The abyss beckons

Another school shooting in America. Why? Humans don’t live very long anyway, why are we so intent on making it shorter?

This is once again an argument for gun control. I’ve never owned a proper gun and don’t want to. I used to have airguns (called BB guns in the US I believe) but sold the rifle when it was clear that Scotland wanted to bring in licencing for these toys. They did. It now costs £25 a year for an airgun licence and mine only cost me £30 so it wouldn’t have been worth keeping and licencing. My son took the rest to hand in – including the toy ones that shot plastic BBs that wouldn’t penetrate paper. Anything air powered needs a licence in Scotland now.

That’s because Scotland’s new terror of guns includes plastic toy ones. Does America really want to take this road? I sold my crossbows too because Scotland will ban those next.

Our UK ban on handguns (you can still get a shotgun or hunting rifle if you want to go through all the hoops) came in after Dunblane. That was a school shooting, a loony who should have had his guns confiscated long before but was allowed to keep them. He shot a lot of children and teachers and hey presto – one man going nuts meant that nobody in the UK is allowed a pistol.

Well, as I said, I never had one and never wanted one. So it made no difference to me, right? Wrong.

Before the ban, anyone thinking about breaking into my house had to factor in that I might have a gun. They don’t have to worry about that any more. And people get shot in the UK still. The criminals’ guns weren’t legal before the ban so it made no difference to them.

Still, having no gun meant I learned other things. Archery isn’t much use in a home invasion. I’d have to assemble the bow first and the long arrows would limit where I could use them. But I’m pretty good with a throwing knife and can swing a sledgehammer in one hand and a long handled axe in the other. The past year of chopping wood and splitting logs has made me a lot better with that. I’m not defenceless.

I watch with interest the attacks on the NRA (The American national rifle association) as if they are the sole purveyor of guns. None of their members have been involved in any of the gun attacks. Shutting them down will do nothing to stop these attacks, but it will help the anti-gun fanatics to disarm the American people. Then they can be controlled so much more easily. Just ask Hitler, Pol Pot and all the other totalitarians who started by disarming any possible opposition.

Dodgy guns are available anywhere, in any country. As is dodgy anything else. Muslim countries who have entirely banned alcohol have problems with people drinking rough hooch and getting hospitalised or dying. You cannot stop people getting what they want if they want it enough. You can ban drugs and everyone will stop trying cocaine or heroin? Really? Does that work? Of course not. They just turn to ‘other sources’ and it doesn’t go well.

Norway, I am told, is delighted that its massive taxes on booze have cut down booze sales. Sugar sales are booming. They are brewing their own unregulated booze. It’s not hard. Get the right fruit and you don’t even need sugar and you’ll get brownie points from the health police for buying so much fruit. It does not matter what you put in the way, humans will always find a way around.

It’s not hard to make a gun either. I’ve seen articles on 3D-printing a gun. It’s a fairly primitive device really and a plastic one won’t show up on metal detectors. It might only be good for one shot but close enough and that’s all you need. Do we really want to encourage that?

Guns will disappear naturally in time. As soon as we find a better way to kill each other. You can ban that too if you want. Those who ignore the law won’t care.

There was an SF series of books based around ‘The Weapon Shops of Isher’ where a disarmed society was served by a clever underground weapon shop system. This is exactly where we are headed.

There seem to be a lot of school shootings in America. This is because schools are gun-free zones. The shooter knows there will be no resistance. Nobody else has a gun. These loons still have enough brain cells to know that if they tried it in a police station they wouldn’t get more than a couple of shots before they were dead.  The lesson is – don’t let loonies have guns and pay attention when they are repeatedly reported for their looniness. Then again, the best way to get a gun ban is to let the loonies loose with guns. It worked in the UK…

One little observation. Democrats in America refer to Trump as ‘literally Hitler’ and as some kind of oppressive dictator. Then they want the population to give up all their guns so only the government (led by Literally Hitler) will have guns. I don’t know about you but something seems a bit off here. A bit of sitting and thinking is in order, I’d say.

If Trump really is ‘literally Hitler’ he’ll want to disarm the population of America. He’s smart though, so he might let the Democrats do it and take the blame for it if he really wants that. I don’t think he does, but then he might be smarter than I give him credit for. Getting your opponents to do the dirty work would be a killer move – literally. I’m really hoping Trump isn’t playing that game but if he is, he’s playing it masterfully.

You will have no guns and then you will face an influx of immigrants who are determined to turn your country into the desolate hole they came from. No, they are not refugees. Refugees are not all men who leave their families behind in what they claim is Hell. Men who would do that cannot claim to be men.

They are an invasion force. An invited invasion. Look at the state of Sweden, France and Germany now. Do you want that, America? Really?

Look into the abyss. Look really deeply and pay attention to it. It’s been looking at you for quite some time now.

It’s coming.


Votes at 16

In Aldi today (they have a nice little circular saw this week, small enough to swing around and pretend you’re in the Texas Circular Saw Massacre while culturally appropriating your most recent victim’s face) there was a sign above one of the products.

You must be 18 to purchase this item.

It wasn’t above the circular saw. Nor the power drills, not even above the gas powered portable heater. Which, in the wrong hands, could be an especially vicious weapon. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t buy one of those. But then I used my gadget budget on the circular saw.

The sign was nowhere near those things. It was above a box of cutlery.

These weren’t carving knives or cleavers. They weren’t razor sharp ceramic knives. Table cutlery. Eating irons. The knife and fork you eat with. The knife that is usually not all that sharp because it doesn’t have to chop or carve, it’s dealing with cooked food. You have to be over 18 to buy it, along with the forks and spoons in the box.

Look, if some young thug wants a knife to attack people with, he, she or it is not going to buy a box of blunt knives that comes with forks and assorted spoons. He’s more likely to lift one from his mum’s kitchen drawer.

Our politicians and other assorted mindless control freaks now believe you are mature enough to shape your country’s future at 16 but far too young to set the table. This is before we touch on smoking and drinking and every other absurdity out there.

Quick digression – today I found a new whisky I hadn’t tried before . A vatted malt called Copper Dog. It’s very nice but if you’re 16 you can’t have it. You are only mature enough to make decisions affecting everyone in your country, you are still too much of a child to take control of your own life.

Look at porn. Not now, wait until after the blog post. You have to be 18 to view porn but you can get married at 16 and fumble about for two years because you can’t see the instructions yet. You will get sex education from the age of 5 now but you aren’t allowed to do anything about it until you are 16 and you can’t watch anyone else do it until you are 18. Apart from the instruction videos you were shown at 5 years old – after that you are magically a child again and you must forget that you were once mature enough to view sex videos. Also you have to keep teacher’s special secret  😉

Testicular cancer is something that mostly affects men. Specifically young men. Us oldies are familiar enough with those bits that we’d notice an extra hair, never mind a lump. And it can be hard to check because, as Dylan Moran once said, you’re looking for a lump in a bag of lumps.

The risk period starts at age 15. There are videos that show you how to check your plum sack but you aren’t allowed to see them until you are 18. So if you have testicular cancer at 15 you’ll be dead or castrated before you are old enough to know how to check for it. But hey, you’re old enough to vote at 16. You’re just not old enough to be shown how to prevent your early death. Given the choice, kids, which of those – voting or the cancer check method – would you like to have available to you at 16?

There are moves to raise the age for smoking to 21 and beyond. Signs in supermarkets tell cashiers to ‘Think 25’ when deciding whether to ask you for booze-ID to prove you are 18. Recently, Experts have Said and Studies have Shown that you are not an adult until at least 23 years old. “They grow up so fast” is a phrase for a bygone era. Soon it will be “When is this idle fucker going to grow up?”

Only a few years ago, the legal age for smoking was 16 – except it wasn’t. That was the legal age for being able to buy cigarettes. As with booze, which you can buy at 18 at the moment, there is no legal age for using the product. You can give a beer to your 10-year-old and you’re not breaking any laws – although if the prodnoses find out you will get reported and investigated for ‘child abuse’. Not for ‘giving booze to a minor’. Unless it’s someone else’s kid, that’s not illegal.

16-year-olds are not prosecuted for smoking because that isn’t illegal. Shops are prosecuted for selling to under 18’s. That is the part that is illegal. The lines have been cleverly blurred.

In the 1960s there were no age restrictions on buying cigarettes. My brother and I were routinely sent to the shop to get Dad his pack of ten and we could get sweets with the change. We could have bought ourselves cigarettes and matches if we wanted. We didn’t. We could buy sweets though, which is another thing frowned upon now.

I was buying fireworks at age 10. Nobody minded. That whole ‘don’t put a banger in a bottle because it will explode in a shower of glass’ thing? It didn’t work. The banger in a cowpat was much more fun.

I’d buy whole packs of boxes of matches for explosive experiments at age 15 or so. Nobody thought twice about it. I could have bought cigarettes if I’d felt the urge then. I was already frequenting pubs at 16. That wasn’t technically legal but as long as we didn’t cause any trouble, nobody minded.

Now, if you want to buy cutlery you have to be 18. You can marry at 16, join the army before you’re 17, but you can’t buy a fork until you’re 18. If you do marry that early you’d better have cutlery and other kitchen knives on the wedding gift list or you’ll be ripping that roast chicken apart with your fingers.

At around age 11/12 I was taking woodwork lessons at school. Saws, chisels, spokeshaves… and those things are no use unless they are properly sharp. Metalwork class, we brazed, forged, tempered, cast, hammered, lathed and used something called a shaper that if you leaned a tiny bit too far forward, would smash your brains out.

We were old enough to handle all those things. There were no major incidents. Everybody survived. But should we have had the vote at 16? Of course not, that would have been dangerously insane.

Most of the kids that age had no interest in politics. My group of friends were so right wing that the centrists couldn’t see us. We would have installed a monarchic empire run from a small central cardre and the rest of the world could deal with its own problems. Actually we probably wouldn’t have taxed very much, just enough to keep us supplied with things that go bang and plenty of sharp stuff. No need for private jets, we aren’t bothering to go around giving speeches. Dissent would have been quashed with extreme and very public prejudice but basically, don’t piss off the bosses and you can do pretty much as you please.

Would you really have wanted me to vote when I was 16? I know it’s the Socialists who want this because they think all 16 year olds are socialist but it’s an idea that could backfire very badly indeed. The socialist teens are vocal but the other side are not and never were. See, teens are not all socialist. The ones even slightly interested in politics are, however, all extremist. And, despite the left’s imagination, not all of them are extreme left.

I had mellowed by the time I was 18 but I have never voted Labour, despite growing up on a council estate in Wales in a Labour-voting family based on the mining industry. I have occasionally voted Tory but only when I don’t expect them to win. Usually I pick someone based on them having policies I like. I am not interested in party politics. I don’t join gangs.

Modern 16-year-olds are not allowed to do most of the things I did at that age. Off into the woods with a box of bangers and some bottles. Buying a whole load of matches. Buying camping knives that would make Jim Bowie jealous. Becoming a pub regular. Playing around with all sorts of red hot steel, molten aluminium and very sharp tools and dangerous machines. Buying explosives components in hardware shops and chemist shops. At home, sharp modelling knives and soldering irons. Oh yes, and I was playing with mains electricity too. Building my own railway controllers in old biscuit tins…

They can’t do any of that now. Childhood is now extended to age 23 and keeps going up. I had learned not to damage myself and how to handle dangerous things by the age of 16 and the one thing I would never have trusted my 16-year-old self to do was to vote.

And yet now, with all those things pushed away past the age where they would be most fun, with childhood extended to 20-odd year olds in onesies, drinking milky coffee from sippy cups, we are to let 16-year-olds vote.

The Left thinks all those 16-year-olds will vote for them.

How about all those thousands of girls groomed and gang raped by the people Labour demanded have special status, while Labour ignored – and continues to belittle and scoff at – those crimes?

How about their brothers and sisters, many of whom are now over 16?

Who would they vote for, I wonder?

If they succeed in giving 16 year olds the vote, I have a feeling it might not go the way they think it will.

But then, nothing else they do has gone as they planned, has it?


Lunacy and Nazis

It’s been a very long time since I last made a model aeroplane. I made them as a youngster, lots of them. I made them for my son until he grew old enough to make them himself – and his interests tended more towards helicopters than aeroplanes. As for me, I always had a soft spot for the weird designs.

Oh I made Concorde when I was about eight (a disappointing kit – hardly any parts!) and I made airliners and of course Spitfires and Hurricanes and Mustangs and Kittyhawks, along with Me109 and FW-190 for them to fight with.

Then I discovered the Dornier stable. Holy crap. I couldn’t believe anyone even tried to fly some of those monstrosities. Weird planes became The Thing. And yet that phase faded away about forty years ago, apart from a brief revival when my son was little. I don’t think I’ve made a model plane in the last 20 years, probably more.

Railways, trucks, ships… those were my main staples. Ships especially. The kits are expensive but they take months to finish so you get your money’s worth. The only trouble is finding somewhere to put the damn things afterwards. They’re not as easy to give away as you’d think. The thing about models is… the fun is in making them. Apart from the motorised ones such as trains, the static model building fun is in going that extra mile. Adding brake pipes to trucks and so on. Once the model is finished it’s just in the way.

Back to somewhere near the point. One thing I had a model of in my early teens was a Messerschmidt. Well, several. In fact one is still around here somewhere – the Me262 I painted up to look like the cover of Blue Oystercult’s ‘Secret Treaties’ album. The odd one though, was the Me 163, also called ‘Komet’. I saw a kit recently, cheap, so I thought I’d see if I still have it in me as an aeromodeller.

I’ll get a better photo when it’s finished. This has a day or so to go to completion yet.

This is a particularly odd one. Second world war German interceptor/fighter with a few twists. See those wheels under it? It ditched those on takeoff. It didn’t retract them. It retracted that ski they’re sitting on when in flight. Landing, the pilot had that ski and the tail wheel and that was it. Falling over was a real issue.

The model will get a tiny silver propeller on the front end. That’s not what drove it, I think it was a speed measuring thing. What drove this was a rocket engine. Not a jet. A rocket.

Powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Oh yes. Fly this and you are sitting on a bomb. Land with any fuel in your tanks (they were meant to glide in to land) and there’s a good chance of boom. The slightest spark when fuelling, another good chance of boom. And hydrogen peroxide in rocket fuel form, well, a good chance of boom just because it feels like it.

I think, if I had been a German pilot in one of these, I’d have been glad of the brown seat if i saw any tracer flying around.

Anyway, it’s a fun little kit. I found my paint collection wasn’t really aeroplane friendly these days so, thanks to CStM, the blue underside is nail polish. Actually it works rather well but you can’t hang around – it dries fast.

Something was bothering me though, something about the decals supplied. Oh there were the Luftwaffe wing crosses and the little warning signs and so on but there were a few odd ones too. Have a look…

The ones marked ‘4’ are the ones that confused me. I knew the WWII German Wehrmacht and especially SS divisions used runes on their vehicles because I used to play wargaming using actual models as a teenager – but I couldn’t recall ever seeing them on aeroplanes  Also they don’t look like any rune I recognise. It took a while to work it out.

Decal 4 goes on the tail, as per instruction sheet…

Yes, they give British markings even though we didn’t have any and nobody paints the underside of a plane orange. Maybe we captured some when we smacked Merkel’s ancestors’ arses but I never heard of us trying to fly any of them. I suspect any British pilot would take one look and say ‘Fark arf, I’ll take a week in the brig before I sit on top of that farking firework’. That, however, is just the start of the political correctness. Look again at that tail image. See the white triangle? It was never there.

Now take a look at something I didn’t notice on the box cover until later. Look at what’s on the tail.

It’s not easy to see but what’s on the tail is a black square, corners pointing up and down. On the front of the instruction sheet is this image –

This time, the tail insignia is a scribbled-out blob.

If you ever made German warplane models as a kid, you know what the insignia on the tail is. They all had it. It’s part of history. It was real, it happened, accurate history demands accuracy.

It’s a swastika. Decal 4 is half-swastikas. All the planes had them because Germany at that time was run by real Nazis, led by the original Literally Hitler.

Yes. A symbol with unpleasant connotations – but as kids, in the 60s and 70s, our parents and grandparents had no problem with us seeing those  symbols. They told us what they meant, and how to avoid it happening again. Young kids making this model now will not know that it’s two halves of a symbol. They won’t know how to finish the model with historical accuracy.

So when the next swastika wielding yobs arise, our children and grandchildren will not recognise what they are. Is that intentional?

Or have we become so weak that we cannot accept a thing from the past because it’s just too scary? Really? Will we ban Tyrannosaurus Rex models because they’re scary even though they were dead before any of our ancestors were born? You know, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

The Church of Climatology insist we must Save Humanity (which involves giving them money and Unquestioning Belief or the world will end, but it’s not a religion) and I say…


What the fuck use are the modern human race? They’re just going to whine themselves into extinction anyway. So the world warms up and CO2 increases. The world will have jungles again. All the forests we cleared will grow back, We just won’t be here to see it and complain about it. Let the fuckers die. If that is the future of humanity, so scared of a symbol that they can’t even face it even though it’s from almost 80 years ago, let them die out. They are only getting worse.

If the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, they went with a bang. A future Cockroach Society will remember our species as the one that went out with a whimper and a plea for more benefits.

I should mention that during one of my dinner table rants, my son said ‘If everyone died tomorrow you’d complain they died in your way’ and he was right. They would. No damn consideration, that’s the trouble with people nowadays.

Oh I expect to get some rage back for this and I fully expect it to come from the same place as ‘all white people must die’. I’m not racist. I’d kill you all if I had a button to do it. Somewhere I do have the 10 ohm 500 watt resistor to finish it, I’ll let you know when I find it. Oh wait – you’ll know.

When the human race is over, nobody won but everyone gets a prize. That is where it is headed. Can we turn it back? Can we get back to sense and reality? Well, we have 57 varieties of gender now. We have people insisting that the word ‘negro’ on Spanish (it means black) must be changed because it is racist. If I was Spain I would change it to ‘arsebasket’ or ‘jizzmonkey’ or best of all, ‘progessive-liberal-fuckwit’.

Honestly. Languages the SJWs don’t even speak have to change to fit their agenda. While they insist illegal Mexican immigrants to the USA are respected. Who speak – gasp – Spanish!

Oh dear.

California (where else?) wants to declare caffeine a carcinogen while demanding unclean water to drink.

Then they will tell you about the seven million deadly chemicals in your latte then declare caffeine an addiction. See where it goes from here? Smokers do. You shat on us and loved it. Have fun with the same shit now

You know, one thing about history is that it stops us doing the same stupid things again. Like drinking untreated water. But, who would be so stupid? Oh. Californians.

Most of California is trying to be a separate state. I have never set foot in the USA but I can see their point.

You know, all this hate, all this division, it’s been done before. Most recently under the swastika the progressives claim to hate. Now you don’t get a decal, you get a dare. Will you do it?

I will

I remember the tales of what Nazi actaully means,

Do you?


Rewriting History, with Larry Croft

There is now a female Dr. Who, there has been a female Dr. Watson (in Sherlock Holmes) and I haven’t seen it so I don’t know how they handled Dr. Watson’s wife when she found out. It probably involved smelling salts and maybe a defibrillator.

There are plans for a female, black, James Bond. That’s going to make all those bedroom scenes… interesting. What would the counterpart of Pussy Galore be, I wonder? Big Dick McNutswinger? I can barely contain my anticipation.

A black James Bond would work. He just has to be British and pompous and we have those in all colours already. After all, his counterpart in the CIA, Felix, was a master of disguise. He appeared white in one film, black in another and even as Mr. Bean in one of them. I don’t recall seeing Felix in drag but I probably haven’t seen all the films.

The ultimate, of course, was replacing the white transvestite lead role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a black woman. Yeah… the point was that he was a guy who dressed as a woman. A woman who dresses as a woman is… well… ordinary. The ordinary had no place in that show.

Looking at all this would lead you to reasonably conclude that women are incapable of thinking up their own fictional characters. All they can do is fan-fiction existing stories and make the male characters female. Not a single creative neuron in the female brain. It’s the only logical conclusion… but it’s not the right one.

Women are perfectly capable of writing new and original stories. The Bronte sisters. Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, Agatha Christie, Sydney Sheldon. Many more. Even those with brains full of progressive idiocy have managed to write things like Harry Potter. So, why do the girls want to steal our toys?

Can we reciprocate? A male version of Charlies Angels? Yeah… I don’t want that. An all male cast in Baywatch? That’s not going to do well. An adventure game starring Larry Croft? Children’s TV – Derek the Explorer? I’m struggling here. I can’t think of a single female lead character I would prefer to be male. Not one.

Imagine if Kill Bill were Kill Jill. Pretty Woman were Pretty Man. Um… no. It doesn’t work. And ladies, it doesn’t work the other way either. Take note, BBC. Margaret of Anjou was what is referred to nowadays as ‘basement gamer white’, not in the slightest bit tanned. The phrase ‘get real’ has never been so relevant.

Girls, we don’t want to change your lead roles. We don’t want to rewrite Mulan so it’s a boy who dresses as a girl and is voiced by Julian Clary. We don’t want to see Stephen Fry in tights on the new posters for Cabaret. We are not going to lobby JKR to change Hermione Grainger to Herman. We want those films and shows and games exactly as they are now. No changes. We have no demands.

So what’s the idea behind it all? It really has nothing to do with any inability of women to write well. Margo Jackson’s book ‘The Mark’ gets well received even though she is just starting out. Not one of the four Underdog Anthologies is exclusively male. You think women can’t write scary stories? Oh believe me, they can think up tortures that will make any guy’s legs cross tighter than a very tight thing. Women can write just as well as men, sometimes better because they are better at expressing emotion. There is absolutely no need for women to poach male characters in existing shows and turn them into women. It has no literary merit nor function. Well, it has function…

Its function is to belittle.

Its function is to erase.

Its function is to remove any male ‘hero’ from the minds of the next generation.

You will note there has been no attempt to replace Shakespearean characters such as Caliban (The Tempest), Shylock (The Merchant of Venice) or MacBeth (The Scottish Play) with women. These are all revolting, deplorable characters. We get to keep those.

But we don’t get to keep fictional heroes. We don’t get to keep real ones either.

If I had ever met Winston Churchill in person I’m sure I would have left with the conviction that the man was an arse. He was often drunk and rude and thoughtless and he let Coventry burn so he could keep the Enigma machine secret. He could have had patrols up to spot the Nazis before they arrived and they’d have thought it a coincidence. Nope. He let them bomb it.

However. He did play a major role in winning the war and keeping morale in the UK up while Mr. Hitler sent us wave after wave of exploding surprise gifts.

I think we should have bombed Dresden with plastic bombs that just cracked open on landing and popped up a flag with ‘Boom’ written on it. Yeah… I might be a crap War Minister but I’d be a fun one 🙂

It would also have sent a message, I think. ‘We could have flattened your city tonight but we didn’t. So, want to negotiate yet?’

Anyway, Churchill might have been a git in private, even one with the best put-downs for those who called him out on it, but he’s the one who was in charge when we had a World War to deal with. The entire country looked up to him during that time. He was, indeed, a great man. Which gives hope for all the rest of us non-PC pissheads that one day, we’ll be remembered for more than being a non-PC pisshead too.

Churchill is a major part of UK history. Progressives have been trying to erase him for a long time. They have now taken direct action.

This is the man who stood up to Hitler and the Nazis. You know, the same name they call anyone who doesn’t agree with them. You’d think he’d be their hero, the one who stood firm in the face of relentless Nazi attacks led by literally Hitler. Yet they decry him as ‘warmonger’. He didn’t start it. He didn’t want it. Hitler gave him no option – he could either go to war or watch Germany take control of Europe. So he stood up to Nazis. There is a very good reason why the Left Progressives hate him for that. In the words of the now disgraced Rolf – can you tell what it is yet?

Incidentally, if you wrap his corpse in copper wire and put a couple of magnets around it, it’s now spinning fast enough to power the entire National Grid. That’s called a ‘joke’, Progressives. I don’t expect you to get it. Try not to think too hard, you might crash your programming and have to be rebooted.

It’s the same as the statue-tipping craze in the USA. The same as the claim that Muslims invented everything from shoes to iPhones. Incidentally, it’s true that Arabs invented a lot of really important stuff, including mathematics, but that was before Islam fucked them up. Imagine how brilliant they’d be now if it wasn’t for Uncle Mo and his gang of marauding child rapists. They’d be laughing at even China’s attempts to catch up. Pity it all fell apart, eh, guys? Never mind, one day you might realise what’s happened and start putting it right. Have you looked at the architecture and art and music of your ancestors? It’s amazing. Ask yourself why you aren’t allowed it now. Ask why ISIS, who claim to be your team, has been erasing your history.

Kamal Ataturk realised it. He set up Turkey as a Muslim state but with state and religion definitely separated. Wrap his corpse in copper wire, Turkey, add a couple of magnets and your lights will never go out again.

So many times in history, someone has come along who has fixed things and then the progressives come back and hate them for it. They are reviled as being obstructions to the One True Way (*cough* Venezuela *cough*). Look at Russia now. Look at China. Doing well because they cut back on the silly communist nonsense. Yes, still very tightly controlled because, well, Socialism, but in both those places, if you stay out of politics you can do very nicely and the government doesn’t mind at all.

They are still repressive in that you dare not question authority, but you can quietly find ways around it and authority doesn’t care.

The Nazis are coming back. They are the ones who currently call themselves anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist and they won’t believe it, just like last time and every time before that. They will have the swastika symbol again within two generations, perhaps less. Want to know how I know this?

I’ll tell you in the next post. It involves plastic models, history, photographs and an Me 163.



Big Bird is watching you

I don’t know where the image originated but I’d love to give it credit. I can’t stop laughing at it.

So, Twitter is, as I have long suspected, capable of and willing to read all the DMs you post and can recover deleted tweets and DMs. And if they don’t like you. it’s the oblivion button for you.

Shadow banning is real, as Twitter employees admit in the video. Shadow banning is when they press the oblivion button but don’t tell you. You keep on posting on Twitter as if nothing happened but hardly anyone is seeing the tweets.

Well it’s their site, they can ban who they like. It would be nice if they were honest about it but hey, it’s their reputation, they can do what they like with it.

There is one person banned from this site (one person on the whole planet so objectionable that even I won’t listen to him) and he likes to pretend I am affecting his right to free speech. I’m not, he can talk all he wants but not at my place. Really, being banned on a little backwater blog like this one doesn’t amount to global censorship by anyone’s standards.

Likewise, those banned on Twitter have not lost the right to free speech, in fact I’d say they are better off exercising that right in a place where people are actually listening rather than on a site that doesn’t want to hear them.

I have an account at Gab, which does not engage in shadow banning. It’s claimed to be a ‘right wing site’ but I have seen crazy progressive lefties ranting on there and none of them are banned. They have the same free speech as everyone else, they just don’t have the power to get their opponent shut down by whining at the management. It’s a bit Wild West, sure, but you stand or fall on your own merits there. No mollycoddling. No preferential treatment. It’s more like real life.

Twitter is in danger of turning itself into a Guardian-like echo chamber where only one side of the argument is allowed. The other side is simply shut out. As the Guardian and maybe Twitter might one day realise, that causes people to give up and go away. Why bang your head on a brick wall? If you are a ‘racist-Nazi-bigot’ for even daring to question their orthodoxy, why bother to question them at all? By extension, why read or listen to them any more? Leave them to their own devices and if that means funding dries up, well that’s their problem.

In other but much the same news, Virgin trains have decided not to sell the Daily Heil any more because it does not fit with their Leftie image. Okay. Don’t sell a very popular paper (I admit to buying one once to line the bottom of a guinea pig cage) that anyone can access for free on the internet while sitting on your trains. Well, they could if your train wifi worked. ‘We have wifi, it doesn’t work’. How very Soviet of you, Virgin. What a pickle eh, Branston?

Or they can buy one at the newsagents before they get on the train. I think I will if I have occasion to ride Virgin trains in the future. I won’t bother to read it, it’s bad for your blood pressure, I’ll just leave it on the table or seat when I get off.

But hey, if Virgin want to get mass-fucked over their perceived curtailing of free speech (it isn’t, if you want the Mail get one on the way to the train) it’s up to them. Not my concern.

See, I don’t care about the Daily Heil. I do care about freedom of speech. Banning speech you don’t like leads to a very dark road. It just pushes those opinions underground where you can’t see them until they explode.

It doesn’t matter what paper they chose to ban. If they had banned the Grauniad, which I see as the opposite extreme, I would feel the same way. It puts a commercial company, supported by government, in charge of what you choose to think and that is a clear definition of fascism.

The same is true of Twitter, Farcebok and all the ‘anti-fascist’ movements. Agree with us or we will silence you the fascist way, you fascists. Look, if you’re going to insult me (and I have been called ‘fascist’ for trying to reasonably work out what these people think – I came away not wondering ‘what’ but ‘whether’) at least look up a definition of what you are calling me. Read it, understand it and look in a mirror. Is it you or me?

For once try to be honest with yourself. Being honest to others is a long way down the line, just try to make a start.

I have considered getting back into share buying again now the latest round of penury has passed. I doubt it would be the last, I am shit at finances and am paying tax this year for the first (and possibly last) time in ages. I would not buy shares in Twitter, Farcebok, Google or the like, nor would I buy shares in their right wing opposites. You want to make a profit, you need to be politically neutral in your provision of services. otherwise you cut your potential customer base in half and it doesn’t matter which half you pick, you become an echo chamber that soon becomes boring. Even to those on ‘your side’.

Again, it’s Twitter’s business, they can ruin it how they like. There are no laws forcing them to service those they disagree with. It’s not like they are Christian baker shops.

Just be aware that the Thought Police run those platforms and if they don’t like you they will push you off the edge. They can access private messages and recall deleted private and public messages.

You are not obliged to Tweet anything, but anything you do Tweet can and will be used against you in court.

Just remember that last line.


Trump and Pakistan

Seems as if Donnie Trumpton is about to stop sending cash to Pakistan.

Well, all this foreign aid to nuclear-armed countries has always seemed a bit silly to me. Especially when it goes to people who don’t seem to like the West very much. Not singling out Pakistan here, we send loads of money to places that don’t need it and who hate us for it.

India has tried to decline UK foreign aid on the grounds that they really don’t need it. The UK government (I think it was under the Cameroid) sent people to persuade India to take the money they didn’t want. Which leads me to suppose it’s just a political thing, a way to say ‘Look, we’re helping this nation that has a more advanced space program than we do…’

Anyway, back to the point. Trump is going to cut foreign aid. Good. The UK should too. However, is he going about it the right way? I mean, you can cut that budget without getting all in-your-face about it.

Trump is a businessman, not a politician. He runs the country like a failing business in need of a shakeup and a turnaround, and he seems to be doing a good job of it. Not being a politician is a good thing here. It’s also a bad thing.

You can piss off business rivals with little to no comeback. You can’t do the same with countries. As smokingscot said, Trump’s business approach means it’s either win or lose. No middle ground. He doesn’t do ‘compromise’.

The UN annoyed him so he cut their budget. He’s happy to trade insults with North Korea – which is a bit like poking a psycho to see if he’s going to really push the nuclear button. I think Kim Jong Jingly-jangly is nuts enough to do it. Best not poke him, I’d say.

Trump openly supports the protesters in Iran. I support them too – but it’s an internal matter for the Iranian people. Neither side is going to want foreign ‘aid’ that looks like an occupying army. And let’s face it, whenever the West pokes its nose into Middle Eastern affairs it never turns out well. Will Trump stay out of it? I hope so.

‘No compromise’ can be a good position sometimes. It’s the approach Tessie May should now take with the EU, who are intent on making Brexit as painful as possible. She won’t because she’s all politician with no business sense. Appearances mean more to her than getting a good deal.

Trump is the opposite. All business, no political background and he doesn’t give a stuff what the papers say about him. He’s what a messed up economy needs for sure. He’ll fix it but he’s likely to annoy a lot of other countries in the process.

He annoyed Mexico with his wall idea. The wall in itself isn’t so terrible. Many countries have walls on their borders, or at least heavily patrolled fences. No, it was his demand that Mexico pay for it that was the real issue. In the real world, if you want a fence and you demand your neighbour pays for it, what usually happens is you don’t get a fence. The wall idea was okay, demanding the neighbour pays was a bad move.

It might be better to build a wall around California, but that’s another issue…

Trump has reduced taxes in the USA and business is doing really well over there. Employment is up by a large margin and the stock market is booming. In terms of the economy, Trump is an excellent President. We could do with him running our Brexit negotiations. It would all be over by now.

In terms of diplomacy and foreign policy, well, he’s not really doing quite so well there.

Really, what we need in charge of a country is neither a businessman nor a career politician (I don’t believe ‘politician’ should even be a career choice) but someone in between. Someone with both sets of skills and who can switch between them as required. Diplomat one moment, hard nosed businessman the next.

I’m not sure such a person even exists and if they do, they’re probably doing very well in business already, without all the hassle of public life.

So it’ll probably never happen.

Or maybe it will. Now that trump has shown that you don’t need to be a politician to become President, there might be a few of those diplomat/businessmen thinking ‘I could do better;’.

You never know…

Underground Platform

Fear not, this is not about the railways. Although today I did find the little battery-powered 00 gauge freelance tram/train I made about 25 years ago. It ran on an oval of track set into concrete on a rockery. The track might still be there, it was a pretty damn fine job. I also found the only 009 narrow gauge engine I made, using a plastic kit of a saddle tank engine and the (always overscale anyway) motor from a Lima N gauge Deltic. That’s a Class 55, for those who don’t recognise the term.  I must test those tomorrow.

No, this is about the current trend of ‘no-platforming’ anyone students don’t agree with. It makes them feel big and important while making them look small-minded, weak and petty, but it’s not just students.

I’ve been blocked by a few people on Twitter. Well, okay, more than a few. Sometimes I’ll follow a link in a conversation and find I’ve been blocked by someone I didn’t know existed, much less ever interacted with. Does this trouble me? I shrug and move on. It’s only Twitter. Someone I never heard of doesn’t want me to read what they write. There’s too much crap out there anyway, if they want to spare me their additions to it, that’s fine with me.

I have blocked two, I think, and those were both done in a state of tipsy truculence. Not rage, not righteousness, I was a bit pissed and felt like going ‘nyah’ at them. That’s all there was to it.

Why would I want to block lots of people? Why go to all the bother of writing stuff then limiting who can read it? Blocking someone really does not affect them at all, they can babble away to their heart’s content. They just aren’t reading what you write any more. What they write is unaffected. Also, blocking people who have never interacted with you at all means only one thing. They will never see anything you write. No matter how cogent, how persuasive your argument, they will never see it. That really is all it means.

I might be blocked by hundreds of people I’ve never heard of. I’ll never know nor care. I’ll never read a word they write. I won’t even know they have written anything. It doesn’t stop me writing, it doesn’t affect me, and yet they think it is a triumph of some kind. Well okay, have your invisible victory. Enjoy it, crow about it, revel in it. I’ll never even know.

Much the same goes for the ‘mute’ facility on Twitter. I have muted a few. Persistent adverts with nothing real to say, the stupid photoshopped ‘diseases’, things like that, I mute them. Does that make them upset?

They don’t know they’ve been muted and the muting only applies to me. They can continue to tweet to their hearts’ content, untroubled and entirely unaffected by the fact that I don’t see those tweets. The only person I have deprived of information by using the mute button is me. I just don’t want that information so I ignore it in the same way I can drive past a hundred advertising billboards and not know what a single one was advertising. They are filtered out. Mentally muted. And yet they are still there, their messages intact. I just don’t see them. Same thing, really.

This is ‘no-platforming’. It’s ‘I’m not listening to you and I’m not speaking to you’, usually followed in its normal context by ‘nyah’ because it’s the attitude of a five year old or someone very, very drunk.

I have never used ‘mute’ to silence an argument. Only to filter out persistent ads and silly things. I only used ‘block’ twice and I was pissed both times. I would never block someone who disagrees with me because how can I persuade them they are wrong if I have no voice? It would be like going to a debating contest with a ball gag in your mouth.

And yet it is common on Twitter for people to block anyone who even so much as asks an awkward question. What does it achieve? The person asking the question never gets an answer, never sees another word you write and assumes you are an arse without an argument. Do you win in that scenario? I don’t see that as a win. I see that as running away. So does the person you blocked.

When students ‘no-platform’ a speaker, it means they don’t hear what that speaker has to say. It means they have no opportunity to challenge it, to argue against it. It does not stop that speaker saying what they have to say somewhere else. The speaker does not lose by not speaking at an event where they’d just be shouted down anyway, where they would be blocked and muted. They benefit by having more time to present their argument to someone who will listen.

So what do modern students have?

Safe spaces. Hiding places for the weak and the cowardly. Where you cannot be hurt by the words of the horrible speaky people. Those are the new thing. It used to be foxholes and trenches where you could shelter from bullets. Now it’s places where nobody can say hurty words. What a feeble species we have become. What a sad and worthless animal. You know, there are rabbits and squirrels who would be absolutely delighted if a fox just called them names.

Anyway. The shit had to end sometime. It is beginning.

All this bollocks is getting called out now. There will be a new overseer of universities with the power to fine them or even de-register them. It has teeth. It remains to be seen whether it will use them, or whether this overseer will be populated by whining saddos who will file those teeth to nothing.

The student activists will not care. That will get very interesting indeed when the first university is de-registered because that university can no longer award degrees. The students who worked hard to get degrees won’t get them. The student activists won’t care because degrees are elitist and they didn’t need them anyway – but the majority who do care are going to rip those idiots apart. Literally.

And the Leftie staff the activists relied on… will have been defunded and will not be welcome in any other university,  so they will change sides faster than Italy.

I think it will take one de-registered university, two at most, before the governing bodies actually grow a fucking brain and realise they have been playing around in Narnia for years. No more silly degrees, no more pandering to the pansies who are scared of words. Back to some real, actual learning and proper studies again. And to degrees that are worth having and students worth employing.

It all hinges on this new overseer. Will it really do what it says on the tin?

Or is it just another veneer over the rotten wood?