Venezuela shows the way

I’ll be called a Nazi (again) for this but – the left wing violent arseholes are just as bad as the right wing violent arseholes. Donnie the Trump has been castigated for ‘saying’ (they hear what they want you to have said, not what you said) that the two sides are morally equivalent.

He is right. Both seek to get their way using violence. There really is no difference. The Left claim they are morally superior because Nazis are violent and everyone should ‘punch a Nazi’. Suggest that, in that case, it should also be okay to ‘punch a Commie’ and they respond with ‘you can’t go around hitting people just because you don’t agree with them’.

Oh I’m not kidding…

Politicians, even those who are allegedly Republicans, support Antifa. So do the media. It’s always the white guy who’s the bad guy even when Antifa beat up old men and reporters. Even when Antifa turn up armed and armoured to beat up people who are neither. Even when Antifa turn up to other people’s rallies with the sole aim of causing violence. They can do no wrong.

And that is deliberate. They don’t understand that, none of the Lefties understand it, but they are doing exactly what those in charge want them to do.

Donnie Trumpton is a wild card. He wasn’t supposed to win. He’s not in the program, he’s not part of the plan. Even his own side are trying to take him down. He’s messing everything up! Imagine him saying that destroying American history is not a good thing! The horror!

Even though the Confederates were Democrats, and Democrats commissioned and erected the statues they are now tearing down. It doesn’t matter. The point is to erase history so future generations won’t learn from it. They won’t understand that slavery is bad and they’ll be compliant, happy slaves with no knowledge that in the past, slavery was abolished by the white people.

Slavery still happens in some places. Not in the self-hating white world but in other places, it happens and Lefties either pretend it doesn’t or they are happy with it. No, I’m not going to list the places. Look them up yourself.

In the UK, we had Lefties wailing in the streets when the Tories won the election but not as violently as in the USA. The reason is simple. Tessie Maybe is part of the plan. It didn’t really matter who won, there isn’t any real choice here now. Oh, Corbyn would have turned the place into Venezuela faster but it’s happening anyway. So a little bit of token protest was in order but that’s all.

Now we have people on Twitter saying all white people should die and that’s not racist in this modern land of Absurdia. There are white people saying it – they are strangely not dead themselves but they say it anyway. Don’t just talk about it, White Wailers. Actions speak louder than words.

By now you’re itching to know what the plan is, aren’t you? It’s a very simple plan. It leads to what Venezuela has just done.

Provoke more and more violence and then promise to do something about it. That ‘something’ involves giving the government power to crush any dissent, make bloggers like me ‘disappear’ in the night and give whoever is in charge dictatorial powers. Maduro will soon be able to rule by decree. It’s written into the law they are passing now.

This is the only reason anyone in the West wants to be the head of Government. When this shit hits the fan, the current Prime Monster will be the one in charge. No need for all that faffing about getting laws passed. One person in charge of each country – and in the EU, one person in charge of Europe with their own army to command.

Is Brexit happening? The alleged conservatives are stalling at every move. The whole thing has been put on hold until after Germany’s elections, as if that is somehow relevant to us leaving the Control Club. Tessie Maybe isn’t the one to get us out of the EU. She doesn’t want us out. So we’ll be ruled by a dictator in Brussels one day.

It’s so much easier to control a world where you only have to deal with one person per country. One vicious dictator who will do anything to hold on to power and money. No messing around with persuading a whole Parliament, you just have the one leader to deal with. Even easier when the EU can run a whole load of countries with one leader.

Oh and Muslims? When it happens, well, sorry guys but they won’t need you any more. You did your part in forcing populations to accept total control but you won’t be the ones in charge of it. Neither will Antifa.They’ll cheer the Venezuela style laws when they come but they won’t see that they are the ones to be disposed of. When the population is under control, nobody needs masked thugs any more.

Besides, how can you get the population under control unless you do what you promised and… erase the ones they are scared of? All you terrorists are just setting yourselves up you know.

Oh there will still be terrorists. Different ones. Have to keep the bogeyman alive otherwise what is your dictator protecting you from?

Have you ever wondered how, in the days after any terrorist attack, new control measures and complex pavement structures to restrict movement are built, painted and ready to install? Almost as if the government knew what was coming and had the stuff in storage somewhere.

You can call me a tinfoil hatter, you can laugh it off, you can say it won’t happen.

In Venezuela, it just did.




Those who claim to care…

…usually don’t.

The antismokers don’t care about health. They make vicious attacks on smokers and vapers and are trying to ban vaping (so far, they’ve succeeded in Australia, land of the most gullible politicians on the planet). They only care about control and money.

The tax take from the remaining villified smokers is immense. Some of it pays the antismoker wages. Neither they, nor the politicians, want you to give up smoking or switch to vaping. They just enjoy punishing you for it and charging you for the privilege of being a hated pariah.

Really, they have tried to claim that breathing steam is even more harmful than breathing smoke. The claims made about smoking causing everything from death to dandruff passed the absurdity horizon long ago. The claims of harm from vaping started inside that horizon and are well on the way to the stupidity singularity. Don’t for a moment imagine that any of this is being done for your benefit. It’s being done for theirs. You don’t matter at all.

Climatologists know the climate changes all the time. They’ve been at that scam for many years. When the climate was cooling in the seventies, we were warned about a coming ice age unless we cut our carbon emissions. Now the climate is warming up a bit, the planet will turn into Venus unless we cut our carbon emissions. Oh, and of course, we have to give them lots of money for their pet projects in order to save the world. People fall for this shit in droves. It’s why religion does so well – people just love a good Armageddon story. Especially when they believe they will be saved and we horrible proles will all die.

Now we have ‘gender fluidity’, a step on the way to gender neutrality all round. The medics are cashing in, as usual, using terms like ‘assigned female/male at birth’ rather than sticking to biological facts. Eight-year-olds are being targeted for ‘gender reassignment’ and why? Because it’s good for them? Hahahaha!

Because it makes money for those pushing this nonsense and, deeper, it furthers the Marxist equality agenda which is, of course, a total control agenda. You don’t even get to decide whether you are male or female. The State decides for you.

Soon babies will be surgically neutered at birth and assigned a gender when the State decides they have reached adulthood – and the way things are going that’ll be when you are about 30. Until then you will be neuter. There can be no sex discrimination if you don’t have one. It’s for your own good and you will be amazed at how many people will believe that.

Currently we have Antifa and the KKK in open war on the streets of America. Personally I’d tell the police to stay out of the way and let them wipe each other out. Both claim to know the best way to run American society and both would create a police state – just with different targets. America has experienced McCarthyism and I bet most people don’t want it back.

None of these groups care about you. The people don’t matter at all. They just want to be in control and they want you to pay for it.

Governments do not serve the people any more. Anywhere. In some places, they never did but at least they were open about it. Now there is no government anywhere that exists for any other reason than to control their people and take money from them.

As for the medical profession, well, here’s a tale that puts that bunch of gourd-wavers into perspective. They claim to care about you, but you come second to their personal prejudices.

One day I will be diagnosed with something that will kill me. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll be flattened by a bus or a meteor or blown up by a peaceful religion or stabbed to death in the name of a god of love. But, hopefully, I’ll have a diagnosis telling me I have weeks or months to live.

You will not get me into a hospital. I will smoke everything I can find and drink so much I’d be dead three days before even I noticed. There’ll be no need to embalm me, my body will last longer than Babylonian pickles. I will try class A drugs if I can get hold of any. I never have yet.

If I am told I am in my last months I am going to try everything I can in those months. I will not be tied down in a hospital with my tobacco placed just out of reach because ‘it’s bad for me’. That is beyond cruel. That is actually evil.

It has reached the stage where if anyone says ‘it’s for your benefit’ I automatically look for how they will benefit.

Invariably, they benefit. I never do.



The winds of change

Things are changing fast now. Newspaper columns are now coming out with a lot of anti-anti-smoking stuff that would never have made it into print even a few short months ago. But there’s a more serious wind changing. A very dangerous one indeed.

This particular wind has done a complete about-face in the last week or so. It switched from its prevailing direction, which it has held for many years, very abruptly indeed. It’s now blowing in the opposite direction – not as fast yet but it’s picking up speed.

In the UK, a Sikh group has called for the paedo rape gangs to not be labelled ‘Asian’. That term includes Sikhs, Hindus and other people who have had absolutely nothing at all to do with the organised paedo gangs. So the Sikhs are saying ‘call these bastards what they really are and stop lumping us in with them‘.

Quite right too, but why didn’t they say this before? Oh, it seems they did…

“One of the demands in the Sikh Manifesto that we published a year ago before the General Election was that the government should encourage public bodies and the media to abandon the use of the term ‘Asian’ when describing perpetrators for reasons of political correctness.

“If the four men that have been found guilty and carried out the abuse were Pakistani Muslims, this is how they should be described and not called Asian.”

A year ago. Nobody reported that at the time, as far as I remember. They’re reporting it now.

It’s also been mentioned on Twitter that most of these ‘refugees’ are men of fighting age. Not elderly, not children, fighting age men. And they have been allowed to run riot without any let or hindrance. I’ve often wondered why that is. I mean, what does it achieve other than to rile up the native population? Then, when the politicians refuse to acknowledge there is any kind of problem, people get even more enraged. It seems, on the surface, a very stupid way to run a world.

It’s not though.

In America, the state of Montana has absolutely outlawed any kind of implementation of Sharia law. They’ve been allowing it up to now but all of a sudden, it’s all stopped.

Not a rollback. Not ‘well you can have this one but the serious stuff is for our courts’. Nope. All of it, stopped, all at once. Muslims are furious, even though I warned them this was coming repeatedly over the years. It’s shitstorm time, boys. Those are just two examples, not an exhaustive list. Bill Gates has told the EU their ‘let them all in’ policy is a disaster and the UN have admitted that unlimited immigration is idiotic. There are more and there will be more tomorrow. The wind gains strength daily.

I told you, Muslims, why they made you the favoured ones all this time. You were being set up and you were so arrogant that you walked right into it. You behaved exactly as you were meant to behave. Well, I have no sympathy. Blowing up kids in Manchester lost the last of my sympathy. But hey, you still have your Lefty loons and double-digit IQ celebs looking out for you. So all is not lost, at least for another week or so.

Labour are in a blind panic over the Grenfell inquiry. They have done everything they can to discredit the judge appointed to head it – Chukkus Yermoney has even said the judge is too white, too posh and too male for the job. How pathetic a reason is that? Thing is, he and the rest of Labour know what he’s going to find in there but too late, guys. He’s meant to find it. He always was meant to find it.

When he does, that changing wind is going to pick up a hell of a lot more speed.

All you lefties, all you apologists, all you Muslims, all of you have been following a plan that has nothing to do with Socialism. You have all been players in a much grander scheme than anything you could ever have dreamed up yourselves. Suckers.

And now you can’t stop it. Well, you could, but you branded me ‘racist-nazi-bigot’ after the first paragraph or two and aren’t likely to still be reading. You’ll be on Twitter whining about me by now. Anyway, you won’t be interested in trying. You can’t change your ways now. You’re too set in your indoctrination.

So the game has to play out to the bitter end. It will be very bitter indeed. It won’t be the UK, it won’t be Montana. it’ll be global. Canada’s PM has played his part in stoking the fire that’s coming and the changing wind will fan the flames.

You’ll call me names. You’ll threaten to contact my employer (hint: it’s me). You’ll threaten to have my benefits withdrawn (hint: I don’t get any and never have). You’ll disparage my books and the books I publish even though none of them are political. You’ll scream and threaten in your tantrum of impotent rage but that won’t change anything. The Plan will continue and you will not even try to stop it… and you lot are the only ones who could.

I didn’t do any of this. I just saw it coming. So call me all the names you want, issue all the threats you want, just don’t say I didn’t warn you it was coming.

Ten years ago.




The madness of the modern world

Well, it’s here. The world is now officially insane.

Tessie May took her time about visiting the Grenfell site. That was indefensible, and she’s been rightly pilloried for it. However, she has not sought to blame anyone for the fire.

Labour on the other hand have used the tragedy to whip up local people into a frenzy. ‘It’s the Tory cuts!’ ‘May must resign.’ ‘Take to the streets to remove this government.’ Yes, that last one is real. They are officially fomenting rebellion over an accident.

When the Islamists blow up children or go on knife rampages in the streets, all the politicians on every side call for calm. Muslim leaders play the ‘we are the victims’ card while laughing at the kaffirs’ idiot leaders.

This fire was caused by a faulty fridge and was made so much worse because the building was covered in cheapskate cladding that let the fire spread very quickly indeed.

Sadiq Khan, already linked to the companies who supplied the non-fireproof exterior cladding for the building, is insisting the Government release the true number of people who died in the fire. There are even pretend reports that there is a D-notice on the casualty list. There isn’t. The Government cannot release that figure because they don’t know what it is yet – and might not know for weeks.

Searching a burned-out tower block is not something you can do in an afternoon. Every step has to be taken cautiously. One wrong step on the fifteenth floor and you might find yourself heading for the ground floor at considerable speed.

There are likely to be a lot more casualties in there. It is indeed a tragedy and I can understand that people who have relatives missing will want to know whether they are among those casualties. However, nobody can find that out quickly. Storming the council offices will not speed up the process.

Blaming the Tories is ridiculous, when one of the members of the board that ran that building is now the MP for the area. Yes, the Labour MP for a Labour constituency with a Labour council and Labour mayor. The Tories have no control here, they do not decide on how buildings are maintained, they were not in government when that tower block was commissioned and built and they did not order that cladding. It’s all Labour.

And yet it’s the Tories who are being blamed. They are strangely silent on this. It’s ordinary people who seem to be digging out the information here. Labour MPs and activists are using the deaths to incite people into a Tory-hating frenzy and it’s going to lead to riots. Why are the Tories silent on this?

There are two possible reasons that I can see. Maybe there are more but these two seem most likely.

One – the Tories are letting Socialism show its true, violent face. Letting Labour voters see what they have voted for. Then they can call another election and use footage of the incitement and riots all through their campaign. That would be a sensible, if callous, approach.

Two – and worse – there is still the Civil Contingencies Act. Labour’s ‘enabling act’ that was installed under the Blair/Brown government. The Tories didn’t put it there but it’s now available to them.

It’s basically the same as Hitler’s ‘enabling act’ that allowed his to take over as a de facto dictator. In the event of a national emergency, the government can take complete control. They no longer answer to the people, elections are suspended, the government can make emergency laws unopposed… you think this is a police state? Oh you haven’t seen anything yet!

Corbyn and co. have been stirring up a coup to overthrow the Government. Not in secret, they’ve been doing it on TV. May has a minority government who needs the support of a small hard-line party. She’ll have to cave in to some of their demands. They have her over a barrel and they know it. We don’t yet know what they’ll get but anything they get is going to send the socialist snowflakes into an apoplectic rage.

The EU is gleefully pressing to start Brexit talks and they are offering to take us back on an even worse deal than the one we’re leaving. They expect to clean us out before we go. This shouldn’t be a problem since Labour are also pro-Brexit so should be supporting the talks. However, they hate the Tories so much they are willing to send an army of maniacs onto the streets to start a war, and are still claiming they won the election with fewer votes and fewer MPs than the Tories.

If Corbyn gets his way, the streets of London will soon be out of control. If the EU get their way, those ‘austerity’ measures are going to look like ‘luxury’ measures. We’re going to be another Weimar republic after the EU is finished asset-stripping us. Money that is worth less than the paper (or plastic) it’s printed on.

With a minority government, May can’t restore order or keep any hold on the economy without invoking the Enabling Act that Blair/Brown put in place.

Then, the rounding up of the useful idiots who gave them total control will begin. Oh and Islam? They won’t need you any more either.

After that… it’s jackboots time. For all of us.

And who put this all in place, ready for this day? Hint: It wasn’t the Tories.

I bet they get the blame though.

The Procrastinator

I thought I was good at procrastinating but Tessie May is a master of it. She seizes on every opportunity to not do what she was voted in to do.

Look, we can’t go back into the EU now. This is what we face if we do –

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, struck a harsher tone: Britain, he said, could change its mind, but it would be poorer.

“Like Alice in Wonderland, not all the doors are the same. It will be a brand new door, with a new Europe, a Europe without rebates, without complexity, with real powers and with unity,” Verhofstadt said.

If we go back now they’ll gut this country. They’ll tear out the heart of it and feed it to the dogs. And yet there are so many who want that to happen. How the hell do the young think their future will be improved by adding leeches to it?

Get us the hell out of there, now.


In other news, the mower is running again but permanently at full speed. It needed to be at full speed today because the grass was long and wet and even with the motor at full tilt, it choked three times. I have new governor springs ordered which should help. The machine is about 25 years old now.

I have cut three lawns, one more left to do, but I had to run it without the grass box or it would choke every few minutes. So there was a lot of raking up afterwards.

No chance of hay. If I’d left this stuff I’d have had a lot of bad silage tomorrow.

I hope we get enough fine weather that I don’t have to deal with this amount of grass too often!

You can Brexit any time you like, but you can never leave

I corrupted this song before. I make no excuse. I like this song.

This is a first go. It’s late, I’m tired and might improve on this tomorrow.

Or I might not.

The EU Slaverama (with more apologies to the Eagles)

On a cold rainy island
At the edge of Europe
The people wanted their freedom
So they all had a vote

With the future now settled
The MPs promised the truth
But then they said we have to vote again
A shock result, did they goof?

Both sides claimed they had won it
One side is insane
The other side isn’t quite as mad
But self-important and vain

So they call in remainers
To head their ‘leaving’ talks
The peoples’ voices matter not at all
The spin is obvious balls

Welcome to the EU’s Slaverama
Such a lovely fate (such a hungry fate)
Such a deadly fate
We’re all blowing up in the EU Slaverama
What a nice surprise
It’s all based on lies

Their minds are tax-funded twisted
They think their voters are dim – huh
They laugh to see they still get voted in
Promising naught but spin

Now we have no parliament
Just bickering twats
Just to keep us distracted
They’ll most likely tax fat

Now they’ve brought in the Gove man
Soft in Brexit and head
Cameron revives his sad lament
We’d all be better off dead

And now those Brexit voices
Sound far away
The winners of the final vote
But no-one hears them say

Save us from the EU Slaverama
Such an awful place (such corrupted states)
We really want out of the EU Slaverama
If you want to stay (if you’re that insane)
Please just move away

Mirrors to distort views
Deep lies within lies
And she said – You are all just prisoners here
Smile and say it’s all nice

In the EU chambers
The talks begin today
There’s only one on the menu
And its name is May

The voters stay in the shadows
Hoping for a change
Hoping honest politicians will
Take their home back again

Relax said the EU
We are programmed to deceive
You can Brexit any time you like
But you can never leave.

Sadly, that’s how it’s going. King Charles III will most likely preside over his namesake’s kind of England, I fear.


Battle lines

So, Tessie May won the election, sort of, by losing a hell of a lot of seats. The Tories gained 12 seats in Scotland but lost so many elsewhere that they are, basically, screwed.

Jezza thinks he’s won even though he has fewer MPs than the Tories. I’m guessing Diane Abbot explained the relative numbers to him. Sorry, Corbers, you lost. Gaining seats was impressive but you didn’t gain enough to win. The fact that you have more than you did, and the Tories have less than they did, doesn’t change the fact that they still have more than you.

I wonder if Tessie will learn anything from this, other than how to sign on at a dole office? She says she intends to stay on for five years but Tories are ruthless about removing failed leaders. The EU is really looking forward to Brexit talks now and they expect to wipe the floor with Tessie’s minority government.

Labour could help. Corbyn is in favour of a soft Brexit so could help with negotiations but will he? Will he venture into enemy territory with an offer of cooperation? I don’t see it happening.

The SNP can’t help, even if Corbyn was willing to go into a coalition – which he’s not. They were well slapped down at this election. Oily Al is out of office and his Mini-Me, Nicky ‘FREEDOM’ the Fish is likely to lose the leadership. It can’t even go to the deputy leader. He’s been voted out too. Oh dear.

UKIP are gone, and so is their leader. Well, dumping smoker support was one of the reasons. We didn’t have anyone else to vote for and now there’s nobody. So we just vote to cause trouble now. None of the parties like us anyway, we might as well just stir the shit.

This constituency turned Tory, as did the surrounding ones. The North-East of Scotland is a sea of blue surrounding a tiny SNP island in Aberdeen North. Which is not surprising, it’s where Aberdeen puts all the benefit monkeys. Burberry is big there, as is violence and shouting and general dickiness. If you ever visit Tillydrone, don’t go alone and don’t go at night. The steel mesh on the shop windows should clue you in.

Aberdeen North also contains Aberdeen University. A big student Leftie vote for the taking.

The Greens still have Caroline Lucas, returned with a much increased majority because the voters of Brighton Pavilion really have nobody else to vote for. Nobody wants to go there.

The Lib Dems… I still don’t see what that party is for.

So we are left with a Tory mini-government which the Loser Left have been out protesting about already. The only party the Tories can legitimately link to is the DUP,  the political remnant of the Protestant version of the IRA from Northern Ireland. A hard line religious group who are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage (probably anti-gay but I can’t confirm that) and generally Puritan.

The DUP aren’t interested in coalition which is good, we wouldn’t want them in the Cabinet. They are prepared to support the bits they like of Tory legislation and that’s it. Really, they still hate the IRA and Corbyn is on record as an IRA supporter so that’s their real motivation here.

What does the UK government look like now?

In the red corner… Tessie May, Disappointment. With a bunch of Christian hard liners who want to ban gay marriage, prevent all abortions for any reason and generally make everyone follow their worldview. Oh, and links to terrorist activities.

In the blue corner… Jeremy Corbyn, Delusional. With a bunch of Islamic hard liners who want to kill gays, oppress women and generally make everyone follow their worldview. Oh, and links to terrorist activities.

Not a great choice, I think you’ll agree.

However, when you sit back and look at it, it looks less like politics and more like the squaring up of armies for battle. The Left have already taken to the streets to start the fight.

Add into the mix America’s Democrats and their open warfare on Trump, and then add in the Middle East’s isolation of Qatar and the ISIS attack on Iran’s government…

It doesn’t look like a bright and cheery future, does it?

Okay, if the Middle East gets all nasty, the sensible thing would be for Western governments to stay well out of it. You know they won’t. They can’t resist a good fight. In the UK the Tories and Labour will take opposite sides in any conflict and that will soon spill on to the streets.

The same thing will happen in America.

Russia and China will, of course, be preparing for all this.

They’ll be stockpiling popcorn…