Anthology nears completion

I have been editing, as has Roobeedoo, and it’s nearly over. Authors are starting to get the stories for final approval, only a few left to do now. A good session tomorrow night should complete that part.

There is a real treat in this one for those who enjoyed Brian W. Aldiss’s excursions into the deeper, stranger SF regions. If you re-read his shorts such as ‘As for our Fatal Continuity’ and ‘Send Her Victorious’ (in ‘Comic Inferno’, well worth a read if you can still get it and the title story is in much the same vein too), and his novel ‘The Eighty-Minute Hour’ (which I read several times) then you are going to love this one. I’m not telling you the title yet, but I will when it’s ready to go.

It’s going to be a big book this time. Sixteen stories, some of them long ones, from eight authors including two you haven’t seen before. Three if I include Justin Sanebridge, but his novel ‘The Goddess of Protruding Ears’ is already a Leg Iron Book so he’s not actually new to the author group. This is his first anthology foray though.

The cover is another thing that really has to be finalised this week. I have some photos from the bad winters of 2009-2011 but I like this one from the old Dume ‘Santa capture attempts’. It could be titled ‘Next time, Santa. Next time’ or ‘Pretty fly for a fat guy’ or something else entirely. The deadline is a day away, I don’t have to worry about it yet.

This hasn’t been meddled with yet. It’s the raw photo. Probably best not to think too hard about how I got it  😉

Anyway, I welcome opinions and suggestions. Is this any good? I have an extensive collection of photos to draw on and could even draw a cover. That would make this anthology different from the others though and I’d prefer them to, in some small way, match each other.

As with the Jessica’s Trap/Samuel’s Girl/next Romulus Crowe stories, I’d like the covers to be themed. So I’m pretty much stuck with photos but then I can always make a new one. It only takes 1/250th of a second or so.

I do also have a picture of a reindeer sticking its tongue out…

I could do something with that… if I can ‘shop out the fence. This reindeer is named Zeus and lives in Scotland. As does Santa, where he thrives on deep fried haggis and booze when he doesn’t have to work – which is every day of the year except one.

Okay, best get some sleep I suppose, even though I don’t really have time for all that nonsense.

This is on target for Christmas. So far.

Then I’m going to have a bit of a rest.





The Big Push

It’s been a bit one track here lately. All about the books. Well, that’s because I’m having a big push to get as much out as possible this month. That will leave the end of the month and the start of December clear for the Christmas anthology, and then I can take Christmas as a proper holiday.

My father is 80 in January even though he smoked his way through the entire planet’s tobacco harvest several times over so I want some free time then too – another big push might happen in the first weeks of January to make sure that happens.

Anyway, I’ve just loaded Jessica’s Trap onto Amazon and it should show up in a day or two. I’ll load it on Smashwords tomorrow, it’s getting late here and I don’t want to mess it up. This is a republication of one of the books previously published by Eternal Press (later Caliburn Press) whose contract expired over a year ago. I can’t keep the original cover, that was the property of the cover artist, so I have a new cover. It looks like this –

The cover image is the Seal of Solomon, the seal used on the brass vessel in which Solomon trapped 72 demons and their legions of spirits. I redrew the version in Goetia, scanned it then meddled with it in Paint Shop. It’s relevant to the story, as is the chosen colour and the strange object at the bottom of the back cover. That’s enough hints – no spoilers.

I have discovered I can transfer my existing self published books on Amazon to Leg Iron Books simply by editing the book details. Nothing else changes, except they now show up on a search for Leg Iron Books. This means that any reviews are untouched. Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl will unfortunately lose their reviews because they were published by someone else. I’ll be republishing rather than just editing the details. Can’t be helped. Hopefully at the new price they’ll pick up just as good reviews in the future.

On the plus side, by cutting profits to the bone I can make the print version a hell of a lot cheaper than before. Since it’s just me I don’t have to split the royalties, don’t have to pay cover artists etc, and even though it will make mere pennies per book it’s now a much more attractive price than before.

I have heard from Hugo Stone and a new version of Cultish is imminent. This will be a trimmed version and therefore cheaper but the story has lost nothing. The storyline is intact, the filth and depravity remains unsullied by political correctness or common decency. It’ll still shock you and amuse you in equal measure. That will be another rapid output for this month even though it doesn’t really count because it’s already published.

Samuel’s Girl will be another fast finish. The book is written and edited, out of contract since early November and just needs a cover, There will be another seal, circle or pentacle on the cover and the dominant colour will be red, because of a reason. These need to match because even though these two books seem totally unrelated, they will blend together in the third, Norman’s House. That one might come out early next year too. The main action in that one is in April, so it should be out before then.

All this has to be completed and still leave time for the Christmas anthology. Deadline for that one is still December 1st but I’ll start assembling it sooner.

Despite the concentration on books recently I’m not ignoring the deposing of Bobby Mug-a-bee, nor the regime change in Saudi Arabia. I have noticed the SNP’s suicidal minimum pricing for booze and the indoctrination of preschool children using deranged drag queens who think all children should be the opposite sex. Oh I am watching the world fall apart and to be honest, rather enjoying the spectacle. Venezuela is definitely worth keeping an eye on, there’s a hell of a big bang building up over there. Socialist paradise, eh?

Brexit is going to be fun too. If only Tessie Maybe wasn’t such a weak wuss we might actually get a deal worth having but then the alternative, Jerry Cordite, would probably have gone for Red Brexit in which we would give all our money to the EU in exchange for having a major city bombed once a week.

Arctic sea ice is getting wider so the Church of Climatology now pretends it’s getting thinner. Meanwhile we are all getting fatter while starvation level poverty is increasing. All carbohydrate is now sugar – including cellulose so you veggies are eating the equivalent of a pound of sugar a day. You actually are, you know, even though you can’t digest cellulose but we must never let facts get in the way of a good scare.

Smoking is so scary that people get cancer if they see a cigarette packet and steam is now full of dangerous particulates. Watch out for that kettle, Grandma! Tea is probably safe as long as you don’t inhale.

White people are evil so it’s fine for South Africa’s government to encourage the torturing to death of the farmers it depends on for food. When they’ve wiped out Whitey, who wants to bet they’ll ask Whitey for food aid? And who wants to bet Whitey’s elected cretins will be happy to send it? Kill Whitey. Whitey will pay for it. Until there are none of us left. Then what? Go on, try that game with China.

We have long since passed the absurdity horizon. This world is now logged in every alien space chart as ‘the silly planet’. No wonder UFO reports have dropped to zero in recent years. What self respecting little green man would come within the orbit of Uranus these days?

Speaking of Uranus, I see that homophobia is a British export now because there are still countries that don’t support gay marriage. All the fault of Whitey. Of course. We do tell Iran and Saudi Arabia and all those others to throw gay men off buildings then pelt them with rocks until they are mince. Don’t we? Or perhaps it’s someone else who told them to do that?

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows Mohammed was an immigrant to Mecca from Tower Hamlets so all of Islam is a White Supremacist social construct. Just ask the BBC’s history department – the United Kingdom was really Africa in the old days until the White Walkers arrived and made albino the fashion of the day.

Don’t try to find sense in it all. There isn’t any. This is a Marxist agenda in action and all it has achieved is to show how unutterably insane Karl Marx was. The world would be a better place if we had followed the utterances of Harpo, one of his actually-employed brothers. Karl never appeared in any of the films because he was a workshy layabout who believed the world owed him a living. All his followers believe the same and none of them have any sense of humour. That’s why they don’t know about his four brothers.

Sweden has declared milk a White Supremacist symbol because it’s white. I wonder what they’d make of tripe? This whole ‘milk is white therefore…’ started as a prank (not me, I wish it had been) to see how much absurdity the idiots in charge could handle. More than this, it seems.

Next up should be white light. The light that contains all colours and is therefore the most diverse light possible. Let’s get them to ban it. I reckon it will take less than a day. Then we can all live under black light and have to paint ourselves fluorescent to be seen.

How long before the green fluorescents claim they are oppressed by the blue fluorescents? Probably a matter of minutes. Seconds later, green fluorescents will identify as yellow.

Oh don’t laugh. This is reality. This is the world you live in now. This is life. Marvin was right.

Can it be fixed? To be brutally honest, I don’t fucking care any more. I have seen newspaper articles asking if a black person’s kids can be friends with white kids. Well, any other black person’s kids can be friends with mine but yours? Screw their lives up yourself. Let them grow up with hate and racism and unemployment. You make your children what they become. All your choice but please, don’t waste their time by sending them to job interviews.

I have seen white people call for the death of the white race and not a single one has committed suicide. I have seen the Green God’s acolytes call for population reduction and they are all still alive. Courage, convictions, words of a bygone era.

Because it will never affect you, will it? It always applies to ‘other people’.

Well here it comes, here comes the bad news.

We are all ‘the other people’.





A mish-mash

Lots of bits. I’m writing and procrastinating about writing by writing something else. This.

I held off saying anything about the Las Vegas shooting until there was some clarity on what happened. There still isn’t any, if anything, it’s got worse.

The shooter was a white man, a Democrat, a Muslim, a lone wolf, part of a terror organisation nobody can identify, a rich man with a girlfriend and everything to live for and no previous indication of any trouble at all, and he shot himself. After he shot around 600 people with an (already illegal in the USA or so I’m told) automatic weapon.

There are reports that there were other guns firing from other hotels. Claims that he didn’t act alone. Claims that someone on the ground was shooting too. Claims that someone set off firecrackers to distract people from the sound of gunshots. I have no idea what to believe now.

Yeah. Pick the truth out of that lot. It’s a mess.

This is, once again, being used as an excuse to take all the guns away from Americans. Well, they took our UK guns away a long time ago and the result? Criminals wave illegal firearms around because they know for sure we law abiding people don’t have any. Their guns were unlicensed and illegal before the ban. It made no difference to them.

I’ve never owned a live round gun. Never wanted one so you could argue the ban made no difference to me. It did though. You see, if a burglar broke into my house before the ban he could not know if I was armed or not. Now he knows I’m not. That makes a big difference. I can’t bluff if the burglar knows for sure I don’t have a gun.

In Scotland you now have to have a licence for an airgun. Sold mine before it happened because it was clearly coming. We had to hand in my son’s BB guns from when he was a child – they fired plastic pellets that could dent paper at 10 yards but they counted as airguns under the new law. So, in Scotland, you can’t even have a BB gun without a licence now.

What I can’t understand is that it is Democrats calling for gun control. So… only the government will have guns, not the people. The Republican government, the one they despise and accuse of corruption, Nazism and white supremacy every minute of every day, will have all the guns. They won’t be allowed to have any, only the Trump government will be armed. Why do they think that’s a good idea?

Well, these are the same people who accuse the police of being racist murderers while insisting only the police should have guns. You can’t expect sense from minds that warped.

It’s also interesting to note than many of the big names claiming that nobody needs a gun for protection are always surrounded by armed security. ‘Hypocrite’ is far too small a word.

And another thing. I doubt that Las Vegas shooter hit with every round. If he hit 600 people from the 35th floor of a hotel then, even giving him a generous 50% hit rate, he must have fired at least 1200 rounds. Surely, someone buying that many rounds – especially for a weapon that the public aren’t allowed to own – would have raised a red flag somewhere? How did he do that?

Anyway, on to cheerier things. The anthology is still on target and after that I have a book by Dirk Vleugels translated from Dutch to French, a resizing of the ‘Han Snel ‘ book (apparently people think it should be bigger), an  abridged version of Hugo Stone’s ‘Cultish’ – all of which should be quick to publish – then I have a novel by Lee Bidgood (who is also in the new anthology) and two of my own, ‘Jessica’s Trap’ and ‘Samuel’s Girl’ which are out of contract with the original publisher and just need new covers and a quick revamp.

Then the Christmas anthology. Busy busy busy.

I’m also back into making little models. I’m thinking of making the van that came with Sparkle Truck  into ‘White Supremacy Van Man’. That should raise a few hackles.

I discovered ‘Metal Earth’ stainless steel kits and have made a few. They’re quick but they take a long time. Even with a magnifier and a good light, they are tiny and shiny and are held together with extremely tiny tags. So I need to stop before it gets to hammer time, and go back to it when the destructive urge has subsided. Total work time is only a few hours but some of them take days to finish.  I’ve made a few, there will be pictures. Also advice if you fancy having a go.

The train obsession has resurfaced. I sold off most of the N gauge stuff when I was broke and have been slowly accumulating OO gauge since. All second hand of course – the older models are basically a motor and contact from the track. Very simple devices. Unless the motor is burned out, a non-runner is either over-oiled or has dirty wheels. Easily fixed, as are missing buffers and couplings. I pick up the non runners on eBay and will sell a few as working engines to make the hobby self funding. Wagons, all I need is the frame and wheels and I can make the rest.

I recently bought two brand new sets. Both have a GWR 0-4-0 tank engine, a few wagons, a basic track oval and a mains-powered controller. One was £60 in Asda, the other was £48 in Toys R Us (half price). The Toys R Us one has repainted the engine blue and given it a probably mythical company name. That’s okay, I can fix that. Excess controllers are easy to sell too.

Modern engines cost a lot more because they have, or can be fitted with, DCC (direct cab control) which means you can run two trains on the same track and control them independently. I don’t want that. It’s great for clubs where you can have people running their own trains and someone in charge of signals so they don’t run a train into the back of another one, but for solo use it’s more concentration than I want to apply. It’s supposed to be a relaxing hobby.

It does mean that the old stuff is on sale cheap. That suits me fine. I recently saw a brand new Class 08 in OO gauge (you might have seen them at mainline stations, the square blue shunting engine) on sale for nearly £200! I bought a Class 58 (a BIG freight diesel) for £25 on eBay. In perfect condition but can’t do the DCC thing. Fine with me, I prefer the old stuff.

Another eBay win was the Lima station with signal. I think I paid about £5 for it. The station is continental and the platforms are too low and too far from the train. I’ve already taken the building off the base and fixed the broken signal. I’ll rebuild platforms over it. The building will make a good house somewhere.

The big thing with this bit of kit is that it has an isolating track. When the signal is red, the train is on dead track. When it’s green, the track is live. It doesn’t use LEDs, it uses a single white racist light and a blanking plate that moves up and down with the switch. I’m fine with that. Filament bulbs are easier to replace anyway.

The bugbear with this one is that the signal light takes power from the track. The higher the power, the brighter the light. This means that to have the light on full brightness the train has to be approaching the station at full speed, hit the dead track section and stop dead with all the passengers creamed into the front end of every coach.

It also means that to have the light green to send the train on its way, the power has to be on full before switching on the track, so the new passengers get creamed into the back of each coach when it takes off like a bullet.

The solution is simple, I just have to rewire so the signal light takes power from a constant source instead of the track. The dead section and light switch will work just the same and the train can come in and leave again at a normal slow speed.

I have to make a portable railway. I have an attic big enough for an impressive O gauge setup but I don’t know how long I’m going to live here. So I need something mobile.

I know, I know, you want to call me a geek and I’m fine with that.

If everyone was into models instead of guns and ideology and hate though, what would the world be like?

Getting metaphysical

Maybe going as far as paraphysical here. This is not theory, not even hypothesis. It’s just speculation. I know diddly squat about astrophysics, so don’t bamboozle me with your high-faluting equations and stuff like that. Keep it to street level if you want to explain why this is nonsense.

We’ll start with the caveat that it probably is nonsense.

It all began with a (public) Twitter exchange about time.

Which set me thinking in rather more than 140 characters. I did consider calling this post ‘Stop – Twittertime!’ However I need that construction for something else later 😉

Okay. Let’s start from the premise that the universe appeared in the big bang, We can argue about who lit the fuse another time, And yes, the big bang is theory, but that word has a different meaning in science. It means it is not proved but there is evidence to suggest it might be true. I accept that we could be the product of random cosmic forces, I also accept we could be but a spark from one of God’s fireworks. It’s all open to debate. That’s how science works.

This is not about religion vs. science. This is about the nature of time.

Incidentally, if I recall correctly, the Chinese ‘see’ time as coming out of the ground and going up, whereas we in the West ‘see’ it as going forward.

But then time isn’t moving. We are. We move through time so, as I said in that short discussion, what if time is what holds the universe together? What if that is the foundation stone?

Whether Creation or Big Bang, either way, time did not exist before the start because time is an integral part of the universe. We see three dimensions of space and we ‘see’ (rather, we experience) one of time. There could well be more dimensions, hiding all that ‘dark matter’ we know is out there.

If any God exists then he/she/it (obviously not human) must exist in more than our three physical dimensions. That would allow God to be everywhere, or at least see everything, at once. A four dimensional being would look at our three dimensional world in the same way we look at a two dimensional drawing. Five dimensions and our universe is a dot. A microfiche.

I believe science currently allows eleven physical dimensions. We barely exist at all at the top of that scenario. ‘Made from dust’ could well be a literal interpretation in that case.

But I digress. As usual.

If the universe uses time as its foundation then time travel is impossible. The universe is on the skin of a balloon expanding from its point of origin. There’s nothing outside and nothing left behind. It’s easier to picture if you think in four dimensions – we’re on the three dimensional skin of a four dimensional balloon. We don’t see inside or outside the balloon, we only see along the skin. Light seems to go in a straight line in our world but look at it in four dimensions and it’s zooming around through the skin of the balloon.

A balloon inflated by time.

Time is the dimension we cannot see. We can move in the three dimensions we are confined to but we cannot move in time, we are carried along by it. We experience it but cannot see it and cannot change direction.

There is no ‘past’ because the skin of the balloon has left that behind as it inflates. There is no fixed future because the skin of the balloon has not reached that point yet. Time recognises only ‘now’. Every point in time exists only now.

Sure, you can find relics of the past embedded in, and carried along with, the passage of time through space but you can’t go back there. It’s not there any more. Similarly, you cannot visit the future because it hasn’t happened yet.

You can still make a time machine of sorts. It can put you in stasis so you wake up in the future but going back to change the past? Forget it. The past is the void inside the balloon. If you go into the future and don’t like it, tough. There’s no way back.

I mean come on. If you had the chance, wouldn’t you want to go back and kill Hitler when he was still just a crappy painter? Or wipe out the Marquis de Sade or Torquemada or Stalin or Pol Pot any other mass murdering bastards of history? It’s never happened has it? They are all still there in history. Nothing gets fixed because nothing can be fixed. Once you’ve done it, it’s done.

As for the future, my own experience suggests that some people make accurate predictions but never very far ahead (one human lifetime is not even a tick of the clock at this scale of things) but that suggests no more than a tiny bit of variation in the process of time. Barely, probably not even, detectable on a cosmic scale. A minimal hysteresis in the mechanism that any engineer would be delighted to achieve.

Nostradamus? I read his ‘predictions’ So vague they could be interpreted any old way and even he has been ignored now.

There is nothing to suggest anyone from the future has visited the past and nothing to suggest the future can be predicted more than a trivial amount ahead. Travel in time is not possible for us.

However, a creature outside the limitations of our three physical dimensions might not be so constrained.

Maybe, this Halloween, we’ll meet one.




I’m back to making little models. This has been an intermittent hobby recently but I have discovered inexpensive and difficult tiny metal models so I’m re-honing my skills on those. I have, to compensate for my ageing eyes, relented and ordered one of these. I can’t focus as close up as I used to, in fact when working with tiny things I have a very narrow focal range now.

With the Borg eyes I’ll be able to get back to that tiny submarine too. That’s taken an appalling amount of time to do!

More on the new models in a later post. I am currently engaged in constructing the Halloween anthology which already has seven stories, one of them based on trains. It’s a definite go, once again, and will be the third Underdog Anthology.

Today I received something I didn’t make although I played a part in its construction. I was tasked with the important job of ensuring there was no trace of whisky left in the bottle. I can assure you my diligence in this matter was absolute.

This lamp was constructed by JP’s Workshop and I am most impressed. Out here, where the power can go off with no warning, battery powered lamps and torches are a must. As are candles. Lots of candles. I should stick them in the top of whisky bottles.

The whisky this particular bottle once contained was ‘Old St. Andrew’s’ and I have only ever seen this one in Asda. There seems to be a lot of that about. Glen Garioch is hard to find outside the distillery – fortunately the distillery is local. There is one called Loch Lomond which I have only ever seen in Local Shop. It’s a very good one but it can’t possibly be unique to the tiny shop. They only ever have two or three bottles in stock.

There are those specific to certain retailers, of course. Lidl and Aldi have their own brands and I’d advise staying away from the very cheapest ones unless you need to clean a toilet or strip the varnish off something. Their top of the range ones are so far ahead of the cheapos that a few extra quid is well worth spending. Even the mid range ones are streets ahead of the cheapest.

But I digress. JP has produced a most impressive lamp out of this bottle. This is recycling as it should be done – take something that you’d throw away and make something else with it.

I have some glass-drilling drill bits but have not yet had the nerve to try. JP has the expertise already so it’s probably best I don’t bother for now.

Oh, and I sent JP a selection of bottles, all meticulously and thoroughly cleared of all traces of whisky, so if you fancy a similar lamp you might want to get in touch. His prices are most reasonable, you will find.

If you want an Old St. Andrew’s one like mine, you will need to visit Asda and pick up a bottle because I have the only one so far.

If you need help clearing it of whisky, send it to me first and I’ll pass it on to JP after a thorough cleansing.

No extra charge 😉


Well, that was… interesting

Author payments are sent (novel authors I mean, I haven’t started on the short stories yet) except for Margo who elected to get hers as print copies and I should have those tomorrow.

I had to set up a new payment account for one author using online banking. I hate online banking and I hate it more now.

The computer is in the office but my mobile phone doesn’t work in there. It only works in the kitchen, right next to the window, or in certain areas outside. Thick granite walls were designed long before mobile phones.

So, I set up the payment and because it’s the first time, they send an automated phone call to check it’s really me. The house phone number on the account hadn’t been updated (it has now) so it had the old place’s number. No problem, I still have the same mobile number so I clicked that one.

The phone started ringing at once so it was a quick dash to the kitchen. The robot voice said ‘Key in or say the four digit number on your screen.’

Damn. The screen is in the office and the phone won’t work there. Quick run, memorise the number, run back and the phone is nagging me for the number again.

Well in the end it worked and then the phone beeped just as I got back to the office. It was the bank sending a text saying I had set up a new payment.

Then I changed the house phone number and the mobile beeped again. It was the bank telling me I’d changed the house phone number.

I know, in this age of internet fraud the banks have to be really careful and I appreciate that.

I think, really, the problem is granite. A fine and long lasting building material but you don’t need a tinfoil hat if you live in something made of it. Even the mobile phone can’t get through.

Al the same, I like granite. It just feels more solid than brick.

The cull nears…

The meek shall inherit the Earth… simultaneously true and rubbish in equal measure. How can this be?

Well, those who consider themselves ‘the meek’ are in fact the oppressors. They think they will inherit the Earth because they are slapping down their ‘oppressors’, the white people. I’m one. I’ve never oppressed anyone. They hate me anyway.

That hate is water off a duck’s back to me but to many it is biting deep. We now have the white race as the oppressed. You can’t be racist against Honky, you can call us all the names you want. You can wish us all dead. Extinct. Deleted from history. And you are the oppressed?

I’m a straight white guy, I smoke and I drink and I know things. All these are hateful to ‘the oppressed’ and they would delight in watching me swing for any one of them. In the name of spreading the love they would kill us all. What a pity their cause is hampered by them being so weak that they need to be protected from mere words.

Emotional support. For words. Forgive my blasphemy, Stewart, but Jesus Fucking Christ! These people are what we are to be scared of now? You can take them down, turn them into blubbering emotional jellyfish, by disagreeing with them! They are utterly pathetic.

Okay, I admit to putting on the horns and tail and having fun with the antismoker versions in the past, present and future but their willingness to believe anything anyone tells them is not laudable. It’s contemptible. These are the people who ‘deserve’ things, like a house and a car and free money. They deserve utter contempt and mental torment and that is what I have and always will provide for them. I live with a dog and two guinea pigs who are smarter and more deserving than those fuckers. Heck, the spider in the bath (Boris, he keeps coming back because he knows I won’t kill him) is a better companion than these pathetic excuses for humanity.

We have supermarkets bragging that all their meat is Halal. Not the bacon, at least not in Tesco. I asked and they checked and the manager wasn’t sure…  *sigh*

It used to be the preserve of Halal butchers but they are being put out of business by the likes of Tesco. It’s what Tesco do.

Muslims, the strict ones, are not going to be any happier about it than the rest of us. We infidels are not allowed Halal meat under Islamic law and meat not identified as Halal is haram anyway so none of them buy stuff in Tesco  in case it came into contact with the pork they also sell. Tesco and all the other supermarkets are fucking idiots.

They are pandering to a small set of customers while alienating everyone else. Good business? Not my idea of it.

There is a big thing about race now. If you are white you are racist, if you are black and call for the death of all whites you are not racist. Black people call for a new Holocaust of white people and imagine they are not Hitler because they are anti-fascist. Even the sad white people are revelling in guilt they have imagined they need to feel.

Fascists do not bother about genocide. Fascists are about money. Socialists are always the ones about genocide.

So. I am white, male, not a hint of experimentation with other sexualities – not because I oppose them but because they have no interest for me. I smoke and drink, I like those things, I try to do neither to excess but these days a fag and a snifter are far too much. The weak cannot stand it so they must deny it to everyone.

Now, as noted by on Twatter, we have children being dehumanised in schools. They don’t even know about human reproduction  yet and they are already being taught to shag trout and weasels. It’s all good, poke it anywhere warm and wet.

It all looks like bits of nonsense but it’s all the same thing. Race war, religious war, yeah, either will do, both is best. Don’t you know who’s running all this, all you ‘oppressed minorities’ and white useful idiots?

It’s all run by whiteys.

You take your money from the Rockefellers and the Soros to destroy whitey and you don’t look at their faces. Just those dollar bills. Look again and see where this is going.

Did you really imagine that the latest trans-mania was an overnight sensation? That schools implemented it after some research? Don’t give me that #woke shit, nobody #woke has changed a single thought in their head. It was set up ready to go

At the top it is all financed and run by honkies. Yeah, you silly fuckers, we’ve been running the show all along. You sad white trash who want to be extinct will get your wish. Non whites, basically, you’re doomed. You have been set up to be and you love the fake preference you get now.

Keep playing victim. You don’t really know what that means but you will, very soon.

You might even get an idea of how a straight white smoker feels….


There is something nasty on the way. It is  going to be big and vicious and even Stalin might go ‘Whoa’ but we white guys will survive it. Our people set it all up.

How can you not know that?