Books update

Leg Iron Books has three out so far –

The Underdog Anthology (there will be more of these).

Cultish, by Hugo Stone (a weighty tome of filth and depravity).

The Goddess of Protruding Ears, by Justin Sanebridge (a clever time twisting tale).

There are three more novels and a single-author short story collection on the way. Also, there will be another Underdog Anthology, probably around Easter. For the cover I need a broken Easter egg and a large spider, which shouldn’t be hard to arrange.

Also I have to finish some of my own stories. The next Romulus story has been ‘nearly ready’ for years, as has a science fiction tale called ‘Inside outside’ and then there is Panoptica and Victor’s Will and Channeling and several more Romulus tales… Well it all got a bit strange for a while but life is settling now.

Finally finished my tax return, 11 days before the deadline where they fine me for telling them I’m skint. You know, you don’t realise how much pressure that puts on you until it lifts. I’m still in no-deadline land and it’s not a good place to be. I don’t know what to do next! I have completed Doom again, I have ironed, cleaned, cut wood into very small bits with a large axe (always a fun way to pass the time) and am wondering about building a decent target for my bow and throwing knives.

I’ll set deadlines for the books. That will keep me occupied. The ones I have to deal with need only trivial editing so should be on the catalogue soon.

So the list is building. The business has begun.

Let’s hope the taxman doesn’t manage to kill it.

11 thoughts on “Books update

  1. “The business has begun. Let’s hope the taxman doesn’t manage to kill it.”

    Having observed their dealings with small businesses one might almost infer that that was their purpose . . .

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    • The ‘tax on account’ means that if you show a profit in your first year, you pay double tax on it. That can be enough to silence a small business straight away.

      The government doesn’t like small businesses.

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    • It’ll be themed, probably Easter themed. Anything around that time of year – ancient original festivals, modern Christian setting, hollow bunnies and chocolate Darth Vader heads. In fact, anything can be an Easter chocolate now, it seems so anything pretty much goes as long as it links to Easter.

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  2. I gave The Underdog Anthology to Eldest Son’s “Gothish” Ladyfriend as part of her Christmas Pessie. – She looked at the cover and – smiled… I got another one for me.

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