So, Bozza is going to make mask wearing compulsory in shops. The day after his deputy, Mickey Gove, said that would never happen. Ol’ Chinless looks a bit of a dick today, doesn’t he?

So does Bozza, the man who stole Gove’s chin and many more until he looks like he’s talking over a stack of crumpets. Twitter is now full of pictures of cut-up Conservative membership cards and cancelled subscriptions. This kind of nannying authoritarianism is not the action of a Conservative government. I really think he’s just lost the next election and if he screws up Brexit on top of this, I won’t be surprised to see a lamp post somewhere bending under his weight. Along with the rest of them. It won’t be BLM or Antifa doing it, it’ll be their own ex-voters.

So, I am obliged to wear a mask now. I have ordered a suitable face covering and have looked at many other eBay options – Leatherface, Michael Myers, Alien facehugger, the Joker’s clown mask… well I’m going to need spares. I do have the plague doctor mask, several gas masks and of course, my own heavy hat. I just need a few variations so it doesn’t get boring.

Not that I’ve been in many shops since March. Local Shop occasionally, Local Petrol station once, that’s it. I have withdrawn no cash since March either. Still, they want to be silly about it, let’s ramp the silly to the max. If you have to wear a mask get a funny one.

Yes, I know, I can hear the nasal whine of ‘Oh but those masks don’t protect against the virus’. Neither do any of the others. Not one. No matter how much you pay for them. If you are wearing a mask a virus can’t get through, you can’t breathe through it. Every damn mask out there is, to a virus, like a mouse going in through an open barn door. They are all, every one, completely and absolutely pointless.

So. If we are to play silly games, why not play them in a silly way?

It’s not a game though, and it is far too serious to be silly.

There is no end date for the compulsory masking with fines for non-compliance. There is no disposal mechanism for these supposedly biohazard-laden used masks. People just throw them on the ground. They are not autoclaved or incinerated, they just go into landfill or get dumped in the sea. Nobody seems to mind.

Does that sound like management of a highly infectious disease to you? To someone like me whose entire career was in microbiology, it does not. At all.

The lockdown started in March. It is now July and compulsory masking is still over a week away. It looks futile and it would be – if the masks were about any kind of protection.

Okay, I know, from here on there will be some snickering about tinfoil hats and that’s fine. Those already assimilated have no way back, forget them, they have lost the ability to think beyond their masters’ commands. Let them bask in their collective, it’s all they will ever have.

So. Who remembers the Moonies? It was a cult some decades back and it conscripted in the usual cult manner that is still in use by cults today. Of so very many kinds.

First thing they did was to isolate you from families and friends. Yeah, they put you in lockdown. For months.

Next, they told you your old life was all wrong and you had to leave it all behind and accept a New Normal.

Many cults did this masked. Including the initiate. New face, new life, the old ways are gone, the cult is family now. The way you lived before is gone forever.

At this stage of contagion, masks are entirely futile for stopping any virus. It cannot be their purpose.

It isn’t. You are being initiated into the New Normal. You are joining a cult you don’t even know exists. And it gets better.

You are already demonising friends and family who don’t join the New Normal cult. You are already screaming at them and panicking that they are Disease Spreaders.

It’s an old game, a familiar game for those who remember history. The non-compliant will be hated, tortured, burned at the stake all over again. I see your face! Heretic! Witch! Disease spreader!

There is no end date for this new mask law. There is no end date for any of the new laws. They will remain as anti-heretic laws, forever.

The cult has won. Embrace Panoptica, it is here.

27 thoughts on “Compulsion

  1. I dunno. Dunno what to think. The whole covid19 thing is beyond imagination. Thank god I’m retired. Tomorrow we are having our hair cut. The hairdresser comes to our home, and we could just sit in the garden, outdoors. But I believe she will arrive dressed in all her paraphanalia with newly steamed equipment to cut the one whisp of hair we have between us.. The dog is going to go berserk trying to protect us! So moaning about wearing a mask in a shop seems like nothing, when you see the palaver people have to go through just to do their jobs. Im not moaning.. Im just glad I’m not one of them!

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  2. My daughter made me two masks, one is a purple starfield and the other white spiders webs on a black background, I am looking forward to wearing them, at the moment people think you are a hypochondiac or genuinely ill if you try. I am hoping for a huge increase in public creativity.

    Meanwhile the news I’ve been waiting for has come in.

    Bellerophon Therapeutics Announces First Patient Treated in Phase 3 Clinical Study of INOpulse® Inhaled Nitric Oxide Therapy for COVID-19
    Initiation of the COViNOX Study Follows the Conclusion of the FDA Emergency Access Program Through Which 180 Patients with COVID-19 Were Treated in the United States.
    July 13, 2020

    “Under the recently completed EAP, 180 hospitalized patients with COVID-19 from 18 hospitals across the United States received treatment with INOpulse under the care and supervision of their physicians. Preliminary data demonstrated that at day 14 from treatment initiation, recovery rate was 73.0% and mortality rate was 6.3%. Importantly, INOpulse was well-tolerated with no safety concerns related to the therapy.”

    “COVID-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which is approximately 82% identical to the severe acute respiratory syndrome related coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that caused a global outbreak between 2003 and 2004¹. Prior studies have shown that nitric oxide (NO) could provide benefit in treating SARS-CoV by preventing viral replication², improving arterial oxygenation, reducing the need for ventilation support and preventing the proliferation of pneumonia lung infiltrates³. Based on the genetic similarities between the two coronaviruses, the historical data in SARS-CoV support the potential for iNO to provide meaningful benefit for patients infected with COVID-19.

    Nitric oxide is a naturally produced molecule as part of the immune response to pathogens and plays a key role in preventing viral replication. The proprietary INOpulse delivery system from Bellerophon Therapeutics is an investigational system that is portable and designed to deliver nitric oxide in a targeted, pulsatile manner that ensures accurate drug delivery and allows for use in outpatient settings outside of the hospital.”

    Though probably not as compact and portable as a lit cigarette.

    The confirmation of San Raffaele in Milan: few smokers among covid-19 patients
    July 13 2020

    “Or better than the fact that, as noted by last April by doctors such as Konstantinos Farsalinos, Raymond Niaura and Riccardo Polosa, smokers are drastically underrepresented among covid-19 sufferers, in contradiction with the first alarms launched by WHO and promptly picked up by health institutions around the world, including Italy.

    In addition to Landoni’s ( pictured ), the text bears the signature of ten other doctors and researchers almost all from San Raffaele in Milan, including Giulia Veronesi and Alberto Zangrillo. The Milanese researchers have observed in their structure what is now emerging all over the world. And that is that, unlike other coronaviruses, Sars-cov-2 seems to affect smokers less frequently.”
    https: //
    They still think it must somehow be the nicotine though.

    H/T Phil on twitter.

    Useful knowledge for non smokers and smokers alike.

    “The reason is that your nasal cavities produce the molecule nitric oxide, which chemists abbreviate NO, that increases blood flow through the lungs and boosts oxygen levels in the blood. Breathing in through the nose delivers NO directly into the lungs, where it helps fight coronavirus infection by blocking the replication of the coronavirus in the lungs.”
    “I am one of three pharmacologists who won the Nobel Prize in 1998 for discovering how nitric oxide is produced in the body and how it works.”
    https: //

    ‘Beeting’ high altitude symptoms with beet juice
    October 12, 2015

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    “In healthy people at sea level, production of adequate amounts of NO is not a problem, but with the reduced oxygen availability at high altitude it is a challenge, simply because natural NO production requires oxygen.
    But the body has a “back-up system” for NO production at altitude, and it is here that beet juice can help. The secret ingredient in beet juice is high levels of nitrate, which the body can then convert to NO.”
    https: //

    Nitrate was one of those bad things that scientists, particulary anti-tobacco were carrying on about for ages.
    Nitrosamines in tobacco? Professor Marmot the Bacon Man?

    “Previously, nitrate and nitrite were thought to be carcinogenic due to the potential formation of nitrogen compounds, whereas the beneficial functions of NO3–NO2–NO pathway were ignored. Under conditions of hypoxia and ischemia, the production of endogenous NO from L-arginine is inhibited, while the activity of exogenous NO3–NO2–NO is enhanced.
    Recently, a greater amount of evidence has shown that nitrate and nitrite serve as a reservoir and perform positive biological NO-like functions. Therefore, exogenous dietary nitrate plays an important role in various physiological activities as an effective supplement of nitrite and NO in human body.”

    There seems to be quite an industry building up supplying nitric oxide.

    NationalSmoking Rates Correlate Inversely with COVID-19 Mortality
    https: //

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    • I started smoking 45 years ago and smoke up to 40 on a good day, eat loads of bacon too. Despite being out and about, key worker, up close and personal with about 3,000 people over the past 3 months still hale & hearty. Can’t remember the last time I had a cold, never had flu and never taken the vaccine despite annual invitations from my GP because ‘ legacy asthmatic’.

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    • Nitric Oxide is the vehicle by which Viagara performs it’s miracle for those in need. Perhaps research should be directed at getting Viagara stimulated NO redirected to the lungs rather than the nether regions!! Or both simultaneously!


  3. Dear Mr Legiron

    Project Fear 4.0 – just another one to add to the list: smoking, climate change, Brexit, now covid. The pandemic is all but over in the UK, but the fear must be mongered: all must wear masks.

    This is nothing more than a demand for a Public Display of Obedience™ (PDO) from our beloved government™. All the other lockup commandments were open to interpretation and breaches not detectable by prodnoses – a 90-odd year old of my acquaintance regularly shops contrary to government orders. Compulsory masks make unbelievers stand out: the harpies can shriek and point and shopkeepers, like publicans, are co-opted to force the government’s livestock to kompli.

    No end date so this is forever, just like the war on terror – forgot that one, so make that Project Fear 5.0.


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  4. I’m completely at a loss as to why Blojob has done this. If it’s so vital to Public Health why not implement it immediately or indeed 3 months ago ?
    If the public think it so important why do less than 5% already wear them without compulsion ?
    Some random musings, suppose Legiron you fill your tank but, oh dear, you have forgotten your mask, will you be allowed in to pay ?

    Would a stocking mask beloved of bank robbers comply or a balaclava with no mouth hole ?

    The screeching harpie on Jeremy Vines show this afternoon was in no doubt that mask refuseniks were in the same class of evil as drink drivers and smoking in classrooms, she also indicated that that mask wearing would be permanent, they do it in the far east so why don’t we?
    Local Lockdown will be the weapon of choice with which to punish pubs, shops, neighbourhoods or towns where mask wearing becomes unfashionable.
    “OI You ! put your fakin’ mask on, do you wanna get us in Lockdown or wot?”.

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    • Talk about made up news and stuff. Just seen in the graun.
      Matt Hanncock says mask wearing will protect shopworkers who are ‘75% more likely to be victims of covid’.
      Well he invented that out of thin air.
      Anecdotally, I’ve been visiting the same small Tesco and larger Co Op every day during the covid scare and not one member of staff has disappeared or been replaced.
      Do they really think we believe this bollox?

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      • Logically, imagine you are a self employed taxi driver or delivery driver or whatever.
        You turn up and get a positive test and then what – lose half a months wage, chances of anyone self employed taking that chance are?
        The stupid – it hurts

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  5. Analogies as we are often told the mask is to contain virus particles and protect others:

    Masks prevent coronavirus spreading in the same way that swimming costumes stop pee going in the water and your underpants stop fart smells getting out.

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  6. Nessimmersion – I’m not swimming in the same pool as you!

    Close-fitting masks are bad for the wearer, trapping CO2 which is then breathed in again, increasing the lungs’ bacterial load, misting spectacles & not preventing the inhaling of virii (unless very close fitting). I will not wear one.
    But I have a face shield – this provides a barrier to satisfy most shop door security (although some officious drongos don’t like it – just say asthma or COPD, it shuts them up). I’m making an official-looking label for the shield, stating it’s government approved – no drongo will challenge that!

    It’s now reckoned Covid-19 deaths have been over-counted an F of a lot. Every test done has been recorded as a new person, despite many being 2nd or 3rd tests on the same patient! Plus, as most already know, all deaths in the last 6 months have been from Covid-19, when a lot were with it, not from it. It’s a disgrace how incompetent PHE and ONS have been – heads must roll after all this nonsense.

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    • A face shield is a much better option. It doesn’t restrict breathing and it physically stops you from touching your face. As long as you don’t forget it’s there and smash a sandwich into the front of it.

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  7. According to the graun Bozo has declared that the !Covid 19! Crisis! will all be over by Xmas.
    Leaving himself a hostage to fortune since it’s already pretty well over this time around but Xmas is just about when it will return for its second annual visit.

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