Heeere’s Joey!

In the end, all those 4D chess moves came to naught. Trump is out of office, nobody’s been arrested, and Joe Biden is President. There are still those saying he has something up his sleeve but he has no authority now. He can’t release anything. I didn’t see anything in the documents he declassified that was earth shattering, he really shouldn’t have left it to the last day. Anything still in the process can now be blocked.

Now Trump is talking about setting up his own political party. Maybe he will, but I think he’ll only succeed in splitting the Conservative vote if he does that. In his place, I’d now be thinking of spending my twilight years – and my money – somewhere warm and comfortable.

So, are the Democrats happy? I really don’t think they are capable of happiness. They now want to prosecute Trump and set up a secret police force to hunt down Trump supporters. They won. If there’s anything worse than a sore loser, it’s a sore winner.

Biden’s first day in office has been spent undoing much of what Trump did. Not because Trump was wrong (well not in every case, sometimes he was) but purely because Trump did it. This kind of hate is why so many died of Covid over there. Hydroxychloroquine works. We’ve always known it works. Trump said he’s heard good things about it and bam – it’s banned everywhere. Because Trump said it’s a good idea. No other reason. Now it’s coming back, but too late for an awful lot of people.

On this first day, the Biden administration changed the Ambassador to Israel to hte Ambassador to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. It soon changed back, presumably someone pointed out that these areas are controlled by Hamas, not Israel, and if they are going to have an ambassador it really should be a different one.

The White House website now asks for your pronouns. Biden has appointed a health boss who took her own mother out of a nursing home before sending all the Covid patients in there. He has appointed an education boss who believes all white teachers need racism re-education. All this, and more, on day one.

Perhaps America needed this sample of what the current Democrat party is really like. It’s not like in JFK’s days. This is only the begining – Joe Biden is just the warm-up act.

When Kamala Harris takes over, then the fun begins in earnest. It’s going to be an interesting four (at least) years.

I’ve never visited America. I don’t think I’ll rush to visit just yet.

Wrap the truth in tinfoil

If you are hearing bad things about your product, backed up with photographic and video evidence, but you intend to keep selling it, what can you do? Deride and deny the stories, call them conspiracy theories, say ‘Oh come on, it’s not that bad’ and ignore video and photo evidence.

There is a better way. Put out stories about your product that are so bizarre, so unbelievable, that people will laugh at them, debunk them in an instant and then label every linked story as a tinfoil hatter’s nonsense.

This is an example.

Now, I’m not saying the one reporting this is complicit, he could have been fooled into believing it, but if you search for this mysterious disease ‘monsterism’, this is all you get. Not one single medical report or scientific paper, just this same story on multiple channels. ‘Monsterism’ does not exist.

It’s something so hard to believe that I’d be reluctant to write it into a Halloween story. People’s heads swelling to twice the size overnight, yet they made it to the emergency room on their own? People growing hair all over their body until they turn into Chewbacca overnight? A woman whose fingernails fell out, to be immediately replaced with talons which she then used to attack medical staff? This is B horror movie stuff. It’s not real. You are not going to turn into a damn werewolf. This kind of thing, if it happened, would burn out your metabolism in a few short hours and kill you.

This is nonsense. It’s easily debunked.

And once it is, all those stories of bad reactions to the Moderna vaccine are ignored because this ridiculous claim wraps all the rest in the same tinfoil.

Bell’s Palsy, tremors, fatigue, reactions bad enough to stop you working or living a normal life are happening. Not many, so far, but not many have had the second dose yet. The real rate of bad reactions is yet to be determined, and that’s what this global trial is set up to find. I won’t be taking part, thanks, since from what I hear so far the rate of bad reactions to the vaccine is a lot higher than the rate of bad reactions to the virus.

Governments all over the world are proud of what they are doing to their people with these rushed experimental vaccines. They have people clamouring to take part in the experiment. Well, that’s because they haven’t told them it’s an experiment, and I suspect most governments don’t know it is either.

This story is more than tinfoil hattery. It’s propaganda. It’s a technique that has worked before and will work on most people this time too. It has a purpose.

To wrap the truth in tinfoil.

Asymptomatic spread

The competition has been won 🙂 It was indeed, 10cc, Wall Street Shuffle, 1974. I’ll have to get more obscure in future. Oh, and this packrat still has their first album on vinyl.

So. Lets have some good news first although it seems hardly anyone wants that these days. Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is not a thing. At all. I could link to a number of newspaper articles but you might prefer the original paper in the British Medical Journal.

So why were we even concerned with this? Well, it does happen. It’s now demonstrated that it doesn’t happen with COVID-19 but it has happened with other pathogens. HIV is a case in point, the virus can be slowly active and spreading for a long time before the spreader shows symptoms. So it was an error on the side of caution, now demonstrated to be unneccesary in this case. I bet many of you won’t give up your masks though.

Some might remember the story of Typhoid Mary. Salmonella typhi is a bacterium, not a virus. Asymptomatic spread is rather more common in bacterial infections. Typhoid Mary, certainly at first, had no idea she was carrying the disease. She showed no symptoms at all, but everywhere she went, the disease followed. Asymptomatic spread is a real thing with some diseases. It has been shown that COVID-19 is not one of those diseases. And nobody wants to believe that. I wonder why?

Cross-species spread is much more common than within-species spread. Escherichia coli O157, the terror of a few decades ago, has no effect on cows. It lives quite benignly in their guts. Humans getting it can experience very severe disease. The cow experiences nothing at all.

Incidentally, this sparked a terror of E. coli overall. Look at a culture collection catalogue. Page after page of E. coli variants, almost all of them harmless to humans. The harmless ones are in your gut right now. Yes, every one of you. A few, including the K88 variant, is harmless to humans but turns pigs into faecal power squirters. It all depends on the interactions with other species inside you.

That part is critical. We are not all the same. The British Standard Human does not exist. Typhoid Mary was not really ‘immune’ to S. typhi. She was more accurately described as unaffected by it. It settled into her internal microflora as a benign aspect, but in anyone else, it was blowout time.

Salmonella pullorum used to cause a lot of problems in farmed chickens. It made chickens ill, not people. A lot of effort went in to eradicating it. It worked, mostly. It hasn’t completely gone. However, the chicken gut merely replaced it with a species harmless to chickens. S. enteritidis. Unfortunately this one made humans shit through every orifice so now farmed chickens are routinely vaccinated (through drinking water) to try to cut down on their Salmonella load. It’s not perfect but it works.

Salmonella needs to get into you mob-handed. A hundred of them is not enough. You need to take in several thousand at once. Sounds a lot, but it really isn’t. Several thousand bacteria in a 100 ml glass of water won’t even make it look cloudy. Less than that and the gut bacteria will beat the crap out of them before they get a chance to beat the crap out of you. You need a seriously big dose at once to get sick. Since they will only be on the outside of the chicken (the outside includes the body cavity) cooking will kill them. It’s true they are also in eggs – they get into the ovaries – but usually in small numbers, too low to be a problem.

If you are worried about eggs, float test them in a jug of water. If they sink they are fine. If they float at the surface throw them away. Floating means a gas buildup due to bacterial activity. If they sink but sit upright, hard boil them right away. You can still fridge them and eat them later (let them go cold before fridging them or the yolk will turn green) because hard boiling will kill any bacteria. Mostly though, the Salmonella load in eggs is too low to be concerned about. It’s only a problem if you keep then too long and let the buggers grow. Oh, and cooking kills them.

Another one that doesn’t bother chickens but will ruin your month is Campylobacter. This hasn’t been eradicated from poultry but there are many people trying to do that (including me before I retired and no I didn’t succeed either). This one manages to get deep into the actual musculature of the bird, which is why I insist on chicken being well cooked all the way through. It makes you shit water and can do worse – it can set off autoimmune diseases that might never go away. If I were you I’d be a lot more worried about undercooked chicken than COVID-19. You think the weeks of fatigue and headache of ‘long covid’ (actually post-viral syndrome) is bad? Try permanent paralysis from a pink chicken sandwich.

Asymptomatic spread from animals to humans happens a lot. We call them ‘zoonoses’. The microbe in question has no effect on the animal but can be devastating in humans. It works the other way too. Asymptomatic spread between humans is far less common but does happen. So it was sensible at first to assume this might happen with COVID-19. We had little information at first, we have much more now and we now know it does not happen.

Still, it it is good to know that COVID-19 does not do this. If someone has no symptoms they are not spreading it. This has now been demonstrated. Every government knows this and has known this for some weeks at least.

So the masks are not about a virus.

The Tiers of a Clown


There are four tiers of lockdown in England. Clearly designed by an evil clown who would make Pennywise gasp in awe. I think it’s much the same all over the UK. Note that there is no ‘tier zero’, no ‘zero risk’ or ‘mild risk’ tiers either.

Also note the numbering. Normally, the highest risk would be labelled ‘1’ and it would count down from there. That would have enabled a gradual easing of restrictions by adding more tiers at the bottom. Instead, they are numbered from the bottom up. That does not allow easing of restrictions at all, but it does allow increasing restrictions by adding more tiers at the top.

Nobody can convince me that this is accidental. I expect to see Tier 5 in January. I also expect to see at least one ‘new strain’ with added superpowers soon after the New Year. There are new strains all the time with any coronavirus, indeed any RNA virus will throw up a few viable new mutations every month. It’s very rare for any virus to produce a more vicious strain, they always tend to produce milder and milder strains. This is as much in the interests of the virus as the host.

Ebola doesn’t get far. It kills its hosts very rapidly and in very horrible ways. It has not mutated into a milder strain, maybe it can’t. Because of its effect, people isolate those infected very strictly, which limits its spread.

A virus such as a coronavirus can produce far less nasty forms. Eventually it will add to the huge list of respiratory viruses that cause colds. There’ll never be a vaccine against the common cold because so many different types of viruses cause it – and because a cold isn’t really a big deal for almost everyone.

In that state, two things happen. The weak variant spreads like crazy because it’s not really doing any harm to its host. It’s just a nuisance. The other thing is – getting the weak variant is very likely to give you immunity to the nasty variants. This means the nasty variants gradually disappear, but the virus continues to survive as the weak variant.

Sooner or later, another virus that causes a weak response in bats or birds or pigs or whatever produces a mutation that can jump to another species, such as humans. The new host hasn’t seen this one before so the infection makes a hell of a mess. The seriously ill hosts are isolated by the rest of the potential hosts which, for a non-mutating or slow-mutating virus, means that bout of infection dies away until the next host-jump.

However, a fast-mutating virus can produce weaker forms of itself that don’t cause enough harm to get the host isolated, and if the virus gets it absolutely right, the host won’t even realise it’s there. Those ‘perfect parasites’ already exist. They reproduce so slowly and do so little damage that the host doesn’t even notice them. Retroviruses can insert themselves into the host genome and stay dormant in there for years, reproducing along with host DNA whenever the host cell replicates. Some, like HIV, will reactivate years later and cause AIDS. Some don’t. If they get into the reproductive organs they might never need to come back out of that DNA ever again, they will be in every cell of the host’s offspring and part of the host DNA forever. It’s the ultimate free ride.

But I digress. I’ll try to stay out of lecturer mode.

There will always be new strains of any coronavirus. Always. The ‘tier’ system is set up to escalate, never to de-escalate. This game is far from over. In fact, it is set up in such a way that it will never end. It cannot end. There is no end point. The game board is a circle.

And yet this virus is not even in the running for an Armageddon Virus. Well over 99% of those who get it survive. By far, most of those who get it are getting anything from a bad flu to a mild cold. Sure, it’s not nice, but unless you are very old or have a serious illness already, it’s really not likely to kill you. If you already have a heart condition, diabetes or respiratory problems, keep away from it – but then, if you are in any of the risk groups, you should already be keeping away from seasonal flu. It kills a hell of a lot of people too.

Strangely, not this year. Flu has almost disappeared.

Another thing struck me as odd. Every winter the news is full of images of hospitals overrun with patients. Waiting in corridors, on beds in corridors,and the famously faked ‘child on the floor’ photo. This year… dance videos. Yes, they’ve started up again. Not just the UK, they are coming from all over the place.

Well, brace yourselves. This is not going to go away ever. Not even after you have that vaccine that has already been stated won’t stop you catching it or spreading it. So it’s really not a vaccine, now is it?

There’s also a small matter – every coronavirus vaccine that has been tried, has failed. Every one of them simply primed the vaccinated for an extremely, and often fatal, reaction to the virus.

A proper vaccine, the real deal, will give you a better than 50% chance of not getting sick at all and if you do, it’ll reduce the severity because your immune system is ready for it. Some, like measles, you only need one shot. Others, like tetanus, you need a ‘booster’ every few years to remind your immune system about it. These work. Smallpox vaccines worked extremely well. Hepatitis vaccines work. Tuberculosis, polio, these and many others work.

Coronavirus vaccines have not only never worked, they have always made subsequent infection far, far worse. And yet this is the one, totally experimental using a technique never before approved for use in humans, that they want to make compulsory? Well I’m not taking it.

No travel on public transport without a vaccine? Out here there isn’t any so… *shrug*. No entry to pubs or restaurants without a vaccine? They’re shutting those down very efficiently anyway.

Compulsory medication, any smoker will tell you, is that ‘It’s just a nonsmoking area in restaurants, that’s all’. “It’ll just be this one” is the foot in the door. There is no limit once the principle is established. As with the ever-expanding smoking bans, it’s for your own good. It’s for your safety. It’s for your health and those around you. How can you possibly object? Think of the cheeeldren.

I am thinking of the children. Specifically mine. I do not want them to have to live in Panoptica, but that is where this is heading. No family. No friends. Go to work. After work go back to your storage box you call home. No socialising. Eat as directed. Take this medication as directed. A hundred grams overweight, you can’t get the bus. Walk to the next stop and try again. No private transport. No privacy at all. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Because you’ll be drugged into oblivion with compulsory medication.

Oh I am indeed thinking of the children. The world we are creating for them now is a horror Clive Barker wouldn’t have come up with, and he came up with some truly terrifying visions.

You may now start calling me ‘tinfoil-hatter’. I don’t care any more. I tried to tell people about the reality of climate change and so many other things. It’s now too late to get ready for it, if you haven’t already. You can call me ‘anti-vaxxer’ even though I’ve had vaccinations against things you don’t know exist as part of my job. This year I had a letter telling me to go for my flu jab. I’ve had so many vaccinations my arm looks like the edge of a stamp but I’m not getting that one.

I’m not getting the covid one either. If that means I’m no longer part of society well, I’m a smoker. Society threw me out over a decade ago. No big deal.

I take vit D, 4000 IU, zinc, quercetin, quinine in tonic water and peppermint oil daily (that last one is for unstable guts and it seems to be working). I do not get flu, I rarely get colds.

Make of that what you will.

It’s very simple

So there is much hoo-hah about how shop workers have kept going through this alleged pandemic while public sector workers are happy with lockdown and want more of it.

The public sector is terrified of Covid. Aldi, Tesco and all the rest aren’t bothered. Why is that?

It’s very simple. The public sector is at home on full pay. That will change soon. Why? Because the private sector is dying. The small businesses that pay all that tax to keep the public sector going is dying. There will be no money for the next budget. It’s all going to collapse. It’s inevitable. Nobody in government is even trying to stop it.

The private sector is at home on 80% pay, coming from the taxes the private sector pay, plus massive government borrowing. This is total economic collapse in the making. You might be happy now, you might be home on full pay, but when the shit hits the fan (and it will) what will you do then? Do you have a generator, a private water supply, the means to catch and grow food? I do, I saw this coming but nobody wanted to hear it. And I didn’t even go all Icke on you. No lizard people, just evil humans. Well it’s too late now.

Why are shop workers apparently immune? Ah, they aren’t. Some have come down with the covid virus, been sick for a while and gone back to work. They are not in the same boat as those on an annual salary.

Shop workers are paid an hourly rate. Not an annual salary, where the money coming in every month is the same whether you turn up or not. On the hourly rate, if you aren’t at work you don’t get paid. If you want sick leave you need a doctor’s note, not just a ‘positive test’ and absolutely not an ‘I am scared’.

The unions could call strikes over ‘safe working conditions’ if they really believed it was unsafe. The haven’t and won’t because then they”d have to pay the strikers. So much more profitable to rake in those subs and let the taxpayer take the hit.

Unfortunately the taxpayers are being eradicated fast. Most of them are the small businesses the lockdowners are determined to destroy. We’ll be left with the big corporations who pay no tax. What then?

Well, you know, it’s pretty much done. It’s far too late to worry about it now, far too late to bother with telling anyone what ‘climate change’ and ‘the pandemic’ really mean. They love it, they love to be eternally terrified and in America, they will perpetuate it because Trump. No logic or reason is required.

Let it go. Let them have their new Wiemar republic. Let them experience it for themselves and let the survivors work out a new way. If they have any sense left it’ll be pretty much like the old way, the way that worked for millienia before the meddlers started.

There will, however, probably be some nasty stuff in between. There usually is.


It’s loaded. Two authors were still to respond to the final PDF but I checked over their stories and found nothing wrong. If there are changes required I can upload an updated version later. It’s now only 11 days to Christmas and this one has been hit with far too many delays already. The print book can take a couple of days to show up, although it’s usually faster. I hope it’s online in time for Christmas, it’ll fill someone’s stocking if they remember to take the feet out first.

Smashwords is of course instant – but it might not get premium status. There is quite a procedure for multi-author books and Smashwords hasn’t really been all that big an income for any of the single author books from their expanded distribution this year. So I won’t get too tense about it. It’s not as if these anthologies make any money anyway.

I was surprised at how fast the Kindle version went live. It was a couple of hours! It’s not normally that fast. The print book has to be manually checked at Amazon’s end so will take a bit longer. Hopefully not much longer.

Okay, this looks like a wrap for this anthology. The next one will come up around Easter time and I hope to be able to type without a splint on my left hand by then. It’s definitely improving but that could be because the splint doesn’t let it move.

I will need to think up another Moros story for the spring anthology. He’s in full view now. Masks do nothing useful, that’s been proved. The asymptomatic are not spreading the virus, that’s been proved. So you now have a virus so deadly you have to take a test to see if you have it, then take a vaccine that’s more dangerous than the virus and this deadly and all-permeating virus is killed by plain old soap.

And yet everyone is still terrified. The KGB were right. Scare people for a few months and they won’t accept proof that there is really nothing to be scared of. Moros must be laughing his arse off.

Mad Hancock was not crying on TV. He was laughing. Penis Morgan’s terror must have delighted him and his puppet masters. I’ve seen videos of ‘vaccinations’ that do not include a disinfecting swab before the needle goes in and even one injected through a sleeve. I mean, come on, William Shakespeare from Stratford was the first? Do they have to rub salt into your eyes before you see the piss-take happening?

I’ve had many, many vaccinations in my career in the microbiology of infectious diseases. I am not taking this one.

Whether you do is entirely your choice.

Just be sure to read the book before you die.

The Coronafarce Continues

We are now told that all the restrictions we have in place will continue after we’ve been vaccinated. All of them. Doesn’t that just scream ‘This vaccine does not work’?

So let’s have a look at some theories about what it’s really for. I’ll start with my theory. Which is simply that a lot of rich people invested an awful lot of money in this vaccine and they want to see a return on their investments. So you have to have it, then they can overcharge the NHS for it and make a tidy profit. I know, it’s a very simple theory, but Occam’s razor and all that…

Some say that the virus doesn’t exist. I have seen some go further and claim that no viruses exist. They exist. I’ve experienced a few of them myself and so has pretty much everyone else. I am sure it will be hard to find anyone who has never had a cold, or experienced power-washer-bottom, due to infection with a virus.

Is there proof that viruses exist? Yes. Smallpox. It used to be rampant but was eradicated with vaccinations. I might have been vaccinated against it, the vaccines were still in use in 1963 so it’s possible I had one as a toddler. The point is, if the smallpox virus never existed, how could mass vaccination have made the disease go away? Therefore, viruses are real.

I have also been vaccinated against polio and I never caught it. I was not vaccinated against measles, mumps or chicken pox because the vaccines weren’t around back then, and I caught all of them. They were not pleasant experiences.

This particular virus is also real. People are getting sick and some are dying. It’s a coronavirus, there are quite a few of those, and they almost all cause respiratory illness. Some are more serious than others. This one is pretty bad but only deadly if you have another serious illness or if you are very old. So basically it’s the flu. It’s a nasty flu, but it’s the flu.

Next, ‘they are injecting nanobots to track you’. No they aren’t for two reasons. Nanomechanics is in its infancy. They do not have Borg style nanobots yet. The second reason is simpler – there’s no need. If your government wants to track you, they simply triangulate your mobile phone from the masts. Or log whenever it tries to connect to WiFi. Leave your phone at home? Sure, but then what’s the point of owning one? It’s mobile, it’s kind of in the name.

I decided to get one about 30 years ago, when a pheasant flew into my windscreen on a remote country road. It smashed the screen but if it had taken me off the road, well, let’s say I’d have had a long hike to the nearest phone. It was a chunky Motorola that I rarely used but kept in the car in case of emergency. There must be very few people who own a mobile phone and don’t carry it with them. That is, after all, the whole point of it. Most of the tweets about ‘tracking devices’ come from mobile phones. People, on the whole, are not very bright. The government is not ‘planning to track you’. They already can, and you paid for the tracking device yourself.

Are there implantable chips? Sure. There have been for years. Companies implant them to let the staff get through security doors. I guess there are many more uses for them now and I fully expect to see contactless credit and debit cards offered as an implantable chip in the very near future. And I am certain there will be no need of coercion, people will fight to be first.

However, these chips are visible, embedded in glass beads. There is no way they will fit through a vaccination needle, you need a horse-doctor needle to put them in. They are RFID chips, they have no internal power, they only respond to close proximity to a reader. They cannot (yet, and probably not for a long time) be included in a vaccination.

And why bother? Are they going to install cameras and listening devices in your homes during clandestine ‘upgrade’ visits? No. They are selling you Alexa and Ring devices and you quite happily install them yourselves. So why bother with any clandestine stuff?

I do have concerns about the vaccines, especially the entirely experimental ones put out by Pfizer and Moderna (Bill Gates’ company). I will not be taking those. My concerns are based on my own career as a microbiologist, not on any random panic from the internet. If I absolutely have to have one, I will only accept the Oxford/AstraZeneca one which is based on established vaccine science. I am not going to be a lab rat.

As for the PCR test for infection? Yeah, that’s bollocks. Part of my career involved a sideline in food testing. Basically, checking whether food was contaminated or not. Several companies tried to sell us PCR tests but we always refused.

See, if we said a batch of pies was contaminated with Salmonella, the company had to do a full recall. The test we did took several days so the product was already out there. The shelf life does not allow them to hold it back until we complete the test. Our tests would only find live bacteria. PCR is just looking for DNA, it will find dead ones. If the pies are properly prepared there will be no live ones – and dead ones are harmless. If they were in the meat and killed by cooking then they won’t infect anyone, but PCR will still find the corpses. So the expensive recall and associated bad press for the company would have been for nothing. Guess who they’d sue?

I have used PCR for identification of lactobacilli so I do know its limitations. Without going into a whole lecture, basically, if you run 35 cycles or more you can get a positive result without putting a sample in. You can put in a dead sample and get a positive in 20 cycles. It is a powerful research tool. It is absolutely no use at all as a medical diagnostic tool and was never intended to be used for that. Some places are using 45+ cycles which is why the false positive rate is so high.

PCR was intended as an identification method, not a diagnostic method. It can tell you if what you’re looking for is in there. It cannot tell you if it’s alive or dead, it’s just looking for sections of DNA.

If you are working with RNA, you first have to translate it to DNA because PCR cannot work directly with RNA. Another error prone step.

I know, I have been lumped in with Icke as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but unlike Icke, I have spent my entire career in science, in microbiology, working with infectious diseases. I have been called ‘anti-vaxxer’ even though through my career I have been vaccinated against pretty much everything you can think of and some things you can’t. So, dismiss my concerns over the RNA vaccines if you wish, it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m not taking them but I’m not interested in stopping anyone who wants them.

Likewise, the testing. I’ve never had one, no point. I’m not sick and I am not in a position to get a fortnight off work on full pay with a positive test. If you want one, go for it.

There are already companies saying that unless you can prove you had the vaccine, you will be fired. If you work for such a company, look for a new job right now whether you want the vaccine or not because this is just the beginning. Once compulsory medication is established there is no end point. Just watch those Pharmer profits soar.

Sure, sure, just a conspiracy theory. Tell me, a smoker, there will be no escalation of that one ‘reasonable request’. Tell me, a scientist who has been horrified at the debasement of my career, to ‘trust the science.’

I have spent my entire life in science, and this isn’t it. Now you get diseases from the mediaeval ‘bad air’ and you consider it progress. That’s okay, believe all the shit you want to believe, I don’t care. I’m not some fucking Batman, I am not here to save you, I just give you information you are at perfect liberty to use or ignore.

The choice is yours. It always was. So far.

Wrong Flag

The breakthrough results from trials of Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine are based on ‘shaky science’, an expert has warned.

Okay, it’s the Daily Mail so you wouldn’t expect them to question this. They are journalists, not scientists.

So, someone who actually knows what they’re talking about has raised a flag over the Oxford vaccine. Her complaint is quite correct, the trial they did was really badly done. However, the article goes on to tell you what the three vaccines do and what they cost. The Oxford one is the only one even approaching a traditional vaccine and it’s by far the cheapest.

Basically, they have inserted spike protein RNA from Covid into an adenovirus, one of the wide range of viruses that cause the common cold. It’s low risk because even if a live one got through it would only give you a cold.

Then they grow that remodelled virus in animal cell culture and they have a common cold virus with a spike protein from Covid on its surface. The immune system will attack the virus and make antibodies against the spike protein (as well as the rest of the virus), so it’s ready for Covid if it appears.

It doesn’t need to be frozen because the virus doesn’t need to be viable. It only needs to be intact enough for the immune system to find it. This is the one that’s stored in the fridge. It doesn’t matter if that virus is incapable of infecting, in fact it’s better if it’s not. The immune system will attack it anyway.

Our flag waver raised no concerns about the other two vaccines. These are both mRNA vaccines, purely experimental, never been tried in humans before. They trick your cells into producing Covid spike protein themselves in the belief that that will be benign, your immune system will only attack the spike protein and you’ll be immune. In the short term that will work since you will indeed produce antibodies against any foreign protein that gets into your body. Trials have shown that it does indeed work in the short term.


For this to work, the mRNA has to get into your body cells. There doesn’t seem to be much information on how they plan to do that. There is a way, it’s been tried several times before and it can work.

You load your mRNA into a virus. The virus enters the cell and delivers its payload, which you hope is only that specific mRNA strand. But you have to load it in a viral coat. Just the spike protein code isn’t going to be enough, you need to produce a lot of this virus and if it’s only producing spike protein you can’t grow it. So you also need the genes to make the rest of the viral coat in there too. Basically, you now have a virus. If you want to keep it active you have to freeze it.

Hopefully it can only get into the first cell it meets and can’t replicate further. This is unlikely. You’re going to be injected with millions, odds are good that a few fully-armed live ones will get in there. Again, if you’re lucky, the few live ones won’t get very far before the immune system hammers them. But it gets worse.

If your own body cells are producing spike protein and that ends up in the cell membrane – remember it’s biochemically designed to sit in a fat layer around the virus so it can do that just as well in your own cells’ fatty membranes – then the immune system will not just attack the spike protein. It will attack the cell carrying it.

The mRNA vaccines have the potential to set up an autoimmune disease, where your immune system attacks your own body cells. Once that starts it can never be cured. There is no going back. You will be taking medication for the rest of your life and the Pharmers will be shovelling money into the bank. Oh, don’t imagine they do any of this for your benefit. They are doing it for the money. It’s business, pure and simple.

So the Oxford vaccine hasn’t been properly trialled. If I absolutely had to have a vaccine I’d still go for that one. I do not want to be a test subject for the long term effects of an experimental (and frankly quite mad) new type of vaccine.

A note on the reported ‘side effects’ so far – If your immune system is set off by an invading protein, it’s quite normal to feel sore at the site of entry, and to maybe get a headache or feel tired as your immune system is all fired up. That’s nothing to worry about. Your immune system is responding to an infection. It doesn’t know it’s just a vaccine.

The problem is in the long term effects. From what I can see of the Oxford vaccine, I wouldn’t expect any. Well, there are always going to be a few who react badly to it, that’s true of any vaccine or indeed any kind of medical treatment, but I would expect those to be few. Unless there’s something else in there that I don’t know about.

The mRNA vaccine is another story. You won’t see autoimmune effects within days. They could take months or years to get to the point where diagnosis is absolute and then it would be a brave doctor indeed who would attribute that to a vaccine far in the past. There might not even be an absolutely certain way to do it. The original mRNA will be gone by then.

The mRNA will not insert itself into your DNA unless an enzyme called reverse transcriptase is present. That enzyme is only found in retroviruses like HIV – which does insert itself into your DNA. Coronaviruses don’t have it. So the mRNA will gradually break down and stop working. Does that mean your immune system will stop killing you? Maybe.

Immune system cells are single cells. One cell, no brain or nervous system, they react purely biochemically. They cannot reason. Once they identify a cell as ‘foreign’ they will produce antibodies to kill it. Not just against the spike protein that’s been inserted. That cell is now ‘enemy’ and all its surface proteins are potential targets.

So even after the Covid spike protein is no longer produced, the other, previously ‘normal’, proteins on the cell surfaces are marked as targets. When the immune system decides normal cels are targets you get arthritis, multiple sclerosis, any autoimmune disease… roll the dice, see what comes up. Since it’s injected into muscle the most likely bad outcome is a muscle wasting disease. You’ll get weak. Easily controlled. Unable to put up any resistance to any show of force.

Now consider: what is it that the globalists have been quite open about wanting for a long time now?

Oh, and it will be mandatory. Not in name but if you ever want to ride a bus again you’ll need to prove vaccination. Once that foot is in the door, the sky’s the limit. Matt the Needle has already said he wants to apply the same approach to seasonal flu. Flu vaccine will be the next one you can’t function without. And then, any other vaccine that takes his fancy.

If you absolutely have to have it, if you have no choice, take the Oxford one. It’s the least risky by far.

That’s probably why they want to get rid of it.

Piper in Hazmat: Part One

Busy here, now five full books going through the process and also the Christmas anthology. Still I managed to get started on a tale for Christmas myself. This one will form part of Panoptica and fits between ‘For Whom the Bells Jingle‘ and ‘23-David and 81-Mohammed‘.

This isn’t the whole thing. Just the first half. It’ll probably get some editing too, once it’s complete. It’s being rushed out now because of something that’s happening in Liverpool.


The story is set in the future of course – I had hoped in the far future, but it seems the future is coming faster than I anticipated. Well, here we go…

Piper in Hazmat

Dawn wiped away her tears before they could freeze. It had been three years and yet the pain burned as bright as ever. She stifled a sob and kept her head bowed. Tree respect was nearly over and she would return home alone, to spend this Earth Day’s Eve night in darkness.

This year, again, she considered ending it. It would be so easy. Refuse to turn off the house. Keep a tablet or phone open. Wait for the bells and let Santa take her as he had taken Willow, and a year before that, Martin. She would be with them in spirit, somewhere, if the old religions replaced by the Green God still had any power. At least the pain would stop.

That’s what the old religions promised. The Green God promised nothing but despair, the burning of this planet now deep in snow and ice. The trees were dormant, having shed their leaves for their long winter sleep and yet the news declared that the planet was warming by the hour.

Dawn gasped when the klaxon sounded. Relieved, she turned and headed for home. Maybe she could simply not bother with her preparations and let the cold take her this year, as it took so many others. Mostly the old, but then it did also take some of the young, even some of those younger than Dawn’s thirty years.

Lost in her depression, she didn’t notice June draw alongside her as she walked. Normally the families maintained social distance and respectful silence on Earth Day’s Eve. Everyone was too intent on getting home for one last hot meal before turning all the power off to be bothered with any idle chit-chat anyway. June’s whisper startled her.

“Dawn. We need to talk.”

Dawn shook her head and whispered back. “Do you want us both on the Naughty List? We have to maintain tree respect this day.” She kept her eyes firmly ahead.

June’s breathing was harsh. “They’ve made something worse than Green Santa. The Piper. They plan to take all the children.”

Dawn curled her lip. “They’ve taken my husband and my child. Why would this be any of my business?”

June stayed silent until they were nearly at Dawn’s house. Then she took a breath. “I’m sorry, Dawn. I know you’re going through a living hell but we need you.” She pressed something into Dawn’s hand. Something that ticked. “It’s not electronic so Santa won’t see it. It’s mechanical. Watch it after you turn off the house. When the thick long hand has moved halfway around the dial, and if you want to help us, open your front door and put a LEDlight outside.”

Dawn turned, but June was already receding into the growing darkness. She opened her door and dashed inside.

The door closed, her back pressed against it, Dawn stared at the small metal disc in her hand. Behind its flattened clear dome were three pointed sticks, radiating from the centre. A long one, a short one and a very thin one that rotated around the centre as she watched. There were numbers, one to twelve, around the outside of the dial.

It moves. Is it really not electronic? Is this a trap?

Dawn chuckled, a harsh and desolate sound. It really didn’t matter. She wanted an end to her personal hell anyway so if it was a trap she’d gladly walk into it. It took the decision to end it from her hands, it meant she didn’t have to choose.

In the kitchen, Dawn placed the disc thing on the table and switched on the kettle. She’d try, although she didn’t really want to, to fill enough hot water flasks to last the twenty-four hours of Earth Day. She set the soup on the hob, the last hot meal until sunset tomorrow, and remembered how she had taken the tepid leftovers when Willow was still here. Now the hot soup was all hers and it tasted of loss and despair.

Dawn filled two hot water bottles and three Thermos flasks with hot water before the brown-out started. She filled the fourth with half of the soup and sat to eat the rest at the table. Through the kitchen window, she saw the sun touch the horizon. She ate faster, soon it would be time to shut down the house and wrap up as well as she could for the long dark hours ahead.

Her gaze fell to the strange disc June had given her. It had protrusions either side, as if it was once fixed to something. As she ate, Dawn wondered where it had come from. It looked old, tarnished and scratched and yet whatever mechanism lay inside still worked. The thin stick in the dial moved in jerky steps, round and round. She was to wait until the long thick one moved halfway round the dial, after she turned off the house.

It’s a time measuring device of some kind. Dawn blinked a few times. A memory tried to resurface. Had her grandfather had one of these, or something like it, strapped to his wrist? The Great Cull had taken him while she was still a child, the viral plague that had wiped out many of the elderly. She sniffed and took another spoonful of soup. The four-digit clocks were so much easier to read, this little time measuring thing looked like hard work.

The soup finished, Dawn checked on the sun. Only a tiny arc of its disc now showed on the horizon. She sighed and rose. Time to turn off the house. Technically she had a few more minutes but what was the point? The electricity was now so low that the ceiling light seemed to suck light out of the room rather than illuminate it. She switched on a LEDlight and opened the panel for the power.

This was control. Martin had told her. They could turn off the power remotely through the smart meters but that wasn’t real control. Making everyone turn off their own power, that was real control. Dawn reached into the space behind the panel and pulled down the handle. The house fell silent. The pale bluish glow of the LEDlight was all that remained.

Dawn sat at the kitchen table and considered the tiny device June had given her. She was to wait until the ‘thick long hand’ had moved halfway around the dial then put a LEDlight outside her door. Well, assuming she gave enough of a shit to find out what this was all about.

What do I have to lose? Nothing.

The thin stick continued its rotations. The short fat one didn’t seem to have moved much. It pointed at just below the three. The one she was to watch pointed at the six. So she was to put out a LEDlight when it pointed at twelve. Dawn wondered how long that would take. The hell with it. I have to get some layers of clothing on. It’s already getting cold. She placed the little dial on the table and went off to the bedroom with the LEDlight.

Wrapped in multiple layers of clothing against the growing cold, with one hot water bottle in her bed and the other under her clothing, Dawn returned to the kitchen. She carried three extra LEDlights since her first one was already fading. There was not enough sunlight to charge them at this time of year. Should she really waste one by putting it outside her door?

The long fat stick pointed at eight. So she hadn’t missed whatever awaited her this night. Dawn tried to care, she tried very hard, but three years of being alone weighed heavy on her. If it was to end tonight, let it end.

Why twelve? There were twenty hours in a day, a hundred minutes in an hour and fifty seconds in a minute. Dawn had a vague recollection that it had been different and harder to understand when she was small but it was so easy to calculate now. Hardly any thought required. What was this little dial measuring? Transfixed, she watched the movements within the little dial, tracking the motion of the one that led to a decision. Would she agree to June’s request or ignore it?

Nine. Halfway to twelve. Dawn walked to the window and shivered at the moonlit whiteness outside. Every house, well, every box-shaped dwelling, all identical, all dark… it looked dead out there. She held her breath and listened but could hear no bells. Nobody around here was on the naughty list tonight, so far. Dawn glanced back at the table. So June had told her the truth. The tiny dial wasn’t electronic or she’d be hearing sleigh bells by now. The Green Santa wasted no time when dealing with the naughty ones.

Dawn hugged herself and returned to the table. The LEDlight was almost dead. She switched on another. These tiny solar-charged lights were the only electronics permissible on this night. Dawn picked up the little dial. Its ticking seemed louder now that all other sound was silenced.

Ten. Getting close to decision time. Was she going to put a light outside or just ignore June’s hinted rebellion and go to bed? The short stick had moved a little closer to four. That one must measure hours, June thought, although it seemed a little off. Still, it was hardly bedtime but what else was there to do now?

What was it June had said? The Piper will come for the children? Dawn closed her eyes. There was a tiny hint of childhood memory trying to get through, something about a piper who took children away. Vague, fleeting memories of a story one of her grandparents – she couldn’t remember which one – had read to her when she was small. Something about Hamlet… no, that was a white supremacy thing she had learned about in school. Piper of Hammering? Piper with a Pie? Dawn shook her head. It was too long ago, far too long. Even so, she was sure she remembered a story about a piper who took away children.

She opened her eyes and stared at the dial in her hand.

Eleven. Not much time left to decide. Should she base her future, or possible lack of it, on a vague memory of a children’s story? Dawn pursed her lips. They had corrupted Santa. Changed him from the old jolly fat smoking and drinking guy who gave away presents into the New Green Santa, who was lithe and fast and Pure, and who gave nothing but took away the Naughty Ones. It was not so much of a stretch to believe they had found another childhood icon to corrupt.

June was right about the little dial. It moved without electronics. Mechanical, she called it. Dawn turned it in her fingers and wondered what was inside, what powered it. It was certainly very old. Did the ancients have some knowledge that was now lost to the modern world? Or was it an elaborate trick? Dawn placed it on the table and watched as the thin stick made a complete revolution and the long fat one clicked one notch further. It can’t be electronic or Green Santa would be here now. June had told the truth, even if Dawn couldn’t work out why it was true.

So maybe June also told the truth about the Piper. The long fat stick was close to the twelve. Dawn took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

She had lost her husband and only child. Now this Piper thing was coming for other children. Should she care? Should she help? Or should she continue her slide into despair and let the rest of the world suffer as she had?

Dawn pushed her seat away from the table and stood. “What the Hell do I have left to lose?” she said aloud. “I can wither away and die or go down in a blaze. Maybe I won’t be any use but I can face whatever god there might be and say that I tried.”

The hand was still one minute from twelve when she put the LEDlight outside her door.


The rest of it will be in the Christmas anthology.

The Tinfoil Motherlode

What if conspiracy theories are in fact centrally coordinated distractions?

Ha! The existence of conspiracy theories is in itself a conspiracy theory. A Moebius strip of eternal looping, a definite and clear path that leads only to itself. Maybe you’re thinking ‘Oh hell, he’s gone full Icke. Next he’ll be in a shellsuit on TV claiming to be God’.

No, this is all speculation. It came from a conversation with Cade F.O.N Apollyon on Twitter. Which was pretty sensible to start with but if any of you know either of us, it didn’t stay that way for long.

Adrenochrome came up. Oh you must have heard of it. The magic chemical extracted from terrified children at the moment of death, which allows the elite to live forever. I have a good reason to believe this is utter nonsense. Well, several reasons, but this one will do.

I’ve seen the chemical structure of adrenochrome. It’s very easy to find online. It’s not a complex molecule. Remember we are talking about people with practically limitless cash here, and we are in an age where labs can synthesise whole strands of DNA using a computerised machine. Therefore, these obscenely rich people could pay some biochemist/organic chemist to synthesise adrenochrome by the bucketload. Even if it took a research project to isolate and identify the enzymes involved in its construction so they can make it from scratch, well they can afford it out of pocket change.

So why don’t they? Could it be because it’s not what they want?

Let’s go back to David Icke. He has long spoken of a high level sex pest and paedo ring but then he starts in with the lizards. I remember a TV series called ‘V’ about a race of aliens who came to Earth to help us. In fact they came to farm us, but that’s not the point here. The point is, they looked human but when they took off their faces they looked like velociraptors. Protruding snout and all. Where was the protruding snout behind the flat human mask? It ruined the series for me.

Also the Slitheen in Dr. Who. They disguised themselves as fat humans because they were fat aliens. This time, the mask fit – but they spoke perfect English in their human suits and couldn’t speak it when they took off the suits. That kind of dissonance ruins a good tale. It destroys belief. It makes you regard the threat of invasion by the Slitheen as utterly absurd. Which, hopefully, it is. The fat green slimy bastards.

Icke’s sex pests/paedos in high places… Cyril Smith, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, and lately Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and now Hunter Biden. Many more to come. Icke was right about that. Why did nobody listen? Because the lizard stuff was far too absurd to be believed. That part overshadowed the rest. The absurd part destroyed belief in the whole story.

Crazy shouty Alex Jones (take a chill pill, Al, and you’ll get more listeners) has banged on about child abuse and witchcraft at high level meetings for many years. He famously filmed a ritual at the Moloch statue at Bohemian Grove without getting arrested, shot or ‘disappeared’. Did they know he was there and just set it up for him?

You would expect that if David Icke or Alex Jones or any of their ilk were getting dangerously close to the sordid truth, that they’d mysteriously commit suicide or have an accident or just disappear, right? Hasn’t happened. However, many who have been focused on the child abuse part and none of the lizards or magic or child-blood-potion stuff have indeed mysteriously vanished, committed suicide or been involved in accidents. You don’t hear about them because they weren’t making outrageous claims that the media (and the rest of us) can scoff at.

All they said was, there are some very rich filthy bastards who get their kicks from raping and killing small children.

Now that, that is dangerous, because it’s believable. Those people risk getting caught. So what do they do? Find a tinfoil hatter and give them another layer of tinfoil.

‘Oh yes, it’s true, we torture children for Satan and drink their blood for the adrenochrome because we are really lizards who want to live forever’.

Consider your first reaction to that sentence. Now consider your first reaction to this one:

‘We are vicious perverts who delight in the rape and torture of children for its own sake’.

First one – you laughed, right? Second one – I bet you didn’t.

What if Icke, Jones, all the others, did in fact come dangerously close to the truth but instead of just killing them, the psycho child abusers came up with a better plan. ‘Leak’ the ‘truth’ that it’s lizard people or Adrenochrome or Satanic rituals. Give them absurdities to spread. Then the narrative is broken, people laugh at the absurdities and ignore the real parts.

Well, the real parts are emerging. Huge revelations are coming. Paedo gangs all over the UK, who have operated with impunity for decades, are now being rounded up. Why? They know things about those further up the chain so the court cases have to be held in secret.

It’s all coming out and the powerful ones are now disposing of their suppliers. It’s not just that they don’t need you any more, guys. You are now a serious liablility.

Look after your children. The supply of easy targets is drying up. Since Ghislane Maxwell was arrested and vanished, a great many trafficked children have been rescued and snatches from the street have increased. I think there’s a plea bargain at work, she’s far from the top of the tree. The law would gladly let her go for the big names she can give them.

Beware. The child killers need their fix. Until they are fully taken down, every child is at risk.

And if you want to pretend it’s all about lizards and magic potions, keep laughing. Until your granddaughter disappears on the street.

This is not a game.