Antismokers want you dead

Whether you smoke or not.

Philip Morris, the baccy sellers (and lately iQOS sellers too) have donated a load of respirators to a Greek hospital. The Greek health minister has thanked them for this. The antismoker response?

How dare they! How can the Greek hospitals accept life saving equipment from the Tobacco Monsters! They must be taken outside and burned. Burned, I say! Inhale all that burning plastic, heretics, let it cleanse you of the burning Leaf of Satan!

Well, the Antismokers have pointed out that it is Against Their Law to let tobacco companies save lives…

Tobacco companies only kill people. Only the Temple of Tobacco Control can save you. You don’t need respirators, you need Salvation. In the form of Pharma products, not those awful independent vape sellers and especially not in harm-reduction made by the Tobacco Demons! They don’t give Tobacco Control any money so they must be evil.

How the tables have turned, eh? Tobacco Control is now actively trying to kill people while tobacco companies are trying to save them. The true face of the antismokers is now laid bare for all to see. They were never trying to save you. They were only ever trying to control you. Whether you smoke or not.

The tobacco companies made no attempt to publicise this donation. They didn’t stamp the respirators with tobacco ads nor fit them with cigarette dispensers. Which is disappointing, really. They might as well have done exactly that. The only ones publicising this are the antismokers.

They cannot understand how this makes them look, you know. Trying to stop a donation of respirators in a time of a pandemic of respiratory disease. They’d have been burning Fleming’s lab for discovering penicillin if he was smoking while he did it. They care nothing for you, whether you smoke or not. They care about control and money. Nothing else.

This pandemic is turning into a good thing. It’s showing up an awful lot of awful people for what they really are.

There wil be no coming back from this.

10 thoughts on “Antismokers want you dead

  1. Peter Teffer appears to be an unemployed “investigative reporter” and advertises himself as available for assignment.

    With social media as his prime platform, I suspect he’s been paid to add “credibility” to both tweets, with the information passed on to him by the anti smoking lobby. Something he claims is fundamentally wrong, until they chuck money at him.

    A thoroughly detestable individual, who – in this case – is so way off the mark, he can only be ridiculed. Because the donations are for everyone, not just smokers and, should he need treatment, he couldn’t care less who’s money bought it.

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    • “Peter Teffer appears to be an unemployed “investigative reporter” and advertises himself as available for assignment.”

      Don’t know the fella at all, but might be worth considering the possibility that he’s “coming from the other direction.” After all… it IS April 1st over there by now, isn’t it?

      I’m not certain if I’ve got the right scam in mind, but I *THINK* that it was April 1st 2004 when Glantz et al claimed that banning smoking in a dozen or so bars in the town of Helena Montane for six months caused a 60% instant drop in heart attacks and that they shot right back up to normal the moment the ban lifted.

      I remember reassuring people at the time that it couldn’t POSSIBLY be “real news” as it was simply TOO silly, even for the Antis.

      Heh… just goes to teach me I ain’t infallible, eh?


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  2. After listening to weeks and moths of stupidity and what passes for news from the bubble headed lame stream media I need a good rant to clear my head even if it doesn’t make much sense – stops me going on a rampage with a big 2.5 m stick, deliberately too long, so I can hit people then claim they are too close and would keep me amused until work starts again. And no I do not qualify for any of the Government “assistance programmes” even though I have to submit a self-assessment form yearly and pay UK taxes on all my income as I was not self-employed and I did not work for a UK based company. Taxed then thrown out to dry yet again.

    Unfortunately there is nowhere really to post one as the main sites will censor it and the independent sites don’t get enough visits to make much a difference until every reader passes things on and it all grows exponetionally.

    You being a scientist may point out all the things wrong with mortality rates etc but it’s a clear the head rant, not really expected to make much sense to be hones; I’m not clear-headed enough (or maybe drunk enough as my wife claims I write better after 3 or 4 beers when she wants a complaint letter written) at the moment to put all my thoughts, questions and researching into a coherent and logical argument, maybe one day.

    Anyway the rant:

    I despair talking to the average person – went shopping on Saturday and only 1 person was interested in questioning what was going on and why. Everyone else could parrot the bullshit from the lamestream media verbatim without thought but no questioning, no intelligence, could not compute when the news “stories” don’t add up; didn’t realise that the more people they test, the more it shows that more people have been infected without symptoms making the mortality rate lower and lower.

    They did not want to think on the following questions:

    – why is it now 11 days into effectively martial law but nothing from the Queen at all? Where is she?
    – it was threatened that the army would be patrolling the streets, assisting police etc. Apart from a few photos of them delivering food from trucks where are they? Did the top brass tell the politicians no chance, the army will not co-operate to bring in a dictatorship?
    – why is parliament shut down? I know they have Easter holidays but if they can cut short holidays to try and screw brexit they can sit for this.
    – why did prince charlie only need less than a week self-isolation when the rest of us has to have at least 2 weeks?
    – why have the mortality figures for certain countries – Italy for 1 – stopped being published and why do the mortality data graphs show no large increases in extra deaths? In fact the UK’s shows a lower than normal number of deaths: and the rest of europe shows similar.
    – why are so many leaders and royals being diagnosed with coronavirus and “self isolating” when they do not actually meet us lower castes?
    – why did the Diamond Princess disappear from the news so quick? was it because only 15% of passengers showed any symptoms and only 5 or 6 died and not the 1000 that was predicted? This 15% number of people who show symptoms enough to notice tallies up with what a Spanish doctor said on an interview last night on the news – his A+E department is struggling as 15% of his staff showed symptoms and are self-isolating. 15% of people show symptoms seems to be the normal, the rest it is that mild you don’t know you have it.
    – if studies show that 50-75% of Brits are already infected then the mortality rate is about 0.00004% (assuming 78 million people in the UK, 1450 deaths up to now). Not exactly scary number is it?
    – why is every site that proves the anti-malarial drug works in hours being censored or hounded off the internet by trolls?
    – why is every death that involves a cough regardless of any other ongoing diseases or problems being recorded as coronavirus even when no positive test has been found?
    – why are the “celebrities” all flocking back to california on private planes even with borders shut – Tom Hanks and Meghan to name a few?
    – why are items like in the daily updates at the bottom of the page here not reported:
    – why was the downgrading of Covid19 on the government’s official HCID page not reported:
    – why did no-one bat an eyelid when it was revealed by the WHO that in 2017 67000 children younger than 15 died each MONTH from pneumonia?
    – what is happening here?:

    I could go on but my head hurts from all the bullshit and stupidity from media, lame stream news, experts and moronic masses.

    Rumours from one of the strange websites out there are if the internet shuts down for 3 days the battle is on and the round-up of the bad guys has begun. Let’s see what happens soon.

    I just wanted to hit the people out shopping with a big stick until they started to think just a little bit but they were mostly brain dead already and I would have exhausted myself before one of them would have had an original thought – we’re f***ed unless the masses change.

    Legion – I thank you for allowing me to rant on your blog, much appreciated, maybe kept me slightly saner for a little while.

    Stay safe, keep questioning, keep ranting.

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