The Bunni Auction.

Bidding has Closed!

Smoking Man’s Ride goes to Robert the Biker, along with a Smoking Santa when it’s finished. If Santa isn’t ready by Monday, I’ll post the car first.

All I need now is the address to send it to. The money goes direct to Bunni.

Thanks to all who took part, and I admit I was amazed at the final price.


No, I’m not trying to sell you a blogger. This auction is to raise some cash for a blogger in terrible circumstances. I have no idea how much it will raise but every little bit helps.

On offer is Smoking Man’s Ride, a 1/24th scale Jaguar XK-120 with driver and passenger fitted with optical-fibre cigarettes. Power to the light system is via external cable. Currently it runs on 3 volts, but I can adjust it to run on pretty much any voltage you like. If you want mains voltage, you’re being silly. Get a plug-in PSU and tell me what DC output it has and what kind of connector it needs. It’s one LED so the current drain is trivial.

I made this in a hurry, to get it ready for Smokyween. Therefore it’s not perfect. Many parts could have been done better. However, it is, as far as I am aware, the first model to feature light-up cigarettes. There will be more, but only one first model.

It is important to be aware that this kind of model is fragile. I will pack it in foam but you might need to apply a little adhesive on arrival. Hopefully that will not be necessary but it’s only fair to point out that it could be.

The auction will work like this: At no time will anyone send me any money at all. The winning bid goes straight to Bunni through the Paypal link on her site. As soon as she tells me it’s there, I’ll send the model. Postage will be free (it doesn’t weigh much, so that’s not as generous as it sounds). The only thing anyone will send to me is the address I send it to.

The highest bid received by midnight (GMT) on November 30th wins. I think the best way to proceed would be for me to close the comments on this page at that time.

Materials cost for this was about £20, so let’s start the bidding there. Just place your bids in the comments. Experienced eBayers will know not to bid too high, too soon ;)

Let’s see what we can get for Bunni.

33 thoughts on “The Bunni Auction.

  1. >>Experienced eBayers will know not to bid too high, too soon

    Yes, but there is always the idiot that bids the minimum right a the beginning so that their bid sits there until an hour before the auction end.

    So … £21.00


  2. Ive no experience of ebay but I will follow the herd and bid fairly low, on the other hand this isn’t your normal auction so not too low. My bid is therefore £30.00.


  3. LI, I don’t want to bid because I can’t afford over £70, and I’ve nowhere to put your model! But I will happily give £15 straight to Bunni. Can you remind me who is collecting and how I can do this? It would have to be an online bank transfer. You will have my email address I think from this comment. If you contact me just put Bunni in the subject line. Thank you.


    • Bunni has a PayPal link on her site (Amusing Bunni). I think you can send money through PayPal using a credit card even if you don’t have an account but I’m not sure.

      There’s no central collection point. I could convert cheques to PayPal and pass it on, but having just moved off the ‘self-employed’ list I have to be a bit careful – loads of cheques going into my account and then being transferred out of the country could look a bit suspect in my current situation! One or two, okay, but I can’t honestly set myself up for that ‘The money was just resting in my account’ accusation. I’m not old enough to become Father Jack and not religious enough even to be Father Ted.

      Is Barking Spider in the UK? He’d be a reliable central collection point. If he’s willing.


  4. I shall have to drop out I’m afraid, I would have liked to have this on my model shelf, as it has reached my limit of affordability but I have sent a donation roughly equivalent to my last bid.


  5. Damn bikers are not having all fun! This (long time ex) scooter-riding-mod is pimping his Vespa engine and with mirrors shaking, tiger tail and union flag flapping, sneaking up the inside…to bid £125.00


  6. Thank you so Much, Leg Iron, for setting this up! It is a beauty. Also, I see your point about you suddenly getting foreign checks or how you did it, in your bank to send along. It’s very easy to donate on my paypal button, just go to my blog, and it’s upper right corner.

    I Also wish to thank everyone who has made a donation already. I have sent out thank you emails as I see the notifies, If I missed sending you one, please understand, it’s hard for me to sit at computer, with my legs swelling and hurting so bad. The pain meds also make me a little “foggy” I wish they worked on the leg pain, but the dr. says that’s from the nerves, and takes a different med. Oh well, I’m taking like 5 types of pills already, not much else to be done.

    It has been a real help getting your nice donations. On the paypal debit card that you can sign up for, it’s a mastercard, and so now I can go to walgreens (boots) and pick up anything I need like lotions, food, medicine, etc. and put it on the card, instead of maxing out my credit card even worse. I want to try it at the food store, but I haven’t gotten a ride there. I fear I can’t walk the 4 blocks or so on my own. Just too much pain, with the swollen red feet, I got big new shoesk, but it hurts to walk there, gotta use my cane now (from when I broke my ankle).

    Thanks again, everyone, you all are true Angels here on earth, and your kindness gladdens my heart in this sad time for me. Love you, Bunni


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  8. The Robot did a post about this! He has a great blog too.
    I hope it draws lots of interest. Because Christmas is coming, you could always extend the deadline to Dec. 10th or something? I want to post on my blog too, but my legs are on fire w/ pain now, and I gotta go elevate them, I’ve been doing too much stuff this morning, and now I’m in agony. Bye, Bunni


    • Well, if I extend the deadline, it’s not really fair on those who have already bid. Also, the UK postal system goes all to hell from the start of December, especially with places like Amazon and Firebox loading the system. If I can, I’ll put up another one afterwards ;)


      • Oh, I didn’t realize that, I’ve no experience with auctions! Good point, we want to keep it fair. Thanks for all you’ve done already, Leggy!


  9. CONGRATS TO ROBERT! I’m so happy the auction went well, Your work deserves to command a very high price, like all great artists, Leggy!
    A BIG thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those who participated!
    Have a fun weekend.


  10. Well done the rocking Robert, 150 was my limit but you weren’t to know that. I am about to donate something anyway- there is money in Paypain that I have not used for a year – so that will go to Bunni.


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