The Christmas Anthology

I don’t have a title for it yet. I might just call it ‘Humbug’. Anyone have anything better?

I’ve also fallen behind on the book listings in the menu – mainly due to putting out five books this month. Although, two just needed reformatting and new covers and another one was a new version of an existing Leg Iron Book, but even so… pretty busy month.

The new version of Cultish has resulted in a reduction in the print book price from £8.90 to £6.39 (variable, it’s tied to the US dollar price) which I hope will boost sales. You can click to look inside – if you dare! This is not one for the faint of heart.

Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl are the two novels I had previously ‘properly’ published with another publisher. Their five year contracts ran out so I decided to bring them into the Leg Iron Books fold. They are now considerably cheaper in paperback than before, not least because I don’t have to split the profits so I can cut a pretty thin profit margin on these. Both are available on Kindle although the listings for Samuel’s Girl haven’t merged on Amazon yet. It normally only takes a few days. As with all the books, they are available in pretty much any ebook format on Smashwords and most will appear on a very wide range of eBook sites.

The two new publications for November were Sinistré by Mark Ellott and Es-Tu là, Allah? by Dirk Vleugels. Both authors provided their own cover art which really helped to speed things up.

Five books in one month. I’m not going to promise to ever do that again!

Anyway, back to the anthology. The closing date for stories is midnight on December 1st, so it’s nearly here. There are enough stories in already to make it a definite ‘go’ but there is still time to add a couple more.

I’m thinking about making it three sections – Past, Present and Yet to Come, if there are enough stories for each section. This means the ‘About the Author’ pages will be collected at the back of the book becasue some authors will be in more than one section. We have some new authors again – the gang is getting bigger 🙂

Right. One last Big Push to get the anthology done and then I can relax over Christmas. In the New Year I have a novel by Lee Bidgood to do, and I really need to finish the next Romulus Crowe story too.

Better get back to work…


10 thoughts on “The Christmas Anthology

  1. Hmm… titles… titles…

    “The Teeth At The Bottom Of The Christmas Stocking”
    naww… cute image for LIB, but too long….

    “The Corpse Clogging The Chimney”
    Hmm… shorter, and I could send you a pic of my mummified squirrel (Dancer) that I pulled out of my passed-onward Uncle Ed’s chimney a while back, but too complicated. (Heh, woulda been even MORE complicated if I didn’t re-read what just wrote and discover that I’d left out ” ‘s chimney ” in the original version…)

    “The Christmas Balls Are Ringing!”
    Graphic of a dozen or so testicles hanging by their sperm ducts or whatever.

    “Why Rudolph’s Nose Was Red”
    Graphic of a dead reindeer with red nose and half empty bag of cocaine lying on the floor.

    “Gruesome Garlands” (or “Garlands Of Gore”)
    naww… TOO graphic.

    “Smokin’ Santa’s Stories”
    Someone actually DID say something like “No one’s talking about taking Santa Claus’s pipe away from him!” in an article somewhere back in the 90s.

    “No Smokers Allowed!”
    Graphic of a sad pipe-smoking Santa on a roof staring at that sign on a chimney.

    OK… almost 7 here! Off to watch Steve Helfer’s “Cambridge Citizens For Smokers’ Rights” show at

    Merry Happy Happy Merry!

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