Digression first. My car battery has died completely. Not surprising really, it had six weeks last April of being totally immobilised because of a broken gearchange cable. Naturally all dealerships were closed for Covid and it’s a dealer-only part. I eventually got one from the United Arab Emirates, for about half the cost (including import duty) of getting one from the local dealer. So that was fixed. Still the car hardly went anywhere.

More recently, the front brake caliper broke so that was another short period of car paralysis while waiting for parts. Fortunately these are fairly generic so no need to harass the dealers.

Normally, this car would have had a run to Wales and back at least once a year (over a thousand miles round trip), and would have had regular runs to Aldi/Tesco which is at least a forty mile round trip whichever one we go to. We have not set foot in Tesco since last March. We get online orders delivered. So, the car really only gets to run two miles to Local Shop once in a while. Over winter, that short trip also involves using lights and heater and well, batteries just don’t like the cold anyway. No wonder the battery is buggered.

So, I looked up battery replacements. I have a little booster, about the size of a mobile phone, which is amazing. Clamp it onto the battery and the car starts. You then have about thirty seconds to get it off the battery before the back-voltage makes it explode but hey, what’s life without a little risk?

I found that the AA have a mobile battery replacement service. As a member I just pay for the battery (they ain’t cheap) but even if you’re a non-member it’s worth keeping in mind. Non-members get charged £35 (plus the battery you’d have to buy anyway) for the job, and they will come to you no matter where you are stuck. They will, of course, try to sell you membership but they’ll fix your battery anyway.

I booked a slot online at 1 am (March 2nd) thinking it might be a few days before they arrived but then I wasn’t really planning to go anywhere. I was astonished to find I could book a time for March 2nd! Yes really, later the same day! So I booked it for the afternoon because mornings are the invention of Satan and I will have no truck with them. Besides, why rush? It’s not like anything is open out there. I admit to being impressed by this.

Anyway, the car has had more things go wrong with it this year than ever before and it’s mostly because it’s been sitting idle, sometimes for weeks at a time. The exhaust heat shield rattles too but I don’t think I need to worry about that. I think of it as background music (early Kraftwerk was very similar).

Anyway, enough digression.

Mad Hancock has taken control of the government’s ‘optional’ vaccine program. Things are about to get much more draconian. Merkel has declared that anyone in Germany not taking the vaccine will be ostracised from normal life. Australia is doing much the same as are many other countries in Europe. Some parts of Spain intend to fine people who don’t want the vaccine and Germany has new concentration camps for lockdown refuseniks. You’d think Germany would know better, but then Israel are refusing entry to the unvaccinated in many places and they really should know better.

The reality of vaccine programs, none of which have ever required this level of enforcement and propaganda even for much more dangerous diseases like polio or tuberculosis, is that you need roughly 80% uptake to keep the disease in check. This assumes the vaccine works. You do not need to vaccinate every last individual. If two in ten people are unvaccinated, and one of the two has the disease, they can only pass it to one other person. The other eight are safe and the disease can’t spread far. It dies out.

This is what happened with tuberculosis in the UK until Tiny Blur decided to let the rest of the planet move here. I’m vaccinated, and it was double-checked when I started in microbiology. I’m vaccinated against many things now. I’m not taking part in an mRNA experiment though.

Well, there are at least five vaccines out there. Pfizer and Moderna use the mRNA experiment. Oxford/AZ use DNA in a viral vector to do much the same. I don’t really believe any of these will change your DNA unless there are extra bits in there I’m not aware of. I have other reasons to be concerned.

The Novavax uses virus spike proteins in a tiny fat micelle. It looks like a virus but has no DNA or RNA in it. It’s basically like a viral infection that’s firing blanks. I don’t hear much about that one. Still, so far, none of these four contain any intact coronavirus. They should not be able to cause an infection.

The Johnson and Johnson one uses killed or attenuated coronavirus. Again, it should not cause an infection.

So, does it matter which one you get? Not at all. None of them work as vaccines. None of them stop you getting the virus and none of them stop you spreading it. The best they offer is a lessening of severity of disease and really, that only matters for the elderly or the infirm. I don’t know when we suddenly became so terrified of a virus that knocks you sideways for a couple of weeks, we’ve had flu since the beginning of humanity. It’s horrible but you survive it and then you’re immune.

Oh and ‘long covid’ is not new. It’s post viral syndrome. Many viruses can leave you in such a mess it can take months for it all to grow back. It’s not a new thing.

So now we have, suddenly, to vaccinate every single person on the planet with a vaccine that does not stop spread but the vaccinated will have a little badge to say they are safe to be around. No they aren’t. They have a vaccine that means they might not even get noticeable symptoms but they are still spreading it. They are very dangerous to be around. Not to themselves but to everyone else.

See, if you let a virus spread unhindered when you have blocked its vicious symptoms, you have created the ideal conditions for it to mutate into something utterly diabolical. It can’t do that if it makes people sick. Sick people stay home and well people know to be vigilant around the sick. The natural development of any virus is to become less dangerous and so become more easily spread. Nobody cares about the common cold. It’ll make your nose go crusty for a few days and then it’s gone. The less harm the virus does, the less care anyone takes about avoiding it. So simple Darwinism says that the less vicious variants will survive, the deadly ones won’t.

These vaccines allow the virus to continue spreading. It’s an artificial Darwinism: it’s not becoming less dangerous in reality, we’re making ourselves artificially resistant to this variant.

Since it’s an RNA virus it will be throwing up mutants all the time. By refusing to let it naturally decline into just a cold, we are allowing it to spread unhindered and there will be a much more dangerous variant at some point. One which will laugh at the vaccines.

This is Bill Gates’ prophecy of ‘the next pandemic will make people pay attention’. It’s being set up now.

And you know, none of this is happening to protect you or to boost your health. It’s all happening for the same two reasons it always happens. The same reasons behind everything that happens. Money and control.

The reason everyone has to be vaccinated this time is the Tiny Blur’s failed ID card scheme. This is the same thing again. Get the Covid card or never enter a business premises again. Never travel, never get credit, you are a nonperson. Why? Vaccination requires around 80% uptake to be effective against much more dangerous diseases. This time it has to be 100%.

Then there’s the money. People still think vaccines are for their benefit. They were at first but now it’s a business, not a medical intervention. Pharmers are not about cures any more. They are purely businesses and only interested in the bottom line. So you will have to get the vaccine every year at least and you can’t enter a supermarket unless you do. Dollar signs are lighting up the eyes of big business Pharmers the world over.

You think it’s free? Nope. Your taxes pay for it. You are paying.

The Covid passports are not about tracking you. That’s already easy. They are a first principle. Get one medication effectively compulsory and the sky’s the limit. You will need to prove vaccination against a whole raft of things just to buy a newspaper in your local shop if you let this go. It is not like the vaccinations you need to have to get into certain countries. This will be a range of vaccinations you need to have to visit your local coffee shop.

It is not about health. It’s been made very clear that the covid vaccines don’t do that.They do not stop spread so a vaccine passport does not make anyone safe to be around.

It is about money and control.

The Silent Editor

First of all, Mark Ellott’s new book, Reiver, is up on Amazon and Smashwords. I have a couple more to deal with but the backlog is gradually declining and the 14th Anthology will be open for short stories on March 1st regardless.

That’s the advertisement done (if it’s good enough for You Tube, it’s good enough for me) so on with the post…

A long time ago, I wrote a story called ‘The Gene Genie’, about a research student who worked out how to turn on archaic genes in the human genome, and gave herself gills and a tail. It’s in ‘Fears of the Old and the New‘ and I thought I had posted it on the blog, but it seems not.

Anyway. The information I had on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid suggested that it was an adenovirus manipulated to express coronavirus spike protein. I was corrected on this recently and it seems it’s actually worse than I thought. It’s not using standard vaccine methods at all. The Johnson and Johnson and the Novavax ones use dead coronaviruses or the spike protein alone. You can’t catch anything from them, they just show your immune system the dead virus proteins so it can get ready for a real infection.

There is still the issue of antibody-dependent enhancement which has plagued attempts at coronavirus vaccines for fifty years. Basically, the vaccine makes subsequent infection far worse. I have no idea whether this has been solved, nor if it ever can be.

Today I received more information by eMail and obviously I’m not going to say who sent it. So there is more information available now.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use mRNA in little blobs of fat. They’ll get into your cells because your cell membranes are made of fat and the little blobs will merge with them. The mRNA will cause your body cells to produce the spike protein, your immune system will recognise it as ‘wrong’ and kill the cells expressing it. This has never been tried in humans before and it does risk setting up an autoimmune disease, but it will not change your DNA. It will also not infect you with Covid, there are no intact viral particles in there.

A couple of points – mRNA is ‘messenger RNA’. In normal cells, DNA is never used directly to make proteins. DNA is the master copy of the plan. mRNA is a photocopy of DNA that’s used to make proteins. It wears out so you don’t keep making the same proteins over and over. If you need more of that protein, another photocopy is made of the original plan and sent to the ribosomes (the things that read mRNA and build proteins). This process does not go in reverse. mRNA is not turned into DNA. An extra mRNA can cause problems but it is not getting inserted into DNA. That doesn’t happen.

The mRNA also should not be able to replicate itself unless if contains the genes to do it – I don’t know which genes are included in these vaccine mRNAs so can’t comment on that.

The second point concerns an enzyme called ‘reverse transcriptase’ which does indeed make a DNA copy of RNA. It is only found in retroviruses. These viruses contain RNA and the reverse transcriptase enzyme. They get into your cells and make a DNA copy of their RNA, which your cell’s ‘photocopier’ then uses to make many mRNA copies which are sent out to make many copies of the virus. It’s much more efficient than just having the one bit of mRNA in the cell. HIV is one such virus. And yes, HIV does insert itself into your own DNA where it can lie dormant for many years.

The Oxford vaccine has used reverse transcriptase to make a DNA copy of the viral RNA. It does not have reverse transcriptase in the vaccine, no need, the adenovirus is already carrying DNA. They will have done this because DNA is much more stable than RNA so it doesn’t have to be deep frozen. I had the impression they had engineered an adenovirus to express coronavirus spike protein itself, but this seems to be not the case. Instead it does the same thing as the mRNA versions, except it inserts DNA rather than RNA.

Well, while the mRNA will gradually break down so the dose you get is all you get, the DNA version will produce multiple copies of mRNA within the cell. What matters here is what happens to that DNA. Does it eventually fall apart or not?

If not, you’ll have cells producing spike proteins continuously until the T cells take them out.

Will it get inserted into host DNA? That’s a long shot but it’s much more possible than with the mRNA versions. Absolute worst case scenario – it inserts into the genome and goes dormant. So it replicates when the cell replicates, like HIV. Some years down the line, something, perhaps an infection, triggers it and now you have quite a mass of cells producing spike protein. You’re going to get very sick indeed.

I must stress that this is an absolute worst case scenario and there is absolutely no evidence that it will happen. However, it is a long term issue and since all these vaccines are new, experimental and released under emergency licences, there is no evidence for or against long term effects for any of them. The NHS is putting out adverts saying that the vaccines have undergone stringent safety tests. This is not true. None of them have completed the full range of tests, they are all under emergency licence. Long term effects? Nobody has a clue. This is the experiment.

My biggest concern remains the antibody-dependent enhancement that every single previous coronavirus vaccine has caused. This makes subsequent infection with the virus very much worse. I don’t see anything that gives me any confidence that this issue has even been addressed, much less solved, by any of the vaccine producers.

So I’m not going to take it. Whether you do is up to you.

Monsters from the Id

Well, everything is running slow here. We had a heating boiler failure while the temperature dropped to -10C, now it’s fixed and the temperature barely gets below 5C. Still, it was good exercise for the wood burning stove. That’s now back in ‘supplemental’ mode but at least it’s been properly tested. The landlord has also provided a log-basket fireplace for the utility room (which has no heating of any kind) so that 18th century fireplace with the iron swing-arm pot holder should soon be back in use. It’s actually at least 100 years younger than the one in the living room…

We could indeed use it, and the living room wood burner, for cooking if it came down to it. Yes, we can party like it’s 1699. With rabbit, partridge, pheasant and possibly venison. The guy who runs the local deer cull is known to us – and before you start shedding Bambi tears, have you ever turned a corner in the road and faced a deer staring at you? If you hit one at speed it will die and there’s a very good chance you will too. Since there are no longer wolves in Scotland, the only predators deer get are ticks and the population can quickly get out of control. I’ve had quite a few near misses since they seem to find it funny to jump out in front of cars.

It could well become neccessary. There is currently a massive push to get us to live on locusts, mealworms and/or vegetables. You know, that green shit that grows in the dirt and the nasty crawly things that live in it. No meat. Not for us plebs anyway. Although if a few of the New Stasi go missing, who’d notice?

Anyway, we’re being pushed into a Brave New World. Aldous Huxley took the title from a line in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, you know, a line spoken by the deformed maniac Caliban. The title of this post comes from ‘Forbidden Planet’, a film based upon the same play. Sometimes the connections are obscure but I think this one was too easy for a competition.

The Monsters from the Id (subconscious) are all around us now, dragged from the shadows by the manipulations surrounding Covid. Manipulations that lead to a new world indeed, a world of misery and despair in which we will own nothing and be happy. Or dead. The Righteous Ones are fine with either outcome.

I recall when butter was demonised to make way for the New Spreadable Plastic Crap In A Tub, culminating in ‘I can’t believe anyone is daft enough to think this is butter’. Lard, too, was replaced by the various cooking oils. The old ways were deemed Bad even though obesity and other ailments were far less prevalent in those days. It was always about money of course. You can’t sell something new when a perfectly good alternative already exists so you have to make the alternative bad.

So it is today. Massive investment into edible insects means meat must be demonised. Nobody is going to swap a bacon sandwich for bread with wrigglies in it willingly. They have to be convinced that the meat is going to kill them. Incidentally, proper bread recipes include a bit of lard…

Well, the whole ‘cows cause climate change’ thing hasn’t worked, so cows have not yet been rendered extinct. We can still get a burger. Now of course you can get a burger made of massively processed plant material instead of actual meat. Well, not for me, thanks all the same.

So what’s next on the ‘meat is deadly’ agenda? Simple. Recycle something we’ve known about for many years as a new and terrifying development.

When I was at university, 1978-1981 for my first degree, we examined plasmid transfer in a practical class. I have since run such classes myself. Bacterial genomes are not like plant or animal genomes. They are made of the same stuff – DNA – but they are not organised into chromosomes. There’s no structure. A bacterium does not have a nucleus, its DNA is one long circle that just floats about in the cell.

It can also have little circles of DNA separate from its main DNA. These are plasmids and they can be transferred between bacteria. They send a copy of themselves along a tube called a pilus when two bacteria connect and if you break the connection at set times, you can work out the order of genes on the plasmid. But I don’t want to get into full lecture mode. Suffice to say, this is nothing new.

The non-structured circular DNA of a bacterium has another feature. Unlike the rigid-ish structure of plant or animal chromosomal DNA, it is very, very easy to insert an extra bit into the main DNA in a bacterium. They can pick up fragments from the environment, they might insert them, they might not. The scale of numbers we are talking about with bacteria means that the chance of a few insertions is actually pretty high.

There are viruses that infect bacteria. These are bacteriophages, and they only infect bacteria. Just like the ones we get, they are fussy about which bacteria they infect so one that bursts from an infected E. coli is hoping to find another E. coli nearby.

I’ve previously explained how viruses are mindless and inefficient copying machines. These are no different. The bacteriophage particles, when assembling inside the cell, don’t all get loaded with bacteriophage DNA. Sometimes they get loaded with bits of host DNA instead and when they ‘infect’ another cell, instead of making viruses they ‘gift’ the cell with some DNA from another cell. As a bonus, when one bacteriophage enters a cell it blocks all others from entering. So if it injects bacterial DNA, that bacterium is now immune to any real viruses.

As with DNA picked up from the environment, sometimes the bacterium inserts it into its own genome, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the new DNA forms a plasmid. Since we are always talking in billions with bacteria, it doesn’t have to happen very often to produce something new.

None of this entails new discoveries. We’ve known about all of it for a very long time. Sure, you can be scared of it if you want but it’s going to happen anyway. It’s been happening since long, long before we even knew DNA existed and there is nothing we can do about it.

Well, there is one thing. If meat is cleanly slaughtered it should not be coated with gut contents. Even if it is, cooking it thoroughly will kill any bacteria that might be on it. Chicken is a special case – nothing to do with gene transfer, it’s because Campylobacter can get into the muscle tissues. So chicken realy does need to be cooked through. You can get away with a rare steak, but rare chicken is taking a huge risk. Again, this is not one of my lectures (well, maybe a bit, old habits die hard).

I wonder if this is part of the Internet effect. When I did my first and second degree, the internet didn’t exist and computers were only just getting into homes. And I’m talking about Sinclair ZX-81’s and BBC’s for those who could afford them. A BBC computer with Cub monitor and Cumana disk drives was quite an outlay in those days. Some years later I bought three of them for a fiver each – they’re fun but the internet is way beyond them. But I digress.

When I did my degrees we had to go to the library to look things up, and often that involved going into The Stacks, in the basement, where the old stuff was stored. Once the internet took off, that changed rapidly. Now you can sit at your desk and search PubMed and other science databases – but certainly at first (and probably even now) the internet didn’t go very far back.

I started seeing papers published that made me look twice. Some Lactobacilli can grow in air? I had a reference to that from the early 1970s, it was not a new discovery in 1990. There were a lot more like this and I realised that the internet was only documenting research from around 1985. Earlier stuff was still on paper, in The Stacks, and nobody went there any more. If it wasn’t on the desktop and accessible online, it didn’t exist.

I have seen so much more of this since. An entirely unrelated one – when firing a bow, you don’t grip the bow because that will make your wrist twist when you fire and you’ll be off target. I’ve watched people fire bows and then slowly dip and raise them deliberately with a firm grip throughout. It’s wrong. It’s what it must look like in action but the ‘dip’ is because you weren’t holding the bow too tight. Not some little theatrical thing. It comes from an internet that doesn’t go back very far.

If I’m feeling generous I could accept that these researchers have only looked online for the past research and think they are onto something new. In fact this stuff stopped being publish-worthy a very, very long time ago. So it’s not in their searches because nobody has scanned those papers into the net yet. Or maybe they have, as PDFs, which won’t listen to a keyword search.

If I’m feeling cynical, as I usually am these days, I can see it as a deliberate attempt to scare people away from meats, by pretending we’ve only just found out how gut bacteria change while, naturally, ignoring one small detail.

Insects have gut bacteria too.

Keeping it Real

About thirty years ago, I developed gut problems. I mean real blaster ones, it was like a damn fire hose at times. You could get a Covid anal swab by taping it to a broom and holding it ten metres behind me. I could have developed a career as a one man slurry spreader. So, being a microbiologist dealing mainly with gut issues I set about trying to work out what caused it. No, it did not occur to me to ask a medic. That rarely occurs to me. The rare interactions I’ve had with them suggest they aren’t really taught much any more.

I cut out lactose. Lactose intolerance seems common. You’d be surprised how hard it is to avoid that. You know those ready-roasted and lovely browned chicken pieces and ready roasted chickens? They are coated in lactose. Caramelised lactose gives them the brown colour without the sweetness you’d get from sucrose or glucose. Anyway, I managed to cut out lactose. It made no difference at all, so I don’t have lactose intolerance.

I’ve tried cutting out wheat many times. Again,it didn’t help much, but it did help a bit. I have concluded that I do not have wheat allergy but might not do well with wheat overload. Pizza with garlic bread is just too much wheat. It won’t kill me but it’s pretty uncomfortable. But that still wasn’t it. Incidentally, you can now get gluten free garlic bread that’s really good. Ordinary gluten free bread was awful, it fell to bits when you tried to butter it but the garlic bread version is good.

I went entirely caffeine-free for a few years. Made no difference, but when I went back to caffeine it hit like cocaine! I’m now fully caffeinated again. There were other experiments but none of them made a difference.

The big clue came when I tried cutting out sugar. That made it a hell of a lot worse. I could see nothing protective in sugar so what was it? Lack of sugar? Some kind of bizarre anti-diabetes? Ah, of course. What was I replacing sugar with? Artificial sweeteners, at that time it was mostly aspartame.

So I went back to real sugar and avoided all artificial sweteners. That helped a lot. This led me to the idea that the artificial sweeteners were not the benign replacements we were told. Subsequent experiments (on me, of course) showed that aspartame, particularly, caused the high pressure blowouts. I have avoided all artificial sweeteners but especially aspartame since then.

Now, we are talking about the 1990s. You could not convince anyone that artificial sweeteners were anything but a Good Thing. They had been safety tested, right? Gut bacteria ignored them, right? They provided sweetness without calories and did nothing else at all. I could not convince anyone that I had vastly improved my dodgy guts by simply avoiding artificial sweeteners.

So, against that background, I could not interest any funding body in paying me to research this. There seemed no problem to research. One man’s experience is not going to cut it as a fund-worthy hypothesis and yeah, that’s true. I was, after all, asking for a lot of money to research something that as far as I could prove, only applied to me.

I was also working with pigs at the time. A very expensive animal for food research but one which has an omnivore diet and a gut very close to humans. We actually produced research that proved that frozen chips are a better dietary option than fresh ones. Yes, we proved that chips are good for you!

So it would have been a good case. Is it ethical to feed artificial sweeteners to animals? Well they are approved to be fed to humans so there’s no ethical case to answer there. The experiment would have been massively expensive though. I could have done the gut microbiology but I’d have needed a lot of veterinary time for blood sample taking and also had to pay blood testing labs. Perhaps if I had thought of doing it in mice I might have had more luck. But then I have never worked with mice other than poisoning the little hairy bastards when they get into the house every winter.

The experiment never happened. I consoled myself with the knowledge that my gut issues were mainly down to aspartame, possibly to a lesser extent other artificial sweeteners, and maybe an overload of wheat gluten intake. I can control those things so I am able to fix myself. Which, if I am honest, was my original motivation.

Now it seems the issue is finally being taken seriously. A study has demonstrated a very significant effect on gut bacteria caused by artificial sweeteners. I don’t know if I would call the changes dangerous, but they are certainly unpleasant. They don’t seem likely to kill you but you’d really rather not have them.

You are far better off limiting your sugar intake than replacing it with synthetics. Too much sugar is bad for you, that’s true. Replacing it with synthetics is likely to be worse.

It’s nice to see, after all this time, I was right. Even if I never did get to do the research myself.

Asymptomatic spread

The competition has been won 🙂 It was indeed, 10cc, Wall Street Shuffle, 1974. I’ll have to get more obscure in future. Oh, and this packrat still has their first album on vinyl.

So. Lets have some good news first although it seems hardly anyone wants that these days. Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is not a thing. At all. I could link to a number of newspaper articles but you might prefer the original paper in the British Medical Journal.

So why were we even concerned with this? Well, it does happen. It’s now demonstrated that it doesn’t happen with COVID-19 but it has happened with other pathogens. HIV is a case in point, the virus can be slowly active and spreading for a long time before the spreader shows symptoms. So it was an error on the side of caution, now demonstrated to be unneccesary in this case. I bet many of you won’t give up your masks though.

Some might remember the story of Typhoid Mary. Salmonella typhi is a bacterium, not a virus. Asymptomatic spread is rather more common in bacterial infections. Typhoid Mary, certainly at first, had no idea she was carrying the disease. She showed no symptoms at all, but everywhere she went, the disease followed. Asymptomatic spread is a real thing with some diseases. It has been shown that COVID-19 is not one of those diseases. And nobody wants to believe that. I wonder why?

Cross-species spread is much more common than within-species spread. Escherichia coli O157, the terror of a few decades ago, has no effect on cows. It lives quite benignly in their guts. Humans getting it can experience very severe disease. The cow experiences nothing at all.

Incidentally, this sparked a terror of E. coli overall. Look at a culture collection catalogue. Page after page of E. coli variants, almost all of them harmless to humans. The harmless ones are in your gut right now. Yes, every one of you. A few, including the K88 variant, is harmless to humans but turns pigs into faecal power squirters. It all depends on the interactions with other species inside you.

That part is critical. We are not all the same. The British Standard Human does not exist. Typhoid Mary was not really ‘immune’ to S. typhi. She was more accurately described as unaffected by it. It settled into her internal microflora as a benign aspect, but in anyone else, it was blowout time.

Salmonella pullorum used to cause a lot of problems in farmed chickens. It made chickens ill, not people. A lot of effort went in to eradicating it. It worked, mostly. It hasn’t completely gone. However, the chicken gut merely replaced it with a species harmless to chickens. S. enteritidis. Unfortunately this one made humans shit through every orifice so now farmed chickens are routinely vaccinated (through drinking water) to try to cut down on their Salmonella load. It’s not perfect but it works.

Salmonella needs to get into you mob-handed. A hundred of them is not enough. You need to take in several thousand at once. Sounds a lot, but it really isn’t. Several thousand bacteria in a 100 ml glass of water won’t even make it look cloudy. Less than that and the gut bacteria will beat the crap out of them before they get a chance to beat the crap out of you. You need a seriously big dose at once to get sick. Since they will only be on the outside of the chicken (the outside includes the body cavity) cooking will kill them. It’s true they are also in eggs – they get into the ovaries – but usually in small numbers, too low to be a problem.

If you are worried about eggs, float test them in a jug of water. If they sink they are fine. If they float at the surface throw them away. Floating means a gas buildup due to bacterial activity. If they sink but sit upright, hard boil them right away. You can still fridge them and eat them later (let them go cold before fridging them or the yolk will turn green) because hard boiling will kill any bacteria. Mostly though, the Salmonella load in eggs is too low to be concerned about. It’s only a problem if you keep then too long and let the buggers grow. Oh, and cooking kills them.

Another one that doesn’t bother chickens but will ruin your month is Campylobacter. This hasn’t been eradicated from poultry but there are many people trying to do that (including me before I retired and no I didn’t succeed either). This one manages to get deep into the actual musculature of the bird, which is why I insist on chicken being well cooked all the way through. It makes you shit water and can do worse – it can set off autoimmune diseases that might never go away. If I were you I’d be a lot more worried about undercooked chicken than COVID-19. You think the weeks of fatigue and headache of ‘long covid’ (actually post-viral syndrome) is bad? Try permanent paralysis from a pink chicken sandwich.

Asymptomatic spread from animals to humans happens a lot. We call them ‘zoonoses’. The microbe in question has no effect on the animal but can be devastating in humans. It works the other way too. Asymptomatic spread between humans is far less common but does happen. So it was sensible at first to assume this might happen with COVID-19. We had little information at first, we have much more now and we now know it does not happen.

Still, it it is good to know that COVID-19 does not do this. If someone has no symptoms they are not spreading it. This has now been demonstrated. Every government knows this and has known this for some weeks at least.

So the masks are not about a virus.

Fitting the pieces

After the Macaroon closed France to UK travellers, trucks started stacking up in Dover. Some were goods bound for Europe, and many of the perishables they carried are ruined now. Most, though, were drivers from Europe going back empty for Christmas.

If you think your Christmas is ruined by lockdown, at least you’re not stuck in a truck park with no facilities and no chance of going anywhere. Being stuck at home is luxury by comparison.

Bozza and the Macaroon have reached some agreement whereby the truckers can be released and allowed into France as long as they have a negative Covid test. However, no test facility has been set up, all the trucks are simply stuck there.

It’s politics and has more to do with Brexit than any virus. These poor truckers are stuck in the middle of it all.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury is howling that they can’t get lettuce. Strangely, it’s available everywhere else even in Local Shop way out here. I’m not stocking with lettuce, I never buy it anyway. So why is Sainsbury the only supermarket affected? Actually it isn’t affected at all. It’s just another scare story for the sake of politics.

How long will Macaroon keep up this blockade? I mean, there are ways around it, we can run ferries to other countries but the Dover-Calais crossing is the shortest route by far. And it’s not just France that uses it. Shipments to and from all over Europe go through there.

We do get a lot of fruit and veg from Spain, for example, especially in winter when we can’t grow much here. Our media loves to tell us of the Scottish seafood shipments going bad in trucks in Dover, but aren’t mentioning the Spanish truckers watching their consignments of vegetables turn to compost in Calais. They also aren’t mentioning whoever is waiting for that seafood consignment in Europe and who has probably already paid for it. This blockade is hurting far more than just the UK. Its effects go way beyond France too.

The excuse for the blockade is the ‘UK Mutant Virus’. I understand that nobody in government is a microbiologist so can’t blame them for not understanding what they are dealing with. However, Mad Hancock’s timing of the announcement of the new variant, his hyping it up to 70% more infectious is something I do blame him for. Along with those government advisers who are hyping all this up because they have financial interests in the vaccine companies.

Boris sent all the MPs home before locking London down like East Berlin. And yet it emerges that the new variant was discovered in September. Along with hundreds of new variants. It’s also concentrated in the south east of England. You know, where wave after wave of migrant boats have been arriving.

There might never be a definitive answer to where it originated and it really doesn’t matter anyway, but there’s a good chance it came from or through France. No matter where it originated, it existed before September so it’ll be everywhere by now anyway. The blockade is pointless.

Now we hear about another variant, in South Africa. This will give an excuse for more controls.

The new variants do not matter. This is an RNA virus, it’s going to produce variants from every individual infection, you’ll find a new one every week if you want to look. Lockdowns will not stop it – and the evidence from every country using lockdowns has confirmed that over and over, yet still they do it. Masks will not stop it. Mask mandates have caused a rise in infections every time and still they do it.

Basically, you cannot stop it. The only sensible course is Sweden’s – keep the elderly and infirm under close watch and let the young and healthy get it. Let it burn itself out. It will gradually get milder because those it puts in hospital will be isolated. The nasty version can’t spread as easily as the milder version, and the milder it gets, the more easily it will spread. Eventually it will add to the long and growing list of viruses that cause the common cold. Sweden’s final outcome is the same as everyone else’s except they did not destroy families and businesses in the process.

The new variant spreads more easily because it doesn’t make people too sick to carry on with their business. Eventually the milder version spreads so far that it makes almost everyone immune to the nasty version. Every one of these respiratory RNA viruses does it. It’s not a conscious decision of the virus because the virus is not conscious. It’s not even really alive. It’s a bundle of chemicals that initiate a series of complex reactions, starting with attachment to a host cell.

From there it’s a numbers game. If you haven’t been involved in microbiology this can be a little hard to envisage, but you know that seven billion human population of Earth? That is nothing to a virus. Not even to a bacterium.

Put seven billion bacteria in a litre of water and it might look a little hazy. A hundred thousand bacteria in one millilitre and it looks clear. Put seven billion viral particles into 100 ml of water and it will look perfectly clear.

One gram of your gut contents will yeild a total count in excess of a billion bacteria. One gram. Viruses are so very much smaller than bacteria. I have a microscope here that goes up to 1000x magnification. You need a drop of oil on the lens to get to that magnification because you cannot focus it in air – and even with that, the number of cracked slides from moving the lens just a bit too close is huge. It cannot see a virus at all. You only find those with electron microscopes.

If you have a cold, the virus load in one sneeze is likely to be in the billions. The thing is, viruses, especially RNA viruses, are prone to mutation and an awful lot of those mutations are not viable. Either they can’t infect the cell, or the RNA they inject is so damaged it doesn’t work. However, the numbers produced mean that even a 90% total failure rate simply doesn’t matter.

Remember, viruses are not alive in the true sense of the word. They are just bundles of chemicals. Bacteria are alive and will take pains to stay alive. They even communicate in a limited sense, and some can pass on genes to each other. The higher up the plant and animal kingdoms you go, the harder things fight to stay alive. Especially animals. A plant might put out a thousand seeds, but an animal is only producing a small number of offspring at a time. These animals have evolved to look after those offspring.

Viruses don’t give a shit. They do not even possess the ability to give a shit. If you wipe out 99% of a viral strain, the remaining 1% will carry on as if nothing happened. They are not aware of the presence of other viruses, they are not even aware of themselves. They do not adapt. It is not possible for them to adapt to an environment that they are not even aware exists.

They do, however, mutate. A lot, especially those using RNA rather than DNA, because RNA isn’t very stable.

Even if 90% of those mutations are failures, 5% are genuine copies of the original, and 5% are variations on the original that still sort-of work, the numbers involved here still leave you with a hell of a lot of viable virus. You’re still left with a hell of a lot of virus even if you push it to 99% failure rate and 0.5% for the other two.

Control this? Not a chance. Take a look at some category 4 viral research labs and see the lengths they go to to contain the pathogens they study – and still they sometimes escape. And we’re supposed to stop it with a bit of cloth and plexiglass? Not a hope in hell.

The variants that are more deadly either kill their hosts or cause the host to be isolated, so the virus has a limited chance to spread. The milder ones might make you sick for a few weeks, even then, if you don’t need hospital, you’ll stay home and avoid mixing with people. The less virulent strains will only give you the sniffles and a sore head, and you’ll still go to work with that.

And that’s a good thing. The mild strains are still similar enough to the bad ones that your immune system will work against both with the same antibodies. Spread that mild one. Catch it. It’s an inconvenience that could save your life later.

This does not work with every virus. Ebola shows no sign of producing a milder version of itself. It doesn’t need to. Humans are not its primary host, it’s a mild disease in other animals but a very, very nasty one in humans. In humans it’s self-limiting since a village being decimated by it will make other villages stay away. It kills far too fast to spread far.

Flu is a killer too, but on a much lower scale. It can spread a long way because for the young and healthy it’s a rather unpleasant nuisance but not deadly.

When you get down to the common cold, well that’s no more than an inconvenience. There are many classes of virus here, adenovirus, rhinovirus, coronavirus… many more. Some, maybe all of them, started out as plagues but the mild versions survived, the killer versions did not.

So, the mere mention of ‘70% more infectious’ suggests to me that this new variant is a milder version. People are getting less sick with it so they spread it further and faster. Good. It will give you immunity to the harsher variants.

Viruses don’t become ‘more infectious’. They produce milder variants that spread faster because the host isn’t as sick. The infectiousness of the virus depends on which host it’s in and the molecular level interactions between itself and the host cell. It’s the infected host that becomes more infectious when the virus makes them less sick.

To put it simply, if you have a proper bad flu you might be home for three weeks and tell family and friends not to visit because you’re spending most of your time in bed with a bag of ice on your head. You won’t spread that too far. If you have a cold you’ll carry a pack of tissues with you when you go to work or the shops. You’ll spread it everywhere. Infectiousness is as much a function of the host’s level of sickness as of the individual virus. Both are factors in its spread.

The rapid mutation rate, the production of milder versions that give immunity to nasty versions, are why coronaviruses and the other RNA viruses persist and always will. Slower mutation rates, as with Ebola, mean it only has a nasty version. It has not produced a milder version of itself so it remains a killer. This coronavirus, like all coronaviruses before it, will settle into an endemic virus that resembles a flu, maybe even just a cold.

We didn’t lock down or take these measures for SARS, and it burned out. We didn’t do it for bird flu or swine flu or anything else and they all burned out. None of them are gone.They just produced milder versions that give immunity to the nasty versions.

You might have heard of the Black Plague that wiped out a large part of the population of Europe around the 1600s. That was a bacterium, not a virus. It hasn’t gone away. We just learned to avoid it and deal with it. Cholera still exists, as does typhoid. We learned how to avoid it and/or treat it. Polio is a virus. It’s still here and we’ve been trying to wipe it out for a very long time.

Even measles. Chicken pox. Rubella. All still here despite vaccines. It’s really really hard to wipe out a virus. We’ve only done it once, with smallpox. Now we are set to do it again with one of the fastest-changing virus classes on the planet, in only a few months? Really?

All the controls, the lockdowns, the masks, the scares, the blockades, the controls, none of it has anything to do with any virus. We’ve been through far worse than this one and survived.

Maybe this is a hint to the real agenda.

The Coronafarce Continues

We are now told that all the restrictions we have in place will continue after we’ve been vaccinated. All of them. Doesn’t that just scream ‘This vaccine does not work’?

So let’s have a look at some theories about what it’s really for. I’ll start with my theory. Which is simply that a lot of rich people invested an awful lot of money in this vaccine and they want to see a return on their investments. So you have to have it, then they can overcharge the NHS for it and make a tidy profit. I know, it’s a very simple theory, but Occam’s razor and all that…

Some say that the virus doesn’t exist. I have seen some go further and claim that no viruses exist. They exist. I’ve experienced a few of them myself and so has pretty much everyone else. I am sure it will be hard to find anyone who has never had a cold, or experienced power-washer-bottom, due to infection with a virus.

Is there proof that viruses exist? Yes. Smallpox. It used to be rampant but was eradicated with vaccinations. I might have been vaccinated against it, the vaccines were still in use in 1963 so it’s possible I had one as a toddler. The point is, if the smallpox virus never existed, how could mass vaccination have made the disease go away? Therefore, viruses are real.

I have also been vaccinated against polio and I never caught it. I was not vaccinated against measles, mumps or chicken pox because the vaccines weren’t around back then, and I caught all of them. They were not pleasant experiences.

This particular virus is also real. People are getting sick and some are dying. It’s a coronavirus, there are quite a few of those, and they almost all cause respiratory illness. Some are more serious than others. This one is pretty bad but only deadly if you have another serious illness or if you are very old. So basically it’s the flu. It’s a nasty flu, but it’s the flu.

Next, ‘they are injecting nanobots to track you’. No they aren’t for two reasons. Nanomechanics is in its infancy. They do not have Borg style nanobots yet. The second reason is simpler – there’s no need. If your government wants to track you, they simply triangulate your mobile phone from the masts. Or log whenever it tries to connect to WiFi. Leave your phone at home? Sure, but then what’s the point of owning one? It’s mobile, it’s kind of in the name.

I decided to get one about 30 years ago, when a pheasant flew into my windscreen on a remote country road. It smashed the screen but if it had taken me off the road, well, let’s say I’d have had a long hike to the nearest phone. It was a chunky Motorola that I rarely used but kept in the car in case of emergency. There must be very few people who own a mobile phone and don’t carry it with them. That is, after all, the whole point of it. Most of the tweets about ‘tracking devices’ come from mobile phones. People, on the whole, are not very bright. The government is not ‘planning to track you’. They already can, and you paid for the tracking device yourself.

Are there implantable chips? Sure. There have been for years. Companies implant them to let the staff get through security doors. I guess there are many more uses for them now and I fully expect to see contactless credit and debit cards offered as an implantable chip in the very near future. And I am certain there will be no need of coercion, people will fight to be first.

However, these chips are visible, embedded in glass beads. There is no way they will fit through a vaccination needle, you need a horse-doctor needle to put them in. They are RFID chips, they have no internal power, they only respond to close proximity to a reader. They cannot (yet, and probably not for a long time) be included in a vaccination.

And why bother? Are they going to install cameras and listening devices in your homes during clandestine ‘upgrade’ visits? No. They are selling you Alexa and Ring devices and you quite happily install them yourselves. So why bother with any clandestine stuff?

I do have concerns about the vaccines, especially the entirely experimental ones put out by Pfizer and Moderna (Bill Gates’ company). I will not be taking those. My concerns are based on my own career as a microbiologist, not on any random panic from the internet. If I absolutely have to have one, I will only accept the Oxford/AstraZeneca one which is based on established vaccine science. I am not going to be a lab rat.

As for the PCR test for infection? Yeah, that’s bollocks. Part of my career involved a sideline in food testing. Basically, checking whether food was contaminated or not. Several companies tried to sell us PCR tests but we always refused.

See, if we said a batch of pies was contaminated with Salmonella, the company had to do a full recall. The test we did took several days so the product was already out there. The shelf life does not allow them to hold it back until we complete the test. Our tests would only find live bacteria. PCR is just looking for DNA, it will find dead ones. If the pies are properly prepared there will be no live ones – and dead ones are harmless. If they were in the meat and killed by cooking then they won’t infect anyone, but PCR will still find the corpses. So the expensive recall and associated bad press for the company would have been for nothing. Guess who they’d sue?

I have used PCR for identification of lactobacilli so I do know its limitations. Without going into a whole lecture, basically, if you run 35 cycles or more you can get a positive result without putting a sample in. You can put in a dead sample and get a positive in 20 cycles. It is a powerful research tool. It is absolutely no use at all as a medical diagnostic tool and was never intended to be used for that. Some places are using 45+ cycles which is why the false positive rate is so high.

PCR was intended as an identification method, not a diagnostic method. It can tell you if what you’re looking for is in there. It cannot tell you if it’s alive or dead, it’s just looking for sections of DNA.

If you are working with RNA, you first have to translate it to DNA because PCR cannot work directly with RNA. Another error prone step.

I know, I have been lumped in with Icke as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but unlike Icke, I have spent my entire career in science, in microbiology, working with infectious diseases. I have been called ‘anti-vaxxer’ even though through my career I have been vaccinated against pretty much everything you can think of and some things you can’t. So, dismiss my concerns over the RNA vaccines if you wish, it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m not taking them but I’m not interested in stopping anyone who wants them.

Likewise, the testing. I’ve never had one, no point. I’m not sick and I am not in a position to get a fortnight off work on full pay with a positive test. If you want one, go for it.

There are already companies saying that unless you can prove you had the vaccine, you will be fired. If you work for such a company, look for a new job right now whether you want the vaccine or not because this is just the beginning. Once compulsory medication is established there is no end point. Just watch those Pharmer profits soar.

Sure, sure, just a conspiracy theory. Tell me, a smoker, there will be no escalation of that one ‘reasonable request’. Tell me, a scientist who has been horrified at the debasement of my career, to ‘trust the science.’

I have spent my entire life in science, and this isn’t it. Now you get diseases from the mediaeval ‘bad air’ and you consider it progress. That’s okay, believe all the shit you want to believe, I don’t care. I’m not some fucking Batman, I am not here to save you, I just give you information you are at perfect liberty to use or ignore.

The choice is yours. It always was. So far.

Wrong Flag

The breakthrough results from trials of Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine are based on ‘shaky science’, an expert has warned.

Okay, it’s the Daily Mail so you wouldn’t expect them to question this. They are journalists, not scientists.

So, someone who actually knows what they’re talking about has raised a flag over the Oxford vaccine. Her complaint is quite correct, the trial they did was really badly done. However, the article goes on to tell you what the three vaccines do and what they cost. The Oxford one is the only one even approaching a traditional vaccine and it’s by far the cheapest.

Basically, they have inserted spike protein RNA from Covid into an adenovirus, one of the wide range of viruses that cause the common cold. It’s low risk because even if a live one got through it would only give you a cold.

Then they grow that remodelled virus in animal cell culture and they have a common cold virus with a spike protein from Covid on its surface. The immune system will attack the virus and make antibodies against the spike protein (as well as the rest of the virus), so it’s ready for Covid if it appears.

It doesn’t need to be frozen because the virus doesn’t need to be viable. It only needs to be intact enough for the immune system to find it. This is the one that’s stored in the fridge. It doesn’t matter if that virus is incapable of infecting, in fact it’s better if it’s not. The immune system will attack it anyway.

Our flag waver raised no concerns about the other two vaccines. These are both mRNA vaccines, purely experimental, never been tried in humans before. They trick your cells into producing Covid spike protein themselves in the belief that that will be benign, your immune system will only attack the spike protein and you’ll be immune. In the short term that will work since you will indeed produce antibodies against any foreign protein that gets into your body. Trials have shown that it does indeed work in the short term.


For this to work, the mRNA has to get into your body cells. There doesn’t seem to be much information on how they plan to do that. There is a way, it’s been tried several times before and it can work.

You load your mRNA into a virus. The virus enters the cell and delivers its payload, which you hope is only that specific mRNA strand. But you have to load it in a viral coat. Just the spike protein code isn’t going to be enough, you need to produce a lot of this virus and if it’s only producing spike protein you can’t grow it. So you also need the genes to make the rest of the viral coat in there too. Basically, you now have a virus. If you want to keep it active you have to freeze it.

Hopefully it can only get into the first cell it meets and can’t replicate further. This is unlikely. You’re going to be injected with millions, odds are good that a few fully-armed live ones will get in there. Again, if you’re lucky, the few live ones won’t get very far before the immune system hammers them. But it gets worse.

If your own body cells are producing spike protein and that ends up in the cell membrane – remember it’s biochemically designed to sit in a fat layer around the virus so it can do that just as well in your own cells’ fatty membranes – then the immune system will not just attack the spike protein. It will attack the cell carrying it.

The mRNA vaccines have the potential to set up an autoimmune disease, where your immune system attacks your own body cells. Once that starts it can never be cured. There is no going back. You will be taking medication for the rest of your life and the Pharmers will be shovelling money into the bank. Oh, don’t imagine they do any of this for your benefit. They are doing it for the money. It’s business, pure and simple.

So the Oxford vaccine hasn’t been properly trialled. If I absolutely had to have a vaccine I’d still go for that one. I do not want to be a test subject for the long term effects of an experimental (and frankly quite mad) new type of vaccine.

A note on the reported ‘side effects’ so far – If your immune system is set off by an invading protein, it’s quite normal to feel sore at the site of entry, and to maybe get a headache or feel tired as your immune system is all fired up. That’s nothing to worry about. Your immune system is responding to an infection. It doesn’t know it’s just a vaccine.

The problem is in the long term effects. From what I can see of the Oxford vaccine, I wouldn’t expect any. Well, there are always going to be a few who react badly to it, that’s true of any vaccine or indeed any kind of medical treatment, but I would expect those to be few. Unless there’s something else in there that I don’t know about.

The mRNA vaccine is another story. You won’t see autoimmune effects within days. They could take months or years to get to the point where diagnosis is absolute and then it would be a brave doctor indeed who would attribute that to a vaccine far in the past. There might not even be an absolutely certain way to do it. The original mRNA will be gone by then.

The mRNA will not insert itself into your DNA unless an enzyme called reverse transcriptase is present. That enzyme is only found in retroviruses like HIV – which does insert itself into your DNA. Coronaviruses don’t have it. So the mRNA will gradually break down and stop working. Does that mean your immune system will stop killing you? Maybe.

Immune system cells are single cells. One cell, no brain or nervous system, they react purely biochemically. They cannot reason. Once they identify a cell as ‘foreign’ they will produce antibodies to kill it. Not just against the spike protein that’s been inserted. That cell is now ‘enemy’ and all its surface proteins are potential targets.

So even after the Covid spike protein is no longer produced, the other, previously ‘normal’, proteins on the cell surfaces are marked as targets. When the immune system decides normal cels are targets you get arthritis, multiple sclerosis, any autoimmune disease… roll the dice, see what comes up. Since it’s injected into muscle the most likely bad outcome is a muscle wasting disease. You’ll get weak. Easily controlled. Unable to put up any resistance to any show of force.

Now consider: what is it that the globalists have been quite open about wanting for a long time now?

Oh, and it will be mandatory. Not in name but if you ever want to ride a bus again you’ll need to prove vaccination. Once that foot is in the door, the sky’s the limit. Matt the Needle has already said he wants to apply the same approach to seasonal flu. Flu vaccine will be the next one you can’t function without. And then, any other vaccine that takes his fancy.

If you absolutely have to have it, if you have no choice, take the Oxford one. It’s the least risky by far.

That’s probably why they want to get rid of it.


Okay. A bit on 5G and this damn virus.

I recently saw a map on Twitter which compared the installation of 5G in the UK with coronavirus outbreaks. They matched up remarkably well. Which is not really surprising.

Out here, in this house built at least as far back as 1760, we can get 4G in one part of the house and no reception at all in another part. It’s built with thick granite walls. If you stand by the kitchen window you get perfect reception. If you sit in the living room – nothing. We are not expecting to see 5g in our lifetimes out here. Our landline phone and internet is still coming along copper wires and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

It is not possible to create a virus with any electromagnetic waves. It is not possible to control a virus with electromagnetic waves. They have no nervous system, they are not even one complete cell by any definition. There is nothing to control.

What can be controlled is where and when 5G gets installed. No company would start by installing expensive infrastructure out here. Hell, the roads from the 1700s are still here because the newer roads are on different routes. You can even find milestones and retaining walls. A farmer who lived here not-too-many years ago amassed a huge collection of Pictish flint tools and arrowheads that he turned up when ploughing the field that’s right next to the house. I have a collection of handmade nails I’ve raked out of the fireplace after burning some of the old timbers from the cottage down the hill. You can still see the round mounds that were the bases of ancient settlement huts. Yeah, not much happens here.

In densely populated areas though, it’s different. Lots of people in one place, a good spot to roll out 5G. It has a limited range so towers have to be close together. Would you like to set up 15 towers between here and the nearest village, most of them doing nothing but relaying this one house to the internet? Of course not. How about another 20 or 30 to connect that village to the next one? For maybe a couple of hundred subscribers at most?

No, you roll it out in the cities. Where you’ll get the best return on investment, because the population is densely packed in those places.

A densely packed population is also where any virus will thrive. So it comes as no surprise that 5G installations coincide with high levels of infection. Of anything.

Correlation does not always equal causation.

The Forever Bug

Remember Bubonic Plague? I know, I know, most responses are going to be ‘Oh come on, that was 400 years ago’. It’s not gone, you know. There are several cases around the world every year. What we have now, of course, are antibiotics, which were only discovered in the 1930s and are already being overused to the point where several of them are now useless. If they had been around in the 1600s they would all be utterly useless by now. We’d be back to leeches and bloodletting.

Polio still exists. Typhus. Leprosy. Rickets (although that one isn’t an infection and really shouldn’t exist now, it’s so easy to fix). People still get measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox… all the diseases our ancestors knew are all still here. The only one that has been eradicated in the wild is smallpox. Think of any 12th century disease, or any from earlier or later periods of history, and apart from smallpox, every one of them is still here. We’re just better at controlling them or curing them.

Not all of them. Rabies is still a tough one. I had a rabies vaccine once and was told it wouldn’t actually stop me getting rabies. It would just give me enough time to get treatment before it killed me – and the treatment is horrible. Fortunately I had that vaccine to visit China, and they’d already eaten anything that would have posed a rabies risk.

So, the Big Scary Story of the day is that Covid-19 will be present forever. (Trigger warning: It’s the Daily Mail, so keep your blood pressure pills handy if you open the link).

Of course it will. SARS, MERS, bird flu, swine flu, all the rest are still here. And there will never be a successful vaccine against any of them.

The current virus is being called ‘Coronavirus’ now. It is not THE coronavirus. It’s just A coronavirus. There are many of them and they mutate all the time. New ones appear but the old ones don’t go away. We just develop immunity to them or find better treatments. Vaccines are not a good bet against coronavirus. They work well against many other types of virus and against a lot of bacterial infections, but coronaviruses change too fast for a successful vaccine. You might make one with 100% effectiveness against this year’s flu but next year’s flu has several new variations and the vaccine won’t work on the new ones.

Many common colds are coronavirus. All the flu variants are coronavirus. They will develop variants all the time. Some of the variants will infect without causing any symptoms. Some will give you a cold. Others will floor you. A few will kill you, especially if you’re already very old and/or sick. And there really is sod all you can do about it. You are not immortal, no matter how clean and Righteous you live your life.

Modern flu vaccines claim around 40% effectiveness. There is no control group. You get the jab, you don’t get sick, you are counted in that 40%. If you hadn’t had the jab, would you have caught flu that year anyway? How many of the 40% wouldn’t have caught it with or without the jab? The real percentage effectiveness could be an awful lot lower. It could even be zero.

It’s the old ‘paper balls on the track’ game. Someone sits in a railway carriage travelling through England and every so often, rolls a peice of paper into a ball and throws it out of the window. Another passenger asks him why he’s doing it.

“It keeps elephants off the tracks,” he says.

Bemused, the other passenger points out there are no elephants here.

“See? It works.”

If you get the jab and don’t get flu, it’s worked. If you get the jab and the jab makes you sick, it’s still worked because you didn’t get the illness in the wild.

A PCR test also won’t work on a coronavirus. It is not a diagnostic test and was never designed to be one. It’s a very powerful technique when used for its intended purpose but as a diagnostic for a single-strand RNA virus it’s no use at all. You can also ramp up the number of cycles to the point where the primers will make the sequence you’re looking for out of DNA or RNA fragments, even if it didn’t exist in the original sample.Yeah, I’ll do a post on it if I can get the technical stuff into layman’s terms. At this point, all you need to know is that it is not intended for this purpose and those using it must surely know that.

Still, money, eh? A lot of money in testing even if the test is useless. As long as the government falls for it and pays up, who cares if an entire population is terrified into penury in the process?

There is also an enormous amount of money to be made in vaccinations. Even if they don’t work. They only have to give the illusion they work. ‘Repeated vaccinations’ is the same as the annual flu jab. It’s a money tree. Treatment, not cure, is where the profit lies. Those various hepatitis jabs I had don’t need to be repeated unless I go to the high risk places again. I won’t need rabies vaccine again unless I go to a high risk place. I shouldn’t need another shot of tuberculosis vaccine. Tetanus… actually I’m overdue for a topup. Considering I’m often elbow deep in something filthy, I’ll have to get that sorted if the NHS ever opens again. Their managers are enjoying all the spare cash at the moment.

Flu? You need a new vaccine every year. It hardly works and it might make you sick but the NHS has paid for it, the Pharmers have pocketed the cash so roll up your sleeve and play Flu Roulette. It might protect you. It might not. It might actually give you flu. Which chamber has the bullet?

I’ve never had a flu vaccine. No point, you can only get flu from other people and I have little to do with them. And while I have accepted all kinds of vaccines, all of them went through years of testing before being released. That’s not possible with any coronavirus vaccine. They change so fast you have, at best, months to come up with a new one. That’s why they are so crap.

This virus looked very scary at first. It is now clearly a severe flu. It is clear that case numbers have been ramped up by putting pretty much any disease in with it. It is clear that many death certificates were faked. It is clear that this is not another Spanish Flu, compared to that one it’s a rank amateur. It is a very bad flu and that’s all it is. It is not the End of Humanity, it’s a very naughty virus.

There have been no deaths from it in most of the UK for weeks. Hospitals are lying mostly empty. There are ‘cases’, these are positive tests and count as a case whether you are sick or not. PCR will give a positive result from bits of a dead virus, you might have had an asymptomatic infection and the test is picking up broken pieces. Nonetheless you are ‘a case’.

We are now all to wear useless masks that won’t stop any virus but which will cause a resurgence in bacterial and fungal respiratory infections. Unfortunately if you have any respiratory infection, the NHS is only testing for coronavirus. If you don’t have it you are unfashionable and will be sent home. If you die you will be marked as a coronavirus death even if it was Legionnaire’s disease.

Wearing a mask in public? I admit to delighting in this. I have some terrifying ones. There is one somewhere that is very gross indeed. I have to find it.

However, the mask goes on when I go into Local Shop (there have been comments on my masks) and comes off as soon as I leave. I don’t go into supermarkets any more, they deliver for less than it would cost me in petrol to get there and the supermarket bills are way down. No impulse buys, you see? I might never go there again.

Why the hype? Money. Of course.

There are now billions invested in finding a vaccine. Nobody needs one, and it won’t work anyway. I am taking zinc and vitamin D supplements, I get vit C from daily orange juice and quinine from daily tonic water. This stops the virus replicating so even if I happen to interact with some filthy disease-ridden human thing, I’m protected. I am also blocking ACE-2 receptors (the one the virus sticks to) with nicotine. All of this comes from science, I am not listening to politicians nor to anyone who stands to profit from a vaccine.

I know, Trump mentioned hydroxychloroquine and that automatically makes it bad. I’m not listening to Trump either. I’m listening to my past, an entire career studying infectious diseases and the knowledge of how to read scientific data. I don’t care whether anyone ‘believes’ me. It is of no consequence. I’m not interested in saving the world. I’m just telling you what I’m doing and why. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Wrap it in tinfoil and bin it if you like. I don’t care.

Still, look at who is claiming the cheap cure doesn’t work. In America, the main motivation is ‘Trump said it’. There is another motivation that is worldwide.

Many rich and influential people, and many governments, have invested heavily in vaccine production. They lose all that money if there is a cheap and easy cure. So the cheap and easy cure has to be dismissed. Otherwise, who needs the vaccine they’ve spent all that money developing? Oh they know it won’t work, but that’s not the point. The point is profit.

You can help the billionaires get richer if you like. I’ve retired from a career as a microbiologist, I’ve been vaccinated against pretty much anything there’s a reliable vaccine for, and I am not touching this coronavirus vaccine.

What you choose to do is entirely up to you.