Cash and Buses

Right now I should have been eating a big whopper with the Mothership in town before going to our favourite cafe for cake and coco. Maybe even a trip to Ikea. But instead I am sitting at home rather frustrated and stuck. Now here’s why; I’m part of the internet generation. I can’t remember a time before computers. My dad was always a bit of a tech geek so we had them relatively early on. I am in no way saying I’m a computer wizard but I can what I need and maybe a bit more. So I am also one of those who’s comfortable with internet shopping. Of course with a hint of does this look legit and do I trust their security. Which brings us to today’s problem. I can pay you in way too many ways online and in plastic card, but I very rarely have cash on me.

Now I live in a small-ish village. When I moved here it was because there was a local shop, a cash point and even an inn walking distance. The buses drove regularly and it was a nice green area with lots of walking options for Susie.
First the inn closed, then the cash point and Sunday the shop closed for good. The village is slowly dying and unless you have cash or a bus pass you can’t leave. This morning I had neither. Luckily the Mothership has taken mercy on me and is coming here with a bus pass otherwise I’d have been stuck here until I learned how to pull cash out of my arse.

The Mothership arrived with lunch and I even got my chromecast today so it wasn’t a complete fail of a day. Ingeborg seems to be doing well. She is very easy but she did for some reason feel like trashing her cage this night. She’d hidden under her newspaper and tried to crawl under her exercise wheel so it had fallen over. I found a big box and made her a shelter so hopefully she won’t feel the need to trash the place like a rockstar. She doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the tv either. She was curled up and grumpy all evening until I turned it off. Then she was sleeping with a smug little grin, dreaming of hot model hedgehogs feeding her cat treats on a secluded tropical island. Or at least that’s my guess.



I’m back with a bit of music as it was Wednesday. Today I wanted to do something a bit different. It actually came by a bit randomly. I was watching a nail video thinking what is that background music? I found it using a sneaky app which led me to the song which let me to a thought of it could be fun doing a music post on how music is a fluid thing. One song will create rings in the water and turn into something else.

99 Problems – Jay-Z

I think most of us have heard this song somewhere.


99 Problems – Hugo

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this one before as it’s one of my favourite songs. It’s a bluegrass inspired cover-ish song of awesomeness in my opinion. So different and yet so alike.


Problem – Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea

This is the one that started my idea



A new baby

There’s a Danish politician who’s remembered for having said that you have a standpoint until you pick a new one. Pretty much politician speak for next week I may have a completely different opinion on this matter. Now that happened to me this Sunday.

After Igor passed away I decided not to get a new pet until after the big move. The Mothership would send pictures of guinea pigs and geckos and I would tell her “No!”. I was not wearing the yes hat at all. However after a while I started to miss having a little TV buddy so when she Sunday sent a picture of a hedgehog for sale I broke my resolve and said yes. The seller had a 2 year old girl and had plans for breeding babies. I went intending to just look at the girl and sign up for a baby. Now that didn’t go as planned. I held the girl hog and it was love at first sight. So I now have a hog in the house again.

Her name is Ingeborg. I tried calling her Inga as a nickname but she seems to like and respond better to Ingeborg. Now I just have to teach Leggy how to pronounce it. She is the most relaxed hedgehog I’ve met. She’ll sniff around on my chest and at some point she’ll decide it’s nap time and just lay down to sleep. She’s not best friends with Susie but she doesn’t mind her either. Unless Susie pokes her nose in too private places she is cool with her.

I once again have a small TV buddy. We’re now trying to catch up on Criminal Minds.

Edit: Ingeborg is an African Pygmy hedgehog and was bred to be a pet. She’s never been living outside in the wild. Generations back her ancestors would have lived in Africa before entering a life of slavery. I did not pick up a random sweet hedgehog from my garden to keep as a pet. That would be illegal, no matter how cute it is. So I do not drive around in a beat up white van advertising free mealworms.



The last time I watched real TV there were five channels and SCART was the new big thing. I looked at TVs recently and it’s all USB and HDMI and fuck off you archaic troll. I have no idea what I’m looking at now.

But there was a hoover. Two, actually. I had two crappy second hand hoovers and finally bought a new one. In Lidl, I got the last one for £35 and it’s a beast. It can suck up water too. It looks like this…


Okay, the top part isn’t original equipment but I had a spare Dalek head lying around as I’m sure everyone does.

Anyway, back to the hoover/TV link.

I had two crappy but still working hoovers, too good to throw away but not good enough to sell. I have a mate who works in a charity shop so I thought if they can get them going properly they can make a few quid. I took them round.

At this point there is a chair involved but trust me, it gets back to television later.

Someone had donated an office chair. A very nice black faux leather one with deep padding. The sort of chair you sit in while stroking a cat and saying ‘So, Mr. Bond, this time you are fucked’.

It didn’t have the fire safety tag so they couldn’t sell it to me (damn!) but my friend, as staff, could take it away for a tiny donation.

So he said ‘Are you around when I finish work at 3?’ and I said ‘No, I start work at 3’.

We decided the best option was to put the chair in my car and I’d take it to his house after work.

So that’s what happened.

At his house after 9 pm I delivered the chair in exchange for a coffee and a look at TV. He had his on as always, tuned to the Horror Channel that shows scary films. I had no idea this channel existed.

I have decided to get a TV. Might not be immediate but there is a horror channel…


The Budget, otherwise known as ‘screw you all day’, was today. I don’t care enough to look at it yet. Predictably it was a load of money-grabbing bollocks as usual. Politicians justify their imagined importance by stealing money from people who do real work and who make real things. It has always been thus, and always will be.

On the radio there is much that makes me say ‘Oh just fuck off’. I hear it at work. I did indeed buy a radio for home, it’s been on twice and the first time was to check it worked. One day I might go for a new fangled TV talking picture thing… but it is not this day!

There was a personal trainer hoping to make his fortune on the back of the latest NHS shite about exercise for the over 40s. We’re all flabby and at Death’s door so we need a personal trainer to push us all into cardiac arrest. Think of the money the NHS would save if everyone over 40 was dead!

I bet there are 39 year olds thinking this is a good idea, you know. The stupidity is all pervasive now.

The NHS in Scotland want to check everyone over 40 for dementia. Okay, it can hit early but that’s rare. Very rare. Checking every 40 year old is a 99.9% waste of time and money. It’s a very good way to round up dissidents though.

Wouldn’t it save the NHS so much money if everyone over 40 was dead? Has everyone seen or read ‘Logan’s Run’? Sure it was down to 30 by then but they have to start somewhere.

I have so much more but I’m trying to make it up before it becomes real.

The life of a rock star

I have been in the process of cleaning up the flat. After having been left to it’s own devices for some time the flat was starting to look a bit grubby. So doing a bit of cleaning every day has started to show off.
Now am I the only one who finds vacuum cleaner bags a pain in the arse to get? My local shop used to sell the bags to my trusty Nilfisk but now when I was all out and had an invasion of dust bunnies I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was in several shops before I gave up and did what I should have started out with, I ordered them online.

I got new bedding to the hedgehog. I know it’s the wild life of rock n roll. Yeah Baby! His kind is apparently allergic to ceder and fir tree so it can be a real pain finding bedding to him as a lot of the sawdust packs to pets just has an ingredient list that says : Wood. I mean I’m not a complete idiot. I didn’t think it was made of stone or teddies. I’m just the weirdo who what to know what type of wood is in it. I mean wood is a pretty broad term to use when you’re looking to avoid certain types. Don’t even get me started on his food. In the end I found some that was made out of hemp so that is what he’s walking around in now. Leggy suggested that I give him some rolling paper too.

We did almost get a new family member. No not a baby. My close friend has a gorgeous little Cairn terrier named Anton. He is the happiest dog I’ve ever met and we totally love each other. But my friend’s daughter is more of a cat person so they’ve taken in two kittens from the wild cat that came with the house. So of course the child is over the moon about the kittens and so Anton has been forgotten a bit which made him rather depressed. He was moping around and wouldn’t really leave his bed. So my friend was asking me if maybe I could adopt him seeing as we are so happy together. But all he needed to get his mojo back was a visit and he is now back to his happy self. I’m really glad he’s back to normal and get to stay with his family, but a small part of me is a bit sad I didn’t get to adopt him.
Susie has been a bit frustrated. I bought Sims 4 from some Christmas gift money so my lap has been occupied by the laptop rather a lot. Of course me being me I started out creating Slutty Sim and made it my goal to see how weird I could make their family tree. She ended up getting 9 children with 3 different men and her eldest daughter ended up marrying her step father and having an affair and getting a love child with her step sisters step brother. It was very strange. Yet another reason why I shouldn’t be god. There’d be a lot of webbed fingered banjo players out there before I got bored of that.

Now going back to the cleaning I have a trick taught to me by the Mothership that I figured I’d share with you guys. If you drink a lot of tea like me or coffee like Leggy you may know about how the mugs after a while starts looking all brown and grubby inside. Now what you can do is to wet the mug, then take a kitchen sponge moist it and the add about a tea spoon of salt on to it. Then you just scrub inside the mug like you were cleaning it with soap. It may take a bit of pressure and sometimes the scrubby side is best. Then when you’re done you just wash the mug and Bam! it’s as good as new. I’ve even taken pictures of the process TV shop style.

2016-01-19 20.32.55 2016-01-19 20.33.26 2016-01-19 20.35.31 2016-01-19 20.37.36 2016-01-19 20.37.54

Today’s music is inspired by cd’s I got for my birthday and Christmas. I was very lucky and got all the cd’s that I had put on my wishlist so I was a very happy camper. I may soon have to find a new storage place though as my current shelves are starting to fill up. But that’s a problem for future Steffie.

Florence + The Machine – Ship to wreck

I was sure I’d put this one on before but a quick search didn’t show anything. I got their album How Big How Blue How Beautiful and I absolutely love it. One of my favourites.

Lana Del Rey – Music to watch boys to

I have her debut album on vinyl and I’ve heard it so many times. It is beautiful. So when I got her two new albums on cd I was very happy. I’m not entirely sure what I think of Honeymoon yet. It seems very much the same all the way through. I’m hoping it’s one of those that win you over after a few plays

The Pierces – Secret

Now this is a cd where I’ve heard almost all of the songs loads of times. They always feature on my music streaming service play lists and somehow I just never got around to buying the album. But now I have it and it can live cozy in my collection.

Sara Evans – Suds in the bucket

Now this is pretty much as country as you can get. At least in my head but I am still a fan and was very excited about the 5 cd collection I’ve got.

The Brothers Bright – Blood on my name

Now this is one I haven’t got in my collection. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere but I absolutely love this song and I’ve been playing it like a mad woman. And yes, I totally found it watching The Blacklist. That scene was so awesome!

Godt nytår!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. May 2016 be a great one. 2015 started out rather crappy but it ended on a good note. Leggy was my kitchen bitch for once after days of returning home to dinner in the oven. I may be spoiling the bugger. Kevin made the grand menu of prawn cocktails with salmon and homemade dressing and for the main he’d made lasagna. He knows my favourites so I was a very happy girl. Then he’d made sure the bar was stocked with raspberry vodka so I ended up a happy and slightly drunk girl. It was the first time Leggy got to see the phenomenon of me being drunk so he leaned back with a whiskey and watched the show. Well until the point where he had to confiscate his phone. Apparently asking the son if he’d be my bridesmaid and wear a pink dress wasn’t within the limits of our budding family bond. Next year….

Leggy got me a pack of penguin chocolate cookies that you can decorate yourself with melted chocolate and sprinkles but the box says you need adult supervision when melting chocolate so we’ve been at a standstill. Can you rent an adult? Would a hooker count as adult supervision?

I’d brought over the birthday money so the Viking was let loose in the city. Or more accurately I ripped things down from shelves in Primark and Poundworld. I got lots of new much needed clothes and a ton of not so needed nail polishes. I should be a tad ashamed but I’m not. The grandfather build me a nail polish rack last year and I’m already in need of a new one. So I have three New Year’s resolutions. The first is the same as the last two years; read more books than I buy. I’m not sure if I managed that last year. I didn’t get past my 25 books in a year goal. I made it to 23 so it wasn’t too bad. The second is to blog more as I’ve been falling a bit off that wagon and the third is to try to use all the new polishes at least once during the new year. I did manage to chop a big dent into a finger when chopping mushrooms for the Christmas dinner so I’ve been on a nail painting break until it grows out. My nails did need a break anyway after making it to day 17 of the Christmas daily nail art challenge. A daily polish removal by acetone isn’t the best for your nails. But it was fun and a great challenge.

Birthday of a viking

Birthday week started out with the invasion of the Scottish Friday night. He came carrying gifts so he was let in. What girl doesn’t like gifts? Saturday was the big family test. It started out with brunch. I’d invited the family and my dear friend to my all time favourite brunch place. There was a big brunch buffet with bacon enough to feed an army and we got a secluded corner all to ourselves. After that it was coffee and cake at parents’ house. Here at birthdays you can get what’s called a Cakeman, which is a big Danish pastry like cake shaped as a man, or in my case a woman, and decorated with marzipan and pieces of sweets. Later in the evening when all the guests had left mum made a pork roast with all the trimmings.


Sunday was the day of films and rest. Monday I dragged Leggy with me to town for a bit of shopping and lunch. He got tobacco and I of course found some nail polish I just had to own. Then we went to my favorite burger place, The American Diner. I seldom go there as I always end up eating like a pig but will be fed for the rest of the day. Tuesday was the end of the invasion and the day of “are you sure you have enough to eat?” or the day I sounded like my mother.
Wednesday the Mothership and I met up for a few hours of more shopping and then we went to this steak place for birthday dinner.

Gift vise I was a very lucky girl.The left picture is the gifts from Leggy along with the Tropical nail stamping plates on the right picture. Besides what’s seen in the pictures I also got a Dr Who t-shirt, a beauty advent calendar and money. I was very amazed and happy. The gifts were much more than I’d ever dreamed about and it was some absolutely amazing days spent with Leggy and family.

So this week’s music is a bit random. Or very random. I’ve been thinking for a while about doing this on the blog and I figured the birthday post would be the perfect opportunity to give you guys a sneaky unfiltered peek into my personal play list. So the “game” was simple. I took my playlist on my music app, put it on shuffle and let it choose five songs. Only rules were no skips, unless it had already been on the blog or an artist showed up more than once. Ain’t nobody got time for 3 Taylor Swift songs. I thought it was a very fun idea until I saw my selection. So here are 5 songs I listen to.

Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Uptown funk

Goldfrapp – Ooh La La

Taylor Swift – Love Song

Avicii – Wake Me Up

The La’s – There She Goes

Which songs will you guys get?