Fifteen Minutes

Lately we are being bombarded with this insane notion of ‘fifteen minute cities’. Apparently it was thought up by some French guy who envisaged a world where everything you needed was a fifteen minute walk or less away. Work, school, any shops you required, all within a short walk.

It sounds really nice, and it was. We had that back in the 1960s and 70s. There was a butcher and greengrocer three streets away. Doctor and dentist about five streets away. I’d walk to school – about 15-20 minutes. I didn’t need a lift in a car. Even the fancy shops were less than half an hour’s walk into the ‘big town’ that had a high street. That’s how it used to be and I’d be quite happy if the Frenchman’s vision took us back to that.

However. That is not what we are getting. Our lunatics in charge have taken the ’15 minute city’ idea and swirled it in a pot with Orwell and Stalin. They have interpreted it as a place where you will be fined and punished for moving outside your defined zone.

They are not installing amenities within 15 minutes of your home. They are installing blockades and cameras and fines if you dare move outside your alloted space.

This was not the idea. It was not meant to be enforced. It was meant to be convenient. The 15 minute city idea was intended to produce places where you didn’t need to go far to get stuff. Not to produce places where you weren’t allowed to go far. The original concept still allowed travel, it just meant that for the essentials, you didn’t have to.

There were no lockdowns, road blocks and fines in the original concept. No need. You want to go shopping? There are local shops selling all you need within walking distance. You want to go further? Fine. You can. You just don’t have to.

The original concept is what I grew up with. Sure, you could take a bus to the ‘big town’ but you can just walk there in 30 minutes anyway. I walked to school, to the shops, everything.

What happened?

Supermarkets. The first one I remember appearing was Carrefour. It looked like an aircraft hangar. Everything was in there. Now we have so many of them and they really can’t set one up within 15 minutes of everyone.

The supermarkets killed off all the little shops. They couldn’t compete on price. Those small shops that were the heart of the original ’15 minute’ communities were eradicated by the big guns. They are not coming back and there is no effort underway to even try to bring them back.

The ’15 minute’ cities are going to be ghettoes. If you are more than 15 minutes from one of the supermarkets you will have to pay for delivery and since you have no options, they can charge whatever they want.

If you get sick and you are more than 15 minutes from a doctor then, basically, write your will.

The implementation of 15 minute cities and ‘low traffic zones’ does not include the provision of essential services within 15 minutes of your home, as the original idea intended.

It will simply stop you travelling more than 15 minutes away from your designated pod.

Did you vote for this?

Hmm? Were you asked?

Bank crashes

Many distractions are happening. Some kickballing crisp salesman has apparently vanished from TV for something he did or said, I neither know nor care any more than that but it’s the talk of the internet. Then Mad Wanksock is getting all the blame for the Covid lockdown debacle. I have no sympathy for the weasel faced git, he deserves all he gets – but he is far from the only one to blame and the rest of them shouldn’t be allowed to get away with their parts in that mess.

In the background, but sliding into the limelight, a bank called Silicon Valley Bank went bust. Turns out this was a bank with a particular penchant for high risk investments. You’d think they’d have a risk assessment department keeping a close eye on things in that case, right?

Well they had no head of risk assessment for nine months, and when they appointed one, they chose a woke idiot who spent all her time arranging LGBT parades and Lesbian Awareness events. Not checking on the risks they took with investments. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but as a straight man I have no reason to be aware of lesbians, nor they of me. We are of no interest to each other. And I’m afraid that whenever I hear ‘LGBT’ my mind defaults to G scale narrow gauge railways – LGB trains. I see no reason to have a parade about that.

So a bank that took big risks in investments while having no, followed by effectively no, oversight on the scale of the risks they took, went bust. That’s really not a surprise and shouldn’t alarm anyone who didn’t have their money in there. Incidentally, it turns out the Harry formerly known as Prince and his sidekick, Me-again, had a lot of their money in that bank.

However, it is being touted as ‘the first domino in a banking collapse’ There is no reason why it should be, but then there was no reason to panic buy toilet paper at the start of all this yet people did it anyway. There wasn’t a ‘real’ shortage of toilet paper. There were rumours of one, which caused the easily petrified to buy it all and thus cause the very shortage they were trying to avoid.

The same happened with rumours of petrol shortages, other shortages and lately fresh fruit and vegetable shortages. Although if anyone is daft enough to stockpile fresh fruits and vegetables, well your house is going to stink worse than the allotment compost heap in a week or so. Which, I suppose, will make it easy to identify the utterly gullible.

All it takes to create a shortage is to put out a rumour there’s going to be one. The impossibly stupid will do the rest for you, and they are legion. They’ll buy up and stockpile the thing you wanted a shortage of and cause that shortage themselves.

So… if you want to crash the banks, all you need do is install a useless head of risk management in a very high risk bank and let it inevitably crash. Even better if you have King Jug-ears’ grandson as a major account holder. That guarantees massive press coverage. Then all the gullible toilet roll hoarders will panic and cause a run on the banks – all of them – so they can take their money and stuff it into mattresses. That will then cause the massive bank crash you wanted. Even the most well run banks can’t pay out all the money in all their accounts. Most of it doesn’t actually exist. So, banking crash incoming.

It’s hard not to see the toilet roll, pasta, petrol and all the other shortages as practice runs for this event. Each of them was inconsequential and temporary on their own, but as a lead-in to crashing the financial system, a very good way to train the drones into doing what the WEF want them to do. Also, to find out how many gullible idiots are willing to help this crash along.

Seems there are a whole army of them. So, get ready for the financial crash – unless enough people wake up to the scam. I am not hopeful of that.

Looks like the plan for digital currency is working well so far. Well, best get planting… there won’t be too many veggies on this year’s food bills, and I’ll have to dust off the fishing and hunting gear too.

If you live in a city, you have my sympathy. If you can, get the hell out soon.


The day before Christmas. Normally we’d be visiting the grandkids and letting them open presents the Danish way – on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately CStM has a bad cold and is getting better but still coughs like a chainsmoking seal at times and feels about as sociable as the Grinch’s grumpier uncle. Also, my son is absolutely paranoid about getting ill, so turning up with a sneeze that could paint a wall with sticky goo is not going to go well.

I’m fine, of course. I don’t seem to get ill any more, not for many years. Maybe it was decades of working with nasty infectious things that has honed my immune system into the SAS of immune systems, but yeah, the cold hasn’t touched me. I could potentially be carrying it though so I won’t be visiting the kids alone just in case.

So Grandson won’t get his shiny new drum just yet. It’ll be his on Second Christmas, once the disease is cleared out. Note that feeling recovered is not the same thing as fully recovered – you feel better because your immune system has reduced the disease to where it can’t cause symptoms any more but that removal is an exponential decay. It takes a few days after ‘recovery’ to clear it out completely. So we’ll wait a few days after CStM stops feeling like a walking corpse before visiting.

Meanwhile, we have a distinct lack of Christmas cards this year. The post office is on strike and has been, off and on, for some time. Yes, it’s inconvenient but I really don’t blame them. They have been provoked into strike action by management and the appalling terms that were foisted on them. They really were left with no other choice.

Others have since jumped on the bandwagon. The medics claim they aren’t paid enough and have to use food banks, advertised with a picture of three nurses who look like they just ate their way through a food bank each. Border Farce went on strike, the army took over their jobs, learned the job in a few days and the airports now run more smoothly than they ever have. Amazing. The army are the ones with guns but Border Farce managed to shoot themselves in the foot without any. That’s really impressive.

Apparently the NHS has been on strike recently. I didn’t notice because I so rarely visit. But for those whose serious illnesses were ignored and delayed through the covid debacle, this is literally another nail in the coffin for them. Note that the strikes aren’t about patient safety or the rather more sensible objection to the NHS management wasting massive wads of cash on diversity officers, lifestyle dictators and net zero wankers. No, it’s all about ‘more money for me’. There’d be plenty of money for front line staff if the useless management wasters were removed but nobody, not even the strikers, seem interested in mentioning that.

Now I hear the teachers plan to strike. After the last years of school closures, who will notice? The kids they were supposed to be teaching won’t be able to read about it and we can breathe a sigh of relief that those kids won’t be told to be trans by some purple mohican-haired tattoed freak show who would never, only a decade ago, have been accepted into teacher training college.

All these strikes, and I might have missed some, seem orchestrated. The postal workers were so clearly provoked into it, the others seem to be more union-driven. Everything is being shut down. People who are paid decent wages demand more. Hell, every one of them has a much better income than me, but as self-employed I can’t really strike about it. It wouldn’t inconvenience anyone other than the authors I’m working with and, mostly, myself.

All the strikes are really starting to feel like part of a plan. As did the covid responses. Sure, I know, people don’t want to believe their governments are attacking them but really, they have never cared about us. They only care about power and money. We are just the product they sell to get those things.

Currently they are selling us to the Pharmers. The Pharmers are businessmen, not health professionals. They make money. They do not make cures. If you are cured the gravy train stops. If you are on long term treatment, ideally for life, the gravy train rumbles on.

Your government morons don’t care about your health either. They are only interested in how much of a kickback they can get from selling you to the Pharmers.

Don’t want to believe it? Well who would? We think we vote these people in to look after our best interests and never seem to notice that they abandon all their promises as soon as they sit in their shiny offices. They. Do. Not. Care. About. Us.

They never have and they never will.

So, the ‘Great Reset’, the ‘conspiracy theory’ du jour isn’t real? Even though Klaus Schwab published a book detailing how he plans to do it? Even though all Western leaders have echoed its ‘Build Back Better’ mantra? If you want to ‘build back’, what are you building back from? Something destroyed. If it’s not destroyed it doesn’t need to be built back. Isn’t that obvious?

So. We can expect more strikes. We can expect more shortages. I’m not too worried about the current bread and milk shortages, that’s because Christmas is on a weekend. My time working in Local Shop showed me that people will buy a month’s supply if the shop is closed for two days, Then the idiots will be back again for another month’s supply before it closes for New Year.

This year, with Christmas and New Year on weekends, many shops will be closed for four days so people are buying insane amounts of milk and bread. The shops are not trying to stop them because if they don’t buy it, it’ll just go bad in the shop while they’re closed. Better to sell it to paranoid idiots and let it go bad in their homes. They’ll restock with loads more before New Year because, let’s face it…

people, on the whole, are not very bright.

No Qatar

I have absolutely zero interest in any format of the various kick-ball games out there. Not even in stick-ball, which is very popular here in Scotland and not even in my native land’s ‘run with an almost ball shaped thing and slam it down at the end of the field’ game. They all seem entirely pointless to me.

I have, however, been somewhat entertained by football’s decision to host the world cup in Qatar. It is a highly religious country – and I don’t care about religion either – so there has been much ribbing of virtue signallers like Gary with Ears like Walker’s Crisps and so on, who are all happy to take money to go to a place that does everything they virtue signal against.

The stadiums are built with slave labour, many of whom have died during construction, but apparently that’s all the fault of us honkies. There are no human rights there, there is only Sharia law and if you aren’t Muslim, or even if you are a Muslim woman, you’re less important than a goat. But all that is fine when there’s money on the table for the virtue signallers who claim to be against these things.

I have seen US and UK football idiots complain that there will be no booze available. I am waiting for the reactions when they find out there’s no pork chops or bacon rolls available either. They have actually used the phrase ‘but it’s our culture’ and these cretins have never grasped that it only applies in countries that are dim enough to let people claim that shit.

Qatar does not. It is a Muslim country. If you go to their country, their laws apply. No booze. No bacon. No wandering around drunk with your moobs on display, resting on your hairy belly and flapping in the breeze. Mere seconds spent on the internet would tell you what to expect if you go there. It’s not rocket surgery.

The thing is, it’s what the West expects now. Our countries have bent over to take it without lube for every immigrant’s ‘culture’ and people truly expect a reciprocal arrangement. There isn’t one. There will never be one. We’re just suckers.

Nigeria has banned the use of white actors in TV adverts. You will have no trouble imagining what the blue hair brigade would have to say if we did the opposite here in the UK. We wouldn’t anyway, there are now a lot of non-honky Brits and have been for several generations but just imagine the reaction.

I have never been to Qatar and probably never will visit. Two of my favourite things are whisky and bacon and those are both banned there. I have no problem with that. It’s their country, they can run it how they like. But it’s not my kind of place and they won’t like me so the simple solution is to just not go there.

It might, however, teach a lot of our own idiots a lesson. All this ‘It’s my culture, innit’ crap does not apply universally. You can claim it’s part of your culture to drink beer and eat pork sausages when watching football but when you go to a country that doesn’t want those things going on, no fucker cares about your ‘culture’.

Get it into their heads, and maybe they’ll see the claims of ‘it’s my culture to rape children/slaughter animals in my backyard’ etc differently when they get home. Just maybe, a few of them will see what’s really going on.

It won’t affect the blue haired screamers, of course, since their pipe cleaner limbs don’t allow them to get involved with anything harder than charging their phones and their minds have atrophied to the point where a dessicated mushroom scores higher than them on an IQ test… but it might get through to those the blue hairs have spent decades indoctrinating.

One last thing – so many Western football clubs are going with gay iconography on their planes and football strips.

They really should have looked into what seriously Islamic countries will do to them.

There is going to be an incident in Qatar this year. The provocation will be intense and it is likely to get a harsh response. There will be much hand wringing from the well paid virtue signallers, but nothing will be done.

It’s their culture, innit?

UPDATE: Apparently it’s worse than this. The booze ban only applies to the paying plebs. The VIPs, many of whom have their jollies paid for by the very taxpaying plebs who cannot now have a beer, will still be downing champagne and wine in their Virtue Boxes.

So it seems ‘It’s my culture innit’ does work for a very few. Just not for those paying for it. I suppose we should be used to that by now.

Resistance is futile. You will be vaccinated.

Okay, before anyone gets out the ‘antivaxxer’ accusations, I spent my entire career in microbiology, working with some nasty things. You bet your ass I’m well loaded with vaccines! But I also understand how vaccines work, which is why I won’t take any more. Especially not these insane new ones. You see, I also understand how PCR works and what mRNA really does.

When you get vaccinated against tetanus, the bacterium Clostridium tetani is grown in a lab, killed, checked to make sure it’s dead, and injected into you. Your immune system still gets to see the proteins its made of and makes antibodies against it. If you ever get a live one in your bloodstream, your immune system is ready to smack it down before it does any damage.

That’s a simplistic explanation but it’s basically the idea behind vaccination. This is not how mRNA shots work. I can’t call them vaccines. They aren’t.

The mRNA shots cause your own body cells to produce foreign proteins. This makes your immune system thinks those body cells are infected with something and the immune system does the only thing it knows how to do – it kills the infected cells. I called this insane idea ‘an autoimmune disease in a syringe’ when it first appeared and I have not changed my mind on that.

I fully expected a rise in arthritis, rheumatism and other autoimune diseases, and judging by the plethora of ads for treatment of those things lately, I was right. I wondered about reactivation of suppressed and dormant viruses, and judging by the sudden push for shingles and other vaccines, seems I wasn’t far off there either.

I did not anticipate effects on fertility or pregnancy. Others did. I don’t know enough about those things. I had no idea there could be issues with blood clots, spontaneous bleeds or heart issues. Others warned about those things. I didn’t and still don’t know enough to comment. I could only comment within my own areas of research. Still, the people who did comment were very eminent scientists and worth listening to. So I did. Many scoffed at them because MSM ‘fact-checkers’ said so. Well, that’s their choice. I prefer to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about and who have worked in that area of research for many years. That’s my choice.

So now we have young, fit sportspeople and entertainers keeling over dead while doing their jobs. We have morticians showing massive fibrin clots they say they have never seen before. We have a huge rise in cancer cases in younger people – I certainly didn’t see that coming – and sadly, dead and damanged children and a huge rise in stillbirths.

And yet, for most people, that’s all fine. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, not too hard for very many people. They line up for another shot of mRNA because the news says it’s fine, and so many ‘doctors’ say that the purpose of vaccination was never to stop the spread of disease or to stop you catching it… they really are saying that. They were not saying that three years ago.

I have seen morons claim that ‘other vaccines need boosters’. Sure. Tetanus needs a booster… every ten years. Not every three months. If you are getting injected every three months with something that has been shown to not stop you catching it and not stop you spreading it… well, just have a little think, okay?

Now we find there are ‘vaccines’ to ‘repair heart damage from heart attacks’.

Spoiler. Heart muscle cannot regenerate. It scars. You get a scar from myocarditis, it’s there for the rest of your life. I have a scar on my hand from a burn. It will never go away. The same is true of all my other scars and yours too, even the ones inside that you can’t see. They cannot be ‘repaired’. They *are* the repair. It’s like welding a plate of metal from a Ford over a hole in your Toyota. The welded on part never becomes Toyota. No matter what you do, that welded part is always a scar.

People will take that shot though. They believe in ‘the science’ even though the true science tells them it cannot work. The principle has been established. They will take another shot every three months for something that they are almost infinitesimal risk from even though it doesn’t work, so they’ll take a shot (probably multiple) for something that cannot work.

And then we have the cancer issue. There has been a marked rise in cancers and it’s not all down to lockdowns.The response? Well what else?

An mRNA ‘vaccine’ against cancer. You people really will believe anything, won’t you? Still I shouldn’t be surprised, since I was the one who told antismokers who accosted me that the lymph glands they could feel in their throats were cancers caused by my second hand smoke and that doctors were paid to tell them otherwise (sorry, legitimate GPs) and so much more. I already knew that so very many people were irredemiably stupid, I can’t pretend surprise now.

When you vaccinate against tetanus, it offers no protection against a closely related bacterium, Clostridium welchii, which causes gangrene.Vaccination against Salmonella does not protect you from its relative, Shigella. And so on. Vaccination is specific because the immune response is specific. You cannot vaccinate against something that has multiple causes – espeically something with multiple utterly unrelated causes.

Vaccinate against one infection, it doesn’t protect you from even a related infection. So you vaccinate against a cancer triggered by a particular infection – as happens now with cervical cancer. That does not protect you from a cancer caused by a different infection. It has absolutely no relevance to cancers caused by chemical exposure, radiation exposure, genetic predisposition or just blind bad luck. Nor any of a myriad other potential triggers.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ vaccine for cancer and cannot be. It might be possible for a single treatment to emerge for all cancers, they all do much the same once they’re started, but they have so very many ways to start that you really can’t pre-empt them.

Vaccines, even just a few short years ago, could well have been called the best thing medical science ever produced. Now? Science is dead, in many areas. Espcially medical science. You might as well get some toothless crone in a wood mask to shake a gourd at you.

At least you have a chance of surviving the experience.

A Book and a Break

Well, the Halloween anthology is closing and it’s looking good – and possibly the easiest ever. Hardly any editing required on the stories this time! I’ll be getting author contracts out in the next day or so and then payments for those who want it in money. Outside UK are best to get cash because within the UK, books are a payment option but our postage costs mean that authors in any other country are better getting cash and buying a copy locally.

The deadline was extended because so much is happening. I had to go to future son-in-law’s stag do, which was a lot of fun, then CStM and I went to Denmark for her dad’s birthday which was a great trip too. It’s the first time we’d been anywhere for three years – we haven’t even been to Wales to visit my family and that doesn’t even mean crossing any seas! Next is Daughter’s wedding at the end of this month (I will be kilted again) then CStM’s birthday and it’s likely to be beans on toast for Christmas dinner…

I didn’t take many photos because the Danish climate is very similar to Scotland’s. Mostly crap at this time of year.

I did, however, get a snap of Denmark’s idea of rail safety. There is a sign saying ‘do not cross if a train is coming’ that’s placed halfway over the crossing.

Such crossings are pretty much gone in the UK. You used to be able to cross the rails at Ystrad Mynach station but now you have to trek over the bridge, even though you can see far in both directions. Denmark is not as nannying as we are. They trust their people to be aware of their surroundings. I’m sure there are some who will be shocked at that.

The best weather was, of course, on the day we were coming home. Well, again, that’s just like Scotland…

The plane was late, naturally, even though it was the only one at the airport while we waited there. This airport is more active as a helicopter ride to the oil rigs and the shuttle to Aberdeen is pretty much an afterthought. Esbjerg looks like a very nice place though, it’s somewhere I’d like to visit in its own right.

*cough splutter* years ago, I took the ferry from Newcastle to Esbjerg to get to a science conference in Odense. The ferry caught fire on the way over. Lots of small boats came out to see. To help? Nope. To take photos. Somewhere I might still have photos of the other student and myself in flotation vests, smoking the duty free baccy before it got wet. We survived, even though we had to put up with a cabin in the bilge to Harwich on the way back.

I didn’t buy any whisky on the way back. I have seen the ones they had on offer at better prices in local shops here. It seems the duty free mob replace the duty with profit. Don’t bother.

Baccy though… is much cheaper in Denmark. Especially loose baccy, which I use to fill the ciggy tubes. It’s not quite half the UK price but close. So I brought back the limit – and then the UK customs were unmanned anyway. I could have stuffed my case! Ah well, I have at least a month’s worth of cheap baccy. Corner shop baccy prices in Denmark are actually cheaper than duty free. And whisky costs about the same there as here. ‘Duty free’ is one hell of a ripoff.

I still need to finalise a title for this anthology. The Tax Monster?


I don’t know if I had the smallpox vaccine. I was around in the 1960s when it was still being given but it wasn’t compulsory then. The compulsion ended before 1900, but the vaccine worked so well that smallpox was eradicated in the wild by 1980.

It’s probably in my medical records somewhere, but it doesn’t matter. There is no smallpox any more.

So, how was this acheived, and why isn’t it now done with more viruses? Well, smallpox was something of a unique disease. It only affected humans, it didn’t have an animal reservoir. Coronaviruses are found in bats and other animals, so are cold and flu viruses and most other diseases. Smallpox, however, only ever affected humans – so all we had to do was make sure nobody caught it and it died out. That’s not going to work with anything else.

Smallpox is gone, and yet it’s back in the news. Bill Gates suggested that a bioterrorist could use smallpox to launch an attack. The FDA has approved a new smallpox vaccine and Canada has ordered millions of doses. Why?

None of it makes any sense at all. Why a ‘new’ vaccine? The old one did the job exceptionally well. If there is any risk of a return of smallpox, why not just make more of that one? Well of course there’d be no money in it – the ‘new’ one will still be in its profit phase.

Why would anyone order millions of doses? The only smallpox in existence is in a very few, very secure laboratories. Anyone wanting to study it should of course be vaccinated, but as it no longer exists in the wild, there’s no need to vaccinate the whole population. I suspect the answer there is likely to involve money again.

As for using it as a bioweapon, that’s the most insane part of all. It does not exist in the wild. There would be no question that it came from a lab because it doesn’t exist anywhere else. The list of suspects would be really quite short too.

I saw that Bill Gates interview. He quite specifically said ‘smallpox’. Not any infectious disease, not one that is still out there in the wild, like say anthrax, plague, tuberculosis, polio, nothing like that. He said, specifically, smallpox. Which would be likely to be the hardest one for any bioterrorist to get hold of.

This hypothetical bioterrorist is not going to isolate smallpox from a contaminated sample or a patient. He’s going to have to break in to a high security lab and then into a -70C freezer – which are always locked – and he will have to know exactly what he is looking for and get it out of that freezer without losing fingers to frostbite or infecting himself with the smallpox sample or anything else that will be in there. Basically, he would have to be working in that lab with enough training to know what he is doing. He’s not going to be hard to find.

It’s also the most idiotic choice for a bioweapon. Once you let this thing out you’re not going to find it easy to put it back. It has a nine day incubation period. Patient Zero is spreading it for over a week before they even start to get sick. So is everyone he interacts with. Back in the 1800s this might be containable but now, nine days is enough for someone to travel over most of the planet.

If you release this, it’s coming back to bite you. You cannot contain it.

So, if you have a new, experimental vaccine and you don’t know if the vaccine is safe or not, you have to take it. You have no choice. There are no effective treatments and unlike Covid, this time you have a 70% chance of dying from smallpox. Even if you survive it, it can leave you with permanent disfiguration.

If Bill Gates really is deranged enough to even consider this, someone needs to talk him out of it fast. It’s well known that he hasn’t had his children take any vaccines. This one though, he’ll have to. He’ll have to take it himself. Even if it’s a dodgy mRNA potion.

Smallpox is a lousy choice of bioweapon. It cannot be contained once released. Its origin can be traced very quickly since it has to come from a lab, and there aren’t many that have it. It would have to be handled by an expert otherwise the risk of contaminating themselves is huge. There would be little difficulty in finding out who was responsible, and once they are caught they are going to talk. A lot. They won’t want to take all the responsibility for something like this, whoever paid them is going to get named.

It would be an extraordinarily risky move, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

What might happen is a fake smallpox scare. We’ve seen this recently with necrotising fasciitis, mad cow disease, Zika and Ebola. It takes less than ten cases for everyone to think they’re all doomed. A couple of Ebola cases in the UK (they were medics who had returned from treating African victims) and the whole country went into panic. Stirred, as always, by the media.

Necrotising fasciitis had stories of people visibly dissolving on trains. It never actually happened. Mad cow disease had about ten cases in a year, this was projected by a ‘scientist’ (with an impressively straight face) to become 100 cases over the next ten years. Yeah, that’s ten cases a year. There aren’t any at the moment, as far as I am aware.

All of these things are gone now. I’m sure there are still cases of necrotising fasciitis but they are very rare (I think at its height there were eight cases in a year) and not newsworthy.

You really don’t need to release a virulent bioweapon. You just need to make people think it’s going to happen and you can sell them vaccines. Even vaccines against a disease they have no chance of catching. A couple of photos of chicken pox or cowpox sufferers, magically saved by your smallpox ‘vaccine’ and there you go. They’ll line up to pay for your cure.

In the fiction that was ‘The Macbeth Trio‘ I used scrofula as the sales pitch to sell a vaccine nobody needs. I didn’t think smallpox would be a credible one to use.

Seems someone else thinks it is.

‘Antivax’ is the new ‘Racist’

So, anyone who doesn’t want to take part in the experiment is now an ‘anti-vaxxer’. This would be amusing if it wasn’t so serious.

I’ve had every vaccine going (except flu, never needed it and it’s only about 40% effective so never thought it worth while). My children and grandchildren are vaccinated too. They haven’t had the same amount as me because they didn’t spend their entire career working with dangerously contaminated samples.

Yes, my kids had MMR vaccine. I went through both measles and mumps as a child and I can still remember them, even now. I don’t remember if I had rubella but I can still remember the smell of the calamine lotion I was painted with when I had chicken pox. I was fortunate enough to not get polio (I had the vaccine) but even in the 1960s, there were two kids at my school who had had it. One had the steel rods strapped to one leg, the other had both legs in a cast, separated by a pole to try to get them to grow evenly. At university, one of our lecturers had the massive-soled boot on one leg due to the damage caused by polio in his youth.

So yes, I got my children vaccinated against those things. Of course I did. I had either experienced the effects of the disease myself or knew someone who had. And if there is a vaccine available to stop them going through it too, of course I’d get it for them.

I don’t know if I had smallpox vaccine or not. It wasn’t compulsory in 1960, the ‘mandatory’ part had been challenged and discarded almost a hundred years earlier but I might have been caught in the tail end before it was finally eradicated. That’s okay. Smallpox had a high kill rate so I don’t mind if I was vaccinated, I was far too young to give a damn anyway.

I had to get a few extra vaccines to visit China in 1991. Maybe they aren’t required for a holiday but I was there for work – visiting farms, mainly pig farms – so the vaccines were a good idea. Nobody in China ever asked to see proof I’d had the rabies or any other vaccine. I suspect the Chinese attitude was ‘well, we warned you, if you didn’t listen, tough luck if you get it’. Which is an attitude I can agree with.

Flu vaccine has such a poor effectiveness that I’ve never bothered with it. I had my first official invitation this year and ignored it. I had flu once, thirty years ago, and yes it’s unpleasant but if the vaccine is only going to offer 40% protection… not good enough.

I am not touching this experimental mRNA or DNA stuff. I know well what happened in all previous attempts to make a coronavirus vaccine. Traditional or mRNA. I know what happened in the Phillipines when they injected masses of people with a vaccine for Dengue fever. Coronaviruses are a special case. Every vaccine ever attempted has only made subsequent infection far, far worse. From what I have learned so far, this one is going to be no different. If you’ve had the vaccine you need to be very, very careful not to catch this disease next winter.

Now I’m not judging anyone who has been vaccinated. The fear machine is still in overdrive and if you haven’t spent your entire career working on, and with, nasty infectious diseases there is no reason you’d know any of the things I know. You are all experts in your own careers, things I know nothing about and you haven’t had the time to study all the things I spent my life being paid to study. The push has been relentless and it’s still going on. There are now claims that it might take five vaccinations before it works – it won’t stop there.

That’s because it’s not about a virus and not even about a vaccine, even though many people are making enormous amounts of money out of it. It’s now about getting that vax passport in place, the first step to a Chinese style social credit system. The vaccinations will never end, your passport will expire if you miss one and it won’t be just the one vaccine. They are now working on mRNA vaccines for other diseases, you’ll have to buy those too. Oh it’s like the drug pushers, the first doses are free until you’re caught in the web.

They even claim to have a vaccine for cancer. This is ridiculous. There are many, many different causes of cancer, some of them still unknown, and one vaccine cannot possibly make you immune to them all. But then, that’s the idea – you’ll need to cover ‘variants’. I believe there is a vaccine against a virus-induced cervical cancer but not being in possession of a cervix myself, I can’t really comment. Still, a vaccine against asbestos-induced cancer, for example, seems pretty damn far fetched. You can’t develop immunity to a mineral.

It’s not funny though. I have seen people who want to pin down all the unvaxxed and forcibly inject them. Others who want to line up ‘anti-vaxxers’ in front of a trench and shoot them, Stalin-style. Piers Morgan, the TV loon, wants to deny all medical treatment to those who won’t take part in this experiment. The crazed are being whipped up again and if you think that sort of thing is all in the past, look up the dates around Pol Pot or even the Chinese communist regime. These are not long-past events. Can it happen again?

It is happening again.

Can it be stopped?

Well I’m not sure. I have a feeling we might have to take the Underdog route of losing to win, because we will not get most people to realise or understand what is happening until it happens. Meanwhile they will blame the unvaxxed when the vaccines in them start killing them through antibody dependent enhancement and cytokine storms. For many it will take a long time before they realise the non-sick unvaxxed are not the source of their sickness. There might not be many of them left by then.

Next winter is going to be hard. We are going to, once again, be regaled by front page news filled with photos of overstretched hospitals which we’ve seen every winter for well over a decade. Except last year, when we were regaled with dance videos in empty wards… during a ‘pandemic’.

It will all be blamed on a ‘variant’ caused by the ‘unvaxxed’ when it will be the vaccines causing it all. I’ll have to stay out of sight for a year or two until, maybe, I end up as the Omega Man. I hope I won’t be the only one.

So let them call me ‘anti-vaxxer’. It makes a change from ‘racist’.

Although it is equally meaningless.

Powdered Toast Man

(I’ll get to the competition over the weekend. Still nobody has both songs but some have two)

I don’t mean the superhero here. I’m talking about Mad Wanksock. It’s been clear for some time that he’s going to be the fall guy.

Well, he has been caught on video in a badly-acted Carry On Film in his office. Would they have CCTV on the door to his office? They are likely to have a camera on every office door in case of theft – but they are more likely to be on the outside. Nevertheless, the internet is full of ‘Shagger Hancock’ stories and really it means nothing.

Yes, he broke the rules he made for the rest of us. Ah, but Boris did that at the G7 meeting and it only caused murmurs of dissent. King-in-Waiting Jug Ears McGreendope and his plummy chummies did the same at Ascot and there was no more than a grumble. Then the government decided that ‘important people’ (aka football yobs in suits) were not to be subjected to prole quarantine. Hardly a murmur.

So Hancock broke the same rules his boss ignored totally and we expect Boris to sack him? Yeah, Boris isn’t exactly coming from any kind of moral high ground here. Boris can’t sack him for breaking the rules unless he also sacks himself. He’ll cave to ‘pressure from the party’ over the weekend and either Mad Hancock will resign and take the quick way out before the vaxshit really hits the fan, or Boris will insist ‘his hand was forced’.

Still, the internet that played down the total lack of covid rules at the G7, at Ascot and the football ‘impotent people’ is now going ballistic over Mad Hancock’s attempt at the opening to a cheap 1970s porn film. It is a distraction.

So what else came out today?

Well, the report on mass gatherings came out. 28 ‘cases’ (positive tests) of Covid out of gatherings of around 50,000 people. So mass gatherings are of no consequence.

The shortage of HGV drivers is because the government has stopped driving tests for new HGV drivers for over a year. There is a 4000 test backlog.

Car insurance companies announced that if you have an accident because you had a vaccine reaction while driving, you’re not covered.

Accident and emergency rooms are being overwhelmed. GPs are closed so nobody can go anywhere else. The latest ‘covid symptoms’ are those of a cold or hay fever so anyone with the sniffles thinks they’re about to die, and… vaccine reactions. The ‘rare events’ that are currently swamping hospitals.

All of this, and more, vanished under a torrent of Mad Hancock and his dalliances. Which are of no consequence. Yes, he broke his own rules but then so did Boris recently and so did the posh buggers at Ascot and so did the government when it swept aside expensive quarantine for ‘important people’ but hey, let’s concentrate on a sad loser who doesn’t know how to open a low budget porno.

I think he’ll be gone by Monday but don’t cheer yet. Boris will replace him with someone worse. Someone who has declared there will be no vaccine passports and who will demand compulsory vaccination for all, including children. Also certification of vaccination rather than a vaccine passport because the drones won’t understand it’s the same thing.

I think it’ll be the current ‘vaccines minister’, Noddy Zowiewowie or whatever he’s called. I really don’t care any more, they are just drones now and none of them have grasped one important detail.

When the One World Government takes over, it can only do this by ‘saving us’ from our current rogue governments. Many people would genuinely welcome them as saviours now. So, the current governments would no longer be required.

Do you remember what every communist regime, ever, did with those it no longer required?

Well, do you, Boris?


The Mad Wanksock (he deserves no less derision) has declared that his personally-owned NHS owes no duty of care to vaccine refuseniks. Yes, he really said that. Unless you enrich him, and his cabal of dark whisperers of doom, by accepting the death juice, his personally-owned NHS will not treat you.

Well they’ve hardly treated anyone for a year anyway. Where’s your threat, Wanksock? My uncle died of delayed-treatment for his throat cancer on Christmas Eve last year. You have nothing. Nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your Pharmer shares.

Couple of points here. The Death Secretary (which is what Wanksock evidently thinks his job entails) does not own the NHS. In fact, nobody in government does, not since Tiny Blur put the whole thing under the control of ‘trusts’ that really do not deserve that title. He’s basically a blustering idiot and if he’s lucky he’ll only end up in prison. Did you see the BBC bloke hounded off the street by a mob? I watched that and thought ‘it’s a very short step to a lynching here’. People are angry to a level that hasn’t been seen since the days of Charles I, and that didn’t end pleasantly.

When the aftermath of this kicks in it’s likely to look exactly like those days and I’m taking cover out here.

Remember, Cromwell saved the English from the tyranny of Charles I, but turned out to be a total dick. They found him guilty of treason two years after he had died but that didn’t stop them. They dug him up and hung him anyway. Yes, Boris. Yes, Wanksock. These are the people you are currently repeatedly poking with a sharp stick. You might want to brush up on your history.

Second point – if the government has no duty to care for me, as non-vaccinated, then surely I have no duty to pay them any taxes in any form. My car road tax is due. Yet Wanksock has said that the NHS won’t treat the unvaxxed so if I am ever in an accident I will be left to die. Why, then, would I pay for that?

The BBC is already suffering from a loss of the TV tax. The new GBNews, headed up by Andrew Neil, seems popular but old Neilly has already stated that there will be consequences for those who refuse vaccination. So I won’t be watching that channel either. Nobody should be watching the idiot lantern now anyway. How will the government survive a tax strike? I think it’s time to find out.

Now, Wanksock wants to make the experimental jab compulsory for care workers. Then NHS workers. Then you and your children. Oh, he didn’t mention the last part so that’s a conspiracy theory – like compulsory jabs and vaccine passports and the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ becoming permanent were just conspiracy theories mere months ago. Never happen… oh wait.

There are rumours and leaks and hints and allegations that the ‘third wave’ will begin on August 1st. That the lockdowns will intensify next autumn and winter. That most of the victims will be the fully vaccinated, and the unvaxxed will be blamed (this makes no sense biologically but they left science behind a long time ago). That there will be boosters of these experimental potions that can only be enforced while the emergency (and therefore the lockdowns) continue. Of course, these are just conspiracy theories. You know, the spoutings of tinfoil hatters. Like compulsory vaccinations and vaccine passports, or the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ becoming a permanent New Normal. Nothing to worry about as long as you are fully brainwashed. You carry on, enjoy your servitude.

I won’t have a vaccine passport because I won’t be partaking of the potion. So, that means I can never fly overseas again? Well too bad. The government doesn’t want to let the unvaccinated fly. Unfortunately, the airlines don’t want to let the vaccinated fly. So nobody is going anywhere. Again, Wanksock, you have nothing.

This includes vaccinated pilots. The airlines are worried about their liability if the vaccinated form blood clots and die en route. They are now even more concerned that it could happen to a pilot – in which case everyone is likely to die en route. Flying at high altitudes increases everyone’s risk of deep vein thrombosis and it is increasingly clear that all the vaccines also increase the risk. So, the airlines are taking a risk and multiplying it by putting together high altitude and dodgy rushed out vaccines. They aren’t going to risk it. Very sensible.

None of us going anywhere means that although around 75% of pilots and aircrew are vaccinated, well, they aren’t going to need very many of them. Nobody vaccinated will be accepted by the airlines and nobody unvaccinated will be allowed on board by the government. So, a few cargo planes and the private jets of the sociopaths will soon be all that’s left flying.

Again, the government promise that you’ll get your ordinary life back if you accept the Prick of Destiny is shown to be a lie. Just like everything else. These alleged vaccines have already been stated to not stop you catching or spreading the virus. You get reduced symptoms, which means you can spread it more easily because it won’t confine you to bed. This is an incredibly stupid idea.

This government also promised that June 21st would be the end of it all. This was clearly bollocks from the outset, they were hiring ‘Covid marshals’ (aka fingermen, if you’ve read or seen ‘V for Vendetta’) with contracts up to 2023. They are planning boosters in September which could not happen unless the ’emergency powers’ were still active.

Now the combless clown claims we are to be freed on July 29th. ‘That’s really it, no takesie-backsies, we really mean it’ which is exactly what he said about June 21st. He is lying. It’s what he said in March 2020, ‘just three weeks to flatten the curve’ and you know what pisses me off more than anything else? So called ‘rebels’ saying ‘Well if he doesn’t stop this on July 29th…’

He has no intention of stopping it. Ever. You stop it or it never stops. That is it. Really. You stop getting tested when you’re not ill and adding to the made up figures. You refuse to comply on a scale that they cannot control.

Or you just sit in the fire thinking ‘This is fine’ while they jab their experiment into your children.

There is no Batman. No Superman. No hero coming to save you. It does look very much like the world of ‘V for Vendetta’ but there is no V. It’s up to you.

You can end this. You can bring down Mad Wanksock (he’s now at the stage where prison would be his lucky option) and Boris the Spider and their gang of doom-whisperers.

Or you can sit in the fire thinking ‘This is fine’ until you are burned to a crisp.

Your choice. Also your last chance.


I referenced two songs in there. Artist, song title, album (or film) and year gets you a random free book, and as a bonus, you get to choose a second if you can legitimately find one I didn’t deliberately reference if it’s legit.