The Gallows Stone

The landlord has promised for some time to replace all the pebbledash (‘harling’ in Scottish) on the north end of the house. It’s cracked, damp gets in, in heavy rain the drains can’t cope and water leaks in through the base of the door… it’s a constant battle against black mould at that end of the house.

This week, it began-

You know when you start picking at a loose bit of cement and get carried away…

First thing I noticed was the big difference between the left and right sides of that double-roof section. On the right, there are big granite blocks. On the left it’s just made of whatever stones were lying around in the fields. A few things started to click into place.

The mysterious alcove in CStM’s craft room. It mirrors exactly the alcove of the window in my office but that wall backs on to the bathroom. We’ve been wondering about that alcove.

The strange staircase behind a cupboard door that is not at all like the main staircase, and which leads to two upstairs rooms that are not accessible by any other route. One of those rooms has bare stone wall part way up the end of it.

Conclusion? That ‘alcove’ was once a window and the house was roughly T shaped. The right hand part was added later. Bathroom, utility room, large cupboards and two upstairs rooms.

On the extreme left is likely to be the original door.

I just hope nobody is walled up in there.

So I did a bit of digging. The house is on a map dated 1768, so it was already here then. I haven’t been able to find anything earlier so don’t know exactly how old it is. I did manage to pin down the ‘new’ extension though.

There is an entry in a ledger from 1865 that refers to a load of stone tansported here from a place called Gallowshill, 30 years earlier (so around 1835). The stone was used to build the extension.

The thing is… the large stone blocks were cut from a much bigger stone. A stone with large holes in it to support wooden uprights.

It was the stone from the base of a gallows. The record is quite clear on this point.

Oh yeah. I live in a house built, in part, using a cut-up gallows stone. I found this hilarious. CStM, strangely, does not share my enthusiasm. She merely wonders how I always manage to find creepy places to live. It’s purely accidental. I had no idea, and if that coating had not come off the wall, I would never have known.

I won’t put the documents online here, obviously. I might as well just put my address up. Even the small clues in them lead to no other location. The map, well, little has changed in this part of Scotland for centuries. Roads have moved but the old ones are still there, including milestones. Place names are mostly exactly the same. Including this place.

The photos aren’t going to be much of a clue. We’re not on Google Streetview because we’re not visible from the public road and they weren’t allowed to go up private farm roads.

Anyhow, work is progressing. The entire wall was exposed and today they’ve been filling the gaps. Which is good – the old fireplace in the right side of the house has a very thin wall at the back and there was daylight coming through. No wonder it’s cold in there! Or maybe that’s the chill from the gallows stone. Woooo!

Anyhow. Fully exposed, the wall looks like this –

I’d love it if it could stay like that but it’s not an option. It wouldn’t be weatherproof against a north wind, and some of the random rocks used on the left side might be porous. Still, I have photos before it gets covered up again. Both chimneys are capped and out of use. The only live ones are at the far end of the house.

Also, the drain issue is being simultaneously solved. Looks like I’m getting a moat…

There has been some progress since then, most of the wall has been re-pointed and next week should see it completed. I hope.

I have until next week to finish with Justin Sanebridge’s book, despite all these distractions, because then my parents will be visiting. As soon as they leave it’ll be time to start on the Halloween anthology.

I might name it something along the lines of The Gallows Stone.


Update: No work on the house today or tomorrow so I grapped a couple of pics of progress so far.

The ‘moat’ is still there and has in fact extended – you just can’t see it from this angle.

Work resumes on Monday – it’s just two guys working on this and they’re moving pretty fast!

Justice and Vigilantes

There have been some vigilante incidents in the UK recently. I saw a video of a truck repeatedly and deliberately reversed into the front of a kebab shop.I saw another of two men being attacked and made to flee in their car, the rear window smashed.

Both were alleged child abuse retaliations and both were heartily cheered on Twitter. Were they child abusers? There are certainly a lot of them about but the videos offered no evidence in these particular cases.

The child rape gangs have operated out of kebab shops – but did they use the particular one attacked in the video? I don’t know. Likewise the men chased away in the car – were they child rapists? I don’t know.

The accusation is enough now. As in the days of the Witchfinders, once accused you are guilty. These days, a Muslim talking to a child is a prime suspect and while most of the rape gangs are indeed Muslim (no point whining ‘racist’ at a statement of fact so don’t bother) it’s still only a small proportion of Muslims. Calling all Muslims child rapists just leads to witchhunting, and that is never good.

Besides, it goes a lot further than the Muslim gangs who are coming to light now. They were facilitated for a reason and it’s a reason most people are not prepared to accept. The facilitators are people in positions of power and they are not Muslims. The rape gangs were, and to a large extent still are, part of their supply chain.

Yeah, I know, I sound a bit David Icke now. Well, I write a lot about demons and witchcraft and devilish things and I don’t just make shit up. I use ‘real’ demons and ‘real’ spells and ‘real’ incantations in the stories (‘real’ insofar as I researched what these people actually do rather than just invent my own magic world). The covers of Samuel’s Girl and Jessica’s Trap are not idle doodles. They are taken from The Key of Solomon which a lot of people think is a fictional book, like Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, but it’s all too real. It’s part of a group called Lemegeton and the British Library has it. Partial translations are even available on Amazon.

I’ve never dabbled in calling up demons nor in running the actual rituals for real. For me it’s in the same class as the Ouija board. If it’s not real it’s a waste of time. If it is real it’s too dangerous to play with. Therefore the logic gate returns ‘no’ either way.

I’ve argued before that it does not matter whether Satan is real or not. What matters is that a lot of people believe he is real and will do horrible things to please him. Atheists refer to God, Allah, etc as ‘sky fairies’. Well you could call Satan the ‘underground fire goblin’ and it still does not matter whether any of them are real or not. What matters is what people who do believe in them are prepared to do.

Look at what the radicals among Allah’s followers are prepared to do. They are prepared to blow themselves to mince in a crowd even if the crowd contains other Muslims. Why? They believe they will get 72 virgins in Heaven.

Quite where they expect Allah to find them 72 virgins each when they have raped every girl before she reached adulthood is a mystery.  The only virgins left are the incels so get ready for an eternity of playing World of Warcraft against 72 fat sweaty guys who have way more practice than you. Is that worth mincing yourself for?

The devil worshippers are not so overt. They want power over the world, just like radical Islam, but they are much more subtle about it. And, frankly, they are better at it. Remember, it does not matter if God or the devil are real. People are doing all this because they believe in these entities. The actual existence of the entity is irrelevant, the actions are all too human.

I could do a lecture on this, I’ve learned enough but let’s summarise. Eliphas Levi translated some useful parts of Clavicula Salomonis that are relevant here.

Kether, the Crown, is not an individual being. It’s an essence. I’d be up all night getting into this but basically it’s God. Not a bearded guy saying ‘Pull my finger’ to Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Something much more intangible, spiritual, non-anthropic. His adversary? There are two, who are at war with each other and if you’ve followed superficial treatment of this by the likes of Shouty Alex and the Internet Outrage Show, you might be surprised.

The two adversaries of God who are in eternal war with each other are called Satan and Moloch. They are not the same.

They are opponents. Keep in mind that it is not necessary for you to believe any of this, only to recognise that there are people who do.

So you can claim to be an opponent of Satan if you are a follower of Moloch but since both are leaders of the Thamiel and both opponents of God, the end result is the same.

And Moloch is depicted as an owl. Shouty Alex was close when he sneaked into Bohemian Grove. Pity he didn’t read up on the matter.

Satan or Moloch, your initiation will be based on depravity and your continued servitude will include continued depravity. It’s perfect for control. If they have video of you raping or otherwise abusing a child, you dare not speak out against them or defy them. You can’t join the power circles unless you do this¬† but once done there is no going back.

Moloch doesn’t have to be real. Only the video of your initiation has to be real.

Trump is not part of this. That’s why they are so scared of him. Jacob Rees-Mogg is not part of this. That’s why they will avoid letting him lead the Tory party. He won’t be controllable.

Corbyn, I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’s part of this either. But then he’s just a figurehead and if he gets to be PM he’ll be run from the shadows because he really has no idea what he’s doing. Tessie May seems to be a weak one too, run from the shadows. So maybe she’s not really part of the elite either.

The test will come if Trump is invited to Bohemian Grove. I don’t think he will be. He’s far too likely to tweet the whole event. May won’t be going. It’s an all-male event. Let’s see the feminists point their screaming vaginas at that one. If they dare.

So yes, the Muslim rape gangs are an evil that must be eradicated but the testimony of those gangs is kept secret for a big reason. The names they might drop…

This still does not justify vigilantism. Oh it’s going to happen, it is already happening and it can’t be stopped because justice is corrupted.

They sent 18 police officers to arrest a frail old soldier for ‘war crimes’ from 30 or more years ago. Eighteen. To arrest a frail old man. If you get burgled you might have two officers calling in for five minutes a week later to sign your insurance forms. Say bad things on twitter and they’ll be round your house by dawn.

A man who defended his home against armed robbers has been prosecuted for a hate crime for calling them bad names. The robbers have not been arrested.

Justice? Can you afford it? The latter case was a rich man and he couldn’t afford it. What does this tell me? It tells me that as much as I disagree with vigilantism, if you break into my home I am not calling the police. Your reward will be a shallow grave in the woods. I’ll be selling rhubarb to Tesco if there are enough ofyou.

Is it at all connected? Let’s get a look at what the Believers think.

There are ten Sephirah in the Eliphas Levi translation. I have discussed only number one. Let’s skip to number five.

Five is Geburah, Justice, and the good guys are the Seraphim. They believe in merciful but swift and appropriate justice. They are opposed by the Golab, the ones of wrath and sedition. Witchhunters, basically. No care for due process, if you are accused you are guilty. I used Golab in ‘Jessica’s Trap’ because it was so fitting. And now it’s fitting in the real, modern world too.

Accused, you are guilty. Even if the accusation is absurd. You are Nazi-racist-bigot if you so much as question the fascist dictates of those who label you fascist.

Doesn’t it sound familiar?

I have no religion. I have no faith, and I worship nothing and nobody.



What matters is what the people doing this stuff believe. They believe it will bring them power and glory so they implement it all. Does it work? Well of course it works. There are always, always, enough gullible morons, enough useful idiots to form a cult. That’s been proven time and time again.

It doesn’t mean there is a God or Allah or Satan or Moloch or any of the rest of them.

Humans have always been perfectly capable of being utterly shitty to each other without any supernatural influence.

But hey, blame it on the red guy. He won’t mind.

He doesn’t even exist.

Replication, not proof of a negative.

Science cannot prove a negative. It’s not possible to prove that something does not exist using real science. This is why science should stay out of religion. You cannot disprove a belief. It simply cannot be done. The scientist and the believer are arguing from entirely different and incompatible worldviews.

There might or might not be a god or gods. Science has no evidence to suggest there is, and no means or method to prove there isn’t. To pure science, it is an entirely irrelevant question unless and until some god or other decides to leave a clue.

Many people believe in a god or gods. Are they wrong? Science has no means to even begin to study belief because ‘belief’ is a concept that does not apply in science. There are many scientists who are devoutly religious but apart from a very few fields of study, the two mindsets are not in conflict at all. In geology, palaeontology, evolutionary biology and a few others, trying to work within a 6000-year constraint would cause a conflict that could blow a talented mind to bits.

In, say, chemistry or biochemistry, no problem. It does not matter how or when the molecules originated. Only their current interactions matter.

In any studiies of what is referred to as the ‘paranormal’, the focus tends to be on trying toi prove it’s not real by replicating the effect in the lab.

Personally, I don’t think Uri Geller’s claimed powers are real. I cannot say for certain that they are not. I just don’t see why only one person out of seven billion would be able to do what he claims to do. But maybe his powers are real. I don’t know.

I can do the ‘ratcheting’ that makes it look like I’m bending a spoon or a key in real time. I can do a pretty good cold reading that can make most peole believe I’m really speaking to their dead relatives. I have no paranormal powers but I can fake some of them. I make no money from it, it’s all just a bit of fun to scare a drone or two.

Because I can fake them, is that proof that nobody can do those things? No, it proves only that I can replicate those things using fakery. Using logic and a bit of mind-bending, I can look as though I have some kind of spooky abilities. It won’t work on you now that I’ve already told you it’s fake but it does work on those who aren’t pre-warned.

This does not prove that all who claim to do these things are fakes.

For the record, I consider anyone who makes a living as a medium as a fake. Logic again. How can they call up the right number of ghosts for the duration of a show and have every ghost relevant to someone in the audience? Never a dud show where no ghosts turn up. Never a show where too many turn up. Never one where the ghosts impart anything really important. It’s a show. It’s not real.

That does not prove that all mediums are fakes. All the TV ones are.

Ghosts cannot be studied in a laboratory. Unless it’s a haunted laboratory and there aren’t many of those. Taking all your equipment (which equipment – what are ghosts made of?) to a haunted location means you have changed the nature of that location, possibly in a way that means the ghost can no longer appear.

We have no idea if ghosts are real. If they are real, we have no idea what they are made of nor what materials we might bring to their location that would affect their ability to appear or communicate. We might bring a device that blocks them and declare ‘No ghost here’ while the ghost screams silently against our inadvertant wall. We just do not know.

When we medicate a schizophrenic so they don’t hear the voices any more… are we curing their imaginary voices or blocking their ability to hear real ghostly ones? Can we really be sure?

Yes, we can replicate ghostly effects. Low-frequency infrasound can do it, among other things. We don’t even need to go as far as holograms. Humans are easily fooled – but does that prove that all such experiences are not real?

It only proves that they can be replicated. It does not prove that all reports are caused by our replication method.

So when I read something telling me that ghosts are all in the imagination because the experience can be replicated by a machine, I have to ask…

… where is the machine in all the other reports?