Catch 22

I don’t know if Boris did it deliberately but if he did, it’s a master stroke.

The Tory party chairman demanded an investigation into Boris’s ‘totally, like, totally Islamophobic talk, like, innit?’ and Tessie Maybe backed this childish insanity because Boris is for Brexit and she wants him shut down.

She though it would be so easy. An accusation of Islamophobia would, until recently, have been enough to elicit a grovelling apology from any public figure. But, this is Boris.

So he has refused to apologise. Public outrage will finish him, thought the Tories. Eh… the public have had enough of having Islam rammed down our throats and Boris wasn’t even calling for a ban on the face-covering thing. He just said it looks silly – and it does. It also flies in the face of (pun intended) security laws that require motorcyclists to remove their helmets when entering a bank or any other place at risk of robbery. Support for the Clown Prince far outweighs the snivelling outrage of the professionally offended.

Suddenly, Tessie the Boot has backed away from supporting an investigation and the chairman of the Tory party is left to deal with it on his own. He cannot now back down without losing face but he no longer has support from the Prime Monster. He has been shat on by his Prime Monster and he has no way out.

Meanwhile, Tessie Turnaround has nowhere to go. She can’t fire him from the Cabinet, he’d already resigned, and she has no power to do anything else. She now looks really, really stupid and she also has no way out.

Boris has often been described as a ‘loose cannon’ and now he really is. He’s a machine cannon with infinite ammo and no off switch. And all he has to do is stay silent. If he planned this it’s utterly brilliant.

He didn’t even say anything racist. An Imam has publically stated that the hijab is nothing to do with the Quran and has no connection with Islam, which isn’t a race. Boris was against banning it. He just made jokes about a silly bit of fancy dress. That’s all it really is, when you get right down to it, but for some reason it’s sacrosanct.

I have a black hooded robe and a scythe. I could stand at crossroads and terrify boy racers. How long before I get arrested? Probably minutes. If I went into a bank dressed like that, it would be seconds. And yet I could dress up as landfill and no-one would dare criticise me.

This face covering has nothing to do with Islam. Nothing at all. It is a tool of misogynist oppression. As the women of Iran are now demonstrating, but we aren’t allowed to talk about that because it spoils the narrative.

Boris has the current Tory leadership in a no-win position. They find him guilty of Islamophobia when he obviously isn’t, the backlash kills the party stone dead. They clear him, the lefties go berserk and the mad Mullahs take to the streets and the party looks like a bunch of idiots. If he apologised, the disaster would be averted, but he won’t. And should not.

Criticism of Islam cannot and must not be a crime. No religion has special status in the UK. We are historically Christian and we are the country that produced ‘Life of Brian’, a film that monumentally pissed off the Church and nobody was arrested, investigated or censured. Oh the bishops were all miffed, but beating the bishop is another thing we do well  😉

If I want to refer to Jesus as ‘Jew on a stick’, nobody cares. If I want to reference the Japanese TV series ‘Monkey’, a piss take of the Hindu god Hanuman, nobody cares. If I want to make demons look silly in my books (and I do) and it upsets Satanists, no one cares.

But mention that the Darth Vader outfit imposed on many women looks a bit silly and there is Outrage! It makes you Racist! (even though no religion is a race, and the silly headgear is part of no religion). It makes you Nazi! (usually spouted by those who, unthinkingly, are promoting Nazi ideals). It makes you Islamophobic! (a word made up to let non-Muslims feel all superior and protective, and who don’t realise they will be the first against the wall when the Islamic revolution comes).

It’s all coming to a head now. Whether deliberately or not, Boris has forced an investigation into Islamophobia. Which is also an investigation into Islam. Didn’t realise that? Well, to investigate whether he said something wrong about Islam, you have to bring Islam into the light. And… here… we… go.

The days ahead could be nasty. It’s been brewing for a long time and it is inevitable. It is one of the reasons I took myself and CStM into the wilderness, away from towns and cities, and why I am armed with everything that is still legal to have.

The politics of the UK are about to change. Both major parties are, to put it nicely, fucked. Labour are removing real Labour MPs, the Tories are removing real Tories. We have nothing to vote for but the extremes. Boris might have bunged a spanner into the works.

Will he take Tessie Maybe’s place as Prime Monster? I don’t think so but could be wrong. I don’t think he’d be good at the job. Too prone to quick assessments and unthought outbursts.

I suspect the plan is to put Jacob Rees-Mogg in the  pole position. He has stated he doesn’t want it and who better to have in charge than someone who doesn’t want to be?

But he looks far too much like Chancellor Sutler to me.

Might be another Dark Ages on the way. I have my bow…

Oh and if I was Muslim right now, I’d be looking at plane tickets. We’re about to party like it’s 1645.


Boris and The Mask

I thought ‘The Mask’ was a great film. Loads of laughs. Of course, if face coverings had been banned back then, the film would probably never have been made.

Big burly buffoon Boris Johnson is in trouble over a mask. The ‘niqab’ that some Muslim women in the West, and many (in some countries, all) in the Arab world  use to cover their faces. He likened it, quite fairly I thought, to dressing up as a letterbox. It does look a bit silly but we in the West, especially in the UK, have a tolerance for those who like to dress up silly. We’ve never tried to ban Pearly Kings and Queens nor have we ever tried to ban the astonishingly silly dress of the Morris dancer. It has never occurred to anyone to ban those things.

Now we have a call to ban an article of clothing. This is something new and I, for one, am not comfortable with it.

Let’s be clear. It’s the niqab, not the hijab, that is the issue. The hijab is the headscarf thing. My grandmother, a staunch and sometimes slightly violent Christian of iron and coal mining extraction, never left the house without a hairnet and headscarf on her blue hair. Never. She spent money on hairdressing and blue rinses that nobody outside the house ever saw. I doubt she had ever even heard of Islam even though the last Caliphate ended in 1924, when she would have been around 30. The headscarf is no issue at all for me.

The niqab is the mask that covers all the face except the eyes. Some even have mesh over the eyes so you can’t see those either. Personally, I don’t like talking to someone so masked because I have no visual cues to judge the veracity of their words. Also, if they stab me, I can’t give the police a description.

But then, are they the only masked ones? Antifa are masked violent thugs. Nobody has demanded their masks are banned. The ‘Anonymous’ movement hides behind the Guy Fawkes mask from ‘V for Vendetta’. Any campaign to ban those?

How about bridal veils? You could be marrying anyone! What if you lift that veil and find a bearded Darren with three teeth and halitosis at the end of your vows? Should we ban wedding veils?

Old Holborn made the point very well on Twitter today. I can’t be arsed seeking out the actual tweet, that place scrolls too fast, but the essence was ‘Banning the veil and enforcing the veil are the same thing’.

He is right. Either of those things is enforcing what women can and cannot wear by law. Both are wrong. A better law is ‘forcing someone to wear a niqab is illegal’. That law punishes the enforcer, not the one being forced to comply.

And it’s the enforcer who is the real criminal here.

See, prosecuting a woman for wearing the veil is a bit like prosecuting someone for getting beaten up. You’re taking someone oppressed and oppressing them more.

The law ‘forcing someone to wear a niqab is illegal’ also means that if a woman wants to wear a veil, that’s fine. As long as nobody is forcing them to wear it.

The rule about no face coverings in banks and some other places still stands. If you go into a bank wearing any kind of mask you cannot be surprised if security take you down fast. Banks and masked people have a bit of a history there.

If you want to wear a mask in the street, fine. I will avoid any contact with you because you’re weird but I would not support any ban on you being weird. It should be your choice.

When France suggested banning the veil, I was uneasy. Denmark has banned it now and it looks like a lot of other EU countries including the UK are considering it too. The thing is, they don’t ban ‘the niqab’. The ban ‘face coverings’. All face coverings.

China uses CCTV with facial recognition. I was most impressed that they can tell the diference between Chinese people (channeling Prince Philip here) but if you have CCTV with facial recognition, it won’t work if your face is covered. The niqab is a really good excuse to ban all face coverings – even a scarf over your nose and mouth in winter.

Boris should not be forced to apologise over his remarks.  I really hope he won’t. The British take the piss out of everything – or used to – including and especially ourselves. Nothing was immune. If a religion – any religion – is so insecure that any comment aimed at them sends them into apoplexy, then they are following a very sad and weak god indeed. If your god cannot withstand a few snarky comments, then you really do need a better god.

As we need a better Prime Monster. Tessie ‘Jackboots’ Maybe is pushing Boris to apologise. In doing so she has set a challenge. If he does, then the rest of the Tory party are a bunch of tiddly lapdogs to political correctness and nobody will vote for them. If he says ‘Stick it up your censored hole’ then the last shreds of Tessie’s authority are gone faster than third hand smoke in a dry cleaner’s. Either way, she is toast. The first option takes the entire Tory party down. Let’s wait and see what the rest of their members think.

Banning face coverings is, as Old Holborn said, the same as enforcing it. It’s using law to force people to dress as directed. Nobody, anywhere, has suggested a law to punish those who force women to wear masks against their will. The Muslim patriarchy is sacrosanct, it seems.

I have recently wondered if Jacob Rees-Mogg would be our Chancellor Sutler.

Now I wonder if it’s going to be Boris.

If you haven’t seen, or better, read, ‘V for Vendetta’, it’s worth your time.

Just keep in mind that in real life, there is no hero coming to change it.

You’ll have to do that yourself.

The Censors Are Coming

I see YouTube have completely removed Alex ‘Shouty’ Jones and the Infowars/Prison Planet channel. There has been much wailing, gnashing of hair and rending of teeth on Twitter today.

Also much smugness. Those who wanted Shouty Alex silenced are filled with glee at the news.

As for me… I don’t care. All I see is the free market in action.

This is not suppression of free speech. This is a Lefty-run site doing what you’d expect of a Lefty-run site. Same goes for Farcebok and Twatter. At the moment the Infowars people are still on Twatter but I won’t be surprised if they get banned from there too.

The bias on these sites has been obvious for a long time. Get a bit too right-wing and they will silence you. Get all SJW and call for the extinction of white people and they hail you as a hero. So really, getting banned for talking outside the echo chamber is no surprise and I think I only get away with being there because I only have a small following. And I don’t call people ‘cunts’ so don’t draw undue attention to myself.

True suppression of speech would be the forced closure of the Infowars/Prison Planet websites (are they the same thing? I’ve never been sure). That has, so far, not happened. Okay, they can’t advertise it on the SJW-run sites but really, those sites are losing the kind of audience Infowars wants to reach anyway. They are turning into pointless echo chambers and their share prices are starting to reflect this.

See, advertisers don’t want to advertise to penniless wannabe commies. They want to advertise to capitalists who have spare money to waste on stuff they don’t actually need.

So which am I? Currently I’m a limited-resource wannabe capitalist. Sure I buy stuff I don’t really need, mostly model railway related, and I would love to have enough spare cash to buy top-class brand-new brass rail track to cover the entire garden. I don’t have the cash and am not likely to so I’m settling for plastic track. What the hell, it works.

The point is, if you have a website with thousands, maybe millions of members, many of whom are well-off enough to buy some not-really-vital things, you attract advertisers. Drive away their target consumers and the advertisers leave too.

Here comes a generalisation. People with money tend to be right-wing because they don’t want workshy layabouts to take it away from them. Workshy layabouts tend to be left-wing because they want free stuff.

That’s clearly not universally true. Some very rich people claim to be socialists but then the ‘redistribution of wealth’ does not apply to them. If they truly believed in it, they could just do it themselves. How many prominent rich ‘socialists’ are involved in tax avoidance, and even evasion? And yet they claim to be socialist.

Also some on the left are not workshy layabouts. They aren’t all in government, after all. Some really want a better life and believe they will get it through socialism. That’s more an issue of the teaching of history though.

I do not claim to be socialist, yet if I had millions and a really worthy cause was floundering, I’d bung them a bag of cash. I’ve been down to ‘homeless and in debt’ and it taught me not to dismiss those in that situation now. I’ve met them. They mostly got there through bad luck or bad decisions. They are people.

It also taught me, eventually, when I was in danger of getting into that state again, to be careful with money. I don’t need much. Give me a billion pounds and I couldn’t even spend the interest. I have no use for private yachts or planes.

I must admit, this conversation on showing a visitor around a huge house I’d lived in for ten years would be funny:

Visitor: ‘What’s in that room?’

Me: ‘I don’t know. I’ve never been in there’.

Although I would quite like a restored steam engine and a couple of miles of track.

There is a man who has done something like this on the Dufftown to Keith railway. I’ve met him, he works as station master at Dufftown and sometimes drives the trains – but he owns all of it. He has some DMUs fom the sixties that are restored to their former primitive glory and you can ride those rails at certain times of year. It’s something to aim for.

Socialism gives you nothing to aim for. Everyone gets the same whether they try or not. That’s why it always fails. Why push to make a better product, or any product, when you’re getting the same income as someone who does bugger all? Since there are always those who do bugger all, the socialist system must inevitably collapse. It always has and it always will.

Socialism is kept alive by capitalism. The socialist sites such as Farcebok, Youtube, Twatter etc. make loads of money by selling advertising space. Now, they are banning those the advertisers want to target and keeping the ones who want the advertised evil capitalist companies shut down.

Okay. They are private companies. It’s their choice to do that. But then they can’t cry when the advertisers move on to sites like Gab or PewTube or EyeTube (is that still going? I hope so) because that is where their target market has moved to. They can’t claim to be socialist while their share price drops through the floor and they bleat like failed capitalists using socialism to sucker in the idiots who are not members, they are the product they are selling. To the advertisers whose clients their members are trying to shut down.

I have absolutely no issue with any multinational company worth multi-billions pretending to be socialist and shutting down those who would prevent the real socialists shutting them down, within the confines of their own echo bubble. They own that company, it’s their choice to die of appeasement if they want to.

However, it would be nice if they were up front about it. A hammer and sickle logo or even just a note saying ‘This is a politically correct echo chamber, fuck off whitey’ at sign-up time would thin their herd before they have to do it later themselves.

Gab is in its early stages. I suspect they will let it self-censor to weed out the utter loonies who currently infest it as a non-censored platform in its early days, rather than take the Twitter approach of ‘management does not agree’. I hope they will do what Twitter should have done – let the members block or mute the annoyances while the management takes no action to delete accounts unless they are actually breaking laws. We shall see.

This blocking of InfoWars is a bad idea. I’ve watched Shouty Alex get worked up into a frenzy over trivia and then try to sell snakeoil potions. Sometimes he is right in his rants and sometimes it’s tinfoil time and sometimes it’s just silly. It’s all entertaining. Now it’s a martyr.

It’s not the British way though. We don’t get all shouty and excited about terrible things. We watch and listen in silence and then we politely kill you. It’s etiquette, you see?

For me, watching an Alex Jones shouty rant is discomforting. We don’t do things that way here.

Even so, the plethora of news – especially the smug delight of the Leftie press – brings Infowars to a whole load of people who had never heard of it. Gullible people. I have worked with them and yes, there is a huge mass of people who can be convinced of anything with the right words.

Oh okay, I have played with this in the past, mostly with antimokers. It was enough to show me the truth of IQ. The average is 100 so half the population is below that. That is simple statistics and no mystery. The mystery is why do we keep voting the lower quartile into power.

You can silence outward speech but you cannot silence thought. Never. Not even with NewSpeak. You just drive it to the Underweb.

Where the Underdogs bite upwards.



Here comes chaos

Still working on the Dutch book, slow going due to hot weather that has made it hard to concentrate and almost driven me nocturnal, a couple of nights off the computer due to thunderstorms that could have wiped out whatever I did, plus battling two wasp nests and figuring out how to use a ride on mower that didn’t come with a manual. The blog may stay a bit sparse for a while.

I have been trying to keep up with the news without reading too much of the actual news. It’s not easy, the main news has descended into silliness and every online source has a political bias in one direction or the other. There is no longer any such thing as an impartial and unbiased news source and I’m beginning to wonder if there ever was.

Basically, it’s utter chaos. It’s not going to get better. You can console yourself with the thought that it cannot get worse if you like. You’ll be wrong. It can and it will. A lot worse.

In the USA they have the Trump War. For or against. Nothing in between. Looking in as a disinterested observer, he seems to be doing what he said he would do. Is that bad? Our politicians don’t do that. We vote them in on promises they make but they long ago proved in court that mainfesto promises are not legally binding. So once in, they ditch the lot and do as they damn well please and we can do nothing about it.

Trump is not a politician. He’s also rich to a level I dream of. You can’t buy him.

You know, if I was as rich as Trump or Soros or Gates or any of them, I would have no interest in meddling with the world. I’d buy an island with its own power generation (wouldn’t need much, there won’t be many people there) and the rest of the planet can fuck off into the depths of absurdity. I’d spend it all setting up a place that doesn’t need money.

I don’t want to impose some kind of New World Order. I don’t want to run anyone else’s life. I have my own (possibly short, considering my favourite hobbies of whisky, fried food and tobacco) life to live and I am not going to waste my time managing yours. Your life is your job, not mine.

Make me a billionaire and I’ll vanish. I have wondered how many of them have done exactly that and who now roll their eyes at the Soros thing wasting his declining years trying to herd cats.

Yet these billionaires, people with bank accounts I couldn’t empty if I bought the top shelf single malts daily, want more money. What the hell for? Money isn’t a real thing. It’s numbers on a screen. Everyone is mortal, there is only so much meaningless crap on eBay you can fill rooms with. Why would you die with billions of unreal money in your account? It’s stupid. You have one go at this life. One. You really want to use it to create ephemera?

‘Oh it’s for the cheeldren’. Yeah, like the world doesn’t have enough spoilt little bastards already. Just teach your kids to lounge about doing fuck all and wait for Daddy’s money to let them continue doing nothing useful for the rest of their lives. They can’t even dress themselves. You really want to produce kids so utterly useless? Okay. Go ahead. Do that.

But when it all falls down, and it will, who will dress them then? You have raised rich kids who expect everything done for them. What will they do when a solar flare wipes out their computerised bank account? Your DNA is gone, boyo. Your legacy is ended. Bye-bye, useless DNA.

Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to teach your kids how to hunt and fish and grow veggies and actually survive without having a whole load of people do it for them? But hey, your kids, your choice. Make them useless if you want to.

Trump isn’t immune here. He is doing what he said he would do, yes. He is actually doing what his voters wanted, yes. I appreciate that, it is something the UK longs for in the wasters we keep electing.  But I bet his kids can’t set a snare or tell one wild berry from another. They ‘have people’ to do that. What will they do when it falls down?

They’ll starve. Probably while waiting for someone to dress them.

See, the whole Soros idea cannot work. It’s based on money, which doesn’t exist. Since the introduction of fractional reserve banking, only about 10% or less of money is in the real world. The rest is just numbers on a screen. Chasing money is chasing zephyrs in the wind. Catch it and you hold on to nothing real.

And still we hear of ‘redistribution of wealth’ which shares out the imaginary equally. Get real. This does not matter. I’ve lived most of my life with no money and I’m still here. Money is not life and life is not money.

I have been to where I had a five figure bank account. I have also been, more than once,  to the bottom of the overdraft, where there is no more to take. I didn’t die. I adapted. At the very bottom I did some things I’m not proud of and associated with people most of you would rightly call the police on but I’m still here. Could any of those billionaire kids do that? I seriously doubt it.

We now have the BBC telling us that gender is not defined at birth. Just because your child has a plug or a socket means nothing, it does not define male or female connections, which is probably why Maplin died.

Recent reports state that more and more American teenagers identify as LGBT. They aren’t really, well apart from the small percentage who actually are. Am I sure? Another report states that teenage lesbians are getting pregnant at a higher rate than straight ones. Seems these ‘lesbians’ have not read the manual.

The kids have a world where they can self-identify any way they like. They can identify as a potted plant and nobody is allowed to deny it. Ridiculous pronouns abound and in some places you can be fired or even arrested as a ‘hate criminal’ for forgetting who wants to be addressed as xe, xir, zimbo or diddly-binky-boo.

This is indulging in a toddler’s fantasy world. Worse, it is enforcing that world on the decreasing number of actual grown-ups. Sure, identify as whoever you like. Especially teenagers. Was there ever a teenager who didn’t want to be someone else? We all wanted to be rock stars or actors or demolition experts when I was a teenager. If we had had the option to self-define as a biologically impossible gender, hell yes we’d have tried that.

But the adults would not have indulged us. They might have smiled and shaken their heads, some might have tried to talk some sense into us, but not one of them would have forced anyone else to accept our new identity as a triple-penised female Martian warrior badger. There certainly would never have been a law demanding such acceptance.

Making it illegal to deny the reality of toddler fantasies is another step in infantilising the population. It also helps with the eradication of gender and the ushering in of sexless drones. Babies are increasingly being called ‘theybies’ so as to avoid gender bias – but ‘baby’ is a word with no gender already. Making up a new word serves only to dehumanise the baby and break the parent/baby bond. It also prepares the parent to accept gender reassignment surgery for their child, thus rendering them permanently infertile. Did anyone mention ‘population reduction’ recently?

All these groups will fragment the once cohesive LGBT movement. It’s already started. ‘Trans’ men who identify as lesbians to get access to women are at war with actual lesbians because actual lesbians don’t want to sleep with someone who has a penis. Trans men who have transitioned are well on the way to making it a hate crime for any man to refuse to sleep with them.

It’s not all, not by any means. But, as with every such case, nobody hears from the quiet ones.

The LGBT movement is being destroyed by the addition of more and more bizarre groups. Really. Women who like women and men who like men, those who like both and even those (genuine cases are very rare) who feel very strongly that they are in the wrong body – whether you agree with their lifestyles or not – were still within the realm of male and female genders. Suddenly, gender is a social construct and you can identify as female today, male tomorrow, or pick from a plethora of options for the weekend.

So now you have 50 shades of sexual definition and none of them talk to the others. I do not care. My granddaughter is going to be brought up as a girl with trains and slingshots and archery and potato growing and car maintenance and all the other things a girl needs to know.

She will also be warned about rape gangs. Oh it’s not just Muslim. That is only Level One.

This goes much deeper. The Muslim gangs are being pulled in because they got caught. The names revealed in those investigations have been quietly pushed down. Have you never wondered why the trials are so secret? It’s a new thing, all those high profile people who were accused were subjected to trial by newspaper immediately after being arrested.

More and more ex-police are coming out now. The scale of peado protection is becoming clear. Some big names are named. I will not name the names I’ve heard because I could never afford the lawsuits and I don’t personally have access to the evidence. But they are big names.

Cyril Smith wasn’t named until after he died. The evidence against him was uncontestable but never used while he lived. Quite how that flesh planet managed to find his reproductive organ under his bouncy-castle frame I’ll never know. Perhaps it was a Victorian-style thing – send a small boy in there with a lantern and tell him what to do when he gets there.

The raid on Cliff Richard’s house was filmed. He was not guilty but there was no secrecy around his trial. His was a show trial. ‘We can get you anytime we want’. Let’s face it, if a non-celeb gets that treatment, good luck finding a job afterwards. That kind of mud sticks.

Jimmy Savile was a distraction. I saw plenty of evidence that he was a creepy old man who liked young girls but none that he liked them under legal age. The late Anna Raccoon did a fine job of debunking many of the more bizarre claims. Again, nothing happened until he died. But this time it was so that he could not defend himself.

The paedo reporting shutdown wasn’t just political correctness. That was a useful tool but those using it were not purely Muslim. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) their Muslim rape gang cover, and one of their supply chains, went way too far and had to be reined in.

‘For the children’ rings a little hollow, doesn’t it? When thousands of little girls are gang raped while the government puts in anti-porn internet controls.

Of course, we all know what those controls were really for. It’s now in the open. They want to stop all criticism of politicians. They want to make it illegal. They want to call political opponents ‘trolls’ and ban them from taking public office. And this is the Tories! Big Sister is watching you. Or Big Brother. These days you can define the gender of your own slave master.

The internet-control desire is enhanced by Brexit of course. It can’t be allowed to happen. Other countries might get ideas. The rise of ‘far right’ (as in, the EU doesn’t like them) groups is increasing all through the EU because of their insane insistence on importing more and more benefit scroungers. Why? Because they will vote for free stuff and keep those elites in power. What the elites have not considered is this: they’ll be in power over a non-working benefit-fed population. Who’s going to pay for it? Ask Venezuela.

Except… Venezuela has working people. The EU won’t have any. So the elite will have nobody to sponge off and Juncker will have to learn homebrew very quickly.

The New World Order will have a few people with all the money. But having killed off anyone who produces anything, what will their money buy? Faced with an imported violent benefit class, what will they do? Send in the army? Oh they can pay them but then… what do the army do with money when nobody is making anything?

It is going to fall apart. It is going to be war. It is going to be very nasty indeed because there is no middle ground on any of those issues any more. No room for compromise. No purpose in discussion. The time for talking is over.

When the dust clears, the sun will rise on ruins.

Time to grow up

It’s been busy here. I am working on a Dutch version of The Goddess of Protruding Ears and I speak no Dutch at all. It’s taking longer than I expected.The English version took a while to complete, mostly because of the internal links, but at least they were easy to find. So I thought, ha, easy. It’s the same book.

Not so easy. I demand perfection and I won’t stand for less. My favourite way of driving past employers nuts was to say things like ‘I can do it fast and cheap, or I can do it properly’, or ‘There is perfect and there is wrong’.  I have to take a lot of breaks from assembling this book so I don’t mess up, and there are other issues.

There is a tiny bridge over a small river between this place and civilisation. It has closed for 10 weeks for repairs. Getting to civilisation now means going the long way round every time. Which adds about 30 minutes to every journey and means we are now a long way from a petrol station.

It also means some delivery drivers can’t get here because they don’t know they have to go around the ‘road closed’ signs and ignore diversions that take you past us. The Post Office have adapted remarkably rapidly but then they pass this way every day so they know where the closed road is blocked.

I have declared one room in this house as my office. CStM has a room as her creative centre. Mine is a shambles, I like it that way. Hers is still full of boxes from her move over here and in need of a coat of paint. Painting has begun, CStM has painted as far up as she can reach and the ladder work is my problem. These are 10 foot high rooms, I recently had to buy a bigger stepladder to change a light bulb. So I have procrastinated about the ladder work, as you would expect. It has to be done though.

There is also a hell of a lot of 45mm gauge track waiting for me to clear a space in the garden and a Wickham tram under construction to add to the rapidly increasing rolling stock. The book work comes first but as I said, this one needs a lot of breaks. It must be completed this month so I’m ready for two or maybe three potential next ones plus of course the Halloween anthology. And visits from both my parents and potentially CStM’s. They will expect me to be sociable and I’ve never been much good at that. It’s hard work.

Anyway, all that and more is why it’s been so quiet here lately.

But to get (finally) somewhere near the point…

I have ranted before about the drinking bottles with baby teats and the sippy cups coffee is served in. About the stupid romper suit onesies you should have grown out of before three years old. The antismokers claim smoking is aimed at children while all the child stuff is aimed at adults. When did we switch places?

The switch didn’t work completely so there’s a new game in town. Indoctrinate the children into eternal childhood before they grow up. (tipped in email by Pete S – thanks are due).

The Spiteful Nannying Puritans in Scotland are obsessed with children to a possibly illegal degree. They are putting in place ‘named persons’ who will oversee your child and finally make it very clear that your child is not yours. Your child is State property. Teach it things the State does not want it to know and the State will correct your error by stealing your child.

If the SNP get their way, that cuddly baby you coo over now will never be an adult. Your child is destined to have tantrums in their forties and sulk  through their fifties because they didn’t get an ice cream. They will wear romper suits and sip decaff coffee from the cup you used to wean them off the bottle. That is what the SNP want for your children. You want that? Well then, vote for it. It’s your choice.

Oh, and that baby isn’t yours. You’re just looking after it for the State. You’d better agree with its indoctrination, agree to have its gender changed and if it’s white, agree to sterilisation for the sake of diversity. You want that for your child? Then vote for it. You probably will.

They make it sound so sane and reasonable but if you stop for a moment, forget your rabid party affiliation and think, it is clearly neither. But that involves a tiny bit of effort. So much easier to just agree and vote for your child’s State-owned servitude, isn’t it?

Your childen are going to get this future. Not because you want it. They certainly won’t like it. It’s not because you are dim, not because someone else told you it was a good idea, it’s all down to your own choices and in the end, down to one reason and one reason only.

Because you can’t be bothered to think for yourself.

When, in the future, you look at your sexualised, genderless and indoctrinated grandchildren, remember one thing.

You did that.

It doesn’t matter

Donnie Trumpton is in town.

He was in the country for six hours before he bitch-slapped our idiot Prime Monster with ‘The UK/US trade deal is off’. Is that him being a bastarrd?

No. There can be no US/UK trade deal because Terrible May’s version of Brexit is worse than staying in. We do what we are told, we have no say, and if we object the EU can put a hard border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Also take money from us. They like doing that. Under Terrible May’s plan, we have no power to make a deal with the US. Nor with anyone else. If we try, the EU can split our country. This is the Tory PM’s plan.

The collapse of that deal has nothing to do with Trump. May has done this, Trump cannot deal with us because we are not allowed to make deals under May’s plan.

A plan she cleared with Angela Merkel before her own MPs saw it. A plan she has declared cannot be changed because she has already cleared it with Angela Merkel. A plan she has now changed to let the EU’s human rights commission have full control over us. But our MPs are not allowed to change it. Yeah. If you opened the gates of Hell right now, the demons would elect to stay home. There’s nothing more for them to do.

I see Lefties on Twitter shrieking that Trump cannot be allowed to influence UK policy because ‘interference by a foreign government is not sovereign control’ while they are happy for Merkel to approve laws our own government have not seen yet.

In Heaven there are millions who are shaking their heads and wondering why they died to stop Hitler winning. What was the point, really? At least the many Polish pilots who fought on our side can be smug, their country has not fallen for the globalist bullshit.

And at that Nato summit was No One Drunker, the leader of the EU and representative of most of a continent. He had to be held up on both sides. He could barely walk. His minions are saying ‘sciatica’ and I say ‘fuck off’. His face is not contorted in the pain of a sciatica sufferer. It’s the wild smile of the pisshead. He is drunker than a teetollaer who downed a bottle of absinthe. His liver must look like Swiss cheese. I drink a lot, way over the made-up limits, but it would take a lot more to get me in that state.

If I had turned up for work in any job I have ever done in that state I would have been fired on the spot and quite right too. Even in my self employments, as a microbiologist dealing with horrible bacteria I’d be dead now if I tried to do the job drunk. As a publisher now, if I tried to promote a book with a description ‘ Raa raa raa, graa, feckit’  how far would it get?

Yet that is who is in charge of the EU. And there are people who want to stay in it. Including Terrible May.

You can’t fire No One Drunker and you can’t vote him out because that is EU democracy. 48% of the UK are fine with having most of a continent run by someone way more pissed than I have ever been. Pause here while I giggle like the original Cesar Romero joker 🙂

The Tory party are finished. Terrible May’s career is over. She has taken her party down too. Jezza might well be the next Prime Monster but it doesn’t matter. None of it matters.

This Brexit hands total control of the UK to Germany, the driving force behind the EU all along. Oh come on, didn’t you know Hitler’s backup plan? This is it.

It does not matter who we elect. They can do nothing, influence nothing, they just take orders.  You coud have the next PM as Corbyn, Bagpuss or Thomas the Tank Engine. Under May’s capitulation, it does not matter

It does not matter to Terrible May that she has no career, it does not matter to her quislings. They will be rewarded (on past experience of this kind of thing, in the afterlife, but that is small comfort).

You’re not Lenin, Tessie. It’s the digital age. It’s easier to airbrush you out of photos now.

If this version of Brexit goes through, both sides lose. We are not in it and not out. We will follow laws in which we have no say. We will do as we are told or suffer the consequences.

Finally, under a Prime Monster called Theresa May, the sun sets one last time on the British Empire.

Goodbye white humans. They never loved you anyway.

Notice for Leg Iron Books writers.

I have been looking up review sites. These matter. They have, on the whole, a dedicated following who listen to what they say and will most likely buy what they recommend. They’ll also tell other people if they find a good one.

The Top 10 contains a few that (as yet) Leg Iron Books can’t use, but also some that would be very useful.

I am, at this stage, looking for reviewers with a reasonably wide audience but who will do a review for a print copy of the book. I’ve written reviews on that basis in the past. It means the reviewer is not beholden to give an automatic good review because they aren’t getting cash. Leg Iron Books does not want, or need, paid-to-be-nice reviews. I’m fussy about what gets through here. I’d rather see an honest review than a paid-for gushing sycophant.

There are sites that charge for reviews. Fair enough, they claim a hell of a lot of readers but at nearly $100 per book, four months wait for a review and then it’s up for a week (the cheapest option), it’s going to need a big return to justify the investment. As I said with paid reviews, you can opt to have them not show one or two star reviews which feels like cheating. Maybe I’ll get back to them later.

I’m not going to blitz one site with the whole catalogue. One book per site, one at a time. After they review one I’ll send another. Reviews are not guaranteed by these sites but if they do like the book it’ll be a big boost.

If any author wants to try this themselves, great – but let me know so I don’t send the same book to the same site!