plug and socket. You can have as many varieties of ‘sexual preference’ as you like but that is not gender. Gay and lesbian animals exist. It does not change their gender. There are seals in the Antarctic who like to shag penguins. They are not a different gender. They are… probably Muslim.

Yeah, I’ve been expecting death threats from you buggers for a long time. That’s why I have certain things.

You are not assigned a gender at birth. Gender, one or the other, is decided when a sperm gets into the egg. X or Y are the only choices there.

Sexual preference is not gender.

Gender is male or female. Plug or socket. You can change gender these days surgically but it does not change your genes. You can be an XY woman or a XX man and if you  are happy in that life then good for you. But your genetics have not changed.

X or Y are the only choices for gender. I fully expect YY males to appear in the future, and the feminists can imagine what a Hell that will unleash. No they can’t, but I can.

There are not multiple genders. Multiple sexualities,. yes, but including those which are illegal is not going to keep your core support,

I’m a white straight guy. I never knew it would make life so much easier.


Venezuela shows the way

I’ll be called a Nazi (again) for this but – the left wing violent arseholes are just as bad as the right wing violent arseholes. Donnie the Trump has been castigated for ‘saying’ (they hear what they want you to have said, not what you said) that the two sides are morally equivalent.

He is right. Both seek to get their way using violence. There really is no difference. The Left claim they are morally superior because Nazis are violent and everyone should ‘punch a Nazi’. Suggest that, in that case, it should also be okay to ‘punch a Commie’ and they respond with ‘you can’t go around hitting people just because you don’t agree with them’.

Oh I’m not kidding…

Politicians, even those who are allegedly Republicans, support Antifa. So do the media. It’s always the white guy who’s the bad guy even when Antifa beat up old men and reporters. Even when Antifa turn up armed and armoured to beat up people who are neither. Even when Antifa turn up to other people’s rallies with the sole aim of causing violence. They can do no wrong.

And that is deliberate. They don’t understand that, none of the Lefties understand it, but they are doing exactly what those in charge want them to do.

Donnie Trumpton is a wild card. He wasn’t supposed to win. He’s not in the program, he’s not part of the plan. Even his own side are trying to take him down. He’s messing everything up! Imagine him saying that destroying American history is not a good thing! The horror!

Even though the Confederates were Democrats, and Democrats commissioned and erected the statues they are now tearing down. It doesn’t matter. The point is to erase history so future generations won’t learn from it. They won’t understand that slavery is bad and they’ll be compliant, happy slaves with no knowledge that in the past, slavery was abolished by the white people.

Slavery still happens in some places. Not in the self-hating white world but in other places, it happens and Lefties either pretend it doesn’t or they are happy with it. No, I’m not going to list the places. Look them up yourself.

In the UK, we had Lefties wailing in the streets when the Tories won the election but not as violently as in the USA. The reason is simple. Tessie Maybe is part of the plan. It didn’t really matter who won, there isn’t any real choice here now. Oh, Corbyn would have turned the place into Venezuela faster but it’s happening anyway. So a little bit of token protest was in order but that’s all.

Now we have people on Twitter saying all white people should die and that’s not racist in this modern land of Absurdia. There are white people saying it – they are strangely not dead themselves but they say it anyway. Don’t just talk about it, White Wailers. Actions speak louder than words.

By now you’re itching to know what the plan is, aren’t you? It’s a very simple plan. It leads to what Venezuela has just done.

Provoke more and more violence and then promise to do something about it. That ‘something’ involves giving the government power to crush any dissent, make bloggers like me ‘disappear’ in the night and give whoever is in charge dictatorial powers. Maduro will soon be able to rule by decree. It’s written into the law they are passing now.

This is the only reason anyone in the West wants to be the head of Government. When this shit hits the fan, the current Prime Monster will be the one in charge. No need for all that faffing about getting laws passed. One person in charge of each country – and in the EU, one person in charge of Europe with their own army to command.

Is Brexit happening? The alleged conservatives are stalling at every move. The whole thing has been put on hold until after Germany’s elections, as if that is somehow relevant to us leaving the Control Club. Tessie Maybe isn’t the one to get us out of the EU. She doesn’t want us out. So we’ll be ruled by a dictator in Brussels one day.

It’s so much easier to control a world where you only have to deal with one person per country. One vicious dictator who will do anything to hold on to power and money. No messing around with persuading a whole Parliament, you just have the one leader to deal with. Even easier when the EU can run a whole load of countries with one leader.

Oh and Muslims? When it happens, well, sorry guys but they won’t need you any more. You did your part in forcing populations to accept total control but you won’t be the ones in charge of it. Neither will Antifa.They’ll cheer the Venezuela style laws when they come but they won’t see that they are the ones to be disposed of. When the population is under control, nobody needs masked thugs any more.

Besides, how can you get the population under control unless you do what you promised and… erase the ones they are scared of? All you terrorists are just setting yourselves up you know.

Oh there will still be terrorists. Different ones. Have to keep the bogeyman alive otherwise what is your dictator protecting you from?

Have you ever wondered how, in the days after any terrorist attack, new control measures and complex pavement structures to restrict movement are built, painted and ready to install? Almost as if the government knew what was coming and had the stuff in storage somewhere.

You can call me a tinfoil hatter, you can laugh it off, you can say it won’t happen.

In Venezuela, it just did.





Okay, I cracked.

Another link to a particular old post came up on Twitter so I have now made it an eBook. It’s free on everywhere except Kindle which won’t let me make it free unless I relinquish copyright. To which I can only reply ‘arsebiscuits with stale knobcheese on top’. The Kindle one is at their minimum price but you can get a .mobi Kindle file free on Smashwords.

I might ditch the Amazon version. Recent interactions with their robots have not encouraged me to bother arguing with them.

Anyway. If you don’t want to persuade people to hunt an obscure blog for an ancient post that was written by a drunk idiot, you can send then to the Smashwords link instead. That is at least free so they only waste a few minutes of time reading it.

In case anyone is still wondering, it’s this post from seven years ago

Seems to have been my peak of writing skills. Unfortunately.

I’m still open for the blogbook idea. This one is too small for print on its own. Anyone want to m nominate classics for something bigger?