Virginia Plain.

Like the weaselly little coward he is, Cameron has caved in to the thugs of Puritanism and re-introduced the plain packaging idiocy. I don’t care, I have my cigarette case and rolling tin already and haven’t carried any identifiable packaging for a very long time now. Package them how you like, makes no difference to me and makes no difference to anyone else since they are all behind the Doors of Shame anyway.

Dick Puddlecote says it’s all just posturing but it’s vote-losing posturing for sure. All any canvasser will get from me is ‘I like to smoke. You don’t want my vote.’ That is all they will get until the smoking ban is entirely gone. Entirely. Antismokers will squeal ‘Oh, you just want to smoke anywhere’. No. I don’t. Any private business that wants to ban smoking on its premises is entirely within its rights to do so. Libraries, food shops, cafes, clubs, pubs – some make sense anyway, all should have the choice. You can have all the non-smoking pubs you want, I will never cross the threshold. You whining weaklings will never have to breathe my smoke. I won’t let you, in case it immunises you against something.

I will never vote for an antismoking party. Never. Nonsmokers – even antismokers – should also consider that the antismoking template is applied to so many other things now, that if you vote for an antismoking party, they’ll be coming for you too sooner or later. If they haven’t already. Like a drink? A burger, pizza or fish and chips? All these things are going the same way. You vote for it, don’t come crying about it later.

So your tobacco will come in plain packs. So what? It’ll all be in the same size packs which will get shorter and narrower and contain less actual tobacco every year while the price continues to rise. So what? Get a £1 tubing machine and 200 tubes from Poundland and produce your own. It’s not hard. You’ll then have chemical-free real tobacco. Or take a trip abroad for a couple of days. The amount you’ll save by buying tobacco elsewhere will easily cover the cost of the trip. The only legal way to stop you is to leave the EU. Oh, they’ll try to stop you, so check out this place first.

I know someone who quite likes smoking pure leaf Virginia tobacco in rollies. Personally I find it too mild, I like Burley in there too. She quite likes just Virginia though, on its own. Virginia Plain.

We know a song about that, don’t we? Incidentally, by one of the few who have not yet been accused of kiddie-fiddling… even though Brian Eno looks like the Childcatcher in this clip.

31 thoughts on “Virginia Plain.

  1. This was the last straw for me, I have always voted in every election, local, national and European but no more, I just don’t see the point. No one listens to us and I just don’t care any more, no tobacco taxes from me since 2007 nor ever again unless the persecution ends. When I look at our ‘leaders’ none of whom have a modicum of real life work experience I despair.


  2. LI – did you not see the Scottish papers last week when the current Scottish “Health Meenister” (Jock Whohe?) was splashed all over the pages announcing a “consultation” and in the same sentence that it would be enacted by April 2014?

    You really shouldn’t stick to the Daily Fail for parochial test-bed experiments!


    • Like the SNP’s “Consultation” on same-sex “marriage”. They decide they’re going to do it regardless, but consult the people anyway to pretend they have some accountability, but when nearly two-thirds object to it, it goes ahead anyway, because like smoking bans, it’s part of how the new subverted West is to be. End of. Like it or lump it.


  3. Did you notice that the Chairman of the review is a Paediatrician? Since this review will almost certainly be mostly concerned with statistics, would it not make sense to have a statistician as chairman?
    I do not understand what happens to the brains of MPs when they become minsters. Do their brains turn to mush at the mere sight of a NHS employee?

    I suggested somewhere (maybe N2D) that whole leaf supplies ought to set up business in Belgium. We could then nip over and buy as much as we like, without the danger of importing ‘tobacco products’. So, Mr ‘Pureleaf’ needs only set up over the channel and Bob’s Yer Uncle. And what about leaf shops in Spain, etc? What is the problem?

    It is lovely to be able to keep moving the goalposts around ourselves for a change!


    • Only MPs who share the “right” worldview are allowed to rise in the ranks. Like any club with multiple levels of knowledge and having to sell your soul – like the Freemasons – only the select few make it to the top.


      • TL4U have done exactly that Furor. Registered Ltd Company, registered with HMRC as Tobacco Brokers, Vat registered … the works etc. No need for anyone to go to Belgium … just sit at home and wait for your goods to arrive at your front door.

        l’m with Leggy on plain packaging and have to say this about tobacco companies … l couldn’t give a damn about them. They never did anything to oppose the smoking ban and that’s right up to the present time. Sure they want our help now but they’ll get none from me.

        lf anyone wants leaf … go to … highly recommended.


  4. The snivelling coward has been told he has broken the agreement the global mafia gave him in return for being allowed to become PM and quickly ‘changed his mind’, probably after finding a horse’s head in his bed.

    There’s one global agenda and nobody gets elected who isn’t expected to follow it – and anyone who gets in the way ends up six feet under (or increasing their carbon ‘footprint’ via the crematorium).


  5. xX It’ll all be in the same size packs which will get shorter and narrower and contain less actual tobacco every year while the price continues to rise. XX

    Exactly the reason I am against the legalisation of canabis.


  6. Like the weaselly little coward he is, Cameron has caved in to the thugs of Puritanism and re-introduced the plain packaging idiocy

    16th December, 2004

    “Statistics out today show that there are around 1.2 million fewer smokers in England since the Smoking Kills White Paper in 1998.”

    “On the same day as these statistics were published, the UK ratified the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.”
    http: //


    Guidelines for implementation of Article 13
    of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
    (Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship)

    16. Plain packaging.

    The effect of advertising or promotion on packaging can be eliminated by requiring plain packaging: black and white or two contrasting colours, as prescribed by national authorities: nothing other than a brand name and/or manufacturer’s name, contact details and the quantity of the product in the packaging, without any logos or other features apart from health warnings, tax stamps and other government mandated information or markings: prescribed font style and size: and standardized shape, size and materials.
    There should be no advertising or promotion inside or attached to the package or on individual cigarettes or other tobacco products”

    Click to access article_13.pdf

    The “weaselly little coward” doesn’t have much choice in the long run.


    • Meh. I feel for people who smoke branded straights, but I smoke Golden Virginia. I smoke it because i like it not because of the packet and I can tell the difference between it and fake imitations, plus I dont smoke enough of it for any price rises to make a difference to me. I will smoke it till the day I decide to quit, but if plain packs makes them feel like winners then good on ’em.


      • That’s my feeling – if they want to play with the colours, let them play. I’ve had a baccy tin for years, it hasn’t really mattered what’s printed on the pack for a long time.

        Now I smoke mostly real leaf, sometimes Amber Leaf (when I can get it from overseas). I make tubies and rollies and have a growing collection of pipes. None of these things have any branding at all. So they’re banning someothing I stopped using a long time ago anyway.

        It’ll just push more smokers my way, and fewer of them will be paying UK duty. But they’ll still be smoking, the losers are te tobacco controllers and the tobacco companies. Let them fight amongst themselves. We no longer need either of them.


        • Before the Doors of Shame went up, there were a few cheap baccies appearing which were pretty well already in plain packets. I have no idea what’s behind those doors now, and no longer care.


    • He does have a choice. He is Prime Monster of the UK. His choice is to act at the elected representative of the people of the UK, or to act as a spineless puppet of some shadowy Mafia-like oppressive cretins.

      he has made his choice, and it shows. it will be his historical record. The weasel who would be King.


  7. Dave just does what the EU tells him. If they want plain packaging then they will get plain packaging. Same with the flip flopping over speed limits. He flip flops because the EU flip flops and can’t make up it’s mind.
    UK/EU/UN/NWO/Agenda 21…all the same thing.


  8. The “Doors of Shame”?

    Also from Article 13

    “Retail sale and display
    Display of tobacco products at points of sale in itself constitutes advertising and promotion. Display of products is a key means of promoting tobacco products and tobacco use, including by stimulating impulse purchases of tobacco products, giving the impression that tobacco use is socially acceptable and making it harder for tobacco users to quit.
    Young people are particularly vulnerable to the promotion al effects of product display.

    To ensure that points of sale of tobacco products do not have any promotional elements,Parties should introduce a total ban on any display and on the visibility of tobacco products at points of sale, including fixed retail outlets and street vendors. Only the textual listing of products and their prices, without any promotional elements, would be allowed.”

    Duly delivered.


  9. The pictures on the new packets are far better than those boring camels and crowns, enough to make any tough young teen want to take up smoking.
    The baby pictured on the packet of the woman lighting up, must have started smoking at quite a young age.


  10. some of the Top of the pops audience looked pretty damn frumpy, And Yet ! There are probably hordes of evil old disk jockeys waiting to molest them ! The Horror ! The Horror !
    Thans for the Roxy Music clip, I enjoyed it !


  11. Sorry, I know this post was from a few years ago, but we’re now here, the point of actually implementing these ridiculous plain packages and faux care for the health of ‘constituents’. With the exception of a few grace periods to allow manufacturers and retailers to purge themselves of all the pretty packages with bright colours and big logos which apparently make children want to smoke (as opposed to the young man in the teen movie with his leather jacket, flip knife in his back pocket and smoking cigarette in a way which makes him look like a bad ass, but he’s a good bad ass who stands up for what he believes and protects the geeky kid being bullied), the ban is now being implemented fully. Bye bye pretty packets, bye bye to the choice of a brand which uses bags that lock as opposed to ones who only use a sticky tab which dries out your tobacco, bye bye to the options of treating yourself to a yummy cherry or vanilla tobacco, bye bye to menthols, bye bye to freedom! To top it off getting served at a tobacco kiosk will take twice as long while the poor staff have to search through packets that look the same to find what you’ve asked for, only for them to say ‘sorry, we’re sold out’ or ‘sorry, we don’t sell that one’! And what is the point in stipulating minumum amounts of 30g tobacco? I understand banning boxes of 10 cigs, tgat’s what all the kids buy with their pittance pocket money, I know I did, because none of us could afford the 20 packs, so that has a genuine acceptable reason in my opinion. But loose tobacco is just not something that kids buy, it doesn’t occur to them that they’re cheaper and teenagers are generally too lazy to roll their own anyway, so all this minimum does is ensures that poorer smokers who live from packet to packet may not be able to afford it and instead turn to the risky game of buying it from some guy on Facebook who says he got it from Spain or off the back of a truck on the way to be burned after being confiscated, but really it could be anything as there’s no cellophane protection!

    They say the reason for all this nonsense is to stop people taking up smoking and improving quitters chances of staying the course, but really this is all just a stupid ploy to keep the antismoking activists quiet while they continue to line their pockets with whats left of our lungs. If this was really out of genuine care for people’s health then surely they’d just make it outright illegal to smoke, full stop (no, I’m not advocating a total ban, I actually enjoy smoking and I believe in freedom). It’s riduculous when they have cannabis illegal because it’s not evidenced enough as to the health benefits when used correctly and cultivated right, even though it’s widely accepted that when taken in ways other thsn smoking it is far more beneficial than tobacco, yet tobacco has some benefits but not in the forms in which if is widely available, it’s well documented that it is dangerous, especially in premade cigarettes which contain some horrific chemicals which woukd generate outrage if any of them were put in our food! I know I’m outlining a well argued debate to which most people know the answer, it just boggles my brain how so many people can be so naive as to believe that our government are doing any of this out of care and because they want people not to smoke! So why even bother?!


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