The insanity continues

Well, we’re off to visit Son and Grandchildren later today so I should try to sleep a bit I suppose.

Still, the insanity arrives so fast I can’t keep up. We are now told you can catch covid from a tree or a fart. I will not be surprised when they come out with infectious tree farts because they have dumbed down the population to where they will believe it. Watch out for arboreal toots, dim people! Maybe I can fit a small speaker into a tree…

I should have known. I am, after all, the one who once convinced an American visitor that they didn’t have roundabouts because the Romans didn’t get that far (to be fair, he had been drinking with me first), convinced several antismokers that the lumps they feel in their neck (salivary glands) are the onset of cancer from merely talking to me, and that all grey dust is deadly tobacco ash from 400 years of smoking. ASH already told them it never degrades so that was easy. So I already knew how dim they were.

Someone on Twitter once asked if I knew what I was talking about in relation to microbiology. I offered a lecture that I have not yet delivered (I am working fast on a book for an author who is seriously ill) but I will.

Plant cells, animal cells, bacterial cells (3 types) and viruses, the latter don’t even count as cells, are all very different. If you have a virus that only infects some animal cells it won’t stand a chance against a plant cell so the idea that tree pollen is infected with Covid is absolutely derisory. Likewise bacteria – there are viruses that infect them but they are called bacteriophages and they are designed to punch through the hard outer coat of the cell. Then there are the plasmids… but that lecture comes later.

The specific nonsense I want to write about concerns vaccines. Including the current experimental potions misnamed as vaccines.

Okay. I have never had tuberculosis. I had the vaccine. So my immune system will recognise the Mycobacterium that causes it and slap it down if it ever appears. If I had had tuberculosis I would not need the vaccine. My immune system would have already seen it and would be prepared for it if it ever came back. As with measles and mumps, I went through the actual diseases so don’t need vaccines.

So… if you test positive for Covid, your immune system has seen it and is ready. You don’t need a vaccine. This is true whether you get it mild or hard.

It does not matter whether you had to suffer through a bad bout, had a bit of a cold or didn’t even notice. If you test positive, your immune system has seen it and dealt with it. You are immune. A positive test proves that.

Or it would, if the tests weren’t a load of bollocks from the beginning.

The PCR cycles exponentially increase anything they find. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32… try it 45 times. If you run it at 45 cycles you are detecting one (1) yes ONE strand of genetic material. One. This is utterly irrelevant. If you are infected it will be detectable at 20 cycles or less because there’d be loads in there to start with. Finding one just suggests you breathed in a dead virus a while ago and it stuck in the mucus up your nose.

Even the CDC have now admitted the PCR test is bunk. I remember when they tried to sell us that for food testing. We always declined because if we were testing for, say, Salmonella, we had to know if it was alive. You can find dead Salmonella on a chicken you’ve roasted until the skin shatters. It means nothing. Only live ones matter. We did not want to put out a product recall on something that was safe, just as we didn’t want to declare something safe when it wasn’t. Massive loss of trust, business, income and some very nasty lawsuits would follow either of those.

The food testing was a sideline for our lab but a very profitable one that funded a lot of other work. Yeah, trying not to get too distracted here…

So, where was I?

Oh yes. Do these alleged vaccines work? Well 80% vaccinated in the population, 80% of those in hospital with covid are double vaxxed… these proportions suggest it does nothing. The only thing it does is increase adverse events.

In Australia, one state has 141 people in hospital with covid across all age ranges. 140 are double vaccinated and the other one had one dose. These results suggest the vaccine actually makes it worse.

I don’t believe they have covid. I am sure they are all adverse reactions to the spike protein their own cells are now making. Naturally I don’t have access to information to prove or disprove that. I doubt anyone does, or if they do, they risk the ‘walk in the woods’ if they say anything.

People wonder why all the Western leaders are doing as they are told. There were four African presidents and one in Haiti who said ‘this is a silly game, we’re not playing’ and they are all dead now. Is it really any wonder the rest play along?

So. Vaccination. When I had the TB vaccine there was a test, called BCG, that they spiked into my skin. If it came up positive I had already been exposed to TB and wouldn’t have needed the vaccine.

A positive test for covid should do the same – your immune system has seen it, you don’t need a vaccine. Why has immunology gone very quiet on this?

And why are they now touting the vaccine as a ‘cure for Long Covid’. There is absolutely no point in vaccinating against any disease you’ve already had. Especially not agianst one you currently have. It makes no sense in any branch of biology or medicine. Vaccines stop you catching it, they have never been able to cure it once you have it. Never.

Still they believe. They will believe anything.

Including the belief that all unvaccinated are infected by default.

Maybe depopulation is the way to go after all. These fucking idiots have no future anyway.

Freedom is Slavery

We haven’t yet had ‘War is Peace’ but it is clear than many already believe ‘Ignorance is Strength’.

So, yesterday was ‘Freedom Day’ but it really wasn’t was it? Kim Jong Boris has declared that the Covid passports he repeatedly stated would never happen are now about to happen. Initially to get into nightclubs and other undefined ‘crowded places’ but we all know he intends to make them universal.

Some say this is his ‘poll tax’ moment. I think it might well go a lot further than that. He has stoked the flames of rage in this country for a year and a half and he has now thrown a bucket of petrol on the smouldering fire. I will not be at all surprised to see a barrel of tar and a bag of feathers in his future – or worse – and I have to admit I will do nothing at all to stop that happening. Might even chip in for the materials.

His latest measure is just more coercion to get young people to take the experimental potion masquerading as a vaccine. There is now ample data to show that the potion does nothing at all to protect against any virus, and the side effects far outweigh any benefits that might be spun out of the numbers, especially in the young. This thing should be dead in the water but governments all over the West are still pushing it as if it’s some magical cure.

It cures nothing. I have taken pretty much every vaccine going, because before I retired I dealt with heavily contaminated samples. Oh sure, I knew which pathogen I was looking for but I had no way of knowing what else might be in there. Norovirus, hepatitis, anything could have been in those samples from sick animals and people.

Those vaccines I took protected me from catching any of those random beasties that might have been in the samples. Not always perfectly, I’m sure, but I didn’t catch any and that’s good enough for me. I don’t regret a single vaccine and never experienced a bad reaction to any of them. Maybe I was just lucky but I never once had to go to a doctor with strange symptoms and never once heard ‘oh but that shows it’s working’. No, if you get sick from a vaccine that really doesn’t show it’s working. It only shows the vaccine made you sick.

I’ve never had a flu vaccine. No need, flu isn’t a big deal for me. I had flu once, thirty years ago and it wasn’t fun but it didn’t kill me. If I had an existing respiratory illness or was very old I might consider it, but not now. I’m retired so I don’t handle the horrible samples any more. Seems they now plan to stick flu vaccines into everyone, including children. You think you won’t need to show proof of flu vaccination in the future, don’t you? You never have before – but you didn’t have vaccine passports before. You’ll soon be horrified at how many pages that passport will contain.

Too late then. It’s in place. If you let it happen, you will need to prove a whole range of vaccinations just to buy a loaf of bread. Keep them up to date with boosters you don’t need or you’re a pariah.

I know, there are still those thinking ‘tinfoil hat’ just as they did when those like me warned of vaccine passports last year. Some will never see it, even as each stage unfolds. Ignorance is strength.

I have never heard anyone say they took the experimental jab to protect themselves from covid. It’s always ‘so I can go on holiday’ or ‘so I can go to this or that place’ when absolutely the only reason to ever get any vaccine is to protect YOURSELF. I am vaccinated against tuberculosis. That protects me. It does absolutely nothing to stop you getting it. Vaccines only protect the person they are injected into. If I was the only one vaccinated against TB I could just stand around watching the rest of you cough your lungs out. My vaccination does not protect you.

The Melted Face Man, the one running Pimlico Plumbers, I forget his name, has stated that he will not employ anyone who has not been vaccinated. So you’ll get a job if you are vaccinated? Well it depends…

This will soon apply to drivers and anyone who works in any risky situation where you passing out on the job could spell disaster. It won’t apply to MPs because if they all passed out it would actually lead to an improvement in all our lives. Soon you will find that the ‘vaccinated’ are the ones nobody will insure so they’ll be the ones who can’t get most jobs. Also, a few passing out while driving their cars will massively ramp up the insurance costs to drive. Remember, the New World Order doesn’t want you to have a car so this is a feature, not a bug.

It is an experimental procedure. You are told it is safe but that has not been determined. Safety trials are happening now – you’re it – and by any measure it’s already failed. Insurance companies assess risk, they do not want to pay out so if the risk is too high they will not cover it. They will not cover side effects of these ‘vaccines’, which is something you really should be listening to.

The ‘vaccinated’ can still catch and spread the virus and if you’re wondering how dangerous that could be, look up Marek’s disease. The ‘vaccinated’ are not wanted on high altitude long haul flights because they have an elevated risk of blood clots. The ‘vaccinated’ cannot get health insurance to cover any side effects. The ‘vaccinated’ are not able to get insurance for any high risk jobs. These vaccine passports mean nothing, they tell me only that I should stay well away from anyone who has one. Which is fine, since the propaganda already tells these lab rats to stay away from me.

As for places requiring them, somebody streaming covid from their nose can enter because they have the passport, so why would I even want to go there? They will become hotbeds of infection and that will be blamed on the unvaccinated who weren’t allowed to enter.

Hey, I’m a microbiologist. An entire career in nasty infectious diseases. If you want to blame me for spreading a deadly disease, I’m perfectly capable of making it happen. It won’t be covid, of course, but since the NHS isn’t looking for anything else I think it could prove very effective indeed. Before they ship me off to the covid camps, I should get an insurance bundle together. Something I’m already vaccinated against, naturally.

If you want the vaccine, take it. It should be a matter of personal choice. I have no issue with anyone who wants to be part of the experiment, you go ahead and take the risk if you want to. Whether you bother to assess the risk first is entirely up to you. I have, and decided to pass. You make your own choices.

What I have issue with is forced vaccination, which Boris has not ruled out. This is the man who absolutely ruled out vaccine passports, remember? Well he’s not ruling out forced vaccinations. Give that a little brain time and see what you come up with.

Consider the future. They don’t want personal transport. So they will ramp up fuel prices and taxes (already happening) and the third point of that triangle is insurance. Insurance companies will not cover any side effects of vaccination so even if you can afford the fuel and the taxes, you might not be able to get insurance at all if you are vaccinated. You better get used to walking everywhere.

Oh and if you want to be a delivery driver, forget it. No company will risk you passing out at the wheel and leaving them liable for the latest motorway pileup. Because their insurance won’t touch it.

So, aside from the heart attacks and blood clots and strokes and neurological issues, even if you get past all of that, you are doomed to a desk job and a life of sedentary misery after taking that vaccine. You dare not risk getting your blood pressure up for any reason.

But, as I said, the choice is yours. Maybe all you want is a desk job and a life of comfortable compliant conformity and if that is what you want, well good luck to you. Work, home, TV, bed, work… a lot of people seem to be happy with that. Or at least content.

I have bigger plans.

A smile interlude

The competition has been won. Ianronj got it right, it was an ancient Goons song, I think it’s the oldest vinyl in my collection (even older than me, you’re lucky it’s not in Latin) and here it is with the B side too. I had it in my head it was the B side of the ‘Ying Tong Song‘ but no, it’s even older than that one. I’ll have to rummage in the records to find what’s on the B side of that.

The video is not of my copy, my record player is a Garrard, but it’s the record I have always played when I need a bit of cheering up. That and the Marty Feldman album, maybe a bit of Bonzo Dog Band. Could do with a bottle of that Goon stuff around the place now, it probably cures Covid too.

Anyway, Ianronj, you have mail. If you don’t see it check your spambox.

The two tier society

Update on grandson first – he’s making great progress. Might not recover entirely but there is still a chance, and he still has his wicked smile and my genes for bloody-minded persistence. He’ll be fine. My mother has been visiting for the last ten days so I’ve been driving a lot – which is only fair. She hadn’t seen her grandchildren or great grandchildren for almost two years, and hadn’t met grandson at all before this visit. Bonus – I got to see them a lot more too. I have been concerned that my granddaughter might forget who I am, but it seems she remembers me well. Mostly because, like me, she really isn’t a close contact people person. We are both natural social distancers.

Anyway. There is much talk about the ‘two tier society’ that will give much more freedom to nonsmokers than to smokers. Oh wait, that already happened well over a decade ago. No, this one is about the ‘vaccinated’ having more rights than the unvaccinated.

I don’t care about your society. I like a smoke. You threw me out of society a long time ago. Tier yourself all you want, get that Indian caste system going, I’m already at the bottom anyway so how you stratify the rest of it makes no difference to me. Carry on, tier yourself apart.

‘First they came for the smokers, and nobody spoke out for me, so the hell with the rest of you’ – no longer applies. This new crap will affect my children and grandchildren and, if they could only see it, the children and grandchildren of all those who enforce this global communism. You risk being erased from family history like the descendants of Hitler’s family, you know. Maybe you don’t care, maybe you want to be consigned to oblivion and forgotten by your families. It’s your choice.

Boris the Spider has declared ‘freedom day’ to be nothing of the kind. It’s vaccine passport day. If you expected anything different, take another look at that half full glass, and reconsider the space above the liquid.

Yesterday, our malevolent overlords declared that mandatory vaccination is now a thing. You cannot work in a care home unless you accept the experimental jab. Oh there is much outrage on behalf of care home workers which is what the behaviour manipulators wanted. Why? Well there’s another aspect in there that has garnered little attention so far.

You cannot enter a care home unless you have taken the jab.

So, if you want to visit Grandad in his twilight days, you have to become part of the experiment. I didn’t expect this to break through to reality so soon and now I’m not sure I should write more of it. But I think I really have to.

Once that vaccine passport is in place, it will not end with certification that you took an experimental jab against a flu-like virus. There will be boosters, those are already planned for September. The flu jab will be added first, then tuberculosis and measles (which do not need boosters) and every version of hepatitis (I’ve had them all and they don’t need boosters) and plague and Ebola and malaria (not actually available to catch in the UK but you’ll have to get the vaccines anyway) and scrofula and lurgy and falling ears, irritation of the nurglers and the onset of the nadgers. Soft shoulder, pink toenail and acute amargin on the legs.

Once it’s in place you will have to have vaccines against things from the 12th century and things that never existed. Refuse, research, repudiate and your pass is invalid. You can’t get a nickel for your grandma – but then you can’t get in to see her anyway.

This vaccine passport is total control. Absolute total control. You cannot so much as buy a loaf of bread unless your scrofula booster is up to date. And you are never told when they go out of date, you just get taken into a little room, injected with something and charged for it.

I know, it sounds insane, so very Icke, but look back a year. When government monsters were emphatic that there would be no forced vaccination and no vaccine passports, ever. And then look back at today. What do you think it will be like next year?

Even if you have taken the vaccine and you’re fine, no side effects, you have to resist the vaccine passport. That is the killer move, the first step to a Borg world where you have no individuality. Where you exist only to service the collective. It’s not a joke and not an exaggeration. This is exactly where it’s heading.

But it’s up to you. Nobody is coming to save you. The superheroes don’t really exist, no matter how convincing the CGI films can be. If you won’t do it, it won’t happen.

So what’s it gonna be, droogies?


I have one Leg Iron Books mug still here. If you can spot the song and artists (hint -1959 and B side) it’s yours. Well, every doom laden post needs a bit of cheer.

Gloom for the book club

Hi everyone, CstM here. I hope you’re all doing well.
We’re having the Welsh Mothership visiting, so life has been a bit hectic. Especially after almost two years of no sleep over visitors. You do get a bit complacent in your solitude, don’t you?

So last month we were reading The Catcher in the Rye. Honestly, I absolutely hated it. I could just not get on with it and gave up after 4 chapters, which may be a bit unfair towards the book.
Maybe it was just not the right time to read it, or maybe it’s my aversion of first person character books, but yeah I’m happy to see that book gone.
I am a strange one about first person character perspective in books. In school we read this Steen Steensen Blicher story, Late awakening (Sildig opvaagen). It’s told in the first person perspective, about this guy who is in love with a woman, but the plot twist is that for most of the story we only see his version of events, and it turns out he has a very twisted perspective of reality. After that I’ve never trusted a character narrating in first person.
I tried reading Moby Dick, but I read the fist line of “Call me Ishmael” and I was just wondering why I’d spend some 400 pages with a guy who isn’t even upfront about his name. Like can I really trust anything you try to tell me about some whale?

This month I’m going for a Danish book. Now it’s a bit cheeky, since I’ve already read this one before, but it’ll be a nice reread.
We’ll be reading Jussi Adler-Olsen’s Mercy. The first book in the Department Q series. Now I’ve seen it elsewhere as Keeper of lost causes, but there may be a British title and an American title. Just a heads up. The Danish title is Kvinden i buret which means The Woman in the Cage.
Now this is one of my favourite genre of books. I love a good detective novel and tv show.
I hope you’ll have time to join in on the reading.

I feel it in me water

Bad news first. One of the Leg Iron Books authors is seriously ill. Not Covid, not an infection, nothing to do with vaccines, he’s much more seriously ill than that. Obviously I’m giving no names or details but if you are of the praying kind, send some into the ether. Luckily for him he’s not in the UK so not subject to the NHS and their covid obsession, so he’s actually getting real treatment.

It seems to be all bad news these days. So here’s a bit of good news. Grandson is recovering, slowly but surely. It will take a long time but he’s inherited my bloody-minded determination so he’ll get there.

Also, the roadworks at the end of the road are finished so I have been to the post office. There are books on the way to the competition winner and Egyptian Walking Onions on the way to the one who requested some. The other competition winner declined a book, but he still has the kudos of winning anyway.

Something is coming. I don’t see it clearly but I have that unease that says it’s very likely. Everyone is getting excited about July 19th as if the government actually intend to keep their promise this time. The same promise they have broken repeatedly over the last year and a half. Ah but this time… this time… the devastation to those who still believe these bastards will be off the scale. It is not going to happen.

Maybe it will so that the MPs can have their holidays but it will come back as soon as they’ve finished. This ends with lampposts and piano wire. It ends no other way. Even that will not be a win.

It won’t affect Wales or Scotland. Draculaford and Slippery Sturgeon have no intention of following the UK government’s lead, because politics. Not health. Not ‘pandemic’. Not science. Politics, pure and simple.

These are all the useful idiots of the intended global communism, and every single one of them will be up against a bullet-pocked wall if their globalist heroes win. Look at the history of communism. When they don’t need you any more, it’s as if you never existed. Ask Lenin. Especially academics – and yet they still push their suicidal agenda. You’d think academics would have realised by now, but it’s clear that degrees don’t make you smart.

‘Build Back Better’… well you can only rebuild after a demolition and that is what is happening. Bozza thinks he will be one of the architects of the New World Order. So did Mad Wanksock. So does Shabby Jabby. Even the Billy Gates Gruff has been set up for a ‘quite understandable suicide’. Oh this goes above them all. Every government going along with this thinks they will be The Elite. Government lackeys are way down the scale for this one. These are not the elite they think they are.

The Elite are not visible. They never are. If the plan fails, they throw the puppets on the fire and retreat to try again. You really think that little twat Hitler or the fat fool Mussolini managed it all alone? No, and when they failed they paid the price of failure. The men behind the curtain found new puppets.

What is troubling me is a conversation planned for near the end of Panoptica, where Three details how they reached supremacy and how they failed. I will avoid spoilers, especially on how they failed.

How they reached supremacy is playing out now (as is how they ultimately fail). Every Western government has reached total tyranny and shows no genuine sign of backing off. Sure, they will relax their hold on your throat for a moment but that’s just to get a better grip. They are not gong to stop.

When it gets totally unbearable, the UN, WHO and the rest will denounce it and offer to replace your government, and you will cry out ‘Save us!’

Then they will replace all governments and publicly punish the despots they created. That will be when a lot of people, inclucing Boris, suddenly find out they are not indispensable. People will cheer as they did when the puppet Mussolini hanged. Then we have one world government or at least a big start on it. Most people will be delighted at that point because they will not understand what comes next. When they do it will be too late.

All those smokers you villified. All the fat people you derided. All the imaginary racists and homophobes and transphobes and islamophobes will all be gone. Not because they are gone, but because the Enemy is now you. You are the Enemy of the State until you prove otherwise, and there is no way to do that.

It’s going to be… interesting.

Fear the witch, for it is you. I tried to tell you.

The Pushers

Mother has arrived for a visit. This was a matter fraught with concerns after all the stories about people being refused travel at the last minute but it went well in the end. She will see her great-grandson for the first time in a day or so.

So it has been a week of tidying. We haven’t had a house guest in nearly two years so, of course, everything just got dumped in the guest room. There has been much tidying!

Naturally, the council have chosen now to resurface the road that is our only sensible route in that direction, so we have a ten mile detour to go anywhere. It also cuts me off from the local post office/shop. I hope they won’t take too long about this.

It was an interesting drive to the airport. Traffic information signs all said ‘get vaccinated’ and the airport bus even carried the slogan ‘from station to vaccination’. I have never seen the airport so empty.

More to the point, I have never, in over 60 years, seen any vaccine or any kind of medication pushed even further than the cigarette adverts of the 1960s or 70s. In fact, it’s much worse. Nobody minded if you didn’t smoke back then but now everyone is terrified of the non-vaccinated. No other medication has ever been pushed this hard. They used to just advertise it, and if you didn’t want it, nobody cared.

Now it’s like some kind of cult initiation. Everyone is suddenly interested in whether you’ve had ‘the vaccine’. Nobody has ever asked me if I had vaccines against hepatitis or polio or tuberculosis or even the annual flu one. Never. Not once.

I had them all, except flu. Never saw the point of that one, flu won’t kill me. Tuberculosis might, and as a microbiologist I took vaccines against everything because when I accepted a contaminated sample for analysis, I had no idea what might be in there.

Now my concern is a little different. Not ‘what’s in the sample’ but ‘what’s in the vaccine’?

These are experimental jabs. They are not traditional vaccines. They are, potentially, extremely dangerous. Of course, I hope they aren’t but there is no proof either way so far. Based on the information I see of what these jabs do, and what they could potentially do, I am not touching them.

But… have you ever seen any medication that people on Farcebok put a ring around their avatar to say they’ve had? Any medication that people film themselves getting and put on social media? Anything?

Have you seen any medication where people have a very bad reaction (it can happen with any medication) and then say everyone else should get it? Did you hear the mothers of thalidomide babies insisting all pregnant mothers should take it? I cannot recall any other medication, for anything, being pushed this hard. It is not medicine. It’s a cult.

It’s also experimental. You want it, you take it.

I’m not touching it.

Mad Hancock exits stage left.

Competition first. Winners are Kant Explain and Ripper – each got one answer right and they were the only ones to come up with more than one song, so I’m calling it a double win. Emails are on the way, check your spam folders if you don’t see it.

The ones I had placed were Boris the Spider by the Who, (disturbingly appropriate, really) and The Pick of Destiny by Tenacious D. Nobody got both, perhaps I should be a little less obscure next time.

So, farewell then, Mad Hancock,
You have lost your job
And your family
And nobody cares
– E.J. Thripp

He’s gone, and yet some are still sad to see him go. I expect a few mourned Mussolini’s passing too, but not me. I’m glad to see the back of the man who withheld information from the Prime Monster that might have prevented this extension of the silly lockdown. He has done so many terrible things, and he is brought down by a snog. It’s insane. It’s like Hitler being declared evil only after he has kicked a puppy. Everything was fine up to that point.

Anyway he’s gone. The end result works for me even if the means make no sense. Now we wait to see if his successor will earn the title of Stabby Jabby or Nemo Zebedee. Depends who accepts this poisoned chalice.

If they have any sense of self preservation at all, they will end this charade and blame it all on Mad Hancock. It really won’t affect him, he’s totally buggered anyway. He’s about to find out what happens to useful idiots when they are no longer useful. He’s not alone in that…and there will be more finding that out sooner than they’d like.

It does depend if they can read the mood of the country, something Charles I failed to do with terrible consequences and we are really not far from Charles III taking the throne. The jug-eared green maniac is certain to emulate the vicious taxation regime of his predecessor and very likely end up much the same way.

Well. The die is cast, the game continues.

Now we wait.

Powdered Toast Man

(I’ll get to the competition over the weekend. Still nobody has both songs but some have two)

I don’t mean the superhero here. I’m talking about Mad Wanksock. It’s been clear for some time that he’s going to be the fall guy.

Well, he has been caught on video in a badly-acted Carry On Film in his office. Would they have CCTV on the door to his office? They are likely to have a camera on every office door in case of theft – but they are more likely to be on the outside. Nevertheless, the internet is full of ‘Shagger Hancock’ stories and really it means nothing.

Yes, he broke the rules he made for the rest of us. Ah, but Boris did that at the G7 meeting and it only caused murmurs of dissent. King-in-Waiting Jug Ears McGreendope and his plummy chummies did the same at Ascot and there was no more than a grumble. Then the government decided that ‘important people’ (aka football yobs in suits) were not to be subjected to prole quarantine. Hardly a murmur.

So Hancock broke the same rules his boss ignored totally and we expect Boris to sack him? Yeah, Boris isn’t exactly coming from any kind of moral high ground here. Boris can’t sack him for breaking the rules unless he also sacks himself. He’ll cave to ‘pressure from the party’ over the weekend and either Mad Hancock will resign and take the quick way out before the vaxshit really hits the fan, or Boris will insist ‘his hand was forced’.

Still, the internet that played down the total lack of covid rules at the G7, at Ascot and the football ‘impotent people’ is now going ballistic over Mad Hancock’s attempt at the opening to a cheap 1970s porn film. It is a distraction.

So what else came out today?

Well, the report on mass gatherings came out. 28 ‘cases’ (positive tests) of Covid out of gatherings of around 50,000 people. So mass gatherings are of no consequence.

The shortage of HGV drivers is because the government has stopped driving tests for new HGV drivers for over a year. There is a 4000 test backlog.

Car insurance companies announced that if you have an accident because you had a vaccine reaction while driving, you’re not covered.

Accident and emergency rooms are being overwhelmed. GPs are closed so nobody can go anywhere else. The latest ‘covid symptoms’ are those of a cold or hay fever so anyone with the sniffles thinks they’re about to die, and… vaccine reactions. The ‘rare events’ that are currently swamping hospitals.

All of this, and more, vanished under a torrent of Mad Hancock and his dalliances. Which are of no consequence. Yes, he broke his own rules but then so did Boris recently and so did the posh buggers at Ascot and so did the government when it swept aside expensive quarantine for ‘important people’ but hey, let’s concentrate on a sad loser who doesn’t know how to open a low budget porno.

I think he’ll be gone by Monday but don’t cheer yet. Boris will replace him with someone worse. Someone who has declared there will be no vaccine passports and who will demand compulsory vaccination for all, including children. Also certification of vaccination rather than a vaccine passport because the drones won’t understand it’s the same thing.

I think it’ll be the current ‘vaccines minister’, Noddy Zowiewowie or whatever he’s called. I really don’t care any more, they are just drones now and none of them have grasped one important detail.

When the One World Government takes over, it can only do this by ‘saving us’ from our current rogue governments. Many people would genuinely welcome them as saviours now. So, the current governments would no longer be required.

Do you remember what every communist regime, ever, did with those it no longer required?

Well, do you, Boris?

How to sell the world

Many thanks for all the good wishes. Grandson is likely to make an almost complete recovery although it is going to take a very long time. One thing this family has a lot of, even if we don’t have much in the way of talent, is sheer bloodyminded persistence. And grandson has already demonstrated he has that too. I will not be surprised if he exceeds the medical expectations for his recovery.

It’s far from over but the prognosis is far better than it was.

So today we hear that tree pollen can spread covid and you’re all going to die. I know there are many out there who will believe that trees can catch covid and shed it in pollen even though we are beyond species and genus and into kingdoms now. Hay fever is now covid. No matter, I expect to have some sly fun convincing them that lettuce and tomatoes can get it too. It won’t be difficult. Oh… avocados…

They want to be scared, so I am happy to oblige.

If you wanted to take out all governments and install your One World Government, how would you do it? Just state it? Nobody is going to accept it, it’s a silly idea. Nobody wants to give up their country.

But look, the WHO have stated that vaccinating children for covid is a bad idea and should not be done. It’s true, children suffer almost nothing from covid so why vaccinate them? It’s pointless and damaging, the adverse effects from the vaccines (which are still experimental) far exceed the risk to children from the virus.

And yet Mad Wanksock and Boris the Spider keep pushing this. So do the idiots in charge of other western governments. Why? Don’t they know what they are preparing for? Perhaps they do and they have been promised they will be a part of it. They are simply useful idiots.

The WHO, all part of the WEF/UN New World Government, will let the idiots proceed until we are crying out for a saviour. Then they say ‘We told them not to do this but they kept going. Would you like us to take over?’

How many would welcome the New World Overlords at that point?

Oh, and Boris… Mad… sorry. They don’t need you any more. Except for one thing.

To take the blame.