The Underdog Press

I have just turned 56 and thought I should maybe decide what to do with my life. It’s a big decision so I don’t want to rush into anything. One thing I’m sure of is that I don’t want to work for other people any more.

I tried to resign again but Boss won’t let me. She says she would chain me to the sink if she could so now I tell everyone she has bondage fantasies about her staff. As you’d expect.

Not that I really have a choice. Employers look at my age and think ‘nah, he’ll be fat and bald and on all sorts of medication and will probably die soon’. And nobody wants smokers. If I’m going to get a job, I have to invent my own.

I had seven years of self employment, five of them very successful and the last two were shit. I couldn’t do anything about that, it depended on the work coming in. I was pretty seriously specialised too.

The anthology idea is going to happen. I have three authors already and a fourth has promised stories. I’m putting one or two in myself. Definitely this one.

So I have been thinking. Could I be a publisher? I’d like it and know how to do it. I’ve published my own short stories so why not pay others to fill the books too? I know how to run a business and fill in tax returns. I can get you distributed to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, lots more and eventually, novels too.

Everything I have looked at lately – editor job, journalist etc has been writing related. I finally realised that’s what I want to do. Something writing related. I always did, really. The thrill was not in the science but in the publication.

So here goes. Underdog Press will not take fanficton, kiddie fiddling or porn. If there is erotic sex in the story fine, but if the sex is the story, it’s porn. Fanfiction/slash is Spock buggering Kirk or C3P0 poking Darth and no, I don’t even want the image.

Any genre is fine. If you don’t think you’re good enough send it anyway. You might be surprised. My business premise is that most stories can be fixed as long as the imagination is in there. A rejection from Underdog Press will be a rarity.

I’m going places. If you want, you can come too.

Why don’t you tell your dreams to me, fantasy can set you free…


11 thoughts on “The Underdog Press

  1. Old Man, I’ll try and send you something. In the last 20 years I must have written about 5 million words (mostly internet journalism, but still…
    …and I now find myself teaching essay-composition to A-level English students! Hmmm…might base a story on that one…)


  2. Evening Boss
    Did I resign? Hope not. Bridget Jones has already been done but is there room for a no sex, think you’re funny 45 chick flick? I’m there


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