No. Just… no. Just stop it now.

You are not being injected with nanobots to turn you into the Borg with the vaccines. Okay, I’m not taking them but for different (biologically sensible) reasons. Also because the early indications suggest that the mRNA vaccines will kill more than the virus but that’s a different post.

I realise that military technology is decades ahead of what we plebs can have. That’s always been true. We can get GPS to within a metre, it’s safe to assume that the military can do it to within a centimetre. Can they drop a bullet from space into the top of your head? Maybe not yet but you just know they are working on it.

Back in the 60s, the CIA invented the heart attack gun. It fired a sliver of ice containing tetrodotoxin. You died of a heart attack with the only entry wound looking like an insect bite. That’s real, and almost as old as me.

Nanobots, however, are at the very early stages. They are Amish machinery even if you multiply what is released to the public by a hundred. They could maybe build a tiny barn inside you but they are nowhere near ready to link you to 5G or control your brain.

Oh, sure, I can quite believe there are those who want that power but I do not believe they have it yet, or are even close to it.

And why would they need it?

You are tracked by your phone. You have voluntarily put listening devices and internet cameras in your homes. You think Alexa isn’t listening all the time? Then how does it know when you say ”Alexa”?

You have paid for, and carry, all the tracking and listening devices any government could want. Why would they bother investing in massively expensive nanotech when you’ve already accepted their tracking anyway?

There are no chips in the vaccine. Nothing currently viable will fit through the needles. Do not worry about chips or 5G in connection with the vaccines. These are the ‘lizard people’ that wrecked Icke’s credibility. Ignore the crazy extrapolations.

It all hides the reality. Lizard people. Nanobots in vaccines. It really sparks the tinfoil hats, doesn’t it? Icke has been right about a lot of things but then he goes all ‘lizard people’ andf we shut him off.

The new one is nanobots and 5G. It’s bollocks. You are not going to be remotely controlled from an internet mast. No need.

You are already controlled by TV.

69 thoughts on “Borgbots

  1. I have never known a year of people talking shit. All sides are talking shit . So any real truth is hard to fathom.

    One set of “scientist” say one thing, another say a different thing. The Government say a thing which is immediately shredded by opposers.

    I used to have internet “friends” and people I really admired. Last year saw the end of my friendships, even with my real friends, according to their opinions on various issues.

    I jettisoned my friend who travelled to London regularly during the first lockdown to protest mask wearing and hug and kiss Icke in Trafalgar square denying Covid completely.

    I jettison those who describe masks as “face nappies”, like the now gone daft Hitchins.

    Or those offering destabilising ideas like Talk Radio who have simply become conspiracy theory promoters rather than a discussion place.

    And the BBC has fallen into the bog of bias and tokenism.

    If I hear about Trump’s ” baseless ” fraud claims as constantly described in the New York Times and MSM, I’m going to ditch my naive idea that out there, somewhere, there might be just one person, ( other than me of course ) who has a stable mind.

    Nannobots? 5G? Conspiracy? Bill Gates as King of the World? Trump as Saviour?

    Let people have their little ideas, there is bugger all they can do about it even if everything was true.

    I believe Aliens landed and instructed a world lockdown so they could offload their colonising, shape shifting citizens while we are all shut indoors. This is proved to me because UFO sightings worldwide have skyrocketed during lockdown.

    That’s even better than nanobots and 5G, or anything Icke could devise.

    What do you think?

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  2. I don’t think Icke ever meant people to take the lizard people thing seriously, my take on things is it was his way of describing the elite, those who own and control everything, a way to describe that yes they really are different, sinister, a group hooked on wealth and power and keeping it by any means, deviant creatures lacking human decency or soul he was aware of long before a disappointingly small but growing minority of us cottoned on that democracy was just a sham.

    The irony of Icke is that he’s proved to be one of the sanest commenters out there.

    Elizabeth, as for ditching friends because they happen to think differently to you, that’s what those now exercising their power, and all of their predecessors, have wished for, power by divide and rule, watching their pleb enemy destroy itself.
    Yes you have to be careful of those who would enjoy being informants, or those who would cancel you and if that failed to use violence to silence you, both assaults carried out whilst calling you a fascist, but then irony never has featured in the world of the left.

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    • Icke is not a sane commenter anymore to my mind. He has been infected with fear. My comments on jettisoning people makes certain you aren’t infected the same way. People take on the dogma from the people they listen to. It is better to have no fear, but to live in a serene inner place where all that hysteria is absent. Hysteria is a symptom of fear.

      People can think what they like, but, like food, its best to select healthy ones – a healthy diet.

      The idea that we are only now being corralled by our masters I don’t buy either. It has always been that the educated, or priest class and chiefs and kings led the people. Or armies subdued the people, or other people. Nothing new just because it’s our time now. The hysteria is a cry of realisation that we are just ordinary, not elite.

      And because we can do very little against ‘them’, we bite our own limbs in response to the trap we realise we are in.

      In the vast swathes of history, ordinary people simply went on living ordinary lives. Village disgrace cancelled you as quickly as happens today. Gossip and scandal, hyperbole and exaggeration is as ancient as language. Nothing new.

      Well, thats my view.

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    • I had flu once when I was about 30. Never had it again. I don’t need a flu vaccine (or a Covid one) because even without lockdown my human interactions were minimal. I still haven’t visited a supermarket since March, I have discovered htat the delivery charge is actually less than the petrol costs to get there 🙂

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  3. I used to spend a lot of time posting on a blog that took the ‘piece’ out of everything. Much fun was had. But I had to give it up due to people that I had previously considered smart and great fun started talking about being muzzled and wearing face-nappies and that the virus has never been isolated (Koch’s Postulates not been met). After the fifth time of pointing out that the genetic data of the virus was published on January the tenth 2020…how did they manage that without isolating the virus? I decided that I’d best stop commenting before I started calling previous online friend retards. I did, however, think that that time would have been over by now.

    I get that some (many?) believe that the wuflu is being used for political purposes (I agree) but that does not mean that the virus is a hoax. The virus is real AND it’s being used to manipulate the public. IMHO.

    Where are the MSM discussions about Vitamin D? Pretty sure that the evidence is there that it helps a lot against wuflu. It also can improve the mood of those taking it (e.g. counters SAD), so might help with suicide rates.

    Where are the discussions on Ivermectin? AFAICS we’re seeing medical trials saying that it helps a LOT. Before during and recovery. Another cheap drug with a track record of safe usage.

    One is forced to consider that there’s rampant corruption from the top of society down.

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    • I’m fine with the term face nappy. It displays contempt in a simple and effective manner – Peter Hitchens uses it in just that manner. Masks have never been demonstrated to be an effective defence against an airborne pathogen. The study published in the BMJ early in 2020, made a valid point that their use can lead to more risky behaviour such as face touching and extended use. Outside of a surgical environment they are being used repeatedly and for extended periods of time. Given this, I prefer to refer to wearing a used handkerchief as this is a more accurate description. A proper disposable mask is just that – disposable and should be discarded after use, not taken off and put back on again. The bits of cloth many people are wearing are of no use whatsoever, they might as well wear a clove of garlic on their lapel for all the use they will do.

      As I am exempt, I have not worn one and don’t plan to. Having restricted airways, it makes no sense to restrict them further.

      On vitamin D, there was some discussion during the summer, but it seems to have petered out. Not sure why that should be as it appears to be a valid matter to explore.

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      • No, I’ve seen recent trial results on Vitamin D, these videos discuss the issue, some might even mention the trial. Chose a source that seems credible to you..
        You can limit the search to the last month.

        I’d argue that its potential effects on SAD and general mood make it worth a whirl if you’re feeling down. Take it with Vitamin K2.

        Regarding face-nappy…mehh. Depends on the context, I guess. I tend to see it used by ain’t-no-virus-mongs. I accept that appropriately sceptical people might use it too. YMMV and that’s fine

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          • That’s fine, I did say YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary = You’re free to disagree). I can see that use being valid. It’s just not where I hear it most often.

            I’ll use MMMV to say that he’s the voice of misery as far as I am concerned. A two legged Eeyore.

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            • He can have that effect. His obsession with cannabis being the root of all evil is a bit cranky (and in my opinion, wildly wrong). I also saw his comments on the recent remake of Black Narcissus. A decidedly odd take, I thought. However, on the government response to covid, he has been on point throughout.

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      • I think that Vitamin D is a problem because it’s cheap and safe.

        DrBeen is a channel that I like (not watched in a while, but here’s a relevant sounding one). Clear explanations (he runs an online medical lecture company iirc)

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    • There are people out there who believe no viruses exist *at all*. To a microbiologist, this is actually incredible. They must be back in the Middle Ages. It’ll be ‘bad air’ or the ‘ague’, presumably. My usual response is ‘if viruses aren’t real, how did we wipe out smallpox?’

      Everyone in the UK should be taking Vitamin D in winter. Especially here in Scotland. There is bugger all sunshine for at least three months and it’s way too cold to spend much time outside anyway. I spent half an hour defrosting the car today, it was -3C at 3 pm. The battery was dead from lack of use, I had to pry open the bonnet to put the booster on. All that just to drive two miles to the local shop for some bread and milk (and whisky of course – just the essentials). We’ll get an Asda delibvery at the weekend.

      Vitamin D is very cheap, I bought 400 tablets of 4000 IU for under a tenner. So I can get over 2 years’ worth for the price of a cheap malt whisky. Hardly going to break the bank. It’s involved in quite a few immune responses and in calcium transport for bone growth too. Really, the government should have shipped a tenner’s worth to every inhabitant of this country right at the start. It would probably have cost less than their fancy podium signs and ads.

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      • Yes. And yet where are the medical announcements about taking it (with K2)?

        This lack of pushing safe, cheap and freely available precautions absolutely stinks.

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  4. “early indications suggest that the mRNA vaccines will kill more than the virus but that’s a different post”

    I look forward to that post. I’ve seen rumours of nasty side-effects. I’d love to see your views on them.

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      • Yes I see those deaths ( more than one) are going round the fearnet. I think if you fall out of a tree after your vaccination, or die from any other reason, it will be counted.

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        • Well, the mental vagueness is interesting as a colleague and his wife caught covid in the early months of the outbreak. She is complaining of mental vagueness now, some months later. He has just regained his sense of smell, so it does appear to have medium term effects.

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          • To be honest, it’s the potential mental effects that concern me the most looking forward.

            I’m looking for Leggy’s opinion on the issues. My non-professional meandering of the web lead me to wonder about:
            1) brain damage from hypoxia/anoxia. Not enough oxygen getting into the brain due to shagged lungs/heart.
            2) brain damage from the same blood clots that fork up the lungs, organs and extremities making their way into the brain.
            3) brain damage from direct infection of the CNS/brain. Some of the novel aspects of the wuflu are inclusion of genes from Cobra toxin and Rabies. These were added, it is suggested, by the wu-lab in order to engineer a brain research tool. The added genes, it’s said, allow the virus to travel up nerves and into the brain (as the snake venom and rabies do). Possible signs of this are loss of taste/smell (the olfactory bulb is a highway from the mouth/nose into the brain), spitting/licking/violence/fainting (as seen in early Chinese videos of strange behaviour). Dr(phd) Kevin McCairn, who used to do brain research into Tourettes (possible symptoms include spitting/licking/violence iirc), pointed out this. He’s done a few videos on youtube on medical research that has been coming through showing this direct nerve/brain infection
            4) brain damage caused by the vaccine triggering the virus to kill cells used by the vaccine. Some of those being in the brain. <– the recent rumour.

            I'm not a doctor. I've followed Leggy, on and off, for over a decade and so value his opinion.

            IMHO there's been a deliberate effort to obfuscate the entire issue of the flu from day one. And now they're doing the same on vaccine side-effects.

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    • I’m waiting for enough data to make a considered post. At the moment they are mostly inoculating people in their eighties who might not have had long left anyway. When they are inoculating younger people, if there is a serious effect, it’ll show up there.

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      • You’re clarity on why no previous vaccines existed was very helpful to me.

        I’m very interested in your conclusions as they are reached. I appreciate that too rushed an opinion is potentially unhelpful.

        I have tried hard to find sources that are plausible but believing what they say is likely true, isn’t a faith with me

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    • What I’m finding bizarre is that France and Denmark (maybe others?) have banned face coverings in public in the past and now they’re compulsory.

      A year ago, if you went into a bank wearing a mask they’d shut the place down and call the police. Now they’ll do that if you’re not wearing one!

      It’s as if the world has been turned upside down.

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  5. S’funny that Elizabeth mentioned unfriending those who wouldn’t take part in sensible discussion. : In recent months I’ve been unfriended on farcebox by two lefties because I didn’t hesitate to criticise their corbynmania and, latterly, their victimhood at having flu and their acceptance of the MSM bolloox stream. I don’t unfriend anyone , not even those who think the sun shines out of fishwoman’s starfish: I’m always up for an argument!

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      • That’s why I wear a mask if I visit Local Shop. Today I was the Grinch. I have yet to regale them with Plague Doctor or Bane or Polish Military Gas Mask but they’re waiting their turn. I also have a Weeping Angel, The Silence and a sugar skull. All fit the criteria, they cover my mouth and nose, and all of them are useless at stopping a virus. But I’m going to be in the shop for five minutes. I’m not going to get into an argument about it.

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  6. Yes.
    Which makes the paranoid among us think that the whole virus denial nanobot alien 5g thing is put in among more realistic /rational lockdown dissent to discredit the movement. But idk. Is that a bit conspiracy loon? Wait maybe I’m anted here to discredit vaccine worries… Who the hell knows what’s true anymore unless you see it yourself

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    • I’ve wondered that about a lot of the wilder parts of conspiracy theories. It’s possible. Rather than flat out deny something, add to the wildness of the idea until every sensible person just scoffs at the entire thing. So if you want people who are uneasy about the vaccine to ignore any warnings, simply convince the panicked ones that you’ve included science fiction nanobots and they’ll take over your brain through the internet. It’s easy to simply gloss over the fact that implanted chips are currently inside a glass bead, all they do is open security doors and there is no way they’ll ever fit through the tiny needles used for vaccination.

      It can work. Denial is defensive, but you can get people to discredit themselves easily enough.

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  8. Leggy, thank you for your extremely rational response in the previous article. It is obvious to me that, whether the virus exists in reality or not, its name has been politicized for various reasons. I found your reply – though neither of us are any wiser on what it actually is that is killing people – refreshing, and at least it has helped to rationalise my own thinking.

    Perhaps I may be in a position to address some of your points in this article. I am no microbiologist, but one obsession that has been with me since the early 70s is electronics. I have studied to a large extent the characteristics of radio, light waves and audio acoustics over that time (I’m aware this is sadder than stamp collecting but one can’t help what piques their interest), so I am probably just as ‘clued up’ in that, as you are in microbiology.

    5G is a completely different thing than nano technology and that is the point where the loony theories originate, people tend to conflate the two. 5G is simply a band of radio frequencies. There are individuals attempting to bring these two technologies together, for example one Bill Gates.

    Anyway, enough of him. The problem is that 5G is at the point where my knowledge ends and yours begins. I already demonstrated in an earlier article on here, how 5G radio frequencies can be used to obtain ID information from a vaccine.

    Think of it like this – a microwave cooker works by using high frequency radio waves to vibrate the molecules of the food, causing friction and in turn, heat. This only works on biological matter, which is why the food is piping hot but the plate remains cool. The microwave has to work at high wattage (power) to do this, the higher the wattage of radio wave, the less cooking time is needed. Another important variable is the type of molecule in the food, different types resonate at different frequencies, hence the cooking time differences between, say cheese and meat products.

    Now, the frequency of a microwave cooker is typically around 1GHz (one billion cycles per second) and has to work at high power to cook the food, but typical frequency of 5G is in the order of 60GHz. That is, a frequency 60 times higher than a microwave cooker, but at an extremely low power, which is why people don’t get cooked. However, 5G frequencies still cause certain molecules in the body to vibrate at a resonant frequency – oxygen is one of them and this causes bad things to happen in the body’s absorption of oxygen. This is where your experience takes over and mine ends, but may go toward explaining why people were falling over for no observable reason in Wuhan. 5G had just been implemented there.

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    • Do you not think the magnetic soup we all live in is scrambling us anyway? Even the wiring in our walls is emitting stuff. I sleep with my head over a wall plug and my feet next to another. Fortunately, I sleep on wooden slats in a bed with no springs. The far wall of my (small) bedroom, is the wall of the upstairs flat’s utility room. He has a smart meter! I’m fucked!

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      • Elizabeth, we’re surrounded by 50Hz fields, in the home, shops, trains, workplace, etc. probably the lowest exposure is with a (metal) car’s shell. But these have no effect on our cells.
        I’d be concerned if I lived close to H.V. transmission lines, as the high voltage can ionize airborne particles (like bacteria and viruses), causing these charged particles to drift towards and then stick to grounded surfaces (such as the walls of your house, or your lung surfaces).

        Ripper, microwave ovens vibrate hydrogen atoms in the H2O in food. The ovens are shielded to contain the high power waves and are not dangerous to human tissue when used correctly. Cooking times are determined by both water content and food bulk. 5G, as you say, uses much higher frequencies and much much lower energy levels and is not in any way comparable. I do not know about your claim that 5G can somehow ‘ID’ a vaccine, or that certain frequencies in the 5G spread-spectrum may affect oxygen within the body – perhaps you could provide some links to experiments about these claims?

        As an experienced electronics engineer, I’m happy to consider any evidence, hopefully with links to traceable scientific papers. Over to you.

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        • Ed, as already stated I am not an electronic engineer, this has been a hobby – or should I say more than that – a passion, for almost the past 50 years. Its completely self taught and I don’t think I’ve done a bad job, your opinion of that as a professional may vary. My true trade is an engineer, of the steel working kind, with the oily rag.

          So, I’m afraid that any scientific papers I might have read along the way are long gone, besides, its a subject where I never looked for that kind of thing – I might have done if I were studying these things at uni in the pursuit of a career, but have relied on learning from others, doing, and mistakes.

          Regarding the effect of high frequency on oxygen absorption in the body, there are plenty of articles online, accessible with a quick search. Take your pick from the results as they basically say the same things.

          You are correct, a microwave works on the water content of food. However, you describe this as working on the hydrogen atom. I speak of the molecule, which is the atom with its electrons. In water, the oxygen molecule is attached to a single hydrogen atom making a water molecule (one hydrogen atom, one oxygen atom and 3 electrons). It is these that the microwave acts on, not just the hydrogen atom alone, as it would have to break the molecule apart. With oxygen alone, 5G frequencies cause the molecules to spin, which causes detrimental effects on absorption in the body. That’s where my knowledge runs out, I don’t know what effects these are. That brings me to the other point of the ID.

          This is something I came across a few years ago, I can’t recall if it was during the days of mobile phone RF controversy, or when the subject of ID cards was being debated. I think the latter. I recall reading an article in a tech mag, where some scientist had discovered that molecules vibrate at different rates and in different ways when subjected to very high frequencies (I don’t think he was talking about frequencies as high as the 5G spectrum, though he did not mention any specific frequency). By putting different combinations of molecules into the blood stream, they could be both activated and their rates of vibration read back as a code via RFID. I imagine that this would be a similar concept to smart water or micro dot security systems.

          As an aside, I don’t know if you are aware of a military conflict on the China/India border, Apparently the Chinese are now using microwave weapons.

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    • I still think the people falling over in China were staged to scare the West into lockdowns. But they could have been real – caused by masks or 5G or something. I don’t think they were caused by Covid for the simple reason it hasn’t happened anywhere else.

      I don’t have much information on 5G, so can’t say whether it’s having an effect. I did see someone claiming that the virus infection hotspots matched with a map of 5G installations, but then both of those also correlate with areas of dense population. There’s no 5G out here and no sign of the virus, but this isn’t the sort of place people actually arrive at. It’s the sort of place people pass through on the way to somewhere interesting 😉

      The phone lines out here are copper wire on posts. I doubt I’ll be seeing 5G any time soon.

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      • There have been multiple stories from medical professionals in the west of infected people having terribly low O2 sats…but not being aware of the issue. So they’re on the point of losing consciousness through low O2 but aren’t panting, aren’t worried. So I could see people passing out spontaneously from that, being possible. But you’re right, I haven’t seen videos of that happening in many months. Bit curious.

        The being unaware is, I assume, related to Brian Damage??? Dr Ken McCairn has a youtube channel where he speaks of this kind of thing. He’s NOT in favour of full lockdowns. He used to do Tourette’s research by interfering with monkeys’ brains to disrupt the operation of various basic brain structures.

        His streams are usually far too long and meandering. Here’s a quicky from 9 months back;
        COVID19 (Corona-chan) and the Potential Consequences of CNS Infection (Brief)

        COVID19 Transfects the Central Nervous System – Botzinger Complex Death

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  9. Bit disappointed about the nano bots, I had visions of a column of them marching up a vein, possibly accompanied by the music of Nelson Eddy, ‘Here come the Mounties’ perhaps?

    I’ll get my coat…..

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  10. Elizabeth, this is my reply to your initial post in this thread.

    “One set of “scientist” say one thing, another say a different thing. The Government say a thing which is immediately shredded by opposers.”

    This is an easy one. If the scientist is on TV or a member of Sage, you can ignore what he says because he is being paid handsomely to say it. All of the real scientists with integrity have been cancelled from social media and mainstream media because what they say does not fit the government narrative. A few proper doctors and scientist who have done their homework are:

    Dr Mike Yeadon (former head of research, Pfizer)
    Dr Vernon Coleman
    Prof Delores Cahill (molecular genetisist, Ireland)
    Dr Tom Cowan (USA)
    Dr Sherri Tenpenny (USA)

    There are over 11,000 of these doctors/scientist/researchers from all around the world that formed the Great Barrington Declaration last year. They were promptly removed from mainstream media. They have not been allowed to have a voice. As for governments, they always lie and this current one is way ahead in the curruption stakes. Look around you – does what you see bear any resemblance to what Hancock and his fellow travellers in Sage are telling you? If not, they are lying to you. If you do just a few minutes of your own research you will see straight through them.

    Another thing to note is the discovery that Neil Ferguson is back in a government advisory role, and we all know his track record, especially the destruction he caused back in 2002 with the foot/mouth epidemic. Most of that damage was done in your area so you shouldn’t need me to tell you anything about it, but if you don’t already know, have a watch of the documentary ‘Insight – Slaughtered on Suspicion’. Its on Youtube.

    “I used to have internet “friends” and people I really admired. Last year saw the end of my friendships, even with my real friends, according to their opinions on various issues.”

    Its just plain silly to turn against on anyone on the basis of their beliefs. They are every bit as entitled to that as you are to your own. There is a middle ground called agreeing to disagree, respecting others views and moving on as friends. And we only learn new things when considering other’s views.

    “I jettison those who describe masks as “face nappies”, like the now gone daft Hitchins.”

    There is lots of evidence – real scientific studies – that say that not only do masks not work, but also are harmful. Check out the growing number of mask infections such as bacterial eczema, bacterial pneumonia and impetigo. This is a study on that from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA from 2008.

    Also, a quick real time test from Dr Ted Noel.

    As our Leggy so eloquently put it a while back – ‘You may as well shit in a handkerchief and wear that’.. so “face nappy” is really the correct term.

    I think that to date, there has been about 48 studies carried out on the efficacy of masks and they all say the same, that there is no evidence that they work.

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    • Thank you Ripper for your meticulous reply. I appreciate it. It demonstrates the exact problem – the great divide.

      The very great divide!

      I know about every point you offered. All of it. I have heard it, read it, and watched it, there is nothing to say.

      I find my admiration of friends, internet Icons, leaders, journalists, radio program hosts, etc. evaporates when THEY become disrespectful, aggressive, turn into intellectual narcissists, or promote civil disobedience. Or I suspect their intention is to foment insurrection. I don’t mind what people believe as you charged. I mind how they behave to others who believe differently from them!

      Apropos Hitchens et al, masks might be useless. Calling them “face nappies” is totally disrespectful to the millions of people who have to use them through no fault of their own or believe they help. The term “face nappies” does not convert believers to the cause, nor illuminate those who have to wear them. And it makes “face nappy” people look as if they are trying to be clever in a juvenile way!

      Thank you for the thought you put into your reply to me.


      • ” I don’t mind what people believe as you charged. I mind how they behave to others who believe differently from them! ”

        Ah, yes I see where you are coming from on this now. There are unfortunately extremists on both sides, we have the ‘mask Karens’ on one side, demanding that we follow the rules to the letter, and on the other side we have those who call mask wearers sheep and poke fun at them – loudly. The only answer to these people is to tell them to mind their own business, sadly. Their minds will not be changed in either direction. As my father used to say when me and my brother got up to no good as kids – ‘there’s six of one and half a dozen of the other’.

        Little do they realise that this virus, existent or not, has paved the way for a lot of agendas – Brexit, the US election, the WEF great reset. It has provided a bandwagon for every single interest group to jump on, and they want the populations divided, as a divided population is easier to control.

        I prefer to talk to people, pass on any knowledge that I may have gained and let them draw their own conclusions, however it is much easier to fool people than to tell them that they have been fooled. I must say though, I have never met a mask Karen myself, I think these people must be more rare in real life than the mainstream news media would have us believe.

        Personally I believe in freedom, and I do not need Hancock’s permission to go about my business, neither do I need to ask for forgiveness. My neighbours, although all of them except me were out clapping in masks, and saw me blatantly breaking lockdown rules on many occasions, are equally pleasant toward me as they were before all this began. I must be fortunate, else someone somewhere is lying.

        I don’t see the term ‘face nappy’ in the same way as you do. I use the term myself sometimes and rather than being derogatory to those who have to wear them, I see it as a sign of contempt for those who force everyone to wear them. The term ‘face nappy’ would not exist if people were free to choose for themselves.

        I think it more offensive to term people as sheep. Its not their fault, they are law abiding people who have been scared out of their minds by those fake scientists on the government payroll, and calling them derogatory names won’t help them to lose that fear.

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