Gloom and books

Hi everyone, CstM here. I hope you’re all doing well.
Sorry for the late post, I have been having a bit of a rough time mentally. Probably the lockdown and everything going on in the world.
So I’m just popping in for a quick spell to tell you the book of the month.

This month I’m hoping to read the new Hunger Games book ”The ballad of songbirds and snakes” by Suzanne Collins. I really liked the Hunger Games trilogy, so I’ve been looking forward to this book.

I’m aiming to come back next month with my thoughts on the Hitler book.

Rumours and Contradictions

Blogging is going to be sporadic for a time. I am now up to my eyes in books getting prepared, getting existing books prepped for reloading on Lulu and have opened the fifteenth Underdog Anthology (Halloween) for stories. Even this post has taken three days to complete. Also, I have only just noticed we are now in September – author payments were due three days ago! I’ll get to that tonight.

One bit of good news – my grandson is making an excellent recovery, so that bit of tension has eased at least.

I see there is something of a to-do in Afghanistan. Lots of contradictory information, as ever, but I’ll refrain from commenting. I’ve never been there and have no military experience so I have nothing on which to base an opinion. Other than… why do countries keep invading Afghanistan? Nobody ever wins there. It’s where empires go to die. Just leave them alone, FFS.

When it comes to matters microbiological, that’s different. So here goes. A rundown of some of what I’ve seen and heard and the fragments that have been confirmed. There’s too much for one post.

I’ve heard that Germany and Denmark have stopped vaccinating. What’s confirmed is that both have stopped using the Astrazeneca vaccine over the blood clot issues. As far as I can tell they are still using Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. So they haven’t really stopped vaccinating, they’ve just narrowed their range of vaccines.

Japan hasn’t stopped vaccinating. They have stopped using Moderna over contamination issues. Well, if you give a company immunity from prosecution, why would they spend money on quality control? As far as I can tell, this only affects Moderna vaccines and only in Japan.

Vaxpasses are about to come into use in the UK, initially only for nightclubs and other places where large gatherings of people happen. I see so many comments of ‘well it’s just for large gatherings’ and they really believe it will stop there.

In France and Australia you can’t get into a supermarket without a vaxpass. In Cyprus you can’t even buy petrol without one. This is an activity that takes place outdoors, on your own, and the ‘pay at pump’ thing means you need never contact anyone else at all in the process. So the vaxpass makes no sense here. It makes no sense anywhere, but outdoors and alone it’s extra-special bunk with knobs on.

Israel is rolling out third jabs, because if you try something twice and it makes matters worse, the obvious solution (to idiots) is to keep doing it until it does work. Therefore their vaxpass is now only valid for six months after the last jab… which has an implication that should be blatantly obvious to anyone. Especially when you notice that the EU vaxpass has space for eight shots, and that many countries have ordered ten times as many vaccines as they have people. Oh yes, if you got on this train you are on it for life.

The graphene oxide thing is still going on. I’ve never worked with it so I can’t say whether the published micrographs look like it or not. It’s a sheet of carbon one atom thick, I would suspect you’d need a scanning tunneling microscope to see it, not a light microscope, but as I said, I’ve never worked with it so don’t know. I have no idea why it would be in there and the pictures I’ve seen show no real form, just folded sheets of something.

Well, if I was going to make a nanobot, using a stable carbon based outer shell that can be made one atom thick would be a good place to start. However, the micrographs don’t show robots or any kind of mechanical structure so if they were nanobots, they got mangled during the injection. Well, I did once consider nanobots a potentially useful thing (the virus mentioned in that post was in the computer). But that was back in 2003.

So, we have a great deal of conflicting information. There are those telling us the ‘vaccines’ are safe while others are building court cases over the massive amounts of harm they cause. Those telling us they work but everyone needs another shot because they aren’t working. Reports of magnetic effects followed by Japanese scientists finding magnetic particles in the shots. Graphene keeps coming back too, although the microchip story seems to have faded somewhat now. The 5G link… well I’ll probably be dead before 5G gets out to rural here so I’m not likely to have much to say about it. Getting any phone reception at all is cause for celebration here.

The imminent UK vaxpasses will be for large events, soon to be extended to pubs and shops and your living room and every time you need a pee. Australia and New Zealand are at the point where even North Korea is facepalming but Ireland and Denmark are dropping all restrictions and vax passes at the same time as Boris and Wee Nippy demand their introduction.

Incidentally, the best description I’ve seen of Boris lately is ‘a haunted haystack’. It needs to be a story.

As for Australia, I used to think it was full of Crocodile Dundee types and that wonderful mad bastard who grabbed deadly snakes and was unfortunately killed by a stingray. I thought they all wore hats with corks hanging off them, cracked a cold tube of beer and threw another prawn on the barbie. Which gives a bit of a difficult image in the UK… my daughter used to collect Barbie dolls so I imagined a kind of game of quoits where you’d throw prawns and try to land them on the dolls. But I digress. Anyway, it turns out Australians are a bunch of feeble girlie men who will do as they are told by thugs in uniform and are scared of getting a cold. If you want to put out threats, Aussies, remember I’m on the other side of the planet and you are in detention – teacher won’t let you leave your country, or even your state. So what are you gonna do about it, matey?

Sweden, meanwhile, has ignored it all. With a covid infection and death rate result that was… exactly the same as everyone else, except they didn’t destroy their children’s education (well, apart from the Doom Goblin’s ‘we don’ need no education because we already know everything’ crap), they didn’t wreck their businesses and didn’t force everyone into pointless masks. But let’s not talk about that because it is so very inconvenient.

The messaging coming out is contradictory, much of it is unconfirmed, it is confusing and disorienting and I suspect that is deliberate. I have used this kind of technique for fun when faced with antismokers and other generally stupid people, and it really does work to scare people. I never imagined it could work on such a scale, it seems I underestimated the levels of stupidity and gullibility out there.

It is not going to improve any time soon. We are going to see much more of rumours that are later randomly proved or disproved, definitive facts that turn out to be false, clear ‘conspiracy theories’ wrapped and sealed in an Alcan factory that will later be shown to be the truth, until you don’t know if you are up or down, whether black is white or blue is brown.

At that point you are open to anything. Anything that will take away the confusion. Even if it is bizarre, it’s less mad than the world in your brain. Anything that at least looks logical.

Here is a bit of logic. One I have used more than once.

There are no roundabouts in America because the Romans never got that far. The Romans built dead straight roads because they hadn’t invented steering. So the invaded peoples built winding roads and roundabouts to slow them down and that is why the Romans failed. They did not reach America, so America has straight roads and no roundabouts. It’s logic.

It’s nonsense. It’s entirely made up. The real game takes longer than this simple outline but it has never failed. You will not believe how many people have accepted that as a sensible explanation. There are so many others, especially with antismokers but they were all one on one, retaliation if you will for snide remarks or fake coughs. It did not occur to me to scare an entire country, but looking back, I had the basis of it.

The basis is confusion, especially confusion that looks like logic. Once you have someone confused, any offer of any kind of illusory logic is grasped at. This is not hard to set up, the only hard part is keeping a straight face while doing it.

The setup was ‘your mask protects me, my mask protects you’, after many conflicting messages on masks until everyone is just desperate for some kind of logical reasoning behind them.

That sets up a mindset whereby everyone around you is at risk unless you do something to yourself (wear a mask) and if someone else doesn’t wear a mask, then they are a risk to you even if you are wearing yours. It’s senseless, but after a few months of ‘wear a mask/don’t wear a mask’ people are ready to grasp anything that gets them out of the confusion.

From there it’s a simple step to ‘my vaccine protects you, and if you don’t get one you are putting my health at risk’. A moment’s thought makes it clear that this is ludicrous, but so many aren’t thinking any more. They have been battered by confusing stories to the point where they just want it to stop, and they’ll accept anything at all that means they can fix some kind of logic in their minds.

So now we have the absurdity of the non-sick unvaxxed being dangerous to the often-ill vaxxed. If you are not vaccinated you can generate deadly variants of a virus you don’t have and infect people who have been vaccinated against that virus. People really believe this. They really do. I have to admit to being grudgingly impressed by the behavioural scientists of SAGE, they have performed a feat of brainwashing on most of the population that is absolutely astounding.

Of course, it’s not over. There are already calls for the unvaxxed to be segregated from society – including from Noam Chomsky, a man who was born in 1929 and will have observed multiple instances of the consequences of those words. Australia and Canada are building very large ‘quarantine camps’, and I hear rumours that other countries are also building them. Of course, any mention of them being used to round up the unvaxxed is tinfoil hattery. As was the vaxpass, the third jab, the fourth jab already being discussed and the eight spaces on the EU vaxpass. And there are already supporters of rounding up the unvaxxed, so they’ll have no problem finding camp guards.

It doesn’t end with covid either. We are now to fear Marburg virus, a disease endemic to certain parts of Africa and virtually unknown elsewhere West Nile virus is making a comeback, and you can expect variants to start popping up like farts in the bath as soon as the fear of all the new diseases is established. That vaxpass is going to look like a telephone directory – and it’s only valid until the next booster is due.

Miss one booster and you can join the unvaxxed in the camps. Square one.

The future is very dark indeed. There is one ray of hope though – this sort of thing has been tried throughout history, time and time again, and it has always ended very badly for those who have done it.

Better polish up Traitor’s Gate and oil the hinges. It’s likely to get a lot of traffic in the future.

Flashing my equipment

Well, I’m on the Twitter naughty step again, this time for a week. For ‘covid misinformation’ in a post that didn’t mention Covid at all, but was about the lunacy of forcing children to have a vaccine they don’t need. Well *shrug* it’ll boost my productivity in other areas, with that time-eater silent for a week. Therefore this post won’t automatically appear on Legiron’s Twitter.

So I have a 30 minute video, sent to me via Email, that really blows apart the PCR testing regime, and more. Not just the insane cycles that are enough to find one single strand of viral RNA – less than one intact virus – but about those performing the test.

Well it was clear that, if they are to achieve thousands of tests per day, there simply aren’t enough experienced PCR technicians available to do it. Even if every other research area was closed down and every PCR technician (few technicians are actually PCR technicians) seconded to a tedious and repetetive test that they will know is being wrongly used.

So they aren’t using experienced technicians. They are using anyone they can find. I’ve met a few on Twitter, bragging about how they are now PCR experts. A few lines of conversation reveals they know absolutely sod all about what they are doing.

In the video, Dr. Mike Yeadon talks about ‘pipette training’. No such training has ever existed. When you start out in a lab, a technician or researcher will show you how to use a pipette. Once. You are expected to be able to follow simple instructions because anyone who can’t understand something as basic as a pipette is actually dangerous to have in a lab.

Okay. Time to flash my equipment. If you’ve worked in any kind of lab handling small amounts of liquid you will be very familiar with these. If you only used glass pipettes at school and haven’t seen these before, they might look technical. They really aren’t, but use them wrong and you’ll screw up the whole experiment.

These are still in the case I used to transport them from the lab. They are actually stacked far more neatly than this, I’ve spread them for the photo (fnarr). There are a couple of other brands in there, the ones Dr. Yeadon talks about are the Gilson brand, the ones with dark blue handles. The others are cheaper but not as robust. Gilson pipettes are the gold standard, they are well built and consistently accurate, and easy to calibrate and service.

The one marked A is a 1 ml pipette. You see the thumbwheel near the top of the handle? You can adjust it down to about 0.01 ml. It’s accurate all the way down. B and C are 200 microlitre and 100 microlitre – again, adjustable down to a few microlitres and still accurate.

You don’t use them as they are, they have a tip added. I have put a tip on the 1 ml Gilson to demonstrate (D). You never have to touch those tips, you pick them up from a rack they’ve been sterilised in by pressing the Gilson into one, and you eject the tip by pressing the white button on the back of the handle. I used sterile tips, once they were used they were contaminated (often with something nasty) so absolutely no touching.

To load them, you press the plunger (the round white button on the steel rod) but not too hard. Just until it stops. Dip the tip in your sample liquid and let it up slowly. That’s the critical part. If you just let go, liquid shoots up and can get into the main barrel of the pipette and that’s when you are screwed. A contaminated pipette will contaminate every subsequent use. It’s out of action until you deal with it. It’s not too hard but it does take time and involves disassembling the pipette, something you really don’t want to have to deal with part way through a lot of samples.

The sample you are pipetting must only contact the tip. No other part. To dispense, you press the plunger again, but this time a little bit past the point of resistance so you get the whole sample out. Then eject the tip into disinfectant.

Well that’s the microbiology way. If you are using these in a chemistry lab you probably don’t need to sterilise them first and disinfect them afterwards.

And that’s about it. After that lesson all you need is a bit of practice. Oh there’ll be nuances and adjustments depending on whether you’re pippetting chemicals or microbes or DNA, but that’s the basics.

The thing about PCR and DNA is that it is extraordinarily easy to contaminate a sample. Easier even than when pipetting bacteria. You really want a well trained and experienced technician doing this stuff, not some shelf stacker from Asda looking for a bit of a boost to their bank account.

One of the things I learned during my stint working in a food shop is that most of the staff aren’t really planning to stay. There are career people in there, at least one of the managers had started out working tills and worked his way up to running the entire shop, and there were current floor staff clearly heading on that route. However, most of the staff were schoolkids and students earning a bit of cash while studying. The thing about them was – they did not care about the job. They were doing it purely for the money. They had no intention of, nor interest in, moving up through the ranks of the business. They just followed instructions closely enough that they’d get paid.

So it is with almost all of those currently running PCR tests for Covid. They might think they have been suddenly elevated to the rank of ‘PCR expert’ but they are, to be blunt and perhaps a little cruel, trained monkeys. They don’t have any background in any area of science and have absolutely no idea what they are doing. They just follow a written-down set of instructions. They have no way to determine whether those instructions are correct.

As Dr. Yeadon explained, even the ‘pipette trainer’ had no idea what they were doing. In the case he describes, they actually were previously employed as a supermarket shelf stacker.

An aside. I recall when one of our very fine balances went out of kilter. So I sat down to recalibrate it. The idiot girl child they had employed as admin started out saying ‘Shouldn’t you leave that to…’

I finished her sentence. ‘Someone who knows what they are doing?’. I had completed recalibration before I had finished speaking.

She never spoke to me again. I think I can call that a win.

This was about 20 years ago. It’s only become worse since then.

Next Jab

In ‘Leaving the Dream‘, I didn’t specify how the chip in Phil’s hand worked. Well, in a short story you have to avoid getting sidetracked into details that really aren’t needed to advance the story. Getting sidetracked is definitely one of my flaws so I do need to keep it under control.

I hadn’t envisaged his chip having terabytes of storage and its own power supply, although we might not be far off that as a possibility. You can now get micro SD cards with enough storage space to run a small country and some extremely tiny batteries. However, I hadn’t gone that way, I was saving it for more futuristic chips like the ones in 10538’s body.

Phil’s chip didn’t need it. It wasn’t scanned by hand held scanners, only on a desktop scanner attached to a computer, which was itself attached to the internet. So, Phil’s chip was simply a unique identifier, using RFID, no internal power. The scanners identified him and the computer accessed a central database to bring up his records. Very simple, cheap and already achievable with technology that’s already been around for quite some time.

The chip didn’t need updates or modifications of any kind. New medications were added to the central database and the chip simply identified him to that database. Seriously, that could be rolled out tomorrow. Every component of it already exists.

So, updating Phil’s vaccine passport does not require him to go anywhere or do anything to the chip, and there really isn’t much anyone can do about hacking it. It’s just an ID, the real data is stored elsewhere.

Now, it is already clear that the Pharmers intend to profit from regular ‘booster’ jabs, whether you need them or not, and that more vaccines will be added to that passport – all requiring regular top-ups. Flu, I am sure, will be next, there will probably be a few others before plague is added – but it will be.

Next, there is likely to be an mRNA vaccine for HIV.

Now, I am at pretty much zero risk of HIV. I’m over 60, I have never been one to ‘play the field’ and indeed, I have very little interaction with other people anyway. Heck, I’m at very low risk of catching a cold, I’m not at all concerned about HIV! I’m far more bothered by IBS which runs (literally) in the family. Not much anyone can do about that, and probably never will be.

I expect most of you out there can say much the same – your risk of HIV is negligible. So the vaccine will only be for high risk groups, right? Like Yellow Fever vaccine, which you only need if you go to a country where Yellow Fever is endemic. If you’re not visiting those parts of the world, you have no need of the vaccine.

Well, if you’re in the UK you don’t need plague vaccine but you’re going to get it anyway. Also yellow fever, even if you have never left your remote Pennines village and don’t intend to. You’ll have this HIV vaccine too.

Why? Two reasons.

  1. Each one will be added to your vaccine passport. Fail to stay up to date and you can’t even leave your house.
  2. So many have now fallen for the scam that ‘my vaccine doesn’t work unless you’re vaccinated too’ that it will henceforth apply to all future vaccines. It might even spread from there. ‘My painkillers don’t work unless everyone takes them’. There will be peer pressure that could well end up as a sort of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers scenario, where those fully up to date with every potion going will point and scream at you in the street if you miss one shot of the athlete’s foot vaccine.

Once you get on this ride you can never get off. It’s the last ride you’ll ever take and you’ll be on it to the end.

I won’t be getting on the ride. I’ve had all the vaccines I need, I’m not joining in with the experimental stuff. If that means no more visits to pubs, restaurants or shops, so be it. I’ll get everything delivered or simply go completely off grid and fend for myself. I’ve done that before. I’m a lot older now but I think I can survive for at least a while without all the modern luxuries I didn’t grow up with but, like many, have become used to.

I’m not saying ‘don’t get the vaccine’, that’s your choice. I will not stoop to the level of the Cult of Covid and demand anyone follows the way I choose to live. Few, if any, of those under 40 could cope with it anyway. However, even if you have had the vaccine, I would suggest you resist the introduction of the vaccine passport. It does not represent freedom in any way. It represents eternal slavery. You will do as you are told or you will be cancelled. The requirements put upon you will only increase, never decrease. You get in this game and the door slams behind you. There is no exit.

Well, if it comes to it, I choose cancellation. I really don’t want to live as one of the Pharmer cattle, I’d rather freeze to death in a remote forest. Although, since I know how to make a fire and cook over it, I’ll actually probably outlast most of the Eloi the Pharmers will be feeding on.

I know, this is a bleak vision of the future but if the vaccine passport becomes reality, it’s the only one available. You can pooh-pooh this, you can pretend it’s all going to be fine, you can believe your government sees you as anything more than an inconvenience, you can believe the Pharmers care about more than pure profit… but there is a very nasty awakening coming for you.

Soon it will be too late to choose your future. It will have been decided for you. Unless you decide first.

The choice is yours. It always was, if you only could see it.


There is now, in development, a DNA vaccine for plague.

Yep. Plague. You know, that thing that hammered the crap out of the human race up to the 1600s and is still around – although these days it comes up occasionally and really doesn’t get too far. It’s a bacterial infection and we now have antibiotics that can stop it.

There were two cases recently in China. Some folk ate an animal known to be a high risk of being a plague carrier. Even the Chinese avoid that one but I guess even the Chinese have a few idiots.

It shows up in warm places to this day, even in southern US states a few cases arise. Madagascar, off the coast of Africa, seems particularly prone to it.

Sure, some of the more remote places where it shows up can be hard to supply with antibiotics, and a vaccine might be a good thing there, but an experimental, monkey-virus vector carrying DNA to make your own cells look like plague bacteria? That doesn’t sound like such a good idea, especially since your covid vaccine already makes a lot of your cells look like they are infected with a virus. Your immune system is going to be busy, killing all your own body’s cells because it thinks you are infected.

Plague can be treated with antibiotics. A plague vaccine could be based on killed bacteria. It has never been developed because, frankly, there’s no money in it. Plague’s current range and frequency simply don’t justify that sort of investment, especially when there are already treatments for it.

Yet now, we see a company investing a hell of a lot in the development of a vaccine we don’t actually need, and which won’t make any money because it’s most useful in places that don’t have much money. Why is that?

And why does it need to make your own cells express plague bacteria proteins? The traditional route, killed bacteria, is likely to be much more successful, cheaper to produce and far easier to transport to remote areas. Unlike viruses, it is very easy to make sure a bacterial vaccine contains no live ones. Why go the expensive, complicated, experimental route?

Especially when the investment is unlikely to ever pay for itself.

Or is it? Oh, you don’t need to unleash plague on the world again. You just need to make enough people scared of it. As my fictional world did with scrofula, back in 2017.

Expect to hear more plague cases popping up. Expect to hear about ‘variants’ and ‘antibiotic resistant’ strains. Expect to hear about it hitting big cities.

Expect to have plague vaccine added to your vaccine passport, right behind covid and flu. Expect to see many more vaccinations added, plus regular boosters. Expect to never hear of anyone who has caught plague, but to hear of many who have suffered after vaccination.

There is only one way to profit from a vaccine hardly anyone has any need of.

Make them scared. It’s worked well so far.

Book stuff

Still lots to do here, still fighting lockdown ennui as, I suspect, are most people. At least I moved out of that tiny flat in time. It was a very nice flat but being locked in there now would have been a nightmare. Also, grandson is recovering well fom his surprise illness which is good news. Somewhere between good and bad news is that my daughter, my youngest, just turned 30 and I feel almost as old as I did when she jumped out a plane skydiving. I think that event took my last non-grey hair.

Anyway. The Halloween anthology is open, and Leg Iron Books is going to be putting print books on They have some steep postage charges and if you undercut Amazon, they ditch you fast so it was never a cheap option – but so many people are boycotting Amazon now, an alternative outlet for print is necessary.

The eBooks are already also available via Smashwords, and most of them have made it through to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple etc, but the only source for print was Amazon. have changed since I was last there. A lot. It’s taking time to figure out the new layout but eventually all Leg Iron Books will appear there. The single author books will go in first (their trim sizes are a little different so if you provided your own cover I might need to ask for a slightly different size) and the anthologies will go in as three-book omnibus editions, where those were in the contracts. So they won’t be the same as the Amazon ones, won’t get the Amazon snarky price comparisons and will be worth the steep postage rates. I’m considering some hardback copies even though those would be so expensive they are unlikely to sell. Costs nothing but time to try it.

Anyway, the end of this month is author payment month so if you want our authors to succeed, have a look at the selection available. They don’t all have the Smashwords Ebook links yet, but they aren’t hard to find.

Best of all, they take your mind off the current Hell on earth for a while.


I had to fill the car with petrol the other day. I also filled my 20 litre jerrycan for all the petrol driven things around here – generator, mowers and the brushcutter (AKA The Petrol Driven Bastard). The only unleaded petrol available here now is the new E10 – ten percent ethanol.

The car’s fine with it, almost all Toyotas have no issue with this silly diluent. Saving emissions? You really need a bit of chemistry education – what do you get when you burn ethanol? The generator and mower are also fairly new so I don’t expect them to have problems. My little tractor – the ride on mower – might, and the Petrol Driven Bastard (PDB) certainly will.

So I’ll have to get the ethanol out or at least reduce it for those things. It’s not difficult but it will reduce the octane rating of the remaining petrol by, as far as I can find out, 3 points. It’ll drop from 97 to 94 octane, I doubt the old engines will notice that.

I am not going to do it for the car because I’d have to deal with 50 litres at a time and the car doesn’t need it anyway. The PDB declares alcohol-free petrol essential and I expect the old engine in the tiny tractor will need it too, but I only have to deal with a couple of litres for both.

It’s very simple. Ethanol is soluble in water. Most of the hydrocarbons in petrol are not. So you mix the petrol with water (for E10 I’d say 1 part water to 9 parts petrol), shake the hell out of it and leave it overnight. You’ll have the water (and hopefully most, if not all, of the ethanol) at the bottom and the petrol at the top. Oh and… don’t be tempted to have a smoke around it. Shaking it is going to release a lot of explosive fumes. Probably best to not do it in the kitchen, eh?

This is easier if you have a garage full of lab equipment including a separating funnel and stand but you can do it in any petrol resistant container. If you can tap off from the bottom, take out all the water and a bit of the petrol just to be sure, and dispose of it without killing anything that matters to you. Do not attempt to drink the ethanol/water mix, you don’t know what else got extracted. Dump it. Ideally not into the sewage system and certainly not into your septic tank. I have a lot of weed-strewn waste ground here that would be improved by a treatment with something horrible, you have to find your own way.

No separating funnel, you could carefully pour or siphon the cleaned up petrol into another container. Make sure you only get petrol and sacrifice the last bit, don’t try to get it all or you’ll get water in there again.

This works if you only need a litre or so for an old, small engine. It’s not viable for a very old car engine. That would need a whole industrial scale fractionation column and I don’t think many people will have space for that – or sufficient training to use it without blowing themselves into mince.

This E10 is not about saving the planet. Burning ethanol produces carbon dioxide, same as pretty much every chemical compound on the planet. It’s about getting rid of old cars. They want you to drive electric dodgems that won’t work in winter or in floods.

There is a solution, if you have the equipment and knowledge. Unfortunately modern education has ensured that few people have that knowledge.

I am increasingly convinced that this has happened before.

‘Antivax’ is the new ‘Racist’

So, anyone who doesn’t want to take part in the experiment is now an ‘anti-vaxxer’. This would be amusing if it wasn’t so serious.

I’ve had every vaccine going (except flu, never needed it and it’s only about 40% effective so never thought it worth while). My children and grandchildren are vaccinated too. They haven’t had the same amount as me because they didn’t spend their entire career working with dangerously contaminated samples.

Yes, my kids had MMR vaccine. I went through both measles and mumps as a child and I can still remember them, even now. I don’t remember if I had rubella but I can still remember the smell of the calamine lotion I was painted with when I had chicken pox. I was fortunate enough to not get polio (I had the vaccine) but even in the 1960s, there were two kids at my school who had had it. One had the steel rods strapped to one leg, the other had both legs in a cast, separated by a pole to try to get them to grow evenly. At university, one of our lecturers had the massive-soled boot on one leg due to the damage caused by polio in his youth.

So yes, I got my children vaccinated against those things. Of course I did. I had either experienced the effects of the disease myself or knew someone who had. And if there is a vaccine available to stop them going through it too, of course I’d get it for them.

I don’t know if I had smallpox vaccine or not. It wasn’t compulsory in 1960, the ‘mandatory’ part had been challenged and discarded almost a hundred years earlier but I might have been caught in the tail end before it was finally eradicated. That’s okay. Smallpox had a high kill rate so I don’t mind if I was vaccinated, I was far too young to give a damn anyway.

I had to get a few extra vaccines to visit China in 1991. Maybe they aren’t required for a holiday but I was there for work – visiting farms, mainly pig farms – so the vaccines were a good idea. Nobody in China ever asked to see proof I’d had the rabies or any other vaccine. I suspect the Chinese attitude was ‘well, we warned you, if you didn’t listen, tough luck if you get it’. Which is an attitude I can agree with.

Flu vaccine has such a poor effectiveness that I’ve never bothered with it. I had my first official invitation this year and ignored it. I had flu once, thirty years ago, and yes it’s unpleasant but if the vaccine is only going to offer 40% protection… not good enough.

I am not touching this experimental mRNA or DNA stuff. I know well what happened in all previous attempts to make a coronavirus vaccine. Traditional or mRNA. I know what happened in the Phillipines when they injected masses of people with a vaccine for Dengue fever. Coronaviruses are a special case. Every vaccine ever attempted has only made subsequent infection far, far worse. From what I have learned so far, this one is going to be no different. If you’ve had the vaccine you need to be very, very careful not to catch this disease next winter.

Now I’m not judging anyone who has been vaccinated. The fear machine is still in overdrive and if you haven’t spent your entire career working on, and with, nasty infectious diseases there is no reason you’d know any of the things I know. You are all experts in your own careers, things I know nothing about and you haven’t had the time to study all the things I spent my life being paid to study. The push has been relentless and it’s still going on. There are now claims that it might take five vaccinations before it works – it won’t stop there.

That’s because it’s not about a virus and not even about a vaccine, even though many people are making enormous amounts of money out of it. It’s now about getting that vax passport in place, the first step to a Chinese style social credit system. The vaccinations will never end, your passport will expire if you miss one and it won’t be just the one vaccine. They are now working on mRNA vaccines for other diseases, you’ll have to buy those too. Oh it’s like the drug pushers, the first doses are free until you’re caught in the web.

They even claim to have a vaccine for cancer. This is ridiculous. There are many, many different causes of cancer, some of them still unknown, and one vaccine cannot possibly make you immune to them all. But then, that’s the idea – you’ll need to cover ‘variants’. I believe there is a vaccine against a virus-induced cervical cancer but not being in possession of a cervix myself, I can’t really comment. Still, a vaccine against asbestos-induced cancer, for example, seems pretty damn far fetched. You can’t develop immunity to a mineral.

It’s not funny though. I have seen people who want to pin down all the unvaxxed and forcibly inject them. Others who want to line up ‘anti-vaxxers’ in front of a trench and shoot them, Stalin-style. Piers Morgan, the TV loon, wants to deny all medical treatment to those who won’t take part in this experiment. The crazed are being whipped up again and if you think that sort of thing is all in the past, look up the dates around Pol Pot or even the Chinese communist regime. These are not long-past events. Can it happen again?

It is happening again.

Can it be stopped?

Well I’m not sure. I have a feeling we might have to take the Underdog route of losing to win, because we will not get most people to realise or understand what is happening until it happens. Meanwhile they will blame the unvaxxed when the vaccines in them start killing them through antibody dependent enhancement and cytokine storms. For many it will take a long time before they realise the non-sick unvaxxed are not the source of their sickness. There might not be many of them left by then.

Next winter is going to be hard. We are going to, once again, be regaled by front page news filled with photos of overstretched hospitals which we’ve seen every winter for well over a decade. Except last year, when we were regaled with dance videos in empty wards… during a ‘pandemic’.

It will all be blamed on a ‘variant’ caused by the ‘unvaxxed’ when it will be the vaccines causing it all. I’ll have to stay out of sight for a year or two until, maybe, I end up as the Omega Man. I hope I won’t be the only one.

So let them call me ‘anti-vaxxer’. It makes a change from ‘racist’.

Although it is equally meaningless.

Reading ambitions

Hi everyone, CstM here.
I hope you’re all doing well and haven’t melted away in the heat. We had almost two weeks of really great weather. Of course summer arrived before and after Leggy’s mother had gone back home. That’s how life works I guess. We did have a really lovely time with the Welsh mothership. It was sad to see her go home, but it was also nice to have the house for ourselves again.

Now I almost had to come back here and admit that I once again didn’t actually read the book of the month. I spent way too much time munching ice cream, playing Zelda breath of the wild and dazing in the sun. It was far too hot for cross stitching, so there hasn’t been any progress on that front. But after procrastinating, I finally read the book on the last day of the month. Now I had read it before, years ago, but I’d forgotten how great a book it is.
The characters are well written and I was finding myself getting invested in their development. The characters have their flaws and Carl Mørck, the main character, is battling with PTSD following a job that crippled one of his coworkers and killed another, plus going through a divorce. But it is all really well written. He feels like a real person and you can’t help but root for the cranky sod.
Although hands down my favourite character is his side-kick Assad. Where you know the back story for Carl Mørck, not much has been revealed yet about Assad. He has a wife and daughters, has strange not so legal contacts, can drive a tank and much else isn’t known about him. For me it makes it me much more invested in reading the other books in the series, because I want to know more.
Now this is the first book in so far an 8 book series, so I was thinking of being ambitious in my reading plans and keeping reading one of the Department Q books parallel with the Gloom Dog Book Club book. So there’ll technically be two books a month for the next 7 months. Hopefully you’ll keep following me deeper into the Department Q universe.

Now that brings us to the new book of the month. This month we’ll circle back to political satire/comedy and read “Look who’s back” by Timur Vermes.
I haven’t read this one before and I must admit I don’t know too much about it. It’s about Hitler coming back to life in the present time and how he reacts to life in modern society. It claims to be funny, so we’ll have to see if it can keep that promise.
We’ll also be reading book two in the Department Q series, so Disgrace (UK title) or The Absent One (US title) by Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Danish title is Fasandræberne (The pheasant killers). Side note, am I the only idiot who keeps getting pheasant and peasant mixed up? I’m still surprised NSA or MI5 didn’t show up asking questions, after I accidentally Googled “Can you keep peasants as pets”. Not my greatest moment.

I almost forgot, it is a bit of a special month. Gloom Dog is turning 13 on the 12th, so she’s looking forward to her celebrations. We’re still figuring out what to get her. She got a new bed for Christmas, so we may get her something nice to eat. A cheap cut of steak or some chicken maybe. If the weather holds up she may insist on us taking her to one of the castle parks nearby.

I hope you’ll join me on the reading adventure this month and have an amazing day.

The insanity continues

Well, we’re off to visit Son and Grandchildren later today so I should try to sleep a bit I suppose.

Still, the insanity arrives so fast I can’t keep up. We are now told you can catch covid from a tree or a fart. I will not be surprised when they come out with infectious tree farts because they have dumbed down the population to where they will believe it. Watch out for arboreal toots, dim people! Maybe I can fit a small speaker into a tree…

I should have known. I am, after all, the one who once convinced an American visitor that they didn’t have roundabouts because the Romans didn’t get that far (to be fair, he had been drinking with me first), convinced several antismokers that the lumps they feel in their neck (salivary glands) are the onset of cancer from merely talking to me, and that all grey dust is deadly tobacco ash from 400 years of smoking. ASH already told them it never degrades so that was easy. So I already knew how dim they were.

Someone on Twitter once asked if I knew what I was talking about in relation to microbiology. I offered a lecture that I have not yet delivered (I am working fast on a book for an author who is seriously ill) but I will.

Plant cells, animal cells, bacterial cells (3 types) and viruses, the latter don’t even count as cells, are all very different. If you have a virus that only infects some animal cells it won’t stand a chance against a plant cell so the idea that tree pollen is infected with Covid is absolutely derisory. Likewise bacteria – there are viruses that infect them but they are called bacteriophages and they are designed to punch through the hard outer coat of the cell. Then there are the plasmids… but that lecture comes later.

The specific nonsense I want to write about concerns vaccines. Including the current experimental potions misnamed as vaccines.

Okay. I have never had tuberculosis. I had the vaccine. So my immune system will recognise the Mycobacterium that causes it and slap it down if it ever appears. If I had had tuberculosis I would not need the vaccine. My immune system would have already seen it and would be prepared for it if it ever came back. As with measles and mumps, I went through the actual diseases so don’t need vaccines.

So… if you test positive for Covid, your immune system has seen it and is ready. You don’t need a vaccine. This is true whether you get it mild or hard.

It does not matter whether you had to suffer through a bad bout, had a bit of a cold or didn’t even notice. If you test positive, your immune system has seen it and dealt with it. You are immune. A positive test proves that.

Or it would, if the tests weren’t a load of bollocks from the beginning.

The PCR cycles exponentially increase anything they find. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32… try it 45 times. If you run it at 45 cycles you are detecting one (1) yes ONE strand of genetic material. One. This is utterly irrelevant. If you are infected it will be detectable at 20 cycles or less because there’d be loads in there to start with. Finding one just suggests you breathed in a dead virus a while ago and it stuck in the mucus up your nose.

Even the CDC have now admitted the PCR test is bunk. I remember when they tried to sell us that for food testing. We always declined because if we were testing for, say, Salmonella, we had to know if it was alive. You can find dead Salmonella on a chicken you’ve roasted until the skin shatters. It means nothing. Only live ones matter. We did not want to put out a product recall on something that was safe, just as we didn’t want to declare something safe when it wasn’t. Massive loss of trust, business, income and some very nasty lawsuits would follow either of those.

The food testing was a sideline for our lab but a very profitable one that funded a lot of other work. Yeah, trying not to get too distracted here…

So, where was I?

Oh yes. Do these alleged vaccines work? Well 80% vaccinated in the population, 80% of those in hospital with covid are double vaxxed… these proportions suggest it does nothing. The only thing it does is increase adverse events.

In Australia, one state has 141 people in hospital with covid across all age ranges. 140 are double vaccinated and the other one had one dose. These results suggest the vaccine actually makes it worse.

I don’t believe they have covid. I am sure they are all adverse reactions to the spike protein their own cells are now making. Naturally I don’t have access to information to prove or disprove that. I doubt anyone does, or if they do, they risk the ‘walk in the woods’ if they say anything.

People wonder why all the Western leaders are doing as they are told. There were four African presidents and one in Haiti who said ‘this is a silly game, we’re not playing’ and they are all dead now. Is it really any wonder the rest play along?

So. Vaccination. When I had the TB vaccine there was a test, called BCG, that they spiked into my skin. If it came up positive I had already been exposed to TB and wouldn’t have needed the vaccine.

A positive test for covid should do the same – your immune system has seen it, you don’t need a vaccine. Why has immunology gone very quiet on this?

And why are they now touting the vaccine as a ‘cure for Long Covid’. There is absolutely no point in vaccinating against any disease you’ve already had. Especially not agianst one you currently have. It makes no sense in any branch of biology or medicine. Vaccines stop you catching it, they have never been able to cure it once you have it. Never.

Still they believe. They will believe anything.

Including the belief that all unvaccinated are infected by default.

Maybe depopulation is the way to go after all. These fucking idiots have no future anyway.