Night of the Lying Dead

So, we have had Nightmare on Downing Street, multiple iterations. We have had Halloween Brexit, the Horror that Never Happened, and now we have an election on Thursday 12th December with the results on Friday the Thirteenth. I really hope the BBC announcer is dressed like Freddy Krueger.

I will be voting in the dark, naturally. It’s the only sensible response. I might be dressed in my black cowled robe and carrying my scythe just for effect.

Who to vote for? Tory or Brexit party? This place was taken by the Tories from the SNP last time and I really don’t want to let the Spiteful Nannying Party back in by splitting the vote. They’ve already put up the price of booze and stopped me going to the local pub because I’d have to drive there and can’t even have one beer. I can’t smoke in there either, not even next to the log fire. Although I could risk a beer as long as I don’t get caught by hte annual police patrol.

I had to agree with George Galloway today. That needed a stiff drink. He said that Corbyn’s Silly Party had handed the Tories a perfect weapon for an election campaign. They tried to make it legal for non-UK citizens to vote in a UK general election. With all the furore over foreign interference in elections these days, that move was the very epitome of stupid. Oh, Demonic Cummings hasn’t missed that, you can be sure.

They also tried to reduce the voting age to 16. Because they imagine all 16 year olds will vote Labour. At 16. I and my friends were at the point where Atilla the Hun would have said ‘Now hold on a minute’. We were all set to cut our enemies off at the knees and stand them in a bucket of salt. Vote Labour? Neil Kinnock was our local Labour MP and even my father, a determined Labourite, couldn’t vote for him. ‘Ginger hook nosed arse’ was one of the few comments he made that it was safe to pass on.

I think they should have won. 16 year olds are not all socialists, only the noisy few. They do not care about Labour’s long term plans, they only care where their next illicit beer is coming from. Worker’s rights? They’re in school and don’t work. Same for students – and if they say students can vote twice, so can the non-Labour ones. They don’t think any students are non-Labour. In modern universities the non-Labour ones keep very, very quiet. They already did in the eighties when I was in there. The intelligent bide their time. And use the enemy’s weapons.

Likewise with those EU nationals voting. Many EU nationals in the UK are Polish. Many are self employed. All of them know exactly what happens when ‘socialism’ gets out of control. They’ve seen it. A lot of them have only just escaped it. So I say, let them vote. Go on, Corbyn. Try to get those who have just escaped Communism to vote for Communism.

In the end, we have an election. Unless Boris and Smoky Nige get together, we’re utterly fucked. Jo Swindles and Jerry Cordite are already at each other’s throats, Swindles thinks she’ll be the next PM with a cohort of MPs who are half defectors from other parties. She’d have to pull off a miracle that would make Moses bow down in awe.

The Jeremy Corbyn Collective (he should start a band, he’ll probably have about four members after the election anyway) is not going to do well in this election. I really don’t think he’ll be Prime Wurzel and if he is, I have the option to fuck off to Denmark still. Just have to learn that strange language where words mean what you want them to mean.

Jerry’s mob cannot stay in the EU. If they stay in they cannot implement their Soviet dream. In which Corbyn gets airbrushed out of photos with McDonnell because that’s how it works.

They are trying to pretend they will stay in and also leave to appeal to voters on both sides. It is a bollocks strategy. You want to leave? Vote Boris the Spider to leave a bit or vote Smoky Nige to actually leave. You want to stay? Vote Jo Swindles. The Corbyn Collective offers nothing but everything you want to hear and has no intention of delivering any of it. Just like last time.

They will spend millions on paper for the recycle bin. Manifestos mean nothing. We all know it, nobody with half a brain even bothers to read them now. They are the Lies of the Wanking Dead.

Should have been a Bowie song and probably would have been if he hadn’t selfishly died. Bastard.

A pact between Boriswise the Clown and Smoky Nige has to happen. If it doesn’t we are a new Soviet satellite state until the whole thing collapses.

The future is going to be… interesting.

And surprisingly cold.

Maybe the next film on the Government’s list is ‘Dead Snow’.

Zombie Nazis obsessed with money… it strangely seems appropriate.


In ‘1984’, Orwell defined ‘doublethink’ as the ability to hold two totally contradictory ideas at the same time and to assign equal validity to both.

When I first read that, many years ago, I thought it absurd. How can that be done? Surely, like Schrodinger’s imaginary cat, the mere internal observation of two contradictory ideas would cause the brain to collapse one of them and choose the other.

Maybe it used to be that way. It seems to me that in the past, people held one belief at a time. They either discarded opposing views, or, if sensible, considered them and then decided whether to keep their view or change it. Maybe there were doublethinkers back then, maybe before the Internet we just didn’t see so many of them.

Now they seem to be everywhere. The Corbyn Party is a hotbed of it (I don’t call them the Labour party any more, they haven’t been that since Blair took over and they’ve gone way off beam since then). The Corbyn party want an election and don’t want an election, they want to leave the EU and stay in it, they want a Brexit with a deal and they don’t want a deal, but they want ‘no deal’ off the table.

That’s like leaving the atmosphere and refusing to accept the vacuum of space. You can’t take ‘no deal’ off the table. It’s never been on the table. It’s what happens when a deal cannot be agreed. It’s not one of the options, it’s the default.

Then we have the youth claiming that Brexit has stolen their future while simultaneously believing the world is going to end in ten years and they have no future. Climate change is going to lead to a massive extinction event. We’re all going to die. Because of man-made carbon dioxide.

When I was a teenager, we were about to get a new Ice Age in ten years… because of man-made carbon dioxide. This magical gas, comprising a total of 0.04% of the atmosphere (and the human contribution is a tiny fraction of that), can cause ice ages and scorched earth simultaneously – and people believe it. They believe both things at once.

They also simultaneously believe politics will ruin their future while they have no future at all. A terrified generation – is it any wonder they are so full of nihilism and care so little for life? They think we’re all going to die anyway. Who did that to them, and why?

The one thing they will never accept is that the change in climate isn’t ten years away, as has been touted for about a century now. Climate change is happening now and it has nothing to do with carbon (they like to call it ‘carbon’, the stuff of pencil leads and diamonds, because they have never been taught that it’s not a gas). It has everything to do with solar cycles.

Those running the scam must have been aware of this. For those who were listening, genuine climate scientists have been warning about this for a long time. Nobody wanted to hear it. To be fair, those genuine climate scientists were shouted down and sometimes fired for telling the truth, but it’s still true.

Why this insistence on nonsense? You can’t tax the sun. All you can tax is human CO2 emissions so they have to be blamed for everything. This time, no tax will stop it. Nothing will.

So many people have moved north and south from Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Encouraged by those running the game. Oh it’s no secret, no conspiracy theory, that the aim is to massively reduce the human population to an easily controllable level. ‘They’ have been very open and clear on this point. They also intend to make Africa a nature reserve and concentrate what’s left of the population in small cities. There will be no travel for the worker drones, they can use the internet to see the world.

Climate change is very likely to kill a hell of a lot of people in the coming years. Especially those who have just moved from a warm climate into the frozen hell to come. They won’t know how to deal with it. They’ll be in flats and houses with no chimneys and they won’t be able to afford heating. It’s going to be horrifying.

All this information has been around for a very long time. Nobody wanted to hear it and now it’s too late. It’s not ‘coming in ten years’. It’s started. This year. Still they don’t want to hear.

We have spent decades preparing for the wrong apocalypse. And still nobody wants to hear it. Too late now, the clearout of humanity is under way.

Now we have another population reduction method. Transgendering children is a remarkably effective way of sterilising the next generation. Even if they transition back, they’ll have non-working plastic bits instead of the bits they were born with. Sure, there are real transgender people but these are rare. They are also, as with autism, on a spectrum.

There are men who like to dress in women’s clothes. Once called transvestites. and regarded as a normal English eccentricity, these men are not gay. They are straight. They just feel more comfortable in a dress and they like makeup. At the other end are those, men and women, who genuinely feel they are in the wrong body and seriously want it altered. It’s become fashionable to ruin your child’s life by pretending they are the wrong gender, long before they can decide for themselves. There are going to be a lot of lonely parents in the future.

Well I live in Scotland. Not so long ago, all the men here wore kilts and going back further, they’d paint their faces with blue woad to go into battle. I wore a kilt to my son’s wedding. It’s a comfortable thing to wear and the sporran is just the right size for a decent hip flask. Men in skirts hold no terrors for me. But then I’m not a woman. They aren’t creeping into my bathrooms and demanding I wax their balls. I will if they want. I’d use bitumen.

Now we have men dressed as women wanting access to women’s toilets and changing rooms, and taking the prizes in women’s sports – and this is done in the name of ‘women’s rights’. Rapists identify as women so they get put into a prison full of women and what are you going to do when they rape other inmates? Put them in prison? They’re already in there and they are surrounded by captive victims. Why would they ever want to leave?

I’d support them going into a women’s prison. Yes, really. The sentence would include a stay in a secure hospital first, where they get surgically transformed into a woman before they serve their sentence. I have a feeling after one or two of these, rapists won’t self-identify as women any more.

I have strayed from the point here and there, but if you’ve read my babblings for any time at all you’ll know that’s normal.

Now I think about it, there were indeed doublethinkers in the past. There were women who demanded access to men’s clubs but still wanted their women-only clubs. There was once a publisher who wanted to publish only ‘man’ stuff – cars, violence, trousers, that sort of thing – but was shut down by a gaggle of harpies. Women-only publishers thrive.

Blackpool has, I hear, gay hotels where non-gays are not welcome. Bakers who don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding are taken to court. These bakers, and it’s also happened to at least one bed-and-breakfast place, are targeted. There are other bakers who have no religious issues with baking a cake with two men or two women on top. No straight people have ever bothered to target a gay-only hotel or club.

The whole ‘only white people can be racist’ narrative goes back a long way. Usually attached to thiose who want to kill all white people. They’ll never see it, there’s no point trying to explain.

I live in the middle of nowhere. It’s the only sensible response to all this. I am off grid for water and sewage, I have alternative heating and cooking arrangements, if food supplies ever have a problem I can hit rabbits, pheasant, partridge and sometimes even deer from the living room window. I just need a reliable, non-fossil-fuel electricity supply (solar panels won’t cut it in winter here and I don’t want a bloody windmill) and this place will be right off the grid.

This place survived the last mini ice age and it’s still standing. I think it might be the best place to stay for now. There are horrors coming and there are so, so many people who will enable them. Not because they want them.

Because they don’t have the ability to see the consequences.

18 years ago

I was at work. I had just returned from a work trip – by plane – and had been held up by security for a while as they passed my bag again and again through the scanner. Looked inside then scanned it again. I was quite relaxed about it, I had nothing in there to worry about and, as was usual on that particular trip, I was at the airport way too early anyway.

Turns out they thought my hip flask was a knife. It was edge-on to the scanner. There was no drama, no tension, it was resolved and I went on my way.

The date was September 10th, 2001. Ihave often wondered what the security reaction might have been if I had been flying home on the 12th.

The next day, on the lab radio, we all heard live coverage of the maniacs flying planes into US buildings. The most dramatic, the one that caused most harm and death, was of course the World Trade centre.

Sure, I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories but for those nearly 3000 people who died that day – plus of course those on the other hijacked planes that rarely seem to get a mention – theory is of no consequence. They died, all in horrible circumstances, and the blame lay on Osama bin Laden and whoever was behind him (again, there are many plausible theories).

Will it happen again? The place, and particularly the date, have significance in Islam. This is a long read but worth your time.

The place? Why New York? Why not concentrate the attack on the White House? Oh there was a plane headed in that direction but it was brought down by the passengers, revolting against the hijackers, because by then they knew what happened with the other planes. The White House was a secondary target, as was the Pentagon. The hijackers concentrated on the Twin Towers in New York.

In 1453, the Ottoman Empire took control of a city that was deemed the centre of civilisation at that time. The great city of Constantinople. The city known all over the known inhabited world of the time as ‘The Golden Apple’. Taking control of that city was part of Islamic prophecy, although the prophecy could have been adapted (maybe even originally written) to refer to the main hub of world commerce at any particular time.

The centre of world trade in the modern world was in New York. The Big Apple. Taking that was a major coup in the minds of those who believe in prophecy. Don’t be too quick to poo-pooh prophecies. They might all be nonsense but they inspire people to do terrible things in an attempt to make them come true.

Well that could possibly explain the target. The date?

September 11th 1683, the Ottoman Empire was poised to take Vienna. It was the last day that their force was considered unstoppable because they were stopped, quite comprehensively, the following day. The army surrounding Vienna was almost wiped out completely by a large Christian force commanded by the Polish. If you have never seen the Winged Hussars, they are worth looking up. Seeing that cavalry come at you, especially if you are deeply religious, would be terrifying. There were, of course, far more than just the Polish in that army but just as Islam has not forgotten that day, neither has Poland. Nor have the countries to the east of it. Which might open some eyes as to their current immigration policies.

So we have the Golden Apple/Big Apple, the centre of world trade and we have September 11th, the date the Ottomans started losing ground.

Those who planned the attack would certainly have been well versed in Islamic history and prophecies and may well have set the target and timing quite deliberately.

It’s been difficult to pay any attention to American politics lately, what with the utter shitshow that is current UK politics. Tyrion Bercow has been an absolute embarrassment as Speaker and the Remain idiots in Parliament are currently staging a student sit-in in an empty building. Leave them in there, I say. Let them sing their silly songs and we can all ignore them for a while.

However, there has been much ado about Donnie Trumpton inviting the Taliban for talks this week. The timing seems particularly insensitive. The talks were cancelled by Trump because those idiot Arabs thought it would be a good bargaining ploy if they blew up some people just before the meeting. Hint, beardies: it was not a good ploy at all. Now they are threatening terror attacks because Trump cancelled the meeting. Well, you turbaned ruffians were going to carry out attacks anyway, so how is that even a start at bargaining?

I wonder, did Trump set the timing deliberately too? So that if there was another September 11 attack he’d have the culprits right there in America, surrounded by his security? Maybe he expected them to screw it up and never planned to meet them at all.

Or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.

A couple of decades ago, few people outside Islam were aware of the details of its history, and of the prophecies its adherents are trying to fulfil. Now there cannot be a government advisory office on the planet that hasn’t studied it all in great detail.

The difficult part is going to be getting their governments to listen.


So the Lib Dems have voted in some hyperactive tart as leader, who has already shouted about the ‘Big Bus Message’ as if it was a lie, which it has already been proven not to be. She will do ‘whatever it takes’ to stop Brexit and in the process, destroy all faith in that voting system that is the cornerstone of democracy.

Well I didn’t vote for her. I wasn’t asked to vote for her – in fact I wasn’t allowed to vote for her because I am not a member of the Literal Dribblycraps and never will be. It’s hard to believe they descended from the Whigs of old, once one of the two main parties of Parliament. Now they are just a bunch of wishy washy whiners intent on getting their own way and capable of no more than a public tantrum if they don’t. Which, to be fair, doesn’t make them any different from any other modern party.

The general public voted for Brexit, wench. We didn’t vote for you.

Next we get to hear who will be the next Prime Monster. The smart money is on Borissio the Clown, but the Utter Hunt might yet win it. We’ll know soon. Again, I didn’t get a vote because I am not a member of the Terminal Decline party and never will be. The way they are going, soon, nobody will be. The Terrible Maybe is busily salting the earth for her successor anyway so whoever wins is facing a shitstorm. Get the popcorn in.

The general public voted for Brexit, whichever of you idiots wins. We didn’t vote for you.

Meanwhile in North Korea they had a vote on the leader with only one name on the ballot paper. Not surprising – would you put your name up in opposition to Kim Jong Jinglejangle?

And the EU voted in a new Empress with only one name on the ballot paper but apparently that’s somehow different…

It’s rapidly reaching a point, I’ve noticed, where all the leaders of the West are blondes. Didn’t someone, once, have a dream of Aryan supremacy? Hmm… probably just coincidence. I think Ken Clarke might know who it was.

Being a short ginger, I never had a chance at power anyway, although I’ll steal their souls if they ever get close enough.

On Twitter there is a hashtag #NotMyPM where people are already declaring they will not recognise Borissio as PM if he wins. Why? What the hell is the point?

This came from the USA, as do most mad ideas (they have a long way to go to catch up with Japan on mad ideas but they are trying). They had a NotMyPresident thing going where they pretended Trump didn’t win. Now we have NotMyPM where, if Boris wins, they’ll pretend he didn’t. Both of them have the power of their position, pretending they don’t changes nothing.

It does tickle me when these people say they are repressed. Try #NotMyGreatLeader in North Korea and see what happens. Or something similar in China or Russia. You know, the ultimate socialist dream states. Go on, give it a go in Venezuela. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, nobody stops you doing it in these repressive Western states so those wonderful free Socialist states will tolerate it even more, right?

I don’t trust Borissio the Clown but from the choices available he is the lesser of two evils. The Utter Hunt will not implement Brexit and will carry on the Terrible Maybe’s stupid authoritarianism. Borissio might not do that.

There have been a few Cabinet members saying they will resign if Boris gets the job. Including the Chancer of the Exchequer, Phil Hammond. Well so what? Every new Prime Monster chooses their own raft of Underbed Monsters so most of them will get sacked anyway. And let’s be brutally honest – none of them have a clue what they are doing.

They are so full of self importance they cannot believe anyone could fuck up the job better than they can. They really believe we will be terrified by their threat to resign. We don’t care. We know you get the job through arselicking and not by merit, we know you are all useless and only ever get private sector jobs because of who you know and can influence in government. We know that we would never, ever employ anyone like you. So resign. Just go away. We’ll be out waving hankies and smiling as your truck heads into Oblivion Road.

There will be a replacement who will be just as fucking useless as you are. You don’t need to worry about that.

Not one politician matters. Every one of them can be replaced by a new, power hungry control freak utterly selfish avaricious bastard and it will make no difference at all. Threaten to resign? Yes. Go. Do it. All of you. We don’t like you anyway.

In a matter of hours we find out if this country is going to be run by Borissio the Clown or an Utter Hunt.

Next election, I’m voting for an invertebrate. The funny part is… so are you.

The difference is that I know it.

Killing yourself to live

Okay, the Freddo competition still hasn’t happened because I’m dealing with two novels and a short story collection while preparing for visitors and getting ready for a short trip to Denmark and battling a garden that looks like Chthulu’s extended family rising in the rain.

Nobody noticed the last one so this time it’s up front. Where did I steal the title from? Band, album, year. And what did the song actually reference? Up for grabs – a print copy of ‘you’ll be fine’ plus a bit of Leg Iron Books crappy merchandise – which is not on general sale so far. First answer in the comments gets it. The book is a funny one, not a scary one.

Right. To the real point. The Green God and the Church of Climatology.

I have argued with them on Twitter but no longer. There’s no point and it’s too late anyway. They call me ‘climate denier’, the new word for ‘heretic’. They believe what the High Priests of Alleged Science tell them, they believe in The Models (the digital version of a remarkably inaccurate religious book) and they talk of nothing but the End of Days unless we all live as they direct. No discussion is allowed, the ‘science’ is settled and is now Gospel.

And they scoff in smug self-righteousness when I call it a religion. Then they want me burned at the stake for heresy.

Well, the real truth is that there has been no global warming for twenty years and we are now in a sharp cooling period because the Grand Solar Minimum is already underway. The Apocalypse has indeed started and the Church of Climatology has made it far worse than it needed to be. We could have adapted, as we have in the past, but that option is now deleted for most people.

Let’s put my positions on the line.

Climate : The climate changes. All the time. It does this in cycles, a complex set of cycles with big cycles of hot and cold overlying a shorter warm/cool cycle. Anyone my age knows this because we have experienced it.

In the first few years of the 2000’s I could grow six foot tall tobacco plants outdoors. I live well north of Aberdeen. It was legal back then, it’s not legal any more but it doesn’t matter because I’d struggle to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse this year. In those years I’d have to use an electric fan indoors because even opening a window was no use – there was no air movement for weeks and the air outside was hotter than inside anyway.

In the early 1980s I went out to drive to work and couldn’t find my car. All I saw was a row of white mounds along both sides of the street. Deep snow in between them, deep snow on the pavement. I walked in to work and it turned out not many others had bothered.

About eight years ago we had two successive winters that started in October and continued into May the following year. It wiped out my fish pond and gave me cracked ribs because it would get just above freezing in the day and then freeze again at night. So every outside surface was frictionless. You just could not walk on it. Especially after a few whiskies.

Last winter was pretty mild by comparison. The one before wasn’t. The next one might or might not be. It is not warming. Human activity is not affecting climate. We are just not that important.

Pollution : This is always a bad thing. Plastic islands at sea (tell me which song that line came from and I’ll send you a copy of the next book I publish) are always, always a very bad thing. It should not be happening. We nag our teenagers to clean their rooms while we bung plastic into the ‘recycle’ bins which are really nothing more than a magic portal to the middle of the Pacific.

Yes, I know, most plastic enters the sea from rivers in China and Africa but that’s because we send our recycling there to be processed. It’s not their own waste they are dumping. It’s ours. Anyway it’s changing, China at least has had enough of getting blamed for this.

Overall though, apart from plastics, pollution has been declining. Vehicle engines are a lot cleaner than they used to be, there is a lot to do still with cargo ships who pump out more pollution than all the cars, trucks and buses in the world. They should be fitted with sails as well as engines – free propulsion, with no emissions, when the wind is in the right direction – but why should they? Greenpeace ships don’t do this. They all run on diesel.

Factories don’t produce smog in London any more although some places still have that problem.

Green driving? Sure, it works great in town and that’s where it’s needed. A high concentration of vehicles produces concentrated traffic fumes. Replacing most of them with electric or hydrogen fuel is going to make a big difference.

However, for long journeys it’s not viable. Imagine waiting for a delivery when the large truck bringing it has to stop-over for 12 hours or more to recharge. Imagine driving across country when that ten minute stop to refuel becomes a few hours of recharging your little car. If you can find somewhere with a charging point. And… where do you think that electricity comes from?

Still, if you live in a city and don’t want to drive long distance, all you need is an electric car to get to the shops and back. I’d be okay with that as long as it doesn’t ramp up fuel prices for people in the countryside, like me, who live half an hour’s drive fom the nearest shops and whose electricity supply can be shut off by a lightning strike.

I drive a 4×4 because anything that isn’t 4×4 isn’t going to get to this house in winter. I do not drive it for any kind of showing-off, I drive it because it is necessary. Sure it has emissions but there are combine harvesters and tractors here. Even their emissions don’t produce enough to taint the air. My little 4×4 is making no difference. It is not like the cities those who moan about ‘clean air’ live in. It’s the place where ‘clean air’ is normal.

There is a lot we can do about all forms of pollution and really, a lot of it has been or is being done already.The biggest problem pollution control faces is that it is now linked to climate change when they are actually totally different things. Yes, we should get the plastic out of the oceans but no, it does not affect climate.

And so we come to those killing themselves to live.

Maisy Rohrer, a 22-year-old developmental researcher at New York University, has been struggling to cope with climate change for years. “I guess the despair started when I was 18, and I began learning about how much the earth was changing, and I’d have full-blown panic attacks about the arctic sea ice melting, and the polar bears starving, and I’d call my mom telling her life was pointless,” she said. She believed at the time that the human race “should be wiped out.”

But… if she believes climate change will do that, what’s the problem?

“I became very suicidal, and a large part of my justification for feeling like I’d be better off dead was that humans are hurting the Earth so much, and I as one person [couldn’t] make enough of a positive impact so it would be better if I were not around to cause any more damage,” Rohrer said.

This is what the Church of Climatology has done. No hope, no redemption, only despair. Unlike every other religion there is no way out for the followers of this one. They have no Heaven or Hell, only oblivion and no hope of changing it unless… everyone follows their religion.

You think Islam is a bit strict? Islam is a summer hayride compared to the Green God’s religion. At least in Islam you still have a chance of Heaven by killing unbelievers. In the Church of Climatology, unless every single person on the planet believes, everyone will die with no Heaven, no redemption, nothing but rotting corpses on sun-baked sidewalks. Even if everyone does believe… it’s the same.

Gritty Thunderbird, the latest wheeled-out child advocate, is now dictating climate policy to the idiots in charge. Yes, I know, I’m ‘attacking a child’ and that is the reason they use children. Any dissent is ‘attacking a child’, in this case an Asperger’s child with well orchestrated hair braids. She looks so innocent and naieve and unfortunately, she is.

She is being used and abused by the Church of Climatology in the most disgusting way possible and yet criticising the message she has been fed is ‘attacking her’.

I do not attack her. She is a child and she is being used. The message she relays is lies. She does not know this. She has been convinced of it by much darker forces. One day she will realise and on that day she is going to feel things nobody should ever be made to feel. I sympathise, but sending lies through a child is not going to silence me.

Barmy Prince Charlie has been out with this crap too. ‘We have 18 months to save the world’. Oh dear. We’ve had a few years to Armageddon since the 1950s and nothing at all has changed. Well to be fair, in the 1970s, rising CO2 was going to cause an ice age, now rising CO2 is going to cause warming. Why?

Because that’s the only thing they can tax.

You know what rising CO2 really does? It makes plants grow faster. It’s currently 0.04% of the atmosphere and all plants on the planet use it in photosynthesis. Reduce it to zero and all the plants – every one of them from giant redwood to dandelion – dies. And then so does everything else.

Increase it and the planet gets greener.

So, Steering a large asteroid into the plent is prohibitively expensive and very difficult, or so I am told.

Erasing 0.04% of the atmosphere can be done if someone has enough money to buy the right chemicals and place large batches of them in the right places.

Bill Gates once said he wanted to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide to zero. He has the money to do it.

And I have the know-how.

Hey, Bill…


I know, it sounds like the next Mark Ellott novel, following ‘Ransom’, ‘Rebellion’ and the almost-ready ‘Resolution’ and who knows? Maybe it will be.

Well, the replacement router arrived today and it’s much improved over the one I had before. Four years of technology can do that, I suppose. It linked much more easily to the wifi booster and it has a stronger wifi signal than the old one. So four days without internet was worth it.

Just in time – I had almost used up my data allowance on the mobile by using it as a mobile hotspot. I have been considering reducing the data package since I normally rarely use it, but I think I’ll leave it there. It was very handy in this emergency!

It’s amazing how much you can get done when your internet access is severely restricted. I have both Mark Ellott’s and Marsha Webb’s novels formatted and returned to the authors for last checks and I have a short story collection from another author that I can now start sorting out. I’m really going to have to limit my forays into the mad world of the internet in future.

These days in the Internet wilderness also showed me just how reliant I am on it now. Oh I remember when the only phone available was the phone box at the end of the street. I remember when I bought a mobile phone for the first time – I was in my early thirties and scoffed at them until a pheasant flew into my windscreen on a country road and shattered it. Suddenly they seemed like a potentially useful thing to have.

I was, of course, travelling at a perfectly sensible and sedate pace along that dead straight and empty road. It was entirely the pheasant’s fault.

I remember when it became law to fit front seat belts to cars so my father did. It was not yet legally required to use them, so he didn’t. I remember when I was sent, with my younger brother, to the corner shop to by my father’s cigarettes. I remember very well the day they couldn’t sell them to us any more. He wasn’t happy.

We used to buy things with money. Now we just wave a plastic card at a machine and soon we’ll have the card chips in our hands.

Now, of course, the Phone is God. You can use it to pay for things, watch films, browse the internet and if you can figure out how, you can even still make phone calls with it. That feature, once the only reason for a phone’s existence, is now buried in the mass of icons on the screen and in the 48 gigabytes of memory it contains. Ah, I recall fitting a 16 kilobyte memory pack to a ZX-81 and thinking it was amazing.

So many of us are absolutely reliant on the internet. Leg Iron Books could not function without it – the days of high street printers are pretty much gone and the thought of having to cut and paste with real scissors and paste is horrifying. And yet that’s how I wrote my PhD thesis. My mother typed it, on an actual typewriter, I cut and pasted pages together for the retype.

Money, as pretty much everyone knows, no longer exists. Well, you can still (so far) get cash but most of the money circulating in the world is just numbers on a screen with no physical reality at all. If everyone decides to withdraw their money form a bank they will soon find the bank doesn’t really have all that much actual cash. It’s mostly just binary digits.

And to think, these same banks poo-pooh the likes of Bitcoin. Their methods have been the same for years!

On it trundles, the world based on unreality, and it works, sort of. At least for now.

All it will take though is one solar flare, one coronal mass ejection, and it’s all gone. Wiped. Cleaner than a Hillary Clinton email inbox. All evaporated like the dew on a summer morning.

Heck, I was put on restricted access this week by a lightning bolt. To be fair, it was four hours of lightning bolts and a pretty intense blast at the end. It was enough to fry a router and a landline phone. I couldn’t do too much through the mobile phone. I could check and send emails but sending/receiving large documents or image files was a ‘no’.

If that had hit the bank computers I could have been wiped out along with a lot of other people. How could I prove how much money was in those accounts? It didn’t really exist in the first place!

I have been paying a lot of attention to the sun recently. It has three cycles that go from high activity to low and it is now entering what is called a ‘grand solar minimum’ where all three cycles go low at the same time. It’s nothing to get all worried about, it’s happened before. Humanity survived.

It does mean it’s going to get colder. That’s why the Climatologists have rolled out the Unassailable Weapon in the shape of a highly suggestible autistic child. Argue with what she’s been told to tell you and you are attacking an autistic child. I feel sorry for her. Autism does not equal stupid. One day she will realise how she was used and she is going to go through hell. You think the Church of Climatology cares? Once they are done with her they will discard her with not a single look back.

But yeah, it’s getting colder and it will get worse. So the push is on to get as much funding as possible for the pretend science of man made global warming before the lie becomes obvious. Millions will die but hey, the Climatologists will make a load of money so that’s okay with them. It also helps their depopulation agenda which naturally does not include them.

I, and many others, have tried to tell the Church of Climatology what’s really coming but that just makes me a ‘Climate Denier’ which is their new word for ‘Heretic’. I stopped bothering, let the buggers freeze. Anyway it’s too late now, it’s already started and there is not a damn thing humanity can do about it. Light up the fireplace, get the popcorn and watch them shiver while they complain about the heat.

There’s always a silver lining. Low sun activity means a much reduced chance of a solar flare or coronal mass ejection coming our way. It’s never zero, of course, but the odds are in our favour as long as we can keep ice off the wires.

A mass ejection or flare would have to be pointed right at us to have an effect. Well, actually pointed a little bit ahead of us since we’re a moving target. A flare on the opposite side of the sun won’t bother us at all. This means the chance of being hit by one are always reasonably low anyway.

The chance is never zero. Never. Probabilities go up and down but they never hit zero. One day it could happen – in fact it’s safe to say that one day it has to happen. When? Tomorrow? Next month? A decade from now? A century?

There is no way to know. And there isn’t likely to be much, if any, warning. Go to bed rich, wake up a caveman. Go to bed connected to the world, wake up alone and isolated.

As people rely more and more on online comunication, the latter is going to be the hardest to bear, I think.

We really should have a backup plan in case of such an event.

But nobody has.


I am no fan of abortion. It sounds horrible for the mother and it sounds like the foetus goes through a horrific ending in many cases too. I am just glad I have never had to be in the place where I needed to make that choice. However, I an not against abortion. I do not believe a rape victim should be forced to give birth to a child who has the genetic makeup of a rapist for a lot of reasons. I do not believe that a mother whose life is at risk from a pregnancy gone wrong should be forced to risk it. I do not believe that parents who could not cope with a severely disabled child should be forced to continue that pregnancy…

…and cue the outrage.

Look, I know, you can be born disabled and still lead a good and happy life. I had a narrow escape myself. My mother was pregnant with me in 1959, she had morning sickness, she was offered Thalidomide. Thank all the Gods anyone has ever worshipped, she refused it.

Consider parents at an ultrasound scan who are told their baby will be born severely handicapped. Some will say ‘We’ll deal with it’ and that is a noble and brave decision. I’d like to think I’d make that decision but honestly, I can’t be sure. I was never faced with it. Some will not have the family support or financial ability to deal with it even if they want to. Some will be utterly repulsed by the deformed child and that child will soon learn that it is hated and resented by its own parents. Would you want to be the latter child?

I wouldn’t. But maybe you would. Still my opinion is that abortion should be available for parents in that situation who could not cope. I believe that forcing them to go ahead will just result in three miserable lives.

On the other hand, I do not believe that abortion is a valid form of birth control – except in instances where birth control failed, as it sometimes does. Certainly not as a routine way of getting rid of mistakes.

I’m unkind, that’s how I’ve got to be. (competition – which band, which song, which album is this line from? To win decisively include the name of the singer and the year and the record company. I have it on vinyl here ;)) But I have to feel that idiot couples who get pregnant when there are so many birth control options available – in the UK most can be had for free – are not people we want to encourage to reproduce.

Also, I believe there must be a limit. A time limit set where the woman can no longer be unaware of her pregnancy but not to the point where the foetus has a chance of living on its own.

In America, some Democrat places have decided to allow abortion up to the point of birth. This is absolutely horrifying to me – premature babies can survive, if you’ve had that child in you for nine months how can you change your mind at the end? You’re not clearing out a clump of cells at this stage, you are killing a baby. There is a big difference, to me at least. Once they get this in, the death penalty becomes ‘retrospective abortion’ and then, well…

Sure. ‘a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body’ and all that but for fuck’s sake. Make your bloody mind up a lot sooner than the day the contractions start. I know women are famed for taking ages to decide on things but nine months is just taking the piss.

At that point you could just give the baby up for adoption. Why kill it? Well, there are reasons… and I have a Halloween story in mind. It will, of course, be fiction.

Republican states have reacted to this Democrat baby pogrom. They have not done the British response of ‘Hey, hang on a minute, that’s a bit off’. They have done the American thing of going to the other extreme. Sometimes, America, it might have been better if you had stayed British.

Some states have now made abortion so illegal that a woman can be jailed for a miscarriage. Miscarriages happen. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. It is neither parents’ fault. It just happens.

Rapists can expect their deadly genes to be carried on with full State support. If a ten year old is impregnated by Stepdad Filthy, she has to have the baby even though it could kill her.

That is going way too far the other way. Republicans could have had a sensible response to Democrat baby-killing but there is no sense at all in their over-reaction.

Look at this –

Sweet home Alabama, eh? Not if you start an argument, get shot and your baby dies. It’s all your fault and the baby’s death is manslaughter and even though you were the one shot, you’re the one getting charged.

This is because the anti-abortion laws mean tthat the woman is responsible for the death of her baby even if it’s a perfectly natural miscarriage, if she gets pushed down a flight of stairs, or if someone shoots her baby in her womb.

There are people protesting Sharia law. This is far, far worse and it’s coming from American lawmakers!

Republican lawmakers. Trump, you fat orange fucker, do something about this. Stop those Alabama banjo players for a start, and if you said ‘Alabama law is what you get when cousins marry’ you’d likely get a round of applause.

It’s become ridiculous but it’s not funny. In Democrat places, killing a viable baby is okay. In Republican places, any loss of a baby for any reason sends the mother to jail. There is no sensible middle ground any more.

We are reaching peak polarisation. This is just one example. There are so many others.

No middle ground. No compromise. One extreme or the other.

There’s only one way this is going. Pick a side. There are currently about a hundred to choose from.