A strange kind of suicide

There has been another *ahem* ‘isolated incident’ attack which is strangely very, very similar to all the other isolated incidents. This time in Streatham, London, not all that far geographically from the almost identical isolated incident on London Bridge.

The similarities even extend to the perpetrator being recently released from prison for terror offences. The Narwhal tusk part of the London Bridge event was truly an isolated incident. That’s probably a once in a lifetime thing since Narwhal tusks aren’t widely distributed in the UK. However, that part of it was not the attacker.

What’s the connection? If I have to say it, you don’t want to hear it and will not hear it. Not even when they come for you. No point in you reading any further. For the rest of us, who saw the blatantly obvious connections long ago, let us continue.

Suicide bomb vests have become a common theme in these isolated incidents all over the place. Try to mob-down a lone attacker, apparently armed only with a blade, and boom. You’re all mince. The attacker will get 72 virgins in Heaven, one for each of the pieces he arrives in. Only one of those virgins will find it was worth the wait.

The last two isolated incidents involved machete-weilding nutters with fake bomb vests. Clearly they have put no thought into the consequences of this. Or maybe it really is a strange kind of suicide.

In both the recent cases the police shot the nutter dead. All the bleeding hearts want to know why they didn’t bargain with him or at least just shoot him non-lethally. So, a shot to the body, perhaps? He’s wearing what looks like a bomb. You really want to put a bullet into that?

Well why not shoot his leg? Once immobilisied he can stab no more people. He can still set off his bomb though.

Well, if he’s shot and down, he can’t stab anyone. Why shoot him some more to be sure he’s dead?

He is wearing a fucking bomb and he is from a group known to have no compunction in detonating those bombs. How many times does it need to be said? If he is alive he can detonate the bomb.

Except… he didn’t really have a bomb. He had what looked like a bomb. Does that make the police actions wrong?

Consider yourself in that police officer’s situation. You have confronted a nutter shouting adverts for Ally’s Snackbar and emphasising his point by stabbing random strangers. Are you going to walk up to him and say ‘Excuse me sir, I need to check if that bomb is real before I decide whether to shoot you dead or merely disable you’? Are you really going to do that?

Faced with Stabby Mo wearing what appears to be a dirty great bomb, the only option for the police is to shoot him. Dead. They cannot merely pop a cap in his shin and then wait for the ambulance to arrive so he can be patched up for trial. Once down he could take out half the street. Surely the nutters realise this?

So what is the point of the fake bomb? If they had a real bomb and detonated it they’d be dead. If they have a fake bomb, the police have no time to inspect it and given recent ‘isolated incidents’ they have to assume it’s a real bomb. and act accordingly. This involves ensuring the nutter can’t detonate it and there really is only one way to do that. So they are dead either way.

Well okay, they are on early release from prison (I can’t remember which haggis-brained moron thought that was a good idea) so they would have serious problems getting explosives but why bother faking it? They could just go on a stabathon in London and these days it would hardly make the news. Get sent to prison, come out after half their sentence and next time, attack the infidels with a battery powered bacon slicer. They won’t be expecting that.

Surely it must be obvious to anyone that if you go out wearing what appears to be a bomb, knowing that such bomb wearers have isolated-incidented themselves all over the place already, the only option the police will have is to kill you before you kill them?

The police know they cannot reason with the bombboys. They cannot approach and handcuff them because they risk being Jackson Pollocked all over a nearby wall. There is no option for the police but to shoot and kill. No other option at all.

Wear a fake bomb and the only one it will kill is you. Maybe you’re not quite dead but unable to move because of the gunshots. Maybe you are watching your life run in red lines into a filthy gutter. Nobody is coming to help you.

Tha ambulance crew are not allowed to approach until the bomb squad arrive and check your vest with a robot. That little robot might be the last thing you see.

Maybe you won’t get that far. Maybe the last thing you see will be a few discarded crisp packets and cigarette ends now soaked in your own cooling blood as you lie caked in dust and filth, alone on the cold pavement.

Is that a fine and noble way to die? Is it really? Does anyone really want their last moments on earth to be like that?

It’s a very strange kind of suicide.

11 thoughts on “A strange kind of suicide

  1. I doubt anyone on that street would ever question the need to immobilise the person who was running around with the intent to kill every person he could.


    I have experience of guns and the police had pistols. They are difficult to aim accurately and with a highly animated target it’s best to go for the head or heart.

    They did good – and they’ve sent a message to all wannabes. You will die.

    (Myself, I’d prefer a spinal shot. It lives and has the whole of the rest of it’s short life to wish it didn’t – as the male nurse changes its daiper, then sits down spoon feed it… slops).

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    • Again, will a p1$st0£ shot even as close as about five or six yards sufficiently damage the fella’s spine such that Our Wonderful NHS won’t spend and move heaven and earth to fix him up again? H or H aims in that scenario are less difficult.

      We got taught, when exercising “Fighting In Buildings and Built-Up-Areas”, and using small-arms, to fire at least twice. Once (with both hands) as the stopper to get him down, and following ones to “finish it”.

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    • The problem with aiming for the body is the risk of setting off the vest. There’s no way to tell if a home made contraption is real or not so they just can’t take a chance. A quick kill really is the only option.

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  2. The other thing about this “fake suicide vest” thing is covered also by Charles Moore today in the DT.
    These fellas seek “Martyrdom”, to “please Allah, who is the most merciful”. (I’ll talk about mis-translations from classica Arabic into English and European languages in a moment, of words that we understand such as “merciful” as perceived by us in our etymology.)

    Fundamentally, the metatext of the Koran comes down to this; Allah, “The One”, has created you as an agent, for his own objective, which is to say – you are charged with either subverting to Allah’s Will, or [if you can’t] disposing of any and all agents of competing “gods”. If you find yourself written-off in Allah’s service, he rewards you [in paradise of course, so it’s for ever] with specific things like massive, frequent, lovely sex with “many” willing partners, designed,absolutely beautifully, to incentivise you to act most heroically and violently in trying to execute his plan.

    In your life as his robot, you get the frisson and thrill of personally, physically slaughtering those (usually males) that try to impede the satisfaction of desires you are born with (Allah knows something about them as he made you like that). You are exhorted to do so, to maximise your pleasure in your coming eternal life…. You get to be told to slaughter them in visibly and graphically bloody ways; you are shown and told how. You know that you do this as it acts to cow, terribly, the fellas whose pubescent and breeding-females you desire, and the cowed fellas may even hand these to you willingly, they then willingly entering your captivity as castrated slaves, rather than see everybody die at once.

    It is a very attractive philosophy, indeed, I can see, to males born into a world and a biome wherein there is, fundtionally, nothing – except occasional water, and _other men’s animals and women_ . I understand it perfectly. I am in fact half-Arab. Admittedly, half [ Protestant Christian Lebanese Arab ] but the genome is almost the same. There is little genetic divergence, also, now, between multiple peoples of South Asia, from the Levant all across to the Himalyas – and that in a Hominid species, H sapiens, in which overall genetic diversity is tiny relative even to chimpanzees and Bonobos.

    I turn now to the business of desired Martyrdom, versus what happened in Streatham, which was that the Police in effect assisted his suicide. If you are born into and grow up in “that” culture (he’s one of six sons under 20 – we officially don’t know where the father is but I’d say that was good going for a bloke and the eternally-preggant-mother had little say – wonder what happened to any daughters?) and you’re Steeped In The Book, and you then do Book Stuff in public and go to jail, where you’re put with lots of other like-minded sex-crazed hoodlums, what do you become?

    He became what he was, and wanted as a result of reading about it, to become. However, when you’re out of chokey and in a hostel, and watched, it’s hard to get get the materials to make a real b0mb, even if you’ve studied science and know how to, let alone an actual working one. So what you do, is fabricate up something out of a rucksack, put it on your front with lots of straps and stuff, shoplift a knife from somewhere, and the run out stabbing random strangers in your way. He’d not have known that Police armed with Bears were never far from him owing to his previous. he perhaps weighed up things, being smart, and thought he might be able to take down a few kuffars, maybe a few more, and then run and hide well, and that the Police, a but stretched as we know, might give him a breathing space for a couple of days. then, he might be able to do it again!

    All the while, of course, raising his “credit-rating” with Allah [who is most “merciful”].

    Now to the word “merciful”. We think it means showing what we term “mercy” , which is a Christian civilisation we at least distantly if not more closely conflate with “forgiving”. However – in Arabic traditions, “merciful” has a closer meaning to “Justice”.

    Notice how when the State-Head-Hackers in chop-chop-square decapitate people on Fridays, “after morning prayers”, they chant first, in the [almost surely traumatized] victim’s hearing, a monolgue, surely terrifying, about how Allah is “merciful”. What they mean is that “Allah is “just”.

    Sorry. I didn’t mean it to be this long.

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  3. I disagree slightly in that I think if you went on a “stabathon” without a fake bomb, you’d still probably get shot. The mentality behind the fake bomb is that you possibly get more time to attack more people. The general public will be more likely to run from that threat than just a knife ( even though that didn’t happen in the last attack)
    The Israelis faced this knife attack method a while back and countered it successfully by arming more citizens. Not likely to happen here.
    Basically, they do enough attacks to keep us wary and maybe in slight fear of them, without actually hating them. The 99.9% of them keep their heads down and say nothing against it.
    Meanwhile, we celebrate LGBT and “diversity” and our numbers decrease.
    It’s all over in a couple of generations unless something changes.

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    • The mood is definitely changing among the public. More and more are refusing to be shouted down by the Diversifiers.
      I’d much rather see government step in soon, because if they don’t it could get very nasty.

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