Jacked-up Greasy Moggie

I quite liked Jacob Rees-Mogg. He talks sense, he looks and sounds the very epitome of reserved English calm and he would be a Prime Monster in the old style, the very old style.

He has said he doesn’t want the job. I suspect he might get it anyway if it comes down to a choice between him and Bulky Boris the Shouty Clown. We really don’t need a Prime Monster with attitude. We would be better off with one who can keep his head in the face of toddler tantrums from the highly strung leaders of certain countries.

However, I have had to revise my opinion in recent days. I had not thought to give Jacob Rees-Mogg an insulting nickname before but he’s earned one now.

Oh he still talks sense. Tessie ‘Jackboots’ Maybe is a disastrous Prime Monster to rival the monochrome world of John Major and even the Brown Gorgon himself. She was utterly useless as Home Secretary and nothing has changed. Her thuggery at forcing compliance from her Cabinet Monsters is, well, just embarassing.

I can’t do anything about it. I am not a member of the Conservative party. I am not a member of anything at the moment. Oh I used to be a member of the N gauge society, and the Frog Society in my college days. I still have the badge.  Later I joined the Painless Cyder and Ludo Club, but my memory on that one is a bit hazy. I might still be a member, I’m not sure and I doubt any of the other members are either. I’ve never joined a political party and probably never will. I have never found one I agree with on every point.

Boris the Clown and Jacked-up Greasy Moggie could do something about it. They are far more popular than Tessie Maybe (Yeah, Tessie, Boris is more popular than you, how long will it take to live that one down?) and they could have been moving to get the stupid cow out of the way. She clearly has absolutely no idea what she is doing and she is going to turn this country into a slave colony for the EU. Not an exaggeration. We would pay loads of money and do as we are told. That is exactly what this ridiculous harridan has planned for us.

Yet all I am hearing from the Greasy Moggie is words. No action. Is the calm and stoic Jacob just another talking head? Talk and talk and no action? It’s starting to look like it.

So we have to endure our Prime Monster, the representative of our country and its people, jiggling her bony arse to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ when she comes on stage at possibly the last Tory party conference ever. There might not be one after the next election. If Jerry Cordite wins it, we are going to blame the Tories. Jerry and the Marxist Collective cannot win unless Tessie manages to direct the Tories into oblivion. She’s well on the way to doing that and all we see the other Tories doing is talking about it. It seems they embrace oblivion.

I really don’t want a Cordite government but it looks like the country has to go through another Harold Wilson phase about now. Only this time it will be more like Kruschev. Your Prime Monster will be on TV smoking cigars while you roll the ends of your last five roll-ups into a thin tar cigar and you will cheer at his tractor production statistics. Oh they will. People are malleable things.

If you don’t cheer loud enough, you will be deemed mentally deficient and put away for your own good. What those in the Collective never realise is… the Collective cares nothing for the individual. When you are useful you are adored. When you are no longer useful, you are erased.

It’s happened so many times you’d think they would have noticed but “it’ll never happen to me”. It comes as a shock to everyone affected but every drone believes they are immune.

I digress, as usual.

There is currently nothing to vote for  in the UK. The Comnservative party is nothing of the kind, it’s a left wing authoritarian group getting closer to fascist every day and their MPs moan about it but just let it happen. Labour’s original ideals are long gone to the point where putting Neil Kinnock back in the driving seat would be an improvement. As for the Lib Dems… well, Clegg finished them off very effectively and he’s now on his way to shut down Facebook.

Who is there to vote for? In Scotland we have te SNP who have imposed an extra income tax so we all have less money to pay for the minimum-priced booze. I can’t vote for them either. All parties now seem determined to take all the money from all of us and use it to give out free money to those they deem worthy. That’s unlikely to be me and if you’re reading this sort of thing, it’s not likely to be you either.

Recently, crime figures were trumpeted to declare that thousands upon thousands of ‘hate crimes’ have been prosecuted. The number goes up all the time. Because there is so much hate out there? No. It’s because the definition of ‘hate crime’ gets wider and wider and they’re not finished yet. Soon blog posts like this will be illegal.

It can be fixed. It requires a return to a proper government but we haven’t had one of those for a long time. It’s been a rubber-stamp office for directives from Brussels since John Major’s time. All they have left to do, all they now have the power to do, is make up silly, petty laws and obsess about how much we smoke, drink and eat.

It needs someone in charge with a level head and common sense. Boris has common sense, but I’m not so sure about the level head. Jacob Rees-Mogg has both, but he could turn into Chancellor Sutler if he took the job. He might realise that himself, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want it.

The only thing we, the public, can do, is vote them out – but who do we replace them with? They don’t get voted out if nobody turns up to vote. They only need one vote to win. Yet, the opposition is no better.

What I’d like to see is everyone voting for an independent candidate. Parliament would collapse, of course, since no two of them would agree on anything – and who gets to be Prime Monster when everyone else is in opposition? The whole farce would come crashing down.

Maybe that’s what needs to happen. Maybe this government can’t be fixed until it’s forced to collapse. Then, perhaps, it can be rebuilt into something sensible at last.

It can’t continue as it is or it’s inevitably going to lead to civil unrest. Labour will not fix it, they will make it worse because Cordite has surrounded himself with idiots and thugs. Tessie Maybe will not fix it, she is adept at making things worse and the longer she is there, the worse it will get.

The rest of the Conservative party are muttering and complaining. They know what disaster awaits them at the polls. Yet they are not doing anything about it. Just talking. Getting rid of a Conservative leader isn’t hard – look at what they did to Thatcher.

Come on, Tories – and especially you, Boris and Jacob. You’ve been talking about this mess for a long time now. Enough talk.

It’s time to do something.

21 thoughts on “Jacked-up Greasy Moggie

  1. There are 315 Tory MPs. 139 voted for Brexit… apparently http://home.bt.com/news/uk-news/how-mps-voted-in-the-eu-referendum-11364110245462
    So, if all those MPs voted for Mogg, he’d at least come second in the choice by MPs of two candidates.
    It then goes out to the party membership. I’d have thought Mogg would win it then quite easily.
    I admit I joined the Tory party over 6 months ago, solely to vote for Mogg if the opportunity arose. (Like yourself I spotted some integrity and intelligence there). Other people must have done the same thing.
    Based on 139 Brexiteer MPs, Mogg should go for it. But, what if the figure is only 50 in reality? Then, Boris or Mogg might not make first or second and the party members have to choose between Javid and May.
    It’s essential that May goes asap. Every day longer she stays makes a Corbyn government more likely.

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    • The cynic in me wonders how many of those that voted for Brexit have been subsequently ‘bought’ by the EU. Or maybe even blackmailed.

      The thing is, Brexit is happening. I see many online who want it stopped but that’s really no longer an option. The EU would hammer us into the ground as an example to any other country who tried to leave. That hammering will be much worse now that Italy and Poland and other countries are considering leaving. They would set a very, very fierce example. We cannot go back now.

      The choices are down to – leave amicably with a deal or stomp out in a huff and leave a bad taste in every European’s mouth. May’s approach is going to result in us stomping out in a huff or caving in and accepting our fate as the EU’s ‘example to the others’. Of those two, stomping out would be better but it will get the EU to retaliate with childish, petty restrictions. They are losing countries fast now, they have to show any other country planning to leave how vicious they can be in their retaliation.

      May cannot or will not see that. Again, the cynic in me wonders if she’s been promised a safe retirement haven somewhere while the rest of us deal with the results of her schemes.

      As you say, it all hinges on how many Tory MPs still support Brexit. We can only hope there are enough.

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  2. She clearly has absolutely no idea what she is doing and she is going to turn this country into a slave colony for the EU.

    I believe that, in or out, this is their true intention. I had thought that the referendum would be fixed if need be to keep us in. Then, after MPs generally accepted the result, I thought they would take us out, but only to destroy the economy so the people are begging to get back in and of course that would mean having a similar status to Greece – Britain finally tamed. So, now I’m confused! Was ‘Brexit’ really a bolt from the blue? I’m still not convinced.

    I’d disagree that Tessie has no idea what she’s doing; I’d say she’s carrying out her instructions pretty well.

    We do need a parliament full of independents. They might never get anything done, but that’s surely an improvement on now? Independent patriots must be better than traitors assigned to parties.

    Not that I think the country and the culture can be saved. I’m thinking of the eight stages of civilisation by Alexander Tyler of the University of Edinburgh from 200-odd years ago:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.

    I would say we are transitioning from no. 7 to 8. Then our descendants have to wait centuries to start back at No. 1 again. The book ‘Thought Prison’ by Bruce Charlton is an attempt to explain the evil delusion that is political correctness and it does seem even more evil than even I had imagined. The ultimate purpose is to deny all humans free will at all times and have them totally subservient to PC ideology as the only way to achieve their phony Utopia where selfishness and self-interest are banished and people are coerced into being ‘good’ because they have no choice (hence, no freedom).

    I think this is where a lot of the antismokery comes in – Tobacco Control are fighting for this ‘smoke-free’ Utopia (obviously) – but smokers are suffering in silence (99.99% of them) because they tacitly go along with it because they feel unworthy/guilty/dirty/leprous and are an obstruction to achieving this delusional vision of Utopia (which they probably, by and large, believe in as well) where everyone lives to be 120 (or it just feels like it) and survives on a meagre ration of vitamin-enriched biscuits and beans. For their own good, of course, and to ‘save the planet’.

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    • Political correctness produces a ‘hive mind’. Think the same, speak the same, act the same or be expelled from the group – often violently. It allows no discussion, much less dissent. Agree without question or be villified.
      Eventually it will lead to something like the Cybermen or the Borg, but without the armour and telepathic links and all the cool implanted gadgets. Just blind, utter compliance. Smaller and smaller transgressions are punished until nobody dares blink without written permission.
      Can this be done? It’s being done.

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    • Crucially, from “Thought Prison”, the author reckons that the West cannot save itself. Why write the book?, he asks. So that individuals can escape the PC system and save their souls, because PC is materialistic in philosophy, so denies the soul exists, and therefore nihilistic, and so it doesn’t recognise objective truth – in fact, it must constantly war against those who threaten to expose the delusion with logic and reason.

      PC makes its own ‘truth’ but because all ‘knowledge’ is subjective, there is no truth to the PC – only bureaucratic systems used to coerce people into complying. In fact, the opposite of reality is employed and what is natural and spontaneous is inverted, so, for example, because heterosexuality is normal, every other sexuality is preferred and because men are traditionally the leaders, women are catapulted into positions of authority and men ridiculed and emasculated.

      And almost everyone has bought the popcorn and sat back as their own thought prison was being constructed.

      What the book doesn’t explain is who is giving the orders. Presumably, Theresa May isn’t getting her instructions directly from Satan, so who are the intermediaries?

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        • The latest – ‘breastfeeding must not be considered a good thing because it reinforces gender norms’.

          Speaking for myself, I don’t have the equipment to breastfeed, not even the lookalikes sported by some guys.

          Gender lines are being deliberately blurred. Eventually we will be genderless drones and only the elite will reproduce. Population will decline rapidly (that’s not even a secret part of the plan) and the ‘rejects’ will be dehumanised into drones.

          Who is behind it all? I have no idea. But their plan is working.

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          • I’d not heard that about breastfeeding. I suppose it might ‘offend’ some men, because they’re not able. I’d be no use at breastfeeding even if my paps could produce – my hairy chest would tickle the infants and they’d be too busy laughing and starve.

            But seriously, denormalising breastfeeding is a natural progression in PC. It helps denormalise childbearing itself. Since reading “Brave New World” again about a year ago (for the first time since school), it occurred to me that perhaps people have been concentrating on ‘1984’ too much and ignoring BNW (which I can’t blame them for; it was a tedious read, which brightened up for a few pages while our friends discussed metaphysical matters with Mustapha Mond).

            I think John (the Savage) was the only naturally-born character, the others being born in factories. Ironically, though, they were expected to have sex as often as possible and with as many partners as they liked, but even the thought of producing a child naturally was vomit-inducing. I think we’re a long way down that path, where the media and sex ‘education’ encourage promiscuity and simultaneously discourage pregnancy (or at least continuing with pregnancy) because “teen pregnancy” is the modern equivalent of leprosy. Of course, it’s a natural consequence of the policies being enacted. Maybe for equality’s sake, pregnancy should be illegal because it is discriminatory against men?

            Maybe the only ‘sex’ which should be legal is that performed by chutney ferrets, but that would give PC a headache because it would discriminate against bisexuals. We’d have the LGT ‘community’ and the Bs would be in the huff. Maybe they could team up with asexuals and cisgendereds and form the ABC community. The more crazy causes the better for PC.

            At least they had their soma in BNW and Victory gin in ‘1984’ to give some respite from the pains of totalitarianism, but it seems that we have still to reach this point after the banning of almost every psychoactive substance in 2016 and the minimum unit pricing of booze which will probably spread throughout the world after massaged data from Scotland show what a success it has been.

            Yes, the population will decline rapidly. It is forecast to do so anyway due to decades of ‘family planning’ propaganda in the West which is reducing the natives in many countries now, hence the ‘need’ for mass immigration. The foundations like the Gates’ and Clintons’ and Rockefellers’ are spreading this ‘soft’ eugenics throughout the developing world now.

            Our own dear Tessie Maybe has recently pledged £200 million for contraception and abortion in Africa. She’s a real puppet, this one. Someone has a hand firmly up her backside, pulling the strings.

            That’s a mixed puppet metaphor.

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            • Minimum pricing has been successful in increasing my brewing activities into wine and cider, using the fruit that grows here. I’m sure homebrew will spread and nobody can track it if it’s not made from shop bought kits. In fact, it could lead to a massive upsurge in fruit purchases which will look a lot healthier than it really is 😉

              Maybe for equality’s sake, pregnancy should be illegal because it is discriminatory against men?

              Thank you so much for that. The problems I have when writing ‘Panoptica’ all come down to making it believable. How did it get to the hive mind? How did people accept being neutered at birth and used as worker drones? I’ve solved those two, but still had to find a way to get to the BNW type of baby factories. As with all the others it turns out to be so simple. Discrimination. It cannot be allowed to happen.

              I’ve said before that a Star Trek documentary once said ‘Nobody knows where the Borg came from’ and my answer was simply ‘Look around, they are assimilating themselves into a collective.’

              Socialism invents nothing because to come up with something new you have to think differently to other people. Socialism not only frowns upon thinking differently, it actually punishes it. So in a socialist society you might have a wonderful idea that will change everyone’s lives for the better but you dare not tell anyone or you will be branded elitist.

              The Borg assimilate, they do not innovate. None of them think for themselves, they follow the Queen without question. They are the ultimate Socialists.

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              • …it could lead to a massive upsurge in fruit purchases which will look a lot healthier than it really is.

                I like it! I was pondering on this the other day and was concerned that the government might put a sugar tax on…erm…sugar itself. Young children drink sweetened tea and this is obviously a gateway drug to more dangerous substances, like cake. At £5 a bag, the proles would have to reduce their intake and the cost of home brew would become excessive.

                You know they will do it if they think they are saving us from ourselves. It’s those pesky “health inequalities.” They must be ironed out either by making the poor as fit as a butcher’s dog or by making everyone equally ill. I think they’re going down the canine route first – or have been – but it can’t be done – there will always be health inequalities everywhere, so the only fair way is to make us all sick with radiation from mobile phones (and masts) and artificial sweeteners, etc. It’s only right that we should all suffer together.

                I’ve been waiting for ‘Panoptica’ to come out for years now. I could have filled in the blanks for you, as I started a dystopic novel myself, but didn’t get very far with it. One of my problems was that there were just so many possibilities, but now that I think about it, I don’t think that’s correct. I think there’s a very definite plan being adhered to, which is one reason I find it hard to believe that ‘Brexit’ and Trump were shock results which hit at the heart of the evil empire. I think the evil empire is just using these things as part of their long-term strategy. I thought that maybe Trump’s role was to start WWIII, perhaps with one insult too many against Iran or N. Korea: a Twitter spat that leads to nuclear conflagration!

                I think with the baby factories – if it ever becomes viable, technologically – it will be sold via the usual techniques of manipulation – it is safer and women won’t need to take time out from their ‘career’ at the supermarket checkout. The easy, pain-free way to start your family (max. one per household). Wimmin’s rights: no more childbirth.

                Women can be sterilised at the earliest opportunity.

                Then the politicians and sociologists will be insisting that sex and reproduction are not linked in any way, just like they are starting to deny the reality of biological gender. Women having babies will be equated with black slavery and every right-on politician, ‘academic’, etc. will see to it that woman are emancipated from this gross infringement upon their rights.

                New Emmeline Pankhursts will emerge, but they’ll be demanding equality with men by not having to bear the pain of childbirth and interrupting their careers at Sainsbury’s.

                Leftists like new things if they further the cause. According to “Thought Prison” love of the new (neophilia) is vital to political correctness because without continual stimulation and distraction from the nihilism promoted by PC, leftists would be faced with the void, so they must always seek change – that’s why they love new cultures, novel ‘lifestyles’, etc. and why anything traditional and normal, like marriage, religion and immigration controls are attacked so ferociously. “How dare these ‘bigots’ deny us the neophilia we need to make any kind of ‘sense’ of our lives.”

                But, yes, one of the great dangers of this Leftism is that innovation (in its genuine sense, not just change for the sake of it) will suffer. We can see how far the universities have fallen prey to this pernicious agenda.

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  3. I don’t know what to think about Brexit anymore. Watching it all from this side of the Channel is hilarious, mostly. But trying to decide who is telling the truth is the hard bit. I didn’t have a vote, which I didn’t want anyway, but I would have voted for Brexit if I had been forced to. Why? Because I am thoroughly sick of the loss of pride in Britain by Brits in general.
    It won’t affect me in the long run. No one will be kicking me out. What a laugh that would be. EU Police drag 80 year old white haired great granny to the airport after 25 years of living and working in France. Actually, I might quite enjoy that, being a bit of an exhibitionist at heart, but I’m not flying, okay. This would seriously affect my Yuman Rites because I know a bit more than most about aeroplanes, and I’m just not doing it.
    But joking apart. If Britain decides not to leave The EU it will be all down hill after that. Britain Caves in to EU Unelected Bureaucrats. Bye Bye Britain.

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    • It’s simple really. Nobody is telling the truth 😉

      Nobody knows what will happen but everyone is sure they do. I plan to treat it like everything else – see how it’s going and adapt to it.

      The absolute worst outcome is Tessie’s plan. It would trash the UK.

      But I’ll adapt 😉

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  4. Actually, there are a few other things happening now that you need to take account of other than Brexit. Firstly, the Boundaries Commission have now reported and Parliament needs now to act to implement their findings. doing so is only going to happen under a Conservative government, because their findings would remove an inherent bias towards Labour, not least by greatly reducing the current over-representation of Scotland in Parliament.

    The Labour Party is currently undergoing a transformation. Long-standing moderates are being deselected as MPs and new, hard-line Marxists parachuted into their places. This impacts on the current Labour Party because the ultimate sanction against an errant MP is “Behave or be deselected”; once you’ve done that, then most of the worst that the Party can do to a sitting MP has been done, and thus discipline is much harder to enforce. Come the next election, lots of known-safe Labour people will be replaced with newly-minted Marxists of unknown provenance.

    This is important because in the lead-up to the next election, I am expecting the Labour Party to fission into a moderates party (which will likely merge with the Lib-Dems, again) and a hardcore nutters party. This will split the Labour vote, and ensure another Tory government though likely under a different leader and with a much larger majority.

    Finally, the Scottish Executive are running a budget deficit and are borrowing money to make up the difference. This will have to end eventually, and when it does the SNP will likely get booted out of power for a long time, being the architects of sudden Scottish austerity. Now, whilst the money markets are individually composed of tens of thousands of very, very intelligent people collectively they have about the IQ of a football fan after he’s had a day down the pub drinking. The money markets do some strange things, and right at the minute I think that they are thinking, hoping, wishing that the Bank of England will ride to the rescue of an indebted Scottish Executive.

    This puts the Scottish Executive in a very tight spot that is entirely of their own making, entirely foreseeable, and very useful indeed. Any time the UK Prime Minister or the UK Chancellor wishes to drop the Scottish Executive right in the smelly, one simple announcement will do the trick: “The Bank of England and the UK Parliament takes no responsibility for debts incurred by the Scottish Executive, and will play no part in bailing out the Scottish Executive”.

    With that bingo, the cost of Scottish borrowing goes up immediately as the pipe-dream of a UK shining knight riding to the rescue is crushed and the SNP get very, very unpopular very quickly.

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    • The SNP would spin it as ‘We refuse to accept English money’ but it would finish them anyway. Worth doing.

      Labour would try to resist splitting the party but Momentum will make it happen by kicking out the moderates. You’re right, the entire party is doomed.

      Conservatives could recover but only by kicking out Tessie. They’re talking about it, talking, talking… but unless they do it, and soon, they are doomed too.

      This is a lot like the situation in 1930s Germany that allowed Hitler to get into power. I don’t think we have a Hitler equivalent in the running… yet. There’s still time.

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  5. There is one possibility of registering disgust at the quality of the offering at an election:
    Write in ‘None Of The Above’
    It will be treated as a spoiled vote, but one day, the numbers of spoiled votes may be such that it has to be taken seriously. I live in hope!

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  6. Unfortunately I only see Mogg and Boris as useful mouthpieces to vent the leave pressure. Saying so much and doing so little. If they really,. really had the conviction then they would be fighting in the background to oust May. Then and only then would she understand the sense of feeling against chequers.
    But no, they bluster and give good soundbites but nothing changes.
    Months and years ago I had hoped that they would steer the Tories towards an effective Brexit. The longer it goes on like it is at the moment, the more they just sound like useful idiots.

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  7. Perhaps JRM’s family have asked him not to become Prime Minister. Perhaps they love him and don’t want him, or themselves, to suffer the inevitable bad times, or worse, that will come to them all?

    I fear we’re too far down the pipe leading to the cesspit now, for properly good and decent people to want to dare to try to make a difference.

    Just a thought.

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