Letter to Theresa

Frank Davis has brought to my attention a very calm,. measured and rage-free letter sent to Tessie ‘Jackboots’ May by an older lady. A currently vaping ex-smoker. Which, in the eyes of the total morons most countries have accepted as Health Dictator, is the same thing anyway.

I like older women. There aren’t so many of them around now, I find.

We seem to be doing a little better with the health Nazis in the UK but not much. When the Nanny doesn’t want to be called ‘nanny’ but insists on nannying anyway, it’s not going to end well. Not for nanny.

But hey, let’s keep it calm and measured and none of the modern frantic swivel-eyed stuff. I mean, I know I’m moving fast forward in time here and when my scythe arrives I will have reached the technological prowess of the Amish. The rest of America won’t take much longer to catch up on.

A quick side note – if you want to track vaping posts here, don’t type ‘vaping’ in the search bar. I don’t call it that. I have called it ‘Electrofag’ from the beginning and always will.

Without further ado, here is a video even better than Bowie’s excellent ‘Letter to Hermione

It is more logical and makes more sense.






8 thoughts on “Letter to Theresa

  1. I’m a non-smoker who has never smoked, but I have total sympathy with smokers. I have never been troubled by smokers in general; yes, there are inconsiderate ones but there are inconsiderate people wherever you go.
    Nor do I believe the stories about the huge cost to the NHS. If it is true that smokers have shorter lives, they will be not only be saving the NHS money, but also saving the exchequer in terms of pensions and other benefits. Most elderly people seem to end up in hospital for a period before they die, if we are to believe what we are told, smokers just end up there sooner, so the cost will be broadly the same. In the meanwhile I get my pension, free bus travel and TV licence and of course continuous maintenance from the NHS including an array of assorted pills, regular blood tests and the occasional out-patients visit.
    Why not a ban on all the other activities which can result in accidents which cost the NHS money, things such as mountaineering, rock-climbing, sailing, hang gliding, etc,etc? Just as logical.

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    • I finally worked up the courage to watch the video. It wasn’t as painful as I feared it would be, but I still wonder about the duress that existed/exists that caused the letter to be written in the first place. Lot’s of stats, and scenarios and suggestions contained within. Lots of common bonds and uncommon bonds. Lots of divisions.

      That said…the best that I could surmise is that the letter was written at all. It was sent, responded to, it was followed up with the video, and appears it will be followed up upon again by re-sending the letter. By “surmise”…I mean…a real person, with real needs, doing a real thing, to let another real person know, that I am real, and realize that you are real. That got me to thinking a bit. And thinking along the lines of division(s)…that got me to thinking about bridges and barriers.

      The letter’s author mentioned terror attacks and the hi-rise fire, and I guess I’m thinking at this point, that dogma that we become what we hate. So…where…is this train of Okie from Texas thought leading me?
      Q: I wonder how many people write letters to government officials/elected officials, simply to ask them how they are doing?
      A: ???
      Maybe just a letter that says…
      Dear ,

      My son graduated from University today. He is attending a graduation party currently and is most likely slobbering drunk. I cannot fault him for this, as he has worked very hard.

      BTW, I’ve been trying to grow a palm tree in my backyard for a number of years with no success. However, yesterday I noticed that my most recent effort has for the first time, pushed a bud above ground.



      Yeah. A letter like that is not going to “throw up red flags” amongst the secret services is it? The assumption that “the rabble” is rife with losers, scumbags, and erroneous life of all types who are hell-bent on destroying what is being created for the greater good. And only the best of the best of people have survived the screens and screenings of the system(s) to ascend to the governmental vantage points which allow those selected to better isolate, identify and quantify the non-selected for further processing.

      So yeah…the fear of saying something that needs said, especially if you’ve not yet figured out how in the fuck to say it. Prolly why prepared speeches of all kinds are so popular within politics. Can’t say something ad-hoc, as you really feel, under those duress types of situations. You might screw up, or stumble in a time a crisis. Might be misinterpreted. You don’t want to send the wrong message in a time of need.

      So yeah…this is about the call of a soul in need.
      Q: Where are the sirens?
      A: I hear no sirens.
      Actually…that’s not true. I personally hear all kinds of sirens. Sirens, alarms, klaxons, buzzers…and…rings. Bells. Rings. Ring ring!!!

      Thanks for the video whoever you are. And thanks for the post(s) Leg and Frank.

      ^Chris Connelly: July^

      One last thought…
      I wonder what all of that additional weight does over time? I wonder, all this weight added to these bridges, in a more static fashion for which the bridge was probably not designed to accommodate in such an acute fashion, for durations of unknown/unspecified lengths of time, even if current engineers state that the bridges will structurally handle the load?

      I wonder if cars and designs of cars have changed? Just…thinking about vibrations and resonance here, and especially muting, dampening and both similar and dissimilar materials in use. Have concrete(s) and asphalt(s) changed? What about that rebar crap as well as all those hand wound pieces of wire that join these lattices and frameworks together? That's potentially a shitload of variables and/or inconsistencies. Not that I've been thinking about flexibility and rigidity as it relates to rebar, connecting wires and concrete and their resonance and ability to vibrate a lot lately.

      Not that I'm getting all conspiratorial here…just…thinking out loud. I mean, how do they really know? Someone find a crystal ball somewhere?

      ^REZZ – Methodology^

      Sorry for the wall of text LegIron.

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