A strange kind of suicide

There has been another *ahem* ‘isolated incident’ attack which is strangely very, very similar to all the other isolated incidents. This time in Streatham, London, not all that far geographically from the almost identical isolated incident on London Bridge.

The similarities even extend to the perpetrator being recently released from prison for terror offences. The Narwhal tusk part of the London Bridge event was truly an isolated incident. That’s probably a once in a lifetime thing since Narwhal tusks aren’t widely distributed in the UK. However, that part of it was not the attacker.

What’s the connection? If I have to say it, you don’t want to hear it and will not hear it. Not even when they come for you. No point in you reading any further. For the rest of us, who saw the blatantly obvious connections long ago, let us continue.

Suicide bomb vests have become a common theme in these isolated incidents all over the place. Try to mob-down a lone attacker, apparently armed only with a blade, and boom. You’re all mince. The attacker will get 72 virgins in Heaven, one for each of the pieces he arrives in. Only one of those virgins will find it was worth the wait.

The last two isolated incidents involved machete-weilding nutters with fake bomb vests. Clearly they have put no thought into the consequences of this. Or maybe it really is a strange kind of suicide.

In both the recent cases the police shot the nutter dead. All the bleeding hearts want to know why they didn’t bargain with him or at least just shoot him non-lethally. So, a shot to the body, perhaps? He’s wearing what looks like a bomb. You really want to put a bullet into that?

Well why not shoot his leg? Once immobilisied he can stab no more people. He can still set off his bomb though.

Well, if he’s shot and down, he can’t stab anyone. Why shoot him some more to be sure he’s dead?

He is wearing a fucking bomb and he is from a group known to have no compunction in detonating those bombs. How many times does it need to be said? If he is alive he can detonate the bomb.

Except… he didn’t really have a bomb. He had what looked like a bomb. Does that make the police actions wrong?

Consider yourself in that police officer’s situation. You have confronted a nutter shouting adverts for Ally’s Snackbar and emphasising his point by stabbing random strangers. Are you going to walk up to him and say ‘Excuse me sir, I need to check if that bomb is real before I decide whether to shoot you dead or merely disable you’? Are you really going to do that?

Faced with Stabby Mo wearing what appears to be a dirty great bomb, the only option for the police is to shoot him. Dead. They cannot merely pop a cap in his shin and then wait for the ambulance to arrive so he can be patched up for trial. Once down he could take out half the street. Surely the nutters realise this?

So what is the point of the fake bomb? If they had a real bomb and detonated it they’d be dead. If they have a fake bomb, the police have no time to inspect it and given recent ‘isolated incidents’ they have to assume it’s a real bomb. and act accordingly. This involves ensuring the nutter can’t detonate it and there really is only one way to do that. So they are dead either way.

Well okay, they are on early release from prison (I can’t remember which haggis-brained moron thought that was a good idea) so they would have serious problems getting explosives but why bother faking it? They could just go on a stabathon in London and these days it would hardly make the news. Get sent to prison, come out after half their sentence and next time, attack the infidels with a battery powered bacon slicer. They won’t be expecting that.

Surely it must be obvious to anyone that if you go out wearing what appears to be a bomb, knowing that such bomb wearers have isolated-incidented themselves all over the place already, the only option the police will have is to kill you before you kill them?

The police know they cannot reason with the bombboys. They cannot approach and handcuff them because they risk being Jackson Pollocked all over a nearby wall. There is no option for the police but to shoot and kill. No other option at all.

Wear a fake bomb and the only one it will kill is you. Maybe you’re not quite dead but unable to move because of the gunshots. Maybe you are watching your life run in red lines into a filthy gutter. Nobody is coming to help you.

Tha ambulance crew are not allowed to approach until the bomb squad arrive and check your vest with a robot. That little robot might be the last thing you see.

Maybe you won’t get that far. Maybe the last thing you see will be a few discarded crisp packets and cigarette ends now soaked in your own cooling blood as you lie caked in dust and filth, alone on the cold pavement.

Is that a fine and noble way to die? Is it really? Does anyone really want their last moments on earth to be like that?

It’s a very strange kind of suicide.

18 years ago

I was at work. I had just returned from a work trip – by plane – and had been held up by security for a while as they passed my bag again and again through the scanner. Looked inside then scanned it again. I was quite relaxed about it, I had nothing in there to worry about and, as was usual on that particular trip, I was at the airport way too early anyway.

Turns out they thought my hip flask was a knife. It was edge-on to the scanner. There was no drama, no tension, it was resolved and I went on my way.

The date was September 10th, 2001. Ihave often wondered what the security reaction might have been if I had been flying home on the 12th.

The next day, on the lab radio, we all heard live coverage of the maniacs flying planes into US buildings. The most dramatic, the one that caused most harm and death, was of course the World Trade centre.

Sure, I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories but for those nearly 3000 people who died that day – plus of course those on the other hijacked planes that rarely seem to get a mention – theory is of no consequence. They died, all in horrible circumstances, and the blame lay on Osama bin Laden and whoever was behind him (again, there are many plausible theories).

Will it happen again? The place, and particularly the date, have significance in Islam. This is a long read but worth your time.

The place? Why New York? Why not concentrate the attack on the White House? Oh there was a plane headed in that direction but it was brought down by the passengers, revolting against the hijackers, because by then they knew what happened with the other planes. The White House was a secondary target, as was the Pentagon. The hijackers concentrated on the Twin Towers in New York.

In 1453, the Ottoman Empire took control of a city that was deemed the centre of civilisation at that time. The great city of Constantinople. The city known all over the known inhabited world of the time as ‘The Golden Apple’. Taking control of that city was part of Islamic prophecy, although the prophecy could have been adapted (maybe even originally written) to refer to the main hub of world commerce at any particular time.

The centre of world trade in the modern world was in New York. The Big Apple. Taking that was a major coup in the minds of those who believe in prophecy. Don’t be too quick to poo-pooh prophecies. They might all be nonsense but they inspire people to do terrible things in an attempt to make them come true.

Well that could possibly explain the target. The date?

September 11th 1683, the Ottoman Empire was poised to take Vienna. It was the last day that their force was considered unstoppable because they were stopped, quite comprehensively, the following day. The army surrounding Vienna was almost wiped out completely by a large Christian force commanded by the Polish. If you have never seen the Winged Hussars, they are worth looking up. Seeing that cavalry come at you, especially if you are deeply religious, would be terrifying. There were, of course, far more than just the Polish in that army but just as Islam has not forgotten that day, neither has Poland. Nor have the countries to the east of it. Which might open some eyes as to their current immigration policies.

So we have the Golden Apple/Big Apple, the centre of world trade and we have September 11th, the date the Ottomans started losing ground.

Those who planned the attack would certainly have been well versed in Islamic history and prophecies and may well have set the target and timing quite deliberately.

It’s been difficult to pay any attention to American politics lately, what with the utter shitshow that is current UK politics. Tyrion Bercow has been an absolute embarrassment as Speaker and the Remain idiots in Parliament are currently staging a student sit-in in an empty building. Leave them in there, I say. Let them sing their silly songs and we can all ignore them for a while.

However, there has been much ado about Donnie Trumpton inviting the Taliban for talks this week. The timing seems particularly insensitive. The talks were cancelled by Trump because those idiot Arabs thought it would be a good bargaining ploy if they blew up some people just before the meeting. Hint, beardies: it was not a good ploy at all. Now they are threatening terror attacks because Trump cancelled the meeting. Well, you turbaned ruffians were going to carry out attacks anyway, so how is that even a start at bargaining?

I wonder, did Trump set the timing deliberately too? So that if there was another September 11 attack he’d have the culprits right there in America, surrounded by his security? Maybe he expected them to screw it up and never planned to meet them at all.

Or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.

A couple of decades ago, few people outside Islam were aware of the details of its history, and of the prophecies its adherents are trying to fulfil. Now there cannot be a government advisory office on the planet that hasn’t studied it all in great detail.

The difficult part is going to be getting their governments to listen.


Around 1990, I worked alongside some scientists who studied methane emissions from ruminants, particularly (but not exclusively) cows. I wasn’t directly involved, I was working on probiotics for pigs, but we are talking the same scientific group.

Their aim was to reduce methane emissions from cows, in the name of global warming, because otherwise we’d all be dead by 2000. Must have worked then, eh?

Nope. Not at all. The meddling kept getting funded but the cows farted and belched unhindered. My suggestion of adding a spark plug at either end to burn off emissions and simultaneously create double-ended dragons or self-cooking steaks was scoffed at. No imagination, those scientists.

Besides, the methane and CO2 belched and farted out of cows is as nothing compared to what comes out of mud flats, wetland, bogs, marshes, swamps… and when a subsea methane clathrate collapses, the cows become utterly irrelevant for that whole year. Sometimes you even get to see swamp methane as will-o-the-wisps when a bit of naturally-produced phosphine sets it off. Worrying about cow farts was, and still is, pointless but if you throw money at scientists they will find a way to use it.

To be fair, these days they have to accept funding. Their jobs depend on it. The days of pure research are gone and I count myself lucky to have been part of them. Now, you have to have a commercially viable aim for a project. Research for pure interest, and the inventions that came as byproducts of that, are gone for good.

Well, after a few decades of failing to stop cows farting (plugging the holes just makes them inflate and float away) the only solution left is the one that was obvious all along. In the name of conservation, in the name of ending animal cruelty, the plan is… kill all the cows.

The Amazing Occasional Cortex’s ‘Green New Deal’ is neither green nor new. There have been decades of research into stopping cows farting and belching methane and nothing has worked. Even if it did, all those wild ruminants would fill the void very quickly. So we’d have to kill all of them too.

If we do, their niche will be filled by other species and since most animals produce methane to some extent, and all of them produce CO2, the only way to save life on the planet is to exterminate all life on the planet.

Including insects and microbes. They represent an enormous biomass and they all produce CO2. They all have to go if we are to truly reduce CO2 emissions because shutting a few power plants is going to make no difference at all overall.

Makes sense? Has any of the ‘progressive’ claptrap ever made any sense?

No, it makes no sense. In the 70s we were heading into a global ice age due to rising CO2, then we were heading into a planet with a runaway greenhouse effect like Venus because of rising CO2, now we have ‘climate change’ because of rising CO2 so they can claim a win either way.

And they have an army of acolytes hanging on every word. Believe! Listen to our High Preists with their white coats and hockey sticks! Live as we direct or the Green God will smite thee! The End is Nigh!

I have tried to point out to these people that this is the basis of every major religion on the planet and that they are members of the Church of Climatology. Do they listen? Of course not. Who would willingly deny their own religion?

Now, the Occasional Cortex says we have twelve years to kill all the cows and abandon all technology. All those advances, all those innovations, must be discarded. Yes, she tweets this from an iPhone while drinking Starbucks and checking the time on a posh watch. And to think, people say Americans don’t understand irony.

Is that what happened to those who built the ancient structures we don’t know how to build now? Did they fall for the same scam? Did they abandon their technology because of farting cows and destroy all records of their inventions to make the world a safer place to bang rocks together and collect berries?

There are so many ruins under the Amazon forest that it is becoming clear that it’s not an ancient forest at all. It’s a runaway weed patch. The ‘lungs of the planet’ are not a discrete organ all in one place. It includes that lawn outside your window, the weeds growing in hte cracks in the pavement, the algae around your windows after a wet season. All of it is absorbing CO2 because all of it needs CO2 to live.

We are all to become vegetarian to save the planet by eating its lungs. Isn’t that a fun image? Well it can’t work. Those grasslands the cattle graze on are not used for crops because those areas are only good enough to grow grass. You can’t plough a field when the bedrock is six inches down but grass will grow there and cows will turn that into something you can eat. Vegetarianism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

There will be climate change, there always has been and always will be, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Not a thing. You adapt to it or you die. Nature doesn’t give a damn either way. If the human race is eradicated, another species will take our place. Just like the cows.

If you want to worry about humanity getting wiped out, you’d do better to worry about what’s currently happening between India and Pakistan than worry about half a degree of temperature change or a millimetre rise in sea levels. But hey, if that’s what floats your boat…

This planet has gone through changes that have put cities under the sea and the sea bed at the tops of mountains and humans have never, and will never, have any control over any of it. If the planet decides to have an earthquake or a tsunami or a volcano, the best you can hope for is getting enough warning to get out of the way. You cannot control this.

That is the part that the control freaks really cannot stand. We have absolutely no control over nature. None at all. So they have to pretend we do. They pretend we are ‘causing an ice age’ or ‘causing global warming’ or ‘causing climate change’ because they cannot stand not being in control. I’m surprised they haven’t blamed dinosaur farts for deflecting an asteroid so it crashed into Earth and killed them all.

We really don’t have hat much effect on the planet. Sure, we had cities with smog and some places still do but that’s a local effect. Not a global one. Cleaning up our cities to get rid of the smog is a Good Thing but really, only for ourselves. The planet does not care.

If we managed to get this planet to a state where we cannot live on it any more, nature will not care. It will replace us with species that can live on it in its new state and carry on going around the sun as usual.

Taxation will not affect that one jot. What does the rock we stand on care about our money? What does any other species on the planet care about it? Hell, there are whole populations of humans who don’t care about it.

Going back to living in huts made of dung and working dawn to dusk on subsistence farming is not going to make the slightest difference to climate change. It will only affect our ability to cope with it.

We really are not Gods. We do not control the weather and we have absolutely no control whatsoever over the planet. We are hairless monkeys with fancy toys and smugness and that is it.

The planet doesn’t care if we wipe out our species with our own self-importance. The loss of a species is nothing to Nature.

It can simply make another one.

The End Times

The world still hasn’t ended yet. I hope it ends before the expiry date on my popcorn.

As I’ve often said, I have no religion of any kind, not even atheism. I have absolutely no interest in persuading anyone to my view of the afterlife, this life, past lives… or anything else.

I have, however, always been interested in religion. Not in whether it’s true or not, nor in whether I should consider joining up. No, my interest is in where it comes from, and why so many people fervently believe something that cannot be proven because there is no mechanism for testing it.

How would science go about testing God? Omnipotent, omnipresent – so you can’t have a ‘definite no-God’ control area. Where is your null hypothesis? That everything arose by pure chance? Well, is that a null hypothesis or an opposing theory? And how do you go about testing whether anything in biology, geology, elsewhere did not arise by chance when the alternative is not visible, tangible or measurable? There is nothing to test.

Try testing prayer. Let’s say you get an effect. Does that prove God, or does it prove Jung’s ‘collective consciousness’ at work? Did the healing come from a God or directly from the people praying?

If someone performed a verifiable miracle – did God do it, or did that person exhibit some unusual paranormal ability? There is no way to prove that God exists. You either believe or you don’t. I don’t.

I know, people say I should believe as an insurance against being wrong. If I said I believed I’d be lying. I’d be faking it, as so many already do, to avoid being ostracised or worse by the religious community they live in. If there is a God, he’s likely to be much more pissed at me for faking it than for being honest about not believing. And God would know I was faking it. Faking it would mean lying to myself, to everyone else, and, ultimately, to any God who might be watching. As insurance policies go, it’s a dud.

All religions, including the new Church of Climatology, have a doomsday scenario. The end of the world. Do as we say, live as we tell you, or you will be damned on Judgement Day. Yes, Climatology is a religion. It fits all the criteria.

Climatology has seized on the Christian Armageddon version, in which the world is utterly destroyed forever and all humans are dead. The Christian one is preferable in that at least some survive and get taken up to Heaven. The Climatologist’s Green God just kills everyone.

The big question is – when? When does this all happen? The Jehovah’s Witnesses once set a date of about 1919 (my memory could be a couple of years off) and the world didn’t end. Although the First World War brought it to an end for millions of people so maybe they weren’t entirely off the scoreboard with that one.

There have been quite a few dates that have been set for Armageddon and all have passed uneventfully. God won’t give a date, as Death himself once explained.

So it’s all guesswork. Anyway, not all religions have such finality to the end days although pretty much all of them calculate those end days as being very close. For some, and there is a consistency between several of their legends, the end is not an ‘end’, but a change. A big change, a not particularly comfortable change, a change few will survive, but not the utter destruction of the planet.

The survivors will not have pink hair and arms like pipe cleaners. It’s that sort of change.

I have for some time been interested in the ‘yuga’ cycles of ancient India. Now, I know it is fashinonable to think of India as being under British subjugation as if it didn’t exist before Queen Victoria’s time, but there has been a quiet civilisation there for a very long time. They do not seem to have been an expansionist civilisation, they aren’t recorded as being like the Greeks and Romans and many others who were so bored with their own countries they felt the need to invade someone else’s. India has been invaded many times throughout history but they showed no interest in invading anyone else.

There is an interesting, if long, article by someone who has studied the matter in detail. The full yuga is 12000 years and there are four sections to it. Well really it’s 24000 years because there is a decline then a rising of humanity through the cycles. We are currently in Kali Yuga, the very bottom of the cycle, a time of barbarity and chaos. It’s nearly over.

Each of the yuga sections is 2700 years with a 300 year transition period (which is what Tessie Maybe will sign us up to over Brexit if the daft tart has her way). Here is the timeline he has calculated:

So we are leaving Kali Yuga and moving into the transition period into a new and better period, if this is correct. However, the transition period is always nasty.

Basically, natural disasters and the collapse of civilisations. Well, we are about to enter a Grand Solar Minimum which will make a mockery of all those ‘climate change’ energy bollocks, and civilisation falling apart? Look around, it’s happening.

Do I believe this? I believe nothing. I look at data and try to make sense of it. I do, however, believe that a lot of human knowledge of the past has been lost. How and why thjat happened I don’t know.

I have watched a lot of YouTube videos about pyramids. Not just the ones in Egypt. Most of those videos say ‘humans could not have done this, it must be aliens’ because we would struggle to build with that level of precision now.

But what if we could in the past? It is true that the Egyptians with their meticulous record-keeping left no clue as to how they built the pyramids. Maybe they didn’t build them. Maybe they found and adopted them. There was a plausible theory that the Sphinx originally had a lion’s head that was re-carved to a pharoah’s head and the proportions bear this out.

The Greek civilisational collapse mentioned in the graphic above was so bad they had to re-learn how to write. It wasn’t just the Greeks, it was global. Nobody would remember who built the pyramids and many other complex structures and nobody would remember how they were built.

I have to consider this as possible. It’s certainly, in my view, preferable to ancient aliens who came here, built huge stuff and then just pissed off home. It seems more plausible that humanity in the past developed skills that were subsequently lost through a global catastrophe that set us back to the stone age. I mean, if a big solar flare hit the planet tomorrow, what would happen to the infrastructure we have built now? How would future archaeologists interpret a fossilised iPhone?

Do I need religion for this? No, I just need an accurate historical record and if the human race is blasted back to living in caves and going ‘ook-ook’ every 3000 years, any historical record beyond that is going to be suspect.

But you know, when you look at the world around us now, and you match it to these old text cycles, it’s hard not to think ‘here we go again’.

If there is a God, it seems he does have a reset button for the planet after all.

Justice and Vigilantes

There have been some vigilante incidents in the UK recently. I saw a video of a truck repeatedly and deliberately reversed into the front of a kebab shop.I saw another of two men being attacked and made to flee in their car, the rear window smashed.

Both were alleged child abuse retaliations and both were heartily cheered on Twitter. Were they child abusers? There are certainly a lot of them about but the videos offered no evidence in these particular cases.

The child rape gangs have operated out of kebab shops – but did they use the particular one attacked in the video? I don’t know. Likewise the men chased away in the car – were they child rapists? I don’t know.

The accusation is enough now. As in the days of the Witchfinders, once accused you are guilty. These days, a Muslim talking to a child is a prime suspect and while most of the rape gangs are indeed Muslim (no point whining ‘racist’ at a statement of fact so don’t bother) it’s still only a small proportion of Muslims. Calling all Muslims child rapists just leads to witchhunting, and that is never good.

Besides, it goes a lot further than the Muslim gangs who are coming to light now. They were facilitated for a reason and it’s a reason most people are not prepared to accept. The facilitators are people in positions of power and they are not Muslims. The rape gangs were, and to a large extent still are, part of their supply chain.

Yeah, I know, I sound a bit David Icke now. Well, I write a lot about demons and witchcraft and devilish things and I don’t just make shit up. I use ‘real’ demons and ‘real’ spells and ‘real’ incantations in the stories (‘real’ insofar as I researched what these people actually do rather than just invent my own magic world). The covers of Samuel’s Girl and Jessica’s Trap are not idle doodles. They are taken from The Key of Solomon which a lot of people think is a fictional book, like Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, but it’s all too real. It’s part of a group called Lemegeton and the British Library has it. Partial translations are even available on Amazon.

I’ve never dabbled in calling up demons nor in running the actual rituals for real. For me it’s in the same class as the Ouija board. If it’s not real it’s a waste of time. If it is real it’s too dangerous to play with. Therefore the logic gate returns ‘no’ either way.

I’ve argued before that it does not matter whether Satan is real or not. What matters is that a lot of people believe he is real and will do horrible things to please him. Atheists refer to God, Allah, etc as ‘sky fairies’. Well you could call Satan the ‘underground fire goblin’ and it still does not matter whether any of them are real or not. What matters is what people who do believe in them are prepared to do.

Look at what the radicals among Allah’s followers are prepared to do. They are prepared to blow themselves to mince in a crowd even if the crowd contains other Muslims. Why? They believe they will get 72 virgins in Heaven.

Quite where they expect Allah to find them 72 virgins each when they have raped every girl before she reached adulthood is a mystery.  The only virgins left are the incels so get ready for an eternity of playing World of Warcraft against 72 fat sweaty guys who have way more practice than you. Is that worth mincing yourself for?

The devil worshippers are not so overt. They want power over the world, just like radical Islam, but they are much more subtle about it. And, frankly, they are better at it. Remember, it does not matter if God or the devil are real. People are doing all this because they believe in these entities. The actual existence of the entity is irrelevant, the actions are all too human.

I could do a lecture on this, I’ve learned enough but let’s summarise. Eliphas Levi translated some useful parts of Clavicula Salomonis that are relevant here.

Kether, the Crown, is not an individual being. It’s an essence. I’d be up all night getting into this but basically it’s God. Not a bearded guy saying ‘Pull my finger’ to Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Something much more intangible, spiritual, non-anthropic. His adversary? There are two, who are at war with each other and if you’ve followed superficial treatment of this by the likes of Shouty Alex and the Internet Outrage Show, you might be surprised.

The two adversaries of God who are in eternal war with each other are called Satan and Moloch. They are not the same.

They are opponents. Keep in mind that it is not necessary for you to believe any of this, only to recognise that there are people who do.

So you can claim to be an opponent of Satan if you are a follower of Moloch but since both are leaders of the Thamiel and both opponents of God, the end result is the same.

And Moloch is depicted as an owl. Shouty Alex was close when he sneaked into Bohemian Grove. Pity he didn’t read up on the matter.

Satan or Moloch, your initiation will be based on depravity and your continued servitude will include continued depravity. It’s perfect for control. If they have video of you raping or otherwise abusing a child, you dare not speak out against them or defy them. You can’t join the power circles unless you do this  but once done there is no going back.

Moloch doesn’t have to be real. Only the video of your initiation has to be real.

Trump is not part of this. That’s why they are so scared of him. Jacob Rees-Mogg is not part of this. That’s why they will avoid letting him lead the Tory party. He won’t be controllable.

Corbyn, I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’s part of this either. But then he’s just a figurehead and if he gets to be PM he’ll be run from the shadows because he really has no idea what he’s doing. Tessie May seems to be a weak one too, run from the shadows. So maybe she’s not really part of the elite either.

The test will come if Trump is invited to Bohemian Grove. I don’t think he will be. He’s far too likely to tweet the whole event. May won’t be going. It’s an all-male event. Let’s see the feminists point their screaming vaginas at that one. If they dare.

So yes, the Muslim rape gangs are an evil that must be eradicated but the testimony of those gangs is kept secret for a big reason. The names they might drop…

This still does not justify vigilantism. Oh it’s going to happen, it is already happening and it can’t be stopped because justice is corrupted.

They sent 18 police officers to arrest a frail old soldier for ‘war crimes’ from 30 or more years ago. Eighteen. To arrest a frail old man. If you get burgled you might have two officers calling in for five minutes a week later to sign your insurance forms. Say bad things on twitter and they’ll be round your house by dawn.

A man who defended his home against armed robbers has been prosecuted for a hate crime for calling them bad names. The robbers have not been arrested.

Justice? Can you afford it? The latter case was a rich man and he couldn’t afford it. What does this tell me? It tells me that as much as I disagree with vigilantism, if you break into my home I am not calling the police. Your reward will be a shallow grave in the woods. I’ll be selling rhubarb to Tesco if there are enough ofyou.

Is it at all connected? Let’s get a look at what the Believers think.

There are ten Sephirah in the Eliphas Levi translation. I have discussed only number one. Let’s skip to number five.

Five is Geburah, Justice, and the good guys are the Seraphim. They believe in merciful but swift and appropriate justice. They are opposed by the Golab, the ones of wrath and sedition. Witchhunters, basically. No care for due process, if you are accused you are guilty. I used Golab in ‘Jessica’s Trap’ because it was so fitting. And now it’s fitting in the real, modern world too.

Accused, you are guilty. Even if the accusation is absurd. You are Nazi-racist-bigot if you so much as question the fascist dictates of those who label you fascist.

Doesn’t it sound familiar?

I have no religion. I have no faith, and I worship nothing and nobody.



What matters is what the people doing this stuff believe. They believe it will bring them power and glory so they implement it all. Does it work? Well of course it works. There are always, always, enough gullible morons, enough useful idiots to form a cult. That’s been proven time and time again.

It doesn’t mean there is a God or Allah or Satan or Moloch or any of the rest of them.

Humans have always been perfectly capable of being utterly shitty to each other without any supernatural influence.

But hey, blame it on the red guy. He won’t mind.

He doesn’t even exist.

Racial superiority

It doesn’t exist.

It’s a meme. An ancient one, started by one tribe in the Middle East – not Islam, not even Judaism. Way before them.

It’s a meme that caused a change from the old Pagan religions to new, highly organised religious structures. It wasn’t created by those religions. It created them.

Some years back I wrote a little thing about the origins of government and control of the people. Where one becomes leader, then a group takes control, and they consider themselves superior to the other members of the tribe. That’s still going on.

For some time, Roobeedoo has been trying to get me to watch a series of YouTube videos by John Lamb Lash. Interesting theories but the videos are very long and frankly, he has the most soporific lecturing voice in the world. However, something he said in one of the recent, less tortuous videos struck a chord.

Basically, his ideas extended the idea I had put forward in ‘Fear the Witch’ to where one tribe becomes convinced they are the Chosen Ones of an all-powerful God and are therefore superior to every other tribe. That’s where the real shit happens. When everyone else is less than human the whole tribe has no problem with going on a killing spree.

John Lamb Lash is a Gnostic. His belief (as I understand it) is that we are the subject of a cosmic experiment and that the experiment has become corrupted by this idea that some are better than others. I’m not getting into that, I haven’t watched anywhere near enough of his stuff to comment. I don’t think you need to invoke anything alien or supernatural to arrive at the ‘we are better humans’ idea.

It’s the best way to get your population to go to war with another tribe/country/ ideology. It’s been used a hell of a lot over the millennia. Dehumanise the enemy and your soldiers won’t balk at killing them. They aren’t really people. They are inferior beings.

It gets even worse when more than one tribe believes they are the Chosen Ones. Then the enemy isn’t only subhuman, they are actually heretics who contaminate the world, the rightful property of the One True Religion.

Mr. Lash takes it further.

His theory – and it’s well researched – is that it can all be traced back to a cult called the Tzadiki. A cult which, he says, still exists behind the scenes of the major religions. The everyday adherents to those religions don’t know about it, they are just doing what they are told their God wants them to do.

What God wants them to do is to have a miserable time on Earth with the promise of a great time in Heaven. Deny themselves earthly pleasures and concentrate on killing other people because they believe something different. This template, this meme, fits with all the major religions who all regard themselves superior to all other religions – even to the extent that they will kill anyone who believes a slightly different version of their own religion!

Sunni, Shia, other versions of Islam. Protestants and Catholic Christian (they don’t kill each other so much now but the IRA stoked up quite a bit on that score and a Celtic vs. rangers football match in Glasgow is best avoided). Different variants of Judaism hate each other too.

Yet they all started with Abraham. One religion. Fragmented into three – it wasn’t hard to do, each of the two fragments were broken from the mainstream by a single individual. Now those three are fragmenting further and further until they have to kill the guy next door who believes prayer time is five minutes later than you believe.

There’s a new religion too. All these new laws on what you can and cannot say, how you eat, drink, no smoking, no alcohol, self-denial… it’s the same as the religions. Yet this new one is not Abrahamic even though it seems to be modelled on them. And why not? As control systems they’ve worked very well indeed. Why would a new control system not model itself on the successful previous ones? It doesn’t have a name yet, it calls itself many different names so far, but that’s the best way to sneak it in. Oh and it doesn’t have a God. It has people running it openly for once.

So what about the Tzadiki? Mr. Lash believes they are a death cult, who hate all life on Earth. They want to kill everyone. Absolutely everyone, not just the other tribes. Their own tribe too, and then themselves.

Then comes the connection to AI and robotics. Upload your mind into a machine and you don;t need live humans any more. Just a few robot humans so if you break down another robot human can fix you. Rather like Dr. Who’s Cybermen. Far-fetched? Well, there has been progress in creating the robot bodies at least, and giving them speech and some semblance of intelligence.

No luck with putting a human mind into the machine yet but, well, the computer chips aren’t complex enough to hold it all.


If there is anything to any of this, consider… the Tzadiki almost achieved their aim of obliterating all life with nuclear war. They’ve stopped trying that now. Why?

What if – just, what if – they see this new AI/mind in machine thing as the answer they’ve been waiting for? They could load themselves into machines whereupon they need no food, water or air. They can then obliterate all life on Earth and watch it happen. They can watch the last bacterium die.

They also don’t need to kill themselves because they will no longer be alive.

Now there is the basis for one hell of a story!

Is there any truth in this? Who knows? It does, however, seem based in what the world has seen since the birth of organised religion and big-government control systems. Mass deaths in wars, mass deaths due to ideology whether that ideology worships a god or denies the existence of any gods. The template is the same. Live as we instruct, think what you are told to think or we have to kill you. We are superior. Our way is the only true way. If you are not like us then you are not human and we will remove you contaminants from our world.

Yes, Socialism, I am looking at you too.

There are, according to Mr. Lash, only a few of these Tzadiki. There don’t need to be many. The whole of Christianity was started by one man. Islam was started by one man. Heck, the whole shebang was started by a man called Abraham! In fact, most of the religions, possibly all of them, were started by a single individual. Even Communism wasn’t thought up by a committee.

It does not take many people to change the world, if those people are very convincing.

Naturally they don’t tell their followers that mass death leading to the elimination of all life is what they want. They wouldn’t have many followers if they did that. No, they promise glory and love and peace and deliver misery and hate and war and they are so good at this that their followers never notice.

Because, you see, the inferior races are in the way of all the glory and love and peace. They have to be eradicated first. Sure, some of you will die trying but your reward will be a bright future for humanity.

You see it now. ‘Kill the white race’ is the most recent manifestation of exactly the same template. So is the anti-Brexit and anti-Trump fury. These two things threaten the progress of the agenda so the followers must be mobilised to eradicate this threat.

And all this crap about inviting the rest of the world into Europe for a free ride can have only one outcome. One hell of a war. In which, once again, millions will die. That’s what the Tzadiki want.

I don’t know if the Tzadiki and Illuminati are the same, I don’t know if Bilderberg is something separate or part of the whole, so don’t ask. If anyone knows I’d be interested in hearing about it.

But I am certain that the ordinary everyday Jew knows nothing of this and is not involved. I am also certain that Islam is being set up for eradication. They want your oil, guys. They don’t want you. They want you to be as belligerent and violent as you can be so they will have popular support when they decide to wipe you out. I’ve been telling you for years but you don’t want to hear it.

Because you believe you are superior. You believe you follow the One True God and everyone else is infidel, inferior to you.

They couldn’t do this with Christians or Jews because those two religions have calmed down. Islam is the one that fits the bill for a massive clearout of humanity.

Make no mistake, this talk of ‘reducing the human population to five million worldwide’ is not real. They intend to reduce it to zero. And the way to do that is to tell every tribe that they are the only true humans and the rest are just contaminants. Then sit back and wait while we all wipe each other out.

It’s not a new idea. It’s thousands of years old. Its been used countless times.

Still works though.

Christmas time, silliness and lies…

The Black Friday silliness is nearly over and I have spent… nothing at all. I have ignored it completely and feel much better for it. I haven’t even watched the videos of people squabbling over last year’s technology so the shops get space for Christmas stock of this year’s stuff. Which I also will not buy. It’s going to be a difficult Christmas for those who want to buy me presents because beyond whisky and tobacco, there is nothing left that I want.

I have, however, watched the day’s silliness off and on. There is a lot of it now. The BBC is horrified to find that mince pies contain traces of alcohol. That’s not the silliest part of the article though – that prize goes to Asda’s checkout staff for demanding ID for the sale of a box of mince pies. What goes through their minds? Not much…

Upping the silliness a notch (oh this is just getting started), a mother has called for ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to be age restricted so younger kids can’t read it. Why? Because the sleeping princess does not give consent to be kissed. That, apparently, is what causes men to become rapists in later life.Therefore Hansel and Gretel turns old ladies into cannibals and children into murderers while Goldilocks encourages home invasion, food theft and  bed-hopping in young girls.

The comments on the article are worth reading. In particular, the book about a God who impregnates a virgin while she sleeps – without her consent. They haven’t banned the Bible yet, but it’s coming.

Although there might not be any need. The Church of Sweden is no longer referring to the ‘Lord’ God because that assumes he is male. Well, all through the Bible, references to God refer to ‘he’ or ‘him’ and not ‘xe, xim’ or any other recently made up pronoun. The Bible also makes the gender issue very clear indeed. Man and woman. There is no Book of Genders – and you’d need a whole damn book these days, with daily updates as the loonies think up new things to call themselves.

One thing’s for sure, I’m not leaving any pet of mine alone with someone calling themselves ‘pansexual’. There is now even pressure to recognise paedos as a legitimate sexual orientation. That’s going to be a ‘no’ from me on that one.

You know, I think if God was being ‘misgendered’ (now a sacking offence in many places) all this time, xe’d have said something. I also think we might soon see some evidence for the existence of God when the Church of Sweden gets obliterated by multiple, simultaneous lightning strikes. If you believe in the existence of a deity as powerful as that, one thing you definitely avoid doing is pissing him off.

Well it’s Sweden. God could just let Islam finish destroying it. I picture him turning to Allah and saying ‘You can have that place, mate. I don’t want it any more.’ Maybe he already has

Oh, wait until the Politically Correct start insisting Allah might be transgender. That would be a day to remember.

Meanwhile Brexit continues to not happen. The EU’s latest bargaining chip is to deny the UK an entry into the European City of Culture self-congratulatory waste of time and money. If I were sat at that negotiating table, my response would have been an eyeroll, a sarcasm-drenched ‘Oh I am quaking’ and a request that they go away and find some adults we can negotiate with. Which, I suppose, is why I’ll never be called into the field of diplomacy.

I hope they eject us from the Eurovision terrible song contest too. Nobody will dare vote for us after Brexit anyway. Except maybe Poland, Hungary etc. They might give us top marks just to poke their EU dictators in the eye.

Who the hell cares about getting a City of Culture in 2023? It doesn’t mean a damn thing and there’s a good chance there’ll be no EU by then anyway. It’s falling apart like rice-paper in the rain.

It’s not the only thing that’s falling apart. The anti-vapers are on increasingly shaky ground and the Church of Climatology is on thinner ice than even they predicted. The previously robust LGBT movement has now fragmented into a thousand different groups because of the ridiculous proliferation of imaginary genders. There are gender identities that have one person in them now.

There are men pretending to be women but who want to keep their danglies. It’s as if pantomime season has escaped onto the streets. Widow Twanky wants to use the same changing rooms as teenage girls and we’re supposed to regard that as normal. These dames have even labelled actual transsexuals as ‘transcum’ because they underwent the horrors of surgery to prove they were serious, and weren’t just trying to ogle young girls in underwear.

The Pope welcomes the invasion of radical Islam even though he is number one on their list of people to behead. What the hell is in those incense burners now?

The EU is dictating to Austria about the form its new government should take. Austria looks like giving them a resounding ‘git tae fuck’ (every government needs a Glaswegian spokesman) as does Hungary etc. over the EU insistence they fill their countries with people who hate them.

There are people on Twitter shouting ‘Kill all white people’ and some of the ones shouting are white. Turkeys demanding an extra Christmas every year.  Or maybe an extra Thanksgiving, but that is now racist, as is the poppy of Remembrance Day. I bought two this year because of that and because anti-white racism is now so blatant that even Government departments can post job adverts with ‘no whites’ on them. Try posting any job ad with ‘no blacks’ on it and see what happens.

I haven’t bothered with Facebook much for a long time. It’s rapidly becoming a dictatorship and Twitter is going the same way. Some ‘endorsed’ members (the blue tick is an endorsement of their views by Twitter now, not just a verified identity, because they are taking that verification away from people they don’t agree with) preach violence and death and if they are anti-white, that’s fine.

I’ve now set up an account on gab.ai  ready for the day Twitter feels I am ‘threatening their safe space’ or some such crap. Anyone can join there, anyone at all. It’s in its infancy but it’s how Twitter used to be, with no sides taken and nobody banned just for disagreeing. If it eventually turns into another Totalitarian Twitter there will be a new one to follow it.

I still have to fill out my tax return and I really don’t want to. I’ll have to give them money this time and when I see what they do with it, I honestly don’t want to feel responsible for rte shit they produce. Tessie Maybe was a crap Home Secretary and is an appallingly weak Prime Monster. She only won because the alternative was so much worse.

I’d rather have John Major back. Yeah, she’s that bad.

Well, times are going to get interesting and somewhat violent in the near future. I heard today that in Sweden, they have set fire to nine immigrant housing places but I can’t be sure if that’s true yet. I don’t know of any completely reliable news source any more. The backlash, if it hasn’t started already, is inevitable though.

Only the politicians and the politically correct will be surprised. The rest of us will just shrug and say ‘Yeah. Told you.’