Is anyone in charge?

Tessie Maybe is signing us up to ridiculous demands we can’t possibly meet without going bankrupt. She has ditched all pretence at Brexit and is salting the earth for her successor.

Well, she is setting up Boris to take the blame as a climate denier and general Nazi if he tries to roll back her insanities. If the Total and Utter Hunt becomes PM he’ll ignore it all and carry on fucking up Brexit where she left off. Do I trust Boris to deliver? About as far as I could comfortably spit a rat. But that’s more than I’d trust Hunt.

There is no actual government in the UK. No opposition. The Tories are shouting ‘Nyah, you hate Jews’ at Labour and Labour are shouting ‘Nyah, well you hate Muslims’ at the Tories. It’s like watching a kindergarten fight. Meanwhile, nothing is happening in Government beyond name-calling, race-baiting and smear and counter-smear. What do we need any of them for now? We could replace them with five year olds, pay them in lollipops, chicken nuggets, ice cream and comics and probably have a better and more effective government.

Brexit should have happened in March. They had over two years to sort it out and they didn’t fail, they didn’t screw up, they deliberately made it into a hell of a mess. Now we are told it will happen on Halloween. Does anyone still believe a single word any of our politicians say now? Forget ‘V’, I think we should all have Michael Myers masks for Halloween.

Oh sure, Boris says that if we don’t leave on October 31st it’s the end of the Tory party but that party’s end was secured the moment they put Tessie in charge. They’re doomed anyway. They’ll take the country down with them. Tessie is making sure of that.

Labour are about as Labour as the Tory party is Conservative. Not at all. Both parties have become total-control freaks with only the face at the front to show any difference between them.

There really is nobody to vote for now.

Brexit party? Farage has one policy. Leave the EU. He actually ditched UKIP when he thought he had done that and to be fair, every Brexit MEP took up their position with the intention of putting themselves out of a job. But… run the UK? I don’t think Farage would be a good Prime Monster (think diplomacy) and I don’t think he really wants the job.

I suspect that if the Brexit party got any kind of power in Wastemonster, they’d get us out of the EU and call a general election to let someone who knows how run the country.

The flaw in that plan is… we don’t have anyone left who knows how.

Our politicos have spent too long letting the EU run the show, collecting their salary plus expenses and rubber stamping every EU directive. They couldn’t be trusted to run a bath.

It’s no different in the USA. The Democrats’ only policy is ‘Get Trump’ and the Republicans don’t seem to say much at all.

You know, spending much of my life close to Balmedie where Trump has one of his many golf courses has not made me like him much. His staff are gits which makes me think he might well be one too.

But… he is the duly elected president of the USA and to see our politicians making childish tweets about ‘orange man bad’ and the silly Trump balloon does not make me proud. This is how infants debate. Trump is, I suspect, trying to do what he thinks is right. Can you say that about Saudi Arabia or any of the other despots who have been lauded on state visits to the UK? We saw no MPs bleating about how horibble they were. Not even Mugabe.

We have been treated to the spectacle of Trump being banned from Sheffield. Why in the name of all that is holy would anyone want to go to Sheffield? No visiting dignitary, ever, has gone there and most of the UK have never been there either.

I have. It’s not worth it.

You can ban me from Sheffield if you like. I won’t mind at all.

It’s all so damn childish now, it’s at the stage where primary school kids are wincing. Except the ones promised world travel and loads of money to be the face of the Latest Thing. They are loving it. Until they realise how they are used.

To coin a phrase… Winter is coming.

In more ways than one.

12 thoughts on “Is anyone in charge?

  1. Yes Sheffield. Now that theyve done the trams , got rid of the hole in the road and mucked up the ringroad to the extent that even I dont know where the F I am in the city , yes you can have Sheffield barred to outsiders. Its better to go to Meadowhall anyway. John Lewis survives purely because it has relatively good parking rates right in the middle of the city but everything else has gone. The shopping on the Moor is fnuked. Ever since Atkinsons shut down. Fargate just about manages but frankly its a shadow of its former self.

    As for anyone being in charge its time theold parties were swept away and dismantled. To be honest they are doing a pretty good job of self imploding… The only problem as you say is that there is no one left. We all have to step up and stop them from ruining it further.

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  2. I hope you all realise that there’s nothing to be done. If no one votes in the next Election then the existing party will get back in. Or never leave, depending on how you look at it.
    I really tried to understand the complexities, being an expat in France, and only hoped for the best for Britain. I have given up now. I understand France and how they manage to completely ignore Europe and its directives. My Septic Tank carries on regardless, and no one can make me do anything about it, probably because France knows they can’t. They don’t actually say so, but then they wouldn’t, would they.
    Just as a matter of interest, there is nothing wrong with my Septic Tank. It works and has done so for about fifty years now. They old Bretons knew what they were doing.

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    • It only takes one vote to win. If everyopne refuses to vote and one person does, we get that candidate on the basis of one person’s vote.

      It’s a big flaw but I’m still not in favour of compulsory voting. If I was forced to vote I’d deliberately vote for the most awkward sod just out of contrariness.

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  3. Sheffield isn’t so bad. We just had a clown of a mayor who was a total embarrassment. Luckily he’s gone now. He left on the Gravy train to Brussels to join the circus. (Aka the EU)

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  4. “Why in the name of all that is holy would anyone want to go to Sheffield?”
    For the snooker, of course!

    I could tell you a story about not yet Presidential candidate Trump, being a git. It involved an airport in Dundee that was closed when he wanted to land
    As Presidents go, I quite like him, but he still has the quirks of a rich and powerful businessman, used to getting his own way

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  5. Farage actually says in his autobiography that he doesn’t want to be Prime Minister.

    He says that all the Cabinet Ministers he’s met have been perfectly ghastly people, and he doesn’t want a job where he’d have to spend all day dealing with perfectly ghastly people.

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  6. Brexit Party?

    Well,the clue is in the name. Actually they have quite a few policies but naturally they depend on us not paying £39 billion to the EU plus £10 billion a year on membership plus £8 billion we collect in import duties on their behalf. Actually, when you look at that way, it’s a pretty shitty club to belong to.

    Check out the Brexit Party website. Yo might be surprised

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