The Orchestrated Man

The world seems full of lunacy lately. In America, Tango Don has declared that flavoured steam is evil and his minions have taken this to mean they can ban vaping in their states.

Well, some people have become sick, some have died, from using cannabis oil in dodgy street vape juice. Nobody has died from vaping coffee, blueberry or roast chicken flavoured steam. This hysteria has crippled a lot of small businesses and hammered the most effective alternative to smoking that has ever been devised. Why? Well, money of course. If they aren’t smoking cigarettes, the state loses a hell of a lot of taxation.

Therefore the harm reduction must be stopped. To hell with the ‘health of the nation’. There’s cash involved.

In the UK, Boriswise the Clown has been accused of breaking a law that was spontaneously created three weeks after he broke it. Now there are calls for him to resign, including from Smoky Nige, which surprised me. I thought he wanted Brexit? Also Monochrome Man, the Forgotten Prime Monster who is best known for shagging a Currie, has been lifted from his formaldehyde bottle to demand Boriswise apologise for doing something that Monochrome Man did for far more devious reasons. Support for Boriswise grows by the day.

Well, Boriswise seems all funny and jokey on the outside but inside there are signs he plans to revive Tessie Maybe’s ridiculous surrender deal in a new cover. Oh yes, Georgie, they all float down here.

If he does that, the Tory party will be a footnote in the history books, assuming the EU Empire even allows their inclusion in those books.

So, did he see it coming? He should have.

He sacked so many Tories from his government that he knew he was in a weak position, but then with those Tories voting against him anyway it didn’t really matter which party they were in. Even so, he is very much in a minority government and is likely to lose every vote.

He must have known they’d come up with some law to stop him going for ‘no deal’ Brexit, but had he already realised that EU law makes what he has called the ‘surrender’ law irrelevant? We’re still in. EU law still overrides anything Parliament says.

The Gin Miller was always going to spend other people’s money in court after court to try to prove he broke a law. In the end they had to invent one, a law that puts the judges’ authority higher than both Parliament and the Queen. He must have known the Supreme Court would act as they did, since he knows who is on it. Video of him after the fact seems to suggest he’s unfazed by being spontaneously criminalised. Most people would be furious, or at least concerned. He’s acting like he expected this. I’d go so far as to say he’s acting as if he planned it.

He has twice asked to go to a general election and both times been voted down. He’s going to try again. He knows he won’t win it, that’s the point. They call him ‘dictator’ but he keeps offering an election. What do people see, out in the real world?

We have a Fixed Term Parliament Act that means he can’t call a general election unless the House of Conmen agree to it. If he resigns, it does not trigger an election. A new Prime Monster is appointed and with the Tory party now just a rump, it might not be a Tory. This is why the remainers demand he resign, so they can appoint a ‘caretaker PM’ for the rest of this Parliament. That ‘caretaker’ will lock us into the EU and by the time we get to another election, there won’t be one. We’ll be spending Euros, our kids will be conscripted into the EU army and the Mother of Parliaments will be an overpaid and toothless council office. With fewer powers than our councils have at the moment.

All this is not speculation. Guy Thermostat has been very clear on all these points. If we remain we will have to adopt the Euro within six months, the EU army is going to conscript the 18-30 age group and there will be no more autonomous UK.

Yeah kids, that Club 18-30 holiday isn’t going to be as much fun as it used to be.

Quite what any army is going to do with multi-gendered twerking rainbow unicorns is anyone’s guess. They won’t touch guns or knives, their weapons will be online insults and the terrifying milkshake mortar. That rainbow camouflage, well, you might want to rethink that after a battle or two against the Chinese People’s Army. But hey, there’s always the chance the enemy will die laughing.

Boriswise looks calm and collected and is taking no nonsense from the rage-faces across the playpen of parliament. Did he set it up? I would have. Hysterical, enraged people are very easy to lure into even the most blatant of traps. They take the bait even when that bait has spotlights on it, a fanfare and a huge sign saying ‘Hook inside!’ They really do. It works so much better if you’re the one who enraged them in the first place. I could tell of the times I sent scientific opponents on wild goose chases so they could ‘steal my ideas and get there first’ but that’s a much later post 😉

All Boris has to do is stay calm, not resign, but keep offering a no-confidence vote and the resulting general election. They dare not take it, but the public see a Prime Monster really trying to let the people have a say, up against an establishment determined to silence both him and them. The longer they refuse an election, the stronger Boriswise gets.

It all hinges on whether he wants a real Brexit or some form of Tessie Maybe’s vassal state nonsense.

Well, Boriswise? Do we float?

Or sink?

I have a dream…

…that one day, in the distant future, humanity will once again discover the principles of science and apply them without emotion and without the influence of money. That there will come a Real Scientist who will throw the money-grabbers from the laboratory and – wait. This is getting a bit messianic.

Well that’s not too surprising. As soon as ‘the science was settled’ it stopped being science. It became religion. Like any other religion it needed an Armageddon that could only be averted by obeying (and paying) the High Priests to appease the god of the day. It also needed a Saviour.

I know, you’re immediately thinking of Little Greta and the Church of Climatology, in obeisance to the unquestionable word of the Green God. It’s so much more.

The vapers will tell you of the ‘scientists’ who claim that vaping is worse than smoking and drinking combined. To any rational mind this is utter bollocks but people in ‘respected scientific positions’ have said it so it must be true.

I was once tasked with a menial job for my qualifications, it was a few years before I gave up on science altogether because of the increasing silliness of it all and because of an idiot in charge. I had to check the antibiotic effects of four different antibiotics that were included in pig feed. The project was set up by a different idiot (believe me, it has become so much worse since then) so each antibiotic had a zero sample.

Later I was quizzed by no less than the Head of Research as to why I had not checked all of the zero samples. My response of ‘Well zero of compound A is the same as zero of compound B…’ was met with a shouted ‘I know that!’. Something that told me at once that, no, he didn’t. I later discovered that the Head of Research had absolutely no understanding of statistical analysis, but that’s another story.

Myself and my boss at the time were called into a meeting where an epidemiologist had come up with a great idea he wanted to explain to us. His idea was, in fact, something we call ‘gradient plates’ and which had been in use even before I started my first degree. We were frowned upon for pointing this out.

My final boss took early retirement. He said ‘When we started we were chasing kniowledge. Now we’re just chasing money’. That was 15 years ago. Look at the state of it now.

This is all in the distant past.

Yet we have people saying that ‘scientists have said this so they must be right’ even though science is never ‘right’. Science is never ‘final’. Science is absolutely never ‘settled’.

The general public think all scientists are Spock, working with pure emotionless logic. No. Scientists are human and in any human profession there are shysters and money-grabbers. The problem is that the shysters and money-grabbers are the ones who make the news.

I spent my entire career in science. And yet I am told by those who have never studied science to ‘do some research’. It’s all I’ve ever done and I’m told to do it by people who don’t even know how.

I’ve been sent ‘proof’ of global warming based on ice caps since 1979. I asked why they didn’t want to go back past 1979 and I got a graph of ‘global warming’ from 1880. The end of the Little Ice Age. That was when the Thames froze over. You want to go back to that?

Not that you have any real choice. Humanity’s effect on climate is so tiny as to be irrelevant. We are not as important as we like to pretend. One volcanic eruption pumps out more of the magical ‘greenhouse gases’ than all of human history. I know it’s hard for some people to accept but we just don’t matter at all.

Oh, and the whole ‘greenhouse effect’ was debunked decades ago, even though it’s still around in fashionable pretend-science circles.

Remember the ozone hole? CFCs? Acid rain? Miami underwater by 2000? Remember the New Ice Age of the Seventies, caused by rising CO2? How can you still be falling for this scam? All thse things stopped when funding ran out, and not one of them ever came true. Yet the New Lie is still potent.

Yes, we have a problem with non-recyclable plastics and pollution in general. Nobody can deny that. Yes, we should do something about it before Mother Nature slaps us and tell us to clean our room.

This has nothing to do with climate change. Not a damn thing. It is an entirely separate issue.

Pollution is something we could deal with if the political will was there. It’s not though. Instead they call it ‘climate change’ knowing full well that this is something inherent to the planet and which we can do absolutely nothing about. So the thing we have no possible control over is used to avoid doing something we can control. And there is a whole congregation of the Church of the Green God to support it.

The climate changes. Always has and always will. Holding remembrance services for glaciers is astoundingly silly. Claiming you can change it by installing communism is frankly insane. Nature does not care what we do. Nature does not care about us at all. We are one species among many and Nature has eradicated most of the planet many times and started again.

The ones that survive are the ones that adapt to change. The ones who deny change go extinct.

We are not a special species. Adapt or die.

Oh, and don’t forget to give the glorified weather forecasters more money on your way.

Has Trump blown it?

Donnie Trumpton has decided to ban all flavours for Electrofags.

Why? Well, six people have died and more have been hospitalised for using their vape devices (Electrofags) to inhale illegal drugs. Don the Trumper thinks this is solved by… banning the legal flavours.

No, Don-boy, what you intend will boost the sale of illegal drug-based vape jiuces and destroy the legal market. It will also boost the numbers of hospitalisations and deaths due to illegal vape liquids because the legal ones are no longer available. That is going to be used to beat you down, every single day. I have often wondered whether you are a genius or an idiot – this move puts you firmly in the ‘idiot’ box.

All the Democrats have to do now is oppose this, support the vapers, and in 2020 you are fucked.

It’s not just the vapers’ votes you have just lost. All their family, all their friends, were delighted to see them switch from smoking to vaping because, you see, in the real world we all know that vaping is at least 95% less risky than smoking. Now, all those family and friends have to watch their loved ones switch back to smoking and they all know that you are personally responsible.

Every time one of those ex-vaping smokers gets emphysema, they will blame you. Every time one of them gets lung cancer, they will blame you. Every time one of them so much as coughs, they will blame you. Don Trump, the Tobacco Pusher.

Look, Donnie, I live near Balmedie in Scotland where we haven’t liked you very much for decades anyway (you know why) but I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt as POTUS. So far you did pretty well, I thought, but it seems you have reverted to type. You don’t like it, nobody can have it.

You have no idea how deep this goes. Smokers who wish to try to quit were looking at vaping as a viable alternative. Let’s face it, the Pharmer crap doesn’t work even though it is mysteriously exempt from nicotine warnings on its nicotine products. Those smokers aren’t going to vote for you now.

And neither are their family and friends who hoped they’d quit smoking.

Donald, Don, Donny, Don-boy, Donnybubble (you don’t mind if I call you Donnybubble do you? Millions of vapers and their families are calling you a lot worse right now) you have fucked up big time.

You have just handed your opponents the nuclear button. ‘So the President is not interested in gun control but is going to ban mango flavoured steam’. Get out of that one.

You just have to hope the Democrats are as dim as you think they are, and my bet is, they ain’t all Alex Occaisonal-Cortex. They are going to latch on to this and they are going to swing millions of vaper votes their way.

Also, did you know that many Hollywood weirdoes also vape? Big names, Donny. Popular names. All inhaling harmless raspberry and coffee flavoured steam. Not oil-based illegal cannabis crap.

You, Don, the man who likes to shout ‘Fake news’, has just fallen into the trap laid by the fakest news of all. And your opponents will take it to the bridge. If they don’t, they must indeed be stupid.

I know you don’t like smoking and I’m betting you don’t like vaping either. So what changed?

Well, now the smoking and vaping voters don’t like you either.

Get that goodbye speech written. Ban the legal flavours on the pretence of stopping the illegal drugs and trust me, you’re done.

18 years ago

I was at work. I had just returned from a work trip – by plane – and had been held up by security for a while as they passed my bag again and again through the scanner. Looked inside then scanned it again. I was quite relaxed about it, I had nothing in there to worry about and, as was usual on that particular trip, I was at the airport way too early anyway.

Turns out they thought my hip flask was a knife. It was edge-on to the scanner. There was no drama, no tension, it was resolved and I went on my way.

The date was September 10th, 2001. Ihave often wondered what the security reaction might have been if I had been flying home on the 12th.

The next day, on the lab radio, we all heard live coverage of the maniacs flying planes into US buildings. The most dramatic, the one that caused most harm and death, was of course the World Trade centre.

Sure, I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories but for those nearly 3000 people who died that day – plus of course those on the other hijacked planes that rarely seem to get a mention – theory is of no consequence. They died, all in horrible circumstances, and the blame lay on Osama bin Laden and whoever was behind him (again, there are many plausible theories).

Will it happen again? The place, and particularly the date, have significance in Islam. This is a long read but worth your time.

The place? Why New York? Why not concentrate the attack on the White House? Oh there was a plane headed in that direction but it was brought down by the passengers, revolting against the hijackers, because by then they knew what happened with the other planes. The White House was a secondary target, as was the Pentagon. The hijackers concentrated on the Twin Towers in New York.

In 1453, the Ottoman Empire took control of a city that was deemed the centre of civilisation at that time. The great city of Constantinople. The city known all over the known inhabited world of the time as ‘The Golden Apple’. Taking control of that city was part of Islamic prophecy, although the prophecy could have been adapted (maybe even originally written) to refer to the main hub of world commerce at any particular time.

The centre of world trade in the modern world was in New York. The Big Apple. Taking that was a major coup in the minds of those who believe in prophecy. Don’t be too quick to poo-pooh prophecies. They might all be nonsense but they inspire people to do terrible things in an attempt to make them come true.

Well that could possibly explain the target. The date?

September 11th 1683, the Ottoman Empire was poised to take Vienna. It was the last day that their force was considered unstoppable because they were stopped, quite comprehensively, the following day. The army surrounding Vienna was almost wiped out completely by a large Christian force commanded by the Polish. If you have never seen the Winged Hussars, they are worth looking up. Seeing that cavalry come at you, especially if you are deeply religious, would be terrifying. There were, of course, far more than just the Polish in that army but just as Islam has not forgotten that day, neither has Poland. Nor have the countries to the east of it. Which might open some eyes as to their current immigration policies.

So we have the Golden Apple/Big Apple, the centre of world trade and we have September 11th, the date the Ottomans started losing ground.

Those who planned the attack would certainly have been well versed in Islamic history and prophecies and may well have set the target and timing quite deliberately.

It’s been difficult to pay any attention to American politics lately, what with the utter shitshow that is current UK politics. Tyrion Bercow has been an absolute embarrassment as Speaker and the Remain idiots in Parliament are currently staging a student sit-in in an empty building. Leave them in there, I say. Let them sing their silly songs and we can all ignore them for a while.

However, there has been much ado about Donnie Trumpton inviting the Taliban for talks this week. The timing seems particularly insensitive. The talks were cancelled by Trump because those idiot Arabs thought it would be a good bargaining ploy if they blew up some people just before the meeting. Hint, beardies: it was not a good ploy at all. Now they are threatening terror attacks because Trump cancelled the meeting. Well, you turbaned ruffians were going to carry out attacks anyway, so how is that even a start at bargaining?

I wonder, did Trump set the timing deliberately too? So that if there was another September 11 attack he’d have the culprits right there in America, surrounded by his security? Maybe he expected them to screw it up and never planned to meet them at all.

Or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.

A couple of decades ago, few people outside Islam were aware of the details of its history, and of the prophecies its adherents are trying to fulfil. Now there cannot be a government advisory office on the planet that hasn’t studied it all in great detail.

The difficult part is going to be getting their governments to listen.

Utter chaos

Well, Boris has lost his first vote in the House of Conmen and the losers have won. For now.

Jerry Cordite is crowing that ‘his plan’ is working even though his plan to take control of the UK has now failed. It no longer matters who is PM, the legislation they plan to put through tomorrow means the UK PM takes his orders from Brussels and cannot object.

All of Jerry’s schemes will come to nothing. The EU forbid governments from bailing out industries so the steel works are now doomed. So are the car manufacturers and many others. The government, no matter who is in charge, can do nothing to help.

Even in the unlikely event that Grandpa Semtex wins an election, there is now nothing he can do. Not a damn thing, not unless the EU approves it first. Oh he’ll get socialism, he just won’t be the one in charge of it. Whatever they promised him, he really should know by now, they lied. He is not going to get a free hand.

The lunatics in Parliament want to hand the EU power to extend the Brexit date unilaterally and indefinitely. And remainers think that’s it – we stay in the EU and nothing will change.

Have they paid no heed to the spoutings of Tusky Don and Guy Thermostat and others? The EU is going to hammer the shit out of this country for trying to leave. All those remainers are going to have to cast very widely to find someone to blame.

Well, at least Boris has sacked the Remainers from his party. All of them. So he no longer has a majority, so what? Losing that vote means his government has no teeth anyway. He might as well clean house. There’s nothing else left to do but clear out the turncoats… and wait.

He might have failed. He might have gambled and lost. He might have royally screwed up.

Or he might be playing a blinder.

A general election is pretty much unavoidable now. The government has lost so many MPs it’s not viable to continue. The opposition cannot simply take over, and the government can no longer function. General election it is then.

Has he done this deliberately? If he tried to call an election before now, the opposition would have voted it down. Corbyn might be confident he’d win it but not all of Labour are so stupid. Also, all those MPs who switched party will have to face an electorate who voted them in on a manifesto they have now not just abandoned, but actually and vocally oppose. They certainly don’t want their gravy train to hit those buffers too soon.

A general election will see carnage. If there had been one when Boris took over, as the other parties insisted (including those MPs who changed parties and so had less of a mandate than Boris did), the Brexit party might have won a seat or two.

Now? Well it’s a whole new ball game. The House of Conmen is in chaos, MPs switching parties, Tories with no majority at all, Labour now outed as pro-EU and anti-Brexit, Lib Dems being Lib Dems with 20% of their MPs elected on the opposite manifesto for which they now stand and Catarrholine Mucus imagining she’s in charge.

This time, assuming the skin and bones of the Tory party has any sense at all, they’ll do a deal with Smoky Nigel and his Brexit party. If Boris is telling the truth then both parties want the same thing. At this point in time, no other policies really matter. It’s all going to be about Brexit.

And of course, if Brexit is achieved, the Brexit Party has no further purpose. They can stand down and trigger by-elections, or become Tories, or just see out their terms as MPs, whatever. They probably won’t get voted in again once they’ve done their job, and I’m pretty sure most of them will be happy to just let it go. Of course, if Brexit is not achieved, well… then it could get very interesting.

This general election, if it happens, will be that ‘People’s Vote’ the Remainers have been demanding. Here you go. Will you vote pro- or anti-Brexit? There really are no other issues that matter for this one.

The timing, though, is either incredibly lucky or a master stroke, because the EU dictatorship has to simultaneoulsy deal with the imminent collapse of the Italian and Spanish governments.

Add to this the continuing weekend protests in France and the refusal of the Eastern EU countries to allow themselves to be invaded by mass immigration and the EU has a lot to contend with now. Oh, and just to top it off, Italy is considering leaving.

It’s clear the EU is finished. It’s falling apart. Staying in it now would be insanity and if we do, we are going to be made to suffer for trying to leave before the entire edifice comes crashing down.

If Brexit fails, this country is going to suffer. Badly. The EU will make an example of us and they’ll want to do it before any other country tries to leave so it will be swift and brutal.

Hang on to the silly blue flags, Remainers. You’ll soon need them to keep yourselves warm.

The Royal Prorogueative

So Mrs. Queen has signed the paper shutting down Parliament for a month in Autumn. Just as she does every year, and as she does whenever they get us to choose who gets to dip their snouts in the trough for the next Parliament.

This is not ‘the first time since the Civil War’. It is not ‘unconstitutional’. It is not a ‘coup d’etat’. It is what happens in September every year and before every General Election. Parliament closes and we all get a bit of a rest from their stupidity. I for one welcome it. The longer the better.

Remain MPs have lost their minds. They have set up a ‘People’s Parliament’ made up of MPs who have mostly changed parties so many times nobody now knows what they stand for. Also Jezza Cordite and Caroline Mucus (the only snot-Green MP in the whole place) and some other useless wasters.

As an interesting aside, I think it was Mhehed Zherting who pointed out on Twitter that the Green party has twice as many leaders as it has MPs…

‘Military Precision’ Ohdear Jones has called for mass protests. Students have threatened to go on strike. Well, the schools and colleges aren’t back yet so what they intend to strike from is somewhat unclear at the moment. Maybe they’ll mass-delete their Xbox accounts.

What’s so different this time? Bozza has asked Mrs. Queen to close Parliament for four extra days this time. I suspect Mrs. Queen is as utterly sick of the whole circus as the rest of us and was glad to shut it up for a while.

Four extra days. Tyrion Bercow is not Happy (he has never made clear which one he is, my money’s on Grumpy, and I know it’s an old Jethro joke so no need to point it out).

Four days. The remainers’ last functioning brain cells have now collapsed. This is a dictatorship! Even though he has just done what every single Prime Monster has done for every single autumn. This is when the parties have their conferences in which they all indulge in smug self-satisfaction and decide what they are going to lie to us about next year.

It happens every single year. This year it’ll be four days longer than usual.

Oh, but this is a Critical Time and Bozza should not prorogue Parliament at all. Yeah right. They’re all going to cancel their conferences, are they? All going to pass on the annual boozy ‘how to screw the voters’ circle jerk?

Well no. It’s those four days they are so exercised about. Inflated by an online lawyer, no less, to two weeks. I guess he only works two days a week, eh?

They have had three years. What are they going to miraculously pull out of their arses in four days? It’s where most of their policies and pronouncements come from, I suppose, so maybe there’s something in there.

They claim they must stop a ‘no deal Brexit’ but that’s not really true. What they want is to stop Brexit and they are now in a position where they have to. Those MPs don’t stand a pot of Ben and Jerry’s chance in Hell of getting re-elected and they know it. Their only hope is cushy jobs with the EU, which I’m betting have been promised. If they manage to wreck their own country, they’ll get the modern equivalent of those thirty pieces of silver.

There is of course a petition to stop this which has reached over a million ‘signatures’ but… exhibit A –

This is Remainer ‘democracy’. Set up a government coup consisting of swivel-eyed idiot MPs who can’t even decide which party they belong to, led by a bad Albert Steptoe impressionist who knows his only chance at being Prime Monster is to take over by weaselly means (and good luck getting him out afterwards). Have a petition in which every Remainoloon has 50 votes at least and it’s open to non-UK votes too. I wonder how many times Tusky Don and Guy Thermostat have voted on it?

And these people call Johnson ‘undemocratic’. They must be using the version of ‘democratic’ favoured by North Korea.

Now they are in the streets of London doing what they do best – getting in the way of people who have no control over the thing they want changed.

Gin Miller has started a legal challenge against Bozza’s use of the perfectly legal annual shutdown of Parliament. I hope she spends a lot of money on it.

We have been offered free trade agreements with Australia, Brazil, China and the USA so far. The EU has offered servitude and if you look at it closely, you’ll find Hitler would have given us a better deal if he’d won the war. Tessie Maybe set that up and Parliament rejected that nonsense three times.

Now the EU will not reopen negotiations. There is nothing Parliament, not even the silly ‘People’s Parliament’ of and for silly people, can do. If they won’t negotiate and the Tessie deal is dead, then ‘no deal’ is all that is left. It’s not an ‘option’. It’s the default.

Mad Merkin has said that Germany won’t send us any food if we leave with no deal. Pfft. We can make sausages. It would help boost our ailing car industry too if we no longer buy Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen…

I don’t think the EU elite have bothered to discuss any of this with the companies actually selling us stuff. They might find some CEOs requesting urgent talks.

This next two months is going to be very interesting indeed. I fully expect loonies to stock up on everything as if the world is about to end. One of the scare stories was a shortage of toilet paper. That’s no problem, it would simply boost newspaper sales.

If Bozza holds his nerve we leave the EU on Halloween. They will hit him with everything they have. Their idiot drones will carry out their EU Fuhrer’s orders and call everyone else Nazis, because that’s how it works these days.

There’s just over a week until Mrs. Queen’s signature takes effect and Parliament shuts down.

By then the streets will flow with Remainer mouth-froth.

I have no plans to go anywhere in September. It’s going to get very, very silly indeed.

September workfest

It’s already started really.

This summer we have been more sociable than either of us has been in our lives. Many visitors, to the point where when we went to Denmark for a week we just wanted to sit around and do nothing. September’s rule is ‘no overnight visitors’ and we only day-visit anywhere. October we are visiting Wales, and we might have my parents here in November. Christmas is going to be quiet.

I have spent the last few days catching up with the much-neglected garden. Crappy summer weather put far too long between grass cutting events so every one was a pain. So, like the farmers who are now frantically harvesting during this little patch of fine weather, I have spent a few days getting the garden to look like this –

Lawn One
Lawn Two
Lawn Three and part of the driveway.
And two shots of Lawn 4, the big one.

There is much more to do but on September 1st it all has to stop for a month.

I have to complete my tax return. No urgency this year because I don’t think I’ll get a rebate this time. It still has to be done though. Also, this month is author payments month. The results look ‘meh’ as usual but I think most authors get something. There are a couple of early books that would benefit from better covers, now that I know how to do it better but first I have a novel from Marsha Webb that just needs the cover finished and a short story collection from someone who calls himself Gastradamus online, but hasn’t settled on a pen name yet. I have to get those completed this month.

There is also the next Underdog Anthology which is now open and which must be finished in early October.

Lots to do before Brexit, if it happens, on Halloween this year.

If it doesn’t, Boris is going to be the face on every carved pumpkin and every one of them with have a hammer buried in it.

I have noted that we could buy a house in a village in Denmark that has far better internet access than we do, for a fraction of the cost of a house near Aberdeen. It’s an option I’m leaving open in case Brexit fails to happen.

Because if we don’t leave this time, the EU are going to shit on us from a very great height to discourage any other countries from trying it.

It’s really not ‘leaving’ you need to be scared of. It’s ‘failing to leave’ you need to worry about. If the abusive spouse wins, there is no second chance to escape and the EU will never forgive us for trying.

Shit or bust time, as they say in Wales.