There is no going back

“[People] want to go back to the way things were, but I know the truth. There’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever.”

The Joker’s speech might one day be hailed as prophecy. For more than just that one line.

People are, indeed, claiming they want to get back to the ‘old normal’ but that’s not possible now. Truth is, a lot of people didn’t actually like the old normal. Their lives were empty of meaning, the drudge of the daily grind was getting them down. And I can understand that even though I didn’t really experience it.

I was one of the lucky ones most of the time. Got a degree, worked in research, got another degree, ran my own research, was eventually made redundant, set up on my own with my own research/consultancy lab… and now retired with a fledgeling publishing business. Every job I had, including my four year stint as a janitor, was my choice. I enjoyed those jobs, I learned a lot (especially from the janitor job) and while none of them was ever going to make me rich, I feel like I had a good time in life.

Even the utterly skint times (none of my qualifications ever included any lessons on managing finances) weren’t so terrible, looking back, although sometimes it would be hard to convince my past self of that. Especially the ‘gap in the CV’ that I had to gloss over often. What the hell. I survived. I’m still here, still not rich and still filling in a tax return that I am confident won’t end up with me paying the wasters any money. I earn what I need and not a penny more. And my needs these days are few.

Things have changed. There can be no return to ‘old normal’. People have lost trust in so many things now. Including things I lost trust in a long time ago – but it’s been far, far worse the last few years.

I haven’t had more than a faint trust in politicians since I started paying attention to it. That was when Monochrome Man took over from the Iron Lady as the Prime Monster. Okay, she wasn’t perfect but he was bloody useless. Then the Blair Witch project got under way and things have gone downhill fast from there, and they are still going down. I do not see any return to trust in any political party within my lifetime.

I trusted science, hell, I was in it and thought it was about chasing knowledge. As my last boss said when he retired, “When I started we were chasing knowledge. Now we are just chasing money” and he was right. Nobody in charge of any research establishment gave a shit about knowledge by the time I took that redundancy package. It was all about how much money the project would bring. There was no interest at all in whether it was actually worth doing. To get the next money, your current project had to get the result the sponsor wanted. That was not what I signed up for.

That is not how science is supposed to work but in these days of extremely expensive machinery, science does need a lot of funding. And administrators and managers who know sod all about what they are administrating or managing need the latest Audis. To hell with real research, just get the money.

The same is true in the health service. Something I trusted right up until they cancelled my uncle’s cancer treatments that led to his death on Christmas Eve 2020. He didn’t die of Covid and he didn’t get any vaccine. He died of NHS neglect.

So many have died alone and neglected, their family forbidden to visit, because of a disease that it now turns out has killed fewer people than the annual flu. Now they are pushing ‘vaccines’ that do not do what real vaccines do because they are being paid to push them. To hell with actual health or patient care.

The result? People, like me, who were happy to get their kids vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, and a host of other things – some of which I had to go through as a child because there weren’t vaccines yet so I made sure my kids didn’t have to suffer them – are now questioning all vaccines. Not just these experimental mRNA gene therapy jabs. They are questioning – and refusing – long established vaccines against tetanus and polio and everything else. Well done, SAGE. Well done indeed. You have done so much better than simply ‘fail’, you have earned yourself a double fail with honours. You have destroyed all trust in the standard vaccines and in the entirety of the medical profession. And you did it all for a bit of fame and money. Are you proud? Are you just itching to tell your grandchildren what you did? Did you think anyone, anywhere, would see you as the good guys/

If I wore a wooden mask and rattled a gourd at you while chanting incomprehensible gibberish, you’d likely have as much trust in the result as if you went to a GP – if you can find one. Right at the start of this scam they all buggered off into Zoom diagnoses from their villas in Portugal and some of them still won’t see you unless you have taken a stab of the potion.

Tip: If your doctor won’t see you unless you’ve been jabbed, that doctor has no fucking clue about health and is best avoided forever. They are nothing more than Pharmer salesmen.

As are so many now. They are taught not to heal, but to treat. The Pharmers don’t want to cure anything. They want lifelong customers and they have pushed the medical profession in that direction. As in science, money is a powerful motivator for the suits in admin.

Trust in the police and the entire legal system is pretty much screwed too. I witnessed a car accident three years ago and had it on the dashcam. So I took the video to the police station – I had a front row view of what happened. I am now on my fourth call to court, it will be almost four years since it happened, it’s on video and I don’t know what they expect me to say. It just keeps being pushed back. I will never, ever, do this again.

The police have enforced not sitting on a bench in a park, they have enforced not having family and friends for a party unless MPs of all parties do it. They have ignored serious crimes to spend their efforts on all this and they think they are trusted? There is no going back.

Yes, I know there are good people in science, in medicine and in the police. There might even be one good person in Parliament although I doubt it. It seems like a long shot.

If there are, they are silent. They let the shouty idiots control what is happening and in their silence they are complicit.

Oh I know they are not all evil. There are still scientists who actually practice science. There are police who don’t waste time on bench sitters. There are doctors who see through the Covid scam. There are politicians who can’t be bought… well maybe I’m going too far with that one.

You’ve seen it now. The man behind the curtain. You can’t slink back into innocence. That ‘old normal’ is gone. Forever. You now know the news is fake, you know politicians lie, you know most science is bought and the police are obeying orders you never gave them.

There is no going back. There is only going forward. What will the fuure be like? Well, there are those who have decided what it willl be like.

Whether you accept it, well that’s up to you.

A Tinfoil Fedora

Well you might as well make it stylish. Later in this post you might want a double layer of tinfoil with a stainless steel colander to hold it down, and a wire soldered to it to connect it to earth just in case. But first, let’s get the distractions out of the way.

Some bat-ball player called No-vac was stopped from playing in his bat-ball game in Australia because he wasn’t vaccinated. I don’t care. I have no interest in bat-ball and the only thing I know about Wimbledon is that it is infested with rat-like scavengers called ‘wombles’. This was a clear setup to test public opinion. Would they support the ‘freedom fighter’ or ‘da rules’? I think they got their answer.

Next, Tiny Blur was given a knighthood. So now I will refer to him as Sir Satanic Shittalker. I don’t see it as any kind of issue to get worked up over. Some will say that the knighthood allows him to believe he is in some way superior to the rest of us, but he already believed that anyway and so did most of those given the ‘sir’ title. It really is of no consequence, it doesn’t change the fact that he is an utterly self-absorbed piece of shit but it might mean that he’ll have to take part in jousting competitions in the future. We can but hope.

A million people signed a petition to get Parliament to discuss de-knighting this monster. It is irrelevant. Parliament don’t hand out Knights of the Garter titles, the Queen does. There are only 24 slots available and if she didn’t give Tiny Blur his go, she wouldn’t be able to move on to the next in line. That’ll be the Brown Gorgon followed by the Cleggeron Coagulation, so maybe she should have just scrapped the whole thing.

It’s a distraction. An irrelevance. Let him have his silly title, it will not remove the stain he has left on this country. He can join Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Jimmy Savile and all the rest of the worthless scum with that title. The knighthood is now so tainted that, in the unlikely event I was ever offered one, I would very vocally refuse.

While the world signs petitions to get the ‘sir’ ripped off Tiny Blur, while the world obsesses over a bat-ball player locked in an Australian hotel, did you know that Khazakstan has just removed its government completely?

I know, the obvious retort is ‘Where?’

It’s not some backwater desert land inhabited by turbanned goat herders, you know. It’s a very successful country but since it doesn’t keep trying to invade everyone, you don’t hear much about it. It is now majority Muslim but it used to be inhabited by a people called Khazarians. Well, they were called Khazarian Jews but they weren’t Jews.

Right. Time to get that tinfoil in place. This isn’t up to the level of Icke’s lizard people but it does get close, and it does make a logical argument. That doesn’t mean it’s true of course. I have, in the past, made the perfectly logical argument that America doesn’t have roundabouts because the Romans never got that far… but that’s for another time.

The argument goes that a bunch of Baal-worshippers (the owl is central to their beliefs, ring any bells?) took on the mantle of the Talmud to cover their asses and pretend they were Jewish.

“It is well known that, sometime in the eighth to ninth centuries, the Khazars, a warlike Turkic people, converted to Judaism and ruled over a vast domain in what became southern Russia and Ukraine.

What happened to them after the Russians destroyed that empire around the eleventh century has been a mystery. Many have speculated that the Khazars became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews.”

They didn’t really ‘convert’. They just pretended to. So all this talk of ‘Da Jews’ wanting to take over the world is as rubbish as I have always believed it to be. If it were so, why would Israel be trying to destroy itself with multiple jabs and vaccine passes now? It does not make sense unless there is a group pretending to be Jewish but who really aren’t.

So I see a kind of logic in this tinhat foilery but it’s overlaid with some seriously mad stuff. As with Icke’s narratives, I see a grain of truth among a whole silo of grains of distraction and fakery.

There is some truth in here somewhere. If there is, it has been hidden in a maze several hundred years deep.

It might take that long to get it out again.


It sounds like a bad guy from a Marvel comic, but this is apparently the latest ‘scary thing’ you all have to live in terror of. Well, if you want terror, I’m your go-to guy and I’ll be happy to ramp it up since you all seem to enjoy it so much.

But first, a bit of a laugh. About 24 hours ago, when the news mentioned that Delta and Omicron had apparently combined, I put this on Twitter –

Tonight, the Daily Mail (thanks are due to David Davis on Farcebok for the link) have actually gone with the Deltacron name!

Come on. They haven’t run out of Greek letters yet. They could have given it a new one but, well, that wouldn’t resonate with the perpetually terrified, would it? No, making it sound like one of the bad guys from a Transformers film, or something you need Iron Man and the Hulk to deal with, that’s so much scarier.

It has been identified, people have been infected with it, and nobody has died or are even reported to be hospitalised. And yet, this is the Terrible Thing now.

I admit I was suspicious at the sudden apparent rollback of the Covid narrative. No more free LF tests, talk of ‘we have to learn to live with it’, and at the same time a massive push to get everyone to take the experimental jabs. The harms from these jabs have now reached a level where even the MSM can’t completely ignore it all. So, how to keep it all going?

Roll back restrictions, roll back mandates, and then report an new Terrible Thing and wait for the drones to demand the reinstatement of all those restrictions. Oh, they will, and then governments can say ‘it’s not our fault, you demanded this’.

You’re in a game and you’re losing. The blame for all these idiotic measures is about to shift from them to you and you’re going to let it happen. Then, when it inevitably falls apart, it’ll be your fault, not the other side’s. It’s a clever play, I have to admit, and most people won’t see it because most people will not even remember ’15 days to flatten the curve’ from over two years ago. That’s the distant past now. Today it’s ‘We wear masks and get jabbed. We have always worn masks and been jabbed’.

The ‘seatbelt analogy’ keeps coming up. You wear seatbelts, why is that different from being vaccinated?

Well, my car is now over 16 years old. I have not had to add new seatbelts every few months, the original ones still work. When I get out of the car I take off the seatbelt. It’s not required outside the car. I cannot take out the vaccines I have had over my lifetime even if I never come in contact with the diseases they protect against.

That’s never bothered me. All those vaccines did me no harm and might (I’ll never know for sure) have stopped me catching a whole range of nasty diseases. It’s rather like any other form of disease prevention – as long as you don’t catch the disease, it’s working. When it works at a population level then it’s much more convincing.

These new mRNA vaccines do not work either at population or individual level. Those who take them still get the disease they were triple-vaccinated against at the same rate as those who didn’t get any at all. The propaganda claims this doesn’t show the vaccines aren’t working. Yes it does. It really does. If you have 70% of your population vaccinated, and 70% of those sick enough to go to hospital are vaccinated then the vaccine is doing nothing at all. Well, not quite. It’s putting people in hospital for vaccine side effects as well as those hospitalised for the disease they are supposed to be vaccinated against. So it’s worse than useless. It’s on track to kill and permanently injure more than covid ever could.

So now we have the Deltacron. Viciously dangerous and easily transmissible. Which is not actually possible.

See, the reason viruses get to the ‘easily transmissible’ stage is that they don’t cause serious symptoms any more. They have mutated into a mild variant that spreads fast because it doesn’t make people very ill, whereas the vicious variant puts people in bed for a week or more.

You simply can’t have both. If it makes people really ill, they have no choice about self-isolation because they can’t get out of bed. So it doesn’t spread far. If it makes people only mild-cold ill, they can still go out and spread it. A vicious variant that spreads far and wide simply cannot happen.

Still, people want to be scared of it and I do like to scare people, so I’m considering a story for the Spring Anthology that should empty a few bowels among those whose bowels are already on the edge of eruption. Well why not? It’s what they want. I consider it a public service.

Okay, best get back to finishing the tax return, even though I really don’t want to. The wasters in government really should not be encouraged by giving them money.

But… they will send their goons to arrest you if you don’t.

Fully automatic assault crossbow

So it seems some lunatic with a crossbow got into the grounds of a Royal residence where Mrs. Queen was at home and ‘threatened her life’.

I doubt Mrs. Queen had any idea he was there until long after he had been apprehended, but the idiots in government, who continue to ignore the influx of illegal immigrants pouring across the Channel, have focused their attention entirely on this threat.

They have not focused on the lunatic, naturally. They have focused on the crossbow.

Now, I have been involved in bows, crossbows, slingshots for many years. I even have a slingsghot that fires arrows. Getting into a Royal residence with a hidden slingshot might be possible, but a crossbow? You cannot hide a full sized crossbow. It’s basically a full rifle stock with a bow at right angles to it. A pistol crossbow, perhaps – and it’s true that those can be lethal too. None of these things are reasonably described as ‘toys’, not even my slingshots. Especially not the one with four rubber bands each side that can shoot a 30-inch arrow as well as steel ball bearings.

I have twice fired live round guns. Never owned one. When I started at university in 1978 there was a gun club, open during the first week for tryouts. I had a go with a .22 live round rifle in their target range. It was fun, but the cost of getting one of my own was prohibitive. Then, years later, I had one go at clay pigeon shooting with a shotgun. I did far better with the .22 rifle, but I was getting the hang of the shotgun by the end of the session.

What was clear was that these things take practice to get good. You don’t just take them out of the box and hit exactly what you’re aiming at on the first go. The same is true with bows, and especially so with slingshots. With a traditional bow, and with a slingshot, you are aiming mainly by ‘feel’. I have never understood the concept behind bow sights or those big sticks poking out of the front. I’ve never used either.

Crossbows, you can fit sights. Telescopic sights are a bit optimistic, since wind speed and distance have a big effect on arrow trajectory, but a red dot sight can be useful. It’s basically a ‘green’ rifle with ‘bullets’ you can use again.

But, if I were to go on some kind of shooting spree or target some well guarded elite, the last thing I would choose is a crossbow. You are going to be up against a guarded target and the guards have guns. The best I could do would be an 80 lb pistol crossbow with a lever action reload, and (I’ve never timed myself) I think I could reload that within ten seconds.

If the first shot didn’t kill, there would not be a second. I’d have more holes in me than a colander before I could reload.

If it was the full on 175 lb bow, I might not even get my fingers on the string to pull it back before the security detail reduced most of my body to mince.

If you go up against modern security details with mediaeval weapons, you are going to die. If you go with weapons you have not extensively practiced with, the only shot you might get is likely to miss or wound and not kill. Then you will die at the end of an entirely futile endeavour.

It is true that these things are deadly. They are not toys. They can do serious damage and even kill – if you aim correctly and precisely. Remember, you are going to be aiming under duress, you might even be a bit shaky, and if you just took it out of the box you have no clue what you are doing. It can take several hours to properly align the sights when you first get it. My bet is that this lunatic didn’t even do that.

So, if he got into the grounds of a Royal palace with a crossbow, he must have had a pistol crossbow. Some of them are compound bows which are more powerful than any I’ve played with (I don’t like compound bows) but even so, they’ll fire six inch bolts and unless you can precisely target a vital organ, you will cause a lot of pain but not death. And you’ll be a Jackson Pollock on the wall behind you before you can reload. You would have to be an idiot to go after someone who has an armed security detail with no more than a crossbow.

Incidentally, if you have just taken it out of the box and have not read the instructions and warnings, you could well lose fingertips if you aren’t holding it correctly 😉

Good luck trying to reload with no fingertips.

Now, with a bow, you can reload and fire very quickly. My recurve bows can shoot pretty fast – but I still wouldn’t want to be up against someone who just has to repeatedly pull a little trigger. Much less someone who just has to hold the trigger down.

Yes, my bows are potentially lethal. So is my wood cutting axe, my sledgehammer, my battery powered drill and my battery powered saw. So is every damn knife in my kitchen – and yours. So are most of the hammers and spanners and screwdrivers in my toolbox – and yours.

So, will you ban it all? Will you carve your Christmas turkey with a plastic fork next year? Will you cut cheese with the power of your mind? Will you only ever buy presliced everything because you have no means to slice it yourself? Is that what you want? Because that’s what’s coming.

Sure, it’s illegal to shoot someone with a bow. Any bow. It’s illegal to shoot someone with a slingshot. It’s illegal to poke someone with your finger. It’s illegal to call someone a bad name. Do you want to ban all physical contact? Do you want to ban speech?

Oh. Wait…

The Eve of the War

If, like me, you are a committed jabby dodger and are triple-unvaccinated (soon to be quadruple-unvaccinated), then watch out. Uncle Fester has declared war on us.

This new wave of covid is a mild version. South Africa has had it for weeks and have seen no surge in hospitalisations. An effect mirrored in the UK in Brackley, Northamptonshire. That town has the highest rate of omicron infections in the UK, 926 per 100,000 people, and yet the hospitals there are not seeing any surge in admissions.

It’s mutated into a cold. They all do eventually. Catch this and you’re also immune to Delta and the other variants. Unlike the vaccinated, you will also have antibiodies to its core proteins, the nucleocapsid, not just the spike protein on its surface. Variants don’t change the core proteins anywhere near as much as the outer proteins, because the core proteins are what keeps the RNA intact. Mess about too much with those proteins and it’s no longer a viable virus.

I’ll try an analogy. Take a car. The RNA is the engine, the core proteins are the chassis and the outer coat is the body shell. You keep this car in a garage it fits into perfectly.

You can change the paint colour, makes no difference at all. But you want to change the body shell. So your car becomes a van, or a flatbed truck, or a recovery vehicle with a crane on the back – and now it doesn’t fit in your garage. So you put it in a different garage.

Change the outer coat of a virus and the immune system thinks it’s new. Maybe it can’t stick to receptors it used to stick to when infecting, but maybe it can now stick to different receptors. Big changes in the outer coat will, most times, render the virus a dud. Sometimes those changes give it an edge over the immune system. But, like that car you turned into a tow truck, you can make big changes to the outside and the system still works.

Mess with the chassis (core protein) too much and the engine (RNA) falls out. You are limited in the changes you can make there.

So, antibodies against the core proteins are important, and the vaccines don’t give you those.

Now, Uncle Fester (and others) are declaring that the failure of the vaccines is because of those that didn’t take it. No, it’s because the vaccines are basically crap. They make your own cells produce the spike protein so your immune system can make antibodies to it but the spike proteins on variants of the virus can change. The boosters aren’t accounting for that change, they are the same as the first two shots. The only accounting going on here is in vaccine manufacturers’ bank accounts. The spike proteins are also the most dangerous part of the virus, over a year ago they were shown to be pathoenic on their own.

If you have antibodies to the core proteins then it doesn’t matter if the spike protein changes, even if it does change enough to dodge antibodies. Big changes to the core proteins means a dud virus – it won’t be able to stabilise its RNA so it won’t work. So they don’t change much in any viable variant. Antibodies against those proteins will give you a wider range of immunity to variants than antibodies to the spike.

There’s also the small matter that when the immune system finds a cell producing spike protein, it considers that cell infected and kills it. If that happens in your arm, no biggie. You’ll get a sore arm and the killed cells will be replaced.

If it happens in your heart muscle, you’re in trouble. That muscle does not regenerate. You’re left with permanent scarring and a damaged heart for the rest of your life. If it happens in your brain, well, you won’t remember reading this so there’s no point going into detail.

These mRNA shots should not be getting into the bloodstream, but they are. There is an army of quickly-trained jabbers, many of whom don’t know how to test if the needle is in a blood vessel or in muscle. Or simply don’t understand why it’s important. If it gets into the bloodstream it’s everywhere in your body within minutes. Your immune system is killing off cells it thinks are infected all over the place. That’s when you get the really seriously bad reactions.

So this ‘war on the unvaccinated’ is shifting blame. The government know these jabs aren’t working as any kind of defence against covid. They know the omicron variant is basically a cold. They know about the rapidly increasing list of adverse reactions to the vaccine. They know omicron is not going to overwhelm the NHS. They are using the term ‘with’ not ‘of’ to describe people in hospital ‘with’ omicron because they know perfectly well it wasn’t omicron that put them there. They went in for some other reason and tested positive after admission. Many will have caught this cold after admission, as in Denmark.

So why are they pushing the scare dial to 11?

Well. They have become used to having these energency powers that let them bypass Parliament and they don’t want to relinquish them.

If omicron turns out to be a better vaccine than the vaccine (it is) then the gravy train hits the buffers and government powers are gone.

They’ve already bought enough of this stuff to give us all at least ten shots each. It’ll all have to be binned and the cost accounted for if we just get immunity from a cold.

Their dream of a Chinese style social credit score through vaccine passes will evaporate. It should never have been considered in the first place but they’ve committed so hard into it now, they can’t just drop it.

Many other reasons, not least of which is that, as the truth filters out, quite a few people who think they are important are going to be looking at serious jail time. They know it. Some are doubling down, like Uncle Fester. Some, like the SAGE modeller the Spectator talked to, have admitted that the ‘models’ are driven by policy, not the other way around. There is a lot of arse covering going on.

There are multiple things happening under the cover of covid, none of them for our benefit. One blog post can’t cover them all.

The one to watch at the moment, especially if you’re a jabby dodger, is the frantic attempt by those who caused this mess to shift the blame to you. Tough times are coming.

Be ready.

The Clots

An interesting article from M.J. McFadden. Seems the CDC have noticed an issue with blood clots in the J&J vaccine.

I’m seeing a lot more reports of concern than they are talking about, in all these vaccines. They mostly seem to affect younger people, I’d guess (and it is just a guess) that it’s because they have more active immune systems that are reacting, sometimes, a bit too violently to the injections. The worst effects seem to appear much less often in older people.

But then it’s hard to tell for sure. My own father died of a pulmonary embolism – a blood clot in his lungs – before the Covid circus got under way and long before any vaccines appeared. He was 82. Someone of that age dying really isn’t unusual. Also he had suffered a few strokes so wasn’t in the rudest of health – although his mind remained sharp as a razor, his body was clearly wearing out.

So someone in their eighties gets jabbed and then dies because of a blood clot – it’s impossible to say their time wasn’t up anyway and that the jab had anything to do with it.

However, when people in their twenties and thirties start having heart attacks and blood clots, that’s different. Oh yes, it has always happened, I recall a story some years back where a member of a boy band died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart condition, but it’s now happening on a scale never seen before. Sportsmen and women are toppling over at an unprecedented rate and you can’t hide it when it happens in a televised match.

Sure, you can still legitimately say it’s ‘rare’. A few thousand cases is still ‘rare’ when you’ve injected tens of millions. Most people won’t have any adverse reaction, but it’s a bit like ‘syringe roulette’. Six chambers in the gun, one bullet, five shots fall on an empty chamber and nobody gets hurt. As long as you’re not the unlucky one…

Let’s say you inject ten million people and one percent have an adverse reaction. That’s a hundred thousand bad reactions. Say, maybe, 0.1% die from the injection. That’s ten thousand people. 0.01% is a thousand. You can legitimately claim it’s rare, but those kinds of numbers are going to be noticed. Remember, they have now injected far, far more than ten million people.

Now, people are lining up for shot 4. Is it still an empty chamber this time, or is this one the bullet? Shots 5 and 6 are in the pipeline and have already been mentioned by the ghouls in government. Keep going long enough and eventually, the chamber won’t be empty.

On the basis of available information (and the government ‘scientists’ have been caught lying so many times now, it’s hard to work out what the real data even looks like), it seems the information put out by vaccine manufacturers at the start of all this was correct.

For the elderly (over 70) the risk from the original covid was greater than the risk from the vaccines. Under 60, certainly under 50, the vaccine risk is actually higher than the risk from covid. Mad Hancock even stood up in Parliament and stated that these vaccines were intended for the over 50s (they’ve been gradually reducing the age all along) and that they were never going to be injected into children. Now, in the UK, they are going into 12 year old arms.

But then this is the same government that stated categorically that they would never introduce the vaccine passports they are now introducing. The same government who stated that “15 million jabs and it’s over.” The same government who stated “Take two shots and your life goes back to normal.” Incredibly, there are people who still trust the government.

There are people who trust the NHS, even though it has now closed and is no more than a jab distributor. Don’t get sick unless you have private insurance. You’ll find you’ll see the same doctor, just with an extra bill attached. The NHS, I’m afraid, is now nothing more than a protection racket. You pay for it through taxes or you go to jail. Use it? Ah, no, you can’t actually use it. It’s the textbook definition of a protection racket now.

People still trust the Police, even the Met who have decided it’s illegal to avoid their facial recognition cameras but they’ll fine you for not wearing a mask. Catch-22 missed that one.

There are still good people in the NHS and the police. I’m not sure I can say the same for the government. Those good people dare not speak out because they’ll lose their jobs. A few have… and lost their jobs.

There is talk of ousting Boris and replacing him. I don’t see the point. He’s not in charge and the next one won’t be in charge either. Boris is, I think, trying to resist the worst excesses of those in charge and that will be why they want him replaced. If they put the bug-eyed Gove or Stabby Jabby in his place I think things will get far, far worse.

Anyway. I have to try to sleep. Tomorrow the engineer is due to finally replace the landline connection and engineers like to be around in daylight. Yes, it’s weird but what can you do? So I have to be awake in what, for me, is normally the middle of sleep time and that means trying to sleep now.

Once the landline is in I’ll be confident about accessing bank accounts and tax records again. It might be tinhat-foilery but I’ve never quite trusted the mobile phone connection. When it goes down the wire I feel like I know where it’s going, but 4G goes all over the place.

I’m not at all worried about 5G. By the time it gets out here I’ll likely be long dead.

The Data Mine

I hear that, in Brazil, hackers have broken into the health department’s computers and deleted the vaccine records. It’s not clear whether this is just covid records or all vaccine records – but it means that every vaccine pass in Brazil is now void. None of them work and nobody has any idea who is vaccinated and who is not.

I wonder if something like this has ever happened in China’s social credit system? They’d never admit it if it did, but I wouldn’t want to be the hacker who did it. China has absolutely no sense of humour when someone goes against the government.

If Western governments ever get a similar system, you just know hackers will find a way in. It won’t just be health records – the Chinese social credit score contains masses of data on the minutiae of everyone’s lives. A hacker could reduce all bank accounts to zero, or make them all worth a million. The money would be irrelevant, you can’t steal perfectly traceable digital money. Either action would send the economy into chaos.

In this digital world you could pay a hacker to erase your criminal past, delete any fines you owe and basically make you into a model citizen. You could pay that hacker to make an innocent person into the most wanted criminal in the country. They can deny that they were involved in that robbery all they want, the computer records say they were there and the government cannot admit they were hacked.

Certainly in China, the government would rather see an innocent man convicted on computer evidence than admit their systems were hacked. I now have no confidence that Western governments would behave any differently.

You’ll have an embedded chip that you are told contains all your details. You’ll be told it’s secure because it’s actually in your body. All you will really have is an RFID chip with your identification. All your data is on a central server somewhere, accessed when your RFID chip is read.

You might worry that your government can, for example, delete your bank account or restrict your spending if it considers you non-compliant. That’s an issue, sure, but it’s not the biggest thing to worry about.

Criminal hackers can get into, and meddle with, your information. A criminal was ID’d in a robbery? He pays a hacker to change the record so he was wherever you were at the time, and you were the one at the robbery. It’s nothing personal, the criminal doesn’t care who he changes places with. But you’re convicted on computer evidence. Maybe the government knows it was hacked, but will they admit their systems are not foolproof?

Then there is the looming threat of cyberwar, which might even already be happening. If governments don’t admit it, how would we ever know? We hear about how this or that company got hacked and lots of personal information was stolen and we assume it was some kind of cyber Mafia, but what if it was a foreign power testing their weapons? How could we tell?

I’ve said before that the ideal bioweapon does not kill, but debilitates. In a war situation, the dead are easily set aside until later while you get on with fighting the war. It sounds cruel but you really want to end the war to stop the dead piling up.

With a bioweapon you’re not aiming to kill. You’re aiming to overload the health services, to keep your enemy occupied trying to take care of the sick while the medics get sick too, until the system collapses and you can breeze in and take over. That’s old hat now. We now have the cyberwar, and all that needs is a geek and a keyboard.

You want to destroy an economy that has totally centralised, fully digital banking? Get in there, make everyone a billionaire. Instantly, all that money is worthless, it’ll cost you ten million for a loaf of bread. Billion-percent inflation overnight. Instant economic collapse and chaos.

Maybe you’d get into that country’s centralised health records. Delete every repeat prescription. Shift swathes of patients between doctors. They’ll all be working online soon anyway, the doctors won’t realise they are talking to patients they’ve never seen before. Basically, utter chaos.

When it’s all centralised, a hacker can change laws, delete or change medical records and cashflow, switch criminals and the innocent on location data… many, many ways to reduce an opposing country to chaos with no more than a geek and a keyboard. No need for a single soldier to fire a single shot, your enemy is crippled and they don’t even know for sure who did it.

This is all before we even consider the impact of a solar flare on a digitalised world, of course. Especially if that happened a few generations down the line, with a world population who no longer know how to live without being instructed by computers. Picture a morning where every member of society is stuck, sitting on their bed, wondering which sock goes on which foot…

Basically, what I am saying here is that Klaus Schwab’s idea of a ‘great reset’ is likely to be the worst idea humanity has ever embraced. It is vulnerable to so many kinds of attack, it’s like building a mediaeval castle with no moat, no portcullis and a great big welcome mat at the balsa-wood gates. It is doomed to an inevitable failure from so many sources that I would be surprised the geeks aren’t pointing it all out – but why would they? They are one of the sources of its doom. It seems there was a misspelling in the Bible. The geeks shall inherit the Earth.

When I saw the future – the geeks were right.

The Last Ride

Tonight I sent out PDF copies of the anthology to all authors, but my email is looking a bit dodgy. So if you didn’t get one, let me know.

Meanwhile, here’s a preview story to get you in the mood.

The Last Ride

Jenny Armitage settled herself in the vaccination chair. “Didn’t this used to be monthly? I remember the time when there was longer between shots”

The doctor consulted his notes. “It seems your father went off the rails and disappeared. I hope that’s not hereditary.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “Do we have to do the whole ‘sins of the fathers’ thing every time? My dad went crazy. When I was a toddler. Ran off to join some nomad antivax nutters, I was told. It doesn’t mean I’m going to. I just asked a simple question.”

The doctor placed his notes on the table. “Well, we have to be sure. It’s procedure.” He avoided eye contact. “Yes, the boosters used to be further apart but the Theta variant is picking up steam and we have to get vaccinated more often now.”

“Every two weeks though? It’s seriously cutting into my social life.” Jenny pulled the left sleeve of her T-shirt to her shoulder.

The doctor filled his syringe. “It seems it will be weekly soon. Otherwise the next variant could kill us all.”

Jenny looked away as the needle went in. “Last year it was monthly. The year before, three-monthly. Is it going to end up as daily?”

“Well.” The doctor pressed a swab to Jenny’s arm. “There is likely to be an implantable chip very soon. It can release a measured dose at timed intervals. They say you’d only need to reload the chip once a year.”

“Oh, that would be brilliant.” Jenny checked the sticking plaster over her latest jab and rolled down her sleeve to cover it. “Can they do it for all the other jabs too so I don’t have to get a perforated arm any more?”

The doctor chuckled. “The research plans to put everything on the new Medichip. All your vaccinations, all your medical records, and it will even automatically call the medics if it detects something wrong with you. You’ll never have to worry about getting sick again, the chip will call in before you even know you’re ill. It has GPS too, so the ambulance will know exactly where you are.”

“Wow.” Jenny blew a long breath. “I hope it will be ready before Earth Day. I’d love to spend that day, for once, without side effects.”

The doctor snorted. “Earth Day is in three weeks. I doubt they can finish it by then. Next year though, it should be all set to go.” He tilted his head towards the door. “As are you. Fifteen minutes in the waiting area and as long as you don’t show any bad reactions, you’re done.”

“The reaction shows up a couple of days later. I feel like hell for a day and then it’s done.” Jenny picked up her bag and headed for the door. “Gets me a day off college, every time.”

“Fifteen minutes in the waiting area anyway. Just to be sure.” The doctor waved her away.

“Okay.” Jenny closed the door and resigned herself to fifteen minutes of boredom. Unless one of the others keeled over. She’d seen quite a few by now. Sometimes they just passed out. Sometimes they lay there shaking like they were being electrocuted. Sometimes their faces looked like they were melting, just sagging all down one side. There was always a stack of stretchers against the wall, just in case.

She took a seat and noted the time on the clock. There had been a time, she was sure, when these strange reactions made the news. Still, when things get to be common, the news isn’t much interested any more. Neither was anyone else, really. The commonplace isn’t interesting. It’s the new and sensational that gets noticed.

Jenny, like all the others in the waiting area, sat in silence. Nobody made eye contact nor did they acknowledge the existence of the others. They had, like Jenny, been raised properly, taught never to invade the personal space of a stranger. It’s just rude.

Companions in an empty room. I taste their victory and sin.

A snippet of an old, old song came into Jenny’s head. It was something she had heard as a child, from her grandfather’s collection of what he called ‘music’. Music had fallen out of fashion after Grandad’s time and nobody bothered with it any more. Grandad died in a nursing home, before any of the family could be contacted. Her father had visited him the day before he died, and within a week Dad had disappeared too. There were a lot of shouty fights between him and her mother after Grandad died. She never knew what they were about.

She frowned, ducking her head to hide the emotion on her face in case somebody saw. It wasn’t nice to make other people worry about you. Music, she remembered, was nice. It had made her feel good, even when the song was slow and sad. Head down, she tried to remember more of the song.

To work it out I let them in. All the good guys and the bad guys that I’ve been.

There was so much more. Was it still there, buried in that childhood memory, or was it forgotten forever? Grandad’s music collection was sent to recycling when he died.

I wander through an angry crowd. Wonder what’s become of me.

The line was out of place. Jenny forced her face to relax, forced the frown away. Someone might think she had a bad reaction to the vaccine and she didn’t want the attention. She looked up at the clock. Seven more minutes. She glanced around the room.

Face to face I greet the cast. Set in silence we begin.

She stifled a cough. It felt as though something in her mind had brought the song back as a message. Like it was trying to tell her something. She needed to go back to her room, where she could concentrate. Maybe write down the bits of the song she remembered and see if she could put it back together.

Half asleep I hear a voice. Is it only in my mind?

Or is it someone calling me? Someone I failed and left behind.

That was how the song started. Grandad played that song often and sometimes there were tears in his eyes. Then they took him away to the nursing home and nobody in the house ever played music again.

Four minutes left. Jenny struggled to keep her face impassive. It felt like a dam bursting in her mind, so many thoughts, so many memories. All pushing through, all wanting to be first. She really needed to be home.

Her pulse pounded in her head. Was this a bad reaction to the vaccine? Was she about to be one of those who passed out, or who lay shaking on the ground? Is this what happened to them?

I want to take you all with me. We have to get away from here.

Her father’s voice, shouting. Her mother shouting back ‘No, you’re insane’. Her father at the bathroom sink, cutting his hand, taking out his ID chip. Jenny stared at her own left hand, where the chip rested silently until the scanners activated it. She had never questioned it. Somehow, she had blanked out so many memories, or thought she had. Seems she only put them away in a drawer somewhere, and now her brain was opening all the drawers and throwing the contents out into her consciousness.

Should she alert someone? Tell them she thought she was having a bad reaction? Hell no, she’d get sectioned at once. Is that why the bad reactions so often pass out – because they are too afraid to ask for help?

I defend my soul to those who would accuse me.

Another snippet of the song. Almost as if her mind was telling her ‘It’s okay, you’re not going mad’.

Jenny checked the clock. It seemed blurry through her eyes. She rubbed at them, her hand came away wet, but the clock looked a little clearer. One more minute. She considered just leaving now, but that might raise suspicions. One more minute. She could wait it out. She closed her eyes.

In her mind’s eye, her father’s bandaged hand lifted his small bag. His other hand stroked her face, tears in his eyes as he said goodbye. He so wanted to take her, and her mother and little brother, along with him but he could not. He could not stay either, not once he had heard his own father’s story.

Like a circus on parade. Seldom close enough to see.

A story she had heard, and pushed away at her mother’s insistence over the years. She had to believe he had cracked up, that he had joined an antivaxxer group living outside of civilisation, in the climate-change-charred wilderness. He had not. They were not anti-vaxxers. They were free people, thinking for themselves, living outside the tightly controlled world she inhabited. It was in her memory, in the arguments between Dad and Mum, in the words her brain had filed away as ‘wrong’.

His shouted words came back as clear as when he first uttered them. You get on the vaccine train and you can never get off. Booster after booster and it never ends. It’s like getting on a roller coaster that just goes around and around and goes faster and faster and never stops. The last ride you will ever take.

She checked the clock. Time’s up. Jenny stood, reached for her bag and concentrated on quelling the tremble in her hands. It might look like a vaccine reaction and she didn’t want to get taken for treatment. Very few came back from treatment.

Outside, Jenny took a moment to breathe the air and try to grasp what had just happened. It was a song. An old song, now lost to almost everyone, that had triggered her memories. It was a song that had set her on a new path, a path so very, very different from her life as she knew it. Was it sensible, or was it really only the ‘sins of the fathers’ manifesting in her? Had she inherited her father’s madness, or his sanity?

I share the famine and the feast.

The song would not go away. Should she see the doctors about how she felt? Should she discuss it with her mother? Hell no! She’d be sectioned at once. Her own mother had called the authorities when her father left. Jenny took a breath. It wasn’t malice. If her mother had not reported her father’s aberration, they would all now be under permanent observation as accomplices. Possibly even in jail. No, she could not really blame her mother – but she couldn’t trust her with these thoughts either.

Jenny knew she had to leave this city. Get out into the barren wilderness beyond. Like her father. Find the wandering people and try to join them. She stared at her left hand. Would she have the courage to cut the chip out, as her father had?

Well, she would soon find out. Her mind had decided that she would not turn up for her next injection in two weeks’ time. Earth Day was one week after that and missing a shot would put her on Green Santa’s naughty list. She would hear the bells.

Jenny gritted her teeth and whispered the mantra she had been taught. “Send not to ask for whom the bells jingle. They jingle for thee.”

If she missed the next shot, she would be classed as ‘anti-vaxxer’ and Green Santa would take her to some unknown oblivion. It was terrifying, but now she had seen how her world really was, now she had finally seen the circus parade close up, it was terrifying to stay within it too. Running into the wilderness was also terrifying. Basically, she had a choice of terrors. Which to choose?

Jenny headed to her room, only a short walk away from the campus medical centre. She had an enormous decision to make and only a short time in which to make it. If she chose to stay, she would just take the shot in two weeks’ time. If she chose to leave, she would have to do that very soon. As soon as she missed that next appointment she’d be on the naughty list and then she’d be watched closely.

“Well.” Jenny placed her hand on the door to her student accommodation block and watched the door swing open. “Seems I finally have to make an adult decision.” She stepped inside and watched the door swing closed. “I just wish I knew how.”

The song’s closing lines played in her mind.

All the devils that disturbed me and the angels that defeated them somehow.

Come together in me now.


(The song, if anyone is interested, is by Paul Williams and is one of the excellent pieces of music from a film called ‘The Phantom of the Paradise’, a film I heartily recommend.)

Here it goes again

Still up to the eyes in book stuff here. The Christmas anthology looks like being a big one, some long stories in so far. I still have to get back to some authors though. Almost two years of on/off lockdown has set me into a ‘well, I can do it tomorrow, it’s not like I’m going anywhere’ state of mind. It is increasingly difficult to shake that off. Every day is the same now, it’s difficult to even work out what day it is. Also we are getting power outages weekly now. This does not help.

It’s also hard to write Panoptica now that the brain chip and recently, the medichip have crossed into reality. It’s going to be a history at this rate. But then history does repeat so maybe it’ll still work. If there is anyone left to read it.

We now have ‘the unjabbed’ as the subhuman creatures we are exhorted to ostracise. They are the enemy. The Evil Ones. The spreaders of disease and the termination of human life.


I’m one of them.

Well, frankly, I’m probably the worst person you can make ‘one of them’ because the termination of all human life doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to me. After one of my dinner table rants, many years ago, my son said ‘If everyone died tomorrow you’d complain they died in the way’. He was right. They bloody would. There’d be stinking corpses all over the place buggering up your suspension with no garages open to get it fixed.

But then, that was before I became a grandfather. I no longer yearn for the termination of all human life. Just… most of it.

The more observant reader will have realised by now that I’m not really a ‘people person’. My granddaughter isn’t a ‘people person’ either. Try to grab a hug and she’ll bite you. I am so proud of her 🙂 and look forward to when she’s old enough to pull a 50 lb bow or swing a log splitting axe.

So you might be thinking that I’m on board with the whole ‘population reduction’ crap. It does sound like it, I suppose. Well you’d be wrong.

I am not bothered about a billion people who live a hundred or more miles away. I am only bothered about those who live close enough to be in the way and in my current situation that would add up to about five at most. And I rarely see any of them. So, global population reduction is not a matter I’m at all interested in.

Now, if I was a billionaire (I’m not and never will be) I’d buy an island, fit it up with all I need and then wave a middle finger at the rest of the world and disappear. I would not try to force the world to live the way I dictate. You guys can do whatever you want, I’m over here on my island and not playing.

This is not what billionaires do. They try to force their beliefs on those they consider inferior. That’s us. They have money and they believe that makes them superior beings.

Modern money is just numbers on a screen. It’s not real. A solar flare can wipe the lot. They don’t get it, their superiority is as tenuous as the scales on a moth’s wing. If it gets wiped, what will they offer any group who takes them in? Can they cook, harvest, plant? Can they even dress themselves? These ‘superior beings’ are, let’s face it, utterly useless in a future real life. They’re pretty damn useless in this one.

They always do the same thing. Pick a group, demonise them, tell the idiot drones to hate them and then isolate and exterminate them. It’s not new. It’s not even Nazism. It’s been going on all through history. And it is happenning again.

So, one day soon, they will come for me. As in Austria and Germany where history is clearly no longer taught, and in Mussolini’s Italy, where their leaders have forgottten how that turned out for him.

I am your demon. Your plague rat. Your disease carrier. Let’s just forget that I haven’t even had a cold in the last decade, and I could tell you why but you’ll burn me as a witch if I did. But I have declined the mRNA experimental shot therefore I must be infected with a terrible disease that is less deadly than flu.

And you have wondered, haven’t you, why I am not a ‘people person’?

Against stupidity…

…the gods themselves contend in vain.

No idea where that quote came from originally. It was in a SF book called ‘The Gods Themselves’ by Isaac Asimov. I read it a very long time ago. Three parts, I found the middle part most fascinating – but I digress. Already.

There is so much stupidity in the world now. I see people who have had two jabs that were supposed to protect them from Covid, then catching Covid, then worrying about how long it will take to get their third jab to stop them catching something they already caught after the first two jabs didn’t stop them catching it.

Our governments are trying to convince the unvaccinated that the vaccines work so they’ll get it, while simultaneously trying to convince the vaccinated that they haven’t worked so they have to get a booster.

The definition of ‘herd immunity’ (no, it’s not a farmyard term) changed so that it can only be acheived through vaccines rather than the ‘old way’ of people recovering and becoming immune. The definition of ‘vaccine’ changed from something that stops you catching or spreading a disease to a thing that just makes your disease less bad. And now the definitions have to change again because ‘herd immunity’ is not possible with a ‘vaccine’ that does not confer immunity.

So much more. So very much more. We’ve seen Fester Rancid declare that the unjabbed over 65s should die at home and not bother the NHS. ‘Unjabbed’ now includes those who have had two shots and now refuse a third shot that works just as well as the first two – not at all. Soon ‘unjabbed’ will include those who haven’t had a fourth.

There are the same proportion of people jabbed in hospitals as the proportion jabbed in the population. Anyone with any sense at all would conclude the jab isn’t making any difference. Nobody is making that conclusion. Instead, the ‘vaccine passport’ is coming to life. The vaccine does not stop you catching or spreading the disease and yet it is somehow magic if you show your papers. If you are infected but have the jabpass, you can go places. If you are uninfected and don’t have those papers, you are a pariah.

Well, we smokers are already pariahs so pfft. I’d say ‘bring it’ but they already did.

The Welsh mobsters in charge have admitted there is no scientific basis to extend the reach of their vaxpass but they are doing it anyway. Boris is ramping up the fear for a Christmas lockdown now his COP jollies are finished, and people will not see it. They will go along with the lockdown and like last year, he will ignore it.

It’s all very confusing and it’s designed to be. Confused people look for a way out, any way out, and that way out is likely to appear soon. It will look like a way out but it’s really a way in, with no way out.

I think most people will actually welcome it.