Reading for the soul

Hi everyone, CstM here.
So can we all agree that lockdown is starting to suck massive balls? I’m here panicking, trying to write a blog post, wondering how to act human, since the only socialisation I’ve had outside family and friends is the occasional visit to the pharmacy.

I’ve taken up bird watching. Or a more fitting description, I’ve started semi stalking the local pheasant and his wife. They come to the garden every day to eat the droppings from the bird feeder. We did have a quite fun sighting of a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Well I was there starring into the soul of this poor bird, wondering what the heck kind of bird he was and really, the bird just wanted a bit of privacy so he could eat.

Although it hasn’t all been bad. I’ve started and finished quite a few cross stitching projects and I’ve started a wall of cross stitch.

Well I was talking with Roob and Cade, over from Library of Libraries, and we were talking about how we’d like to read some more. I know I have a big list of books I’d like to read, but I’ve really fallen behind on my reading these past few years.
In an attempt to start reading more and just enjoy books with friends, we came up with the idea of starting a book club.

So I hereby introduce you all to Gloom Dog Book club.
The idea so far is that we’ll read one book a month. I’ll get on here and introduce the book and if you feel like reading along with us, that would be grand.
I have a whole list of upcoming book ideas, but if you have any suggestions feel free to drop it in the comments below.

The first book we’ll read is Animal Farm by George Orwell.

I hope you’ll consider joining us on our reading adventure.
Happy reading!

Final Poll

Okay. Two titles came close, but since Heyjude added three options, ‘The Dark Ides of March’ only beat ‘The April Halloween’ by one third of a vote. So we’ll have a final vote. I’ll run this for 24 hours (until 01:30 BST, 21st April (we’re on summer time in the UK)) so it has to be quick.

All the authors have responded to edits, I have begun assembling the book and just need a final title so I can send out contracts. Those who opted for cash get paid right away, those who prefer books won’t have to wait long now.

In the event the poll doesn’t show up (I haven’t tried this before), just put your preference in the comments.

  1. The April Halloween……………..2 votes
  2. The Dark Ides of March……….12 votes

It’s nearly over. Then I’ll get back to my usual ramblings while I work on the next in line. I promised that the originator of the winning title would get a free book but since this was so close, I think both should get one. So you’re no longer deciding who gets a free book, just which title you’d prefer.

UPDATE: Poll is finished.

  1. The April Halloween……………..2 votes
  2. The Dark Ides of March……….12 votes

That’s pretty conclusive. The Dark Ides of March it is. I’ll be in touch when the book is published. Shouldn’t be long now.

The Cult of Covid

I have a seriously long post in the draft pile. It wanders around a lot, it’s about how everything is a cult now and you’re either in it or you’re a heretic. There’s no middle ground. Could end up as quite an essay if I can untangle it. So here’s a quickie*. Book info first, you can skip the next couple of paragraphs if you’re not interested in that.

*Definitions of ‘quickie’ are open to interpretation here

Mark Ellott’s novel ‘Ransom‘ now has a new cover. It was one of the first to be published on Leg Iron Books and I was never happy with my first attempts at that cover. Mark now has an actual professional involved and the cover is far, far better.

There is also the next book from Wandra Nomad in edits and the 14th Underdog Anthology under way and there’s one from Gastradamus… and more. One of the reasons I’ve been a bit out of touch lately.

Another is Twitter. A few days ago I put up a very simple tweet that basically said ‘I’m a retired microbiologist and I’m not having the Covid vaccine’. Well, that started a war of sorts and my follower count increased by over 2000 overnight. I’m still tracking them down to follow back. It could take a while, apparently there is a limit to how many you can follow in a day. So I started a war and raised an army in 24 hours, entirely by accident. Well, these things happen.

Should I start a cult? I don’t think so. I don’t want to be a leader, I don’t want people to do as I tell them. I want them to think for themselves. And I don’t want to be famous. I’d quite like to be rich, but I really don’t want fame. I have neither so I guess I’m halfway to my goal.

I have noticed a distinct polarization between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. To the extent that I, who has taken so many vaccines you could rip my arm off like a stamp, am now branded ‘antivaxxer’ because I don’t want to take part in an experiment.

“Oh but polio, TB, tetanus, so many things are under control because of vaccines, this is just one more.” No it isn’t. No mRNA vaccine has ever been approved for use, no mRNA vaccine has ever been widely used in humans. This is entirely new and it’s also entirely experimental.

Incidentally, none of the Covid vaccines have formal approval either, and none have completed safety trials. They are released under emergency licence only. End the emergency and they can’t sell any more vaccines. These vaccines have not passed experimental trials. This is the experiment. It’s you.

Which is the real reason they’ve just extended the ’emergency’ for another six months, and why they’ll extend it again afterwards. I don’t think these vaccines will ever get full approval so the government (several of whom have big financial stakes in all this) will have to keep lockdowns going forever. Booster shots are planned for October, they’ll need to extend the ’emergency’ for another six months so they can baptise more of the cult with the Holy Syringe of God Knows What.

I see this ending in one of two ways. Politicians in the stocks, or… Panoptica.

It’s already falling apart. Mad Hancock was challenged in parliament on how many his vaccines had killed or seriously disabled and his answer was… bluster. Bozza’s crap about a ‘third wave’ was just to keep everyone scared so they’d take the vaccine. It is emerging that the threat of ‘covid passports’ is to get the young vaccinated so they can go to the pub. Well, vaccinations were supposed to let you travel, right? Summer holidays are banned. You took the injection but you’re going nowhere. Do you really think you’ll be going to the pub? You really think they’ll keep their side of the bargain? After this last year, you still believe that? Really?

Oh you’re going to get a Covid passport? That conspiracy theory that multiple government ministers, including the Prime Monster, repeatedly told us was never going to happen? Well, now it’s going into a trial phase. Don’t have one, you can’t go to the pub.

I don’t give a foetid dingo’s kidney. I, along with everyone else who likes a smoke with a drink, was chucked out of pubs in 2006 (Scotland) and 2007 (England and Wales). Why would I care about being excluded from somewhere I was excluded from fifteen years ago? How much further excluded can I get?

As for shops, screw them. If they want to restrict their sales that’s their business. I can get everything online, the last year has taught me that, and delivery charges are far lower than the cost of petrol to go there myself. You want to stop deliveries? I live on a farm. I have a massive garden. I can grow my own food and keep chickens, and hunt rabbits, deer, pheasant and partridge through the bloody living room window. Seriously. I don’t need to leave the house. They come to the garden. Rabbits have actually burrowed into the lawn again this year. I have space to keep a cow for milk and I know how to pasteurise. It’s not hard.

A few years ago I lived in a top floor flat with four rooms. It was a very nice flat but I’m glad I wasn’t in there when all this crap arrived. I might have eaten the neighbours by now. So yes, I do understand how all this impacts those who aren’t as lucky as me or who didn’t prepare. Cut off my water and sewage? Pah. Water comes from a well and sewage goes into a septic tank in the woods. I’m not a bear but still I shit in the woods, if only by proxy through a pipe. The rhubarb in the soakaway is doing very well too. Cut off my heating? I have a fire and a massive supply of wood. Cut off my electricity? I have a generator.

If it came right down to it, I could manage with little to no electricity. Sure, the central heating won’t work and neither will the ovens, The gas hob is powered by bottled propane but if that failed, one of the fireplaces still has the swing-out pot holder. I could party like it’s 1699.

But I have descended into rant. Deep breaths, a quick swig of the Juice of Calm (yes, it looks and smells and tastes like whisky but it’s the Juice of Calm, just trust me on this) and we’re back to as normal as it ever gets.

Okay. There is currently a container ship stuck sideways in the Suez canal. Previous tracking of that ship’s course suggests the entire crew had used up their rum ration for the year. This has now been touted as ‘a worldwide toilet paper shortage’. Here we go again. Yes, you’re all going to die but you’ll get to the afterlife with a clean arse. China is not the only source of bum hygeine. We make this in the UK too. There is also the old-days version of a peg on a string hiolding cut up squares of newspaper… Any of them will do, although they are all so full of shit already they might not have room for more.

There are theories that it was a deliberate blockage and given the insanity of governments now, I can see where that comes from but it looks to me like something a drunk crew did. An ‘oh bugger’ moment. We’ve all had them.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. You played a good game boy, but the game is over. It’s the old witch game now. You are witch or witchhunter, there is no neutral. You belong to the cult or you ae a heretic and must die. Given that choice and surrounded by the cult, are you braver than a tenth century peasant faced with the same choice? Do you really believe those people were all that different?

No, it’s the same. The Mob is active once again against the witches, except this time the witches are those who don’t believe in magic. It works either way. You are split between believers and heretics in so many things now. Covid and vaccines are only the new game. It’s a game we have played from the beginning and still hardly anyone knows the rules. It will not end until you see it.

Fear the witch, for it is you.

I beleive I might have mentioned this before…

The End is the Beginning is the End

Or the beginning is the end is the beginning. There are various iterations of the song, all from the same band. Versions appeared in one of the Batman films and also in Watchmen, but it’s just a song. I like the Watchmen version, it’s slow enough to follow what’s being said but then the words are different from the other versions.

Every civilisation has an end. The Romans did very well. The Ottoman empire spread very far. The European empires (it wasn’t just the British) took over large chunks of the world. They are all gone now. They all fell. The Incas, Aztecs, Zapotecs, gone. All the early Hindu and the various American Indian tribes, mere shadows of their former selves. Why would we expect our current Western civilisation to be somehow immune?

Russia and surrounding countries became the USSR under Stalin. It fell apart. China, the ultimate in Communism, has billionaires. It’s going to break too. It’ll take some time since they have imposed stringent controls on their people but it will happen.

There were earlier civilisations. There was a very successful Greek civilisation. The great city of Ur. The ruins of Gobleki Tepe. Now that’s an interesting one. It’s a huge complex of carved standing stones that should have taken hundreds of years to complete using stone age tools, and yet all around it are signs only of early attempts at farming. We are to believe that those farmers suddenly decided to build a huge temple by chipping away at rocks with flint tools, then, after hundreds of years of construction, deliberately buried it.

Or, did they have a greater civilisation that they deliberately abandoned to go back to subsistence farming? Is that possible?

Isn’t that what we are heading for now? I did try to point out how this could happen. It was just a bit of fun but Moros doesn’t have to be a mythical being. Just someone rich and dementerd enough to believe it should happen.

We now have men dressed as women using girls’ bathrooms. Say a word against it and you are the bad guy. We have ‘hate speech’ which is anything those in power don’t want to hear. We have Israel, of all places, instituting the new ‘green passport’ version of yellow badges. We have Greens telling us that massively polluting ‘green energy’ will save us from massive pollution. We ban plastic straws while we bury many tonnes of dead windmills in landfill. We cannot have the oil products the windmills depend on.

So many contradictions. So much doublethink. So many have fallen for it. It cannot be sustained.

Western civilisation had a good run, but it’s over now. Start burying your temples, the ones you haven’t already watched burn down. Burn your history so the next civilisation will not see it. Destroy your monuments, as they did before. Leave nothing of yourself for the future beyond hints and vague memories.

And when it has all ended, it can begin again.

Mr. Locky Downy

If you are not a fan of the Oogie Boogie song from ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’ then there is probably something wrong with you. It’s the best Christmas song ever.

So, here it is suitably corrupted for the modern age.

Mr Locky Downy

Well well well. What have we here?
Coronavirus huh? Ooo, I’m really scared.
So you’re the bug everybody’s talking about.

You’re joking. You’re joking.
I can’t believe my eyes.
Ninety nine percent survival rate?
This thing’s not even trying
It’s useless, it’s silly,
But I can make it worse
I’ll ramp up all the fear till
No-one will leave the house

When Mr. Locky Downy says infection’s close at hand
You’d better pay attention now ‘cos I’m the lockdown man
And if you aren’t in double masks you’ll get a hefty fine
And when I watch you trembling then you can watch me smile

(everyone) Release us now or you must face the dire consequences
The children aren’t infecting us, oh please come to your senses

You’re joking, you’re joking,
I can’t believe my ears
I’ll have to shut the sceptics up
They’re breaking through the fears
It’s funny, I’m laughing,
It never seems too much
And now, if you’ll excuse me,
I’m about to do my stuff

(everyone) What are you going to do?

I’m going to do the worst I can.

Well, the wheezing of the masked to me is music in the air
‘Cos I’m a cruel lockdown man, for health I just don’t care.
It’s much more fun, I must confess, when profit’s on the line
Not yours of course but mine dear boy well that’ll be just fine.

(everyone) Release us fast or you will have to
Answer for this heinous act.

Oh brother, you’re something, you put me in a spin
You aren’t comprehending the position that you’re in
It’s hopeless, you’re finished, you haven’t got a prayer
‘Cos I’m Mr. Locky Downy
And you
Ain’t going

Cue Sage laughing like a Morecambe and Wise audience….

Strange days

Well, Trump leaves office in four days. I don’t see anything stopping that. There are still those outlining wild plans for how he can continue but I don’t really think he can now. I mean, he had four years. Now he has four days.

Be fair to the guy, he did a lot of work bringing peace to the Middle East, he boosted the American economy, he didn’t start any wars… he actually did a lot of good things. Sure, the man’s an arse but what politician isn’t? You have to have an inflated sense of self-importance to even want the job.

Still his opponents are not satisfied with their win. They want him impeached, prosecuted, jailed. They want his supporters purged and sent to re-education camps or just killed. Really. If there’s one thing worse than a bad loser, it’s a bad winner. You won, just let it go.

So, was the election rigged? I have no idea. It does look that way but it needs proof. Trump is declassifying things left and right at the moment, so maybe we’ll see something. Maybe not. He’s already declassified documents on the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine that would be very damaging to the Biden administration but that doesn’t matter because there isn’t going to be one. Biden will be taken down by the 25th Amendment and Harris will take over. Possibly within days.

If you’ve listened to any of Joe Biden’s speeches, it’s clear he’s suffering with the early stages of dementia. He’s not going to be President for long. Which begs the question – if the Dems planned to steal the election anyway, why not go straight in with Harris as candidate?

Meanwhile, Washington DC is filling up with National Guard troops. Estimates vary between 20,000 and 30,000 troops. They are even being flown in from Puerto Rico. Why? A thousand of them would be far more than enough to deal with any angry mob, and the right-wing on Twitter are urging their side to stay away. They think it’s a trap and it probably is.

I have seen theories that the USA is a corporation and there needs to be no president on the 20th in order to dissolve the corporation and make it a country again. True? Not a clue. I’ve never heard that put forward before and have seen no references to back it up. I saw a video where a guy claimed that today, Trump will take control of all TV channels and all Internet and phones globally, and put out all the proof he has. Is that even possible? I’m sure the USA has the technical capability, but taking over all non-US communications would surely be an act of war against every country in the world simultaneously. It would be a very dangerous thing to do.

So many more. One that does have a tinge of credibility is that the democrats do not yet have control of the military. Someone asked who is sending all the troops into Washington, and it seems that the orders can only come from Trump. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know much about the ins and outs of American political structure. So is something wild going to happen? We only have to wait a few days to find out.

Part of me would like to see a spectacular show, another part would rather it all went quiet and people stopped trying to kill each other. Which, I suppose, means I’d be happy either way.

Well, what brought down Trump is apparently Covid. It’s the same all over. Governments are getting blamed for a virus. It’s a bloody virus. You cannot stop it. Lockdowns, masks, all the bollocks we have to endure all over the world will not stop it. Slow it down, maybe, but in the end the total infections and total deaths will be the same as if we’d just let it run. It’ll just take a bit longer to happen.

Here’s someone who knows what he’s talking about. (thanks to SubRosa for the link). Many deaths are likely to be due to treatment errors rather than the virus. Hydroxychloroquine is a perfectly safe drug at 200-400 mg per day. You can take it daily for years, and many in malaria-affected areas do just that. The trial that said it was bad started with a 2.4g dose (2400mg) and continued with higher than recommended doses. At that level it causes heart problems, often severe.

Remember being told it wasn’t a respiratory virus but affected your heart? It wasn’t the virus. It was the treatment. It was based on an amoebiasis epidemic that was treated at that level… with hydroxyquinoline, not hydroxychloroquine. The video goes into details of this utter balls-up, and others.

Then there is the mRNA vaccine, which is on track to have a far better kill record than the virus. The treatment and the cure are actually far worse than the disease! That’s before we get to lockdowns and isolation and cancelled appointments and cancelled surgeries and all the rest.

The FBI and UK spies are starting to say this was all set up by China through play-acting to force the West into a shutdown. Well duh. That became clear some months ago. I suspect this will be the way Boris eventually gets out of it because he has no plan at the moment. He’ll blame China.

China won’t like it, as it doesn’t like the fact that the USA now recognises Taiwan as a separate country. This is likely to start a war that will be initiated by China. They are being provoked into it. They are belligerent and confident enough to do it.

I suspect though, that this time they have made too many enemies at once. We shall see.

Interesting times ahead. I wouldn’t dare even try to predict where it ends.

Something is happening

I have no idea what it is, but it’s something big.

There are reports of blackouts all over the world. The one in Austin, Texas, seems to have been caused by unprecedented snowfall (yeah, it’s that solar minimum we aren’t allowed to mention because y’know, warming). But there was a big outage in Pakistan and reports coming in from all over Europe. Are they real? It’s becoming impossible to tell in the Age of the Censor.

Troops on the streets of Washington DC, verified with videos. Who put them there and why? What are they doing? No idea. An expanding no-fly zone that started over Washington and at the moment extends from South Carolina to New Jersey. Flight information confirms it. What’s that for? And who is ordering it?

Is all this Trump or the Anti-Trumps? Well, social media has silenced Trump and all his support so the orange blabbermouth can’t tell us. The other side is saying nothing.

It’s getting wild now. There was even mention of the Pope getting arrested during a Vatican blackout. I don’t think that’s possible. The Vatican is regarded as a separate country run by the Pope. He’s not likely to order his own arrest. So I call bullshit on that one.

And yet, the information I’m scanning here suggests something is going on, something big, but nothing is confirmed. There are no signs of anyone, anywhere, being arrested for anything but lots of threats from both sides that arrests are imminent. The social media and MSM blackout is total. Even on Parler and Gab, it’s all just hyperbole. Nothing can be confirmed.

Lots of rumour, lots of speculation, nothing concrete. Something is happening but which side is doing it? And what are they doing?

I think this week could prove very interesting indeed.

Or it could be just another lockdown disappointment.

Firefox no more

So, the Mozilla organisation has joined the Internet Speech Control Club. I am really, really disappointed, as a long-term user of the Firefox browser. I have downloaded Opera and am considering Brave as a backup to replace Chrome. It’ll take a while to move all my Internet accounts over but I feel I have no option. I cannot support this censorship.

Look, whatever you think of Donnie, King of the Oompa Loompas, once this kind of control sets in it is going to affect you sooner or later. And you can’t complain if you supported its inception.

Trump has been banned from Twatter, Farcebok, Instantgroan and no doubt others. He’s not alone, they are having quite the purge at the moment, deleting everyone who does not think the leftie groupthink. Sure, if you’re happy with that, cheer it on, but look at Twatter’s stock market lines. All the rest will follow. They will become Leftie echo chambers and nobody else will bother going there. Advertising revenue just slammed into a wall. Capitalist businesses see little point in advertising to communists. Don’t you get that?

Parler is strugging under the weight of Twitter refugees fleeing to their platform. I access it on a desktop via a browser (currently Firefox but that will have to change). Apple and Google are banning Parler’s app from their stores because they don’t impose the same communist approval moderation. Mozilla will no doubt follow suit soon, hence the necessity to try other browsers.

I haven’t been on Gab in a while. I tried it but was put off by the rampant antisemitism on there. We are talking ‘one step from gas chambers’ levels here. I don’t want to be part of that. Parler didn’t have that, it felt more balanced, but it was hard to use. Well, it’s new, it needs a lot of tweaking.

Twatter has just allowed a tweet from the Chinese Communist Party declaring that their enslavement and forced sterilisation of Ugyhurs is a great success and good for them. They allow the Ayatollah of Iran free reign to call for the nuking of Israel and the deaths of gays. They are happy to let BLM and Antifa and various Dem senators and representatives call for the harassment and extermination of their political opponents. Don Trump tweets for calm and peace and they deleted it and banned him. There is nothing anyone can show that proves he called for an attack on the capitol. He didn’t.

All this ‘free stuff’ isn’t really free. It’s all about advertising. If you have several million people on your platform, you can get advertisers to pay a lot of money to access those people. But… when you tell your customers they are not welcome, who are those (capitalist) advertisers advertising to? They will soon realise they are trying to sell stuff to people on benefits who can’t afford what they are selling.

So it’s goodbye to Firefox. It’ll take a little time to get used to new browsers but I think it’s worth it. Firefox has joined the Cancel Crowd and will soon not allow access to sites they disapprove of. One day, that might be this one, so best get out now.

Well, they had a good run.

2020 in hindsight

It was pretty crap, as years go. It was my 60th on the planet and every single one of the other 59 were so much better.

I guess it started in fire and ended in ice. Australia and several American states had massive forest fires, many of which were found to be deliberately set and were made worse by Green policies that prohibited clearing of detritus. At least Scotland was spared that – but then most years it’s so wet here you’d struggle to start a campfire.

My father died very suddenly in February. The funeral was at the beginning of March so at least CStM and I could travel to Wales. Things started shutting down as we were on our way back. We were unable to return in June for the long delayed interrment of my father’s ashes. Incidentally, CStM had saved up a tidy sum for my birthday, we were going to take a holiday. By the time my birthday arrived we were barely able to leave the house. So that’s been indefinitely delayed. I just hope there’s a holiday destination still solvent when this all falls down.

Terrifying images appeared of Chinese people dropping in the streets, tales of crematoria working round the clock to dispose of the rapidly accumulating corpses, images of empty streets and people in hazmat suits spraying something… it really did look like a very deadly virus was on the loose.

Then it hit Italy, via a Chinese-run leather works. Italy was soon overwhelmed. The hospitals were filling, people were dying. The virus seemed to have a very high rate of hospitalisaztion and death at that point. Looking back, it becomes clear that only hospitalisation and death was then being counted. People who stayed home sick, from severe flu to a bit of a cold – and those who already had natural immunity due to previous exposure to similar viruses – were being ignored.

Once those were factored in, the kill rate for the virus dropped far below 1%. The hospitalisation rate dropped too. There were reports of scientists concerned that the virus would burn out before a vaccine was ready. Concerned? Yes, concerned. There’s a lot of money in vaccines.

So they kept it going. Change to ‘cases’ (positive tests from a test already known to be unsuitable for diagnostic purposes) so people who aren’t sick can be counted. Lockdowns have never been tried before. China went so far as to board up people in their houses. The first lockdown didn’t do much so… keep doing the same thing over and over and see if you get a different result. That’s a definition of something.

Oh, in the middle of all this came the murder hornets and the UFO footage. The hornets came to nothing. I see the UFO footage is back though. Plus, every other day was a report of an asteroid that might hit the Earth. By the end of the year we were actually hoping one would. They seem to have stopped that now. They realised it wasn’t scaring us, it was giving us hope.

All over the USA, Europe, everywhere, emergency hospitals were built to cope with the predicted onslaught of patients. They have been quietly dismantled, never used. There are doctors online claiming that if only we had all worn masks they would not now be overwhelmed with patients. I have my doubts – real doctors are well aware that masks in the hands of the untrained are worse than useless.

Meanwhile, a woman was arrested for filming an empty hospital, and the internet is abuzz with doctors and nurses performing dance routines in empty wards. They are either trying to tell us something or they are just taking the piss. You decide.

Hospitals in Brazil. Or America. Or what happened when a woman filmed an empty hospital in the UK. Winston Smith is a busy boy. These videos aren’t even staying on BitChute for long.

So, is there a real virus? Yes, there is. It’s an unpleasant one, for some it’s extremely nasty and for those who are already old or sick it has the potential to be deadly. However, it is not any worse than seasonal flu which can do exactly the same thing. Seasonal flu has vanished. It’s all Covid now.

I have seen reports from people who claim viruses don’t exist at all, that they are the waste products put out by sick body cells. You can prove Koch’s postulates with a virus. I don’t think this has been done with this particular one but for many others it has been done. You can prove infectivity, you can prove spread. Viruses are real. If no virus was ever real, then the eradication of smallpox in the wild by vaccination was not possible. The reduction in polio incidence by vaccination could not have happened. Trust me, viruses are real and this one is too.

Also, most vaccines work. I don’t think any of them are 100% but if they don’t stop you getting the disease they will at least reduce the severity and the time it takes to get over it. I’d say most are at 50% stopping you catching it and a bit less than 50% cutting down the severity. There are always going to be a few people where the vaccine doesn’t work, or had side effects. We are all different. Nothing is going to work for everyone.

I once had a rabies vaccine before visiting China. Waste of time. They’d eaten everything that could have given me rabies. I was told at the time that the vaccine won’t stop me getting rabies but it will give me enough time to get to a hospital for treatment. Considering what I knew about rabies, I thought ‘good enough’. The treatment, incidentally, is horrible but the fatality rate of rabies makes it worth the pain. In the end I escaped rabies and all the other things I was vaccinated against before going there.

I speak as one whose mother was offered thalidomide for her morning sickness in the latter half of 1959. She declined. I am really glad she did, it damaged so many people. So here’s my take on the new mRNA vaccines.

I am not touching them. I will discourage my family from accepting them. This ‘rollout ‘is an experiment on the population conducted by government. And it is going to be a disaster. Coronavirus vaccines always have been – but it’s impossible to find that research now. It’s been buried. Videos of doctors telling the truth about it are deleted.

You don’t believe your government will experiment on you without you knowing? Hahahaha.You really think they’ve stopped?

Meanwhile, we are hearing that a ‘negative test’ will give you access to pubs and so on – but a negative test is like your car’s MOT. You were fine at the time of the test. You might have caught it on the way home. It is meaningless.

And now Spain leads the way in sewing little Covid images onto your clothing

The vaccine, as stated by the manufacturer, will not stop you catching the disease. It will not stop you spreading it. You still have to wear masks and not touch family members. The vaccine changes nothing. And nobody is asking ‘well then, what’s the point?’ They are all clamouring for this injection that will do them no good at all.

If you don’t accept it you will go on The List. Excluded from society. Well, speaking as a smoker, you lot excluded me from society over a decade ago so what’s new here?

China’s Wuhan district, where people dropped in the street and homes were boarded up, is now entirely back to normal. No second wave. Nobody mourning the loss of their entire family. It’s party time there. Face it. We were scammed.

Nobody has dropped dead in the street outside China. None of the urgently-built extra hospitals were needed. Hospital staff all over the West are posting dance videos in empty hospitals. If you don’t see it, it’s because you don’t want to.

I am not going to push this, I have given up trying to reach the unreachable, as I have with the Church of Climatology. If they want to believe Siberian permafrost is melting while it’s -50C there, let them. I am busy preparing for what is coming, let them enjoy their pretend science while they can.

So, we have reached the end of 2020. My uncle died at the end of it, on Christmas eve, again nothing to do with covid other than that his cancer treatment was delayed by dancing nurses. If you want to tell me the NHS is being overwhelmed, tell it to some drone who’ll fall for it. I’m done listening to this shit.

On a lighter note, my daughter became engaged to her boyfriend at New Year. I am pleased, he’s a very good guy and shares my delight in destructive toys like bows and axes and so on. I think, in celebration, I’ll let him put a crossbow bolt through a lithium battery. I have some dead tablets we can use.

So it’s not all bad going into the New Year. Still I think we might see some politicians getting their just desserts this year.

And some so-called ‘scientists’.

Santa is coming…

Book assembly is under way. Waiting for two author contracts but the rest are in, those who wanted cash payments are mostly paid (one wants part books and part cash, that’s a legitimate option, it’s in the contract) and the stories are formatted ready to assemble the book.

My knackered hand was worse today. I had to take the car for MOT on Monday. It’s an automatic gearbox so the left hand doesn’t have much to do between the start and end of the journey. However, the courtesy car was a manual box. All that gear changing, especially in that very narrow box, did a fair bit of damage. The good news is that my car passed easily, all it cost was the price of the test. I was surprised, it’s been lying idle most of the year and I had expected a few parts to have decayed.

The courtesy car was free, I just had to refill the tank, so I shouldn’t complain but… does it always have to be one of those that looks like the escape pod from a real car? It was so small and low down I was worried about my arse scraping on the road. Emblazoned with decals and adverts, it looked like the sort of car you’d expect 50 clowns to get out of. It really, really didn’t like the road up to the farm. I’m lucky I didn’t rip the bottom out of it.

I only used it to drive home and back to the garage some hours later. It was essential especially now that you aren’t allowed to wait in the garage, and there is no public transport out here. It wasn’t a bad car apart from the feature nagging me to change up a gear when I knew the tight curve we were on was about to go up a steep hill. If I change up here, car, you really won’t thank me.

Still, it’s all over now. and book assembly is under way, which involves mostly copy/paste and mouse work so it can be done one handed. I hope to have the proper splint to replace my strap-on tomorrow. That’s strap-on bandage, you filthy minded swines! It’s getting sweaty and in need of a wash. I should get another one.

I do need those last two contracts though. I can’t publish those stories without them.