A prophetic title as it turned out. I hit ‘publish’ accidentally before writing anything. The rest will be up shortly… Here it is.

Today, a man drove a car (well, a Prius) into eleven people outside a London museum. Police reacted at once – this is the format of several recent terrorist attacks so it’s no surprise the police mobilised at once. The man was pulled from his crashed vehicle, pinned down and arrested.

Initially reported as a terror attack by some news outlets (The Daily Hysteria made it top story) but as a ‘crash’ by the likes of the BBC and Grauniad, it has now been officially listed as an accident.

Well, accidents do happen, and sometimes accidents involve a lot of people getting hurt. We’ve had some nasty motorway pile-ups in the past. So okay, I can go with ‘accident’ for now. Particularly since ISIS haven’t claimed responsibility so far. They’re usually quick with their claims.

Many people refuse to believe this was an accident and that’s no surprise either. The politicians and media have told so many lies that nobody believes a word they say any more. Except those who use filters to believe the stuff they like and not-believe the stuff they don’t like. Trust me, it’s safest not to believe any of it. You might as well get your news from the old ladies in the coffee shop these days. It’s probably more reliable.

So, whether this was an attack loony or just a driver who got confused and lost control, we’ll probably never know for sure. Any similar accident in future is going to be assumed, by many people, to be definitely Islamic terrorism no matter how many officials and reporters come out saying it was just an accident.

Politicians, press, police and any other official out there – you brought this on yourselves. You have lied and deceived to the point where none of you can be trusted at all. Some police will ask where they have lied and deceived the public – well, one example springs to mind right away. Rotherham. How long did you cover for those rapists again?

Now the police are to arrest anyone who repeatedly views ‘far right’ web sites. What is a far right web site? Anything they want to define as a far right website. Daily Mail, you’re pretty much screwed. The rest of us will soon be afraid to visit blogs that aren’t about cats or flowers or Marxist ideology. Meanwhile, those imported gangs get to do as they please. And the police wonder why they have lost the trust of the public.

As for Islam, you’re going to get the blame for every road accident, every accidental gas explosion, every building that catches fire and you, with the help of the liars who covered for you, made that happen. It’s too late to look for sympathy now. If you want to get rid of the criminal element in your midst, it’s up to you to deal with it. Our police aren’t allowed to do it and our politicians simply will not face it.They’d rather watch people getting killed than risk being called ‘racist’.

Otherwise, you’re going to find you are all tarred with the same brush.

I’m still thinking today’s event was an accident. Surely nobody planning to cause carnage would choose to do it in a Prius?


The Mouse that Jingly-Jangled

North Korea is a little country with a population so impressively oppressed that Socialists want it to happen everywhere. They never seem to notice what Socialism, when it takes power, does with its most vocal supporters on its way to power. Lenin was a big name in the Russian revolution. Stalin later had him airbrushed out of photographs – after he was airbrushed out of life. Even the big names get wiped out. You activists become a liability when they win.

Kim Jong Jingly-Jangly is, let’s face it, madder than a bag of badgers. He’s had his own relatives shot for annoying him (actually, we’ve all had moments when we wish we could do that but we’re not bonkers enough to really do it).

So the news that he has tested a hydrogen bomb is no surprise. Well he says he has one, or rather had one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the seismic effect by ordering his entire population to jump up and down in unison.

North Korea’s only ally, and a reluctant one at that, is China. China are getting more and more pissed off at the Beatle-cut fat boy who takes communism to its final conclusion. At least China can tell its people ‘Could be worse, you could be North Korean’.

China has a border with North Korea, and Russia has a short border with the House of Kim too. Neither of them want hordes of refugees crossing their border. They can’t run into South Korea because Kimmy-boy has a hell of a border there and the South Koreans are quite happy for it to remain intact.

Recently, the Kimminator launched three missiles in the general direction of Japan. Two failed in flight and one detonated at launch. Japan, the general population at least, noticed nothing. Sushi preparation continued as normal.

So if the grinning chubby has a hydrogen bomb, it’s not too alarming because his delivery missiles are Socialist shite and don’t work. If they try to launch one and the H-bomb goes off on the launch pad, I for one will laugh hard enough to need incontinence pants. He’s a threat to America? Really? It’s a big target but a lot of it has nobody living in it.

In WWII the Japanese sent balloon bombs to America. A balloon with a bomb attached, which the prevailing winds would carry over America and the bomb dropped randomly when the balloon burst. Hardly anyone in America even noticed. Huge parts of it are forest or desert and there are places where nobody would notice an asteroid strike, so Kimbo’s idea of firing one of his ‘target – that general direction, sort of’ missiles at America is likely to raise no more than heavy sigh from the American people.

Trump, however, will not stand for it. A Democrat government might have said, as a UK Labour government would. ‘It’s okay, it landed in the desert so no big deal’. Trump is not a politician and that makes him something new. The world doesn’t know what to do with him. Kim Jong Jinglebells still thinks he’s dealing with the Obama administration and he’s pushing against what he thinks are easily cowed Americans. Oh dear.

Another thing that is often overlooked is China’s role in all this. There was an incredible tweet where some snowflake said ‘I’m scared that if North Korea nukes us, Trump will take us to war’ with nary a thought to the point that if someone nukes you, they already started the war.

China does not want a nuclear war. China doesn’t want war with the West at all. They’re doing very well financially through trade with us and they don’t want that messed up. Russia doesn’t want a war either. Putin is happy sitting back with popcorn watching us destroy ourselves. He doesn’t need to do a thing.

If Kim Jing Jong Hurdy Gurdy really attacks America, I think that country will be gone before America arrives. China is most likely to annex it and make it part of China. I think Russia would see it as too much bother and would be happy to let China have it.

It would be a hell of an improvement in the lives of most North Koreans if China took it. They’d fight American or Russian invasion but they’d be okay, I think, with Chinese rule.

I hope Trump has the sense to let China deal with it. DPRK would become part of China, South Korea would be Korea, and there would be no need for nukes. Most of the DPRK people would welcome China anyway, it’s a lot better than what they have now and not too far from what they are used to, just less oppressive.

So, the world is pretending to be scared of a mouse of a country led by a muppet with an appetite and no forward thinking. Kim the Hutt cannot win if he starts a fight, he has the three biggest countries staring him down.

If he fires one missile, his country is gone. So the real question is…

How mad is he?


Going to take a while to get to the point. Same as always…

Busy here at the moment. Today was the nicest day since about June and I’m hoping the ground will dry out enough to finish the grass and re-do the weeding. I have a similar problem to the farmer who owns this farm – it gets almost dry, and then it rains again. On the farm, harvesting has been frantic and often continuing into darkness when weather allows. The same goes for baling the straw. Today though, it looked like this –

I didn’t even have to photoshop the blue sky in, like you usually have to with Scottish photos. I did crop out the thunderclouds…

The farm here has no livestock, it’s all wheat and barley. Barley – all grain –  prices are likely to be high this year because a wet harvest means paying more to get the grain dried, but as most of the barley goes to whisky distilleries, they can afford it. The rest gets made into beer.

The wheat is made into flour to make bread, butteries and batter for deep frying. Yeah. Scotland takes your green vegetarian crops and says ‘fuck you pal, we’ll use it to make booze, flat rolls made of fat and deep fried lard’.

I expect to soon be in possession of a grass blade for my scythe. I bought the ditch blade first because I mostly use it in the woods but the mowers can’t cope with long wet grass. The scythe doesn’t care how wet the grass is, it reaps it anyway, But the ditch blade is not designed for lawns so I ordered a grass blade. Basically it’s a 75 cm long razor that I attach to the end of a stick and swing around in the garden. Best keep the dog indoors, she already has short enough legs. I also expect a monsoon as soon as it arrives but I’ll be out there with it, swingin’ in the rain. Like a herbicidal maniac.

It’s time for the quarterly author payments. A little more complex this time because there are more books than last time, but it’ll just take a day or so to sort it out. Better get used to that, there’ll be more books every time. Technically I shouldn’t count the ones I buy to send to authors as part of their contract, nor should I count the ones I buy to give away as advertising, but I’m not going to make it difficult for myself. Those count too.

Okay, finally, to the point.

I have watched with interest the sudden acceleration of the genderless agenda. It’s been ticking along for years now, with ‘I am gay, I am a rug muncher, I shag anyone, I am a woman who is really a dickless man’ and so on. It was harmless, it seemed, and sure, some people genuinely feel they should be the opposite gender to the one they were born with, Nothing wrong with that, it’s how they feel, no problem.

LGBT seemed like a harmless group to those of us (straight white males) who are excluded from every group anyway and who have to cringe while white girlie-men insist we deserve eradication while not taking the initiative themselves…

What happened to ‘the courage of your convictions’, eh? Cowardly bastards.

Now, the LGBT movement has developed its own alphabet and is LGBTZJYMTOLflippityfloppitythingywhatnot with more Q’s than have appeared in all the Bond films so far.

It includes ‘pansexual’ (as in ‘I fuck frogs and badgers’) and there is pressure to include paedos in that group because shagging infants is okay as long as you have a letter and a rainbow flag.

I should maybe mention that this is likely to offend. If it does, get over it or watch me not care. Seriously, it’s grow up time. You can throw all the abuse and death threats at me you want. I have spent time surviving homelessness, you want a fight? I remember how. You wasters have grown up in bubble wrap. The people I grew up around will kick your arse into hamburger.

Real LGBT people are getting the hell out of this crap now. Gay is not the same as paedo and not the same as pansexual. A man who likes men is not the same as a man who likes dogs or weasels or any kind of children.

I wonder if they include duck egg fuckers now? That would be P-squared, paedo pansexual…

Tickling trout, when I was younger, had a different meaning. You weren’t trying to give them an orgasm.

Lately it has become more sinister. Now we have ‘experts’ (the new word for ‘money driven idiot’) declaring that children have to be reassigned gender (expensive surgery and to hell with the consequences) just because they indulge in a bit of dress up.

I have worn a kilt. It’s a pretty decent skirt and doesn’t easily blow up to expose your bits. I found it quite a comfortable thing to wear. I hear John Lewis stores are no longer labelling clothes ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. Well, okay. I buy what I like to wear anyway and labels are for pigeons. I don’t want to be pigeonholed but I will be. I’ll be in the ‘scruffy bastard charity shop’ box.

I’m okay with that. You can pigeonhole me if you want. You can pretend I’m racist and misogynist and an actual demon just because I’m white and straight and non-religious and I’ll let you know if I ever start to care.

Okay, you’re a guy who prefers to go for the tradesmen’s entrance or a girl who prefers tribbing or a guy/girl who goes both ways or a man/woman who feels they should have been a woman/man… This is all fine with me. I don’t care. Go your own way. Live your life the way you want to. You only have one go at it. All you can do is try to get it right and that will never mean, to me, ‘do as you are told’. You are not free when someone else tells you how to live.

That attitude is going to get me banned from Twitter, Farcebok etc one day because the real ‘tolerance’ is not tolerated there.

We now have ‘experts’ talking about transgender children. They talk about an eight year old who was ‘assigned’ female at birth like someone ticked a form. We have more varieties of gender than Heinz had of beans.

There are two genders. Two. Male and female. Plug and socket. You can have as many varieties of ‘sexual preference’ as you like but that is not gender. Gay and lesbian animals exist. It does not change their gender. There are seals in the Antarctic who like to shag penguins. They are not a different gender. They are… probably Muslim.

Yeah, I’ve been expecting death threats from you buggers for a long time. That’s why I have certain things.

You are not assigned a gender at birth. Gender, one or the other, is decided when a sperm gets into the egg. X or Y are the only choices there.

Sexual preference is not gender.

Gender is male or female. Plug or socket. You can change gender these days surgically but it does not change your genes. You can be an XY woman or a XX man and if you  are happy in that life then good for you. But your genetics have not changed.

X or Y are the only choices for gender. I fully expect YY males to appear in the future, and the feminists can imagine what a Hell that will unleash. No they can’t, but I can.

There are not multiple genders. Multiple sexualities,. yes, but including those which are illegal is not going to keep your core support,

I’m a white straight guy. I never knew it would make life so much easier.


Venezuela shows the way

I’ll be called a Nazi (again) for this but – the left wing violent arseholes are just as bad as the right wing violent arseholes. Donnie the Trump has been castigated for ‘saying’ (they hear what they want you to have said, not what you said) that the two sides are morally equivalent.

He is right. Both seek to get their way using violence. There really is no difference. The Left claim they are morally superior because Nazis are violent and everyone should ‘punch a Nazi’. Suggest that, in that case, it should also be okay to ‘punch a Commie’ and they respond with ‘you can’t go around hitting people just because you don’t agree with them’.

Oh I’m not kidding…

Politicians, even those who are allegedly Republicans, support Antifa. So do the media. It’s always the white guy who’s the bad guy even when Antifa beat up old men and reporters. Even when Antifa turn up armed and armoured to beat up people who are neither. Even when Antifa turn up to other people’s rallies with the sole aim of causing violence. They can do no wrong.

And that is deliberate. They don’t understand that, none of the Lefties understand it, but they are doing exactly what those in charge want them to do.

Donnie Trumpton is a wild card. He wasn’t supposed to win. He’s not in the program, he’s not part of the plan. Even his own side are trying to take him down. He’s messing everything up! Imagine him saying that destroying American history is not a good thing! The horror!

Even though the Confederates were Democrats, and Democrats commissioned and erected the statues they are now tearing down. It doesn’t matter. The point is to erase history so future generations won’t learn from it. They won’t understand that slavery is bad and they’ll be compliant, happy slaves with no knowledge that in the past, slavery was abolished by the white people.

Slavery still happens in some places. Not in the self-hating white world but in other places, it happens and Lefties either pretend it doesn’t or they are happy with it. No, I’m not going to list the places. Look them up yourself.

In the UK, we had Lefties wailing in the streets when the Tories won the election but not as violently as in the USA. The reason is simple. Tessie Maybe is part of the plan. It didn’t really matter who won, there isn’t any real choice here now. Oh, Corbyn would have turned the place into Venezuela faster but it’s happening anyway. So a little bit of token protest was in order but that’s all.

Now we have people on Twitter saying all white people should die and that’s not racist in this modern land of Absurdia. There are white people saying it – they are strangely not dead themselves but they say it anyway. Don’t just talk about it, White Wailers. Actions speak louder than words.

By now you’re itching to know what the plan is, aren’t you? It’s a very simple plan. It leads to what Venezuela has just done.

Provoke more and more violence and then promise to do something about it. That ‘something’ involves giving the government power to crush any dissent, make bloggers like me ‘disappear’ in the night and give whoever is in charge dictatorial powers. Maduro will soon be able to rule by decree. It’s written into the law they are passing now.

This is the only reason anyone in the West wants to be the head of Government. When this shit hits the fan, the current Prime Monster will be the one in charge. No need for all that faffing about getting laws passed. One person in charge of each country – and in the EU, one person in charge of Europe with their own army to command.

Is Brexit happening? The alleged conservatives are stalling at every move. The whole thing has been put on hold until after Germany’s elections, as if that is somehow relevant to us leaving the Control Club. Tessie Maybe isn’t the one to get us out of the EU. She doesn’t want us out. So we’ll be ruled by a dictator in Brussels one day.

It’s so much easier to control a world where you only have to deal with one person per country. One vicious dictator who will do anything to hold on to power and money. No messing around with persuading a whole Parliament, you just have the one leader to deal with. Even easier when the EU can run a whole load of countries with one leader.

Oh and Muslims? When it happens, well, sorry guys but they won’t need you any more. You did your part in forcing populations to accept total control but you won’t be the ones in charge of it. Neither will Antifa.They’ll cheer the Venezuela style laws when they come but they won’t see that they are the ones to be disposed of. When the population is under control, nobody needs masked thugs any more.

Besides, how can you get the population under control unless you do what you promised and… erase the ones they are scared of? All you terrorists are just setting yourselves up you know.

Oh there will still be terrorists. Different ones. Have to keep the bogeyman alive otherwise what is your dictator protecting you from?

Have you ever wondered how, in the days after any terrorist attack, new control measures and complex pavement structures to restrict movement are built, painted and ready to install? Almost as if the government knew what was coming and had the stuff in storage somewhere.

You can call me a tinfoil hatter, you can laugh it off, you can say it won’t happen.

In Venezuela, it just did.




Dust off those saddles…

I have broken my tablet computer. Terminally. I had left it on the floor by the bed, the phone rang, I got up to answer it and crunch. To top it all there was nobody on the phone. It was probably one of those timeout sales calls.

Fortunately I had opted for a cheap Chinese-made one so it won’t hurt too bad to replace it. And it did mean I got to take it apart. I’ve always wanted to see inside one of these things. So I now have two very small good quality speakers that will fit easily inside a model train with a sound generator, a couple of tiny cameras and a microphone (not sure how to wire up a camera but I can find out). Best of all is the ‘vibrate’ motor. Runs on 3V and is less than a cm long. I can fit that into something very small indeed, along with a couple of tiny button cells. My model building interest is rekindled!

I might make a tiny electric car. Might as well, we won’t have any petrol or diesel ones soon. Then again, I’ll be 80 in 2040 so probably won’t want to do much driving. My kids will still be driving age though. They’ll be stuck with those God-awful electric cars. Not even hybrids – the petrol and diesel won’t be allowed.

Suddenly, cars are the cause of all ills. Does that let smokers off the hook? We’ve been saying for a long time that the smoke from a cigarette is nothing compared to a passing truck, nor even a drive-by in a Mini. Nobody wanted to hear it.

It doesn’t let us off the hook because it was never about health and neither is this.

Ministers believe it poses the largest environment risk to public health in the UK, costing up to £2.7bn in lost productivity in one recent year.

Ministers believe whatever it is in their interests to believe, as always. But their thinking is in terms of lost productivity, not health. Sick drones don’t work as hard. That’s how it was sold to them. Same as with tobacco, booze, salt, fat, anything. They don’t give a shit about you. You exist to pay taxes to them. You exist to work so they don’t have to.

Remember when the antismokers checked carbon monoxide in breath tests on smokers in the street? On busy streets. They never tested nonsmokers and never tested themselves. If they had, all the results would have been the same because the CO and other stuff from exhaust fumes on a busy street will overwhelm anything a cigarette can do.

And yet, at that time, the buses and cars rolling by were totally harmless compared to half a gram of burning leaf.

When my grandmother was born there were no cars. They are really that recent, starting in the early 1900s as rich men’s toys. You had to have a man with a red flag walking in front to warn people you were coming so they wouldn’t be startled. That might come back with the electric car because those things are almost silent. They’ll need sound generators like model trains have, so they sound like a real one.

The Cult of the Green God is not satisfied because like all the other ‘mememe’ groups out there, they are never satisfied. They want cars banned right now. Except theirs of course. I mean, how do you get to the next conference on stopping oil use if oil products are banned? Walk there, like a common pleb? They are far too important for that.

Seriously, imagine a world where you can’t speed around in a flash Audi or BMW and have to try to pick up girls in a glorified disability cart. See it happening? The car industry can adapt of course, they just make electric cars instead of petrol ones and then charge more than the car’s value for new batteries.

But the oil industry? You really think they are going quietly into oblivion? Oh no, this isn’t going to be like the tobacco wars at all. The antismokers never wanted to ban tobacco. That would put them out of work so they work with the tobacco companies to reach a compromise where they both profit. Can’t happen when you completely delete all use of a product. The oil wars are going to be a lot more vicious.

Really though, it’s about our ability to go places without being controlled. They don’t like that. They didn’t like us having places to gather and talk so they wrecked the pubs and everything like them. There has been a war against personal transport for a long time and it was always going to be banned one day.

Your 2040 electric car will have all the latest gadgetry installed. No need to worry about speeding, it will be incapable of exceeding the limit, even in an emergency. No need to worry about it getting stolen because the authorities always know exactly where it is and have the power to turn it off remotely.

A lot of people are going to think that’s all good.

Until they are driving somewhere the authorities don’t want them to go…

The ‘Devoid of Choice’ Generation.

It still makes me laugh to see companies with signs saying ‘This company operates a no smoking policy’. No, you don’t. No company operates such a policy because no company has any choice in the matter. Every company, every operator of every workplace and every place open to the public is obliged to prevent smoking on the premises. If they fail to comply they will be fined.

There is no choice. No amount of smug signs saying ‘we are making this rule’ changes that fact. You might as well put up signs saying ‘we obey’ because that is what you are really doing.

Hiding from that fact only emboldens the Health Nazis. They see such compliance as weakness and they know they have not reached any boundary yet. In fact there’s no sign of any such boundary. I suppose, denied the old fashioned persecution of anyone non-white, gay or otherwise different, the bigots out there have to have someone to hate and the Health Nazis have a target for them. Smokers.

They have more targets too. The overweight. Anyone putting salt on their food or swigging a can of chemical fizz. All lined up for when the last smoker has been dealt with.

Still, the war on smokers continues to its final solution

“We want to address this. Our vision is nothing less than to create a smoke-free generation.”

That’s a quote from Steve Brine, whose surname is going to get him into trouble with the Salties in the future. They want a salt-free world, Steve. No more brine.

But look closely at those words –

“…Our vision is nothing less than to create a smoke-free generation.”

Ah, the new Aryan race. Moulded along lines directed by those who consider themselves lords over all. And to think, they object to being called Nazis.

This ‘smoke-free’ generation are not going to be asked if they want to play along and be part of Briny Steve’s ashtray-free Utopia. Oh no. That generation will be created by the Salty Fuhrer and his coven of We Know Best.

You won’t have the choice, kids, and you’ll be so proud that you have no choice that you will crow about your non-smoking even though you will never get to try it. You will not be allowed to try it and you will obey.

Oh I know there are antismokers out there thinking ‘Excellent. No more smokers’. They don’t see it, do they? Once you are obedient there is no end to it. No salt. Obey. No meat. Obey. No milk. Obey. No booze. Obey. No socialising without State supervision. Obey.

Oh I know, you’re thinking ‘Well I don’t smoke but they won’t make me give up meat’. They won’t make me give up smoking either. It’s not for us. It’s for their Aryan generation of your kids and grandkids and then on forever. The obedient drones they want to create. You want that as your family legacy? We’ll all be reviled as the filthy ancestors who ate burgers, swilled beer and drooled over meat pies with salty chips. Our headstones will be smashed to rubble to pave the pure streets of Obedience Utopia.

Sure, we’ll be dead, why should we care? Why should we care that our descendants will be drones for the elite (who, incidentally, won’t be giving up anything)? Why should we care if the Earth turns into a planet of slaves to be worked and culled and occasionally harvested for the entertainment of a few utter arseholes? Why should we care that Mount Olympus will be staffed by human gods in the future? Why should we care that our children’s children will live their lives in terror of saying a word out of place and ending up ‘on the farm’?

As fertiliser, not driving a tractor.

Why should we care that our great-grandchildren will watch each other constantly, hoping for that buzz of reward when they hand in a wrongthink criminal and get a pat on the head for it?

Ah, maybe I’m exaggerating – but look around. How much of it is in place already? We have ‘bacon crime’ as a real imprisonable offence. Really, we don’t have far to go.

Smoker persecution was just the start. It soon moved on to other things. Smoker eradication is, likewise, just the start. This smoke free generation will be an obedient, choice free generation. They will not smoke. Not because they don’t want to, because they have been told not to and they will obey. Just like those businesses who pretend that being smoke free is their choice, that generation will pretend it’s their choice too. It won’t be. They will not smoke, or drink, or ever taste bacon or beef or chicken, because it will not be allowed. They will be conditioned to believe it was their choice. Just like those businesses with their no smoking policies.

It’s better to believe you chose that path than to accept you were forced onto it, for many people. Not for me. I will not accept force but then school wasn’t a conditioning factory when I was there. They taught us how to think, not what to think. We are no use to the Briny Steves of the world, they are waiting for us to die and, in the meantime, silencing us with political correctness and poofterphobia and dynamitewaistcoatophobia and racism and all the other bollocks. None of it is real for pretty much all of us but their upcoming proto-Aryans believe every word. Especially the made up words. Oh and the suckers who currently enjoy ‘protected status’? Oh you are going to have a really shitty time, very soon.

In the future your grandkids will not smoke and they will convince themselves it’s because they don’t want to. I am not promoting smoking here, I am promoting choice. The choice to not smoke is as valid as the choice to smoke. When you don’t have the choice then you are nothing more than an obedient drone.

Is that what you see for your family’s future?

The vapers will soon point out that the UK Health Nazis have now decided to allow vaping to help with cutting down on smokers. Yeah, don’t get too cheery about it guys. You have not had a reprieve, you have had a stay of execution.

When they finish us off, do you really think they’ll leave you alone?

If you do, you’re going to be very, very disappointed.



The winds of change

Things are changing fast now. Newspaper columns are now coming out with a lot of anti-anti-smoking stuff that would never have made it into print even a few short months ago. But there’s a more serious wind changing. A very dangerous one indeed.

This particular wind has done a complete about-face in the last week or so. It switched from its prevailing direction, which it has held for many years, very abruptly indeed. It’s now blowing in the opposite direction – not as fast yet but it’s picking up speed.

In the UK, a Sikh group has called for the paedo rape gangs to not be labelled ‘Asian’. That term includes Sikhs, Hindus and other people who have had absolutely nothing at all to do with the organised paedo gangs. So the Sikhs are saying ‘call these bastards what they really are and stop lumping us in with them‘.

Quite right too, but why didn’t they say this before? Oh, it seems they did…

“One of the demands in the Sikh Manifesto that we published a year ago before the General Election was that the government should encourage public bodies and the media to abandon the use of the term ‘Asian’ when describing perpetrators for reasons of political correctness.

“If the four men that have been found guilty and carried out the abuse were Pakistani Muslims, this is how they should be described and not called Asian.”

A year ago. Nobody reported that at the time, as far as I remember. They’re reporting it now.

It’s also been mentioned on Twitter that most of these ‘refugees’ are men of fighting age. Not elderly, not children, fighting age men. And they have been allowed to run riot without any let or hindrance. I’ve often wondered why that is. I mean, what does it achieve other than to rile up the native population? Then, when the politicians refuse to acknowledge there is any kind of problem, people get even more enraged. It seems, on the surface, a very stupid way to run a world.

It’s not though.

In America, the state of Montana has absolutely outlawed any kind of implementation of Sharia law. They’ve been allowing it up to now but all of a sudden, it’s all stopped.

Not a rollback. Not ‘well you can have this one but the serious stuff is for our courts’. Nope. All of it, stopped, all at once. Muslims are furious, even though I warned them this was coming repeatedly over the years. It’s shitstorm time, boys. Those are just two examples, not an exhaustive list. Bill Gates has told the EU their ‘let them all in’ policy is a disaster and the UN have admitted that unlimited immigration is idiotic. There are more and there will be more tomorrow. The wind gains strength daily.

I told you, Muslims, why they made you the favoured ones all this time. You were being set up and you were so arrogant that you walked right into it. You behaved exactly as you were meant to behave. Well, I have no sympathy. Blowing up kids in Manchester lost the last of my sympathy. But hey, you still have your Lefty loons and double-digit IQ celebs looking out for you. So all is not lost, at least for another week or so.

Labour are in a blind panic over the Grenfell inquiry. They have done everything they can to discredit the judge appointed to head it – Chukkus Yermoney has even said the judge is too white, too posh and too male for the job. How pathetic a reason is that? Thing is, he and the rest of Labour know what he’s going to find in there but too late, guys. He’s meant to find it. He always was meant to find it.

When he does, that changing wind is going to pick up a hell of a lot more speed.

All you lefties, all you apologists, all you Muslims, all of you have been following a plan that has nothing to do with Socialism. You have all been players in a much grander scheme than anything you could ever have dreamed up yourselves. Suckers.

And now you can’t stop it. Well, you could, but you branded me ‘racist-nazi-bigot’ after the first paragraph or two and aren’t likely to still be reading. You’ll be on Twitter whining about me by now. Anyway, you won’t be interested in trying. You can’t change your ways now. You’re too set in your indoctrination.

So the game has to play out to the bitter end. It will be very bitter indeed. It won’t be the UK, it won’t be Montana. it’ll be global. Canada’s PM has played his part in stoking the fire that’s coming and the changing wind will fan the flames.

You’ll call me names. You’ll threaten to contact my employer (hint: it’s me). You’ll threaten to have my benefits withdrawn (hint: I don’t get any and never have). You’ll disparage my books and the books I publish even though none of them are political. You’ll scream and threaten in your tantrum of impotent rage but that won’t change anything. The Plan will continue and you will not even try to stop it… and you lot are the only ones who could.

I didn’t do any of this. I just saw it coming. So call me all the names you want, issue all the threats you want, just don’t say I didn’t warn you it was coming.

Ten years ago.