Wanderings of a Tired Mind

I am knackered. Didn’t sleep well last night and had to get up for a delivery so I might fall asleep before finishing this. It’s not likely to make much sense anyway, my mind is wandering like a wandering thing that’s completely forgotten where it intended to wander to. Tinfoil is optional but be warned, this is going to get strange.

And I’m even sober! I have plenty of whisky but if I drink more than a little bit I know I’m going to wake up slumped over this desk with Quasimodo Neck and a bad case of qwertyitis on my face. Also fifteen pages of random characters typed here that will take ages to get rid of. The worst example happened about 20 years ago when I was writing in Word and fell asleep on the spacebar…

First off – book update. Edits are almost complete for the submissions so far to the Christmas anthology (deadline is the 30th) and there are other books in process, plus the end of this month is author payments time. Not looking good, no bugger has any money for books at the moment, it’s all going on heating, food, petrol and inflation. I can sympathise, I just paid for a tank full of heating oil. Ouch! That wood burner is going to get a lot of use this winter.

Right. The wanderings were triggered by this

Okay, Hz/second (not Htz) is a giveaway that we aren’t reading a science nerd here, since Hertz units already have the time function in them, but the idea is interesting nonetheless.

There have been many reports of creatures of vastly different species suddenly running in circles. The mechanism causing it? I have no idea. I also have no idea whether the theories expounded here and in other places are true or not. But it did get me thinking.

If time were to accelerate locally, so that Earth rotated in 16 hours rather than 24, would we notice?

The obvious answer is ‘Of course we would. We’d have eight hours less every day’. And yes, indeed we would. But would we know that?

See, if Earth sped up to a 16 hour rotation while Time remained unchanged, then we couldn’t help but notice. However, if the increased speed of Earth’s rotation was a consequence of an increase in the speed of Time, we wouldn’t. It would still affect us but we wouldn’t know why.

Now it gets freaky. Consider spacetime as a unit, rather than ‘space’ moving through ‘time’. That makes time a fourth dimension in our three dimensional reality. It does not manifest as a spatial dimension but it’s a dimension nonetheless (envisaging four spatial dimensions requires a lot more whisky than I’m willing to consume at the moment!).

So we can move at will within the three spatial dimensions but we can only move in one direction in the time dimension, and we have no choice but to move through the time dimension at the speed it travels. No, I’m not going to talk about time machines, it’s much weirder than that.

There was a rather neat theory that considered gravity as a function of time. If we consider time as a dimension within spacetime, then like the three spatial dimensions, it would be warped near large masses. So, when falling, you accelerate towards the ground not because of ‘gravity’, but because time is accelerated as it approaches the ground and if you don’t keep up, you’d vanish into the past. It does rather neatly explain the atomic clock experiments where the ones sent out into space appear to run slower than the ones on the ground. They are actually running at exactly the same rate within their own frames of reference but the frames of reference are different.

So if Time speeds up and the Earth rotated at 16 hours instead of 24, we won’t see it. Within our frame of reference (the surface of the Earth) everything speeds up together. The clocks we use to measure time, whether analogue or digital or even atomic, are speeded up by the same amount as the rotation of the planet. They still measure one rotation as 24 hours because they are affected by the same time speed as the planet. Except now, an observer outside Earth’s ‘gravity well’ sees the planet spinning faster.

Within our frame of reference, nothing has apparently changed. Except… maybe we feel we aren’t getting enough sleep. Our bodies want 8 hours and they think they’re getting 8 hours but really they’re getting less than 6. We have developed within a particular spacetime set of rules and the rules have changed, but we haven’t.

Oh sure, life would adapt, but if the speed of time changed rapidly we might not be able to adapt fast enough. Things would seem to be happening much faster than we’d like and we wouldn’t understand why. Within our frame of reference, nothing has changed, as far as we can tell. The 24 hour clock is still 24 hours, we won’t see clocks spinning faster, we’d just experience sleeping far longer than usual or feeing much more tired than usual from not sleeping enough.

Things you’d expect to last a month might only last three weeks. Things you’d expect to take three weeks to complete might take a month. Otherwise, you’d still see a 24 hour day because your clock is in your time frame and it’s measuring sunrise to sunrise as it always has. You do not see a difference in time. You just have a feeling there’s less of it.

Has it happened? Personally I don’t think so. I would have expected at least one of the robot population of Mars to have noticed if it had. But… they are tied to earth time…

These speculations are fun but they are no more than speulations Story ideas. Nothing for those who live in the real world to worry about.

Assuming, of course, that there is a real world and it’s not just vibrations

Nikola Tesla would disagree 😉

Filthy Fake Food

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but during my time as a freelance Rogue Scientist I did a lot of commercial work for food companies. One, a small but growing concern at the time, had a preparation consisting of several (can’t tell you, I signed a thing) components that they wanted to add to a range of foods to see if they were beneficial. One of the components was a live bacterial probiotic. Perfectly safe, I’d worked with the same species they were using for many years.

One of the foods they wanted me to test was vegetarian sausages. I immediately pointed out that their probiotic will be killed by cooking because sausages need to be cooked right through.

“Oh but there’s no meat in it. It’s vegetarian.” It’s probably a good thing they asked me and not some shyster who’d have taken the money knowing that one part of the testing is not going to work.

You see, it doesn’t matter what sausages are made of, what matters is how they are made. The raw ingredients are mixed throughout so if there is any possibility of any contamination, it will be throughout the mix, not just on the surface. You have to cook it all the way through, and that will kill the probiotic, often faster than some of the potential pathogens. You cannot take a chance on telling people it needs just a light grilling because one day, a contaminated batch might slip through. If it does, your business is finished.

I did run tests on some of the other foods they wanted to add it to, the ones that didn’t need to be cooked, and the results were pretty good. Those preparations would still need testing for microbiological safety, but then everything does these days and at least their probiotic component wouldn’t be wiped out. Except in olive oil. Nothing grows in that stuff, and even bacteria deliberately added will soon disappear. I use it all the time now.

Unfortunately, the Thing I signed does not allow me to reveal any of the components of this stuff (it’s not the same as the stuff I’ve talked about before, it’s much more complex), I won’t even say the genus of the bacterial probiotics (although anyone who’s done any work in this area can narrow it down pretty fast). I can’t tell you who I did the work for or the name of the product. Those company lawyers really know how to shoot free advertising in the foot.

I have never had a problem with the existence of vegetarian sausages. Berating them is the same as saying ‘should lesbians be allowed dildos?’ or the PhD I once met who told me that vaping should be banned because it ‘looks like smoking’. We had just left a place where a vegetarian was eating sausages that ‘look like meat’ but as I was getting a lift home and it was a long walk otherwise, I declined to pursue the argument.

There is a ‘vegetarian bacon’ that almost, but not quite, looks like cheap streaky bacon. It’s been around for quite some time. I have no idea what it’s made of nor what it tastes like, I’ve never tried it. Never will. It doesn’t interest me. That does not mean I am ‘against’ it, it just means I won’t buy any. I’m quite happy with the real thing. But… if you’re vegetarian, why do you want something, anything, that looks like (and might even taste like) meat? I’m genuinely curious.

And so we come to the world of fake meat. There is a lot of it. You might argue that the mushed insect burgers are actually meat, since the insides of insects could be classed as a kind of meat. I’m not eating it. I don’t fancy picking cricket legs out of my teeth. Chitin, the outer hard shell of insects, is not digestible by humans and not even by insect-eating birds. They just crap that stuff out. It’s broken down by bacteria and fungi in the environment at a rate only a little faster than many plastics and if all humanity is shitting that stuff out we will very soon have a brand new form of pollution. But hey, that’s ‘Green’.

Then we have 3D-printed meatless meat, which is a very expensive way to avoid killing a cow. Except it doesn’t avoid that, because they want to kill all the cows so you have to buy the pretend meat. In my world, cows become food (and jackets and sofas) and their species continues. In their world, cows die for nothing, become extinct and they can’t 3D-print your jackets and sofas. Give it a little thought before you decide which world is better.

It is indeed a very strange and sickly shade of Green that has decided animals are bad for the environment. I really don’t expect their blue-haired idiot zealots to ever grasp that.

Finally we come full circle, to Beyond Meat who are producing fake meat from plants like it’s some kind of new idea. It’s been going on for decades and it’s never been a big thing because it’s a niche market. Always has been and always will be. Trying to make it mainstream was always going to fail, the existing niche suppliers could have told them that. Some things can only work as a small scale operation.

Look, I have no issue with wannabe vegans who want to eat meat-flavoured or meat-looking things. I do not care about companies producing fake meat for fake vegans. It’s their issue, not mine. It’s human nature – if there is a demand for it, someone will produce it. That does not mean the rest of us are forced to buy it. I won’t buy it but I don’t want to ban it. It is simply of no interest to me.

What does interest me is the discovery of Listeria and moulds in Beyond Meat fake meat products. Just like those probiotics in vegetarian sausages I spoke of earlier – just because a product has no meat, it does not automatically mean the product is safe.

In terms of bacteriological safety, meat is by far the safest option of all the options discussed here. When you get a steak, as long as the animal had no infection, the only contamination will be on the surface. A quick sear in a pan and it’s clean. No need to cook it right through.

Poultry is an exception – Campylobacter gets into the bird’s muscles so you do need to cook it right through. Salmonella can be all over the surface of the chicken but it won’t be deep in the meat. Campylobacter, like Salmonella, is killed by cooking but it’s in the meat, so make sure there are no rare chicken bits around. It has so far proved impossible to eradicate Campylobacter from poultry, so always cook it all the way.

Still (apart from poultry) there are no microbial contaminants inside the meat from a healthy animal. The only possible contamination would be on the outside.

Listeria is not part of the natural microflora of animals. It’s a soil bacterium and is an external contaminant. It’s not a good one to catch but it’s pretty easy to avoid. Sure, it’ll be on vegetables including salads – cooking kills it, washing salads will get most of it off and there won’t be enough left to cause any infections. Again, it’s only on the surface.

So why is it such a problem for plant based meats? Well, they do use a lot of plants and since Listeria grows at soil temperature, a contamination with it will be able to multiply in scraps of waste left around. It could reach risky levels – and if it does get into the mixture it’ll be all the way through, not just on the surface.

The same is true of any other contamination that gets into the mix. Not just on the surface but all the way through the finished product. Finding moulds and Listeria in a factory producing any kind of minced or mixed foods is a very bad thing.

So what about 3D printed meat, or insect derived meat? Same thing applies. 3D printing puts down layers, the risk of something landing between the layers can be minimised of course, but it’s there. And crushing, mixing and compressing insects is just as much of a risk as making a burger from mince – with the added caveat that the meat used to make the burger didn’t have the guts still in it. Really, nobody is going to sit at a table and gut ten thousand cockroaches. They go into the blender whole.

The potential for a really bad contamination with meats is low, other than poutry and any kind of minced meat. Putting it through a mincer will mix any surface contamination throughout the meat. However, these are known risks and easiy dealt with. Make sure the risky stuff is well cooked right through.

As the opening paragraphs pointed out, (remember those? It was quite a while ago) some of those involved in making vegetarian foods consider them to be a far lower risk than eating meat. In fact they can be a very much higher risk of contamination and unlike meat, the contaminants that can arise from very highly processed plant or insect material aren’t well known yet. We haven’t processed them to this extent before. We don’t really know what to look for and the food safety tests applied to meat-based foods are very probably looking for the wrong things.

These days, things get rushed to market without going through rigorous testing. Oh, they’ll claim they were rigorously tested and they probably believe they’ve covered all the angles but in reality, nobody knows what the angles actually are. These fake meats are unknown territory and if they do cause some new infections to arise, we’re going to have to find out the hard way.

Well I say ‘we’ but I mean ‘you’ of course. I’ll be over here taking notes and eating pieces of some unfortunate animal.

An animal I don’t want eradicated from the face of the earth.

Apocalypse soon

So, a couple of missiles have landed on a tractor in Poland. They were assumed to be Russian but they are S-300 SAM missiles. Both sides use them. They don’t have the range to reach that tractor from Russia. Since both sides use this ageing hardware, it seems more likely they came from Ukraine.

Well, the rocket in question does not have the range to have come from Russia, It’s also one that Ukraine uses to deal with incoming cruise missiles from Russia and that could be why its debris landed in Poland.

So. If Russia is really losing badly in Ukraine, as popular news proclaims, (incidentally, the war is on the opposite side of Ukraine from Poland) why would they want to bring NATO into the fight by bombing a Polish tractor? Why would they want to escalate to WWIII if they are already losing?

I suspect the Polish landing was a stray Ukrainian missile. Those SAMs are old enough to have a lot of failed shots, misfires and strays.

Of course, the warmongers are already drooling over turning the planet into glowing ash. They think ‘We’ll nuke Russia and of course they, and their allies, won’t nuke us back’. Fucking idiots. You start this and the ending is the stone age but with shorter lifespans, if anyone is left alive at all.

It looks to me like an accidental crash of a misfired rocket just over the border between Ukraine and Poland. It is, of course, terrible that two innocent Poles were killed but I don’t think that was intentional. Making it into a new world war is the part that’s actually evil. Pretending it was a deliberate Russian strike against a Polish tractor is, frankly, derisory. And yet many will fall for it.

This is all politics so the loonies in charge can get what they want. More war-money and power.

If they get what they want, they will be ruling over a world of ashes.


It’s been a busy – and somewhat expensive – few months. Son in law’s stag do in Newcastle, CStM’s father’s birthday in Denmark, then Daughter’s wedding to son-in-law, and finally (and least expensively) Mother’s visit until yesterday. Also several car fixing events caused primarily by its inactivity during lockdowns. It should now be all over until the car hits MOT and service time in December.

So, there is an awful lot in the news, by which I mean the real news, not the MSM propaganda. I haven’t had time to process most of it. Very little of it is good news.

I was, however, brought back to musings on the atheist position – ‘if there is a God, why doesn’t he just show himself and stop all the bickering?’ It’s a valid argument but if there is a God he can’t do that. It would bugger up the experiment.

Before I say any more, let’s make my position clear. I adhere to no religion of any kind, but I don’t call myself ‘atheist’. I am an apathist. There might be a God or a whole pantheon of gods. Or not. I don’t care. If he/they exist, they will judge me on how I conducted myself in this life and not on whether I went to a particular church. If they are so shallow as to insist I had to beleive in them to live a good life, I don’t want to know them.

As for Satan and Hell, well I don’t care about that either. So they have no hold over me.

I’ve said often that whether you believe in Satan and associated demons or not really doesn’t matter. Those who do believe will sacrifice you anyway. Whether it’s real or not, you end up just as dead. Don’t fear Satan, fear those who believe he is real.

As for the argument ‘you should believe in God as a safe option’, well that won’t work. I don’t believe. If I pretend to believe and it turns out there is a God, he’ll know I was faking it all along and that’s likely to just make my eternal punishment worse. I’m better off being honest about it, I think.

Which brings us to the crux of the argument. As Douglas Adams wrote, ‘I refuse to prove that I exist’, says God, ‘because proof denies faith…’ …and it also refutes free will. Which is the experiment I mentioned. One very important detail in any kind of experiment is that the experimenter must have no influence at all over the experiment while it is in progress.

So. Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden, where they were in direct conversation with God. He gave their descendants free will – Adam and Eve didn’t have that, they had met God in person so didn’t need to believe. We now have free will. I imagine God wondering what we would do if he just let go and let us do as we pleased. If God is real, I don’t think he’d be happy with the result. Although the book of Revelations suggests he was expecting exactly what has happened.

All of Adam and Eve’s descendants had free will to believe or not believe in the existence of God. Sure, he turned up now and then to those like Moses and Elijah but only when they were alone, so the ‘belief’ experiment still works. Someone tells you a burning bush gave them the plan for all life? How would you react? Elijah’s descriptions of angels sound like a bad LSD trip.

You have the freedom to believe in an omnipotent God who created everything, or to not believe. It is entirely your choice. I have chosen to be in the control group who believe nothing. Others have chosen to take the belief route. Maybe they are right… but which one is the real god? What if nobody follows the real god and we are all going to Hell anyway?

What if… all the things that happen here are our problem, and no god is coming to save us?

If there is a God, he cannot reveal himself without wrecking the free-will experiment. If God suddenly appeared in your local shopping mall, well that throws belief out of the window, and free will along with it. You could no longer be an atheist when you’re face to face with an actual God. Although, free will does let you say ‘Oh, it’s just some homeless nut with a Gandalf beard’ but I think the rapid-fire miracles (like, say, the sudden apearance of a honest politician) might sway you.

So God, like a good scientist, has to remove his influence from his experiment or it can’t work. He has interfered a few times but only with individuals, never with whole populations. We still have free will to believe or not believe what those individuals reported. The atheist insistence that he show himself to everyone would ruin the experiment so he can’t do it.

So, at the end of the blog post, the question remains… is there a god? I don’t know. Maybe the religious are right, maybe not. I will not argue about it for one simple reason.

I don’t care.


‘Boys will be girls and girls will be boys, it’s mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola’. Might not have that exactly right, I have the song on a cassette tape that wasn’t invented when I was born but which has now passed into the mists of time along with VHS, Betamax, CDs (which were featured on a TV show called ‘Tomorrow’s World’ when I was merely a minor anomaly in the world) and laser discs, 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy discs, and more.

But first things first. The deadline for Underdog Anthology 18 is extended to 4th October because this year is an expensive mess and lots of things are in the way. Future son in law’s stag weekend, CStM’s father’s birthday (end of September), daughter and his wedding (end of October, since he survived the stag weekend) and many things wrong with the car and it looks like it’s beans on toast for Christmas dinner.

Also, I am currently undergoing blood tests galore, I can only assume they are drinking the stuff the amount they’ve taken so far. Can’t blame them, it’s probably at least 40% whisky anyway.

Well I should have known. I was nagged into getting tested for IBS or wheat allergy, mostly by daughter, so I went to the doctor. They haven’t seen me for so long they tested everything, in the hope of finding something wrong with me. All they found was that I seem to have too much iron in me.

Okay, so I have to avoid magnets. Ah no, it’s not so simple. That finding leads to more tests which, if positive, lead to more tests, and if those are positive I’m Dracula’s snack bar for the years to come. There’s no other way to get the excess iron out and if I don’t, I risk all kinds of horrible effects. Well, it just means those mediaeval doctors were right about leeches, I suppose. At least it doesn’t involve any pills.

I could have pet leeches. I could name them after politicians. I’d need quite a large collection.

Anyway, I digress. As usual.

There is a current fad to turn boys into girls and girls into boys. Whether they like it or not. Why? Well, money of course, and lots of it. None of the ‘doctors’ involved give a shit about the future suffering of those kids wrongly transitioned, and neither do the vocal and somewhat ridiculous caricatures calling themselves ‘activists’. They are not activists pursuing a noble cause. They are idiots, useful to those who profit from this debacle.They will never accept nor understand this because they are idiots. That’s why they are used.

It does, of course, massively assist the current depopulation agenda (you can scoff and claim ‘tinfoil’ if you like, but don’t come crying to me when they cut your grandchildren’s bits off) because every transitioned child is rendered eternally sterile. If you want to be a grandparent and you go along with this, you won’t be. Your bloodline has ended. Your family has died and it’s entirely your fault.

Right. Real biology.

I know there are those who state ‘it’s all genetics’ and it mostly is, but not entirely. If you are XY you are male, XX you are female, but biology is not an exact science. Rarely, but once in a while, it throws up XXY, or XYY, or other combinations where you end up being mostly one thing but not entirely. There are really hermaphrodite people and there are really people who grow up in one sex but really, genuinely, feel they are the opposite sex. They are real people. They are rare.

In between, there exists every level of variation between the two ends of that spectrum. There are women who don’t like to wear skirts and are happier wearing trousers, but they still consider themselves women. There are men who feel more comfortable in a dress than a suit but they still consider themselves men. Heck, I’m fully hetero male and I live in Scotland so I own a kilt and woe betide any who poke fun of that. My sgian dubh is not a plastic dummy.

All of these are variations on humanity. We’re all different. If you’re a woman in a suit and bow tie or a man in a dress, there’s really no issue. Unless you use that as an excuse to demand entry to the opposite sex’s spaces, or you do as a woodwork teacher in America has done and wear a pair of prosthetic tits the size of a mastodon’s saddlebags complete with plastic nipples that could take a student’s eye out… come on. There is a clear line between harmless cross dressing and becoming an absolute caricature that even Eurotrash would raise their eyebrows at.

Clothing is irrelevant, really. Every Roman wore a toga, every Roman soldier had an armoured skirt. Were they girlie men? Well they managed to take over much of the known world at the time. So you think guys in skirts are weak? Come invade my daughter’s wedding, where we will mostly be in kilts, and see if you get out alive.

My future son in law had to undergo ritual humiliation on his stag do. Here he is, in front of an inflatable velcro dartboard…

Yes, we made him wear a dress. It’s all over farcebok anyway so no need to cut out faces. He shrugged it off, he’s north Scottish so it’d be like a kilt but far lighter.

At no time did he attempt to get into women’s bathrooms or changing rooms. No matter how he was dressed – and it did get worse than this – he remained, inside, hetero male. That’s who he is. He’s crap at woodwork though. We’ll have to teach him.

Okay. I know there are those whose gender is indeterminate and I know there are a a few-very few-who genuinely believe they should be the opposite sex. There are many who like ‘cross dressing’ and let’s be fair, trousers are a relatively recent invention. We were all in robes or loincloths before. It’s really no big deal.

But now it is being forced on children. Small children. For money.

Children who cannot possibly comprehend how it will utterly destroy their lives and on parents who will never be grandparents because they have agreed to the mutilation of their children. A mutilation that can never be reversed.

I admit, part of me thinks ‘Well, that’s Darwinism’ but it’s not really. It’s not about adapting to changes in envronment. It’s about making money for modern day Dr. Moreaus. They don’t give a shit about the consequences, they’ll just bank the cash and vanish. Leaving behind the crippled drones. Are we not Men?

The same ‘medical services’ who profited from killing people they pretended had covid are now going to profit even harder from telling you your son is a daughter, and scheduling surgery to prove it.

Object, and you will be declared insane and your children will be taken away and surgically destroyed by the… sane.

It is fast reaching the time when we won’t want to be among the ‘sane’.

Quick update

I spent the last weekend (Thursday to Monday) at my future son-in-law’s stag do. It was in Newcastle, and I have many photos and videos on my phone. Some of those should really never see the light of day (certainly not the ones with me in them, I seem to have put on rather more weight than I thought during lockdown).

I’ll sort through the photos and write an account of the escapade. There was much weirdness. I don’t think I can add video here, but I can link to some on Twitter. Here’s a sample.

I have also invested in a proper Scottish kilt outfit. It’s not the absolute real deal, that would bankrupt me, but it’s pretty damn expensive. But it’s my only daughter’s wedding so it’s worth the outlay. Also, hired gear comes with a fake plastic sgian dubh and I’m not having that. I am assured that a real one is legal as long as you’re in the traditional dress. It certainly wouldn’t be otherwise. There will be photos later, of course.

For my son’s wedding we all had to be in the same tartan, so we rented the gear to be sure it would match. This time, the groom’s family and friends mostly already have kilts so there is no restriction. Well… I’m not allowed the camouflage one, it has to be a proper tartan so I went with the ‘Pride of Scotland’ that doesn’t seem to be associated with a clan.

So I am now sobered up, as far as possible, and back to work. The anthology beckons and I have several books in the queue still. There are also a few models I made during lockdown that I have yet to post. It’s been a while since I did a model post…

Sleep? Bah. Who needs it?

Doctor… what?

There is to be a new Dr. Who. He’s male again, and black this time. Naturally this has polarised the internet into the Woke (‘It’s the perfect choice’) and the Purist/Racist (‘the Doctor isn’t meant to be black’) with those like me in the middle who couldn’t give a stuff what the Doctor looks like as long as he’s in character in the show.

I’ve watched Dr. Who since William Hartnell’s days. I watched his appearance change dramatically when Patrick Troughton took over. I think Patrick was the only incarnation to get a choice of what he’d look like after regeneration. The rest, it was all pot luck. He changed entirely again when Jon Pertwee took over. And then Tom Baker, and so many more. When they later inserted John Hurt between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, that made Matt Smith the twelfth incarnation (assuming that William Hartnell was the first incarnation). Which worked, he was dying, he had run out of regenerations until the Time Lords sent him more.

So he had gone through twelve incarnations as his original form, a white man with a massive array of different faces and characters. Then he gets more regenerations. This goes against the nature of the Time Lords so it’s likely to screw things up a bit. Okay, regeneration 13 was Peter Capaldi, another grumpy old white man and it did give the impression they were starting again with a grumpy old white man as they had in the beginning.

However, the ‘fixed’ rules of regeneration were blown when he got a new set. So the next up was Jodie Foster Whittaker (corrected by commenters – at my age they all look the same anyway). I watched some of her shows. She was good at the role, she had the latent lunacy of the Doctor well established but…

The scripts were full of PC/woke shite. She could have been great in the role but the determination of the scriptwiters to push a woke agenda ruined the show for me. The final straw was the giant spiders episode. The ‘Trump clone’ (yeah, it was really obvious) was actually right to shoot the big spider that was suffocating, he gave it a quick death rather than slow suffocation. The idea of locking all the spiders in the ‘safe room’ was pure cruelty. The big ones will eat the little ones until there’s only one left, and that one will starve to death. And yet it was pushed as the ‘kind solution’. I hear people say that ‘Jodie Foster Whittaker had the worst ratings ever’ but it wasn’t her. It was the scriptwriters. Their determination to push political correctness and wokeness into the entire show – which was designed to be pure escapist entertainment – utterly destroyed it.

A female Time Lord is no big deal. The President of Gallifrey was a woman in many of the early episodes. There were also black Time Lords. None of the current changes are out of canon. Breaking the ‘twelve regenerations’ rule means anything goes now. In fact, it gets the show out of a hole it had dug itself into.

Colin Baker, as the Doctor, was placed on trial and his accuser, the Valeyard, turned out to be a future incarnation of himself who wanted to steal his remaining regenerations. In the original canon, that should have been Matt Smith – the last incarnation gone bad. That storyline is now open again and could yet be brought back (although the actors would need to be lookalikes – the storyline aired in 1986).

I know nothing about the new actor brought in to replace Jodie Foster Whittaker. I saw a clip from an interview and he seems keen to take on the role. I hope he’ll be good at it.

But if it fails, it won’t be because of him, just as the current collapse in ratings has nothing to do with Jodie Foster Whittaker.

It’s all down to the scriptwriters. If they keep pushing the woke shite, the show is doomed no matter who takes the title role.

I Pity the Fuel

My mother visited for the last ten days. I don’t put holidays online while they happen, because I don’t want to advertise when anyone’s house is empty. Especially family. We don’t see much of family most of the time anyway and it’s been far worse since the Covid Cult took hold. Haven’t visited Denmark, nor even Wales, for over two years now.

So okay, I’ve been busy driving around. The car really needed the exercise anyway, it’s been quietly rotting outside for ages, and it was a good chance to see my kids and grandkids more frequently too. There wasn’t much spare time and what there was I used to try to get the editing work done rather than blogging. I have emails and other messages to catch up with too.

Anyway, she’s safely home now. Things are getting back to some semblance of normal again. Except… Two days before she left I thought I’d better refill the petrol tank. That car hasn’t done so many miles in ages. Simple enough, there’s both a Morrison’s and Tesco’s where my son lives so we just called in on the way home.

Tesco garage was closed. It’s a 24 hour garage with pay-at-pump facilities. It was closed for lack of fuel.

Morrison’s had half the pumps coned off and queues. I got petrol there, they had E5 which costs more than E10 but I prefer it. My car will run on E10 but the mileage is very noticeably worse. It burns more fuel to go the same distance but that’s ‘green’ in the wind chimes that pass for minds in government.

So there appears to be a petrol shortage. As with all the other shortages of the past two years, it’s not real. There is no petrol shortage in the UK, it has been contrived by government and assisted by the police as usual. The police could simply arrest those obstructing the highway but that law doesn’t apply to the useful idiots, as Lenin called them. He was so very right about that.

It’s the same as the ‘toilet paper shortage’ at the start of the scam. The problem is not supply. It’s distribution. In the toilet paper game, the problem was that idiots bought massive amounts of arsewipes faster than shops could restock. It’s a bulky, low value item. They don’t waste too much stockroom space on it and really, a 24-roll pack should last a family of four a month unless they are spectacularly prodigious shitters. Or, as I suspect may be the case, as full of shit as the average politician. In which case they might be better to invest in a power washer or a slurry pit.

This ‘shortage’, we are told, is due to idiot children blocking fuel supply centres because they want to ‘end oil’ while typing this on their plastic phones and wearing plastic hi-viz jackets. The incoherence of their arguments is astounding. I’m just waiting for Tarquin and Frogmella to phone Mummy for a lift home to be told that they can’t get any fuel for their Audi and the little darlings will have to walk back. Or take public transport. Which, thanks to their idiotic quest, won’t be running for lack of fuel. They might be walking for the first time in ther sad lilttle sheltered lives.

Welcome to the 13th century, kids. You want to travel the world? It’ll take you several weeks to travel the length of the UK. If you survive the reivers and the highwaymen. Oh and don’t give it the ‘I’ll call the police’ line because your mobile phones are only good for propping up a wonky table leg. There is no fuel to provide electricity to power the network and no way to charge them anyway.

Oh, and those plastic hi-vis vests? In the coming New Normal, hi-vis is likely to be a bad choice. If you want to scoff and say I’m a tinfoil hatter, be my guest. I’m not going to tell you why it’s a bad idea. You’ll find out and you’ll draw a lot of unwelcome attention from me while you find it out.

We have oil central heating. In February it was around 60p a litre. In March it was £1.08 a litre. I don’t care, we just light the wood stove every night and to the Righteous who want to moan about us ‘burning trees’ I have one word. Drax. We use dead wood, not felled forests shipped from the other side of the planet.

Besides, the Cult of the Green God has no issue with destroying millions upon millions of acres of green land for windmills and solar panels. Both of which are a horrible pollution future.

The fuel ‘shortage’ could be resolved in an instant if the police were allowed to treat these idiots like they treat those who protest for freedom. This bollocks is only going to end one way now. We have no police, no government, no legal system to take our troubles to,

Boris has left us with only one option.

The Mussolini ending.

What a clock up

So, tonight is the Night of the Lost Hour because the clocks go forward an hour. I’m seeing many moans about ‘losing an hour of my life’ and so on. You bunch of whining children. You aren’t losing anything and if you really believe you are, you’ll get it back in October anyway.

The clocks change. That’s all. Time is not changed in the slightest. People who don’t use clocks notice nothing at all. I don’t have to get up early tomorrow but if I did, and had to be somewhere by early clock-time, I’d have gone to bed earlier last night. I don’t so I’ll sleep the same amount of sleep I would have anyway and nothing will really change – other than the time on the clock when I get up.

I suppose, being retired and now self employed, clock-time doesn’t matter to me. I can work into the early hours and sleep all day and I rarely have to be anywhere by any set clock-time. If you work to set hours it’s different of course, but hey, going to sleep one hour earlier on a Saturday night isn’t such a big deal, now is it?

Time itself isn’t changed. You do not have one hour less of life. The earth does not stop rotating for an hour until your clocks catch up. Time does not come out of your clock. It does not care how we measure it nor even if we measure it at all. It just… is.

We don’t lose or gain time when the clocks change. Not so long ago, hardly anyone had clocks. I can recall being asked, often, why the people of old used ‘deosil’ and ‘widdershins’ instead of ‘clockwise’ and ‘anticlockwise’. Why didn’t they use the clock-based terms? The simple answer is, of course, that they didn’t have clocks and most had no idea what clocks were. They had to come up with their own words for rotational directions.

Time was measured, for them, by the passage of the sun across the sky and since they didn’t have electricity, they woke up when the sun was up and went to bed when it went down. Sure, they had candles, but burning them was a waste when they weren’t really needed. It’ll be light in the morning.

Sundials didn’t have the means to shift between summer and winter time. I think some modern ones do. Despite the amusing memes, Stonehenge wasn’t shifted to change for summer time. It’s a recent thing, and its history is a bit messy. But it does not affect time. It only affects when you get up in the morning and that isn’t governed by time. It never was and never will be. It’s governed by when someone else expects you to arrive at work. That’s all it is.

What your clock says isn’t time. Time is in the rotation of the earth and its orbit around ghte sun and that stays the same even if your clocks all stop.

There is an interesting theory linking time to gravity but I only have physics up to A level. If I can grasp what the theory is saying, I’ll post about it later. It seems to make sense though.

In the meantime, have a lie in. It’s Sunday.