Council estate spawn with the old council estate attitude of ‘I don’t want to live here forever’ rather than the modern attitude of ‘I can live here forever for free’. So I don’t live on a council estate any more.

I don’t live in a mansion either, and don’t really want to. My ambition goes as far as ‘enough to live on comfortably’, it does not extend to flash cars and yachts and Lear jets. Someone once asked me what kind of car I’d buy if I won the lottery. I replied that if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t have to go anywhere so why would I need a car? Just get the whisky delivered and I’m happy.

This blog is broadly Libertarian in outlook but is not affiliated with any political party of any kind, never has been and is not likely to ever be. All political parties are fair game for abuse here but only deserved abuse. I do not attack frail old ladies who used to be Prime Monster decades ago. I don’t attack Harold Wilson either. He was a smoker and in the current climate, that puts him firmly on my side of the main battle I’m interested in.

One day I’ll get around to filling this in properly but today I have work to do and this is distracting me.