Strange times

The original versions of Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl are finally vanishing from Amazon. There are second hand copies of the print books floating around still but meh, you can’t stop the second hand market. Anyway, it’s good advertising – people pick up a book in a charity shop and if they like it, they might look for more by the same author.

The most important thing to get rid of were the Kindle versions. I wasn’t concerned about the print books. The original publisher of Jessica’s Trap had it priced way too high – the new version is less than half that price in print. Well okay, I don’t have to pay any staff and since this one is by me, I don’t have to split the profit with an author so I can take half the profit I would normally go for. The print books make pennies per book – the profit is better in the eBook market, where there are no print costs. Just the distributor/bookseller cut.

Jessica’s Trap should have gone out of print in April 2016 but it was still there until I contacted Amazon about it. I’ve no idea who was getting the profit from any sales but it wasn’t me – nor was it the publisher. This was off their lists. Naturally, Amazon at first refused to take it down (being the author doesn’t give you any rights over your own work at Amazon) and then things got a bit shouty and eventually they took it down.

The same thing just happened with Samuel’s Girl. Again, it’s only the Kindle version that concerns me. I can undercut the print book price by a very wide margin but not the eBook price. Again, contacting the publisher confirmed it wasn’t on their books (it went out of contract earlier this month) and again, things had to get shouty before Amazon took it down. The Kindle version seems to have vanished now.

I’ll put it back on after I translate it back from American to English and finish the cover. Should be out this month.

That means November’s releases so far are –

Es-Tu là, Allah? by Dirk Vleugels

Sinistré, the Morning Cloud Chronicles by Mark Ellott

Jessica’s Trap by H.K. Hillman

I have begun loading the new, shorter version of Cultish and that will start to show up in a few days. It’s quite a big change so it has to go through all the checking processes again. And, unless something horrible happens, Samuel’s Girl will appear before the end of the month. It’s all complete, just needs a cover and a check-through.

That leaves December free to finalise the anthology and get that out, then I have Lee Bidgood’s novel to work on. A day off for Christmas and then let’s see how many I can get published in January before I take a break for my father’s birthday.

If submissions fall I can get some of my own books finished – some have been idle for years!

The Christmas anthology is building into quite a big one but there’s still room for more stories. I won’t promise illustrations this time, I need it ready in early December, well before Christmas. Deadline for submissions is December 1st but I’ll start assembling it before then.

Somewhere in that lot I’ll need to find time for a good blog rant. It’s been a while…



The Big Push

It’s been a bit one track here lately. All about the books. Well, that’s because I’m having a big push to get as much out as possible this month. That will leave the end of the month and the start of December clear for the Christmas anthology, and then I can take Christmas as a proper holiday.

My father is 80 in January even though he smoked his way through the entire planet’s tobacco harvest several times over so I want some free time then too – another big push might happen in the first weeks of January to make sure that happens.

Anyway, I’ve just loaded Jessica’s Trap onto Amazon and it should show up in a day or two. I’ll load it on Smashwords tomorrow, it’s getting late here and I don’t want to mess it up. This is a republication of one of the books previously published by Eternal Press (later Caliburn Press) whose contract expired over a year ago. I can’t keep the original cover, that was the property of the cover artist, so I have a new cover. It looks like this –

The cover image is the Seal of Solomon, the seal used on the brass vessel in which Solomon trapped 72 demons and their legions of spirits. I redrew the version in Goetia, scanned it then meddled with it in Paint Shop. It’s relevant to the story, as is the chosen colour and the strange object at the bottom of the back cover. That’s enough hints – no spoilers.

I have discovered I can transfer my existing self published books on Amazon to Leg Iron Books simply by editing the book details. Nothing else changes, except they now show up on a search for Leg Iron Books. This means that any reviews are untouched. Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl will unfortunately lose their reviews because they were published by someone else. I’ll be republishing rather than just editing the details. Can’t be helped. Hopefully at the new price they’ll pick up just as good reviews in the future.

On the plus side, by cutting profits to the bone I can make the print version a hell of a lot cheaper than before. Since it’s just me I don’t have to split the royalties, don’t have to pay cover artists etc, and even though it will make mere pennies per book it’s now a much more attractive price than before.

I have heard from Hugo Stone and a new version of Cultish is imminent. This will be a trimmed version and therefore cheaper but the story has lost nothing. The storyline is intact, the filth and depravity remains unsullied by political correctness or common decency. It’ll still shock you and amuse you in equal measure. That will be another rapid output for this month even though it doesn’t really count because it’s already published.

Samuel’s Girl will be another fast finish. The book is written and edited, out of contract since early November and just needs a cover, There will be another seal, circle or pentacle on the cover and the dominant colour will be red, because of a reason. These need to match because even though these two books seem totally unrelated, they will blend together in the third, Norman’s House. That one might come out early next year too. The main action in that one is in April, so it should be out before then.

All this has to be completed and still leave time for the Christmas anthology. Deadline for that one is still December 1st but I’ll start assembling it sooner.

Despite the concentration on books recently I’m not ignoring the deposing of Bobby Mug-a-bee, nor the regime change in Saudi Arabia. I have noticed the SNP’s suicidal minimum pricing for booze and the indoctrination of preschool children using deranged drag queens who think all children should be the opposite sex. Oh I am watching the world fall apart and to be honest, rather enjoying the spectacle. Venezuela is definitely worth keeping an eye on, there’s a hell of a big bang building up over there. Socialist paradise, eh?

Brexit is going to be fun too. If only Tessie Maybe wasn’t such a weak wuss we might actually get a deal worth having but then the alternative, Jerry Cordite, would probably have gone for Red Brexit in which we would give all our money to the EU in exchange for having a major city bombed once a week.

Arctic sea ice is getting wider so the Church of Climatology now pretends it’s getting thinner. Meanwhile we are all getting fatter while starvation level poverty is increasing. All carbohydrate is now sugar – including cellulose so you veggies are eating the equivalent of a pound of sugar a day. You actually are, you know, even though you can’t digest cellulose but we must never let facts get in the way of a good scare.

Smoking is so scary that people get cancer if they see a cigarette packet and steam is now full of dangerous particulates. Watch out for that kettle, Grandma! Tea is probably safe as long as you don’t inhale.

White people are evil so it’s fine for South Africa’s government to encourage the torturing to death of the farmers it depends on for food. When they’ve wiped out Whitey, who wants to bet they’ll ask Whitey for food aid? And who wants to bet Whitey’s elected cretins will be happy to send it? Kill Whitey. Whitey will pay for it. Until there are none of us left. Then what? Go on, try that game with China.

We have long since passed the absurdity horizon. This world is now logged in every alien space chart as ‘the silly planet’. No wonder UFO reports have dropped to zero in recent years. What self respecting little green man would come within the orbit of Uranus these days?

Speaking of Uranus, I see that homophobia is a British export now because there are still countries that don’t support gay marriage. All the fault of Whitey. Of course. We do tell Iran and Saudi Arabia and all those others to throw gay men off buildings then pelt them with rocks until they are mince. Don’t we? Or perhaps it’s someone else who told them to do that?

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows Mohammed was an immigrant to Mecca from Tower Hamlets so all of Islam is a White Supremacist social construct. Just ask the BBC’s history department – the United Kingdom was really Africa in the old days until the White Walkers arrived and made albino the fashion of the day.

Don’t try to find sense in it all. There isn’t any. This is a Marxist agenda in action and all it has achieved is to show how unutterably insane Karl Marx was. The world would be a better place if we had followed the utterances of Harpo, one of his actually-employed brothers. Karl never appeared in any of the films because he was a workshy layabout who believed the world owed him a living. All his followers believe the same and none of them have any sense of humour. That’s why they don’t know about his four brothers.

Sweden has declared milk a White Supremacist symbol because it’s white. I wonder what they’d make of tripe? This whole ‘milk is white therefore…’ started as a prank (not me, I wish it had been) to see how much absurdity the idiots in charge could handle. More than this, it seems.

Next up should be white light. The light that contains all colours and is therefore the most diverse light possible. Let’s get them to ban it. I reckon it will take less than a day. Then we can all live under black light and have to paint ourselves fluorescent to be seen.

How long before the green fluorescents claim they are oppressed by the blue fluorescents? Probably a matter of minutes. Seconds later, green fluorescents will identify as yellow.

Oh don’t laugh. This is reality. This is the world you live in now. This is life. Marvin was right.

Can it be fixed? To be brutally honest, I don’t fucking care any more. I have seen newspaper articles asking if a black person’s kids can be friends with white kids. Well, any other black person’s kids can be friends with mine but yours? Screw their lives up yourself. Let them grow up with hate and racism and unemployment. You make your children what they become. All your choice but please, don’t waste their time by sending them to job interviews.

I have seen white people call for the death of the white race and not a single one has committed suicide. I have seen the Green God’s acolytes call for population reduction and they are all still alive. Courage, convictions, words of a bygone era.

Because it will never affect you, will it? It always applies to ‘other people’.

Well here it comes, here comes the bad news.

We are all ‘the other people’.





Invading Poland was what started it last time…

In Poland there has been a march. The Wall Street Journal has covered it, with photos. Of course, this march is described thus…

The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and many chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from Hungary, Slovakia and Spain and waved flags and symbols that those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.

There are photos, in which no banners are visible, no flags other than Poland’s are visible, and in which everyone is just out for a walk and a bit of a firework display. As for Poland welcoming any kind of Nazi into their country, well they’ve experienced that and they haven’t forgotten it.

So if these banners existed, where are the photos? Not even one? Oh dear. Where are the fist air-punches and shouting mouths? None to be seen. Oh and nobody is wearing a mask. Take note of this.

Also take note that all the photos of the march are taken in the late evening/night. Then look at the photo of the masked thugs of Antifa who were allegedly ‘counter-protesting’ something that isn’t a protest at all. Notice anything? Hint: The sky.

Yeah. That’s a stock image. There were no counter protests because this was not a protest. Really, the news manipulators are getting really lazy now, and still the drones fall for it. Then again, the current youth have had their critical thinking faculties roundly educated out of them before they reach voting age. They won’t see it. They no longer have the capacity to see it, nor to understand why it is happening.

This was not an anti-immigrant, and especially not anti-Jewish rally at all. There were no banners and no ‘white supremacist’ stuff going on. Of course there were extremists present, there always are at any such event.

No cars were burned, no shops looted, and nobody had the living shit kicked out of them. Further proof that Antifa were not there.

What was the march about? Why, it was the annual Polish Independence Day celebration.

Clinton’s mob referred to it as a Nazi march. Really. There are no depths these fuckwits cannot sink to. Poland is about as likely to embrace Nazism as is Israel. It was an Independence Day march. That’s it.

The WSJ…

“It’s getting more and more vicious,” said Jakub Skrzypek, 25, one of about a dozen counterprotesters standing behind a banner that read “We Are Polish Jews” and surrounded by police. “We are really in fear.”

I see no police evident in the photos, and certainly no photos of ‘about a dozen’ counterprotestors against 6000 marchers. About a dozen, terrified for their lives. Really? There are only a dozen Jews in Poland? Well, they did take quite a beating in the 1940s but it wasn’t actually the Polish who did that, now was it?

The Left’s continual twisting of everything into ‘KKK and Nazi’ is not going to have the effect they think it will. No, the left are not running this game, even though they think they are, and they don’t know the rules. They are useful idiots.

They are fomenting a new war. They think they are shouting down dimwits where in fact they are riling up people smarter than them. People who know when to keep quiet, people who understand diplomacy but who are about to forget about it. And there are a hell of a lot of them.

The ‘alt-right’ is not an invention of white supremacists (of which, in reality, there are very few indeed). It is a construct of the socialist idiots marching to the fastest population reduction program ever devised.

When you go above party politics, above Tiny Blur’s narcissistic preening, above the George Soros personal vendetta, to where all this comes from, they don’t care about left and right. They don’t care about politics at all. They care about One World Government and you guys in charge now are not it.

Population reduction. That’s a big one. Oh you can call me a conspiracy theorist. You can say it’s the drunken ravings of a whisky addict. You know the big aim is a massive reduction in population to a controllable level. That’s been no secret for a long time now.

Birth control, Chinese style one-child policies, that’s going to take far too long. Nuclear war is no good, it’ll render most of the planet uninhabitable. No, a class war, a race war, that’s the way to achieve fast population reduction without wrecking the whole planet. Everyone fighting everyone else and nobody fighting the ones pulling the strings.

Poland’s march was not about that. It was an independence day march. A peaceful day out for the family. Look at the last photo in that article.But it’s being spun into something so much more, something sinister. Why?

To get you angry. To get you fired up. To make you think it was a protest against Muslim immigration (they did that separately, some time ago) and make you want the same thing in your own country. Oh yes, the Muslims are being used too. They’ll never see it either.

There’s one way to beat this plan. One way to win the game.

Stop hating each other on the basis of what someone else has told you. Think for yourselves. I know, it involves actual work and few people want to do that but trust me, it’s not that hard.

Maybe though, for too many people, it’s just too big a step to take.





Before anyone shouts ‘Typo’, the only error in that title is that I can’t find a way to add the accent on the final ‘e’.

Mark Ellot’s collected ‘Morning Cloud’ stories, featuring the half-Comanche gunslinger, Sinistré (I can add it in the text, but not in the title) are now available in one book. Five stories, three from the Underdog Anthologies, one from his own collection, Blackjack, and one new one (which will appear in the Christmas anthology too). So if you have, or plan to get, all those books, maybe you won’t want this one.

However, if you just want a book of Western gunslinger stories then here it is.

That’s the cover for the print version which will appear in a few days. The eBook versions also contain the back cover and I managed to get all Mark’s illustrations to work in eBook format this time – something I haven’t managed to do before. All artwork in the book, including the cover, as well as all the words, are the work of Mark Ellott.

Christmas is coming up so if you know a fan of Western stories who wouldn’t really be interested in reading the other stories in five other books, well, here you go. Pure Western throughout. I’ll be sending one to my father. He’s always been a big fan of Westerns.

Anyway, the print book is loaded and will be out soon. eBooks are already out – for Kindle, and in any format you like on Smashwords. I expect this one to get through Smashwords’ distribution with no trouble so it’ll pop up on Barnes and Noble, Kobo and everywhere else after that.

In other news, I have been gradually moving my own books over to Leg Iron Books, which is swelling the catalogue a little. I’m reaching the point where I’m going to need a proper website.

The two previously published novels, ‘Samuel’s Girl’ and ‘Jessica’s Trap’ are now out of contract with the publisher and they’re mine to republish. I have been in touch with the publisher to confirm this.

Amazon are still selling eBooks of ‘Samuel’s Girl’ which is naughty of them. They stopped selling eBooks of ‘Jessica’s Trap’ after I had a bit of a to-do at them. Print copies of both those books are either Amazon residual stock or sold by others with stock. There won’t be new ones with those covers.

‘Jessica’s Trap’ is formatted and ready to roll, I just need to finish the cover. That won’t be long.

And Hugo, if you’re out there, I just need your OK to go ahead with updating ‘Cultish’.

The Christmas anthology could be a big one. Twelve stories already and I’ve only put in one so far. Could turn out to be big enough to batter Santa unconscious and grab his sack.

Don’t get the wrong idea, ladies…

One last chance… two last chances.

You have two last chances.

First up, Hugo Stone’s ‘Cultish‘ will be revised into an abridged version as soon as I get a ‘go’ on the final version from the author. This will make the book cheaper but there will be a lot of deleted scenes – and a change to the ending. I hope to hear in the next day or so and will begin loading the new interiors at once.

The cover will be the same, the price will be less because the price is based on the number of pages, but if you want the full filth-fest you have a matter of days left to get it.

Second last chance: ‘Jessica’s Trap‘ by H.K. Hillman (that’s my writing name). This was published in 2011 and the contract ended in 2016 but last week I had to ask Amazon to take it down because neither I nor the publisher were getting anything from it. The publisher, it turns out, had neither of my books on their current list because ‘Samuel’s Girl‘ went out of contract some days ago and yet both were still on sale on Amazon.

Amazon have taken down the Kindle version but they have one copy left (they say) of the print version. I will be putting up a Leg Iron Books imprint of ‘Jessica’s Trap’ as soon as I finalise the cover. The interior will be much the same, but the cover on the previously published version is not mine. Copyright belongs to the cover artist. So, that should be the only copy left with that original cover.

‘Samuel’s Girl’ will follow shortly afterwards. Once I decide on the cover image, I will theme the covers for these books and subsequent books in that nearly-series (they interconnect but not always in immediately obvious ways). The current cover for ‘Samuel’s Girl’ will soon disappear and be replaced too.

Three. You have three last chances!


The current gender insanity has been a great help to me.

A story I’ve been working on for a long time has a genderless society. The people in that society actually have no concept of gender, and have no idea whether they were born male or female. They are merely worker drones and not required to reproduce.

I know how to construct it physically, all of that is already in place in the real world anyway, but how to make it stick politically? How did people get to where they would accept the beginnings of it?

Lately there has been an increasing amount of noise about the 57 (probably more by now) varieties of ‘gender’. Reality time folks. Check between your legs. If there are things dangling you’re a male. If there are not, you’re a female. If you have both then you’re both but that isn’t a third gender. That’s both in one. Two is all there are.

There is now even ‘genderfluid’ where you can wake up as a man and try out every type of ‘gender’ over the course of the day. To fit them all in you would probably only be able to devote 10 minutes to each one.

Now there are calls for transgenderism to be applied to children. Of course. Much more easily malleable if you get them before puberty. And then this –

Yep. Babies are born without gender until they are old enough to decide which they want to be. Surgery at 5? Defy these loonies and they will call you names and, ultimately, resort to physical violence to get their way.

Oh this is not restricted to a few Twitter idiots. Transgender surgeons have started to say things like ‘assigned male at birth’ as if gender depends on which box the midwife prefers to tick. And one day, if this continues, it will be.

Gender is being removed from everything, even biology now…

The print on that one is small so here’s the link to the actual article.

The useful idiots believe that all their rapidly-multiplying ‘gender’ definitions and their ‘preferred pronoun’ nonsense is theirs, and will lead to a world where everyone can be what they want to be (unless you’re white, in which case they want you dead). It leads to no such thing.

On preferred pronouns, I will use three. He, she, or it. Pick one. I will not use any others.

I give it no more than a year before you start to see calls for all babies to be neutered at birth so that they can choose their gender later. Once that’s in place there’s no point in choosing a gender, you might as well stay genderless for life because you can’t reproduce anyway. The genderless society is within grasp, worker drones produced by the elite and their harems. Neutered drones who are brought up in nurseries where they are politically corrected before being sent off to work.

They don’t even know what ‘gender’ is by that stage.

So, I now have a viable method to produce the genderless society in the story I’m making up. If I’m lucky I’ll even finish the story before it comes true. Most of the rest of it is coming true or has already come true.

It still leaves the question of how did it get this far? There have been transvestites, gay people etc. for millenia at least, probably since the dawn of humanity. Transexuality has been around all that time too, although the means to do something surgical about it is more recent.

So why now? Why, all of a sudden, has this explosion of gender lunacy happened? Today I realised how it happened.

Degrees in gender studies.

We have laughed at these for years. What the hell use is that degree? There is no employer interested in it so the only thing you can do is become a gender studies lecturer and there are far more graduates than jobs.

We were wrong to laugh at it. It does indeed serve a purpose, one that is now becoming all too clear.

How do you make a living with a gender studies degree? A few will become gender studies lecturers and produce the next round of useful idiots, most will end up whining about nobody wanting to employ them because the degree marks them as a likely troublemaker, some will get into personnel departments and screw up companies from within…

…and some will become researchers and media whores. They are the ones gender studies is designed to produce. The cream of the crop.

See, ‘gender studies’ should really take no more than twenty minutes. There are two genders. One has these bits, the other has those bits. My mistake, twenty seconds.

The rest of it is fantasy. I mean, I really don’t care how you identify yourself. You can pretend to be Super Mario or his kart or a pink unicorn or Tinker Bell on crack if you want. That does not make it real. All these identities do not create new genders and that is not their real purpose. Their real purpose it to make the genuine two genders invalid. Once that’s done, forced neutering of children is not only possible, it’s going to be demanded.

The gender studies graduates must keep inventing new genders to study and push for gender neutrality in increasingly bizarre places because their living depends on it. It’s all they’ve been taught to do. The whole gender studies game operates like a virus – in order to stay alive they have to infect more and more people with their ideas. It’s a mind virus.

I can’t remember who first coined the term ‘meme’ to describe an idea that replicates by spreading in a manner similar to a gene but this is what is happening here. This particular contagion is spreading faster and faster and it will lead to that vast array of new ‘genders’ being abruptly reduced, not to two, but to zero.

The genderless society. An army of compliant worker drones who have not even the concept of gender. Run by an elite who will pick the best of the litter for themselves and send the rest to be neutered and politically corrected. You know who’s going to be part of that elite? Hint: It’s not me.

And it’s not you.



Quick books update

Dirk Veugels’ ‘Es-Tu la, Allah?’ is now properly combined into one listing for Kindle and print versions on Amazon. It has also passed Smashwords checks and should soon appear on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and many other places as an eBook in pretty much every format going.

Still to come in November –

Revised (shorter and therefore cheaper) ‘Cultish’ by Hugo Stone,

‘Sinistre, the Morning Cloud Chronicles’ – the collected Morning Cloud stories by Mark Ellott, and

‘Jessica’s Trap’ by, well, me. All will be done in November because all are complete and need just a few minor details to get them finalised.

Then, December will see the next Underdog Anthology for which I need a sinister Christmas title and (hopefully) ‘Samuel’s Girl’ by me. I won’t promise to have Lee Bidgood’s book done in December because the anthology is going to take up time and Christmas will get in the way. But that one will be early in 2018 if I don’t get it done in December.

Next year I have a science fiction book which includes giant armoured scorpions, a FTL drive that turns out to be a total failure and a meeting of devious people with a pretty much Mediaeval culture. Could be fun…

Still accepting stories for the Christmas book, but can’t edit them until the committed books are done.

So. Back to work for me!