Here are the potential signs so far sent in. I wonder if, like country tramps, we will develop a language of signs to indicate things like ‘Smokers welcome here’ or ‘Stay away, they hate us’.

As the suggestions come in I will post them here and we can argue forever over which one to make into a bumper sticker, T-shirt or whatever. Maybe a range…

The only rule is that it must be a simple line drawing. Something that could be scrawled on a wall in moments, or written on a menu or drawn in dust. Other than that, go for it!

The first was from Robert the Biker –

From Nisakiman –

From Bucko the Moose –

My own effort –

Added October 4th: from Grandad.

More! Bring more! Drink booze and let it skew your mind. Then send it in.

9 thoughts on “Smokesign

  1. #1, too complicated to be “drawn quicly on a menu..”
    #2, COULD be mistaken for a scrible to male sure a pen is working, but it is not bad
    #3, Ahhh… Wha’????
    #4, I like it. It covers all possibilitys mentioned, of “signing” things/objects/Foreheads of passing drunks, etc.

    Perhaps with #2 in the middle?


  2. Don’t know if this will work, and it is not strictly speaking what you are after here, but….WHEN it works;



  3. I’m sorry to say that Bucko the Moose has proposed something very much like the international symbol for bacon…often printed on hand dryers for some reason….


  4. XX More! Bring more! Drink booze and let it skew your mind. Then send it in.XX

    I am just off to the pub, where they have Faxe Beer 10% ON DRAFFT! (Not bad when you GO to the pub at 2 A.M huh?! :-)) ) Oh, and they have these hubbly bubbly things as well, and a selection of all kinds of tobacco. Oh how painful it is to live in Berlin!

    Any way, I will get all creative when I come back, around 10 O’Clock.


  5. I’ve consider having a t-shirt saying:
    I might light up at any moment
    (Big, happy smiley face + lit cigarette out of corner of mouth)


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