Doctor… what?

There is to be a new Dr. Who. He’s male again, and black this time. Naturally this has polarised the internet into the Woke (‘It’s the perfect choice’) and the Purist/Racist (‘the Doctor isn’t meant to be black’) with those like me in the middle who couldn’t give a stuff what the Doctor looks like as long as he’s in character in the show.

I’ve watched Dr. Who since William Hartnell’s days. I watched his appearance change dramatically when Patrick Troughton took over. I think Patrick was the only incarnation to get a choice of what he’d look like after regeneration. The rest, it was all pot luck. He changed entirely again when Jon Pertwee took over. And then Tom Baker, and so many more. When they later inserted John Hurt between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, that made Matt Smith the twelfth incarnation (assuming that William Hartnell was the first incarnation). Which worked, he was dying, he had run out of regenerations until the Time Lords sent him more.

So he had gone through twelve incarnations as his original form, a white man with a massive array of different faces and characters. Then he gets more regenerations. This goes against the nature of the Time Lords so it’s likely to screw things up a bit. Okay, regeneration 13 was Peter Capaldi, another grumpy old white man and it did give the impression they were starting again with a grumpy old white man as they had in the beginning.

However, the ‘fixed’ rules of regeneration were blown when he got a new set. So the next up was Jodie Foster Whittaker (corrected by commenters – at my age they all look the same anyway). I watched some of her shows. She was good at the role, she had the latent lunacy of the Doctor well established but…

The scripts were full of PC/woke shite. She could have been great in the role but the determination of the scriptwiters to push a woke agenda ruined the show for me. The final straw was the giant spiders episode. The ‘Trump clone’ (yeah, it was really obvious) was actually right to shoot the big spider that was suffocating, he gave it a quick death rather than slow suffocation. The idea of locking all the spiders in the ‘safe room’ was pure cruelty. The big ones will eat the little ones until there’s only one left, and that one will starve to death. And yet it was pushed as the ‘kind solution’. I hear people say that ‘Jodie Foster Whittaker had the worst ratings ever’ but it wasn’t her. It was the scriptwriters. Their determination to push political correctness and wokeness into the entire show – which was designed to be pure escapist entertainment – utterly destroyed it.

A female Time Lord is no big deal. The President of Gallifrey was a woman in many of the early episodes. There were also black Time Lords. None of the current changes are out of canon. Breaking the ‘twelve regenerations’ rule means anything goes now. In fact, it gets the show out of a hole it had dug itself into.

Colin Baker, as the Doctor, was placed on trial and his accuser, the Valeyard, turned out to be a future incarnation of himself who wanted to steal his remaining regenerations. In the original canon, that should have been Matt Smith – the last incarnation gone bad. That storyline is now open again and could yet be brought back (although the actors would need to be lookalikes – the storyline aired in 1986).

I know nothing about the new actor brought in to replace Jodie Foster Whittaker. I saw a clip from an interview and he seems keen to take on the role. I hope he’ll be good at it.

But if it fails, it won’t be because of him, just as the current collapse in ratings has nothing to do with Jodie Foster Whittaker.

It’s all down to the scriptwriters. If they keep pushing the woke shite, the show is doomed no matter who takes the title role.

I Pity the Fuel

My mother visited for the last ten days. I don’t put holidays online while they happen, because I don’t want to advertise when anyone’s house is empty. Especially family. We don’t see much of family most of the time anyway and it’s been far worse since the Covid Cult took hold. Haven’t visited Denmark, nor even Wales, for over two years now.

So okay, I’ve been busy driving around. The car really needed the exercise anyway, it’s been quietly rotting outside for ages, and it was a good chance to see my kids and grandkids more frequently too. There wasn’t much spare time and what there was I used to try to get the editing work done rather than blogging. I have emails and other messages to catch up with too.

Anyway, she’s safely home now. Things are getting back to some semblance of normal again. Except… Two days before she left I thought I’d better refill the petrol tank. That car hasn’t done so many miles in ages. Simple enough, there’s both a Morrison’s and Tesco’s where my son lives so we just called in on the way home.

Tesco garage was closed. It’s a 24 hour garage with pay-at-pump facilities. It was closed for lack of fuel.

Morrison’s had half the pumps coned off and queues. I got petrol there, they had E5 which costs more than E10 but I prefer it. My car will run on E10 but the mileage is very noticeably worse. It burns more fuel to go the same distance but that’s ‘green’ in the wind chimes that pass for minds in government.

So there appears to be a petrol shortage. As with all the other shortages of the past two years, it’s not real. There is no petrol shortage in the UK, it has been contrived by government and assisted by the police as usual. The police could simply arrest those obstructing the highway but that law doesn’t apply to the useful idiots, as Lenin called them. He was so very right about that.

It’s the same as the ‘toilet paper shortage’ at the start of the scam. The problem is not supply. It’s distribution. In the toilet paper game, the problem was that idiots bought massive amounts of arsewipes faster than shops could restock. It’s a bulky, low value item. They don’t waste too much stockroom space on it and really, a 24-roll pack should last a family of four a month unless they are spectacularly prodigious shitters. Or, as I suspect may be the case, as full of shit as the average politician. In which case they might be better to invest in a power washer or a slurry pit.

This ‘shortage’, we are told, is due to idiot children blocking fuel supply centres because they want to ‘end oil’ while typing this on their plastic phones and wearing plastic hi-viz jackets. The incoherence of their arguments is astounding. I’m just waiting for Tarquin and Frogmella to phone Mummy for a lift home to be told that they can’t get any fuel for their Audi and the little darlings will have to walk back. Or take public transport. Which, thanks to their idiotic quest, won’t be running for lack of fuel. They might be walking for the first time in ther sad lilttle sheltered lives.

Welcome to the 13th century, kids. You want to travel the world? It’ll take you several weeks to travel the length of the UK. If you survive the reivers and the highwaymen. Oh and don’t give it the ‘I’ll call the police’ line because your mobile phones are only good for propping up a wonky table leg. There is no fuel to provide electricity to power the network and no way to charge them anyway.

Oh, and those plastic hi-vis vests? In the coming New Normal, hi-vis is likely to be a bad choice. If you want to scoff and say I’m a tinfoil hatter, be my guest. I’m not going to tell you why it’s a bad idea. You’ll find out and you’ll draw a lot of unwelcome attention from me while you find it out.

We have oil central heating. In February it was around 60p a litre. In March it was £1.08 a litre. I don’t care, we just light the wood stove every night and to the Righteous who want to moan about us ‘burning trees’ I have one word. Drax. We use dead wood, not felled forests shipped from the other side of the planet.

Besides, the Cult of the Green God has no issue with destroying millions upon millions of acres of green land for windmills and solar panels. Both of which are a horrible pollution future.

The fuel ‘shortage’ could be resolved in an instant if the police were allowed to treat these idiots like they treat those who protest for freedom. This bollocks is only going to end one way now. We have no police, no government, no legal system to take our troubles to,

Boris has left us with only one option.

The Mussolini ending.

What a clock up

So, tonight is the Night of the Lost Hour because the clocks go forward an hour. I’m seeing many moans about ‘losing an hour of my life’ and so on. You bunch of whining children. You aren’t losing anything and if you really believe you are, you’ll get it back in October anyway.

The clocks change. That’s all. Time is not changed in the slightest. People who don’t use clocks notice nothing at all. I don’t have to get up early tomorrow but if I did, and had to be somewhere by early clock-time, I’d have gone to bed earlier last night. I don’t so I’ll sleep the same amount of sleep I would have anyway and nothing will really change – other than the time on the clock when I get up.

I suppose, being retired and now self employed, clock-time doesn’t matter to me. I can work into the early hours and sleep all day and I rarely have to be anywhere by any set clock-time. If you work to set hours it’s different of course, but hey, going to sleep one hour earlier on a Saturday night isn’t such a big deal, now is it?

Time itself isn’t changed. You do not have one hour less of life. The earth does not stop rotating for an hour until your clocks catch up. Time does not come out of your clock. It does not care how we measure it nor even if we measure it at all. It just… is.

We don’t lose or gain time when the clocks change. Not so long ago, hardly anyone had clocks. I can recall being asked, often, why the people of old used ‘deosil’ and ‘widdershins’ instead of ‘clockwise’ and ‘anticlockwise’. Why didn’t they use the clock-based terms? The simple answer is, of course, that they didn’t have clocks and most had no idea what clocks were. They had to come up with their own words for rotational directions.

Time was measured, for them, by the passage of the sun across the sky and since they didn’t have electricity, they woke up when the sun was up and went to bed when it went down. Sure, they had candles, but burning them was a waste when they weren’t really needed. It’ll be light in the morning.

Sundials didn’t have the means to shift between summer and winter time. I think some modern ones do. Despite the amusing memes, Stonehenge wasn’t shifted to change for summer time. It’s a recent thing, and its history is a bit messy. But it does not affect time. It only affects when you get up in the morning and that isn’t governed by time. It never was and never will be. It’s governed by when someone else expects you to arrive at work. That’s all it is.

What your clock says isn’t time. Time is in the rotation of the earth and its orbit around ghte sun and that stays the same even if your clocks all stop.

There is an interesting theory linking time to gravity but I only have physics up to A level. If I can grasp what the theory is saying, I’ll post about it later. It seems to make sense though.

In the meantime, have a lie in. It’s Sunday.

Back to work

Finally, that landline is fixed. It should be okay for some time, there aren’t many trees left to bring it down again. On the plus side, the wood supply is now inexhaustible.

It was quite a comedy sketch. Monday, the engineer phoned, he couldn’t get a lifting platform to get the cable fixed to the pole. He’d come the next day. Next day, no engineer. I called back – he managed to get a lifting platform but one of the lines he had to fix was attached to a pole in the middle of a field. The platform got stuck in the soft mud and he had to wait for a tractor to come and pull it out.

Wednesday it finally happened. Just in time, we’re forecast for snow for the weekend and that can make it difficult to get up the drive.

Anyway, I’m back. Reliable power supply (as reliable as it gets) and an internet connection that doesn’t require me to make frequent checks as to how many gigabytes I have left. It’s taking a bit of getting used to – I still wonder if I turned off the mobile hotspot, even though the phone is back in the kitchen, its normal resting place.

It’s been a remarkably unproductive couple of months and we’re now into the Spring anthology – it’s open for submissions with a closing date of the end of May, but I’m going to be pretty flexible on that deadline. I have to catch up with the novels. Still, I don’t have to keep candles burniong and don’t have to make sure the fire stays lit – although I still light it most nights, it’s not a disaster if it goes out. It’s in the room with the biggest central heating radiator I have ever seen in my life, so anything that reduces usage of that radiator is going to save money on heating oil! Which, I note, has dramatically increased in price lately.

I did get a few small models finished while on limited internet/intermittent electricity. I’ll post about those later.

UPDATE I see I put end of May, not March, as a closing date. I thought about changing it but this one doesn’t get locked to any particular event and it’ll give me more time to catch up on the backlog. So I’m going to leave it for the end of May. This year, the Spring anthology will be at the end of Spring 🙂

What the truck?

Still no landline so I’m still limited by the mobile phone data. The engineer arrived last Thursday but couldn’t fix it without a cherry picker. There wasn’t one available, seems there are a lot of lines down. No surprise, it’s been windier than a wind god on a week of baked bean and sprout vindaloos here for weeks now. The forecast is for a few calm days so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

There is talk that they need to deal with some ‘underground work’. I’d be happy to wait a few more days if that means they plan to bury the line, since that will mean no more tree- or wind- related issues. It would also mean it won’t be so sensitive to lightning. A thunderstorm a few years back fried both the phone and the router. I had surge protectors on the mains supplies but hadn’t thought to add them to the phone lines. I have now.

In other news, the boil is still there. I’m loading it with magnesium sulphate and have a few days more of penicillin. It’s painless at least, just inconvenient.

Once the landline is back I’ll be shipping out edited manuscripts. I hope it’s done long before the Spring anthology starts up although that one doesn’t have such a firm deadline as the other two.

So. Trucks. In Canada, the truckers have blockaded the capital. They aren’t causing any damage. Lots of noise though.

Trudeau has called them far right white supremacist racist islamophobic antisemites (he actually did that in one sentence) and more. This has come as something of a surprise to the black, Jewish and Muslim truckers in particular. Apparently in Trudeau’s mysterious world, all truckers are white Nazis.

I expect the same mindset exists in the USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Australia and everywhere else the trucks are in motion. They’ve all been acting like a hive mind throughout this fiasco anyway, why would anything change now?

Someone noted that the ‘Build Back Better’ slogan has disappeared. So have most of those pushing it. They might as well make the next slogan ‘Ying Tong Iddle I Po’ for the few who are left actually listening to them.

Some public health wonk in the USA has declared that we can expect to see the insane restrictions dropped rapidly. This, she says, will help ‘maintain the authority of public health’. Well, I’m afraid it’s a little late for that. Trust in all forms of authority has, for many many people, gone for good.

The Canadian authorities want the trucks gone from their cities. So will all those, in other countries, who think they are important.

I say the trucks should leave… and not come back. Deliver nothing into those cities. Not one toilet roll. ‘Oh, but they can transport it by train’. Only as far as the stations. Who will move it from there to the shops? The UK’s rail infrastructure was wrecked in the 1960s and it hasn’t recovered. Trucks are a far more important part of logistics now.

I think they’d do okay delivering to the towns and countryside and ignoring all those capital cities who object to their presence.

Incidentally, walls seem to be appearing around parliamentary buildings all over the West. Is that to keep us out when the shit hits the fan? I’d say those walls work just as well to keep the politicians in.

And to keep food and other supplies out.

It’s a history thing. Pity people don’t look at that any more.

Storm after storm

Another storm, another power outage. Just over 24 hours for this one and we have power once again – but only until the next storm hits. That’s due in a few hours.

The landline is once more broken too, so I’m not getting very far with work. I can’t risk opening books documents in case a sudden power outage corrupts the files. I hope it all calms down soon – and that generator turned out to be an excellent investment!

We missed Granddaughter’s birthday party – we hadn’t been able to shower or even wash and we weren’t going to arrive smelly. Also it would have meant leaving Gloom Dog and the Fat Hamster alone with no heat. It’s certainly not safe to leave them with the fire burning.

Well, we are now slowly re-warming the whole house using the central heating, in preparation for the next outage. I don’t know what’s wrong with Scotland’s infrastructure but these outages are definitely getting more common and very widespread. I’d definitely recommend anyone living north of Edinburgh to invest in a generator if at all possible.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There is a new post up at Frank Davis’s blog. His brother is keeping the site going. So that’s a bit of good news to end on.

And now, I have a new fireplace to get into action…

Well I say ‘new’, it probably hasn’t been in use for a century or more but the chimney sweep took a look at the chimney and says it’s okay – although it would benefit from a liner to narrow it. Otherwise most of the heat is likely to vanish up the chimney. It will need the base levelled first and all the wooden stuff relocated away from it. This one is at the opposite end of the house so will be very useful in an extended power outage.

It just needs a cauldron and it could be used for cooking too.

Well, best get ready for the next storm. Friday’s took down a few more trees in the woods across the road, any more and it’ll be practically clear!


There never seems to be enough of it. A lot of this month was spent on my tax return. Not that it was especially complex, but I really didn’t want to do it and it’s composed of a lot of tiny bits. It’s important to make sure you find all the tiny bits because TaxMan has no tolerance for failure.

Anyway it’s done at last and in hte process I have managed to accumulate a lot of next year’s return too. The last bit of council tax is also cleared and yet… the council have more silliness for me.

I closed down and cleared out my lab at the end of December 2019. The council were informed so they’d stop sending me letters about business rates, which they did, and they know where I live now because they sent those business rates letters here. Also I have to pay council tax (I have no idea why, there are no pavements out here, the road is full of holes,there are two buses a day at 7 am and 6 pm and the nearest street light is two miles away). But I pay it anyway, they’ll put me in jail if I don’t. At least I get the bins emptied.

Anyway. The council sent a letter to the place I lived two addresses back, telling me I had to fill in a form on a rent review on the lab I no longer occupy or they’ll fine me for not doing it. The best part? When I left the lab I was the last occupant of that building. A ‘temporary’ building set up in the 1960s. The college I rented it from have now demolished it. The lab I left two years ago and which I’ll be fined for not responding to a rent review… no longer exists.

I have a feeling this is going to take some sorting out. Still, it’s the last obstacle to getting back to proper work. I don’t have anything else in the ‘in the way’ pile at the moment.

Well I do have to get the phone engineers out to reconnect the landline properly. It’s still trailing across the garden but most of the fallen trees are now cleared and the walls are in the process of repair. Still, that’s not really anything I can do much about apart from a phone call so it’s not really in the way. I admit I’m tempted to just bury the line across the garden and call it fixed.

Well anyway, I’m back at work. I have some books to finish editing and the spring anthology will open mid February so it’s all systems go.

Next year’s tax won’t be left to the last minute. I still won’t want to do it but I’ll start not wanting to do it earlier.

The Future Prayer

Dodgy connection tonight. Gales, horizontal snow, freezing temperatures and the phone line is still trailing across the garden. So, I wrote this offline first in case I get suddenly deleted from the internet again. Life is now random and unpredictable. Better get used to it.

It’s probably what you can expect in a future world where gods are corporate and all worship the Jabberworkers. Look around, we’re nearly there. Many already are.

You’re told that the New World Disorder plans a new world religion, among other idiocies, and it does. It both understands and fails to understand religion. It understands the heirarchy of things like catholicism, where the big boys get to keep all the money and the poor bring them more. It does not understand the visceral beliefs of the followers of religion.

You cannot simply go to a Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Jain and say ‘hey, this new stuff is the best religion now’. If that were possible there would be no Jews or Christians in the world, they would all be part of Islam, the latest Abrahamic religion. People believe what they believe. You cannot force belief.

You cannot attack belief with logic. They are entirely separate mindsets. Just as you cannot attack logic with belief. You can believe there is an entire English teaset orbiting Betelgeuse. I have no means to prove you are wrong but logic suggests it is very, very unlikely. Actually I would be delighted if it were ever proven to be true… but I digress.

The religion intended by Swabby Klaus and his Great Messup is a humanist religion in which humanity worships themselves. Right. I have no religion. I have never felt the need for religion. I have studied religions to see what makes them tick. This entire ‘man worships man’ is the biggest load of rancid mammoth bollocks I have ever encountered.

Religious people worship something or someone far more powerful than themselves. Whether that is God or Allah or Krishna or Darvell Gadarn or whatever. I don’t believe in worshipping anyone but I can see the logic in the argument here. I don’t follow any religion but I do not poke fun at them either. In the end, at least one of them might be right.

I can see no logic in worshipping Man. I am one. What am I to do? Sacrifice things to myself? I do that every time I cook a lamb shank and it’s made no bloody difference to my life so far. So should I pray to myself while it cooks and hope I help or guide myself to get it right? It makes not the slightest sense.

That’s not the real new world religion, of course. You will not be worshipping yourself. You will be worshipping your superiors. The corporate gods.

Our Pharmer
Who art in profit
Hollow be thy needle
Thy vaccines come
Thy experiments done
In adults as they are in children
Give us this day our daily booster
And forgive us our hesitancy
As we forgive those with hatred against us
Lead us not into early treatment
And deliver us from cures
For thine is the immunity
The power and the money
This ride lasts forever
For all.

So yes, you will be worshipping humans in the New World religion but you wil be worshipping little fat old humans who see you as inferior.

The New World Order comes with a whole raft of new gods. The most piss-weak, feeble, useless gods any world religion anywhere has ever seen. If you worship them, it follows that you are even weaker than they are.

Do you really want that label?

A Slow Recovery

Well, it has been an eventful time, but certainly not a productive one. I couldn’t even work on books or covers for most of it and I haven’t been able to work out author payments for this quarter yet.

The storm hit us on the evening of November 26th. The power went out but that’s not at all unusual during storms here. We lit the fireplace, lit candles and settled down to wait. It usually comes back on in a few hours.

Not this time. This time, it stayed off. The landline phone was dead, my mobile had no signal and CStM could only get a weak signal on her phone by standing at the door to the greenhouse. Seems it was time to party like it’s 1699.

Doing this, she was able to determine that the power outage affected most of Scotland north of Edinburgh. And that it was likely to last some time. We had just had a food delivery a couple of days earlier so the freezers were well stocked. As the ‘estimated repair time’ shifted back further and further, the freezers were getting up to the point where they would start to thaw.

At this point I was very glad I bought that generator. Considering how much was in those freezers I’d say it’s now paid for itself. It also allowed us to get the water pump going again.

Of course, there was no writing/editing/emailing during this time since computers don’t really work that well with no power, no matter how loudly you swear at them.

The power returned for a while on Sunday afternoon. It went out again on Tuesday for another 12-hour blackout, then came back again.

Still the landline was down so no mains internet. My phone still had no signal so I couldn’t use it as a hotspot. CStM’s phone was our only link to the outside world so it would have been unwise for me to use up her data by sending out a ton of emails containing book/cover attachments.

Here is the landline problem. This part of the garden looked like this in March 2020. The little yellow arrow points to the phone line which links the house (out of shot to the left) to a post that’s on the other side of the trees. The line goes through the trees.

On the morning of November 27th, it looked like this. The phone line is gone. So is the one linking to the next pole in line. I have no idea how far the line is down but this isn’t going to be a quick fix.

By December 3rd my phone was beginning to pick up a little bit of signal. Intermittent, but it was there. I tried setting it up as a hotspot but the connection was far too unstable to be any use. Anything from a brief and hopeful 4G to ‘no signal’. I have a feeling the local mast was down. Today it seems stable once more but I’ve taken the precaution of typing this offline so I can just do a quick copy/paste.

The weather continues to be appalling and I can quite understand why nobody would want to work at the top of a pole or with anything electrical in these conditions. At the time of posting this, it does not look like the landline will be back in action any time soon.

So I have only one option. I have taken out a further mobile contract with one of the few providers still covering this area and will be using that as a data link. It’s 4G, it’s fast, but I do have a monthly limit and I really have to prioritise the books right now.

So if I don’t immediately answer emails, please don’t get upset. I was behind with the books before all this happened and I’m way, way behind now. If I’m going to get Christmas day off, it’s all work for a while.

Sorry about the low quality photos. I can’t waste data on the good ones right now.

Storm part 2

Hi everyone, CstM here back for a quick update. I hope you’re all doing well and keeping warm.
This is just not our week. Although that can probably be said by a bit chunk of the area. Leggy still hasn’t had his phone signal return. The website is promising it’ll be fixing in the next 16 hours. But then it was 16 hours away from being fixed 24 hours ago. So that’s great.

Tuesday night we had a leak in the entrance hall way. The storm had completely filled the gutters with pine needles. We got a small hill of gunk out of the thing. At least the floor is concrete out there so there wasn’t that much damage.

Last night we decided to have a relaxing night. Watch the film we didn’t watch on birthday night. Well we were almost at the end of the film, when the power went off, again! So we’ve spent another night sleeping in the living room. Luckily it was only gone overnight.

We’re still waiting on the engineers to come and fix the telephone line. I’m not sure if it’s the snow and hails that keeps them away or all the fallen trees.

The phone line is somewhere in there