Top 5 male celeb crushes

Now I probably shouldn’t admit this but finding the women for my top 5 last week took me about an hours thinking. Now the male one took me a week of thinking. First I couldn’t find more than 4 and then this morning I suddenly remembered 10 who could be a possible number 5. I was suggested from several sides to put Leggy on the list but first he’s not an actor or Hollywood celeb and second having 5 points of “he’s just amazing and totally Doctor McDreamy” would probably end up a bit too sweet for anyone but Leggy to read. So without further ado this weeks top 5.

Edward Norton
Now some may be surprised that number 2 isn’t number 1. The first film I saw Edward Norton in was American History X a great but chilling film. I must admit though that I had to watch it about 5 times before the ending stuck in my memory. Later came Fight Club and me being the odd one I was all about Edward Norton whilst all the other girls were swooning over Brad Pitt. I have seen most of the films he’s been in of course.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Now being a big Sherlock Holmes fan I was introduced to the awesomeness that is Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. Jeremy Brett was my favourite Sherlock Holmes until Sherlock happened. It didn’t harm that I could share my crush with Captain Ranty.

Bradley Cooper
I first saw Bradley Cooper years back when I was using what little fun money I had on expensive dvd boxes of Alias. It wasn’t however until The Hangover films and Silver Linings Playbook that I really saw those pretty blue eyes and that hair. *sighs* I did watch my entire way through American Hustle and he was one of the reasons I didn’t just turn it off. He is brilliant as the voice of Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy and in American Sniper.

Liam Neeson
I saw him first back in Nell and Schindler’s List but the Liam Neeson I like best is the action hero in films like the Taken series. Come on “I don’t know who you are but I will find you and I will kill you!” that is the coolest thing ever. Put Liam Neeson on a film poster with a gun and I will most likely watch it.

David Tennant
Leggy told me I couldn’t make a top 5 list without a Doctor so being a newcomer to Doctor Who and already a big fan I knew I had to put David Tennant on the list. He made me want to have a pet Dalek and own a sonic screwdriver.

I could be a tabloid journalist…


Here’s my attempt on a non-story already covered by the Daily Mail.

Kanye West (can I what now?) is really famous for being this bloke who keeps appearing in the news and is now famous for becoming a father. Along with Kim Jong-Karkrash, who is famous for something else entirely (which is probably entirely unrelated to North Korea) as well as being famous for popping out a sprog, these famous news fodder people have allowed us to see what they have jointly produced and… it’s a baby!

They did that all by themselves. Clever, eh? Wouldn’t it be great if more people could do that? Why, there’d soon be billions of us.

However, in a postnatal fit of Feng Shui, they have named the baby North. North West. Tsk. No imagination.

How about ‘North South Eastand’?

How about ‘Youngman Go’? ‘Eastmeets’? Or, if they wanted to make a statement, maybe ‘Decadent’? Although perhaps that last one is just a bit too antichristish.

Hmm. Maybe I can’t be a tabloid journalist. I just can’t take these sort of stories seriously at all.

I’ll have to think of a different career.