Okay. A bit on 5G and this damn virus.

I recently saw a map on Twitter which compared the installation of 5G in the UK with coronavirus outbreaks. They matched up remarkably well. Which is not really surprising.

Out here, in this house built at least as far back as 1760, we can get 4G in one part of the house and no reception at all in another part. It’s built with thick granite walls. If you stand by the kitchen window you get perfect reception. If you sit in the living room – nothing. We are not expecting to see 5g in our lifetimes out here. Our landline phone and internet is still coming along copper wires and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

It is not possible to create a virus with any electromagnetic waves. It is not possible to control a virus with electromagnetic waves. They have no nervous system, they are not even one complete cell by any definition. There is nothing to control.

What can be controlled is where and when 5G gets installed. No company would start by installing expensive infrastructure out here. Hell, the roads from the 1700s are still here because the newer roads are on different routes. You can even find milestones and retaining walls. A farmer who lived here not-too-many years ago amassed a huge collection of Pictish flint tools and arrowheads that he turned up when ploughing the field that’s right next to the house. I have a collection of handmade nails I’ve raked out of the fireplace after burning some of the old timbers from the cottage down the hill. You can still see the round mounds that were the bases of ancient settlement huts. Yeah, not much happens here.

In densely populated areas though, it’s different. Lots of people in one place, a good spot to roll out 5G. It has a limited range so towers have to be close together. Would you like to set up 15 towers between here and the nearest village, most of them doing nothing but relaying this one house to the internet? Of course not. How about another 20 or 30 to connect that village to the next one? For maybe a couple of hundred subscribers at most?

No, you roll it out in the cities. Where you’ll get the best return on investment, because the population is densely packed in those places.

A densely packed population is also where any virus will thrive. So it comes as no surprise that 5G installations coincide with high levels of infection. Of anything.

Correlation does not always equal causation.

Throwing shit into the wind

So it seems that an American newspaper, the New York Post, has published something very damaging to the Joe Biden presidential campaign. Sure, I know what it is but I don’t have any way to know if it’s all true, partly true, or not true. I don’t have access to the sources. So I’m not going to dwell on it.

I’m not American, I don’t live in America, I have never visited America (one day I’ll be rich enough, maybe) and I’m in Scotland where we have quite enough crap going on with two layers of idiots in government so American politics is of only passing interest to me at the moment.

The New York Post has been going for about 200 years. I doubt they’d deliberately publish something that would land them with massive libel charges. And we are not talking about libelling Jimmy Nobody here, we are talking about a story concerning a presidential candidate, one month before the election. If they are wrong, if they are lying, this could get them wiped off the newspaper map. So I would hope they’ve done their homework on this.

Anyway, none of it matters.

Farcebok and Twatter have gone all out on censorship on this one, to the point of labelling the story in the 200-year-old New York Post as a ‘dangerous link’. They even stopped one of the newspaper’s editors posting that link. They are clearly suppressing any negative news about Biden and trying to distract from it and it has worked – although not as, I suspect, they intended.

They have now made it clear that they are not open platforms for free speech. They are publishers, they edit and censor content according to their own preferences. You only get to see what gets through the editorial process. Anything they don’t like is quashed.

This changes the game for them. They are now subject to publisher regulation and are not merely platforms. It’s a hell of a big change, because a publisher is responsible for what it publishes, while a platform is not.

WordPress, those operating the mechanics of this blog, are a platform. They don’t edit or censor what I say on here. All of this stuff is my responsibility. If I were to send death threats or advocate violence, that would be on me, not on WordPress.

I (as Leg Iron Books) am a publisher. I edit and assess stories before publication. If I get one that is likely to get me in serious trouble, I won’t publish it. Sure, the contracts include things like ‘if you plagiarised this, it’s on you’ but this goes beyond that. I will not publish paedo porn, books that are a clear incitement to violence, fanfiction, that sort of thing. Because I know that accepting that stuff for publication will make me complicit. If I was just passing on anything and everything with no editing or censorship I could claim I was just a platform, but if I did that the quality of books and stories would be atrocious. Fanfiction about Bigfoot as Bigknob would be coming through along with Harry Potter getting reamed by Snape (these things actually exist online). Therefore, as a publisher, I have to watch out for what I publish because I could get bankrupted, even though that wouldn’t take very long at all.

Farcebok and Twatter have now confirmed that they are publishers, not platforms. This means they are responsible for what appears on their sites. There is so much hate, incitement to violence and more on those sites and they have just accepted personal responsibility for all of it.

When you throw shit in the wind, you really need to check which way the wind is blowing.

The Lockdown Zone

So, our idiots-in-charge are planning another total lockdown. I hadn’t realised the first one had ever ended. The WHO, on the other hand, have noticed the imminent rebellion and are now against lockdowns. Rebellion would scupper their plans. Lockdowns haven’t made a scrap of difference anyway. Countries with no lockdowns have seen exactly the same results but with a lesser effect on their economies.

Masks do nothing either. They might make you feel safe but it’s a false sense of security. They are not stopping any virus, they are simply amplifying bacteria so you can get a bad case of impetigo and/or pneumonia later. Since they are now planning to make masks compulsory outdoors, an insanity no microbiologist who hasn’t been bought off could possibly support, I have decided to increase the range in my possession. I can’t go to that site too often, it’s a money sink for me.

Okay, so is there really a virus? It has never been isolated, so is it real? Yes, it is. People have suffered from it and some have died. At the start of all this it looked really bad but it’s turned out to be just another flu. Like bird flu, swine flu and all the rest of the End of the World viruses, it’s just another flu. Not the Apocalypse. Its current death rate is the same as seasonal flu, which is now firing up for winter and which will be used to artificially inflate COVID figures. Yes, it can make people pretty sick, it can kill, but flu can and does do that too. Every year.

It is still true that this ‘new’ virus has not been isolated. Which means that the early claims that it was part-HIV are likely to be bollocks. Was it created in a lab? Unless someone manages to isolate it, we’ll never know for sure. Did it come from bats? Quite likely. A lot of coronaviruses do. And we do know the Wuhan lab was working on bat coronaviruses. Still, until it is isolated, the jury is out on its origins.

Not that it really matters now. This virus has done its worst, the annual flu will take up the job of terrifying the entire Western world from here on in. The PCR test can’t distinguish between flu and COVID. Did anyone ever stop to wonder why PCR was never used for the detection of other coronaviruses in the past? The answer is simple. It doesn’t work. This is not what the PCR test was designed to do, in fact it is almost as far from its intended purpose as it is possible to get.

Lately we are being told that the virus can live for 28 days on money and smartphones. This is utter nonsense. This virus is a bit of RNA wrapped in a fatty coat with proteins embedded in it. It will fall apart if touched with detergent. Just like a grease layer on water. It will mutate into a useless pile of nucleotides in sunlight. It is not a superbug.

Sure, some viruses can lay dormant for a long time but those are DNA viruses with a protein coat. You can actually crystallise them for storage. Not Coronaviruses. RNA is far less stable than DNA and a fat-based coating is open to any kind of soap. This is a virus that, outside an active infection, is very easy to kill.

Besides, if we are supposed to use our phones for ‘track and trace’ (another cock-up that is failing miserably and very expensively) what is the point of telling the gullible that those phones are a source of infection? They are going to have people turn up at restaurants unable to scan the QR code because their phones are at home in a bucket of formaldehyde. Along with their money.

Then we have the ‘long covid’, actually known for a long time as post-viral syndrome. If you get a really bad dose of any respiratory virus, or even a very bad case of a gut virus like the norovirus, you’ll probably be clear of it in two or three weeks. However, in that time, it has made one hell of a mess of your insides and you are not going to be jumping out of bed the moment you are virus free. You are going to feel like hell for weeks, maybe months, as your body puts itself back together and tries to remember which bit went where.

That is not unique to this virus. It can happen with any virus if you get hit hard enough by it. It isn’t likely to kill you unless you have some other condition already but yes, you are going to have a horrible time with it.

Alternatively you could be lucky. You might just get a cold. You might not get any symptoms at all. It depends on a lot of factors.

First, how much virus did you get? A small dose could be quickly slapped down by your immune system. A large dose could get established before your immune system cranks up enough to deal with it. That small dose will get your immune system ready for any bigger doses that might come later. If you don’t believe that, you don’t believe vaccinations are real because that’s how they work 😉

If you’ve had a coronavirus flu in the past you might have residual T cell immunity (a type of white blood cell that remembers old infections) which means your immune system can react faster. It’s not perfect but it could reduce it to a week of throbbing-head Hell rather than three weeks bedridden and wishing for a visit from the Reaper.

Vitamin D is important here. Where I live, well north of The Wall, vitamin D is an important supplement. We don’t see much of the sun for about six months of the year. It’s also very cheap. Vitamin D supplementation is so important I’m surprised the NHS don’t hand it out for free. A year’s supply is less than £10 and they’d free themselves from all kinds of vit-D-related illnesses.

You can pretend this is racist if you want, but anyone who doesn’t have pasty white skin living in Europe really should be taking a daily dose of at least 4000 unit vitamin D. Heck, I’m as white as A4 and I take that much but then I’m a lot further north than most of Europe.

Vitamin D can be made in your skin in sunlight. Dark skin is for the tropics, it’s important there because we whities turn into Lobsterman and then shed like a flaky snake in that kind of sunlight. Far from the tropics, you need lighter skin to make enough vitamin D. In the tropics, dark skin lets enough UV through but way up here, it certainly doesn’t. Get the supplements.

Next, zinc. Also a very cheap supplement. Zinc stops transcription (copying) of the virus inside your cells. Don’t overdo this one, it can interfere with iron uptake to the point of anaemia. I take one every other day, if I feel I’m getting sick I’ll go for one a day.

Hydroxychloroquine (yes, I know, Trump said it so it’s therefore evil and the anti-Trump lot will die to prove it) is an antimalarial drug. It is safe, it’s been in use for over a century in one form or another. In African countries where malaria is endemic they pop these like sweets. In the time of the British empire, they put quinine into tonic water to make the stupid pompous idiots take it.

It works like this.

“Quinine will stop you getting malaria.”

“Maybe, but it tastes horrible so we’re not taking it.”

“Okay. How about if we mix it with gin?”

“Ah, now we’re talking”

Hence tonic water. It still works. It helps the zinc get into your cells. Make sure it’s proper tonic water, not the modfern fizzy crap that boasts of having no quinine and is therefore not tonic water at all. You can mix it with gin if you like, but not with whisky because that is a crime against the universe and you will burn in Hell for eternity if you do that.

Tonic water, hydroxychloroquine if you can get it, one every other day going up to one a day if you get sick.

So far then, vitamin D, zinc and quinine in one form or another. One more thing. Vitamin C.

I like orange juice, cranberry, pineapple, in the mornings. Not all at once of course. So I do tend to wash down my vit D with vit C. All of these things help your immune system and they are all cheap. I have of course taken the precaution of stocking up on all of them before the Toilet Paper Loonies find out about this. Yes, they are buying toilet paper again. The end of civilisation will surely mean no domestic water supply or sewage, therefore we must stock up on the most useless article for that scenario. You might die of starvation or dehydration or disease but at least you’ll meet your maker with a clean arse.

There is one more thing proven to be protective and you’re not going to like it. Really, you’re not going to like it at all.


Whether it’s the nicotine (currently seems likely) or something else in smoke, smokers are not catching this virus at a rate proportionalt to their prevalence in any society. This particular prophylactic is, however, not cheap at all. It’s expensive and you’re going to be roundly hated by the mask wearers. Still, mask wearers are going down with COVID at a far, far faster rate than non-mask-wearers. So you won’t be bothered by them for very long.


There isn’t going to be one. Coronaviruses mutate so fast that every year’s flu vaccine can claim no more than 40% effectiveness. Well, there will be one. It won’t work but it will make some people a lot of money, which is what vaccines are for these days. They used to be about curing diseases but the Pharmers have worked out that curing things isn’t profitable. The big money is in long term treatments – and not using cheap treatments. There will never be another eradication as happened with Smallpox. That was the one and only disease ever to be eradicated. Then nobody needed a smallpox vaccine ever again.

The Pharmers learned from that. It will not happen again.

None of this is about your health. They really don’t care about that.

It’s about your money.

Time for a day off

The Halloween book is loaded up on Smashwords, Kindle and Amazon Print. Now we wait for the inevitable problems but tomorrow is a day off for me. I think I’ve earned it. Here’s the front cover.

It has two from me among the thirteen stories it holds. I’ll post one of them here as a taster when it finally gets through all the trivial complaints. Hey, in 2020, optimism is a dead thing.

So we face more silly lockdowns. They don’t work, masks don’t work, flu is currently killing ten times as many people as the ‘pandemic’ we are supposed to be scared of but then it’s all in the numbers.

So. If ‘cases’ are positive tests but deaths are low, then the virus is far less deadly than flu. If we accept that over 90% of ‘cases’ are false positives then the virus is more deadly than flu but its transmission rate is so pathetic as to render it irrelevant.

Which is it? can you really believe both at once?

A surprising number of people actually can hold this doublethink in their heads with no problem.

I can’t, but I am learning to imagine how it works.

Stupidity update

I am an idiot.

Subrosa casually mentioned on Twitter that if I was an AA member (the car one, not the booze one) I could get them out to fix it.

Well I am an AA member. How could I have forgotten? Those were the guys who dragged my immobilised car home when the transmission cable snapped at the start of lockdown.

Anyway, I have the home-start part of the package so I called them today. He arrived in a little over an hour and while it wasn’t an easy fix, he was able to tell me what’s wrong. Unfortunately the piston seal is broken so the piston is full of crap. I have to get a new caliper. He was able to free it for now but it’ll soon lock again.

Well, it is possible to do it myself but I’d only do that in a dire emergency. I’d much rather have an expert look at it. Anyway, I looked up the price of calipers and was pleased to see they are available as third party parts. Not that I’d refuse a genuine Toyota part but the dealerships don’t seem to want any business at the moment. I haven’t even been contacted about getting it serviced. So it’s not going to take weeks to have a part imported from United Arab Emirates like last time (and even with import duty it was still cheaper than the local dealership’s price).

The strange thing is, prices for the part range from £50 to £250, yet they all look the same. Surely the low priced ones must be safe, or the manufacturers would have had the balls sued off them by now. Is there any real benefit in paying five times the low price? I see no clear difference in the parts as shown onscreen.

Also, does anyone know, should I get both front calipers replaced at once? They’re both the same age so if one’s gone the other probably won’t be far behind.

There is one other small issue. If the local garage is indeed (as I suspect) closed, the nearest one is five miles away. Along a road with no bus service, no pavements and no lights. Taxi? Hahahaha. The nearest taxi rank is at least fifteen miles away so would probably cost more than the repair. So I can’t leave the car with the garage overnight. Also, thanks to Wee Nippy, nobody will be allowed to give me a lift home and back to the garage from Friday. Car sharing is on her latest Do Not Do This list.

Another option is to get the parts and get the mobile mechanic to do it. He did a good and fast job on the transmission cable and at a reasonable price.

Well, I guess tomorrow I’m phoning garages. If there are any still open.

One ray of sunshine. My daughter has offered to take CStM and I to see New Grandson tomorrow. It’s now going to be garden only, since going into family members’ houses is once again a Do Not Do This. It’s going to get interesting to see how much compliance they get in the snow.

So, fixing is on the cards. I suspect the rash of car problems is due to its lack of use over lockdown. It just sits there rusting quietly in the corner. Boris won’t care, he’s already planning to ban petrol and deisel cars by 2030 (although there will still be fossil fuelled transport for the Big Nobs and for Greenpeace’s pirate ships).

Maybe I should stock up on spare parts and get a few more jerry cans. Also, consider getting a steam engine suitable for fitting into a car…


Well, I have not been to visit New Grandson yet. It’s not because of lockdown, well maybe partly. My car, the cantankerous bastard, has now decided to lock the front brake caliper on. I suppose it’s the car’s revenge for being neglected all year but it doesn’t believe that’s not my fault. It might be a bit upset by the cobwebs and my refusal to remove the green garden spider eggs from under the driver’s side door handle too. But… I like baby spiders. They feast on baby ticks. The ticks have been very active this year so any tick predator is to be encouraged.

I can drive it, it gets warm after a visit to Local Shop (two miles away) but going to the nearest Co-Op (five miles away) makes it heat up so you can smell hot rubber and can’t touch it. New Grandson is 15 miles away and while it would be cool for him to see his grandad arrive, for the first time, in a car whose wheel arch flames are not just painted on, I think it might turn out to be somewhat expensive and possibly a tad more dangerous than even I am comfortable with.

Local Garage has been closed since this silly virus game started. They were trying to sell it before, so I suspect they’ve just taken the furlough money and let it slide. Can’t blame them really.

I’m not confident about messing with brakes. I’ve always held to the feeling that if I mess with the engine and screw up, the car doesn’t go. If I mess with the brakes and screw up, it doesn’t stop. The latter seems by far the biggest risk.

So I have to find a garage that’s open. There might be one near the Co-Op that’s still running and I’ll phone them tomorrow. Otherwise it’s tamperin’ time and that doesn’t always work out as I intended. Might have to carry an emergency anchor and be ready to throw it out of the window.

Visiting has to be soon because another lockdown is coming. It won’t work, just as the last one didn’t work, and the masks don’t work, but they’ll do it anyway because starting lockdowns meant they never had a way out. Sweden was right, but no other government seems to see it.

Well, in the meantime I have started the editing on stories for Underdog Anthology 12. It’s still ten days to closing for submissions but there are always one or two last minute ones. Best keep up to date, especially since there are other books in the queue and the Christmas anthology will be starting soon.

Tomorrow I might be driving slowly to an expert or playing lunatic grease-monkey outside my house. One or the other will happen.

I’m determined to say hello before the next ridiculous lockdown.

Another one

I’ve been a bit distracted today. I had thought that my son and his wife were seeing the doctors today to set a date for the Caesarian birth of my second grandchild. It had to be Caesarian because of reasons.

Well, he phoned at shortly after 8 am, at which point I was barely awake enough to be coherent, to tell me it was under way. It wasn’t a ‘set the date’ meeting, this was the Great Unzipping.

So, I now have a grandson, and my granddaughter has a baby brother. She hasn’t met him yet and neither have I because the current farce does not allow hospital visits. We’ll both have to wait until he comes home.

I’ve seen photos of course. He’s definitely one of us. He looks like he disapproves of the whole planet already.

The docs thought he had an intestinal blockage so he promptly had two massive shits and cleared it. They then thought he had breathing difficulties so he coughed up a load of mucus and cleared that too. He is going to be a master of ‘I can fix this myself’ and ‘Don’t worry, it all grows back’. He might end up with a medical record even shorter than mine.

There’s only one dark cloud today. My father had three great-granddaughters and doted on them all but he wanted a great-grandson. He died before seeing his fondest wish come true.

Well, it came true, and I hope that wherever he is now, he can see it’s happened.

Of course, if he’s been reincarnated as his own great grandson then my son and his wife are in for a very interesting time 😉

Normalising Bagboy

Five years ago, my son’s stag do took place in Frankfurt. We had a fine and drunken time there. A couple of his friends smoked, and some of the bars in Frankfurt still allowed smoking indoors.

Well, put that together with Frankfurt’s tobacco prices – roughly half of UK prices – and it was a particularly excellent weekend all round. Scotland had banned smoking in pubs nine years before that. For me it was like the old days – a beer and a smoke at the same time. Indoors!

I noticed, however, that my son’s friends didn’t seem too comfortable with this indoor smoking. Their actions were almost furtive, as if they were breaking some law or other and expected to be told off at any moment.

That’s when I realised they would have been around 16 when the smoking ban happened. They had never experienced a pub without the smoking ban, never had their beer along with a cigarette, indoors, in comfort. What felt entirely natural to me felt strange and uncomfortable to them.

Everyone born after them will feel the same way. Smoking indoors will just feel ‘wrong’. They won’t rebel against the ban. It’s all they have ever known. It’s their ‘normal’ now. Smoking inside a pub is never going to feel normal to them.

Well, assuming there are any pubs left after this lockdown. It’s not looking promising.

Now consider what is being done to children from a very young age. They are terrified of climate change. They are being told that masks and isolation are essential. They are actually being taught that contact with another human will kill them! At the same time, they are being taught to consider changing their gender and/or engage in a same sex relationship whether they are gay or not. Quite how that’s going to mesh with the ‘human touch is deadly’ lessons isn’t really clear. Then again, confusion is all part of how this game works.

Still, these kids are going to grow up terrified of everything, even hugs. They are going to consider any human to human contact as an assault. They are going to think masks and curfews and isolation are normal. That gender reassignment is normal, even desirable, and the eventual deletion of gender altogether will come as a great relief to them.

Within a decade there will be no need for a virus to enforce compliance. Comfortable compliant conformity will be normal. They will grow up knowing nothing different.

Oh the masks are not permanent. However, they will not be taken away by relief, but by a new terror. That’s yet to come. I won’t spoil the surprise.

See, the authorities have already realised that masks mess up those expensive facial recognition cameras. So the masks will have to go. All at once, not in some piecemeal slow release program. They’ll use the terror of the mask wearers to enforce mask removal. Same people, same idiots, same method.

Someone, I know, is going to point out that teenagers always rebel. Always. Every generation. It never fails. It’s true and it won’t fail in the future as it’s not failing now. Look at today’s teenagers. See how they rebel.

They are taking up school strikes for climate change. They are burning stuff for Antifa and BLM. They are dressing like steampunk nightmares and demanding the destruction of the businesses that made it possible to dress that way. They rail against capitalism on their iPhones. They buy ‘smash capitalism’ T-shirts from… well… capitalists. Basically, teen rebellion is driven by the same thing it’s always been driven by.


Idiots are easy to control. They don’t think they are being controlled.The big difference in the modern world is that teenage idiocy now continues into their twenties, thirties and beyond. They don’t grow out of it. They’ve been conditioned not to. They’ll accept money for protesting against capitalism. Money supplied by very rich people. They won’t question it. They have not been taught to question, only to accept what they are told.

So they will not fight against the masks nor against the constant threat of a degree change in temperature, they will accept that they are white and therefore guilty of some mysterious undefined crime, they will never understand what carbon dioxide really does and they will welcome population reduction because they will never imagine it would ever apply to them.

The masks are here for some time yet but they will be removed by a new terror eventually. While everyone is masked, we can all enjoy living in the world of Bagboy. In that video, notice something about all the adult animals’ mouths? Also pay attention to the ‘judge’ figure’s face towards the end. The video is from 2013.

It’s like they were trying to warn us. Cover your breath.

Darkness falls

(This post has taken a few days. I keep falling asleep before finishing it so it’s turned out a bit random)

It seems I have been noticed by Twitter.

Well, they don’t want some troublemaker with a lifetime career in studying infectious diseases talking about masks and reality, now do they? Wouldn’t that spoil the plan? All that matters is the plan, after all.

Since I won’t be modifying my tone, I suspect my time on Twitter might be limited. Doesn’t matter. Twitter is fun but it’s a game, like Farcebok and all the others. None of them are real life, they just think they are. Yes, having an instant conversation with someone on the other side of the planet is great, it’s pretty amazing really, but if Twitter won’t let you play, many others will.

I tried Gab. All I saw was a load of ‘Da Joos did it all’ and gave up on it. Maybe it’ll grow up, it’s trying to, so maybe I’ll go and look again one day. I tried Parler. Bit of a clunky interface at the moment but it’s new. I expect that will improve over time, as Gab’s interface has. It has its loonies, of course, just like every other platform, but at least it’s not full of Goebbels wannabes blaming everything on Da Joos.

It’s even rife on Twitter. There was an explosion at a port in Beirut. There was speculation that it was a fuel-air bomb but there’s no sign of any planes in the videos. There are videos of the blast from all angles – no sign of anything entering the fire that was already burning. Naturally, fingers were pointed at Israel at once.

The official story was that it started as a fire that spread to a consignment of fireworks which then exploded. It looks like a double blast. I suspected the first blast (fireworks) might have broken open some fuel storage tanks which immediately became a de facto fuel-air bomb. Fuel storage tanks are very likely to be around any modern port and there would probably be quite a lot of fuel in them. Still, we’ll have to wait for the actual investigation.

I don’t think Israel was in any way involved for the simple reason that the government of Lebanon are not blaming them. They are not blaming anyone, in fact they have stated that the storage facility at the port has been warned about unsafe practices before.

Could a firework explosion have done so much damage? There was a town in Denmark that had a firework factory. The factory caught fire, exploded and all but obliterated the town. A building full of fireworks is a pretty high grade bomb. There were also silos of grain and fertiliser at the Beirut port and, as I said, there would have been fuel tanks. A fireworks explosion could have set them all off.

Sometimes, disasters are just terrible accidents.

UPDATE: Turns out there was about 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored there, due to some legal wrangle with the owner. Apparently it wasn’t stored very well. The initial fire might well have been fireworks but the Big Bang was the fertiliser detonating.

Still, we have our own problems to worry about. Our lunatic government is still filling the country with illegal immigrants and installing them at our expense in the best hotels, hotels most of us could never afford to stay in, which the immigrants then complain about. They’ve come from camping in the dirt at Calais to a fancy hotel and they complain. I’d send them all the way back to where they started from but that’s probably best done after Brexit. If they realise they just go back to square one after getting all the way here, next time they’ll stop in France. We need to be the snake, not the ladder.

Bozza’s Mob has proposed locking down the over 50s, even though that age group is at little risk from the current virus. Then they withdrew that lunatic idea to replace it with something even crazier.

Yes, rather than just lock up a contaminated building for a week or so until any coronaviruses in there fall apart, they want to demolish those buildings at once. Thereby spreading any and all contaminants in the fabric of the building on the dust that results. It is lunacy.

This will be withdrawn too. Why? They have something in mind. Something every sane person would get enraged about. In order to get it accepted, they first put out absolutely lunatic ideas and withdraw them, so when they finally reveal the plan it looks less insane than what they have proposed before. I haven’t worked out what it is, but I think we’ll know it when we see it. Demonic Cummings has been quiet for a long time but he hasn’t gone away.

Yesterday CStM and I went to McDonald’s and then Lidl. Our first outing together, and the furthest we have travelled, since mid March. We used the drive through at McDonald’s for the first time ever so no mask required (I absolutely will not wear one when driving and have been advising delivery drivers not to wear them at the wheel). Lidl needed a mask, I just took along the zip mouth one because CStM will not be seen with me in either the Bane or plague doctor masks, and my army surplus gas masks, well, she’d disown me if I wore those in public.

The car needed a good run anyway. It’s sat idle apart from a less-than-weekly drive to Local Shop, a four mile round trip. The battery was suffering and needed a good charge.

Lidl was quiet. Everyone wore a mask. Social distancing seems to have gone out the window though. People reaching over each other to get things from the shelves. They don’t seem quite so scared any more. I think they’re just getting pissed off with it all.

There are still a few showing fear, but that might have been the mask 😉

I think I need some blue overalls and a Michael Myers mask with light up eyes. eBay has them. What the hell, if I have to wear a daft mask I am going to take the piss.

It’s often said, in defence of masks, that health professionals ‘wear them all day every day’. Actually they don’t. The N95 mask so highly touted works for about two and a half hours and like any fine filter, it’s eventually clogged with dust and then you can’t breathe through it. It is such a close fit that you’ll get sores on your face from keeping it on too long. They cannot be re-used. It’s not so much that they are contaminated, it’s more that they are now clogged with dust.

Surgeons have to do something counter-intuitive when wearing a mask in surgery. If they feel a sneeze or a cough coming on they must not turn away. They have to cough/sneeze directly at the patient. Why? Because the mask doesn’t stop it. Oh it stops it going directly forward, but ti doesn’t catch the cough. The mask directs most of it up, down and sideways. If you cough in a mask it’s those to the side of you who get blasted with whatever you just coughed out. The general public doesn’t know this so they will turn to the side to cough and blast whoever is in range with all sorts of nasties – if they have any.

Masks, without proper training in their use and in what they can and cannot do, are actually worse than nothing in untrained hands. People will naturally turn away if they feel a cough or sneeze coming and if they are wearing a surgical mask that is entirely the wrong thing to do. How many non-medic shoppers know about that? How much information has been given about that? The answer to both questions is ‘none’.

The general public in these masks are just going to make things worse. They have not been trained in their use. They will pay through the nose for N95 masks they don’t know how to fit or for boxes of surgical masks they don’t know how to use. All of them go in the general bin, some idiots are putting contaminated masks in the recycle bins. They cannot be re-used and they cannot be recycled. They are going to end up in landfill if we’re lucky or in the sea if we’re not. Millions of them.

If you have to wear a mask, get a couple of silly ones. They don’t do anything useful anyway, you might as well have fun. Get cloth ones you can wash and re-use and really, you do have to wash them. They are collecting bacteria and fungal spores when you wear them. Forget about viruses, they float right through the weave – the most accurate meme showed someone putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitos. That’s a good analogy.

This post is going on Twitter. They might ban me for it. They don’t like truth in any form on there. It doesn’t fit The Plan. The Plan is, of course, Panoptica, which I have to get back to. Items in the first two chapters are already happening. I know, I planned to write a chapter a month this year but life (and death) had other ideas. I’m slowly getting out of this fugue and back to it all.

Yes, masks are pointless but I really can’t be bothered arguing about it in a shop. I need to get a few things, I’ll put on a daft and scary mask, get those things and get out. No browsing, no impulse buys, it’s actually saving me a fortune. As is shopping online and getting it delivered. Turns out the delivery charge is less than the cost of petrol to get there. I suppose you don’t all live 15 miles from the nearest supermarket though. We might keep getting deliveries if this nonsense ever ends. Social distancing, pfft. We are masters of the art.

Alongside all this is the death of feminism. Women cannot be feminists nor even women any more, because of the Men in Tights. The Men in Tights are the New Women, moobs are the new bra fillers and you can actually buy a fake camel toe to hide your man bits. The genderless society is coming faster than I anticipated. Oh there’s no point telling them. They won’t listen, they won’t be scared, and when they are offered release from the current insanity of 57 varieties of gender and people self-identifying as telegraph poles they’ll fight to be first. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Another layer is the coming race war. The ‘oppressed’ black people will start it, if they haven’t already, and then they will find that the white races have invented guns, tanks, planes and bombs while Africa is still at the height of spear technology.

All these invaders are being lured into a trap. Look closely at those who advocate for massive global population reduction. How many of them are less white than a sheet of A4 paper? Most of them are so white you can see them from space. You really think it’s Whitey they have in their sights?

Look, there are definitely some Jewish, and many non-Jewish, people at the heart of the New World Order but most Jews don’t even know it’s going on. Most are just living like everyone else, trying to keep up with the bills and maybe get enough spare for a treat now and then. Same with white people. They don’t really care about immigration until it’s rammed into their faces day after day. As it has been since the Tiny Blur and it’s getting even worse now.

You can call me all the names under the sun. It does not change this.

What do you think would happen now if the government decided to deport every single illegal immigrant or imported criminal right now? How much resistance among white people do you really think there would be? Think how hard this has been pushed, how many rape gangs have now been identified, how much violence… How would the whites respond to a government directive of ‘get them all out’? Heck, a lot of British born and even legal-immigrant black people would be on board with this too. This BLM fiasco has definitely not made their lives easier.

It’s all been set up. I don’t hate people whose skin has colour. I wish mine had some colour but as a ginger in Scotland, that’s a faint hope indeed. Yet they bring in all these illegal immigrants, put them in hotels nobody here can afford and they know, oh they know, how much fury they are stirring. The illegals don’t. They complain about living in a 4 star hotel for free and they have no clue how much seething is outside, waiting for them.

Meanwhile Aberdeen is now back in lockdown because 54 cases of coronavirus have popped up. It’s not clear whether these are actually sick people or just positive tests, but it’s a handy distraction for the Scottish government from the utter balls-up they’ve made of exam results.

Now we have one newspaper (yes, one, the Toronto Star) reporting that COVID-19 makes your hair fall out. First report of that since this whole thing started. It can’t be any other reason, there is now no disease apart from COVID-19. (I would put up a link but you can’t read it unless you subscribe, so here’s their Twitter post).

Remember when everything was caused by smoking? Well, now nothing is caused by smoking. The Universal Virus does it all. I’m somewhere between relief and disappointment on that one.

The darkness is coming. Destruction of history, a new and fake history, wars based on nonsense but will kill millions, race wars soon to be followed with corporate wars, people made into worker drones…

Five hundred million. That’s how many people the maniacs in charge of all this want on the planet. That’s not just a hypothetical thought experiment, that is what they genuinely want to bring to reality. That means six and a half billion people have to die. Soon. Because they want to see this in their lifetimes, not at some far future date.

The Billy Gates Gruff has stated that his lunatic vaccine has to be distributed first to those most at risk… which happens to be BAME people. Of course they are getting hit harder, they have ignored every bit of advice on dealing with it. As, let’s be honest, everyone knew they would. Now, our Billy has form here. A polio vaccine he distributed in India crippled thousands of kids. He’d be arrested if he ever set foot there. In Africa, one of his vaccines caused widespread infertility. I repeat, it’s not the whites he’s after. Killing whitey won’t really make anything like enough of a dent in world population. Globally there aren’t that many white people.

No, no, whites are being subjugated, not killed. We’re all racist and we all have ‘white privilege’ and we have to cower and apologise for our very existence. Even though we didn’t invent slavery and actually fought wars to end it. Of course, we haven’t ended it, it still happens… it’s just not done by whitey.

And yet, only whitey has to apologise. ‘make reparations’ (give the freeloaders money) and abase themselves for an evil they tried to end.

So many provocations. So many needles into that white flesh. It can only have one outcome, and it is not going to be good. Those doing it know this and they are not black people. They are funding and controlling the leaders of those groups and they know exactly what they are doing. So when the time comes for the massive population reduction they’ll have pretty much every whitey on-message. So many will have experienced abuse at the hands of the black useful idiots that they will welcome the new Final Solution.

They will embrace their billionaire overlords, here to save them from the problem those billionaires created.

I know there are those calling me racist by now and I know those doing so are almost exclusively white. Black people know what Planned Parenthood was originally designed to do, and still does. They know the role played by the father of the Billy Gates Gruff in that organisation. They know the name Margaret Sanger and her lifelong ambition. Aside from those parading in London like incontinent penguins, and those paid and indoctrinated to stir up more provocation, black people know who their real enemy is.

Just as very few Jews are involved in this New World Order crap, so are very few white people. It’s the ultimate white supremacy really. Forget all those rednecks with Confederate flags and yeeha pickups, they’re not doing this. What you’re dealing with here are billionaires who think they know how to run the entire planet – and every last one of them is an old white man. It’s not the guy in dungarees and a mouth full of every dentist’s nightmare you need to worry about. It’s the guy in the fitted suit who has someone in a smart uniform driving him and opening the door for him.

We are all, all of us, simply economic units to those people. We have been divided and divided and divided, black and white, Christian and Muslim and all the rest, smoker and nonsmoker, Shia and Sunni, Catholic and Protestant, gay and straight, divided into ever smaller groups so we will fight amongst ourselves and never see the real enemy. It has worked so very well and will continue to work because there really is no way to make people see what is happening.

Their programming is impenetrable. They will shout ‘racist-Nazi-bigot’ and they will not, cannot, hear anything you say. There is no way back for them, they are lost to humanity forever. Their hate defines them, it is all they have. Any engagement with them is pointless. If you are not one of their collective then you must be deleted. Leave them to it. Don’t bang your head on that wall.

They depise capitalism because they have been told to do so by those paid by the bigest capitalists on the planet. You really think BLM or Antifa will ever go after Soros or Gates or any other billionaire? Ha. Those are their paymasters. They want communism for you, not them. Just like Stalin taught them.

Humanity is at the fork in the road. You can go down the sunlit road watched over by your billionaire overlords and rejoice in comfortable compliant conformity, with chips embedded to track your every move, or you can take the misty, dark road that leads to a future that has not been decided for you in advance and in which you decide what to do next..

The game has begun. Make your choice




So, Bozza is going to make mask wearing compulsory in shops. The day after his deputy, Mickey Gove, said that would never happen. Ol’ Chinless looks a bit of a dick today, doesn’t he?

So does Bozza, the man who stole Gove’s chin and many more until he looks like he’s talking over a stack of crumpets. Twitter is now full of pictures of cut-up Conservative membership cards and cancelled subscriptions. This kind of nannying authoritarianism is not the action of a Conservative government. I really think he’s just lost the next election and if he screws up Brexit on top of this, I won’t be surprised to see a lamp post somewhere bending under his weight. Along with the rest of them. It won’t be BLM or Antifa doing it, it’ll be their own ex-voters.

So, I am obliged to wear a mask now. I have ordered a suitable face covering and have looked at many other eBay options – Leatherface, Michael Myers, Alien facehugger, the Joker’s clown mask… well I’m going to need spares. I do have the plague doctor mask, several gas masks and of course, my own heavy hat. I just need a few variations so it doesn’t get boring.

Not that I’ve been in many shops since March. Local Shop occasionally, Local Petrol station once, that’s it. I have withdrawn no cash since March either. Still, they want to be silly about it, let’s ramp the silly to the max. If you have to wear a mask get a funny one.

Yes, I know, I can hear the nasal whine of ‘Oh but those masks don’t protect against the virus’. Neither do any of the others. Not one. No matter how much you pay for them. If you are wearing a mask a virus can’t get through, you can’t breathe through it. Every damn mask out there is, to a virus, like a mouse going in through an open barn door. They are all, every one, completely and absolutely pointless.

So. If we are to play silly games, why not play them in a silly way?

It’s not a game though, and it is far too serious to be silly.

There is no end date for the compulsory masking with fines for non-compliance. There is no disposal mechanism for these supposedly biohazard-laden used masks. People just throw them on the ground. They are not autoclaved or incinerated, they just go into landfill or get dumped in the sea. Nobody seems to mind.

Does that sound like management of a highly infectious disease to you? To someone like me whose entire career was in microbiology, it does not. At all.

The lockdown started in March. It is now July and compulsory masking is still over a week away. It looks futile and it would be – if the masks were about any kind of protection.

Okay, I know, from here on there will be some snickering about tinfoil hats and that’s fine. Those already assimilated have no way back, forget them, they have lost the ability to think beyond their masters’ commands. Let them bask in their collective, it’s all they will ever have.

So. Who remembers the Moonies? It was a cult some decades back and it conscripted in the usual cult manner that is still in use by cults today. Of so very many kinds.

First thing they did was to isolate you from families and friends. Yeah, they put you in lockdown. For months.

Next, they told you your old life was all wrong and you had to leave it all behind and accept a New Normal.

Many cults did this masked. Including the initiate. New face, new life, the old ways are gone, the cult is family now. The way you lived before is gone forever.

At this stage of contagion, masks are entirely futile for stopping any virus. It cannot be their purpose.

It isn’t. You are being initiated into the New Normal. You are joining a cult you don’t even know exists. And it gets better.

You are already demonising friends and family who don’t join the New Normal cult. You are already screaming at them and panicking that they are Disease Spreaders.

It’s an old game, a familiar game for those who remember history. The non-compliant will be hated, tortured, burned at the stake all over again. I see your face! Heretic! Witch! Disease spreader!

There is no end date for this new mask law. There is no end date for any of the new laws. They will remain as anti-heretic laws, forever.

The cult has won. Embrace Panoptica, it is here.