Venezuela shows the way

I’ll be called a Nazi (again) for this but – the left wing violent arseholes are just as bad as the right wing violent arseholes. Donnie the Trump has been castigated for ‘saying’ (they hear what they want you to have said, not what you said) that the two sides are morally equivalent.

He is right. Both seek to get their way using violence. There really is no difference. The Left claim they are morally superior because Nazis are violent and everyone should ‘punch a Nazi’. Suggest that, in that case, it should also be okay to ‘punch a Commie’ and they respond with ‘you can’t go around hitting people just because you don’t agree with them’.

Oh I’m not kidding…

Politicians, even those who are allegedly Republicans, support Antifa. So do the media. It’s always the white guy who’s the bad guy even when Antifa beat up old men and reporters. Even when Antifa turn up armed and armoured to beat up people who are neither. Even when Antifa turn up to other people’s rallies with the sole aim of causing violence. They can do no wrong.

And that is deliberate. They don’t understand that, none of the Lefties understand it, but they are doing exactly what those in charge want them to do.

Donnie Trumpton is a wild card. He wasn’t supposed to win. He’s not in the program, he’s not part of the plan. Even his own side are trying to take him down. He’s messing everything up! Imagine him saying that destroying American history is not a good thing! The horror!

Even though the Confederates were Democrats, and Democrats commissioned and erected the statues they are now tearing down. It doesn’t matter. The point is to erase history so future generations won’t learn from it. They won’t understand that slavery is bad and they’ll be compliant, happy slaves with no knowledge that in the past, slavery was abolished by the white people.

Slavery still happens in some places. Not in the self-hating white world but in other places, it happens and Lefties either pretend it doesn’t or they are happy with it. No, I’m not going to list the places. Look them up yourself.

In the UK, we had Lefties wailing in the streets when the Tories won the election but not as violently as in the USA. The reason is simple. Tessie Maybe is part of the plan. It didn’t really matter who won, there isn’t any real choice here now. Oh, Corbyn would have turned the place into Venezuela faster but it’s happening anyway. So a little bit of token protest was in order but that’s all.

Now we have people on Twitter saying all white people should die and that’s not racist in this modern land of Absurdia. There are white people saying it – they are strangely not dead themselves but they say it anyway. Don’t just talk about it, White Wailers. Actions speak louder than words.

By now you’re itching to know what the plan is, aren’t you? It’s a very simple plan. It leads to what Venezuela has just done.

Provoke more and more violence and then promise to do something about it. That ‘something’ involves giving the government power to crush any dissent, make bloggers like me ‘disappear’ in the night and give whoever is in charge dictatorial powers. Maduro will soon be able to rule by decree. It’s written into the law they are passing now.

This is the only reason anyone in the West wants to be the head of Government. When this shit hits the fan, the current Prime Monster will be the one in charge. No need for all that faffing about getting laws passed. One person in charge of each country – and in the EU, one person in charge of Europe with their own army to command.

Is Brexit happening? The alleged conservatives are stalling at every move. The whole thing has been put on hold until after Germany’s elections, as if that is somehow relevant to us leaving the Control Club. Tessie Maybe isn’t the one to get us out of the EU. She doesn’t want us out. So we’ll be ruled by a dictator in Brussels one day.

It’s so much easier to control a world where you only have to deal with one person per country. One vicious dictator who will do anything to hold on to power and money. No messing around with persuading a whole Parliament, you just have the one leader to deal with. Even easier when the EU can run a whole load of countries with one leader.

Oh and Muslims? When it happens, well, sorry guys but they won’t need you any more. You did your part in forcing populations to accept total control but you won’t be the ones in charge of it. Neither will Antifa.They’ll cheer the Venezuela style laws when they come but they won’t see that they are the ones to be disposed of. When the population is under control, nobody needs masked thugs any more.

Besides, how can you get the population under control unless you do what you promised and… erase the ones they are scared of? All you terrorists are just setting yourselves up you know.

Oh there will still be terrorists. Different ones. Have to keep the bogeyman alive otherwise what is your dictator protecting you from?

Have you ever wondered how, in the days after any terrorist attack, new control measures and complex pavement structures to restrict movement are built, painted and ready to install? Almost as if the government knew what was coming and had the stuff in storage somewhere.

You can call me a tinfoil hatter, you can laugh it off, you can say it won’t happen.

In Venezuela, it just did.





Okay, I cracked.

Another link to a particular old post came up on Twitter so I have now made it an eBook. It’s free on everywhere except Kindle which won’t let me make it free unless I relinquish copyright. To which I can only reply ‘arsebiscuits with stale knobcheese on top’. The Kindle one is at their minimum price but you can get a .mobi Kindle file free on Smashwords.

I might ditch the Amazon version. Recent interactions with their robots have not encouraged me to bother arguing with them.

Anyway. If you don’t want to persuade people to hunt an obscure blog for an ancient post that was written by a drunk idiot, you can send then to the Smashwords link instead. That is at least free so they only waste a few minutes of time reading it.

In case anyone is still wondering, it’s this post from seven years ago

Seems to have been my peak of writing skills. Unfortunately.

I’m still open for the blogbook idea. This one is too small for print on its own. Anyone want to m nominate classics for something bigger?

Those who claim to care…

…usually don’t.

The antismokers don’t care about health. They make vicious attacks on smokers and vapers and are trying to ban vaping (so far, they’ve succeeded in Australia, land of the most gullible politicians on the planet). They only care about control and money.

The tax take from the remaining villified smokers is immense. Some of it pays the antismoker wages. Neither they, nor the politicians, want you to give up smoking or switch to vaping. They just enjoy punishing you for it and charging you for the privilege of being a hated pariah.

Really, they have tried to claim that breathing steam is even more harmful than breathing smoke. The claims made about smoking causing everything from death to dandruff passed the absurdity horizon long ago. The claims of harm from vaping started inside that horizon and are well on the way to the stupidity singularity. Don’t for a moment imagine that any of this is being done for your benefit. It’s being done for theirs. You don’t matter at all.

Climatologists know the climate changes all the time. They’ve been at that scam for many years. When the climate was cooling in the seventies, we were warned about a coming ice age unless we cut our carbon emissions. Now the climate is warming up a bit, the planet will turn into Venus unless we cut our carbon emissions. Oh, and of course, we have to give them lots of money for their pet projects in order to save the world. People fall for this shit in droves. It’s why religion does so well – people just love a good Armageddon story. Especially when they believe they will be saved and we horrible proles will all die.

Now we have ‘gender fluidity’, a step on the way to gender neutrality all round. The medics are cashing in, as usual, using terms like ‘assigned female/male at birth’ rather than sticking to biological facts. Eight-year-olds are being targeted for ‘gender reassignment’ and why? Because it’s good for them? Hahahaha!

Because it makes money for those pushing this nonsense and, deeper, it furthers the Marxist equality agenda which is, of course, a total control agenda. You don’t even get to decide whether you are male or female. The State decides for you.

Soon babies will be surgically neutered at birth and assigned a gender when the State decides they have reached adulthood – and the way things are going that’ll be when you are about 30. Until then you will be neuter. There can be no sex discrimination if you don’t have one. It’s for your own good and you will be amazed at how many people will believe that.

Currently we have Antifa and the KKK in open war on the streets of America. Personally I’d tell the police to stay out of the way and let them wipe each other out. Both claim to know the best way to run American society and both would create a police state – just with different targets. America has experienced McCarthyism and I bet most people don’t want it back.

None of these groups care about you. The people don’t matter at all. They just want to be in control and they want you to pay for it.

Governments do not serve the people any more. Anywhere. In some places, they never did but at least they were open about it. Now there is no government anywhere that exists for any other reason than to control their people and take money from them.

As for the medical profession, well, here’s a tale that puts that bunch of gourd-wavers into perspective. They claim to care about you, but you come second to their personal prejudices.

One day I will be diagnosed with something that will kill me. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll be flattened by a bus or a meteor or blown up by a peaceful religion or stabbed to death in the name of a god of love. But, hopefully, I’ll have a diagnosis telling me I have weeks or months to live.

You will not get me into a hospital. I will smoke everything I can find and drink so much I’d be dead three days before even I noticed. There’ll be no need to embalm me, my body will last longer than Babylonian pickles. I will try class A drugs if I can get hold of any. I never have yet.

If I am told I am in my last months I am going to try everything I can in those months. I will not be tied down in a hospital with my tobacco placed just out of reach because ‘it’s bad for me’. That is beyond cruel. That is actually evil.

It has reached the stage where if anyone says ‘it’s for your benefit’ I automatically look for how they will benefit.

Invariably, they benefit. I never do.




Today it is possible to be globally connected within a narrow bubble-like mindset. A recent departure from Google’s workplace has this take on it. (h/t @RooBeeDoo1 on Twitter).

In the days before widespread internet, we all knew one or two who believed the moon landings were faked, that the new Ice Age was imminent (caused by rising CO2, incidentally), who believed Russia was behind everything bad that happened and that the Earth is flat.

I never met anyone who believed the Earth is flat but all the others, yes. They were harmless. They were entitled to their opinions of course, nobody would force them to change their minds and mostly, the ideas they had were at least entertaining. A diversion from football in the pub chatter.

Now, those ideas are dangerous. All those individual tinfoil hatters have formed, across the Internet, into large groups. Mostly composed of idiots manipulated by a few smart ones with an agenda, they have formed an army of Pub Nutters and they have assumed quasi-religious status.

I recently tried to talk to a few Climatologists on Twitter. They had reached the point where they claimed anyone who does not believe in climate change is an idiot. I interjected at that point, suggesting that the opposite of ‘believer’ is ‘heretic’.

The Cult of the Green God did not approve of the terminology. I said I wasn’t in this fight, they said the only way I could not be in this fight was if I had another planet to go to. More than once in recent years I have wished for just that.

So, the summary is, if I don’t join the ranks of Believers in Climate Change, the Green God will visit Armageddon on us all.

And still they object to this being called a religion.

I gave up when someone pointed me to the ‘facts’ presented by the IPCC. The argument had gone full circle and it was time to step off. It had reached the point in religious arguments where someone says ‘It’s in the Bible/Quran/Torah therefore it is unquestionable.’ You must believe because It Is Written. Not a religion? Really?

The IPCC depends for its funding on the existence of man-made climate change. If they were faced with proof that we have nothing to do with it, that it’s just the same old climate change the planet has always had, the IPCC would all be out of a job. The same is true of many Climatologists now – they have moved from benignly watching it get warmer and cooler to being utterly dependent on man-made chemical death for funding. Admit we aren’t actually responsible and they go back to tapping the barometer and noting the readings. So, would they say ‘Okay, we’ll all pack up’ or would they set their drones to silence the dissent? Give it a little thought, if you need to.

I was presented with arguments including a conflation with being a gravity denier. Gravity is self-evidently real and needs no proof. As someone who was once stuck beneath a heavy rhubarb and who has fallen off a great many things, I am assured of the reality of gravity. The reality of one thing does not prove the reality of another thing. Anyone with the most basic understanding of science would realise that.

Climate heretics are compared to ‘flat-earthers’. Refusal to believe one thing does not automatically indicate belief in another thing. I do not believe in God. That does not mean I worship Satan. Anyone with the most basic understanding of science would realise that.

I don’t believe in Satan either. I have seen and experienced things I cannot prove but I have not seen evidence of any God or Satan in charge of those things. I’ll keep my own counsel on those things until I have solid evidence for them, I get enough derisory comments from those art students who think they know about science as it is. That’s actual science by the way – I don’t want you to ‘believe’, I want to show you data that supports what I say. I do not yet have that data so I keep quiet about it.

As for flat earthers, show me pictures of the edge of the world, explain the lunar eclipse and time zones and seasons and we’ll talk. Until then, I’ll stick with the oblate spheroid with a tilted axis theory. It works for me.

I do not, and will not, simply ‘believe’ anything. There are things I don’t care about enough to investigate myself and many things I’d like to delve deeper into but don’t have time. Just telling me ‘it’s true, believe it or you’ll be damned’ gets you classified as a religion and we’re done. You have not won the argument. I have simply withdrawn from the fray and will leave you to your beliefs. You win the argument when you convince me you’re right and ‘Believe!’ will never do that.

Another thing that makes me give up on you as a waste of arguing breath is ‘the science is settled’ and ‘there is no meaningful debate to be had’. Those statements do not belong to science. They belong to religion. Once you have writings that nobody is allowed to question, you are a religion. Science has no unquestionable data. None. Not even gravity.

Oh we know gravity is there but we still don’t have a definite mechanism for it. Gravitons? Electromagnetics? Angels on our shoulders holding us down? Even something as self-evident as gravity leaves Science with plenty to argue about. Science is never settled.

If a subject area is completely explained and nobody can refute it, then it’s done and we move on to the next. This is not true of… anything yet. Science once had the atom as the smallest indivisible particle of matter. Well that soon changed, and the particles we know about now are still being investigated. They might turn out to be made of smaller bits. Nothing and nobody is science has yet managed to escape debate. Not even Einstein.

You say your science is unquestionable, you are claiming to be smarter than Einstein. I don’t claim to be that smart and I have the hair. Yeah, I should get to a barber before I start looking like Gandalf… but I digress.

We have an army of Green God Cultists predicting Armageddon unless we protect the environment by mining neodymium for magnets to put into vast steel windmills with miles of copper wire inside to protect the environment from industrialisation… yeah, sounds rather like starting three major religions based on the invisible voice that told Abraham to cut the end of his knob off then kill his son. Sorry, religion, but that is how it looks from the outside.

Actually that’s unfair. Most religions don’t advocate doing this to the planet in order to save it. That’s just for the windmill magnets, we won’t go into all that steel and copper wire production, nor the diesel used by the transport and maintenance trucks, and let’s not mention the hundreds of tons of concrete under each and every oversized lawn ornament pretending to save the environment out there…

Climatology is a religion but it’s a religion with a purpose.The dopes who believe in it won’t see that and they’ll laugh it off and call me heretic – or rather the modern variant, ‘denier’. They’ll call me a flat earther and a gravity denier and an idiot while they march to their doom. I have no problem with any of that. You march on, folks. I’ll wait here with beer and a bacon sandwich and watch you march away.

The insularnet is working exceptionally well. The thing we thought brings us all together is the thing that most effectively separates us into insular groups.The Climatologists have no truck with Population Control and no interest in Immigration Insanity and will distance themselves from the Anti-Sex League who will not mingle with Health Police nor with Political Correctness…

…but they, and more, are all facets of one thing. Facets kept separate, specific, isolated on the global net and easily controlled. If they saw the whole thing they’d refuse to take part. Well, a few jackboot-lovers would still take part but mostly, no. You know, the Righteous have learned a lot from their repeated slapdowns over the centuries. This time they intend full control by a series of backdoors. They hope to open them all at once, before any one group realises what is happening.

I’m not going to say any more at this stage. I want you all to break your own bubbles and see who’s been blowing them. Hint: It’s not lizard people. It’s humans. Not very nice humans but they don’t have scales and rarely eat insects.

I have sometimes wondered if Rolf Harris was brought down not because of some insidious political agenda but because of one line he kept repeating. A line that had to be removed from broadcast, a line that might get people to think things they should not be thinking. A line based on an incomplete picture made of a few brush strokes with the rest yet to fit in.

Can you see what it is yet?


Tales from under the Drinking Tree

Sorry guys, it’s in Dutch.

Feesten Onder de Drinkboom is shortly to appear on Amazon in print and Kindle editions, it’s now on Smashwords in multiple e-formats and will soon (if it gets through Smashwords’ vetting first time) appear on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony etc in ebook form.

It’s a slim book hence the lack of title on the spine but if you speak Dutch it promises to be a good read. Dirk has sent me one of the tales in English and you won’t believe the weird life he’s had!

The Drinking Tree is real. It produces an alcoholic sap called Tuak which you just collect and drink. I wish I could grow one in Scotland but sadly that’s unlikely to be possible. I’ll just have to stick with the grapevine and wait.

The book contains tales of Dirk’s life in Indonesia along with some background on Indonesian customs and traditions. I hope, one day, he’ll translate the whole lot into English. It would be an entertaining read and probably a very useful guide to tourists from English speaking countries.

Dirk, if you’re reading, correct me on any points because I speak no Dutch at all.

Ultraviolet cleaning

I am in possession of a large ultraviolet torch (flashlight for the rebel colonists over there). This is not entirely accidental. I am also in possession of eight small pots of fluorescent paint that are white until they are illuminated by ultraviolet… I plan to leave an invisible legacy in this rented house.

Anyway. I found an interesting side effect. Here is the top of the cooker with the glass lid up….

Looks pretty clean, right? The big cooking ring on the right side (the hotplate is far-right, so we avoid using it in case Hitler appears) has never been used. It’s for cauldrons or something, I don’t know. Anyway, the rest of it gets cleaned after use but that one gets ignored. Is that a good thing? No, as it turns out..

Here’s what you see when you dim the lights and shine UV on it –

That fluorescent green stuff is bad filthy stuff. It’s invisible to the naked eye but UV shows it in all its gory glory. Okay, this ring hasn’t been used and if it was it would probably burn off most of the unpleasantness but even so. I don’t want the unpleasantness there to begin with.

The torch I used for this demo is a monster but this trick works just as well with a tiny pocket version. Unlike infrared you don’t need to look through a camera to see the effect. You just need low lighting, the crap glows green so you can find it and get rid of it.

I actually bought the torch for photo effects for book covers, but this side effect has proved very useful. It’s been a warm damp summer and mould loves that, so getting dirt it could grow on out of your house is a very good idea. But you don’t need that massive thing. Anything, even a tiny pocket one, will work.

I wish I’d known about this when I was a janitor. Local Shop would have been sparkling clean. And I could have embarrassed the auditors who always gave it a pass.

Books update

I didn’t get Dirk’s book, ‘Tales from under the Drinking Tree’ (in Dutch) completed by the end of July so I have to do two this month to keep the average up. This is not going to be easy because a friend from Wales wants to visit for a week.

I’ll do it anyway. I have a 100,000 word novel in the queue, working title ‘You’ll be Fine’, also another from Margo Jackson (she’s not sure whether to go ahead with that one), another on the way from Justin Sanebridge and some snippets of a very interesting (but as yet incomplete) science fiction story.

As for me, ‘Samuel’s Girl’ and ‘Jessica’s Trap’ are both out of contract with their original publisher yet they seem to appear and disappear at random on many book sites and as far as I am aware, they haven’t sold a single copy in two years. I plan to republish them cheaper under Leg Iron Books, with new cover art. The original artwork belongs to the cover artist so I’ll need new covers. I might get the drawing pencils out again for these. These two, the following one and other Romulus Crowe / Foras and Bifrons stories need matching covers.

I’ll try contacting them again – the publisher has changed hands since they accepted those books – but I’m just going ahead with it. They are out of contract, I’m not held by them any more. With cover images I can put out both this month, and cover images aren’t that hard any more.

I haven’t done much of my own writing this past month. There have been some car servicing and repair expenses, some family news (good news, but not yet ready for internet release), a battle with a grapevine that seems intent on producing several vats of wine while simultaneously destroying the greenhouse, and then there’s the eternal war with the grass. The grass is winning because we haven’t had a day without rain for weeks.

At the end of August I will be looking for Halloween stories for Treeskull Stories (Underdog Anthology 3). It doesn’t have to involve trees or skulls, doesn’t have to have demons or ghosts, just some link to Halloween. I really want that ready to go in early October and have an over-ambitious idea to put a linked illustration at the start of every story. It might or might not happen, depends if I can think up enough images and whether anything else interferes with working on it. The book, however, must go ahead. If an author wants to send an image (monochrome only) linked to their story, I’ll pay an extra £5 on top of the £10 for the story as long as it’s a usable image.

Image rules for interiors – monochrome because colour images make the book crazily expensive, at least 300 dpi and the page size is 6 inches wide by 9 inches high. I can monochrome-ise colour images if that’s all you have. Have a margin around the image. If it’s big I can shrink it but if it’s small and I stretch it it’ll drop below 300 dpi and the book will be rejected by the printer. Most important – you have to own the copyright on the image. Could be something you drew or photographed but it has to be yours.

Copyright on images, like the stories, remains with the author. I don’t buy copyright, I pay for one-time publishing rights. You can re-use it anywhere you like. It remains yours.

There should be a Christmas anthology this year too. I’ll start on that at the end of October.

Soon I have to set up a publisher account at Goodreads. I have enough of a catalogue now so I won’t look like I’m just messing with them. I hope that will boost sales.

Oh, and the end of August is the next quarterly accounting month for author payments. Still no Lamborghinis for anyone, but I think everyone has a few sales. I try not to check too often, sales aren’t fast enough yet. They are getting better though.

So if you want to help out one of the struggling authors on the list, take a look at ‘Leg Iron Books’ in the menu bar.

Something to read on those wet and miserable summer nights.