Three wheels on my wagon…

Remember that song? I doubt many do.

Anyway. I have sent the PDF of the whole interior of UA17 to the authors, with instructions to check their parts very carefully indeed. The real world distractions here have come thick and fast and none of them good. If any UA17 author reading this hasn’t seen it, check your spam folder and if it’s not there, let me know.

The cover image is set. I purchased the rights to an image from a very nice Australian cobber and will suitably distort it to make the cover. The book, being so late, will be called ‘The Wrong Kind of Leaves’ which fits that cover in so many ways…

I am again behind, but trying to get this wagon rolling again even if it’s down to one wheel. It won’t be easy but then I’ve come back from worse.

The world truly has gone to Hell in a handcart, although it’s a handcart attached to a Jensen Interceptor with a brick on the accelerator. I once saw the remains of an Interceptor in a scrapyard. The engine was indeed a sight to behold. Unfortunately I was a student at the time, only there for a window winder for an Austin Princess, so could do no more than ogle that engine… but I digress.

The WHO, faced with what they pretend is a pandemic of monkeypox (there are countries whose annual tally of infections is four times the current global scare story and they just let it ride because it’s really not a big deal) have a priority.

Cure it? Find a cure? Isolate the infected?


Their priority is to rename it because it’s ‘racist’.

Monkeys are not a different race. They are a different species. This is exactly the same as calling chickenpox ‘racist’, Exactly the same. But nobody gives a shit about how poultry feel, it seems. And how about smallpox? I think the short people might have something to say here. Then we have Yellow Fever. The Chinese and Japanese *ahem* in the corner. And of course German Measles…

Oh come on, we all know why they want to change the name. It’s not scary enough. It has to be called Deathpox or RipYourFaceOffPox or FloppyWillyPox or YourPhoneBatteryDiesPox. Something to make the sheep shit pile higher. Something to scare people, since that’s the name of the game and always has been. Always will be.

The scare game has been silly for a long time but it has plumbed depths of silliness where the silly is under such pressure as to become almost a singularity of silly. A silly black hole from which no sense could ever escape.

Look at this. Just look.

I remember, a little under sixty years ago, we’d use a blade of grass to push aside the froth to reveal the insect beneath. This is nothing new.

The story is pure scare. So this froth-producing insect ‘could’ damage olive groves – how many olive groves are you personally cultivating? It ‘might’ damage your plants even though it never has before. It’s never been more than a curiosity and now it’s the greatest threat ever?

Report it, and your vegetable garden will be flame-sterilised ‘for everyone’s safety’.

China has been eradicating home vegetable gardens for ‘covid’. Australia has made it illegal to grow your own food. See it yet? You will have nothing but what those ‘in charge’ allow you to have. They have been making this very clear for years now.

I would say ‘get ready’ but I said it years ago and everyone laughed. It’s too late now.

But hey, keep laughing. I’m sure you’re going to love the punchline.

From Farm to… Pharm

Over in China, the madness just ramped up a notch. They have declared vegetable gardens a source of Covid and are currently destroying any vegetable garden they find. It’s utter nonsense of course. A virus moving from animals to plants is way, way bigger than a species jump. The basic cell structure is so different between plants and animals that a simple coronavirus has absolutely no hope of ever getting past a plant cell wall.

So why are they doing it?

Why are Billy Gates Gruff, other rich idiots and indeed the Chinese buying up farmland all over the place?

Why has the British government come up with this –

While we are being told of imminent food shortages ‘because Putin’, why shut down farms? Why destroy people’s own vegetable gardens? Why is there such an intense effort to buy up farmland? It makes no sense.

It makes perfect sense if you can accept that it’s evil.

Remember when butter was demonised? At about the same time the margarine and fake-butter spreads came out. So many examples, too many to list here.

Well, now we have insect protein, insect-based milk, plant based ‘meat’, meat grown in labs or just 3D printed, and we also now have this.

Yep. Factory grown vegetables, with artificial nutrients and artificial lighting. No need for traditional farming that uses far less energy because it largely lets the crops grow themselves, using rain and sunshine. As for fertiliser, you’ve never needed it. Slurry spreading and crop rotation have worked for millenia. Low nitrogen soil? Grow beans and peas this year and next year it’ll grow anything.

The new fake food is all terrible and nobody really wants it, but as with heat pumps and electric cars (which are also terrible and nobody wants them) the same business model is being applied.

If you can’t compete on either price or desirability, demonise and ban the opposition. It’s why so many still use the plasticine spreads instead of real butter and fry in corn oil instead of lard. You can’t make any kind of decent fried bread in plant oils, which is why nobody under 40 has heard of it.

The stuff we’ve used for centuries will suddenly “kill us all”. Because its replacement is shit so they can only sell it by demonising and banning the good stuff.

It’s all money again. You grow your own carrots, let a few go to seed, keep the seeds for next year… nobody makes money from you. Even if you buy seeds, those are cheap. Well they used to be before they were all GM and patented. You weren’t dependent on the state or corporations. Not too long ago it was common to have a few chickens and even a pig in your backyard, which dealt with all those scraps you now send to be made into compost, and which you’d eventually eat. Everything but the squeal. My grandparents did this – one of my father’s favourite stories was about the number of times my grandfather tried to kill their cockerel, and lost every time. That bird hated him and it was one mean bugger.

When I was a kid in the sixties, almost every house had a long narrow back garden. The newer posh houses didn’t, but all the council houses did. They weren’t designed for cricket (although we did use them for that), they were designed to grow vegetables. Keep a few chickens. Maybe even a pig. Some of the old council houses still have those long gardens.

Now, in China, vegetable gardens are being destroyed in the name of Covid. It’ll come here. As the ‘bird flu’ already destroys small and sometimes large chicken and duck rearers. You can’t catch bird flu from a butcher’s shop. You’d have to be in long contact with live poultry to be at any risk at all. Like everything else recently, it’s nowhere near as big a deal as it’s made out to be.

In order to come to terms with what’s really going on, you have to accept a certain level of darkness into your soul. Nobody wants to believe that their governments, medical and food systems are utterly evil. Nobody wants to believe they are seen as nothing more than cattle to be profited from, and that any harms and deaths they suffer are just chalked up as a minus sign on a profit sheet and then forgotten.

Consider. ‘Red meat is bad for you’. Oh but we have an alternative that’s much better for you. Lab grown or 3D printed red meat. This is good for you. The natural stuff is bad.

‘Chickens are full of disease’. We know. That’s why we cook them until the skin shatters when you poke it. They’ve always been full of nasty bacteria so we cook them until we’re sure those bacteria are all dead. Which will, incidentally, also kill any virus they may have. If you have a meat thermometer, you need the centre of roast or boiled meat to be above 80C. Then there’s nothing left to harm you. They used to tell you that in the old days, about a decade ago.

Nobody in any position of any power at all gives a shit about you. You really have to accept that. You are profitable to them, nothing more, and they don’t need all of you so they are culling you right now. They genuinely believe they are superior beings and we are just cattle to be milked. I am not kidding and not exaggerating here. This is what they truly believe. You and I are nothing to them. Nothing.

The world is being run by utterly evil people who genuinely believe they are the superior race and we are all a different, inferior species. Think Morlocks and Eloi, because that is how they think. The Eloi barely thought at all and simply accepted the way things were. Are you one?

You absolutely must accept and recognise that nobody, absolutely nobody in any position of power and influence gives a flying fuck about you or your family. Surely the last two years have made that clear? How many were denied access to a family funeral because there was a limit on numbers? I am one. How many let their relatives die alone in hospitals and nursing homes because they were not allowed to visit? How many were denied urgent treatment because it wasn’t Covid?






And yet so many of you still support them and help to enforce their maniacal pronouncements. It won’t help. They will happily kill you too. You might just survive a little longer but once you’ve helped get rid of the problematic ones, they won’t need you any more.

Their war against animal and now crop farming has nothing at all to do with climate change and absolutely nothing to do with health. They care nothing for either of those things. They care nothing for you. Accept it.

They care only about money and control. They want all the money, they want to own everything and they want total control over the rest of us. Get that into your head. It’s what they want. It’s not tinfoil-hattery, they have been very clear and open about it. It’s a horrible thing to think about, it’s a darkness most will try to avoid peering into but if you refuse to see it then you will be engulfed by it.

One of Tyrion Lannister’s famous quotes is ‘I drink and I know things’. It might have been better rendered as ‘I drink because I know things’.

When will you see it? When they take your children? When they come for your pets? When they destroy your little kitchen garden? When they erase your houseplants?

Will you see it before they erase you?

Many won’t see it until the shower heads hiss…

Out of Focus

Lately I am finding it very hard to focus. It feels like information overload, so much information coming in on so many different subjects, much of it contradictory and a lot of it demonstrably fake. I can’t seem to tune it out. Yes, it is affecting my work. There has also been another death in the family, a young one this time. More on that at some future point.

I can quite understand those who reduce their thoughts to one side of an argument or the other. It must be so much easier for those who can decide ‘this is the answer, it stops here, no more information required’ but I’ve never been able to do that. Information keeps coming and my conclusions are always fluid.

Take the current fighting in Ukraine. First information was that Putin is the bad guy and it’s an unprovoked invasion. Lots of photos and even video appeared online – and so far, almost all of it has been demonstrated to be fake. The most recent videos show the Ukrainian militia tying their own people to trees and posts and beating them. Is that real? I have no way to be certain.

A little digging shows that for the past eight years, Ukraine has been systematically killing Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the east of the country. Those Russian speaking regions voted to leave Ukraine and become autonomous regions. For this they have been punished. Violently. Nobody in the West recognised their vote, but Putin did. So they asked him for help.

However, that would have been a limited incursion into the Eastern regions that wanted the Ukraine government to stop killing them. It is not an excuse to go after targets in other parts of Ukraine such as Odessa – or Kiev, the capital. So what’s Putin up to here?

Now, Putin is not a good guy. Criticism of the government in Russia can get you 15 years in jail. Political opponents routinely disappear or are found dead. Protestors are rounded up and arrested. This guy is not an angel. Indeed, many Western politicians now claim he should be facing a Nuremberg style trial for his invasion of Ukraine.

Yet when you remove the emotion and look at it logically, what Russia has done in Ukraine is really no different to what America and much of Europe did in Iraq, Libya and other countries. In fact, so far at least, Russia has done far less. So if Putin has to face war crime charges, what about Blair and Bush? They flattened Iraq on faked documents claiming Saddam had WMDs. He didn’t. And they knew it. They left a hell of a mess behind them and walked away. Then some maniac had the idea of making Blair a ‘peace envoy’ to the Middle East!

Putin has stated he wants to take out the bioweapons labs in Ukraine. America insisted they didn’t exist. Then admitted they did exist but weren’t bioweapons labs. Then claimed they were concerned that Putin might take over the labs and release the bioweapons in them. Numbers vary, but there are around 15 of these labs in Ukraine and some are very close to the Russian border. I can see why Russia would be nervous about them.

In 1997, none other than Senator Joe Biden stated that the only thing that would provoke an agressive response from Russia would be an expansion of NATO into the Baltic states. That has happened, and Ukraine wanted to join too. Basically, Russia faced having the opposing team almost surrounding them and having their military right on the doorstep. With at least 15 bioweapons labs at their disposal.

And then we have the Ukraine government and President Zelenskyy, currently being lauded as the new St. Patrick by none other than Bonio himself. Since he came to power in 2014, the press has been full of stories of Ukrainian government corruption (to be fair, it was already corrupt before he took over) and the openly Nazi Azov brigade militia, now officially part of the Ukrainian army and responsible for much of the attacks on the Russian-speaking population in the east.

Suddenly, these are the good guys.

The sanctions against Russia have descended into childishness. MacDonald’s pulled all their business out (they still operate in China, which has been engaged in genocide of the Ughyurs for quite some time). Banks and PayPal don’t operate there any more. Farcebok is happy to allow calls for violence against individual Russians even though they aren’t in Russia and haven’t invaded anyone. Perhaps silliest of all, so far, Yuri Gagarin has been demoted from First Man In Space. Yes, facts don’t matter when you have The Feels. Yuri Gagarin died in 1968. He isn’t responsible for anything happening today. But then, here in the West we are busily deleting our own history so deleting someone else’s… well, it’s what we do now.

The response? Russia nationalised all the abandoned MacDonald’s outlets, turned the logo on its side, renamed it Uncle Yuri and now sell much the same stuff cheaper. Can’t sell oil to the West? They’re selling it to India, Pakistan and China instead, and they aren’t using dollars for the trade. Global wheat shortage? Not in Russia, they are a very big exporter but the West won’t buy it any more. I bet the Middle East and Africa will. Sure, there will be problems with planting in Ukraine because of the war but there won’t be any such problems in Russia itself. Oh, and they export most of the fertiliser too. Or they used to.

None of these sanctions applied when the USA and allies decided to pulverise Iraq or Libya or anywhere else. MacDonald’s didn’t pull out of the UK. No country stopped buying scotch whisky (I’d have been fine with that, it would have made it cheaper here if they had a glut). No country turned away American or any European exports. And yet here we are, with Russia attacking something it perceives as a threat while we flatten African and Middle Eastern countries that were no real threat to us and suddenly we have sanctions and playground retaliations against one corrupt regime attacking another corrupt regime? I just wish they could all lose.

I will not pick a side in this. The information we are getting is war propaganda from both sides. It’s too easy to just pick a side and believe their information while disregarding the other side’s information. It is, as in all wars, possible – indeed likely – that neither side is telling the whole truth.

However, the world has been irrevocably changed by this. Not by Russia but by the West. The petrodollar is finished. The sanctions on Russia mean that the oil trade is now in Yuan and Roubles. MacDonald’s will never again sell their burgers in Russia and I fully expect that to spread into China and India. The EU will block payments to Russia for gas and oil and that supply will stop. There is no infrastructure left to take up the slack.

There are stories that Russia pushed us all into accepting the Green nonsense that we can power our homes with mirrors and windmills. What I see suggests that Russia had nothing to do with that. We did that to ourselves. China, the big supplier of rare earths for magnets and solar panels, simply took advantage of our governments’ idiocy. They didn’t need to push us into it, our current crop of idiots did that themselves. Now they just want to blame someone else.

So many other information streams. The pseudo vaccines, people are now aware of the dangers yet still demand extra shots like it’s some kind of genetic cocaine. The shortages – toilet paper, remember that one? The petrol shortage that wasn’t. The truck driver shortage that wasn’t. Now we have high fuel prices blamed on Russia even though we only get a small percentage of our fuel from there.

There was talk of a new Covid variant – no surprise to those of us who know a coronavirus can throw up a new variant several times a day. This new one has cold symptoms, because that’s where they all end up, and yet it’s so terrifying you have to take an experimental gene therapy that won’t stop you spreading or catching it to protect you… and people believe it.

Klaus Schwab spoke of ‘smart dust’ and we all rolled our eyes. Tinhat foilery. This is not Star Trek, the Borg nanobots are not real. Well, turns out they are, and have been for at least five years. Originally designed to let amputees control prosthetic limbs, there are tiny sensors that fit to nerves in the brain and communicate with machinery outside. Then it all went quiet.

Well. You have just invented something that lets a human control a machine with thought. You really can’t be surprised when military eyes light up all over the world. So yeah, it went quiet, but it didn’t go away.

Rather like the mRNA jabs we see today. Many years back it was touted as a potential treatment for things like cystic fibrosis but then it went quiet. Now it’s back and corrupted into something dangerous.

Soon the weather will improve and I can hide in the garden from the infostream for an hour or so each day. Not today though – there’s a hard frost out there. Meanwhile I have been trying to disconnect by making little models – more on that soon – so that I can get focused on the work at hand again and ignore the insanity that has gripped the modern world.

There is so very much of it.

The Sound of Science

With apologies to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

The sound of science

Hello needle my old friend
You’ve come to jab in me again
You bring diseases slowly creeping
Through my veins when I am sleeping
The infections that you planted in my brain
Still remain
Within the sound of ‘science’

Through restless nights I sweat alone
Soaking sheets, chilled to the bone
By the cold light of a bedside lamp
I rest my head upon a pillow damp
Then my mind was stabbed by a migraine fast and tight
With fairy lights
That torched the sound of ‘science’

And on the internet I saw
Ten thousand people maybe more
People telling of reactions
People dying, people fractured
People writing blogs, that Google never shared
And no one dared
Question the sound of ‘science’.

Fools said I, you do not know
Science is all money now
You won’t hear me, I can’t teach you
You’re too far away to reach you
All I say, like tinfoil hats proclaim
Just fades out in the world of ‘science’

And the people bowed and prayed
To the Covid god they made
And the needle had no warning
Of the harm that it was causing
And the insert had nothing to tell us of the coming harm
Jabbed in your arm
In the name of Government ‘science’.

Ramping up wars

First off, someone is attempting to subscribe me to various random mailing lists. I’d just like to point out that you’re wasting your time. They all send a confirmation email with a link to click on to confirm the subscription. I won’t ever click the link. But hey, if it floats your boat, please do carry on.

Anyway. War. Russia has apparently invaded Ukraine. I say ‘apparently’ because it’s one hell of a mess of reporting. It does seem clear that Russia is blowing up stuff in Ukraine but it’s not at all clear why.

The official story is that Russia feels threatened by the advance of NATO and wants it to stop before they fill up Ukraine with anti-Russian missiles. I can see the logic in that. But there’s more to it.

The map showing intense bombing just happens to coincide with the map showing US biolabs based in Ukraine. There are at least 15 of them and some are right on the border with Russia. Considering that it’s now clear that Covid escaped from a biolab in China, could there be an element of Russia not wanting that kind of research so close to them?

I don’t know what kind of research is happening in those US/Ukraine biolabs. I only found out they existed today. It seems to me that if you want to keep your bioresearch secret, you’d hide it away in your own country rather than trust someone else to keep quiet about it. But then, if it’s really dangerous, putting it half a planet away might make sense.

So, is Putin taking out US bioweapons labs?

It’s a strange way to run a war too. The Ukraine power grid is undamaged. I’ve seen people gloating that it means the Russians don’t know what they’re doing. Of course they do. If they wanted that power grid down it would be down. They are not attacking it.

Putin’s demands are that Ukraine becomes a neutral country and has no military installations from either side. Basically he wants it to be a buffer zone. He does not want Ukraine. He just doesn’t want NATO to have it. He might want Crimea, and he might ‘allow’ bargaining whereby he gets that and leaves the rest alone, but he definitely won’t stop until NATO is out.

So it looks like Russia isn’t going to take over Ukraine (perhaps Crimea) but they will not let it be a tool of the West.

Is it all theatre, as some claim? Is old Vlad just another WEF puppet? I don’t know, but Putin is KGB. It’s just as likely that he infiltrated them as the idea that they indoctrinated him. And if he was supposed to be following orders, he’s been a very naughty boy and called out for it.

It seems clear that Putin does not want the New World Order being pushed by idiots like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. Is that what he’s really fighting?

There is a lot of stuff in Ukraine, many of the stories would make David Icke raise his eyebrows. We don’t need to go that deep.

Joe Biden’s son has been making a lot of money there, so has Nancy Pelosi’s son and John Kerry’s too. John Kerry is the multiple private jet guy tasked with returning the rest of us to the 13th century in the name of climate change. I wouldn’t mind, it was a lot warmer then. This same John Kerry has been bemoaning the emissions from Russian military and worrying that the war in Ukraine will distract from the thing he is being well paid to push.

They are not the only ones. There are a lot of Western politicans involved in a major scam with money laundered through Ukraine. Some extremely dodgy transactions, and if Putin gets the evidence he can use it in future negotiations with the West. Oh he will, he’s KGB, remember.

You might say ‘ex-KGB’ but that kind of organisation, like CIA and every other country’s sneaky spook gang, has only one way to truly leave it. In a box. They are like government sponsored mafia. You join, you are in for life.

The most comical part of it all is the surge of West ‘leaders’ claiming to decry Russian action. Especially Trudy, the farce of Canada, whining about Russia arresting peaceful protestors. Hello Trudy, remember last week? Or do you have the short term memory of a single celled organism? As for Boris complaining about totalitarianism… look in the mirror, haystack head. Not one of your drones said a damn thing when Trudy did the same thing in Canada. In Russia these things are expected. In the West they were not.

So what is the West going to do about it? Short version – not a damn thing. The West’s military are crippled with ‘vaccines’ and they have booted out anyone who isn’t willing to take the jab and who has the wrong pronouns. There is nothing useful left.

There was talk of booting Russia out of the banking system so they can’t trade any more. Well… the US and Canada are heavily reliant on Russian oil and if they can’t pay for it, it stops coming. Russia produces around 80% of ammonium nitrate, needed for fertilisers and with Ukraine, most of the world’s supply of wheat.

What about Europe? Germany gets 50% of its coal, 35% of its oil and 55% of its gas from Russia. Putin doesn’t need to fight the EU. He can just switch them off.

Not all European countries are so reliant, of course, but Germany is a big gun in the EU so Germany will block any attempt to bite the hand that feeds them.

Basically the West has put Russia in a position where it can do as it damn well pleases and we can’t do anything about it. It’s not Russia’s fault. It’s Western governments’ fault. The same thing will apply when China invades Taiwan next week. What are we going to do about it? Send in diversity co-ordinators in battery powered tanks? Troops of dancing men/girl/things in pink uniforms?

The whole thing just smells wrong. There was a report that Russian troops had taken an airport in Kiev, and were happy to let the American news outlet CNN film it. Which is already odd. Then reports that Ukrainian soldiers had retaken it but no mention of any sabotage on the way out. Now, I’m no General Patton but if I had taken an enemy airport and it looked like I was losing it, I’d take out the control tower and leave some big holes in the runways before leaving. Russia, it seems, didn’t do that.

Of course there’s the usual ‘it’s all Trump’s fault’ crowd. He’s going to be America’s Margaret Thatcher. Everything will be his fault even after he’s long dead. Hint, dems: Trump isn’t in charge of anything now and hasn’t been for over a year. But don’t let that stop you, over here in the UK we have people blaming Thatcher for things even though she ceased to be in charge of anything long before they were born. Most of them don’t know what she looked like.

The West is pretty much done. We’re tearing down our own history and denying even basic biology now. Insisting that one degree of temperature rise will turn the world into a fiery Hell and terrified of catching a cold. One virus to rule them all – no other diseases matter any more.

Well I don’t know how to save you and if I did, I wouldn’t. You’re not worth saving unless you are capable of saving yourself. Revel in your purple hair and 57 varieties of gender and idiotic made up pronouns. I really don’t think Russia is going to invade Europe because why would they? What could they possibly want with dancing nurses and political correctness and terror induced by a cold? They don’t need to invade. They just have to wait while we destroy ourselves.


(you might notice where that story was set)

The current situation

The landline should be back on Monday, weather permitting. There is a post on Leg Iron Books with a bit more detail and some potentially excellent news for authors. I have a backlog of emails to answer and edits to send out once I have a reliable and non-rationed internet access again.

This week we have all been bombarded with calls to get tested for HIV. Well, I am at zero risk of that one, it’s probably the easiest virus to avoid of all of them. So I won’t be getting tested. HIV testing week is apparently not a new thing, but the push to get everyone, including those at no risk at all, tested… that’s very new. I’d never heard of it before.

There is a reason for this, of course. A new mRNA-based HIV ‘vaccine’ is just starting trials. This means it’s not something that’s just been invented. It’s been right through the development stage and it’s at the human trial stage so it was invented years ago.

All this development is expensive. Getting the money back requires a lot of uptake. How do you get that uptake? By scaring as many people as possible into taking it. Even those that don’t need it.

It’s actually a pretty useless idea, if you look at it logically. What you really need is an effective treatment for HIV. A vaccine is only going to be applicable to a small proportion of the population who are at risk and since that proportion includes needle-sharing druggies who clearly don’t care about risk, you aren’t going to sell many doses.

Let’s look at how a real vaccine works. We’ll take tetanus as an example. The disease is also known as lockjaw and it’s a nasty one. It’s caused by a common soil bacterium of the genus Clostridium, the same genus that includes botulism and gangrene. In soil, they are just getting along with life but they are dreadful as parasites. They do far too much damage far too quickly and they are not communicable. You can’t catch them from someone who has them unless you try really hard. In this way they are somewhat similar to HIV. You don’t catch any of these things by someone breathing on you or brushing past you on the bus.

Normally you’d get tetanus from an infection resulting from soil into a wound. As a microbiologist, reasonably keen gardener and living on a farm I’d say I am at high risk of this so the vaccine is a good deal for me. What the vaccine does is ‘prime’ my immune system to recognise the bacterium and kill it quickly before it can establish.

If I had already presented with symptoms of tetanus, there would be no point giving me the vaccine. My immune system has already seen the bacterium and is fighting it. Giving it more is not helping at this point. It’s too late for vaccination if you are already infected. Adding more antigens is at best going to do nothing, and at worst it will distract your immune system from dealing with the active infection.

This is the issue I have with the line ‘If you had Covid you should still get the vaccine’. It’s nonsense. Your immune system has seen the virus. A vaccination at that point is like forcing someone to read a synopsis of a book they’ve just read the full version of. It’s pointless.

Another silly line is ‘Get the vaccine to protect others’. No. My tetanus vaccine does absolutely nothing to protect you from getting tetanus. Not a thing. My immunity to measles, developed the hard way, does not stop you getting measles. My immune system is not going to fax yours the blueprints of diseases it’s seen or been vaccinated against. In the domain of the disease we are all on our own. No vaccine or any treatment you take will affect my immunity to anything.

Lately the Ginger Kinglet, the Harry formerly known as Prince, has been declaring that we should take a HIV test ‘to protect others’. Well. Unless you plan to explode into a bloody pulp on the bus or to shag everyone in the queue at Tesco, your HIV status is of absolutely no relevance to anyone else. It is not, never, not even once, transmitted via any other means than bodily fluids. You cannot get it just by standing next to someone. It is not a respiratory disease.

Also, a test protects nobody at all. It’s not designed to do that. It just tells you whether you are infected or not and it’s not always reliable at doing that. Especially if they use a research tool never designed nor intended to be a diagnostic method, like PCR.

I have wondered, as have many others, whether those celebs who return a positive HIV test will be as keen to share it on social media as they were with their positive covid tests. I expect a few idiots will.

A positive HIV test is a bad thing to have. Even if it’s a false positive. Good luck getting life insurance or a mortgage or long term loan…

And if you are positive, there is no point in taking a vaccine. With HIV/AIDS there’s a double no-pointer, since AIDS destroys your immune system so there is nothing for a vaccine to boost, and if you already have the dsease, a vaccine can’t fix it.

I don’t yet know the details of how this HIV ‘vaccine’ works but as it’s mRNA, it’s most likely producing antigens on the surface of cells – which will get those cells killed. If it targets white blood cells, it will set off a civil war within your immune system and then you are not just fucked, you are royally fucked with a full Horseguard parade and 21-gun salute.

I won’t be taking this one either.

Incidentally, I chose tetanus as an example deliberately. There have been several covidian ‘doctors’ claiming that booster shots for the covid jabs are normal because we do it for other vaccines. Tetanus is one of those that needs to be boosted, but like many of the others, you need a booster every ten years or so.

Not every three months.

What the truck?

Still no landline so I’m still limited by the mobile phone data. The engineer arrived last Thursday but couldn’t fix it without a cherry picker. There wasn’t one available, seems there are a lot of lines down. No surprise, it’s been windier than a wind god on a week of baked bean and sprout vindaloos here for weeks now. The forecast is for a few calm days so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

There is talk that they need to deal with some ‘underground work’. I’d be happy to wait a few more days if that means they plan to bury the line, since that will mean no more tree- or wind- related issues. It would also mean it won’t be so sensitive to lightning. A thunderstorm a few years back fried both the phone and the router. I had surge protectors on the mains supplies but hadn’t thought to add them to the phone lines. I have now.

In other news, the boil is still there. I’m loading it with magnesium sulphate and have a few days more of penicillin. It’s painless at least, just inconvenient.

Once the landline is back I’ll be shipping out edited manuscripts. I hope it’s done long before the Spring anthology starts up although that one doesn’t have such a firm deadline as the other two.

So. Trucks. In Canada, the truckers have blockaded the capital. They aren’t causing any damage. Lots of noise though.

Trudeau has called them far right white supremacist racist islamophobic antisemites (he actually did that in one sentence) and more. This has come as something of a surprise to the black, Jewish and Muslim truckers in particular. Apparently in Trudeau’s mysterious world, all truckers are white Nazis.

I expect the same mindset exists in the USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Australia and everywhere else the trucks are in motion. They’ve all been acting like a hive mind throughout this fiasco anyway, why would anything change now?

Someone noted that the ‘Build Back Better’ slogan has disappeared. So have most of those pushing it. They might as well make the next slogan ‘Ying Tong Iddle I Po’ for the few who are left actually listening to them.

Some public health wonk in the USA has declared that we can expect to see the insane restrictions dropped rapidly. This, she says, will help ‘maintain the authority of public health’. Well, I’m afraid it’s a little late for that. Trust in all forms of authority has, for many many people, gone for good.

The Canadian authorities want the trucks gone from their cities. So will all those, in other countries, who think they are important.

I say the trucks should leave… and not come back. Deliver nothing into those cities. Not one toilet roll. ‘Oh, but they can transport it by train’. Only as far as the stations. Who will move it from there to the shops? The UK’s rail infrastructure was wrecked in the 1960s and it hasn’t recovered. Trucks are a far more important part of logistics now.

I think they’d do okay delivering to the towns and countryside and ignoring all those capital cities who object to their presence.

Incidentally, walls seem to be appearing around parliamentary buildings all over the West. Is that to keep us out when the shit hits the fan? I’d say those walls work just as well to keep the politicians in.

And to keep food and other supplies out.

It’s a history thing. Pity people don’t look at that any more.

Reading Instructions

It’s not something I’m well known for, but just this once…

I have developed a quite spectacular boil on my chest. I’m not including a photo, it’s hardly my best feature. I don’t recall the last time I had one, if I ever did. The nearest I can recall was some time in the 1990s when I had an infected cut on my finger. It grew big and produced something awful. So it took a few days to realise what this boil was – and it became clear what it was when it leaked. It’s a localised subcutaneous bacterial infection, probably got in through a scratch and managed to get itself established.

I’ve certainly never cultivated one like this beauty. It’s the biggest bacterial colony I’ve ever grown. About an inch wide and half an inch high. Probably Staphylococcus aureus judging by the colour of the gunk but I haven’t bothered identifying it. The holes that leaked have healed over (damn, that fast healing thing can be a nuisance sometimes) and it refilled so I gave in and called the doctor. As I said, I’ve never had one so I don’t really know what to do with it.

You don’t get to see doctors any more. They no longer have corporeal bodies, they exist only in the internet, like Lawnmower Man. So I called, they called back (even a phone appointment takes from Friday to Tuesday now), I described the thing and its gooey exudate and was prescribed a penicillin derivative.

I’m not allergic to penicillin. It’s what they gave me for that infected finger, decades ago. I do know what it’ll do to my guts though, and that’s already started. Two grams a day and it’s like being visited by the body cavity version of Dyno-Rod. Still, have to get the infection killed off and it’s not like I had plans to go anywhere. This does still leave the small matter of getting the dead gunk out so I’ve ordered magnesium sulphate paste and big plasters to suck the bugger up to the surface.

I read the leaflet that came with the pack, because I needed to know if I could still have a whisky. Fortunately it has no mention of any problems with alcohol, but it does have a list of side effects. One in ten can expect an explosive intestinal evacuation – and I already knew I was the one so I was ready for that. Just have to keep hydrated, it’s only for a week.

The boil doesn’t hurt. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 it doesn’t register. It’s down there in the fractions, around ‘uncomfortable’. So it’s not really stopping me doing anything. I just have to cover it with a plaster at night so I don’t wake up stuck to the sheets.

Really, this post is about the leaflet. It’s a comprehensive leaflet – the ingredients list even includes the components of the ink they used to write the code letters on the side of the pills. There is a URL for the Yellow Card reporting system for side effects, it even tells you you can get an app for that. It encourages you to report any side effects including any effects you might experience that aren’t already in the list. I won’t bother, I knew what my gut’s reaction to a high dose of penicillin would be so there’s really no need to bother anyone. I also know it’ll stop when I finish the course of botty-blasting pills. So when they say only 10% of adverse events are reported, I’m in the 90%.

It is very important to finish the course. There will be a few bacteria in that colony who have an innate resistance to penicillin, but they do it by producing an enzyme that breaks down the penicillin. If you keep the penicillin coming you overwhelm their enzymes and kill them. If you stop before they are all dead, the colony grows back – but this time it’s come back from the survivors. The ones that can produce the enzyme. Then you can’t tolerate enough penicillin in your body to kill them and you’ll have to try something else. Every subsequent antibiotic is going to have different side effects and if you do a really bad job of finishing the courses, you might get down to the truly vicious ones like metronidazole or vancomycin and then it’s 50/50 whether the bacteria or you get hit hardest. You really don’t want to get on that train. Always finish the course.

This stuff is, basically, penicillin. One of the most common and the earliest antibiotic to be discovered. It’s cheap and readily available and works on many, many things. And the leaflet goes into such deep detail about the pills, listing every ingredient (I’m still amazed they listed the components of the tiny amount of ink!) and every known possible side effect. For penicillin.

Have you seen those videos, most of them taken in pharmacies, of the leaflet in the packs of covid vaccine? Those are blank sheets of paper. No information of any kind at all. No ingredients list, no mention of possible side effects, no words of any kind at all in any language.

Penicillin is covered in depth in the internal leaflet. The experimental jabs have nothing. No information at all. There can be no claim of ‘informed consent’ for any of these jabs. Those poking the stuff into people have no idea what’s in it, nor what potential risks go with it. The pokers don’t know so they can’t possibly inform the pokees.

There have been researchers insisting they see ‘nanotech’ in the vaccines. I’ve seen some of the videos of strange shapes forming apparently spontaneously. They don’t look like robots to me, they look like something crystallising. Now let’s leave the robots aside, the crystallising things and the things that are clearly tiny metal fragments really should not be appearing in anything you’re going to be injected with.

Sharp metal fragments can happen, of course, you get them inside pretty much any kind of machinery as cogs and surfaces move against one another and tiny bits get chipped off. It’s why you have to change the oil in your car, it gets loaded with those crappy little bits. The food industry uses metal detectors and magnets to make sure they aren’t in the finished product. There is a limit to what they can find, of course, but if you were to ingest these sub-millimetre fragments they’d just pass through you and maybe make your poo sparkle. Inject them, and they’ll be floating around your bloodstream, blocking capillaries and potentially cutting narrow blood vessels. So whatever those researchers are finding should not be in there.

Peronally I don’t think they are self-assembling robots. I think they are contaminants of some kind. But I don’t know much about nanotechnology beyond a few reports of molecular machines I read many years ago, and those were just a cog moving like a bit of tiny Meccano. I don’t know how far that technology has progressed, it’s not my field of work. I would be very surprised if they’ve managed to make actual nanobots though.

There is clearly junk in the shots that shouldn’t be there. However, what should be in there and how safe are the original formulations? We can’t know. The safety data has not been released and Pfizer are working very hard to keep it that way. It has even extended to blocking parents’ access to any adverse effects observed in children.

Mr Justice Jonathan Swift denied the application, arguing that parents did not have the ability to properly interpret the data. 

I think old Swifty will find that this particular parent – and grandparent – is far more qualified to interpret scientific data than a dusty-wigged judge. So are many, many others. Yet I will not be allowed to see it. Does he imagine that all parents are knuckle dragging Milwall supporters? If you ever wanted to see an example of how those who consider themselves important regard everyone else as simply farm animals, this would be hard to beat.

There are ‘doctors’ online claiming that heart attacks in athletes are normal, that children dying of heart attacks is perfectly fine, and – get this – there are people who believe it. People seem to have no long term memory any more.

Sure, these things do happen but they are rare. I have never, in nearly 62 years, heard of a child having a heart attack. I have never seen a footballer keel over on the field. Not even George Best the serial liver-killer. He never failed in action. I do recall one – just one – report of a boy band member who died in his 20s of an undiagnosed heart problem. I can’t remember the name, it was years ago. I have never seen anything like the reports coming out now. Tennis players stopping and clutching their chests. Footballers, cricketers, other athletes dropping like flies. It’s not Covid, it’s climate change, it’s clearing snow, it’s teenage sex, lately it’s the shock of increased utility bills… it’s anything but the vaccines. The shots with blank information leaflets.

The same shots they are about to inject into toddlers who are at no risk from Covid at all. Some people are making a hell of a lot of money and they don’t care what damage they do to get it.

So what’s next? Well there has been a lot of talk of smallpox but that’s not going to work. Smallpox is eradicated in the wild, officially in 1985, so any smallpox outbreak can only be a bioweapon attack. I don’t think they’d be that stupid. Besides, I’m already vaccinated against it so nyah.

Well, there was a recent anouncement of a new vaccine against HIV. I did wonder why. I’m at absolutely zero risk for HIV and so are most people. Even those who like to bonk around and don’t care which hole it goes in are at, at most, moderate risk. except in California where deliberately infecting someone with HIV is no longer a crime but using a plastic straw is.

Let’s not go to California. It is a silly place.

So now there is a vaccine most people don’t need. And… cue the outbreak of the new variant.

Yes, you will have to continue wearing masks that don’t stop viruses for a virus that is not transmitted in the air. You will have to socially distance even though you can’t get HIV unless they bleed on you or poke their personal bits into one of your orifices.

You will be forced to take a vaccine that protects others while others are forced to take a vaccine that protects you. This utterly unscientific nonsense is now so ingrained it will be easy to convince the idiots at large (including a certain 650) that it is essential.

Your covid pass becomes your vaccine pass and more and more vaccines are added until you are a human pincushion taking medications for heart problems and blood clots and a host of other diseases you are convinced are just a normal part of being human.

And while you do all that, I’ll be popping a boil and getting agar plates ready to make my own coarse extract of penicillin in case it happens again. You know, actual medicine.

I know most people don’t believe me. They didn’t believe me when I first pointed out the dangers of mRNA and DNA turning your own body into spike protein factories. They don’t believe scientists much more eminent than I’d ever have been when they point out the same things. They never will.

I don’t care any more. All I can do is put out what I know. If you don’t want to believe it I am not going to argue with you. You carry on believing what you like. I am not some damn saviour, and I am certainly not Batman (I could be BacteriaMan but I look shit in Lycra) and I genuinely no longer care about those who will not listen.

You’ve had two years to look into this yourself. You’ve seen athletes drop, you’ve seen children dead of heart attacks, and yet you persist in defending these ridiculous vaccines. Most people now know more family and friends dead or damaged after jabs than have ever succumbed to covid. These same people will clamour for the HIV vaccine even though they have zero risk of ever catching it.

Well, take it. Take it all. Take all the jabs and subsequent medications and boost Pharmer and politician profits through the roof. Believe these people actually give a shit about your welfare and aren’t just interested in your money. Pretend all your new and serious ailments are just normal things all humans have to deal with. I’m not going to stop you. I’m not even going to try to persuade you any more. It’s your life and it’s your responsibility. I will continue to pass on what I know from my experience in the subject but if you know better, well you carry on. Ignore me. Listen to Hollywood and TV experts instead. Question nothing. Resistance is futile.

When I first started this blog I had the tagline ‘I’m not here to save you. I’m here to save myself’. That’s now more true than ever. Nobody is coming to save you. If you want any kind of salvation it’s up to you to get it. Or maybe you don’t want it, or are convinced you don’t need it.


It’s your life and you’re only going to get one. Make your choice and live with it. As long as you can.

So, are you going to live your life or are you going to let someone else control it? At the end, and we all have to face the end eventually, will you be able to say you lived as you wanted or will you try to blame someone else?

Up to you. There is no second chance.

There is no going back

“[People] want to go back to the way things were, but I know the truth. There’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever.”

The Joker’s speech might one day be hailed as prophecy. For more than just that one line.

People are, indeed, claiming they want to get back to the ‘old normal’ but that’s not possible now. Truth is, a lot of people didn’t actually like the old normal. Their lives were empty of meaning, the drudge of the daily grind was getting them down. And I can understand that even though I didn’t really experience it.

I was one of the lucky ones most of the time. Got a degree, worked in research, got another degree, ran my own research, was eventually made redundant, set up on my own with my own research/consultancy lab… and now retired with a fledgeling publishing business. Every job I had, including my four year stint as a janitor, was my choice. I enjoyed those jobs, I learned a lot (especially from the janitor job) and while none of them was ever going to make me rich, I feel like I had a good time in life.

Even the utterly skint times (none of my qualifications ever included any lessons on managing finances) weren’t so terrible, looking back, although sometimes it would be hard to convince my past self of that. Especially the ‘gap in the CV’ that I had to gloss over often. What the hell. I survived. I’m still here, still not rich and still filling in a tax return that I am confident won’t end up with me paying the wasters any money. I earn what I need and not a penny more. And my needs these days are few.

Things have changed. There can be no return to ‘old normal’. People have lost trust in so many things now. Including things I lost trust in a long time ago – but it’s been far, far worse the last few years.

I haven’t had more than a faint trust in politicians since I started paying attention to it. That was when Monochrome Man took over from the Iron Lady as the Prime Monster. Okay, she wasn’t perfect but he was bloody useless. Then the Blair Witch project got under way and things have gone downhill fast from there, and they are still going down. I do not see any return to trust in any political party within my lifetime.

I trusted science, hell, I was in it and thought it was about chasing knowledge. As my last boss said when he retired, “When I started we were chasing knowledge. Now we are just chasing money” and he was right. Nobody in charge of any research establishment gave a shit about knowledge by the time I took that redundancy package. It was all about how much money the project would bring. There was no interest at all in whether it was actually worth doing. To get the next money, your current project had to get the result the sponsor wanted. That was not what I signed up for.

That is not how science is supposed to work but in these days of extremely expensive machinery, science does need a lot of funding. And administrators and managers who know sod all about what they are administrating or managing need the latest Audis. To hell with real research, just get the money.

The same is true in the health service. Something I trusted right up until they cancelled my uncle’s cancer treatments that led to his death on Christmas Eve 2020. He didn’t die of Covid and he didn’t get any vaccine. He died of NHS neglect.

So many have died alone and neglected, their family forbidden to visit, because of a disease that it now turns out has killed fewer people than the annual flu. Now they are pushing ‘vaccines’ that do not do what real vaccines do because they are being paid to push them. To hell with actual health or patient care.

The result? People, like me, who were happy to get their kids vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, and a host of other things – some of which I had to go through as a child because there weren’t vaccines yet so I made sure my kids didn’t have to suffer them – are now questioning all vaccines. Not just these experimental mRNA gene therapy jabs. They are questioning – and refusing – long established vaccines against tetanus and polio and everything else. Well done, SAGE. Well done indeed. You have done so much better than simply ‘fail’, you have earned yourself a double fail with honours. You have destroyed all trust in the standard vaccines and in the entirety of the medical profession. And you did it all for a bit of fame and money. Are you proud? Are you just itching to tell your grandchildren what you did? Did you think anyone, anywhere, would see you as the good guys/

If I wore a wooden mask and rattled a gourd at you while chanting incomprehensible gibberish, you’d likely have as much trust in the result as if you went to a GP – if you can find one. Right at the start of this scam they all buggered off into Zoom diagnoses from their villas in Portugal and some of them still won’t see you unless you have taken a stab of the potion.

Tip: If your doctor won’t see you unless you’ve been jabbed, that doctor has no fucking clue about health and is best avoided forever. They are nothing more than Pharmer salesmen.

As are so many now. They are taught not to heal, but to treat. The Pharmers don’t want to cure anything. They want lifelong customers and they have pushed the medical profession in that direction. As in science, money is a powerful motivator for the suits in admin.

Trust in the police and the entire legal system is pretty much screwed too. I witnessed a car accident three years ago and had it on the dashcam. So I took the video to the police station – I had a front row view of what happened. I am now on my fourth call to court, it will be almost four years since it happened, it’s on video and I don’t know what they expect me to say. It just keeps being pushed back. I will never, ever, do this again.

The police have enforced not sitting on a bench in a park, they have enforced not having family and friends for a party unless MPs of all parties do it. They have ignored serious crimes to spend their efforts on all this and they think they are trusted? There is no going back.

Yes, I know there are good people in science, in medicine and in the police. There might even be one good person in Parliament although I doubt it. It seems like a long shot.

If there are, they are silent. They let the shouty idiots control what is happening and in their silence they are complicit.

Oh I know they are not all evil. There are still scientists who actually practice science. There are police who don’t waste time on bench sitters. There are doctors who see through the Covid scam. There are politicians who can’t be bought… well maybe I’m going too far with that one.

You’ve seen it now. The man behind the curtain. You can’t slink back into innocence. That ‘old normal’ is gone. Forever. You now know the news is fake, you know politicians lie, you know most science is bought and the police are obeying orders you never gave them.

There is no going back. There is only going forward. What will the fuure be like? Well, there are those who have decided what it willl be like.

Whether you accept it, well that’s up to you.

A Tinfoil Fedora

Well you might as well make it stylish. Later in this post you might want a double layer of tinfoil with a stainless steel colander to hold it down, and a wire soldered to it to connect it to earth just in case. But first, let’s get the distractions out of the way.

Some bat-ball player called No-vac was stopped from playing in his bat-ball game in Australia because he wasn’t vaccinated. I don’t care. I have no interest in bat-ball and the only thing I know about Wimbledon is that it is infested with rat-like scavengers called ‘wombles’. This was a clear setup to test public opinion. Would they support the ‘freedom fighter’ or ‘da rules’? I think they got their answer.

Next, Tiny Blur was given a knighthood. So now I will refer to him as Sir Satanic Shittalker. I don’t see it as any kind of issue to get worked up over. Some will say that the knighthood allows him to believe he is in some way superior to the rest of us, but he already believed that anyway and so did most of those given the ‘sir’ title. It really is of no consequence, it doesn’t change the fact that he is an utterly self-absorbed piece of shit but it might mean that he’ll have to take part in jousting competitions in the future. We can but hope.

A million people signed a petition to get Parliament to discuss de-knighting this monster. It is irrelevant. Parliament don’t hand out Knights of the Garter titles, the Queen does. There are only 24 slots available and if she didn’t give Tiny Blur his go, she wouldn’t be able to move on to the next in line. That’ll be the Brown Gorgon followed by the Cleggeron Coagulation, so maybe she should have just scrapped the whole thing.

It’s a distraction. An irrelevance. Let him have his silly title, it will not remove the stain he has left on this country. He can join Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Jimmy Savile and all the rest of the worthless scum with that title. The knighthood is now so tainted that, in the unlikely event I was ever offered one, I would very vocally refuse.

While the world signs petitions to get the ‘sir’ ripped off Tiny Blur, while the world obsesses over a bat-ball player locked in an Australian hotel, did you know that Khazakstan has just removed its government completely?

I know, the obvious retort is ‘Where?’

It’s not some backwater desert land inhabited by turbanned goat herders, you know. It’s a very successful country but since it doesn’t keep trying to invade everyone, you don’t hear much about it. It is now majority Muslim but it used to be inhabited by a people called Khazarians. Well, they were called Khazarian Jews but they weren’t Jews.

Right. Time to get that tinfoil in place. This isn’t up to the level of Icke’s lizard people but it does get close, and it does make a logical argument. That doesn’t mean it’s true of course. I have, in the past, made the perfectly logical argument that America doesn’t have roundabouts because the Romans never got that far… but that’s for another time.

The argument goes that a bunch of Baal-worshippers (the owl is central to their beliefs, ring any bells?) took on the mantle of the Talmud to cover their asses and pretend they were Jewish.

“It is well known that, sometime in the eighth to ninth centuries, the Khazars, a warlike Turkic people, converted to Judaism and ruled over a vast domain in what became southern Russia and Ukraine.

What happened to them after the Russians destroyed that empire around the eleventh century has been a mystery. Many have speculated that the Khazars became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews.”

They didn’t really ‘convert’. They just pretended to. So all this talk of ‘Da Jews’ wanting to take over the world is as rubbish as I have always believed it to be. If it were so, why would Israel be trying to destroy itself with multiple jabs and vaccine passes now? It does not make sense unless there is a group pretending to be Jewish but who really aren’t.

So I see a kind of logic in this tinhat foilery but it’s overlaid with some seriously mad stuff. As with Icke’s narratives, I see a grain of truth among a whole silo of grains of distraction and fakery.

There is some truth in here somewhere. If there is, it has been hidden in a maze several hundred years deep.

It might take that long to get it out again.