Birthday of a viking

Birthday week started out with the invasion of the Scottish Friday night. He came carrying gifts so he was let in. What girl doesn’t like gifts? Saturday was the big family test. It started out with brunch. I’d invited the family and my dear friend to my all time favourite brunch place. There was a big brunch buffet with bacon enough to feed an army and we got a secluded corner all to ourselves. After that it was coffee and cake at parents’ house. Here at birthdays you can get what’s called a Cakeman, which is a big Danish pastry like cake shaped as a man, or in my case a woman, and decorated with marzipan and pieces of sweets. Later in the evening when all the guests had left mum made a pork roast with all the trimmings.


Sunday was the day of films and rest. Monday I dragged Leggy with me to town for a bit of shopping and lunch. He got tobacco and I of course found some nail polish I just had to own. Then we went to my favorite burger place, The American Diner. I seldom go there as I always end up eating like a pig but will be fed for the rest of the day. Tuesday was the end of the invasion and the day of “are you sure you have enough to eat?” or the day I sounded like my mother.
Wednesday the Mothership and I met up for a few hours of more shopping and then we went to this steak place for birthday dinner.

Gift vise I was a very lucky girl.The left picture is the gifts from Leggy along with the Tropical nail stamping plates on the right picture. Besides what’s seen in the pictures I also got a Dr Who t-shirt, a beauty advent calendar and money. I was very amazed and happy. The gifts were much more than I’d ever dreamed about and it was some absolutely amazing days spent with Leggy and family.

So this week’s music is a bit random. Or very random. I’ve been thinking for a while about doing this on the blog and I figured the birthday post would be the perfect opportunity to give you guys a sneaky unfiltered peek into my personal play list. So the “game” was simple. I took my playlist on my music app, put it on shuffle and let it choose five songs. Only rules were no skips, unless it had already been on the blog or an artist showed up more than once. Ain’t nobody got time for 3 Taylor Swift songs. I thought it was a very fun idea until I saw my selection. So here are 5 songs I listen to.

Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Uptown funk

Goldfrapp – Ooh La La

Taylor Swift – Love Song

Avicii – Wake Me Up

The La’s – There She Goes

Which songs will you guys get?

Traditions and cover songs

Have you guys ever wondered about how some holidays make perfect sense up until the point you have to explain it to someone who’s never heard of it before.
We have Morten’s evening coming up. It’s an old story about a priest who was chosen to become bishop but he didn’t want to so he tried to run away. As the local villagers were out looking for him he tried to hide with the geese but they made so much noise that he was found and he ended up having to become a bishop. So each year on this day we eat duck roast with all the trimmings. Somehow the duck became guilty by association.
And we have loads of those traditions or small holidays like that. I talked about Fastelavn last time with the live cat in the barrel that would get batted until it broke. These days it’s a paper cat.

I’ll be celebrating Christmas with Leggy this year in Scotland and I realised that how ever strange these traditions may seem I am actually a sucker for them. What really made me see that was when I told Leggys that I’d make him the traditional Danish duck dinner for Christmas. So of course wanting to be prepared I went on Google to see if I could get everything I needed in Scotland. Most things were readily available but two things. The cherry sauce for the rice and almond pudding and to my horror the red pickled cabbage was all wrong. It was actually red and not purple as it is here and it looked like big chunky cabbage and not “hey I just got a food processor let’s chop everything into tiny bits” cabbage. So yeah, when Leggy goes home from his birthday visit I’m sending pickled cabbage and cherry sauce with him because that is what tradition calls for.

Lilly Allen – Somewhere Only We Know

I must admit that I really like the John Lewis Christmas adverts. Especially last years one with the penguin . This Lilly Allen cover is from the 2013 advert and is a cover of this song by Keane

Ane Brun – Halo

I’ve mentioned Ane Brun in an older Wednesday music post. She did a song with Madrugada that I posted. Here she’s made a cover of Beyoncé’s song Halo
I’m personally not a big fan of Beyoncé’s music but I really like this cover.

Lisa Ekdahl – It’s Oh So Quiet

Now I think most of us know the Björk version of this song. Which if some of you didn’t know is actually a cover song in itself. The original English version was made in 1951 by Betty Hutton which was according to Wikipedia a cover of a German song called “Und jetzt ist es still”
I chose Lisa as it is a slightly lesser known version and a bit more jazzy and slow than the Björk and Betty Hutton versions.

Jasmine Thompson – Take Me To Church

I adore the Hozier version of this song but Jasmine Thompson does something to it that just makes me like it that much more. Hard to believe that she’s only 15.

Hugo – 99 Problems

I’m not entirely sure if this is a true cover song as it has had a bit of a rewrite from the Jay-Z Version and I may have used this version before in another post but I like this version so much that I’ll risk it.


We’re all oldies but goodies

The mothership has arrived home from Norway, carrying gifts and caramel pudding, and I am back home. I am once again surrounded by books and nail polish. I got back home to five notes from the post man. I may have done a bit of online shopping and bought some 12 new books whilst Leggy was at work and couldn’t make arguments for why I should wait with the book buying until after my birthday next month.

So yeah, my birthday is a thing that is happening soon. I have been saving since summer, have made reservations and sent out the invites and I have finally made my wishlist. So all is ready for the big day and still I feel completely unprepared.

Susie, the dachshund, has been getting a bit stressed these past weeks with me going away and going back and forth between home and parents’ house. So she has adopted her pink squeaky toy flamingo Dave as her own. She will bite him so he makes his squeaky noise and then cry back to him. I have thought about giving him a tiny snip and make the noise stop but I’m not sure how she’d react to that. It did get a bit much at one point so Dave was banned to the closet for a while and he is now out of the closet on probation to see how it goes.
And yes, there has been quite a few jokes about the pink flamingo coming out of the closet.

So today we are doing a look back in music Wednesday. I had a long phase where most of the music I listened to was from the 40’s and 50’s. So today is a pick of some of my favourite songs from that time.

George Formby – When I’m cleaning windows

This song doesn’t really need an introduction. Fun and quirky and proving that ukes are awesome instruments.

Perry Como and the Fontane sisters – Hoop-Dee-Doo

I must admit that inside my head I have this idea of how cool it would be to put on a flowy dress, rock a victory curl and just swing it, baby. But sadly in the real world I have a coordination skill that’s worse than a drunk toddler’s so maybe another life.

The Fontane sisters – Hearts made of stone

Were they all sisters? I must admit I have never been curious enough to google it. Or I did and I just forgot, that’s a possibility. Could be there just was a thing for sisters back then. And why always 3? I mean the axis of evil, the sisters and so on.

Andrew Sisters – Don’t bring Lulu

Here we have even more sisters. I wonder if I could dress up my brothers as girls and make a group. Or complain to my mother about her ruining my chance for making a swing band by only giving me brothers.

Doris Day – Dream a little dream of me

A beautiful song to round up this weeks music.

Scotland and Stine Bramsen

I wouldn’t be surprised if travel agencies are a bit evil. For some reason Amsterdam seems to be the new hot spot for flight changes. Which in itself isn’t evil. I don’t mind Amsterdam airport it’s a nice enough airport. There’s plenty of stuff to buy and they don’t claim to have free wi-fi and then let you find out that it really only is free if your mother’s maiden name starts with a random letter of the day and you’re crawling around in the air vent system on top of the janitor’s closet. Now what I found evil was that I had about 40 minutes to get from gate D-something to E-something. Which doesn’t sound too bad unless you know how big an airport it is. I wonder if they make a bet as the flight lands and then just lean back and watch as people power walk through the place to get to their next flight. And just to make things interesting there’s a passport check right smack in the middle. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

So I started in Copenhagen by landing in the mother of all queues just to get through security. Somehow my passport get pulled to the side. Then no one was paying attention as I walked through the metal detector.
I race through Amsterdam airport and make it to another long queue in Scotland. Why would you put two passport guys on duty for several planes and then make one for passports outside the EU. I make it through and my luggage is missing with the knitted cardigan for Leggy.

The stay in Scotland was however much better than the flight over there. I’ve had English friends tell me all the horrors of the Scottish weather and people but I found it very homely. I did live a bit in Norway as a child and spent many holidays there visiting family so mountains and snow is probably in my genes.
One thing I did like very much about Scotland, besides Leggy and the nature, was the Poundshop and Primark. You could get nail polish for 1£, which ended up with me buying about 23 bottles. I have no trouble seeing myself living there.
It did however take me a few trips to the shop to figure out that they weren’t in fact sold out of all cigarettes and tobacco they had just hidden it somewhere with a lion, witch and free wi-fi behind an ugly grey wall of evil and repression.

These days I’m at parents’ house looking after their dogs and the child of Satan aka the cat. This time the little bugger found that kibbles in the blue bowl aren’t worthy of being eaten unless you move then to the bowl for the wet food that is right beside it. It can have a blue bowl filled with kibbles but if the red one is empty it’s screaming up about death by malnourishment.

So on to the music before the little demon wakes up again.

Alphabeat – Fascination

I remember getting this album years back and absolutely loving it. I still do. It’s such a fun pop album that just makes you want to dance and sing. This was from their debut album and their breakthrough song.

Alphabeat – Fantastic 6

This was one of my favourite songs from the album. Once again a catchy pop song that’s just a bit of fun.

Stine Bramsen – Prototypical

About a year ago, Stine Bramsen the lead singer, decided to focus on a solo project and the first song out was Prototypical. This one shows a more grown up version of her.

Stine Bramsem – Karmatown

With this song she goes back to her pop roots but it is still a slightly more grown up version than seen in the early songs.

Stine Bramsen – Woman

This is the newest of her songs and I really like the message that it’s sending. It’s not saying that curvy is better than skinny it’s just telling women to love themselves as they are and to be proud. I really like the kind of African beat, makes it a very catchy song. I can’t wait to get the album.


Chrissie Hynde and Madrugada

So apparently Chrissie Hynde, the lead singer of The Pretenders, has been out giving her opinion about rape and blame. You can read the article here
She makes several points and I personally don’t agree with most of them. She claims that scantily clad women were likely to “entice a rapist” and that it is their “fault” if they are attacked. Lets look at that. Now I am a firm believer that women should be able to wear what they want, and I think in most cases then rape is more about power and thus what a woman wears isn’t really what gets you raped. People should wear what they want in their own time. And really men get raped too. Surely that’s not because their dress was a bit too short or their heels were a bit too high. And just to go all the way, if a nudist gets raped is it then her fault? I mean she was all naked and walking around with other naked people. All that nakedness. How will we deal?

She also comments that You know, if you don’t want to entice a rapist, don’t wear high heels so you can’t run from him.. Now I have heard of women who can actually run in heels. God knows how they do it but it should be possible.
But if it’s your fault that you got raped because you wore heels and couldn’t run away does that mean that every woman wearing trousers is also to blame? I mean surely it must be easier to run away if you’re wearing a dress and your rapist has his trousers down his ankles. But then again a dress does mean easy access so it could be a sign saying “Oi you there, come rape me!”. And if that is true does that mean women are not even safe in a burqa? Perhaps women should just break out the full plated body armour. Look on the bright side it’ll be a cheap work out too.

I will say this; I have always dressed rather conservative. Trousers, t-shirt and sneakers. One Christmas my grandmother gave me a shirt and a pair of tights. I wore the shirt the day after to the Christmas family get together with trousers and my grandmother asked why I was wearing my dress with jeans. I never learned to walk in heels. I once, at a New Years party with friend,s wore sneakers with a fancy dress. Now my way of dressing and lack of heels didn’t save me. Would it really save others?


Now Madrugada is an alternative rock band from Norway that my mother introduced me to. They started out in 1993 but the band split up after guitar player Rober Burås’ death in 2007.


The lead singer Sivert Høyem has since made 4 solo records. I saw him live last year with my mother and he is a rather talented guy.

Honey Bee

Lift Me – feat Ane Brun

Now this is my personal favourite. It’s a bit more bluesy I’d say than the other songs

Adam Cohen

It’s been a bit of a hard time this past weeks time and more. I’ve just felt drained and sad. You know one of those times where you just feel like a bad remark away from getting misty eyed

I got invited to my granddad’s birthday party which was very surprising since I only tend to get invited to the big celebrations. My grandmother isn’t always the most tactful person. So I spent a lot of time wondering why I’d been invited trying to find the catch. Seems like there for once wasn’t one. It was a pleasant visit with great food and he liked his gift.

I try to be a happy person, which in times like these isn’t always easy. I’ve had people tell me that I need to toughen up and not be so silly and in a way that has been a thing I’ve been grumbling over for a while now. When did it become okay to be a douche bag to people? My brothers and I were raised to say please and thank you and my dad always told us never to tease others about the way they looked because people were responsible for the way they act but not for their physical features. But it seems like these days if someone does something to piss of another it’s “this fat bitch”. I once heard someone, walking past an imigrant, who joked that some people would look better in a burka. Or my grandmother at a birthday party saying very loudly “was that Hellen? I barely recognised her because she’s gotten so fat!”. When did that become okay?

Another thing I don’t get is those going “oh it’s freedom of speech!”. And really I support freedom of speech. It has done some great things through the years. But it seems like today a lot of people will act like a dick and then pull up the shield of freedom of speech. Yes, you can say whatever you like but do we really need to? Is it really necessary to tell some local politician that you hope his kids get cancer because you don’t agree with his opinions? And what I really don’t get is those who’ll go around poking people with their mean stick and then acts all omg like get a grip. Freedom of speech bro. I mean if you stand in the street calling passerbys the c word you shouldn’t really be surprised or run crying when you at some point get a word back or get punched.

I just don’t understand people who seem to go out of their way to be negative. I’ll stop rambling and get on to the music.

I must admit I’ve never gotten into Leonard Cohen. He writes some great songs, I rather like Jennifer Warnes tribute cd Famous Blue Raincoat, I just never really fell in love with Cohen’s singing style. I am however very fond of the music that his son Adam Cohen makes. So he is today’s music segment.

What other guy

Cohen is what I usually put on when I want something soft and gentle.


I absolutely love this song. It’s the song I imagine myself having that first dance with my newly husband at our wedding. It is just beautiful and for me fitting.

We go home

This one from the newest album has a bit more go to it. It was the first one I heard and the one that drew me into the world of Adam Cohen

Love is

I have a neighbour who is a big papa Cohen fan so I let her borrow the newest Adam album since she was curious as to wether she’d like his music or not. She didn’t. She thought his lyrics was rather empty compared to his father’s. I disagree, I think if you look past the upbeat music you do find pretty good lyrics too.

Lisa Ekdahl

I can happily inform that my reading situation isn’t as bad as first thought. I have made a reading challenge on my GoodReads app but apparently it hadn’t accepted a good chuck of the books I had read. So with the two books I’ve read the last few days I’m now up to 12 books read this year which isn’t too bad. My aim is 25 so I’m slowly closing in.

Can we take a moment to talk about the heat? I don’t know about where you guys are but here it is way too hot. Well 26 degrees Celsius. I was made for the cold. I don’t function in this heat. I spent my first 4 years with Swedish and Norwegian winters so I do find it a bit funny when I’ve mentioned to friends that I may relocate to Scotland and their first reaction is do you know how cold it is there? I just smile happily and go yes!
I usually bring Susie with me when I go to the local shop. It helps a bit with my anxiety. But she would get too warm and even though I’d park her in the shade she’d be panting when I’d get out from the shop. So I started to bring water with me. I fill up my purple penguin water bottle and off we go. But does she want to drink it? No way! Strange brown water on the parking lot is apparently appetizing, I had to pull her away to make sure she didn’t try to drink it,but she turns her snout away when I try giving her clean water. Dogs!
She does how ever seem to have accepted Igor a lot more. She let him sniff her paws and tail and even let him crawl on her so that’s good.

Now Lisa Ekdahl’s music has been in my life for a big part of it. It was some of the Swedish music my mum brought back with us. My mum always wanted me to have some of the Swedish culture too in my upbringing, mostly music. I must admit that since I don’t really remember living in Sweden I always felt much more Danish. Especially after my mum and I took a Christmas shopping trip to my birth city and everyone I tried to speak “Swedish” to replied to me in English. So even though I don’t in some ways connect her with my heritage I do in other ways since I’ve been listening to her cds since I was a child. So more a sense of growing up with her than a sense of national pride. I do now as an adult living on my own actually own most of her albums and listen to them regularly.

Vem Vet

This is her far most known song here in Denmark and her first one if I remember correctly.

Benen i kors

Now this is my all time favourite of her Swedish songs. I haven’t got a number on how many times over the years I’ve listened to this song and been singing along and just enjoyed the beauty of it.

Give me that slow knowing smile

It’s funny I once spoke to a guy on Twitter who also liked Lisa Ekdahl. He knew her English songs and I knew her Swedish ones at that point and we came to the conclusion that together we’d make a pretty good Lisa Ekdahl fan.

One life

I went to see her live some time ago and it was there I really started my journey into her English music. It’s funny, her English songs are in some ways much more jazz influenced than her Swedish songs. But it could just be from growing up and evolving her style.

You want her approval

Now this song gave me goosebumps at the concert. It’s pretty amazing, she’s just a rather tiny woman but that voice is just wow! If you ever get the chance I highly recommend seeing her live. It is quite the experience.

Hannah Schneider

Today is a big day in the CstM house because today is the day Susie turns 7. Susie for those of you who don’t know is a little long coated dachshund who I’ve had since she was a tiny pup. I went to the breeder and looked at Susie and all her siblings. Most of them were crying not liking being picked up by a stranger. But Susie was all quiet. She did however cry all the way home so my mum asked dryly if I couldn’t have picked up one of her siblings since then at least she’d have been cried out.

I am one of those weird people who talk with their dog. The neighborhood people have been treated to me in a high pitched voice going “Run Susie! Run like the wind!” when we’ve been out walking. I also tell her where I am off to when I leave her alone. Always with a promise of a swift return. I once even went as far as telling her that I had my phone on me so she could always call if she needed anything. Even I had to stop up for a moment after that one and wonder “Did I just say that to my dog?”. And yes, yes I did.

She is also the main reason I have a TV. Well besides being stuck paying TV licence and having a program pack as part of rent so it was silly not to own a TV since I was already paying as if I had one. But the one who uses the live TV part of the TV is Susie when she’s alone. She always watches the state channel usually sending stuff like The Flying Doctors, Downton Abbey and Antiques Roadshow. My mum vetoed against the channel sending all the CSI and like shows as she figured crime and death wasn’t too good for a young dog all alone.

Now today we are trying something new. We are doing one music post with only one artist. Today is Hannah Schneider, an artist I am very fond of. I have seen her a few times live and she is absolutely brilliant. I don’t know how you can pack that much song into such a petite woman.


This is the first song I ever heard from her. It’s usually not the one I start out showing people but I figured we’d go by chronological order and please my inner “OCD”. I’ve sent some of her videos to Twitter friends and one commented that I should be getting a PR pay for my work in spreading the HS hype.

Old Enough

Now this is my personal favourite from the first album. I love the silent Danish counting in the beginning and just how this song in some ways remind me of myself. “I’m old enough to know better” “But I’m young enough to do it anyway”. I think most of us know about that.

In the Line of Fire (Kitchen sessions)

This one I know all the lyrics to by heart. Well that may actually count for most of her songs.She made an extra cd called Kitchen Sessions where she kind of redid her two first records in a more rustic way.

Everything (Live)

I must say that my favourite album is the 3rd and newest. It has a natural blend of the first two but also opens up a bit more to the world and drawing inspiration from it. Butterfly Lovers is a great example of that but YouTube said no so instead you’re getting Everything

Dreaming Kind

Now if I remember correctly you may have to do some yes I’m over 18 thing to see this video as it contains wild and crazy things like smoking and a nipple! What kind of evil ways am I leading you lot?
Now it is a pretty good song too.

So who else out there have pets?

Demon Cats

It has been a week since the parental unit left their house in my charge and I was starting to feel the cabin fever creep in. The house is in a small village smack in the middle of absolutely nothing and a windy field. Seriously the neighbour village has one of those big tourist road signs for the local pizza place. That’s how far out they live.

I did have an appointment today with the optician to pick up my new glasses but it was at 10. Getting up around 8 to stumble into a shower, clothes and then the local bus, which takes an hour, isn’t really my idea of a fun way to start out the day but I got it done. Mostly because it meant a few hours in civilization.

I got to the record shop to pick up two cds mum and I had got them to put aside for us and I managed to get out without buying anything else. Now it didn’t go that well in the Normal shop. It’s a discount shop that sells cosmetics, hair products, cleaning supplies and sweets. What else could a woman want? Okay perhaps handbags, books and films and cds but otherwise it has a pretty good selection. Now I had told myself that after I bought about 15 nail polishes, very cheap though from a German site, that I wouldn’t buy anymore nail polish this month. I came out with 5 bottles. I should be ashamed but I’m not.

Another thing that made it a joy to get out of the house was mum’s newest kitten. I think it’s number 3 or 4 in a line of unfortunate cats. One ran away, one got hit by a car, twice, and so on. But this kitten is Satan reincarnated. I am sure that the Americans have a top secret lab underneath Gitmo, surely the best place to hide it, where an evil mastermind is making weird tests and creating vicious creatures and super bugs. And this tiny kitten managed to escape and is now hiding as my mum’s pet. Just look at Hilary Clinton’s reaction to the news of it’s escape. Allergies my arse!


I normally like cats but this one is just stressful. If it isn’t making all kinds of noise it’s attacking something, often my dog Susie – once whilst she was out in the garden doing her business, or it’s demanding to be let in then out, then in and then out again over and over and over. ARGH!!

Apparently I lost my future as a crazy cat lady. I’ll get a ton of dogs instead.

Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material

Now this is the cd I was sent to pick up. I introduced my mum to the first album and we are both big fans. I picked this one since it reminded me a bit of myself. I was very much a bit of a tomboy as a child and I tend to say things that make people think “Did she just say that?” and yes, yes I did.

Lukas Graham – Mama Said

This guy used to play a role in a very famous Danish children’s film and for ages I didn’t know it was the same guy. I own his first album and very much enjoy it and I will be getting his newest one.
Now this song did have me scratching my head for a while. It did at just a short point strongly remind me of another song. I did manage to figure out which ones. But telling you guys would be too easy. So, can you guys guess which song I was reminded of?

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft Bruno Mars

Now this song is my new jam. I like listening to music whilst I cook and lately I’ve been doing my little cooking booty shake to this song. It is just fun and catchy.

Hugo – 99 Problems

A remake? of Jay-Z’s 99 problems but in a completely different genre. I heard it as the TV ad song for the TV series The Blacklist, a show I am very addicted to although I’m only halfway through season 2. I heard the song and I was hooked. It’s still one of my favourite songs.

Danish Musica Part 2

The parental unit has gone away for a holiday in Prague so I’m looking after their two dogs, kitten and house for a weeks time. It’s a bit of a full house with their two dogs and my own. Say the word “Garden” and you have a tsunami of dogs heading towards the front door. We also have the company of a mysterious and rather annoying noise that no one seems to know where it’s originating from.

I figured that since last weeks Danish musica blog was all Danes singing in English that I’d do a part two with Danes singing in Danish. All seems fairly simple, and it was in some ways. I’d found a few videos when a kitten wanted attention and started tramping around the laptop hitting the power key. Then I got sneezed at by a dog repeatedly. At least the hedgehog is asleep.

TV2 – De første kærester på månen

TV2 is a band that, starting in 1981, has been around all my life. My mum is a fan of their music so I grew up with it. But then it is one of those bands that most Danes know about. Play one of their songs in a disco and you’ll be sure that a bunch of drunken people will sing along.
I chose one of the newer songs since it’s one of my personal favourites. I even found a translation of the lyrics


Sys Bjerre – Tabt mit hjerte

Recently they did a program on TV called “Toppen af Poppen” (Top of the pop) where they invited in different Danish musicians and let them interpret each others songs.This song (Lost my heart) is originally an  80’s song by Anne Linnet but I think Sys Bjerre preforms it in a much more delicate way than Linnet ever did. It’s a song about how she’s asked her lover to pack and leave but now she realises that the lover is the one holding her heart and she’s begging the lover not to leave. It’s one of those songs that always makes me a bit misty eyed.

Barbera Moleko – Dum for dig

This song (Stupid for you) was a big hit a few years back and then the singer seemed to fade away to where all one hit wonders go. It’s a song about pretty much being at the beck and call to someone you love or like who doesn’t return the feelings and knowing that what you’re doing isn’t good for you but you can’t seem to get out of the relationship.


Dorthe Gerlach – Natlys

This is one of those singers that has grown on me. She’s the lead singer of the Danish band Hush which is one of my mum’s favourite bands. She has now made a solo album where she sings in Danish and it’s more pop than the country feel that Hush is known for.

Jooks – Hun vil ha’ en rapper

When I was younger I had a phase of listening mostly to Danish rap music and that’s where I first met Jooks in the band Rent Mel. I did debate using one of their songs but in the end I went for one of his solo songs that just like Dorthe Gerlach is more pop than what he came from. Hun vil ha’ en rapper (She wants a rapper) is a fun, light pop song that is rather catchy.